Lake Powell Morning Show- Behind The Hat: Morning Cup of Nuclear Fallout

Lake Powell Morning Show- Behind The Hat: Morning Cup of Nuclear Fallout

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Wait. For, it and. It doesn't have a buffer - it's. Very exciting stuff, oh it's. Thinking about it it's. Thinking, about it. It. Is like you what. We're, going live there haha, and then. It. Is very. Think. It's funny I think it sounds very news. I. Would never guess that. It. Says sorry that does have a pirate-themed, right so, please, tell everyone why your morning show is titled nuclear. Fallout oh yes, I guess that would be a good thing to do so. Mmm. Yes, I titled, the show behind. The hatch morning. Cup of nuclear. Fallout, yeah. Before we go into that though, welcome. To another edition, of behind the hats, morning. Cup for. Those of you that don't know this, is a behind-the-scenes. Technically. Behind-the-scenes. I guess but it's a morning show so you. Know there might be some opinions, there could be some my shenanigans and, some weird stuff going on you never know there's definitely weird stuff today and hence. The title here we have nuclear. Fallout. And why you want to know why yes well, she picked the picture this morning if you see behind us. She. Picked the background I mean she got to me it looks like it, looks like a several, Megaton, nuclear device. Or enough over here. I. Picked. The picture because, it's been so gloomy and rainy, right I thought we could use some sunshine, you. Thought we could use some sense that that's not sunrise. That, is a nuclear, detonation. Of relatively. Large size I. Feel, like I'm in Terminator, 2 Judgment Day, when it's the blasting apart. Pretty. Quickly then because we don't have much time it looks like I think it's too late and we just don't know it I mean I think we're dead. We won't even know we're dead till we try and wake up tomorrow we might as well enjoy. Enjoy. Our remaining time all right. Wait. You can't, go in this we have to go on with the saga of the. Strange earrings, oh yes. Yes I don't. Know if you guys have noticed if you haven't caught the show before but every day she has a new kind of interesting. Earring, today. Today. These are her earrings. Maybe. Remember. They. Are cassette, tapes yeah, she's. Wearing tape. Earrings, they're so. Okay. Well yeah yeah I see it kind of coming through there so, well yeah we've got nuclear fallout and, cassette, earrings, going on I mean you gotta have something to listen to all the world, is ending right are you telling me your ears can actually, play cassette tapes no, that's like a marketable, job skills somewhere. Maybe, a circus, I don't know but seriously feel like first start to order boom box earrings, oh. Yeah. One, in one ear and one in the other then if, I open my mouth the music, will come out. Okay. So yesterday. Yesterday. One of the things that you and I talked about no actually, I'm not gonna give, this one away Oh yesterday, you gave me an assignment I did do you remember what it was I hadn't, finished my coffee and I have no idea. It. Had to do with the big giant elephant, bird the, big giant, elephant oh yeah. Oh. Yeah, the gigantic. L home bird that we thought was bring a story can ended up actually being around in the 17th, century yeah and so the assignment was to try. And find an, old rendering or an old drawing, of, said. Elephant, bird no. I'm pretty sure you told me to draw the elephant, bird no no I wanted you to actually find one from the past, yeah. I didn't, know I drew, one you drew did. You see one no, you saw somebody else's, rendering, of it and. Then you drew. Like. Show a, drawing, of an elephant, burger okay show. A drawing of an elephant bird all right 17th, century in the 70 all know, what. We're. Gonna have to clarify these missions, I think. All. Right I want to show you a drawing. A. 17th. Yeah I made lots of this did every nuclear fallout and apparently sketches, of 17th, century 17th. Century, ish setting. So. This. Keeps the grave in history drove here it, started, out with I wanted a historical, one then, it's a drawing of one and now it's a drawing of one in the 17th century setting. Ish ish. My. Artistic skills are quite limited good. I don't wanna hear it just so you know I I can. Barely do stick figures myself, so. Oh. So. Here's a fun fact. The. First, coffee houses came. About - in the 17th, century I. Can. See where this is going. I. Want. Your reaction to be real and true so can you put that computer screen over so they can see it now and then I'll show you the picture oh so you want them to see the whole Google thing yeah we couldn't write a blank page so oh I. See alright give me just a second and I will see what I can come up with so I I completed, the assignment let's. See. We. Have to try and figure this out here have a drawing of, an elephant, bird in the, 17th, century, all. Right I did, all right give me just a second, yeah. Let's, go - uh-oh. No. I apparently, that's a song, well. We'll just go with when I pulled up. Well yes, we'll. Make it big does that work for you yeah all right Hey, look no more nuclear fallout, okay.

I Type in blank page and that's actually a song by Christina. Aguilera I don't. Even know what I. Am. Ready to see the elephant, perfect I worked really hard on this okay. All right. 40. Minutes to draw a historically, accurate drawing, of wait, wait elephant, bird in, the 17th, century coffeehouse, Oh No yeah go ahead but we're probably like I probably have to change it over yeah Oh. Oh, my. Hold. On I'm not looking anymore we have to pull this up for you guys here yeah. It doesn't work that way. No. No, no, that's, not how that works there hold on we, can do this there, it is. All. Right we, have veg and, all, that are Omelas there was that there, it, is oh my, goodness, and then we'll have to shrink it down so it actually fits, there. We go, oh my goodness all right. That, is your art writer he says it, says, vengi. Half CAF vanilla soy latte please. Away. From. The 17th, century yes, all, right 17th. Century coffeehouse then complete. With cash register, are you gonna say I see an LCD, monitor and, an espresso, machine, there, I said. 17th, century ich ich ich. I'm. Not an artist. Well. Yeah but I could spot an LCD monitor an espresso machine I mean come on I worked really hard on this assignment that you gave me yesterday the, assignment, was to find a historically, accurate rendering. From, a person, jump I believe, if, we go, back to. Yesterday's. Show it. Will say something the lines of. Have, a drawing, all, right so that's your girls assignment, what was the actual, assignment, here although this is hilarious. It's. Not gonna lay an egg or anything is it I mean I don't know it is sesame pound bombing. And. If she did. I. See. That well we'll give you an e for effort. Of. Becca's. Original, artwork there there it is. For. Some reason there some. Reason we're having some clarity. Issues there. Okay. Probably. The papers. So. Yes that was my god that was that was what I did this morning was. Drew. A giant, elephant bird inside, of a coffee house well at least one of us has enough energy to draw something in the morning oh wait. Yeah, for those either don't know she is also the, pizza fairy and she lives a backwards, upside down life kind of like Merlin you. Know where where, she's going to bed here in the morning I'm actually trying to wake up so we're crossing paths, at this brief period, in time yeah we're bringing you guys along for the ride yeah.

Fun. Ride. Today's. Thursday is the 3rd of May and there are a couple of holidays, going on today wait there's a holiday why didn't I know about these others bear holidays, every, single day just spoilers, spoilers. Wow. Everything. That's. Horrifying I've got two of them when every day is a holiday then, no day well, today, is national lumpy rug day. National. Lumpy, rugby, national, lumpy. Rug day oh my it. Is supposed to be a day to toss out that old lumpy rug and get, a new one you. Need. An official, celebration. Day together you, do not just tripping over it every single morning. And. I see your picture you have here. Kitty. I'll, see if I can pull that over for everybody here. The. Photo on the website, where I did the holidays. So. That's a national, lumpy. Rug. Day, right there. Tiny. Kitty's eyeballs popping out is. It a rug or a towel that looks like a towel oh no. You know that's like a bathroom bug yeah. Look at the stitching you have going on around the edges there yeah yeah if you look here I don't know no, I didn't, do it let's, see look maybe. It. Does when I do it sometimes sometimes, it isn't it's not a finicky that way you never know but so, national, lumpy, rug. Day yes is there a national lumpy pillow day probably, probably there's a better day, for everything, just like I said when every, day's a holiday no, today's a holiday right so I'm really, sad that I didn't celebrate this one because I didn't know about and a half time okay we've done all right what do you got putting it now shall two different colored shoes days. So. What. Does it count for okay, so you're gonna trade a shoe no. No you gotta flip flip it well like I said technically it's difficult I was gonna say it'd have to be a different color or can like I put one of my boots on on one of my tennis shoes and then walk around like I'm a pirate all day limping are they're the same color. That. Were totally. Counts all right yeah so those of you who are getting ready for work, wanting, to think of something to brighten up your Thursday and. Maybe make your coworkers question or sanity. Celebrate. National, two different colored shoes day. Oh. That's. That's. Yeah. All right, that is definitely, a new one at national, two. Different colored shoes day, who comes up with all these holidays is there like a Board of Supervisors, of crazy holidays. You know I don't, know I don't know exactly. Who. Makes, up all these holidays, but, this, one's been observed since 2009. 2009. Yes, it's, kind of at nine years isn't running. Yeah. Yeah, I went there. Today. Lumpy. Rug day what can you use your multicolored, Jews to tripping or kick lumpy, rug out the door sure. Okay. We. Don't although. With all these holidays maybe there's like national, kick it can't be I hope. Probably. Not but you never know I mean they got crazy stuff I really. Hope. You. Really hope not let's say do you need. Okay. We can go back to. Joining. Us that's why the name of the title is nuclear. Fallout because, the. Pizza fairy here picked our background, and to, me it, looks like a nuclear, weapon, hell detonated. In the background, and we're, all gonna die soon, she's, claiming it's not it's just sunshiny. To help bring you know for the last couple of days have been raining I don't. Know what you guys think super, gloomy. The last couple of days wait. Did you say super gloomy yes, it's. Been very gloomy Oh, gloomy. Okay, cuz it's not like you said super glue, me I was like. Cable. Your chair I totally, got that covered I've got superglue in a cabinet. Come. On it. Was totally, open you walk right in. Me. Too. What. Do you guys think I should glue or do not chanced, for. The. Only one that. Early. I need more coffee because I can't hear properly well. I mean to be fair it's exactly the same phonetically, it is that and you actually have the spacing, in there you said superglue. All. Right I'll give it to you this time but if, you are glued to something later just remember you asked for it in the morning show oh I got witnesses man, I got witnesses. To. Share okay and I'm. From Indiana so, I found, one that happened in Indianapolis. Indianapolis. Indiana. Yes, I thought, I would share it with you. Apparently. In, a. Brinks. Truck the the armored trucks that carry okay. Money. Yeah, like the Wells Fargo driver okay. Okay yeah uh the. Back door flew, open on, i-70. And. Hundreds. Of thousands, of dollars in, cash with. Flapping, out the back door, was, there like some kind of traffic jams people were scrambling around for. Scrambling. Like crazy this. Happened again in Indianapolis. Yesterday. On Wednesday, so. At. Least I guess the money is insured I, suppose but what, about all the yo-yos that are out there running around on the interstate well so police are actually asking them to return.

The Money, and. Because. You know it's not theirs. Well no and. But, you did take your life into your own hands, to go try and salvage, something, off of the interstate that's right. If they find that you've had it it's considered theft, ah so. They're, asking people to turn it in no questions asked, if you. Um they're, saying it the. Troopers at the scene initially said that up to. $600,000. You. Have any idea how long that would fund l-theanine. The. Exact, amount, was unknown. Is. Why is there not more security, in these armored trucks why are you driving an armored cut truck with just loose flappy money all around you've, got a good point in your lives what did they just have look I mean usually, like when you have a large amount of bills down straps, out of the bag it, waxes, it wasn't bags bags. Of money someone actually one person made off with an entire bag. Ice. Ambitious, right there's probably. The. Driver didn't even realize the back of his truck was leaking, money until someone like waved, at him I think maybe that's gonna be a future job qualification. Test for, driving, the Wells Fargo section, of the Brinks trucks he's like hey you're, driving, down the road and suddenly one, of the back doors opens do you notice it or not are you gonna get it kinda like oh there's. A giant vacuum sucking sound coming out behind me suddenly, everyone, behind me is stopping and running around in the street it was he not looking in his mirror. Training. Fail right there that's what you realize didn't that they're not sure why it happened, if it was a mechanical failure or if it was human error or, what. Chemical. Failure, I think somebody forgot the labs in the door that's what I think's going on they're. So. Excited. To get this money that they were like jumping fences and, running, through people's yards in order, to get to the interstate from the adjacent neighborhood, in. Particular. One. Person, that they're looking for is. A school, bus driver wait, a school, bus driver was, in the mayhem. Stop. The bus were, there kids on board it doesn't but. It happened, around 9 a.m. so, I'm, gonna say uh, and. He was way out in the back to the bus line or something yeah we'll. Give him the benefit of the doubt as, awfully, Shady to be showing kids like if you see wedding ring jump out in the middle of a freeway to try to pick it up why this kid gets a bundle of twenties. And. If you know have to bribe a. School. Bus driver be stopped grab, cash and then drove away from the scene, they're, also looking for. Before. Four individuals, in a white pickup truck that. Was pulling a utility, trailer they're the ones who made off with an entire bag an entire bag of money yeah. They're. Searching, they're actively searching, then our utility, truck is like. You've. Already been giving tips from people nearby with license, plate numbers and things yeah. So apparently there were people on the scene who were, honest, and we're just taking down license plate numbers but, okay so as I let me play devil's advocate for you here what, if you were somebody that had a grudge against somebody else and well, I mean the perfect way to do is like yeah I saw that guy taking the money right there you, know like you have a neighbor, feud, or something like that and then and then the cops come over and sorry searching your stuff somebody. Said you had the money what do you do. Moneybags. The. Back of this Brinks truck flew open on the interstate, in Indianapolis. Police, are searching for people who stopped to grab the money they're saying you know you. Can be charged with theft you, can be charged with us no I have a question, once again devil's, advocate, do, they actually have like the serial numbers of the bills because I know like in in banks you know they can give you marked bills where they have the serial numbers yeah my guess is they probably don't, do that with in the trucks because they're transporting, it from one point to another point there'd be no way to, waste. Of. Time waste, of money. I'm. Guessing, they don't have the serial number yeah probably not, so either way be, honest out there yeah that's terrible. I'm hoping. That and don't take your life in it it's not no you just run across the interstate you have a bag of money I mean. Yeah. That's horrifying. No so, uh so, police say that some, people have already turned themselves in turned not themselves to turn. No. Questions, asked. Back. But. I would, guess that that guy's getting fired yeah, I'm thinking so and maybe I wonder, if things like that's. Coming out of your paycheck. That's. A fully. Insured like every, bit of it I don't know I mean they've got to be covered against some kind of you know like if this happen if the truck goes up in flames you know they're the ones responsible for, transporting the money so they've got to have some kind of serious, insurance, but imagine.

Their Insurance rates gonna go up though. Well. You know I'm, sure his company so I'm gone with five to ten times that amount. You. Guys, behave turn, that money back. My. Indianapolis. Friends are watching my. Peel box is. Money. Coming in through that p.o box though, we might be on to something here. Except. Whether camp in the back of a Brinks truck well, it's, better for us not to know donation. Tell us how. Did the greatness of your. So. Yeah, that was a, story, that I thought was. You. Know I wouldn't, mind something, like that it'll be really I think it would be interesting to see yeah I don't think I'd be running outfit oh no no no. For. That stuff man you. Gotta. Turn it back in anyway so all the fun's gone I, really. Surprised like fights didn't break out over it you know like well I don't know six hundred grand is a lot there could have been that many people running around on the interstate I mean to, be able to actually see, the incident, happen realize, what the little flappy things were on the ground and actually jump into the interstate I mean it happen 1%. Of the people that actually witnessed, it we're probably out there running around picking it up yeah. And there's 600, grand that's a lot of money to pick up for like you know a few people that's crazy. Lesson. Learned. Double. Check the back, of your armored. Truck is. Definitely. Definitely. There's. Another thing that I wanted to share with you today. I I. Went down a little bit of a rabbit, hole this morning you went down a rabbit hole I know is it defined your multicolored, shoes no. Okay. So the other night I was having a conversation with, my friend roach okay, and he's. Named what his name is wrote his name is roach is that his last name that's actually his last name yes he goes like that that must have been interesting growing up I'm sure interesting. In in school for sure speaking. Of interesting names that's exactly what. He. Was telling me that he, had seen a comedian. Talking. About parents, who named their child Katie. Which. Sounds normal totally normal names what are you one of our followers they asked Katie great name but. They spelled it k, 8, 0. K. 8, 0, K. 8000. Can. You all. You. Thought you had problems writing your name in school this can't. Like. On a personalized, license. Plate but, for your actual, name. I just, couldn't oh my. I couldn't, you know I'm like that's not a name that that's, you, sneeze, while you're typing something. Bang. Your head on the keyboard a little bit. Hey. Kaito, alright so so for those for, those of you out there that have the name KT or that, knows someone, that has a name Katie what, do you think about spelling, your name as a k in age, and, to 0. Actually. Have any commentary, on that or is just, like. The. Rabbit hole I tried to do a Google search sure, to find this Kati, person. I got, such trouble saying cuz that's not Katie that's not okay, I'm, sorry, I'm, not even sorry you. Don't have numbers in your name and you, more, numbers in your name and letters that's. Like that's not a name that's a robot, model, number. Okay. So this, katie. Person, I, started. Google searching to, see if I could find her and unfortunately, or maybe fortunately. I, couldn't. Find anything on that. Nikki look to see if she has a Facebook page I I didn't, he's definitely I, mean it's kind of a unique character, set right I don't know who it is and so I don't know if it was like I'm babe oh yeah. Well that makes it, the. Kid was but. So I tried to look up Katie, Katie. I didn't. God didn't, have any luck thank goodness okay and. And so as I'm on Google and I went, to type in I was. Starting to type did someone named their kid Katie. So. Google's. Autocomplete. Suggested. The top search of did. Someone, named their kid fidget, spinner. Wait. A minute somebody named your kid or ask somebody's, googling, did. A fidget. Spinner so I had to click it oh, don't. Tell me there were no results there are results aren't you seriously. There's, some poor kid out there named digits, okay. Well, no. No. Here's. Where here's, where that search. Led me. Kidman you said you went down a rabbit I really. Do. Katie. No. Luck so so. There was a story that I found from.

About, Ten months or so ago last last. Year, no. This, man, on, Facebook. No now give this this man's name is. Squeezy. Jibs wait, his name is that his legal name easy. Jim, I don't know but that's his name on Facebook and I'm pretty sure you have to have your real name no, no I think you can pretty much use anything I don't know, check. It now well they do sometimes I was gonna say you know you can come up with all kinds of weird stuff but, Lois's. Mother. She. Was actually she actually put in her real name into Facebook, and because. Of the way her last name is spelled and the way it's pronounced, they would not allow her to create. A Facebook, page with her own last name that's hilarious. Yeah so, she actually had to change it and now now, her last name is grew. Like from. Again. With the naming, weird, things I don't know if this is his real name but he's, identified, himself as squeezy. Jim's squeezy. Squeezy. It by the way in case you were wondering this is Jim this is like part of a boat is spelled, s. KW. E ez. Why well. That's like me and the squeegee incident, the other day. So. This, guy squeezy, jibs. Squeezy. Just, the. Only way I could be better would be like squeezy Mick juice squeezy. Mini James R, is. It sounds like a pirate name it does it totally does. The. Gyms are. Okay. So this guy's squeezy chips uh-huh. You, just like saying the name yeah well he looks like a real winner Oh oh, my if you want to share that yeah I'll go ahead and pull that over here. Oh. No. Squeezy. Jibs, made. A Facebook post last June or so okay. Saying. That. He had got a random, call from, some woman in the hospital who said hey I'm having your kid right now. That's. Squeezy, chips this is squeeze emic jibs. He. Claims that he got a phone call saying hey I'm. Having your kid okay. So. He, went to the hospital and claimed. That he, decided, to name his kid fidget, spinner, fidget. Spinner that's those little things. Yeah. I never really got into that but I saw everybody like fidgeting. And spinning. He. Claimed that he named his kid fidget, spinner and that people started questioning it, like did you actually. Named. Your kid fidget spinner and. Apparently. Not oh, so, he lied, about it, look, at that face that does not look like a lying face that looks very trustworthy. I. Don't. Think a very upstanding, citizen. I don't I don't know how far I want to zoom in on this guy but, if you look at this fake birth certificate, here okay he's called fidget, wrong. It's. I. D. GI. T oh oh my you can't quite say can you scroll down just to hear this happen, you can zoom in a little bit more he's hot he's felt fidget. Okay. He. Spelled it wrong. On. This, this is a fake birth certificate, according, to a nurse, from the state of California, which is where it's supposed to be from oh okay. She says they have a different colored background. Okay, there's, a date on it that says, the, the date, of the child's birth which is the same David he posted, the picture and she said you don't get your birth certificate the same day mm-hmm, you, have to apply for it by all records it takes weeks yeah yeah all that stuff she also, pointed out the address to the hospital, was incorrect, the name of the hospital had been changed years ago so like what, this guy did is he found a birth certificate from real long time ago on some, kind of template, online he just kind of filled in, and.

Told Everyone, they. Named his kid fidget spinner and now there's some kind of outrage on the internet because. Squeezy. Squeezy. Just crazy Jim's did not actually, named his kid fidget, spinner if that's his real name yes, squeezy, Jim's yes so. The squeezy, started being. Ripped. That's. That's about where I got with that with, that oh. My. I just I that's. That's the rabbit hole that happens. At 3:00 in the morning. Yeah. Queasy make jibs so, to. Recap, don't. Know if anyone out there is named Katie. And. Squeezy. Jude's did not name his child fidgets better all right well you know what there's people out there that want on others information, and now you know it looks like we have some comments yeah Oh Renee, says good morning good morning tonight nice to see ya thanks for joining us don't forget to like the videos and share them with you if you think they're fun for the morning show get, the word out because that helps us help you guys out, all. Right what else do you have for us today there squeeze. I. Don't know squeezy gyms pretty good I still say he sounds like a pirate I really. Like that is the funnest name that I'm gonna say all day squeezy, although I still like Nick gyms, squeezy mickjen, squeezy. Gyms, squeezy. Gyms yeah, Jim. Does. It sounds like a book park isn't it part of a phrase like I like the cut of your jib yeah. But that's also once. The sailing reference jib, is one of the sails I don't remember though okay see I'm still waking up and you're passing out so our brains aren't working that's, a great time to do a morning show everybody. Thought. I would share squeezy. It. Was that was the rabbit hole that I went down this morning all right well I would I would recommend you avoid those rabbit holes but it does make for idle cheap entertainment. I've. Heard some unusual, names in my life, but. Never a squeezy, Jim's squeezy, Ljuba I think one, of the more unusual ones I used to have a piano teacher named Alan Alan Alan, Alan his first name was Alan and his last name was Alice that's kind of weird one that is kind of a weird one but you do have a friend whose last name is actually Roche oh yeah, I sure do. It's. Kind of an odd one do you know I also graduated, with a guy whose last name is Shlomo, dinger. He's. A very nice guy Toby fun oh. That. Poor kid. Oh. Man. Even. You can't keep a straight face. But. He's not squeezy jibs this. Is true but Schwann the dinner I mean, you can't pick your last night how do you spell, it, I can, exactly.

It Smells exactly how it sounds so Charlotte, there SCH, L am, Adi nger. That, just went in one ear and out the other schlomit, dinger, that's not liking that's, that. Poor kid Oh. Sister. Was able to get married and get rid of it but like he's stuck Wow, yeah, yeah, unless, you've got participant of that cold New Age thing where you change your name the male changes the name instead of the girl well. I've seen people do or he could just change his name yeah. He could well you did there. Well. Congratulations on, that by the way thank you Becca, yeah she is officially changed, my first name are you gonna go to Pizza Ferry next, no no Becca. Okay, just Becca yeah just Becca not just I mean I'm not like Prince or Madonna. I've, got other names you just need the one. World. Famous. Compose. And get some pictures. Alright, what, else did you dig up in your sleep-deprived, state for us to share with, our unfortunate. Audience, today well. I think it's I think it's a good time to do a dumb criminal story, oh no, we got another dumb criminal, I like, dumb criminals they're pretty funny they provide, endless, entertainment Daisy, what, you gonna do when they come for you. We. Do yeah we're working on it if. You weren't here at the beginning of the show we had some music who wants to hear the music. Before we continue it's. Funny, oh look, very. Official, it, is very official, but then it goes into the little silly. Alright. Enough of that I apologize, for a little sidetrack, there uh Lindsey, ray says yay, Congrats. I guess she's probably talking about your name change, yes, she's officially, I, was pretty excited I've. Been going back out for about 10 years now. It was not my legal name and now it is crazy. Just think it made it official I did alright what if you change your mind no, I'm not gonna I mean I've been 10 years right, I mean I gave it like a good long trial run I've had two shooters for 10 years and finally just gotta get rid of. I. Didn't. Dumb. Criminal today's from Cleveland, Ohio, okay. Okay we're. Talking a lot in the Midwest today apparently apparently. I know we did Indianapolis. With the Brinks truck and now we're doing Cleveland, Ohio. So. There, was an Ohio man who. Back. In. 2016. Okay, I was convicted, of robbing, a key bank in Cleveland, a key bank that's a branch, of AB it's called key bank. That's just its name is, key because I was thinking like a place where they stored keys and lock boxes, you, know I mean like some kind of weird mains or, something of keys locked. In locked boxes where you gotta find keys to unlock the keys I mean my head just ran without it's. A key bank. To. Rob because then you have a bunch of keys and you're like you.

Could Go to anything I don't know well that would be the rest of your life you can be trying to find what locks down water. Exactly. You. Did a Brinks armored truck to haul it around. And. Then you probably lose them but anyway. No. Key bank is the name of the bank okay, all right he robbed a bank in he. Robbed, the bank in 2015. Was finally convicted, 2016. Okay uh and and so then, he was incarcerated, of, course he was found guilty okay, uh he got released from prison oh he had the keys you sure he didn't. Okay. At. Least not that he could find me oh yeah. He. Got released, on. April, 11th, so, just a couple weeks ago okay, um and the first thing that he did when, he was released is he, went back to Key Bank and robbed it again are, you serious he went in the same Bank they robbed a bank, maybe, he thought it was different employees. Yeah. He repeated, the exact same crime the, day he got out of prison he was. Not, rehabilitated. That. Was a rehabilitation. Fail. You. Know he, hasn't probably. Hasn't seen his family in a long time maybe he doesn't have a family he's just bored I don't. Got. To Dairy Queen in forever I, mean and, the first thing you do is go Bob another bank. There's. So many things you could do, all. The things that I would miss if I got stuck in prison for, like what, he in, 2016. So over. Two years two years in jail the way. Out is rough, do, exactly, the same thing that is exactly the same place. It. Was like man what am I gonna do I really, need money now I don't you yeah I want to go stop with that Dairy Queen. Obviously. He wasn't think I said what was he thinking but, obviously. Nobody. The, lights are on but nobody's home. Wow. Yeah. How's it right here she says he's not the brightest bulb yeah definitely, not the brightest bulb yeah that. Is very very true there yeah. His. Sack, of marbles is missing a couple a. Few. French fries short yeah yeah we, could go on that one yeah. Yeah. So, there's, you dumb criminal, once again a data window coming for you apparently the same crime. Well. You know I guess some people aren't meant to be free I, want, to revisit this story in like five years even, again, third time's a charm. Yeah. But you be their prime suspect. You. Do they are calling that guy you like where are you yeah still. In jail no all, right better that check is house. Yes. I do I like the the dumb criminal segments, here because, it's amazing it, is so amazing the. The the, level of idiocy that's. Out there and and.

Then You move on from normal idiocy, criminal. Stupidity, it's like. He's. Definitely, not a mastermind, no definitely, not he is not a supervillain, no I wouldn't. Even rank him as a henchman no, yeah, he failed. At every single level of that yeah inspired yeah. Criminal. Of the day, definitely. Qualifies, yeah agreed, agreed, so what so we're gonna move. Now from, a bad, guy okay to some good guys good, guys I think this is really cool this, is another story that I found so, this is a cool. Story for you beer drinkers, out there, yes. I mean I mean ya know. There's. There's a British company. That. What. They're doing basically. Is, they're, finding ways to turn, food. Waste, waste. Like scraps, yeah. They're basically using bread. Okay. Okay into beer. Wait. Wait what they're finding a way to turn the food waste into, beer. Wow that's. Kind of funky. Really. Cool it's. Basically. A. A brewery. Right, okay okay in Britain, okay and, what. They do is, they use waste, bread to make beer on a commercial scale, they. Say one, of the yeast in the bird I mean how does that even work I mean you could ferment anything, but ya, didn't have a nickel so it's just Berto it's not just bread but, they're using, it in. Order to replace. Some. Of the, barley. That they would have needed okay, so, instead of fresh barley, they're, using, surplus, bread from bakeries, and sandwich makers okay, and they're replacing, 1/3 of the barley okay, that would have otherwise been used, to brew and. They're they're, basically recycling, the, bread. Into. Beer and apparently in the UK. 44%. Of all bread is wasted, really. Gets thrown at me for personal bread, I guess those guys hate yeah by, bakeries, and by a lot, of dieters, over there some, kind of I. Want, my bread so I can throw it away Renae. Says you. Agree. With you Renee there's a horrifying, I can't, but you know what I give, it a try just to say I did and be like that was a bad idea, yeah. I. Think it's really interesting what. It is it is interesting, I just I can't I can't. Wrap my head around it's too early in the morning to wrap my head around the. Concept of, using, people's moldy, leftover, bread it's not moldy. It's, coming. In my head they need marketing, campaign they need a marketing, campaign because that's the first thing if I was like food, waste I'm thinking of there's a guy in Vegas okay and what, he does is, he goes around all of the casinos, in Vegas and gets their food waste and.

He Feeds it to pigs he puts it in these huge, vats he cooks it up turns it into this huge slurry and feeds, it to the pigs which, is amazing, for the piggies because it's really healthy and it, recycles, all of, that wasted. Food from Las, Vegas so cool, the first thing that you come to is food, waste once, I'm seeing this giant slurry. Of stuff that you feed the pigs getting turned into beer and I'm like ah they. Definitely need, a marketing. Campaign of some, kind I think you. Talk to you because when. I think of food waste I work. In a restaurant okay, and I know we throw out food that is not bad. Food, right but in order to meet the requirements, we, have to throw it out after a certain amount of time no matter what state it's in so what, would you turn that into pizza beer I mean. When. I think food waste I don't immediately, jump to mouldy because. I know. They. Throw out perfectly. Fine, yeah, food every. Single day and you know there, was a time when the government were. What was in the stores and everything they would actually give that food, out too you. Know you go out to the like the soup kitchens, or the food banks and everything but then the government put in some regulations, that made it so they're not allowed to do that anymore even. Though it's perfectly, fine now. They actually have to throw it away it's mandated by law I. Mean. It's like what I just I can't express how crazy that is yeah well. You know you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert and you'd, run out of sand in a year story I mean they're really efficient. Gina. Says happy I don't drink I don't lay me a sound the horrified but what if they were gonna make some kind of like cider, out of it think of it that way not a hard cider. Pepperoni. Beer. Now. Something, I would not try I tried, just to say I did I you know I I were saying you about red beer but you're like all over the pepperoni, man I am a pepperoni freak. I, am. Totally a pepperoni, and cheese pepperoni, and cheese beer, I would try it probably, the most nasty thing in the world but I definitely say beer, is not a phrase I ever want to hear in my life again. Geez. Mer cheese, beer. I. Hope your your. Tape cassette, tape earrings are. They're. Using their beer to kind of raise, awareness about food waste and help maybe. Try and cut back on a little bit is there is their, grand, scheme, I should. Be like the guy in Vegas he turned his, small, tiny farm where they do that into. Like the biggest thing in Nevada I mean it is huge. The. Amount of food waste that comes out of Vegas from all the casinos and hotels is. Astronomical. And this guy has been able to help. The casinos, out yeah, make, sure that there's not food waste and raise, all of these pigs and his business has just exploded. Absolutely. May have talked about an innovative, idea so. We, should talk to these beer guys and be like hey e they needed a new marketing campaign or do what this guys doing yeah yeah. Cuz you don't think that livestock over, there - yeah of course totally. Turn that in you can help people out by getting into their food waste and raise, big E's for bacon yeah. I. Don't. Know how I feel about bacon, beer cuz. It Renee says you must be from Wisconsin, no I'm just a freak when it comes to pepperoni and cheese baby oh, no. You said he was from Las Vegas I was thinking the farmers oh I think she's talking about me. Cuz. You love cheese so much yeah I'm. A G's, head yeah, that's. What they're called when your friend she said I need my own head. Like. Start picking it they're like Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs. Gina. Says she doesn't love pepperoni and cheese pizza well there you go that's right I don't think you can go wrong with a good pepperoni, and cheese true. That's true I won't ever see me hungry, dice happy - its breakfast time for me and dinner time for her I don't know what's going on. So. I was. Really cool the British the. British brewery, that is taking, leftover. Bread from bakeries, and sandwich shops and, turning.

It Into beer, it is kind of interesting why don't we have to check that out at some point it's gonna mean. It's. Pretty cool don't like it well, I see we've got a bunch of people here today. Hello. Everybody, yeah. Yes cheese beer, I. Try. It because it has the word cheese, in it man. Anything. That's kind of a broad term but I mind you you literally, less. Than five minutes ago said you would eat your own head. Cheese. I'm. Willing, to give most anything, a shot that had the word cheese in it can I put, Cheez Whiz in your coffee. I'm, gonna say no okay you, know if someone accidentally. Or intentionally put. Cheese whiz in there I'd probably drink it anyway, I kind. Of want to bring cheese whiz tomorrow, geez, whiz isn't cheese though it's a petroleum, by-product, then. I'll bring wag that's, like Velveeta. That's. Not jeez that's that jeez it's some kind of plastic I kind of want to bring cheese to put your coffee tomorrow you know thank, you no I'm good yeah, I'm gonna try cheese coffee. I don't think so. Well. Yeah but now what I'm thinking about it yeah like, an oil slick in there yeah and every, product you brought up is not cheese it's an imitation cheese product, I will bring real cheese yeah I'll. Think about it probably dip. The cheese in your coffee and then just take a bite of it yeah I definitely do that. The. Nuclear blast in the background, from Becca, she is trying to brighten, everyone's, day by killing us all. Nuclear. Holocaust son, we're all gonna die right I didn't Google nuclear, holocaust background. What's. Going on a mini, nuke has gone off in the background we're. All gonna die thank, you very much for joining us for the morning show, please. Like, comment, and share these. If you had a good time and you think somebody else might if you miss the beginning of the show you should check it out kind of funky I have. A really good drawing from the beginning yeah oh let's show the picture. Yesterday. We talked about the.

Elephant Bird, yeah and. Chris gave me an assignment yeah. Yeah. I told her to get a historic, rendition, of the elephant, bird from the 17th, century. Yeah. I'm. Pretty, sure the words that came out of your mouth were, something something drawing, yeah. They were drawing was definitely, in there. Something. Something else a bird okay all right so I'm so she drew a picture uh an, elephant, bird, yeah. At, a coffee shop which. Came. About in the 17th, century, so check out earlier in the episode for, that yeah. We'll have to let them be more careful on our assignments, yeah Renee Renee says cheese. Plastic. In a can but but, yeah I, heard blast today so, nice you know so we'll see you guys tomorrow in, the morning show tonight, for the nightly news any, kind of brain Jews are behind the Hat that might show up don't, forget to like the page and follow. Us and make sure you put us at the top of your newsfeed so you can catch all the weirdness or important. News that might come your way yes thank, you very much for joining us Becca thanks for having me go to bed and don't do any more weird assignments, until tomorrow, all. Right everybody. Have a good one. I'm. Bringing cheese tomorrow you're bringing. Jesus.

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