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It's. Already been one of those days man. Well. No. No. No the brain still needs to wake up but physically, we've been up for a bit yeah. Something. Like that oh my. Goodness and our internet is being stellar, as, always, well I think I honestly. Think it has to do with the humidity. No. You figure I find putting on clothes, and. Their. Way. No. I mean it looks, great on the skin it. Gives you a nice little little, Sheen, and glow but. No oh is that what they call that. Oh. She's. Got the Rupert thing going on. And. I don't know who this is but you're. Yes again I have to wait who someone's, calling me from Houston oh. You. Mean like calling, you calling, me calling me. We're. Live on in here sit, down Colin. Are. You just you know have to leave a voicemail yeah I leave a voicemail. Yeah. There's been a trend and it's been happening to me more and more recently I keep, forgetting to turn my phone off, and, I go live and, then somebody, decides to call they're like oh I'm, gonna call right when you go and I. Know. Leave. Me alone I. Mean. And and the irony of that is you're constantly, reminding, me to turn mine down I know well nobody call me. Lucky, waiting for somebody knocked on the door in the middle of one of these the dogs started going crazy it's. Like. Yeah. But, yeah I mean and, you give me crap, about not, listening, to you I. Don't listen to me why should you and. Then the other day oh you. Who is allergic, to tumbleweed. We. Still have to pull tumbleweeds. Knowing. He's allergic to them in a short sleeve shirt and I tell him you're. Allergic to them wear, a long sleeve shirt. But. I think we're building gloves, they come up to like here you know it was fine but, I could just see, because. The size of some of those tumbleweeds, the area. That it was exposed, just, going yeah. In in hives careful. Either. Way, it looks painful. And. Well it is Thursday the, end of the week is coming yeah I put up on there Thursday. Thursday. Yes, I need more coffee that's what it is that's. What it is a little Irish maybe. I. Know. Somebody who's got to sing you know there's there's, Irish coffee which, is coffee with a little Irish, whiskey in it or, Irish cream and, then. There's then, there's a, scotch. Coffee which, is it's, packed with a little bit of coffee, something. Like your dad would say maybe. Kidding. But, yeah. You. Know filming. In Ireland would be nice that would be really cool, literally, compared, to here. Yeah. You notice. There's not even a mean for today I saw, I saw didn't. Have time to stick one up there and why not, I. Know, you were but whoa somebody, stopped by to. Chat and pick up some stuff and so that took longer than expected then, we weren't able to get all the morning that's. Done or the water gels and see and I just ignored all of it and focused, on getting morning stuff yeah. Thank. You so. Happy, it's Thursday, hhat. Happy. Something. Happy, it's Thursday. Yes. Very, very happy.

It's Thursday, you know what it is it's Friday, Eve. It's. National, hot dog day yes. Who. Else has, a hankering, for some of the really nasty greasy. Gas station, hot dogs you do. Thank. You. I think oh goodness, you open the vent. Sneezes man, has. Stopped. You. Keep blaming. Vincent. Sneezing. Disorder. Careful. You sneeze when, air moves just need you're alive you're sneezing. Yes. This, organ even I would, agree with you when, it comes to the food because. That is a true, this is order yes. Can't. Wait for you there Louis I. Feel. I. Have I'm. Not sure why but there was those nice greasy. Gas. Station hot dogs I like them yes you do I'm I'm not sure why really. Yes. You want to do it here so I'm not only is it Thursday, Thursday a National, Hot Dog Day apparently. It's. Me these days. My. Nickname today is just me I guess you're one of the seven bowls yeah I guess midget. Oh only. Compared, to you not. Compared to most people, okay the manager. Gina. Says. Actually. So. Happy, Alexandra. Says these hot dogs seven like food please, yes, yes. You know, it makes you feel like you're alive because you're taking a risk. Who. Needs extreme, sports, when you've got them greasy gas station, hot knife you know I have had some really really, good, gas station hot dogs. Did. Not say it around here my. Trip actually, has, all the holy good hot night. And. They, have some really good. Frozen. Frozen, coffee we're gonna say they have my liquid crack. Although. You know if we had one of those I'd probably make 600, pounds just from the copulation. It's. Like it's, like a frozen Slurpee. Of coffee, it. Is they. Are very good. You. Should get one. Alexandre. She's, kept that okay we got a couple of faces and then a pile of poo and that, is probably, a little more solid, than what's gonna happen after you eat the gas station hot dogs just there. It'll. Be more like a cup. Sorry. I think I saw that I was pulling the you're, always better I think, it matters today, anyway. You, keep interrupting the. Flow. You're. Sneezing you can't do stuff you're begging into my knees like oh no today it's Thursday, Friday. Eve. The, happy times, although. I do. See. That's. My reaction for. My. First. Exam is coming up. I. Wanted. To be Monday and it's Murphy Monday we just had Murphy money. Gina. Says she loves cute, quick. Trip ice. Yes. Yes, it is good oh okay, so we're talking about hot night day let's get back on focus, here Louis, focus, this. You're. Scatterbrained, today oh you, you just threw. Me down another, rabbit hole with your. There. We go anyway, we do have some. Good hot, dogs here in town those. Called them the, Sonoran box oh, yeah. But. I haven't seen her around lately yeah there was a little curtain well you know I do firmly regulated, or out of existence or, she, just you, know I I think I, think the, the woman, who does it is coming out of Tuba City or canta oh really so. Um, so. Maybe she just doesn't come, here anymore. Father. Yes. Oh oh. Yes all beef oh oh yeah and you get that and then and when you cook them on the little roller thing they, plump and then that grease just starts leaking out of the pores and see, your a grease personal. Right. But you were a grease, person, nicely, and assure you is it's, a childhood thing no well, like like you think you know you because. Of the humidity you have a sheen it looks like. I. Couldn't, told you that and I'm not in a natural casing. You're. Not a natural case, to go. I'm not sure I know what's going on in there. Gina. Says from can now because the meets it, is that were innocent armed Oh from, the hums. Yeah. We've never, we. Haven't had the opportunity yet. To. Try, any of their products. Yeah I do you know but so, you're you're talking about the kinetic custom means I'm sure that's absolutely, amazing, but one of my favorite, cheap. Dogs is from. Costco, you know that giant, pack of those quarter, pounders, in oh, they're. Huge, and they're just Oh see. The ones I like from Costco, um, are, the, Polish dogs those are going to those are polish dogs that they have in their little food court things they can't they just terminated.

I Know they've been executed. Because it's unhealthy. Yeah. Mmm. I just and, I saw that I saw, that headline a few weeks ago and I went I can't even yeah. I think Costco, has decided to pull the publish dogs because they're unhealthy, yeah really and, we're replacing it, with healthy, choices who the hell is you take Costco, for their health. Standing. In line there for that kind of thing. Dave. Says he, says Hebrew National I'm right there with no Lowe's are good too but there are Costco, ones are so big board ballpark, hmm, I know what's for dinner tonight I don't know about bumper call burgers hit or miss for me I haven't found just, because I don't sample around enough I know what I like so I get those but, the ballpark, ones I've had some that are really good and I have is ahead some that are kind of like those bar s dogs which aren't even hotdogs it is nasty. Because. They don't pump and they don't have degrees so they don't they just taste like oh. It. Sounds, like you've had defunct, ballparks, I guess, I don't know well I don't know I was saying thank the bar guess no matter what you do with them yeah and then like the ballpark's I've had some that are really good and I've had some that taste like the bar ice dog great and I don't remember which ones which they're defunct, bar you. Got defunct, ballparks, okay no. Kind. Is good which kind sucks if they're tasting, like bar ass. No. Because. They're in the discount. Mine. Okay. So Dave says oh good call Gina rivet rip haha there you go Renee, says good morning good morning on a oh. Yeah, you guys for watching and joining us by the way thank you for commenting liking, and, sharing we, appreciate and then Gina Gina, is responding, to Dave and she says right for, the road trip and. Then. Alexandra. Says Kanab. Meets comes. To big water at the Rodeway Inn once, a week and you can get meet do. Something, with, a minimum, order of a hundred. Hmm. And Gina, for here. For. Your Defoe's ballparks, Gina says left at the ballpark too long yeah. And. Renee is safe Gianna all-beef, Chicago. Dogs. I've. Never tried that Manor. Hmm nah, man put it on the list but you know we have right now we've. Got the circle-k, dogs yeah. That's, what we have the last time we went there there was mustard, and onions, in the relish and I was disappointed. But. I still used it I just had to scrape wood to this edge. But. We do have sonic they. Have some pretty good honks, yes, they're not an epic. Yeah you know what they are pretty good the reason I don't like there is is because you know they're like oh we've got this giant hot dog in it you know the hot dog is like this alarm but it's as big around as my. But. Gina's. Saying let's get an order together yeah like we all get together Belenko, here we'll take 50 pounds of hot dogs. So. I had no idea that custom. Meats actually goes to Rome once, a week are you serious I didn't either, whoa maybe they should advertise that and like set up a booth then people will come out there see if you build it they will come and the funny thing is is I've called them about.

Us Oh and. Yeah, one of those and, and, something, like that I mean yeah you you would think they would advertise them, advertising. I followed, them on Facebook, and I. Have yet to see, an advertisement for, that. Apparently. They don't think outside, the box or the but. Your. Specific, recipe. Oh goodness in there, Alexandra. Says Artie's chili dogs are good too. That. Was another one. Yeah. We won't go down that route um, but. Yeah I like. The idea of national hot dog day I just, yeah. Well, I I'm, not a fan of the, ones we can get here I I. Guess I'm a hot dog snob. Lawrence. Doesn't but you like the circle-k ones no that's what I can get oh, I just make, whoa wait a minute wait a minute so you say that's just what you can get but whenever we go through, Flagstaff. Okay, on our way well, actually I should say on our way back this direction huh, you always want to stop at that last Circle K and get a hot dog is this deal well that number one is better hot dogs than the local Circle T because, because, it didn't flex f it makes it different, not. Really but, you know it's, a mental component. Because. It's there. Are so many different. Gas. Station, but that one's right on on the way side. Of town is, you're leaving on the right hand side so are you gonna you pull in grab it and go you, don't actually have to go out of your way it's just right there oh boy here's what they're counting on which is why they have shield oh that's. Hilarious, so. Let's see Genesis. Hmm. Renee, says they come here to place, your order they come up on Thursday. Alexandre. Says I'll get more info, on it and let y'all know what time, what. Day they come and what time he. Was responding, to Alexandre. Talk. To them about advertising. They. Don't wanna know, no she was responding, to Alexandre, oh okay thank, you very much ladies. And then, Renee. Says Safeway sells the Vienna brand the, Vienna brand in Vienna Oh, like. Venus I said just that's not a hugger, yeah no sausages. You. Know get inside check I'm gonna get a little can of Vienna sausage, just slice. Them in half you put it on some bread with a little bit of my own. CI. Sausage, sandwiches, man oh I don't know that, was a good, two, and. For me it was just eating Street roulette, wheel but after you slice them and make a sandwich it stretches farther and it's more filling, with. The extra mayo you get some. Although. You know ok so going. With that, you, remember potted, meat did you guys ever have to eat no no, but we ate the deviled ham definitely. I didn't have a problem with potted, meat I don't like mm-hmm. I don't, like and this goes back to Ohio there was an episode of a while back this, is one of those cans on the back it says mechanically. Separated, chicken. Important. And, notice makes me think of some kind of Mac Iranian, device, that's, just like. But. It, just me. You'd, think it would be like you, know maybe, disintegrated. Vienna sausages, but it's not there's just something about it that isn't missed it. And. I remember your description, I don't want to try it i I've traded several, different ways the last time I tried it many years ago I tried mixing it with Mayo to make it more palatable to put it on bread. Really. Gross, no. Thanks your description. They. Take that extra stuffing. Extra. Care to mechanically, separated and then, you can put it in some kind of mold and pressure squeeze it into a tube. There's. Been a stand by the post office selling, hot dogs yes. Furniture. Right yes yes, I wonder thank you I don't know I wonder, I wonder if, the places, that do hot dogs around, here are, doing a national hot dog thing.

Today Was, probably not, yeah no, one was doing anything for National Ice Cream day either yeah basically, um, Renee. Or Gina says yes have eaten potted, meat, grew up poor also. Very. Much you know what I'm talking about, I tried to mix, it with man when I still didn't like but the Vienna sausage, they can do and, then Rene says no no that was finger food because, we didn't have bread, and mom made SOS, with potted meat yes, there. Done that yeah. Yes. For, us the Vienna, sausages, were finger food as well yes we, did not we did not have SOS, but. We. Did have. Yeah. The, dreaded due to cancer oh. Yeah. No. We. Had we had several other things that I just. Something. I'm not a huge fan of that either you, know I do like tuna melts but tuna casserole. Yeah and that's where my dislike, of peas comes from yeah. Because. You. Had a vet hatred, I have a hatred of mac and cheese for the same reason and we had they would put peas in that and put. Peas in it or whatever you know a can of something to help make it fits and, to this day I despise. Mac, and cheese. What. Davis saying there, was a there. There, was your problem, with potted, meat what, he tried to add me a. Man I was trying anything. I. Try to cut with male. You. Know honestly, I've had cat food that tastes better than that I don't, know. Boy. It, was about the same price to taste better. So. Gina. Says I hate oh wait. We've got a couple of them cause it says, oh. My goodness tuna. Casserole was. A treat, from my child man Jesus. I hate tuna. Renee says allergic, to fists we had chicken casserole that's actually, thank you I can see that yeah so can I um an alexandra, says I refuse. To make tuna casserole, for my kids I think that's why I hate Peas two. Things. Our parents did. And. They were just trying yeah, but. You. Know I honestly, think, with a lot of it it has to go back to trim Lee tradition, yeah and like, with the jello mold. You. Know and, it just took. A couple of generations to, let, those, traditions. Die out. Because. I know my sister does not gonna, kiss purple, either yeah. I mean. You're, gonna think it means you you know you, dirt poor you trying to find something you just kind of throw it together and it works you know but, I find, other ways to do that all right and then you grow up in the household where it's you eat it or starve. Peas. Or Nets deep, yes yes, the, only way I like, peas is, in, split pea soup okay. So you like sleepy I was gonna say what about like snap peas I love the freshmen oh right I like, to snap peas. As well but to me they're not peace but they, are I realize, that but just, talking about think and like this snow peas yes, yes, I love, snow peas I see a fry it up whatever it, is that, comes. In the cans whatever. It is. I. Just. But. You make an awesome, split pea soup oh my, goodness, oh we. We could we could definitely. Contain. It and sell it maybe, we should do that make. It make a little extra money for today so we can see if they have a hot dog somewhere oh my goodness now I want a hot dog we got no money. Well. That's the pea soup we can do I've got bags of that stuff sitting in dry storage so. Some. Dave says guess. We made tuna casserole, different, in Texas, no veggies, and my mom's, the. Are tuna casserole always had peas in it it did too and and everyone Oh. See him for us it was onions. Dude. We, don't want onions now and I and, I think the way they made it was you, have the noodles then, I think, they actually added mayo to it I. Don't. Know but, it. Yeah, it just I. I. Despise. It so much I haven't even asked, for the recipe.

So. Alexandre. Also, says goulashes, might go too I have no food dinner so much better yes goulash, is so much better I think I make a killer goulash but I know what I don't like it I never put it in there well there you go CNN. In my house, more. Peace no. No my, house, goulash, was the treat like Dave's tuna, casserole, and, and, now growing, up or being being, an adult I realized, goulash, was, code for a, week. Yes. Yes I'm, Renee. Yes, blippi, soup is good I make a lot every winter and Gina, says love goulash. Yes. Yes, it, really does. So. Do I. Going. Through childhood food. We. Have apparently. A lot of us were scarred. By, food of all things. I, did I mention we're gonna save the mac and cheese but then there was mac and cheese with peas. No. No, see, and for us. Growing. Up it was another. Treat for us was, the boxed, mac. And cheese and, what we would do is make, it so great right well. I mean it came it was a white box with black block lettering I'm just saying I know right. The. Craft. We. See, and and okay real. Quick tangent, one. Thing my dad used to do would be add tuna, to that yes, I couldn't, yeah I couldn't, do, that. I. Like tuna. Oh you, know what just give it all there's very, few occasions. Where actually in you know like tuna occasionally, I can have it with some you know make tuna fish and make it put it on crackers maybe, a sandwich I like tuna melts better yes. I'm. Not a huge huge fan but I can still eat it is it when you mix it with noodles there's something fundamentally, wrong about. It. So. For. Us with, the mac and cheese it was. We. Would make, a pot, of mac. And cheese yeah and. From. Said pot my. Sister and I would be sat on the couch here's. The babysitting, thing. We. Would be sitting on the couch TV. In front of and both, of us would be eating out of the pot. Get. A hankering to do just that. Why, well, I mean it's happy memories right, you. Get a mouthful. And, let's see. You, get over there, I'm. Trying to catch up oh the comments again, no. I was trying to catch up oh you're at worry stop um, Gina, says goulash meant mom could afford hamburger, yeah, oh. Yeah when, you could afford to put hamburger, meat in something. Alexandra. Says oops my kids requested. Doing. Great if the. Kids are requesting, your yeah we ain't got nothing. Bro, we're, doing that right now it's like we, stopped buying ground beef but once it got over $4, a pound.

Hamburger. Meat and then, I don't want me to bleep you. Told. You it's one of those days. So. We started buying that that, little, tube is sausage, cuz it's like a dollar 28 a pound and we, just put that in everything, that's. I mean like right now it actually tastes really good. Like. My I like cow. Renae. Says nope, my ex-husband, made the tuna mac and cheese yeah, I. Add, hamburger, I've, never. Especially. If you if, you brown the ground, beef not just cooking but you get make it a little just a little crispy with a little bit of salt, and pepper and and. All the grease oh. He's, great everyone's like oh we gotta strain, it, got. All the flavor in it just. Saying see and and I've, never tried it it reminds me too much of Hamburger, Helper, yeah but it's not yes, it's. Not is that it's not as artificially. Flavored, as hamburger, I cannot, stand, hamburger helper. Go. Twos. No. I like, some of them just because they we didn't have it as often as some of the other ones so it wasn't. But. Then sometimes they put peas in that you I. Just. For some reason there is a flavor. Within, Hamburger. Helper meals, but. I just. I. I. Have, no problem with the MSG I love my Chinese food no you, know I mean that's, very high, animus tea there, is just something. Fundamentally. Wrong with, the. Hamburger helper stuff. So. You, you talking it right, up MST and you're ranting about it now this, is just brought something to my mind we're, talking about this morning from, what. You actually prepare for so because we haven't even touched that no we haven't so you know MSG for a while you know always everyone's. That. Then they found out well actually it's not it was just some dude that was like I don't like it so let's call it bad and now, it's in that gray area. So. Blah blah blah msg, well the FDA when. They do Louis. What did the SBA, news, oh, my goodness oh yeah, before. We get there oh what Gina says tomatoes, to Renee says no grease it tastes better. Gina. Says with the mac and cheese and burger, with with. The tomatoes ona, says add taco, seasoning to, it rather. Than use their, their packaging, okay I, can see that all right because then it's just dried noodles. And. The FDA, oh, my, goodness I know, you and I shake our heads and, giggle, when when we go through the. Dairy. Section, of the store actually, just, was it like two days ago yes we went through there we're, walking along and the, milk section is devastated. It's completely, I'm Jenna I like what's going on and I look back and, this. Is down at Walmart and behind. The things in the fridge you can see pallets of milk but apparently they have decided not to the stock the thing so that was a little odd so. My. Eye was drawn to the section that actually had stuff in it and lo. And behold there. Was a new product I had never heard of before do, you remember what it was cold though I had heard of it you, I said, I have, never heard of are you me so, much are you referring to are you referring to the soy milk or the almond milk neither, or, the hazelnut. Milk there wasn't that either there. Was macadamia. Nut no that's what it was yeah, now. Who's, like huh. Macadamia. When, did macadamia, nuts rule nipples. Alone. Oh these are so glanceable, I mean, you know this reminds me of the of the movie, what was it the Meet the Parents oh goodness. You, know you can milk anything with nipples well nuts don't have nipples. Perhaps. Inappropriate. Or. Via beans don't have nipples either. So. Exactly. How does. Oh. Okay. The, FDA. The. FDA actually. Has an official, definition of. What. Milk, is and, it's, a, product. From. A lactating, animal. Okay. Okay and. The. Who. I need to find it the Commissioner, the, FDA Commissioner, Scott. Gobble. It up Oh, any. Labs oh hey guys, the FDA Commissioner actually. Recently did an interview with Politico and, he. Confessed. That. An almond doesn't, lactates. Almonds. Don't hit Mills and and, he, was referencing to, the current standards, that. Have. Not. Really been put. Into place but have been allowed um. For. The term milk, okay, okay. Excuse. Me but, the agency, oh boy. Here I have. This section titled as facepalm, government, for a season.

That. A lot they, didn't make you wanna be a spoon oh really. So here's, where the facepalm, comes into play, and. The. FDA hasn't, been, upholding. Their, standards. Upholding. Enforcing, yeah, they, have not been on upholding, they haven't been enforcing, their, standards. On the, use of the, word milk, okay, but. They. Are looking. For more regulation, and, redefining. The rules for, milk product. Okay. And, seeking. Public, comment on, terminology. That will work for the public. As a. Descriptor. For. Milk. And non. Milk, products, and my. Thing is this wouldn't, that be a non dairy product. So. Because. They are not upholding. And enforcing, their own standards, they want more regulation. You, know that. Sounds. Very similar. To a situation happening. In Paige right it sounds similar to things going on everywhere, notice that's just government in general we're not enforcing this and we probably should, be but we're gonna come up with new relations, that we won't enforce. Because. Right. So, and so I read this and instantly, there's. A show we watch every, once in a while that has Sam Elliott, in it and it's. Called the ranch, although and. I. Heard, dogs the other band and, in. It he, addresses. Milk. One. Of the kids in the show actually. Bought, almond, milk and, he pulls the carton out and uses. Several expletives. But explanation. Yeah but. It's. He says pretty much what, is this and show. Me how to milk and almond. So. If anybody's, interested in trying to redefine the terms, for that sort of thing apparently the FDA is open, to your opinion don't. Listen to it no kidding, so. Gina is laughing. Hysterically. Renee, says you started, it and nuts are not lactating, animals, and neither is rice no. There is also rice milk yeah there's. No kind about man and so I actually. Brought this up this morning when you told me about this headline, I'm, like okay so, they're gonna redefine the term milk and they're gonna find you if you use it improperly you're. Blah blah blah whatever all, right what about milk, of magnesia, that's, been around longer than the FDA yeah, what. About milkweed, are they gonna outlaw the plants, or change the actual name, of it will. You go see what's going right well apparently the dogs are burning interesting comments, my hmm. And then dave says. Either color not milk almond, milk or almond, juice I'll take it I'm like almond, juice. Although. It has some weird connotations.

As Well you really juice it I mean I think I can crush it and get the stuff out but I don't know and Rene says love their show yeah, we started, watching we haven't finished the show yet but. The, fact that I had Sam Elliot it I know it's like you know I'm gonna watch it just because it's got Sam Elliot and I do I do like it it's very similar, to that that Tim Allen's show that they banned for a while then another station picked, up that. One was really funny - what Last, Man Standing is, everything. You guys seen a Last Man Standing. That. One is. Hilarious. Let me tell you um. So. Moving on here let's see what else we have Louis. Has got all kinds of stuff here hmm. Louis. Where did you go. Apparently. The dogs are barking at something that may be real. Sorry. With somebody here I don't know I I heard, banging in our backyard but I can't see anybody no all right family someone's, banging into my yard we do apologize for that God in the dog homework oh my, goodness, Gary, white dream yet not very. She. Loves that show yeah, we would I just mentioned that yeah, and. Alexandria does love that John we were talking about how. That one was very similar to Tim Allen's last-man-standing they get canceled and then. The. Docs picked it up yeah go, Fox. Sure. Was a larious, yes it. Was it was man. And you know going back to the ranch I love Samuel. That's. What I told him that's why we originally started watching it is because Sam Elliott said I love stability, he cracks me yes yes definitely. And apparently you, know he reminds, me of oh what's. That what's. That guy's name I don't know steve Richards he's. Like that you know. No. Keith Richards oh yeah, I was gonna say he's, like the Highlander you know he's a yes yeah because he apparently he doesn't age either, no, no Keith Richards does age he just doesn't talk. Never. Seen better days but I, guess, you know the. Whole same thing up there can be only one well apparent you know I. Know. Right, dave. Says love Last Man Standing and Renee, says milk substitute. Yeah. You, know it stars the word milk in it I don't know would, that count that's, why I'm. Going with non-dairy. Yep, I think I mean I think I've got non-dairy, creamer, right. Because. It has no milk in it yeah I just, I don't know. It's. Just one more of those things that why does it really matter if if. You're dumb enough to think that you know almonds, have nipples whatever, to you I mean you're saying, why. Is it enough to be that specific did, they think that perhaps people are fooled and thinking, that there's you, know little almond, fields. Just like they have cat. Because. The. Government, is here to protect you, from yourself, oh the nanny.

So. Okay Gina says he's an all-american man, Sam, Elliott yes most definitely. Renee says Adrienne, Paul from the TV yes we already know both of you guys have the hots for. Do. You know this hmm. And I was thinking it was the long hair thing cuz you got a Jason Momoa issue right, but Jason, Momoa is, a completely, he's an outlier no reason Anna is an outlier where's. Adrienne poem, right. But, it's the jawline, oh is, that chiseled. That you're like pretty. Much yeah. Yeah. See. I'm not the only one. So. I'm gonna take us back to national, hot dog day oh now. If. You're watching and you are from Chicago, what. Is with anti, ketchup. Antigen. Anti, ketchup, Chicagoans. Are, highly. Anti catch-up I need across this article and, this, has started going viral the, Illinois, Department of, Transportation and. And for those of you not in Chicago. For. National hot dog day go to if you're near there go to Chicago, and just, take your own ketchup and lather your, hotdogs with our edges off it does. Right. But, you like it on french fries. I have, seen you use ketchup, it's who they're really crappy fries, oh gotta, match the cardboard taste in Chicago, you'd, be run out of town. Yeah. So. You know how our, Department, of Transportation does silly, things to get people to notice the the, safety signs and, whatnot. In. Chicago. The, Illinois Department of Transportation tried, the same thing and. Over. Them over this last weekend, you saw no texting, no speeding. No ketchup. Okay. Right, so. There. They. Even, have restaurants. That have signs, with. Ketchup, bottles and the. Circle, with like nice, F Kenna okay, and. They do not, serve ketchup, yes. Jeremy. On on the sign is, yes, the their, Department, of Transportation is, trained to raise awareness get, drivers to pay attention to, their signs. But. So a lot of drivers were actually, taking pictures of the signs. Because. It said no ketchup huh but, yes I'm apparently. Very, innocently, anti, ketchup, thing in, Chicago. Okay. So so, you bring up that I actually, had something come across to come across my desk that I found it interesting you know like I said I'm not a huge fan of ketchup don't really like it I can you know I can do it everyone all right but it's definitely, not on my list of priority. Condiments. You know I saw. Something come across but I think apparently, now they have solid ketchup and, it's. Basically, like a fruit roll-up of ketchup, you can roll it out and you cut it into the slice size that you want and like put it on burgers and stuff. No. That's. What I said I was like oh no. And you imagine a fruit roll-up ketchup, thing I mean it's so weird. Renee. Renee, says. Not all of us just don't use it. Stalin. Ketchup now and, it's it but, that just that's. Just wrong, I know it sounds I mean seriously. Wrong, I, just I mean. What it what. Did they do just, take a brush, and brush it onto some wax paper and dry it out I mean it. Just no. No. Ketchup, is not supposed, to be eaten right yeah, well, seriously. Apparently. It's a thing I can't stand dry catch out I mean right, ketchup I know you've had this before I inadvertently. Yes. When you have the glass bottles, before. The squeeze bottles, well they still have less ones because that's you know no I mean way before the squeeze bottles oh and so you had you had no way other than to open, the cap hmm, and pour. It out not, squeeze it out or I know what you're never gonna know and the little dry plates, oh. But. If you put her mind you're gonna make this all back in making it's gross it is but you know what you think no just, no it's a thing and. Alexandra, says seven and a CD, right. How, weird is that I know. Why. Did you make me think of it because they rate. So that yeah. And then this Chicago, thing am i weird, and no. One can really trace, back that history, as to why no ketchup, and, interesting. Well you know ketchup in its current form is not what ketchup original anyway I understand. That this, one's what cats it, well. Mr., Chenault. It's, different I mean back in the day in the ketchup used to be like a mushroom sauce it was more like wish the sheer sauce yes and you, know the. Cat. And. I. Think. On, that on that note I think you. Want it you want to go ahead and call it there today for you. There I think we need to because the dogs are still going magic yeah. Yeah. He's he's, on an anti bleep thing today I don't, know, what's. Going on banging, and stuff. You. You normally, catch yourself, yeah.

And I'm the one who usually just. Oops. Nope next, time fed up to here today, apparently. Apparently. We, need to calm you down somehow probably with some Irish coffee. Today. No you're not. In. The yard yeah that we can do that get, out some frustration no. I'm happy to go do some other things so we can make some money and hopefully you know whatever what I got it's true I'm Gina says when I was a kid every time my mom made a list for the store I want to catch them. Nice. I. Like. Ketchup it just depends on what it's done. You. Know and I've been, through one of the Heinz plants. And I'm definitely definitely. Not from Chicago. No. No but. You are from a state that starts with this II don't. Know yeah well I mean a good, portion of your life is in Colorado, oh yeah I'm not. Oh. No, where. Mysterious. Note. All. Right anyway. We need to go sort out what's going on out there. And. A wonderful national. Hot dog day yeah go eat some hot dogs make sure you know what go to that hot dog stand over, by leg pal Furniture empty amount yeah yeah I want to see it happen they have to close down cuz they got no more wieners. You.

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