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Hello. And, welcome, to another edition, of the nightly news I'm Chris, Lee here with LP NN bringing, you all the news that is news and, then of the news that isn't most, of the time we, have some special, news for you here tonight, well, first off this. Episode is brought to you by H&R. Block right here in Page Arizona at, 608, Elm Street. Second. Of all as you. May, or may not have seen at the intro if you're just joining us we. Are now officially reaching. Over a hundred and forty, five thousand. People, every. Month thanks. To you guys because, every single time that you guys like comment, and share one, of our posts, Facebook. The algorithm, sees that and puts. Us out in front of more people and every, week we're growing at more than seven, percent of people that are actively following, us and engaging. With, the content that we're trying to put out there for you guys so, thank you very much for, all of your guys's amazing. Help we. Really appreciate, it and you guys are helping us grow faster, than we could have ever imagined. We, downloaded, the stats this afternoon. Actually we're. Putting together some presentations. That, were trying to get some more advertisers, for and we. Were just blown away by, how many people were actually out there reaching, because, of your help so thank you very much and don't, forget, to share comment and like on every single one of these posts, and it'll. Help us keep growing and help us keep getting the word out to you guys and getting, you the news in real. Time. So. For tonight here we have oh we've. Got a Christine. Says, yes. Definitely. We were absolutely amazed. By that Jennifer. Says hello hello Jennifer thanks, for watching thanks for joining us we appreciate it, so we do have some news for you tonight. A lot of times what, happens on. Fridays, is a lot of news companies, out there will, dump, all of the big stories, so that no one will see it over the weekend so what we like to do is hold, those stories for day so, you guys can catch up on what's going on because everybody wants to get out of town on Friday or they just want to take the rest of the weekend off so, we saved it for you for, right now mmm, Gina says awesome Thank You Gina we appreciate, that it's, all because of you guys out there you're the ones that are helping us grow as fast as we are it's it's. Mind-boggling. All. Right so from, Coconino. County Covino. County has announced, that residents data. Has, been, hacked this is from the AZ Daily, Sun the. Personal, and protected. Health information of. 467. Individuals. May have been compromised. After. The email accounts, of a number of Coconino, County employees. Were, hacked, earlier, this year the. County reported, late, Thursday. And the story actually came out on Friday. Potentially. Compromised, information. Includes names Social. Security numbers. Driver's. License. Numbers, financial. Information and, medical. Information the. County reported, in a, post on its website the county stated that experienced. Two separate, incidents involving. Unauthorized, access to. Staff members email. Accounts, which, contained, emails with individuals. Personal, information. The, type of information, accessed, was not the same for each individual. The email, accounts, were hacked December. 4th of last. Year, and February, 22nd. Of this, year after, each incident the county hired a computer, forensics. Investigator. To ensure the security of staff email accounts, and ensure. There is no ongoing. Unauthorized. Access according. To spokesman, Matt, routing. The. County does not have any evidence that anyone's information, has been misused, rudik wrote in an e-mail if the, county had addressed information, on file, for individuals, whose data may have been affected the. County mailed notice, letters to those people on may 8th people. Who did not receive, a notification letter, in the mail but, believe they may have been effect are asked, to call the county's confidential. Call center at, 1, 800. The county is offering to pay for one year of credit and identity, monitoring, services, for, people who are affected and will provide potentially.

Impacted, Individuals with, contact, information, for the three major credit reporting agencies. As well. As advice on how to obtain free, credit reports and how, to place fraud alerts and security, freezes on their credit files, the. County encourages, potentially, impacted, individuals to, remain vigilant against, incidents, of identity, theft and fraud, to. Review account statements, and to, monitor their credit reports and medical, insurance explanation. Of benefits, forms for suspicious. Activity. And. Also. Coming, up later in the broadcast. We do have the City Council's agenda but we're going to cover a few things here first and there. Is a council meeting coming up and a council, work session coming, up we will be going over those in detail but, here in just a little bit so stay tuned for that. Let's see Doris says a beautiful. Background thank you Dora, we appreciate, that this is a picture I took of ahlstrom, point I believe, probably about a year ago and I, thought it was absolutely, breathtaking so, we went ahead and put it out there for you guys to see. Alright, let's go ahead and move on here, in. The same vein as this a website. Glitch has revealed, where. You are this, is actually, an article that Theresa, aka, Lois put together for, you guys this, is also on Friday but we're going to share this with you now and you can read the entire thing at lake powell, Carnegie. Mellon university computer. Science. Student, and doctoral. Researcher. Robert, chow discovered. A website. Flaw, at carlsbad. And a carlsbad california company, that allowed anyone. To pinpoint the location of, nearly all cellphones. Within. The United States the. Company, locations. Smart gathers. Real-time. Data, on cellular. Wireless, devices, this. Is an area of business within the business sector that is mostly, unknown to, the general public, wherein companies, such as this provide real-time location. And other data to, companies, for multiple, uses such, as tracking employees. And messaging. Coupons, to customers, near, popular, stores, the. Flaw was first reported by independent, journalist Brian Krebs, this, is the latest release of information, regarding such, businesses, and business. Practices, that highlights. How easy it is for your, information, to be accessed it. Also. Spotlights. How companies, gain access to wireless consumers. Information without. Expressed. Consent, from the consumer, the. Information, obtained is known as geolocation. Data. As of, yesterday that would be Thursday, location. Smart took the webpage offering, this service offline. Only, after Shou discovered, the flaw and notified. The company, while. Seemingly, innocuous, the, site allowed potential, customers, to try the location, service by entering, their own cellphone. Number once. The information was inputted, the service, would notify the phone via text, or call to obtain consent and, only then would it provide the phone's location however. Shou. Was was, able to bypass, this consent, in just, over 10 minutes what, makes the philosopher, Isom is that, anyone, who particularly. Hackers, could access location, information for any cell number that they desire some. Of the abilities, location, smart lists on their website include, a service they call location, intelligence. Wherein. They claim this service can provide over 95%. Subscriber. Reach to, more than 400. Million devices, with, no app or software download. Required, direct. Connections, to the wireless carrier networks, and global, reach to, more than, 120. Million cell, tower IDs, monitor. All devices. Even when roaming, if you. Think that your computer, and landline, are clear location, smart also states their location, intelligence services, can geo locate over 3 billion, IP, addresses. Around the, world and their, landline, capabilities. Are advertised, as providing, name address and, business. Insights, and location. For more than 100. Million fixed. Landlines. Nationwide. So. If you ever wondered, where your telemarketing calls, get your information. Businesses. Such as this might. Be it once, again you, can check out that article at lake powell Moving. On to, other local. News here arizona. National, forests, have announced, closures, as wild.

Fire Dangers, loom this is from ABC, 15. Tourists. And the residents, of arizona mountain, towns that rely on them won't have access, to parts of some national, forests, this summer as authorities, attempt, to prevent wildfires, during. A critically, dangerous, time on Monday. Tonto. National Forest, said, two area, closures, will begin on May 23rd, the, following locations, will be closed. All. Tonto, National Forest, land, north of Payson, to the forest boundary the muggy on rim between, the White Mountain, Apache reservation, on, the eastern boundary and the Coconino National Forest, on, the western boundary the. Southern boundary, of the closure will start at the fossil, Creek Trailhead and head. Southeasterly, along, the powerline corridor, to Arizona state highway 87. I believe. I have a map here somewhere, let me see if I've got it I may. Have closed it oh wait no here we are let. Me see if I can transfer, this over for you guys real quick and we can see some of the closures, that are going on. Let's. See there we go, this. Area here, is actually. Under stage 3, extreme. Fire conditions. Right here and that. Is Navajo. County, so. We, will put up some more information, on all of the different local Asians that are being shut down but, there are quite a few because of the extreme danger, being presented, by all of the dry weather out there. Alright, let's see what else we have here oh yes from. The Arizona, Trail Association. Have. You ever heard about our 5450. Challenge from the Arizona Trail Association, to. Celebrate, the 50th anniversary of. The National Trails, system act the ATA, is challenging. Hikers. Mountain. Bikers and equestrians. To enjoy at least 50. Miles of the Arizona, National Scenic. Trail during. 2018. Everyone. Who completes, the challenge will receive a commemorative 50th. Anniversary. Patch and they, do have a website you can log into to, put your mileage down and claim, your badge it's actually kind of a neat badge let me see if I can pull it over here friend, all, right yeah that's kind of a, misstep. Version of it but there. You go that. Is the patch that they are offering if you can complete 50, miles so. A kind, of a neat thing make. Sure you check them out we'll put a link down in the description below, so. That you guys can log your miles if that's one of those things that you're interested in, doing. All. Right let's see. There. We go oh maybe, maybe, Oh, technical. Difficulties, already and we were doing so well I even, remembered, to turn on the microphone tonight alright. Let's see this is from, st. George of the st. George news actually, a. Man was arrested after, trying, to pay with obviously, faked. Money, fake bills a man, was arrested in Washington. City Monday with drugs a printer, and a, backpack full, of bills that police said were obviously, fraudulent. His. Name is Jackie, Lee, Ellsbury, he was 39 of marae he, was allegedly attempting, to buy some merchandise, at the Chevron, gas station on Buena, Vista Boulevard with, a $50, bill that was believed, to be fake, Sunday afternoon said. Washington, City police lieutenant. J Jason, Williams the. Gas station, clerk called police and when police officers arrived, Ellsbury. Was still in the parking lot inside, of a vehicle they, searched the vehicle and yes.

They Found all kinds of things including drug, paraphernalia. On in. The vehicle so, that. Is from the st. George News, hmm. Let's. See Christine. Says Murphy, yes it is. Murphy Monday, let's. See what else we have here Louis, says that's because she is in the office that's why there's no technical glitches that is absolutely. Correct her being there usually means I pay attention to things so, be, glad for that one. All. Right what else do we have for you tonight all, right we have a bit of a strange one here for you this, is, NCSE. Dot-com, this is an update, from Arizona. We're. Going to let's see where I'm just going to go through a little bit of this here for you and we're, gonna research, this some more but. The, school superintendent Diane. Douglas, for. This is for Arizona, school, superintendent Diane, Douglas is. Apparently, behind a rewrite, of science. Standards, for all Arizona, school children, that would delete references. To. Evolution. That's. A report, from kph. X in, Phoenix. As, NCSC. Previously, reported staffers. At the Arizona, State Department, of Education tampered, with the treatment of evolution, and allied, topics, in the, standards, and CSE's. Deputy, director Glenn branch told K. NAU, in, Flagstaff. That, we can be quite sure I think that the revisions, are aimed deliberately. At softening, the treatment of evolution. And thus misleading, teachers and students about, the scientific, standing, of evolution, k, ph ex cited, audio from a November, 2017. Republican. Candidate, for him in Tempe, in which, Douglass who is seeking re-election answered. A question by saying should. The theory of intelligent design be, taught along with the theory of evolution she. Said absolutely, adding, I had, a discussion with my staff because we're currently working on science standards, to make sure this issue was addressed in, the standards, were, working, on so. That is from. From. That alright let's go ahead and move to some more local things we have going on and then we're going to get to the City, Council, agenda that is coming up I believe it's on Wednesday we'll get to that in just a minute so stick with us. Alright. So this is from the page recreation. Department, calling. All businesses, in and around Page Arizona this. Year the page recreation, department, will be hosting, the first summer. Rec fest where businesses, and organizations. Can showcase their recreational. And leisure leisure. Offerings. Businesses. And organizations, register, by completely, filling out a form and, returning, it to the Recreation, Department that. Was actually due by today. But, the event itself, is happening, on Thursday, May, 31st, from, 6 to 8 p.m. and it is called the summer rec, fest it's. Free to participate, but. They ask the following register. By today, let's. See they want you to bring your own table, and chairs conduct, an interactive, activity for children or adults to participate in, arrive, by 5:00 p.m. to, set up your table chairs, and activity, provide, information about, your organization and it.

Says Please refrain, from selling. Products, or services. So, once again May, 31st, is, the summer rec fest make. Sure you go down there and see, what's going on here in Paige. Alright. Let's go ahead and, move. On to Coconino. County this, is from the Coconino County Sheriff's, Department, Forest. Lakes Arizona this, is a press release we got not so long ago the, Coconino County Sheriff's, Office is investigating the. Homicide of, an elderly, male whose body was found west, of Forest, Lakes Arizona, on. Sunday. May 20th, 2018. Around 3:30, p.m. the. Coconino County Sheriff's, Office received a call of a deceased, person, found, lying along, Forest Road 512. Two young errors. Less than half a mile south a. Half a mile south of State. Route 260. A. Deputy. Responded from Forest Lakes and contacted. The reporting, party a couple. Who had been driving in that area the, reporting party said that they were traveling, the young road around 3:30, p.m. and, observed. A male lying in the dirt approximately. 20 yards off the side of the road in a pull out area, they, stopped to check on the mail and could see he was obviously deceased. Detectives. From the Sheriff's Office responded, out of Flagstaff, to conduct the investigation they. Found the deceased victim, with severe, trauma to his body and head the, victim had, no identification. Investigators. And crime-scene. Personnel, from the Arizona, Department of Public Safety. Also. Responded, to the scene and assisted. In the investigation, the. Victim was transported to Flagstaff, where an autopsy, will be conducted by, the Coconino, County Medical. Examiner's. Office the. Victim is described, as a 60, to 70, year old white male about, 110. Pounds about, 5 feet 6 inches tall with. Gray hair that is longer but cut just above the shoulders, a gray beard and mustache wearing. A white head, sports, polo type shirt off white. Or like British tan colored shorts, with a black leather belt black, socks and white, New Balance, tennis, shoes the. Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help for, information. About this, death or the identity, of the victim, if.

They Are asking that you please call them at 1-800. Three, three eight seven. Eight eight, eight and option, one for dispatch, or silent. Witness. All. Right moving on to the city a council, meeting that is coming up here we have actually, I'm sorry this one is the work session before, the City Council meeting this is going to be discussion, by the City Council pertaining. To the, fiscal year 2019. A preliminary, budget, this, is going on at five o'clock on the 23rd. Let's. See here once, again for the preliminary budget for 2009. We, do have they have some figures attached here they're, saying the revenue, for, fiscal, year of 2019. Is going to be about 23, and a half million dollars, the, expenses, are going to be about 28 million, dollars there's, gonna be some transfers, and that, is gonna make a net loss of about four point four million, dollars these are rough numbers that I'm putting up here I'll go ahead and transfer, this over so you can see just. A part of it. Hold. On one second while I, fiddle. With that for you there. We are all right. So as you can see here at. The bottom line where it says grand, totals right where my hon see right here where my head's at and grand totals you, have a revenue, at. 23.5. Million. Right there the. Expenses, and all of that so that is what they're going to be discussing, during, the, special, work session, before the normal City, Council meeting. All. Right now, moving on to the council, meeting itself, the council meeting itself, is going to be at 6:30. Once. Again on the 23rd. They've, got quite a few things coming up they, have some unfinished business, from. Last session, there's going to be discussion and possible action by the City Council pertaining. To vacation. Home rental, sales, tax, revenue. More. On that that, says, hmm. There's no action just information, to clarify questions, and concerns from. The last City Council meeting at. The last council meeting held, on may 9th 2018. There was discussion, pertaining, to the, vacation home rentals and the issue of whether vacation, home rental owners were paying their taxes, the, city of page is receiving, tax from vacation home rentals but, we receive it in various, reporting, categories this. Becomes a bit confusing, when trying to prepare their monthly reports, because the category dollars, received are based, on how the tax payer reports, their taxes, in the, PG 0 for 4 and PG, 1 for 4 tax codes some. Tax payers report, under the accommodations. Tax Group while, others report under the service retail real estate rental and lease Tax Group in February.

2018. They, added an additional, sheet to the monthly sales tax report to help identify these. Separate. Groups so, they're, going to be discussing that for once again for unfinished, business also. An unfinished business is, discussion, and possible action by the City Council pertaining. To an agreement for the purchase of real property a sliver, adjacent. To lot 20, and the, be dodgy. Subdivision. I'm sure I butchered, that name and I do apologize, ordinance. Number six for 4-1, eight it is the second, reading. Let. Me see if they have anything else on that at. The May 9th regular. City Council meeting the City Council voted to pass this ordinance, and. They have directed, staff to move, forward. On that. There. Is also an executive session from previous, from, the previous unfinished, business here and that. Is for, the sale or the, sale or lease of real property, 27. Poplar. That. Is all we have on that as it is executive, session and the, rest of the information is confidential. They're going to be having presentation. By Republic. Services pertaining. To tool Awards, of scholarship. For page high school students, Lisa. Watson, and, Victoria. Tenpenny. Congratulations. To you guys for winning the scholarship once, again that's the Lisa Watson and, Victoria. Tenpenny, getting. Scholarships. From Republic. Services, congratulations. On that there. Is also going to be presentation. Of the certificate, of achievement for, excellence in financial reporting. To the city of Page finance, department. Presentation. Of the distinguished, budget. Presentation. Award to the city of Page finance, department, there, is going to be a presentation. From. The Coconino County Flood, Control Flood. Control District. Tax update. The. Deputy Coconino, County manager, Mike Townsend, I'm. Not sure if he's actually going to be there let's. See here it. Says here that the. Presentation. Is the Coconino County Flood, Control District. It's going to be presented by our city manager crystal. Dykes, it. Says here that last week she met with Coconino County, supervisors, Fowler and Ryan and county manager, Jimmy, Jane the, Coconino County, Board, of Supervisors voted. On, May 15th, on a resolution, to, reverse, a longtime. Interpretation. Of county ordinance, that exempted, citizens, of flagstaff, page and Fredonia. From, taxation. By, the counties, a flood control district. What, that means is when property tax bills go out in October, property. Owners in Page will begin paying for, regional. Flood, control. Projects. All. Right let's, see here all, right so that is the the, flood control tax, that is going to be coming up there me doing a presentation for. It. What's. The up here we are I lost my place I apologize discussion. Impossible, action by the City Council pertaining. To annual, software. Maintenance and support, for axon enterprises. For the Paige Police Department axon, Enterprise is the company that runs the, chest, cameras, that the page police department, uses they're, going to be doing some things with that discussion. And possible action, by the City Council pertaining, to city of page funding, for the Powell Museum and visitors, center where they are requesting. An increase. In funds. Discussion. And possible action by the City Council pertaining, to city of page funding, for the, chamber, at Lake Powell page. Lake Powell they are also increasing. Requesting. An increase in funding, discussion.

And Possible action by the City Council pertaining, to an on-call, architect. For, the city of Page and there, are some bid Awards they're going to have a discussion, and possible action by the City Council pertaining. To an RFP. For the library, exterior. Painting, project. I. Do believe we have some more on that here for you there. Was a motion to award the library, exterior, painting, project, to Cobalt construction. Incorporated. In the, amount of sixty, five thousand. Thirty one dollars and. Since they, will be talking about that. All. Right what else do we have here, oh it's. A discussion and possible action by the City Council pertaining, to an award of bid for South, Lake, Powell boulevard chip seal and overlay, project and. Let's. Say business from the mayor they're gonna have discussion and possible action by the City Council pertaining, to a proclamation. Recognizing the, two hundred and forty third birthday of the United States Army. There. Will be let's. See we have an executive session here, there's, going to be an update on city. Manager and interim, city manager search. And the process. That's, an executive, session another executive session, is discussion. On Coconino, County Flood, Control District. Tax and, there. Is another executive, session on, Horseshoe. Bend for the sale or lease of real property, and. Let's. See yes, then there is going to be discussion by the City Council, pertaining to reports, by, board, liaisons, once, again this is all going on the 23rd. Coming, up here in just a couple of days starting. At 5:30 with. The special council workshop, and then right after that followed by the regular, City Council meeting. Let's. Go ahead and move on to your. Weather and. Well. Since I've gone and messed, up all of that for you guys with my other displays I have to readjust it there we go all. Right for those of you that haven't. Watched before or don't know this, bottom, line right. Here is actually. The wind speed and direction so, keep an eye on that. The. Low tonight is supposed to be 62, degrees tomorrow. We have a high of eighty degrees and the winds are gonna be just above 10 miles an hour but, as you can see here we, have about a 15 percent chance of rain starting. It right around noon and going through the rest of the day so, I have to keep an eye on that around here 15 percent chance of rain means either we're getting nothing or we're, probably all gonna float away so be aware of that, on. Wednesday. We have a high of 85, with a low of 61. And on Thursday. We're climbing, right up in 90 degrees with a low of 64. On Friday, a high, of 94. Or, the low of 65, and on Saturday, the winds are, going to be high it looks like again at over. 15, miles an hour so we'll keep an eye on you on that for you and let, you know as these things do change from, day to day but it looks like Saturday is gonna be awfully, windy out there. Let's. See we do have some. Things coming up that, you will probably be interested, in on our. Local, calendar. Of events which. You can find at Lake Powell, For, all the detailed information and, all of the things that we don't mention here in the broadcast, there are all kinds, of events constantly. Going on in and around our, area in Kanab. And the surrounding, areas so make sure you check it out at Lake Powell, We. Do have let's say I want to make sure I've got the right date here it's. The 21st, okay so, coming, up soon. Is the, adults, and teens summer reading program. That's, coming up on the 25th, which is this Friday so. Be, aware of that you. Can check out all the information once, again at Lake pound is calm in our local calendar, of event, of. Events, a lot. Of talking tonight I apologize, for that alright so tomorrow, we've got yoga, at the community, center bingo, there's, steam, at the page Public Library and pilates, over at the community, center once, again check out Lake pal news coms local, calendar of events to, find all of that detailed, information. For. Those of you that are that have just joined us and. Missed the beginning of the episode we want to give a shout out to all of you out there again, because. Thanks to you we, are now reaching, over. 145. Thousand. People every single. Month, because of you guys out there every time you comment like and share on one of these posts, the, Facebook, algorithm picks, up on that and puts, it in front of more, people and every, time that happens more and more people come. In and join Lake, pal News Network and our network of information, right. Here in Page Arizona we're, actually growing at over seven, percent a week right now because, you guys are so amazing, we. Want to thank you very much for that and give, a huge shout out to our audience and don't.

Forget. H&R. Block right here in Page Arizona is the one that is supporting, us right now we, are currently looking, for advertisers. Or sponsors. If you're, interested, just drop us a line you can give us a call you can visit us on Facebook, and send us a message or you can send us an email at lake, palace at Thank. You guys so much and we will see you tomorrow morning on our new morning, show bright and early at 7 o'clock have, a wonderful night and. Thanks. You guys are awesome. You. You.

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