Last Days in KRABI / HALAL Thai Food Only / THAILAND Motorbike Tour

Last Days in KRABI / HALAL Thai Food Only / THAILAND Motorbike Tour

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i don't need a plastic bag.. hey hey hey! welcome back to our hungry adventures! guys, this is the last sunny day of the week.. and it will be raining pretty bad starting from tomorrow..

which is why i left koh lanta and i am heading back to krabi town.. plus it's a time to make my second procedure.. so i want to come in advance.. to take a rest first.. and probably it will be the most useful video.. the most useless video on this channel..

which is why if you're ready to waste your time.. then join me this hungry adventure.. let's go! and what i especially love about travelling in Thailand.. is that there are so many gasoline stations with free public toilets.. and these toilets are spotlessly clean.. you can even sleep inside - that's how clean they are..

there is always a soap to clean your hands.. there are sitting toilets, there are standing toilets and so on.. and no smell at all.. thank you Thailand for your toilets.. hello..

do you need to see the room? oh i know.. I've been here.. I went here 1 year ago.. welcome to Andaman breeze resort.. and welcome to Ao Nang.. yeah we are still in Krabi.. and what do you think, how much did i pay for this room? how much did it cost? because you are not going to believe..

this huge room with soft bed.. everything is new, new furniture.. clean, spotlessly clean toilet, beautiful shower.. this huge balcony which is rather a helipad.. i can land a helicopter here..

luckily i've got a helicopter.. so we can fly a lot.. and this fantastic mountain view.. how much for this room? guys you're not gonna believe.. you're not gonna believe!

550 baht.. 550 baht i repeat.. 550 baht is 17 dollars US or something.. phenomenal.. they've got swimming pool here..

it's so quiet.. i can enjoy the sunset from here.. wow.. wow.. let's find something delicious! 1 kebab with chicken, please..

just a moment, please.. okay everyone loves kebab here, because you've got so many customers! thank you.. probably the most delicious kebab in Ao Nang area.. to be honest i don't know any other kebab shop here.. but i've come here last year, i've discovered this shop..

i've tried it and i loved it.. it cost only 50 baht.. and probably if you've ever been to Ao Nang you know this kebab shop, right? right in front of this mosque.. even in this time this shop is still here.. I don't need a bag, I am gonna eat it now..

how much is it? 40 baht.. somebody said there is a cat in my videos.. almost in every video there always must be a cat.. here is the cat! yeah i know it's a massive dose of carbs.. not a diet food..

but can try it one day one time.. one week - one time.. am i right? everything is wet.. everything's so wet..

yeah it's been raining all morning.. and it will be raining again and again and again.. hungry.. yeah if it's raining it's better to stay somewhere near beautiful mountains.. you can just stare at it hour after hour.. of course after eating some delicious food..

hello.. there are several restaurants in this area around the hotel.. but i'm looking for something special so i think we can take a walk..   plus when you ride a motorcycle all the time you just must spend some time walking on the road..

Can you tell me what is the most delicious here, please? I want to eat halal food.. yeah.. what's the most delicious? everything is tasty, right? can you recommend something? can you recommend? what do you think is the most yummy? what do you like the most? omelet? telur dadar di sumbar okay, i want it..

and next.. do you want chicken or beef? chicken, please.. I am very hungry, i can eat 3 dishes..

maybe pad thai? pad thai.. bored of it.. Massaman curry with beef maybe? yes, i can do.. I'd like to order Massaman curry with beef .. okay, 2 dishes.. takeaway? Is it with rice? I want rice too..

okay, thank you.. hey tiger where is your tail? Do you love fighting, really? so what do we have today in this rainy day.. massaman curry with beef..

just look how thick it is.. and so much.. so many pieces of meat.. a lot of beef..

i'm gonna try it straight away.. wow this beef is really tender.. really melts in my mouth.. lots of vegetables, carrots, shallots.. phenomenal..

it's so beautiful let's try it with rice.. even more beautiful.. wow.. and this one - omelet.. stuffed omelet with chicken.. covered with ketchup.. with couple slices of tomato, lettuce and cucumber..

let's open it together.. slightly reminds me stuffed pancakes.. okay.. okay... minced meat with shallots, with some tomatoes..

beautiful meal.. wow.. let's taste the pineapple.. together with sugar.. obviously you can eat it even without sugar but this is Thai style.. eat pineapple together with sugar and chili..

because it's not just sugar.. it's sugar with chili.. but not spicy at all..

gasman has arrived.. this place is completely deserted.. 96-97 percent of shops and restaurants in Ao Nang are closed right now.. there was an outbreak while i was visiting koh lanta..

just couple weeks ago.. and maybe this was an order of governor.. or maybe people are just scared..

but it's pretty complicated to find a restaurant.. i've driven this road and i could see only closed doors, covered restaurants and nothing anymore.. wow.. such huge difference.. closed closed closed.. open..

closed closed closed open.. Hello.. is your shop open? is the restaurant open? what? is the restaurant open? ..... basil stir fry rice, curry.. I'd like to try halal food, may I? halal? yeah, can i? halal.. yes, i'd like to can you speak Thai? yes, I can speak Thai..

what would you like? what's the most delicious? he's asking what's the most delicious.. I can eat everything.. spicy too.. you can try curry with beef.. yes, sure.. I am very hungry, I'd like to order 2 dishes..

we also have noodles, would you like to try noodles? what kind of noodles? noodles with chicken.. yes, sure! okay, so you want to order one portion of curry with beef and one portion noodles with chicken? yep.. what type of noodles do you want? do you have yellow bamee noodles? i have instant noodles.. do you have small noodles? do you have small noodles? small noodles..

okay, good. I'd like small noodles.. and beef curry with rice, right? yeah.. would you like a fried egg on top? yes, i want.. yeah, he is really hungry! yeah, i am super hungry! because now many restaurants are closed..

I went to Ao Nagn 1 year ago, and this year everything is much quieter.. yes, this year is really quiet.. I ride motorcycle and see every place is closed..

we don't need to close, right? luckily it's not closed here.. okay.. roadside cafe.. yeah not all restaurants and cafes are closed right now.. you still can find something on the road..

but it doesn't look the same as the last year.. and it doesn't look the same as couple weeks ago.. because of the recent outbreak..

but you still can find something to enjoy with.. noodles.. noodle soup with chicken and half of egg, and chicken meatballs.. and this is beef curry with deep fried egg..

with an egg fried in Thai style and rice.. and green beans, shallots, chili peppers.. and something else.. spicy.. it doesn't really matter what kind of food you're eating in Thailand.. you can find delicious food everywhere for every choice and preferences..

even vegetarian food.. it's not going to be that easy and it might be quite pricey.. vegetarian food in Thailand..

but you can.. perhaps someday i can try to make a vegetarian food tour.. but for now chicken, eggs and beef.. beautiful.. hello..

yes, I've come for the procedure.. a lot of people today.. maybe three times.. maybe three times more than the first time..

and my number is 170 something.. and i really wish it be a rainy day.. but it's burning hot unfortunately.. thank you.. next i should go there? yes, wait 20 minutes here.. what about a certificate? document that i have received 2 portions of "vitamins".. in your email..

not on paper? (I used wrong words and said "air" lol) okay it doesn't hold! two and a half hours later and it's done.. and i even have got my certificate and health pass in the app.. it's called "mor prom" application..

the staff said that they are going to send it by email in couple days.. but i have already got it in my app.. because they put all the data in the system already.. it's really great.. so fast, man! dear Thailand thank you for treating foreigners the same way as locals.. it's just magnificent.. i didn't expect to get it this year..

but it's a magic October (September actually).. let's find a room for tonight because obviously i'm not going to drive at night.. after getting this procedure.. hello.. do you have an available room? yes, we have..

how much for 1 night? standard room 650 baht.. standard - 650 Baht.. 650? okay.. superior room - 800 baht.. can i see the standard room, please? yeah i know it's a pretty basic room.. there is nothing extraordinary..

it costs only 650 Baht 650 baht.. it is located in the city, there are many restaurants around.. i stayed at this hotel one year ago and i remember how soft these beds are.. which is why i've come again.. yeah..

and you want to have soft and comfortable bed after having the procedure.. because you will be sleeping a lot.. i will be sleeping a lot, i know.. and i'm going to rest..

.... what the hell? there won't be any fantastic ending this time.. there won't be amazing sunset drone flights.. i feel like i need to rest yeah.. because tomorrow i am gonna jump on a bike and start riding to Bangkok.. in the direction of Bangkok.. so technically this is the end of the tour..

there will be a couple more videos from the road.. but we'll see what we can find.. and i will keep you posted.. so yeah this is the end of it.. three months on the road and how many videos we've made.. about 19-20 videos..

i hope you have enjoyed each of them.. yeah guys, i haven't been uploading two three four videos a week.. because i'm trying to increase the quality of content.. to raise the quality of content.. and provide you something with higher value.. and i hope you have enjoyed each of them..

write me in the comments which episode of this Southern Thai tour you've enjoyed the most.. i'm really curious what do you love the most.. because i'm not gonna spend too much time in Bangkok..

i'm just gonna fix the motorcycle yeah.. he needs service.. by the way his name is HELI, just like helicopter.. because of the sound of the engine.. probably you might have noticed it.. so i'm gonna do some service for the bike.. i'm gonna bring myself into shape, recharge my batteries..

meet some women of course.. and Northern Thai tour is coming soon.. so if you want to recommend something to visit in the north..

and i'm not talking about the major landmarks, places i know, places everybody knows.. if you want to recommend something - please find something unique, some interesting village, some fantastic restaurant and and so on.. i'd love to add it into my list and visit them.. yeah just make sure it fit the style.. make sure.. hit the like button, share this video with your friends.. subscribe to the channel if you aren't already..

turn the notifications on.. if you want to support this channel join me on Patreon.. yeah you can find the link in the video description, you can join me on Patreon..

feel free to buy me a drink if you want to.. check out my Instagram if you want to see some updates from the tour.. tour.. and i'll see you the next video pretty soon.. somewhere else on the road..

bye bye!

2021-09-28 16:45

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