Last of New Zealand / Sailing Aquarius #53

Last of New Zealand / Sailing Aquarius #53

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Previously. On, sailing, Aquarius, we, toured New Zealand, and saw very different, sceneries. We. Have very little time left before, we splash, Aquarius, and we, also have a friend coming over to visit us, therefore. We have to hurry up while. Being an opera we were very, lucky to get on the mail specialist, inspecting. Aquarius, he. Pointed, out that we should replace our front, Lazarus, bottoms, since. They are not strong enough and, we. Did that plus, we, change the pipe for. The anchor, chain. So. Now it's, time. To. Tie. Up the bitter end so. We're gonna go in here. Brooke. Should be hanging down there it, is we're. Gonna tie that. Now. Better. Ended tied down there. It. Is a beautiful, morning, you can see the fog above the fields, and that, indicates. Winter. Is coming, time, to leave New Zealand, but, first Auckland. To pick up our friend from, San Diego. And. Would, you like to. What. Did you expect it. Way. Better try. Anyone. Getting a little lazy little, fad, we're. Doing him a favor and. We're. Not feeding him enough either. We're. Putting, him in ketosis. So. He can burn it's bad. So. Mr. powered from. Your Heights maybe, you want to explain what you're doing no. We're, putting. This bangle. Stuff. On the boat. Protected. Where you feed we're cutting. It just a little bit and then so, room, it's, like wax but it's totally exposed, Lee a little bit better it's made by corrosion ex, CLX. We're. Trying it out and we'll tell you we. Think it's good bad, or. We. It's, a waste of money, so, this stuff is what they call cutting compound or. If some people used to work on cars it's a rubbing compound it's. Like a slight, abrasive. Paste. Sweet. View it on there. Looks. Like. Like. A little paste. The. Pleasures of boat ownership, right, here. This. Is prop speed and. Perhaps. Pete goes on any metal components, underneath the waterline so, that you, don't have growth, on whatever. The metal bits are so. We're gonna try it out we're gonna see if prop speed actually. Works like they say it works and, we'll know in about four. Months. Hopefully. I'm. Not gonna have to come down and look. It you know I'll show you what the prop used to look like after a month. And. Now it's gonna look just, like this and all we have to do is go down. Wash. Cloth and wash it off we're, done hopefully. That's why it's gonna work, between. Preparing. Aquarius, to launch back into water and finishing. Up the jobs we found some time to climb the really, awesome mountain. And see. Some spectacular vistas. Guys. Were scrapping for a couple, of days. When. My Aquarius, is in, the lift and in the air cam, will quickly scrub. The keel and apply. Anti, foul. We, are moving. After. Leaving fourth, finger, a boatyard our, next, destination just. Around, the corner, from, great town basin, marina, only. Issue getting. There in the very shallow, channel, while. Ida's, height which. Was a bit stressful. There's. A payback, for the effort, a bridge. That will be raised just, for us. I. Loved. Bangor, a town basin marina so. Convenient. In the, center, of a city surrounded. By beautiful. Restaurants. Park, and huge. Grocery, store just, across, the street too. Bad we spent only couple, of days there we. Also sold, our trusty, carts and soon we will be leaving New Zealand. Well. What you think run our way. Away, from the brandy. Thank. You. Making. The announcement. We. Are off to have, some good time with our friends this. Time we're, taking off to Cabo and, Waikiki, Islands, as well, to Auckland. Hey. That's, a mountain we had couple of days ago. Now. We just crossed paths with our friends, on an L 54. Who, we're going to the same marina, that we just left. Our. First destination is. Cowell, Island, about. 40, nautical miles, from Hungary. And about. 25, nautical miles, from Auckland. Save. Yourselves. Very. Sandwiches. 25. Degrees healed over.

7/7. We. Arriving. To Islington. Bay which. Is between multiple. And, Ranjha. Toto Islands. Raangi. Total, is a, volcano and we, will hike there. Because, we're the. Hell did you start we, started there. Okay then, are you guys. Talk. Mihika. Island, is very touristy, vibrant. And nice, we. Stayed there for a night and next. Morning took. Off to Auckland. Captain. Powers. Where. You had it. Kinda. Late coming into San Diego. Impressive. Views beautiful. Sunset. It was so, nice and plus. Good, company, made. It perfect. You show it to someone plenty. So, it looks, it's. Very old-fashioned. In the way the men treated women. To. Top office, experience the, marina is walking. Distance to Auckland, downtown, maybe. It's 20 minutes walk but, still walking, distance. This. Time in Auckland, we went to sky power especially. Since we have a guest. This. Is West Haven Marina where, currently, is Aquarius. It's, the biggest marina, in the southern, hemisphere. Edie. Is leaving, soon and again. It will be just two of us and we, will be taking off soon as well. Auckland. Is crying that we're leaving. Why. So. Thank. You I'm. Very glad, I'm, very very glad you made this decision. Shut. It off the. Boat and to. The airport. So. All climbed is crying again but, now you can see the beautiful bridge, in the background behind him. Bye-bye, Auckland, it was a. Tree. That was so, nice. Oh, so. We, took our friend, out to, the bus. To go to the airport. And. We were supposed to meet this guy we met in the marina, over. Instagram -. Yes. But. He. Left earlier, we. Got. A little bit later and then, we decided to stop, at this bar you. Want to tell. Just. A nice bar $3. That's like. $2.50. Years Tiger, here. And have. A nice young, crowd. A DJ, good. Vibes I don't know either but it's very. Close to the out Duke marina, right the one in the right on a downtown. Good. Music good, prices. Good, vibes. Young. People. Anything. Else to end oh. Nice. And marina was fairly inexpensive.

50 US dollars per night at. 20 meters and. They. Did not charge for water or electricity, yeah, we didn't have to pay for water electricity. I liked. It too now. We, will be sailing up, north, ultimately. Back, to a poor to, check out. As well. But, our. Speed, is. Right now. Seven, and a half Lots. Lots, of land. It's early. Into. Getting better I. Think. So, we had up to almost, 38, knots of wind. A little, bit scary. It looks like it's clearing up. We're gonna take out a little more sailing. I made. A coastal. Carrier, from coastal area all received, company, to the office station of you they have any further updates or need any further information. What's. Happening. Very, small that's all about five, meters. Taking on water in the sink. But, they're too far from us and. Somebody, else is closer at 19 minutes wait. Yeah, we look to you for, we. About. Hour. Away. So. We. Are slow and. We can't go certain, direction. Against the wind with our. Well. Goodness they got to help we. Stopped and spent the night in a very uncomfortable, and Rolly Anchorage, and Kauai, Island a little bit better dealing with yesterday. We. Are coming into Marsden, Cove Marina which. Is next to Fangoria and there, are our friends. We haven't seen for a while. It. Is, a very nice marina, surrounded. By luxury homes, it has, a restaurant. And other, nice facilities. For, locals, and sailors. After. Three days we continue, our journey north. Towards, all poor. They're. Coming into a pool to the last time. When. We come through here again we'll be heading the other way and, then. Up to Fiji. We. Just get to our anchorage and what we see. We. See cruise, ship leaving a pool. So. This lens is so, amazing. That. It can pick up this much light. And. We're, gonna hopefully get all checked out. Ellen. Well. We're. Here in a pool and. This. Is our last day, in New. Zealand. We've. Checked out. We. Picked up. 500. Litres. Of diesel. Fuel. We've. Tied, everything down. We've. Got. Three. Jugs on the top just in case you. Know if you. If. Something goes wrong with your fuel tank it's always good to have a little bit extra on your deck and, we're. Gonna be going up into the island so we might not be. Getting. Fuel. We. Did, all the work on the boat everything. Looks pretty. Good. We're. Ready. To go. Just. Do one final little walk around on Aquarius. Make. Sure everything's, buckled, down nice and tight. Got. Our motor tightened, up all the lines. Away. We, go. Oh my. God we're. A leaving, for Fiji, in 20. Minutes. But, we here this is going to be a pretty, rough, passage.

The. Weather looks ok not, great but. Looks ok. If we miss this window it's. Not going to be good for another maybe, week or so. Woohoo. Leaving. Oh poo ah. Are, we there yet. Look what it says. Only, one. 1260. Nautical miles to go only, eight days and 18 are. Almost. There, next. On sailing, Aquarius, our passage. To Fiji, oh. My. God. So. What was it like last night. If, you liked this video give, us a like down. Below and, click here, to, subscribe that, really, helps us and if you want to watch more of us click, one of those.

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great vid untill the next safe sailing!

Aquarius Crew = Salty AF. Just a fact. ⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓

You were very close to my fishing spots coming in to Auckland lol great video glad you enjoyed my home town

Just had to laugh hearing Isabel using such salty language...

Yep... What can I say....

Awesome Vid, looks like a great passage to Fiji ........ Hang On Tight  :-)

Fiji passage is done, but no more spoilers ☺️☺️

Another great video thanks Zivile and Ken! Wish I was in Fiji too damit haha.

Thanks! Fiji is fun, you should be here!

The boat’ looking great

Another ngreat video, regards.

Thank you!

You make me home sick for NZ love the video

Sorry, hopefully it’s not too painful ☺️

Great video! We used to Sail with good speed with the Head Sail and Mizzen. Looked weird but comfortable!

We do that same sail combination as well!

Congrats....its a live.....

Thank you

I draw movable bridges for steel fabricators.  That little bascule bridge you went thru when you left the boatyard was the coolest bridge I've ever seen.

Agree! It had this arrow shape, which made it unique

Farewell from NZ. Looks like you enjoyed your stay. Safe travels.

We absolutely enjoyed our stay in NZ. Amazing country and people

Really looks great with the new windows. Looking forward to what comes next. :)

Thanks Christopher ☺️

This is my first time to your Vlog. Well done and you have quite a soothing Zen like voice. Thank you.

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Great vid ya'll.

Thanks for sharing and have a nice trip to Fiji. A true follower... (from the beginning...) ; )

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+Sailing Aquarius Around The WorldIt's good. AF = as fu*k. You folks are in the history books.

Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing... :D

Thanks Craig. We haven’t fished in NZ, but we heard you catch fish all the time

Your last two videos were especially enjoyable to watch, thanks for sharing. Be careful with some of the modern polymer waxes, some will soak right through the gel coat and make repairs of any kind quite difficult. You keep your boat in exceptional shape. Fair winds. James and Joann SV Sueno.

Thanks James. We’ll learn about those modern polymer waxes and share our experience. Appreciate your opinion and kind words. Fair winds!

Nice job on Aquarius!! You already had a sweet Super Maramu. Now it looks like you have a better than new, water cruising machine!

Our boat Aquarius already been around the world with previous owner, so it's been very good boat for us! Thanks for watching and nice comments!

That’s the only problem w your boat. You can go 25 degrees heel and only make 7 kts.

We weren't at 25 degrees... That's the hired help. More like 15 to 20, with an occasional gust that gives a little more. And yes, speed will always depend on the size and direction of the waves.

Too much sail up... 15 degrees is the point where you just end up dumping wind over the top of the sails on an Amel. I'd wager they could have reefed in a bit and would have maintained or even picked up some speed. The hull speed on a Super Maramu is 8.6 knots so they could have been going faster for sure but who knows what the sea conditions were... not going to judge them from 14,000 miles away!

My favorite passage making boat.

Thanks !

@Sailing Aquarius Around The WorldIt's good. AF = as fu*k. You folks are in the history books.

Why don’t people move the jacks or stands so they can bottom paint those bits pre launch

They do move the jack stands, but under the keel is difficult. Painting under the keel is either a last minute thing, or you need to convince (pay) the boatyard to hang your boat in the sling overnight. Sometimes they will do it for free, but all depends on the launch schedule.

Just stopped by because I recognized your beautiful Amel from the little thumbnail. I wonder, do you love her as much as the crew of SV Delos seems to love theirs?

Short answer is YES! I could go into more detail, 'bout the good, and the not so good, but lets just say that no boat is the best for all situations. In my very biased opinion, the Amel Super Maramu is the best all around boat for a circumnavigation.

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