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Laying in a Box of Snakes | Overtime 9 | Dude Perfect

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Hey t yeah, you. Ready, yes. Sir. Welcome. To overtime, nine Chad. Enjoy this one. Twins. Purple hoser perfect. In overtime. Toby. Twins. So. We've got cool, not cool absurd records smelling. Beef what it sounds new and they finish, it off we're gonna go with wheel unfortunate. Before, we jump into cool not cool let's start the episode off with a giveaway all you got to do Tex dude 2 8 8 8 1 1 1 and instead. Of merchandise. We are going to choose 5 people and we will send you a personalized. Video message, something like this hey. Sandra. You got Tai codes, Corbitt just want to say hey thanks, for watching you're such an awesome person, here's who the Panda is. Is. Illegal. Marketing, we. Cannot say that nor, do that let's, have it cool not cool. We've. Got our buttons we've got our cool items, it is time for another fantastic. Episode of, cool not cool who, would like to start us off alt I'm glad ya know. Ok um clearly, Garrett has a great item wants, to go forgot, gonna like what I have it's, gonna take me hold on got a stretch out it's kinda heavy. Look. At this bad boy how. Expensive is that big, a hey, Coby made that rule last time we don't talk about price you okay. Sucker. Oh, is. Elec. Tronic. Doesn't even when I bought that land on the moon yeah, technically. Our land, oh yeah we're all owners yeah I wanted to check in on our investment, he's, got photos yeah, that, these. Photos, are from the moon I was tracking yeah yeah, I also found a new investment opportunity, that I think you guys I need if I need to tell you about there's land on. Saturdays. We, buy, it all the, space land is fake, but, the telescope, is amazing, we, have what do you mean we bought it online I don't care about my space land I want the telescope, I am, supporting, your telescope, for one reason and one reason only it's incredibly, expensive, great. Job, jairs. My thing love the effort love the investment, you put into making these photos but honestly science is my least favorite subject so it's. Better night nice guy appreciate the time fellas. I actually. Like to go next only because it's gonna take me about 20 minutes to get ready what do you minute, they third item stay, put we're, just supposed to sit here for 30 minutes, already. Already Wow. Are are we ready yes yes. All, right I need you to close your eyes and, I'll tell you that you can look. Lords. And ladies please. Open, your eyes Oh. What. Do you think your. Full. Armor, I saw this online and. I couldn't say no so, what's the cool what's that what's actually the cool item look. The. Whole 12 piece set. I'll. Be right back I can't, behead you or 90 what do you want oh, hi. AZ. I, did your, armor, get your armor is, nearly, all destroyed that is it no you, got robbed, oh wow, you're sweaty can I slice your face in half yes, tie slice, it in half I, mean we need to know the integrity of the armor if it doesn't break can I count on you for a green no no slice it died three two, one I. Would. Have been fine the five dollar suit of armor is a green. Top. Are we voting on the sword. No. This choice mine out of the faucet, on it. Wait. A porcupine, oh I, envy you three going after that presentation, who wants it yeah you know I'll, take it alright Coby, I'll be right back, the. Secret. Agent. Listening. Device. Feel like you could've come up with a better name oh well, that's just what it is now let's give him a little test huh what do you say why don't you go stand over by Chad, have, yourself, a little pep talk motivational. Conversation. Even if he gets it correct I'm still, not yeah. Here. We go here, we go. Get, a lot of feedback. This. Is not working I think I got Garrett, was incredibly, loud at most blew my eardrums in it one more time oh I think I got it I think that you said. Slippery. Camels. Fall. Frequently. That's, all never say what I say yeah Corey whisper, something just I don't eat I just whisper to yourself eh just do it right there go. Sting. Works. That's, what you said yeah, thing, works I went on record I said even if it works I still. Worry. Ty what, stuff well I never voted. Yea, I would like to go next though cuz I feel like my, items, gonna need a little bit of help and that was certainly the presentation, to follow up I requested.

This Stuff, be taken off the desk this it this is easy. Here. You go have them close your eyes real quick I don't like the closure ice thing everyone, open your eyes hey. There's my cord. Say. Hypothetically, that, you run a miniature, car dealership, and you are looking to attract some extra attention. Wait. Rebooting. On the cars or the the weird thing in the middle everyone's. Been over budget today except for Corey I gotta give it to him Thank You Garrett yeah well, and that allows us the freedom to is. All. Right I'm gonna keep this short and I'm gonna keep this sweet how many times have you guys been in a situation where you're on ground level you're low you look up and you see something you're like man I would like to be on top of that I would probably say once a quarter I'd say more, often than I care to admit may. I present to you. The. Grappling, gun figure for the safety of the desk we should probably go downstairs to test all right okay let's do it definitely not bringing my sword or helmet. You. Guys ready yeah. I'm ready shoot, it fire. The hole. That's. How it's done, okay. Then. Haha. And. The, console, is ours the. Gap is just too, far to jump I'm, gonna have to swing. Edible. Obviously, a perfect, demonstration of, how convenient. And easy to use a grappling hook is back. To the desk. You. Know originally, I was thinking a knight wouldn't need a grappling hook because I'm not Batman but at the end of the day all we're trying to do in my time get, on top of walls it would be perfect. I. Gotta say that was incredible, I wanna cool things I've ever seen I know personal, need for one but. That was unbelievable, unreal, hey. Congratulations. Due, to for being you all right I got. You have destroyed. The, desk I asked to change like four times okay go change oh. No. It's cool time is, with my listening, device and your grappling hook yeah we can literally take over. Well. Our good buddy Michael from Guinness World Records came in town not too long ago and we decided to break some recs take a look. Welcome. To another segment of absurd records let's give it up for everybody's, favorite judicata, bar. You. This, might be more, absurd than the people oh no way no way, I think so, Michael, why don't you tell them what we will be attempting, today today, you are attempting to do. The most ping-pong, balls caught. On a head using. Shaving, cream in 30, seconds. We. Will apply the shaving, cream all on, his head and then, I've got to throw a basically, 20 ping-pong balls and stick them folks, let's, get absurd let's, get absurd here, we go. We're. Gonna start here low we're. Gonna establish a base ring then we're gonna work our way up like a soft-serve, cones like a human. Soft-serve, great, hockey gear okay, here we go. Stop. Being so jiggly that. Is better than I could have ever expected, it's. Time to break record, what's the number the, number is 19. They, need to stay in place for five seconds, at the end of the 30 seconds, though here we go for the record, three two. One go. Go darlin hit me there we go one two. But. Six. Good throwing seven, eight, twenty seconds remaining fire nine. Ten, eleven. Is sit 12. No. You lost one twelve thirteen. Fourteen. Ten. Days remaining. 60. Oh. Stop. Talk. To me talk. To me for. 5k. Let's do our count. 19. 20. 21. But. Mark to beat was 19, with a final, count of 21. It's a new. Michael. We'll see you next time on absurd of courage thanks for joining us. Cope's. Congrats. Honored. Truly. Honored, to hold, that record with you speaking of things that I am truly honored to be a part of should, we talk about the DP live tour Wow. Yes. If you have not heard we are going on our first ever summer, live tour exact. Dates are what comes first on this July 2 new for the March April May June July. August. Well, said, coming, to a city, near you, hopefully. I say that hoping, that your nearest city were coming to I don't necessarily know, where each one of you lived it's watchings, it's gonna be a great show you're gonna see a lot of overtime segments. Real unfortunate. You. Could be part of a live world records I'm cool not cool you guys will be able to vote on our cool item some VIP stuff, VIP backstage. Passes meet-and-greet. Opportunities, we're gonna be doing some live battles, with a few trick shots incorporate it into those what, else are we gonna have things might get heated, you might rage that. Is the word on the street it's a rage monster might. Make an appearance, I might rage on stage that could be fun and speaking, of the stage oh yeah.

Got. To love that live do. Not reach that stage how, big is that screen, shows, are selling out quickly so, go to dude perfect calm. To buy your tickets, we'll see you on the road we better head to our next segment, brand new and actually and this, is called smelly. Welcome. To a little segment we like to call smelling. Beat we are going to have four contestants blindfolded. And they will be smelling, smells, through, our special, schnoz. Chamber. Okay let's head downstairs and, go to smelling be all. Right and welcome to the first annual smelling. B I'm your host Ted crotchet we've got a lovely panel, today just place your goggles up on your forehead, for now you don't have to you, know cover, up your eyesight, but thank you that although you guys look lovely thanks for being here anyways, this is gonna be just exactly like baseball, two strikes you're out and baseball, only had two strikes let's, give a nice, warm, welcome but a soft welcome, but, still let him know that he's glad that, you're glad that he's everybody. Clap for Cody. Pump. In three two. One pumping. Can. I get a place of origin this is a naturally. Occurring element, commonly, found in places such as Columbia, mm-hmm. Coffee beans I'm. On a technicality, I'm gonna go and get it on there not beans it's ground it's grown coffee. Okay. Cubs are you all you ready to get this ready to get this, right. You're a great host. I'm. Not sure you have to stick it that far up your nose let's go Ted. The language of origin please believe, English. Man. Okay. How. About the nation of origin this, is a naturally, occurring element. Commonly, found on the equator, I'm, gonna go with, marshmallows. That was, a horrible guess one strike and one, more and you'll be out please take a seat, this dadgum bananas, it's no fun. Pallets. Picking up a little bit of a nut flavor. It. Smelt a little cat food E as well so I'm, gonna go Trail Mix. Watch. Wise. You. Were closer on your other two really, it, was actually a cat, food I was. Right yeah. Black. Beans. Bird. I'll reset, the box mole head to round two. Packing. Peanuts. Tennyson, a candle, yes it is. Vinegar. Notice. Quranic. Icing. Unfortunately. That is incorrect. You were out of the game yes you are no longer the competition, there we go yes. Oh. Wow. That, is bad you know that is a smell I'm all too familiar with folks as a dog owner that, right there is animal, poop. It smelled like charcoal, Ted. It's. Onions, how could you not smell the onions. Being, here. That's, dead. That. Is not breathing. Dead. Fish that's, correct. Seeing. The finals buddy boy. In. High. School I tried to work it one of the pet stores that, is either. A gerbil, or a hamster because I can smell the, bedding on that, little rodents feet. Congratulations. I don't think I can top that I. Got. To be honest with you I got no clue but I know it smells disgusting. One. More pump Garrett, I would like to warn you this won't be your final, yeah, final, pump me on, the show unless you get it yeah I hear you here. It comes. I'll. Go with worms. Ladies. And gentlemen. The. Winner of the smelling based Cody Jones. Thank. You for joining us ladies and gentlemen i'm ted crotchet, host of the, first annual smelling, beef we'll see you next time, well. I will say MVP. Of the smelling be definitely, goes to Cody Jones I can't, take all the credit i-it's the schnoz I you do realize, that you, smelled, a hamster. I. Think. It's time we go visit our good buddy Ned because it's time to head to wheel, on. Fortune. Air. Well. As promised, I did, say, that we would have a new hat Chad cue the drumroll and post. The. Tiny top hat. Yes. There are five tiny. Little names let's. Do it let's pick it who's Nick at you you want me to pick it I'll take it I'll. Pick it right here. Really. That's the whoa are we all are we are we know that's what we're doing I have the purse in my hand that will be spinning the wheel Cody reveal, do, it save. Me. Tyler. Safety yeah. I. Also printed the names ridiculously, tying the bags first and let us say frog wheel is Gary, humor, yeah, which. Me did the stage not. Bring it bring it in green screams : that is how you'd be decisive in life hey. Cory. Oh. Good. And, the person, spinning, that wheel this, week, sorry. Guys this is fun. Guys. I'm about to shock the world its. Cobi gosh. I. Introduced. Myself there. Sony because everyone, knows who I am the, boat the beautiful, golden, boy head Forester, alright, there is limited time only I've kid there sold out you blew it you lost your chance I think, it's time that we bring our contestant, up here you know if you love up I'm not sure which one he is ready to cook for. His. Last episode, Coby so you're the one that's only been bottle busting one time do. You have one with you no, I doubt I was just kidding uh true.

Or False that you're going on tour here in the next couple months that's true would you like to tell the folks to hold the first city that you'll be stopping at very, first city that we're gonna be in is in California, California. Sort. Of a biscuit my bottle broke in my pocket. All. I got some pocket. Full of glass shards, gone, bottle, busted myself. Stay over your eye. Busted. Me ride the nose. Aren't. You gonna be on tour too Ned. You. Guys are invite me you should know about this already you know well, by agent said we had something at the works but you guys weren't willing to pay my fee will. Pay it Ned your. Big deal. Tour. Can't even happen without you. I'm. Guys just found out that I'll be going on a live summer, tour and, I'm gonna be there with you guys I'm sure you're gonna be daddy biting screaming this is gonna be wonderful let all those maybe forget the fact that I just got bottle busting in the face just for that you, must remove my jacket. All. Right thank, you very much well coach board, looks pretty similar we've got one new consequence, up there I believe Drive your car until it runs out of gas maybe you might be thinking to yourself right now well that's a pretty cruddy, job of pasting. That on there straight that, person, has been taken care of and removed from the position will never set foot on one of my shows again I can promise you well then we'll be on the tour but that person, whoa I think there's only one thing left. Joke. And a half I don't even care anyway I thought I might take him through the whole thing. Yeah. Sing the box filled with snake and, you know right now it's not a box it's a coffee, he's. Gonna, be shooting, bottle busted me in the face because there was gonna be ten double. It. Bloody. Quote and I don't even care if they're. Bibo. Cubs. Back. To back wheel, appearances. And sit. In the box of snakes the box looks, eerily similar, to a coffin, with some really handy plexi, cutouts for our viewing pleasure I mean this is how I visioned it check out this bad boy yeah. That's. Unfortunate. And it certainly, is anyways, uh copes I say, you hop in okay we got something special for you check this trick out we did Harry I call this production. Value, have at it boys. Come. Around front go be fit. How. You feeling there. We. Didn't discuss snake entry, but I feel like we go full snake, dump egde decide about the drizzle, really yes no because then they're gonna be going everywhere, you. Want snake no. Prevails. - please welcome. Yeah. Stay. Tuned. Relax. They're very tense right now because you're tense. Okay. Okay. Smells. Terrible, hey real quick which one was worse, french toast sitter snakes in a box. Big. Time the, neck. Yeah. Hey you're mine bozos, yeah I think there's only one thing we can all say in unison yeah, hon, forge, in a coffee, cup. Cup, someone be honest you didn't get all the snake poo off you still got some right here show. Them show them snake, bow. I. Can't promise you one thing though if you guys do come to the tour there will be no snakes yes. Baby, you see what I did there that was one of these, Hey. Okay. Come, to the tour that's it for this overtime, but it's going to be an awesome show if you guys want to get ticks make sure you click right here do, you want to see the last video click, right here signing, off for now the mics are fake and, Kobe's got something cool on them.

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My channel has 1 video and to all that like it … thx :D

You guys are the best! Ceep it up!


Plz come to New Zealand plz

Nice one and my brother like this channel

Looks like me in a meeting with my colleagues

Btw panda is Jeff Toney

Why not try coming to India

It won't let me text you


Jupiter is gas

Cmon guys you know Jupiter is made of gas


You're scaming your viewers! "Consent not required to make a purchase. 5 Msg/Month. Reply STOP to cancel. "

Should have been 'lay in a box of spiders'

Coby at 0:04 makes me wanna come

와우~마음에든데~ Cool!

This honestly wouldn't bother me at all lol. It's like that episode of Fear Factor when they had a bunch of rats climbing all over them. To me both those sinarios would be a dream to me lolol.

South Carolina

Ok so I like all the dude perfect people but Cody is like always the one to say not cool like what a fun sponge

My favorite number is 21

Who else thinks that one of the twin is looking like a clown or a chef


Saturn and Jupiter dont have land.

Dude Perfect here's 888111

Micheal has come here so many times he might start feeling at home

I’m flipping scared of snakes

I love snakes

Chad did a great job with that drum solo!!

I hate snakes

Me too

Do a tour of the D.P. building

10:10 it was worth it getting messey

Are won of you guys panda

Why would you do that 22:38

I live in Australia

White people

Video starts in 22:05

Surely not expecting this voice

Why is philippines not there

Sub to me

We all know Ned is ty

I have you're a guy says game

i want to see the RAGE MONSTER ...

Stereotypes video plz ....


I live in Singapore...

Come to India some day

I live in serbia


Who else is just waiting and hoping that Ty’s name will be picked from the hat

Dude 888111

Gotta ask, why is it always Cory or Coby that have to spin the wheel?

Cool Not Cool is basically the Dude Perfect take on show and tell

can you do one in bridgeport ct

Skating stereotypes ??

Dam I remember when these guys had like 2 mill.

Have u guys noticed something, most of the battle or competition they have twins are the first ones to get knocked out

Tyler at 12.30 tho

Tall Guy, Beard, Twins, Purple Hoser, Dude Perfect’s in Overtime~ Tall Guy, Beard, Twins, Purple Hoser, Now We’re Headin’ on to Overtime..~

When I try texting it doesn’t work I don’t know the area code for where they live can somebody please reply with the full number to text, thanks

Question about tour... IS PANDA COMING

Can you come to Richmond va

Does it annoy anybody else that they turn the buttons upside down to press it.

we need a F for cory



Can you please do the dice stacking trickshot Like if you want it to happen!!!!

Liked the shve cream coby cotton face. Snakes would hd likd the shave taste

Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude dude is this enaugh

I love this format

why garret is not in nasa

No Philippines

Should’ve taken the knights armour coby!

The helmet is from swaggersouls

Poor coby

i love overtime but hate snakes...

Can you do more dude perfect tricks shots please.

wheel unfortunate is rigged

the snakes were fake, right?

Anyone else actually like snakes?

Why don’t you guys come to South Africa ?

Make a shirt that says “pound it noggon toor”

the smelling bee was epic

Awesome video It's okay coby


If your looking for the thumbnail it’s on 23:07

I live in Chicago


Amazing Dudes

you should do a zero gravity food catching battle

Next overtime can you do mine doesn’t look like that


Anybody know why Tyler is always safe? It is becouse he is ned

Did Micheal get a haircut

Dude perfect why don’t you do game segment anymore

Arlington VA please

Can ya go tour in Australia mate

next overtime ty will have his 1st appearance on wheel unfortunate or i will not wath this again like if u agree he needs suffering



come to australia. like this post if you think there should be a tour in australia

Please do carrom trick shots



I can't see you as you are not coming near lahore or even pakistan plz i really wanna meet you guys especially ty an codes

Your killing your teamates yo

like whos chilling in comments bc hes too scared qto watch ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

R.I.P Coby Cotton. One Like = One bit of Help for Coby Cotton.


When are you coming to South Africa?????????????????????????

бля эти мужики кайфуют прям. я в свои 20 лет так не кайфовал.

22:17 is the moment you came for.

Is it really worth buying the suit of armor because Cody beaten by Tyler with just a few punches

Loved the smelling BEE

Cant wait to see yall i just bought the tickets and man r they expensive

Is garret even growing hair?

The haters will say that Ned Forester is Ty

Cool video!

Who thinks Cody dislikes things too much?

are you guys going to come to new zealand for tour


Waiting for new videos

Coming to a city (not) near me

Make an all sports golf game

Spelt Pittsburgh wrong in the tour

Dallas TX yes there from Dallas and I’m from Dallas

I am going to the tour at august 9th

Can you go on nigahiga podcast off the pill

games with consequences plz


Sadly I live in Australia

oh i get it smelling bee spelling bee

@DudePerfect you should come to Hong Kong, I've literally seen people watch in class, school, toilets :))

i love im polhis

Who wants panda back Like here

Th cringe is reall

Dude to 888111

0:03 YEET

Tall Guy Beard Snakes Twins Purple Hoser . That's Dude Perfect in Overtime!!

When more airplane trick shots

Help Pewdiepie

Do you play cricket..

Do First-try Edition!

You should come to Australia!

U guys are crazy

It would be fortunate if i was in coby's spot cause i love snakes

Hey guys subscribe to pewdiepie he has released a new video

If you pin this or heart it you genuinely care about your fans like me

Hates the cornhuskers

Are u guys coming to Pittsburg California

Smelling BEE’s host is the best!

Please come to south africa

You spelled Pittsburgh wrong

I h8 cody!!

DUDE PERFECT can you replay my comment it will great thing for me....

Normal guys broke at least 9 records...

Do you think it’s a coincidence that’s this is b 9 on trending right now

I am very honored to say that Coby is the real man out of the 5... I was honestly shocked at the snakes Coby, glad u made it out alive

grappling hook trickshots

Anyone else think nedd sounds like bill cypher from gravity falls

Guys go for a sky diving battle.....Hurrah!!!

That's A Nice Tour, I Wanna COME!!! 11:44

Cape Town plz

10:30. Michale is my dad


I live in Canada... You are not coming to any city near me.

dude #

Ty’s thing always gets a super cool do IS FAKE!!!


erm, i live in singapore...

Didn't he say he was being bitten?

i guess they are running out of ideas, they are incredible men, their history shows it , but i see the end coming, what an EPIC crew of guys, wow, nobody will ever do what you guys are known for

Let's see camping stereotypes

You spelled Pittsburgh wrong.

I can't see you all because I live in Germany

I am from Philippines

You’re my favorite I’ve watch all the videos make more stereotypes please

tyler face is like zohans face - dont mess with the zohan

Man. Didn't know *anyone* would want to order ticks!

The questiones is if Tiler get picked of wheel unfortunate, who will be the nedforster?

3:45 No swagger



Do a 1v1 basketball tournament or 5v5 against nba players

هبل هد الفيديو

you guys are so cool

Jeef toney is panda 3:28 check Ty’s instagram then search jeef toney

11:00 I live in Germany

You guys should make like a trophy type room where you keep all the super-cool items like if you agree


Pewdiepie at 96m T-series at 99m don't let them get to 100m first!

how is tyler going to be picked for wheel unfortunate when he is ned Forester. POOR CORY

Is that actually glass


Will you giveaway the telescope?

Where can I get Cory's smoke ring shooter

Wheel unfortunate :watch a horror movie alone (I am huge fan of yours

LOL if you watch this video with speaker and hey Siri in at the Part where you Say „hey sandra“ hey Siri activates


You music annoys me

Why ty using a can cannon

Plz because im beginner youtuber

1 Like = 1 apology from the guys

August 12th is my birthday



Love from india

I thinking about real life trickshot 4 and i suggest you about magnet charger try to throw your phone or iphone to magnet charger

Yikes Coby, I really hope you're fine. Rough times got to you. I hope it's not your Wheel Unfortunate winning spree.

Watch my vedio

play sprit game

I subscribed and I installed dude perfect 2 iPhone game

So funny we love you guys

Anyone else love how he just watched the hamster and shook his head at 15:27?

Why don't you do a beatbox battle ?

Cody is salty

6:36 go and watch demo ranch. He has had that on his channel for years now. And while ur over there subscribe to channel, he is an awesome person

Sorry i made a mistake the correct time is 6:39

Come to India guys, you will enjoy a lot

All overtime are bad and like donkey

Baddest video ever

Come to Australia!

“A naturally occurring element” “Uhhhh imma go with marshmallows”

Wow no Washington

Will Coby ever win? Honestly Coby is better than Cory.

Right as I saw the snakes my spine shivered.

Don’t forget to subscribe to TRAVIS SIMPSON best science teacher ever! Just search gumnado

Model rocket part 3 please

You can get a set of Cody’s armour on eBay for $1,000+

I would be happy if it didn’t bite

Cricket World Cup is gonna start We want a video on Cricket trick shots

12:41 ty looks like ryan reynolds

One word... Mommy.

I imagine once Ned steps onto the stage everyone will turn deaf from the screams

what would happen if ty had to do wheel unfortunate and couldn't be ned forester

I don't know why you guys were afraid, us snake lovers would PAY to be in that box...

In the absurd recurds where was Garett?

Pray for coby this guy has been the victim of the wheel unfortunate again and again

Who is Jeff tony?

aww i wish snakes would crawl over me

I would have screamed like a little girl and jumped out

Wheel unfortunate idea only drink eggs for a day

listening device is actually dope

Dude 8111

Y’all spelled Pittsburgh wrong

your my favorit I brock my hand trying toto sofeball storytips I dove and pow

soooooooo are we going to talk about the fact that coby can smell a HAMSTER

I am wondering what Corey said

holy moly I did laugh at the smelling of the hamster!

bruh i live in salt lake city

Land on Saturn lol

When does Cory s birthday come

Today is my birthday and I just got surprised to go to your tour and I'M SO FRICKING EXCITED!!!!!


3:39: Cody is Thor

You are jerks

Won't you'll come to india? If yes,visit Siliguri,pls.

Make a soccer stereotypes or soccer trick shots 3

Wheres mobile alabama

thumbs down.

You should do car stunts too people will love it

When you're not illiterate and know the words lying and laying.


I haven’t laugh like this is years!

Woah Tyler L? Did I win something!? Lol

This was my fav Overtime yet!

It started at 9:29 for me I had no clue what was going on

Will you guys still make vids when you are doing your live tour?

do a fortnite battle

Love it could you watch my video

Why does ty look like max muncy on the dodgers

you need to create a segment or battle in which every one has to have one week to learn how to solve a 3 by 3 rubiks speed cube. Then all get together and see who can solve one the fastest! PLEASE DO THIS! from Braden

I make vids I hope you enjoy

I'm going to see the tour and can't wait!

Why net look like bob ross

Pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

Coby, you are so brave

New video

Bottle bust Cory at the tour

I would want More "Voice box" n "bloops" (bloops mayby)

Please make Dizzy Sports Battle 3 in your next video thanks tall guy beard twins purple hoser

Who Is Better? That's Amazing = Like Dude Perfect = Comment


how do you smell a hamster

Tyler can’t be picked Because he’s Ned forrester


you played hago

I'm in Dubai

Wait, so tyler will never spin the wheel?

That was 'un-torture-mate'

Why where you talking like that in the smelling bee

Dude perfect please do a battle with Robert Downey Jr please dude perfect

But I stay in London

Kermit ses hi

congrats for 42 M subs

Cody's reaction at 5:48

Cricket video plss

No Indian cities their in tour

Love from India

*giving me anxity for 24 minutes*

You see *dude perfect* I see 5 *kids* who don’t know they’re famous yet

very Funy video

I have been your fan since you started

i live in australia you no were nere me at all but have fun

Funny content

No Minneapolis...?

A consequence that should be up there is eating a can full of anchovies.


18:42 Ned: "What's the first CITY you'll be stopping at?" Coby: "the first city we'll be stopping at is CALIFORNIA." Me: COBY THATS NOT A CITY, ITS A STATE

I remember when you hit 32 000 000 subscribers know you have 42 000 000

Two things I want to see: Dude Perfect and How Ridiculous together in 1 video, and Dude Perfect Wife Edition

DP plzzzzzz make a video on your fails

Why do you have question mark on the wheel


do a beyblade face off

اكو عرب بل قناة خلي لايك

“No snakes or Cobys were harmed in the making of this video” -DP 2019

Can you do hoola hoop trickshots

do bottle flip 3 please

you are great and best I am Amanullah from Pakistan I am your subscriber I love you

3:04 Cody just turned into SwaggerSouls... wow

Snakes ....ewwww

When coby asked Ned about the tour I died laughing

Tyler so what happened to the basketball court from the incident?

“Can I slice your face off?” -Ty 2019

I am a huge fan of you guys you guys inspire me every day for the live tour you should come to South Dakota

I feel bed for you

9:53 imagine him walking in on you when you're in bed

The last 2 cities is where I live my life is truly ground breaking sad

I think the twins look like Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots

they are corn snakes

Why snakes?

Hellou em brazil

Saturns a giant gas ball


I'm in Wisconsin


I am from Indonesia


Subscribe for DP

I love dude perfect and is coby ok I would not like to be in a box full snakes

There will be another day coby will win another battle

I’m going to the pittsburg

Hey dude perfect u prolly won’t see this.I got a steptryes video idea.fortnite steptryes.

Dudeee Dallas Texas is like right beside my city

Are you going to Vancouver BC?

How many have brave to click my 'D4 hub' channel subscibe button.. Please subscribe our channel 'D4 Hub'

can i get a couple likes? i always get ignored

Next time I live in tucson and none of them were in az

I got bit by a snake can people pray

The best acting of 2019 Tyler

You need to do a collab with team edge

Man! I feel so bad for Coby! Armando out!

Why not Canada Fort St. John



Why snakes

Can i have a dude perfect basketball


I live in nc

Hi dudes 1 question about the videos of esteriotipes Are you going to do 1 about halloween ? It would be awesom

DUDE to 888111

i had been screaming for the snakes the whole video wow.

I feel so bad for coby. Next time add names each time someone doesn’t get picked so the chances are even. Also when someone is pick take away half.

August 2 is my birthday and I live near Indiana

This show should be called desperate for views


tyler the grappler should not come all the way out

Son of a biscuit my bottle broke in my pocket

you should do another giant pictionary battle

please make a discgolf trickshot video

Why don’t y’all do sing song and asurd recurde

Islam like

idol can you subscribe to my channel

Are y'all going to alabama

6:39 not close enough to Batman or Rico Rodriguez

I want to join the Dude Perfect Show

Yo come to Canada

Please come india

Ot fair i cantlgo to live tour cos im in England and dont have passport

In smelling bee why did he sound like missy from big mouth

This was published on my birthday

This should be a TV show

I live in India

Difference is my life is filled with snakes

what about san antonio

man pls make more vidios

Who else loves sneks

can i have 1 dp basket ball pls..

i love dudes perfect ball..

pls try to come india

can i get 200 subscribers for my birthday which is tomorrow

You’ve added way to many things

Come to Britain where I am

I would pay down in a box of snakes any day


LOL YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You. Should do season 2 of overtime

I wish tylor spins the wheel

It is so different culture of laughing against in Japan!!

Get bottle busted by each dude perfect member

Do Beyblade trick shots

Swaggersouls would love that 3:00

do an battle video about every battle video in your channel please do it

August 12th is literally my birthday I'm definitely going that day

Y not las vegas

Je sais que vous ne comprenez pas se que je dis mais vous êtes trop fort et vos video son super

Coby I believe in you no matter what I know u will win again soon

100 likes and I will ask my crush out

Do you say Xin chào Vietnam's

Also. I am TRICK SHOTS videos like DUDE PERFECT & THAT'S AMAZING. Check them out & help me out!!!



Im sad i think i saw my name under giveaway winners and i dont know what to do

Bring back games with consonqensens

Please have one of them own a cat

I wanna know where he got the grappling hook

build a boat battle pleaseeee

im near san jose

U are crazy

Go sub to my yt once I hit 100 subs I am gojng to do a challenge

Is it just me or is it ALWAYS Coby??????

I need a listening device

isn't the blue yeti un plugged

Check out my Chanel rich kid jelly bean and olive

Come to Wisconsin Milwaukee

تترجم ما تعرف عربي

Do airplane stereo types

I’m calling that in the future on wheel unfortunate when they land on “own a cat” they are going to get a tiger or some other big cat

I’m one week late can I still get tickets?

what happened to games with consequences.


Reply to me what is ur favorite segment mine is ABSURD RECURDS

Poor Coby :(

More like coby coffin

tim dehind panda

Who is panda

We live in Alaska. Jerks.

Mucho capo

Go to hibbing Minnesota soda

S. A. D. P. M. D. B. B. T. T. W. T. Second annual dude perfect metal detector battle but this time with teams. Teams: Coby and Garrett Ty and Cory Cody and

I love your show

Wheel unfortunate one get bit by a bullet ant

you guys puplished your first vidio 20 days before my birfday i fell loved you guys are one of my favorite channels


You guys are my inspiration

Love your vids

hola como están me encantan sus vídeos son increíbles los adoro soy de Colombia tengo 13 años por favor en el próximo vídeo manden un saludo a mi mama que se llama Diana para hacerla feliz adios. " Hi how are you I love your videos are amazing I love them I'm from Colombia I'm 13 years old please in the next video send a greeting to my mom named Diana to make her happy goodbye."


I'm so mad that I can't see you guys in Pittsburgh I'll be in Israel!!

Back to back coby and cory both back to backed

Love Tyler’s cursing

If you came for he snakes, 22:15

23:06 hemat kuota

New stinkface

I think panda is Garrett

Literally nobody: Coby: LETS GOOOOOO

I want ty to be picked so he can meet ned

my dad dyed lick if you agre


Keep the smelling bee. I loved that

I love you guys

Hey guys can you do..... School stereotypes -The bully -The nerd -The athlete -The drama queen -The club guy -The "Forgot his homework" guy -The strict principal -The substitute teacher -The field trip -The rage monster -The chaperone -The pop quiz -Sleepy Sam -The friend -the cheater -The try hard -The late guy -The chatter -The school dance -The short guy -The tall guy -The school photo -The essay There's some more stereotypes Hope u enjoy! :)

This is My favorite overtime I love it

Those poor snakes...

Wheel unfortunate idea: Go shopping in a clown costume


Everybody please subscribe to me.$25 giveaway at 100 subscribers

Indiana Jones worst fear

I really don’t mind snakes

Just wanted to tell you guys , you made it on Australian tv tonight on the top 20 count down and well you guys were number 1 DUDEPERFECT !

Your on tv today

For every miss on a trick shot you plant a tree

My son loves you guys! Great content, keep it up!

That was amazing

You're make me and my sister laugh


A school stereotypes video will sound great

You should do a school stereotypes video

Can you live tour in Australia

plz come to indiaaaaaaaa

Can you do Ice hockey stereotypes

Who else is OBSESSED with the overtime intro❤️

Please give us dp basketball

You are not only famous in USA you are famous in India also

Overtime That’s unfortunate Cool, Not cool Awesome

Have u tied with PewDiePie

Like here who thinks dude perfect shd have school stereotypes

They did a segment similar to what GMM created. (Smelling bee)

Coby not harmed...owwwww!!!!! It’s biting me

Subscribe dude perfect for coby s patience and strength

Dude you r rocking

Coby fans like here

One like=one prayer For my dead akati dog


Make afl trick shots! Australia Day is coming up

Please make a tour in Europe. (Berlin,Brussels,Paris,Budapest,Vienna etc..)

jupiter is a gas plant your can not walk on gas

snake... Snake... SNAKE!!!


Anyone else ever noticed that Ned Forrester looks a lot like Ty?

Dear Dude Perfect, I know it’s a lot to ask, and you’ll probably never even read this comment or even consider it, but maybe you could stop somewhere near Montana?

wait did ty even go in cool not cool?

Smelling bee, where have i heard that before?

can you Guys can you guys do face off again


You guys should come to Canada like red deer ALBERTA CANADA pls

Cody get lost!! I hate u for real

That's Unfortunate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s unfortunate Coby

ted is the GOAT

I'm not going to be able to come to any shows and I love you guys♥️♥️♥️

You guys should make a amusement park stereotype

When would you do some parkour?? :)

Pray for coby... I almost don’t really care about this show because coby always get the punishment

Guys I gotta some vids the twins looked pretty ripped and then a week or two later not so much...are the editors touching them up a bit?!?

I imitated Ted Crotchen the other day to my friend on his spelling test and he laughed so hard he almost died

6:04 wavy tube man? I’m dead

can u guys do badminton trick shot ,please!! from Vietnam with love

Team Coby for life.

When are u posting on twitch

How do you get the grab Noe down

Make dude perfect the most subscribed person


Keep this comment at an EVEN amount of likes!

I wonder what will happen when Tyler gets chosen for whelk unfortunate

Can you do overtime 10

YO DP for wheel UNFORTUNATE you should put drink a whole bottle of vinegar after spinning around in a circle for two minutes

If you breathe give me a like


Ned forester is gonna on tour!!!

Do more stereotypes

Ned forester AKA The Golden boy now has a brother Ted forester AKA The Iron boy

Why can't u come to Casper

Can you mention yudi Bryski in your vidio

Do trick shots with the Harlem Globetrotters

im buying tickets

Do a video games stereotypes

Whoa....... thats dangerous but also awsome.

We need some more Betcha.

soccer trickshots 3

Mind control

Its sad that you guys always tourture coby

More face off!


The snake bit is a satanic ritual

+Ignite Inferno the snake part, he was laying in a coffin being tortured, laying in the coffin means he's being accepted into satanism.. watch a call for an uprisings video about it.

jel37 what?

Cody has the nose of a wolf

I ❤️ Dude Perfect ⚽️

Smellingbee is awesome.

You should do trick shot stereotypes

Hey Dude Perfect!!! We are the JLCCD Crew and you have guys have inspried us to do trickshots! Me and some of our Crew are coming to your live tour!! Can you please give us a shoutout? We do our shots in the summer we all are HUGE fans!! Can you and the rest of the people in the comments help us gain subcribers!

I'm going to your tour, but what are you going to do on it

Who else wants them to come to Boston

Check out Seth and Wyatt Big Men On Campus

Do you perfect come to Grand Rapids to premature and your perfect can I have a merge those from you pictures please I love you I’m big fan



Those trick shots on February were cool

Porfa regala un cel el mio esta malo y soy pobre

Today is my birthday


Sleepover stereotypes

You guys should make an episode where fans control what you do for the whole episode


Next sport should be "waveboard trickshot"

Can you have bloops next overtime?

Dude Perfect should do another “Games with Consequences” like if you agree



*peta be like* - _thats animal abuse_

Ok im from indo hi

Next video

Can you do a beyblade trick shot please

Why don't you come to india

Wer ist auch Deutsch

Can U play wii games in ur next video

I love your videos dude perfect

And indore

Please come India also

Really shocked to see ur 9 year old vedio

How do you take the grappling hook off of the ceiling . If it doesn't give me a thumbs up even though it has been invented by our hero tyler☺

Give it a thumbs up if you love dude perfect

Paďã cœļ ii Dùdĕeeè !!!!! Likeeee :3

Never saw this.

I am your biggest fan

Dp 28 pubg

Can you come to Colindale 15 potman gardens London to make a vidio with me

Much love from Sweden

hay you guys are on nike alodeon

Đụ Mẹ im hết cho tau thằng nào bình luận tau chém

Can you make Badminton Trick shots

My dad couched chad in track ask him if bill Johnson sounds familiar cause my dad said he was one of the fastest at lindal or miniola I forgot but I now y’all think I am lying but I am not

can’t wait for plunger trick shots

What if Ty be on wheel unfortunate? Who will play Ned?

plz put bey blade trickshots

Hey Dude Perfect, can you do us 9 year olds a favor and tell your subscribers “subscribe to pewdiepie”? We already lost but we can still catch up. You guys are our only hope. I’ve also been subscribed since DPHQ1.

I want ty to spin the wheel

Can you please do real life trick shots 4 ,ot 10 ,model rocket battle 3 , and my favourite fadpasgb (fourth annual dude perfect all sports golf battle )

Ned Forrester looks more like Bob Ross and Elton John mixed

But I want there to be snakes

Coby's worst nightmares is a snakes.

I also saw your first video backyard edition

I live in Australia so I’m coming to California just for the tour!

I would’ve done the exact opposite of Coby in the snake coffin. I would’ve freaked out...

I have seen your all the videos I am your big fan.

I still think Gar’s pancake thing from overtime 1 was the coolest thing

You guys should put buy your wife her dream car on the wheel of unfortunate

I am a huge fan y’all should do church stereotypes


do more games with consequences

Coby, i'm sorry.

Go make a vid with the googan squad

Please do games with consequences again!

Love your channel, what would it take for you guys to buy me a jet ski?!

“Hey Sandra” that’s my moms name!



Hey guys big fan. If you still upload stereo types still, you could do soccer and do “the bad ref”, “soccer mom”, “the “me” player”- just an idea

That would have been horrible being Coby! And yay they are coming to a place I live!!!!!!!!!!

On he'll naw

This is rigged against Coby

apestan chivos de mierda los odi malditos

Great video wish I could go to the tour but well I can't:( would help if people can subscribe to my channel, CT fives productions

They should go rock climbing

Wow I love your channel and you are doing so great

Are you brothers

Tall guy beard twins purple hoser dude perfects' in overtime tall guy beard twins purple hoser and now were moving on to overtime

I live in Oakville, Canada so I can’t see the tour

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Team coby all the way

roses are red violets are blue heres the title 21:09 just for you

I discovered who panda is Tim

I live in kansas and can girls come ?

Are you OK! Coby

Coby I got to say that's rough and l hate snakes! Lo LOL!

No one is going to tie the pie

Do a collab with how ridiculous

Hey dp love you guys I just thought of an idea for a trick shot video.i would really love to see a Starbursts trick shot video

Is there twins on the show? I swear the one in the blue and maroon look alike

Coby that’s unfortunate

Dude perfect I'm gyllienne I'm from to Philippines I'm playing your game Icant do the level 26 it's so hard its so cool

Can you sponsor one of my videos Please!!

50mil reveal the panda

Roses are red It's our blue I love to perfect And you do too


If you want to know who panda is really friend me in Fortnite my username is Silent The It I will tell u

Go Watch ANIME called Magi Judar fav character.

i know this is random, but PLEASE do a Construction Worker Steryotypes!! like if u agree! :)

You guys should come to the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania

I love snakes.

I am ugle


42mil subs wtf last time i looked they had 13 mil



21:58 if you wanted to see the box of snakes

Anyone know how Dude Perfect is gonna perform on their tour? Trick shots on stage?

Ty: Can I slice your face in half???

Make this blue if you love dude perfect

Yes sir

Make a pool stereotypes

Dude Perfect go to Seattle maybe I will

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Cho thèm tiếng việt vào đi

Watch a horror movie in the dark in a room with dolls around you all looking at you

When will Tyler meet Ned Forrester?

Umm last time I checked marshmallows do not occur naturally.

Try frizbee trickshots


Come to INDIA!!

i thought it was shroud on tumbnail

Make a grapple hook that can hook back so you can go up there

Cody i feel like mostly he hits red on cool not cool

Bro next video is cool not cool

Chad should have left Ty swinging his arms in air for no fkn reason.

what if panda was Ned instead of ty

bring back game time with ninja

Please come to india one day That is a beautiful country and also visit a wonder of the world that is taj mahal

Make an other bad joke video


At 14:12 in smelling bee it says old cheese but Cody says packing peanuts

Cody is not cool

Snakes part was the scariest

Really disappointed in your lack of love for science. Maybe it's not your favorite subject, but neither is ballet for me. Give credit where credit is due. I don't like heart surgery (on me or my my family specifically), but I appreciate what they do.

Yikes coby

I want the tube man cory

But love the video

What about going to Connecticut

Helo friend share my channel on your channel community please madam i am very thankfull to your kindnesss

salam indonesia

You can film avengers characters next time

Watching from Philippines ❤

Is anyone gonna mention that that's Crusading armor it literally has the symbol all over it

Hi I love you vids and I subbed,liked and clicked post notifications xoxo Aleyna

What happened to games with Consequences

I live in Alaska

When is the last day tickets will be sold for the dude perfect show?

Guys i have a favor do a nerf steroetypes pls

Playing ping pong ball with nunchucks

Literally nothing is cool to Cody

Come to SEATTLE!!!

I love what you do and always think you as my role model and i would be thrilled to meet you

I hate how the thumbnail spoiled wheel unfortunate

I’m CONVINCED that if you merged Coby and Cory’s faces you would get Josh Dun.

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Legenda português quero sou BR QUEM É TAMBÉM?

come to india someday guyz lets play cricket...

Can you make a soccer stereotypes? 2 things you could do for it are “The bad ref”and”soccer mom”

I put Code dude

Hey i live in india :-(

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