Learn English with Subtitles | Ordering at a Famous English Bakery (Greggs)

Learn English with Subtitles | Ordering at a Famous English Bakery (Greggs)

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Hello I'm Pete In today's video, I'm going to introduce you to Greggs. I've been looking forward to making this video since Greggs is one of my favourite places to get lunch. You should be able to see it at the end of the street. I'm going to show you how to order from there. Don't forget to turn on the subtitles and check if they're available in your language. I'll talk a bit more about Greggs after I've finished ordering.

Hello Me: That please. And can I have... can I have a sausage roll and a sausage, bean and cheese bake please. Staff: Do you want them in the same bag? Me: Yes that's fine thanks. Yeah. Staff: £4.10 please Me: With card please Me: Thank you Staff: Have a nice day Staff: Hi, you alright there? Me: Hello Me: Can I please have a sausage and bacon sandwich please. Staff: Yeah, anything else? Me: And a cappuccino.

Staff: Cappuccino. Are you taking away? Me: I am yes. Staff: Any sauce on your sandwich? Me: Ketchup, please Me: Can I scan the app as well? Staff: Absolutely you can If I can find it. Staff: Sorry, one second. Me: Thank you (for the sandwich) Staff: Sorry, can you do that again for me?

Staff: Yeah, and then are you paying on card? Me: Yes, I am. Staff: Yep, when you're ready. Staff: Is there chocolate on your cappuccino? Me: Yes please Me: Thank you very much Staff: Thank you very much. Me: Hi Staff: What can I get you? Me: Can I have a steak bake please? Staff: Yep, anything else? Me: I've got a free drink in the, urm, on the app. Staff: Right Me: Can I have a large caramel latte? Is that OK? Staff: OK that's ready for you on the app Staff: Just £1.60 to pay then. Me: With card please. Staff: Let me set it up for you

Staff: Do you want it with whipped cream on top? Me: Oh yes please, that'd be nice. Staff: There you go Me: Thank you very much Staff: Thank you very much Staff: What can I can I get you? Me: Hi, do you do the after 4pm pizza deal? Staff: The... which deal? Me: The pizza deal, after 4pm. Is it after 4pm? Staff: Yep. £2 for a drink and a drink and a pizza Me: Yeah, can I have a cappuccino and that slice of pizza please. Pepperoni pizza. Staff: The pepperoni one, yeah. A cappuccino with a pepperoni Me: That's great, thanks.

Staff: Anything else? Me: Say again. Staff: Is there anything else? Me: That's all thank you. Staff: Just £2 Me: With card please. On this one? Staff: Do you want any chocolate on? Me: Yes please. Staff: There you go. Me: Thank you very much. Staff: Hiya Me: Hello Me: Can I have a sausage and bacon baguette please? Staff: Take away love? Me: Yes, I am. Me: Can I also have a pain au chocolate, please Me: and can I scan the app when you're ready? Staff: Alright honey.

Staff: Which sauce? Me: Ketchup please. Thank you Staff: Are you on card for the others, pet? Me: Yeah, I am on card, yes. Me: Thank you Staff: Thank you very much, pet. Me: Cheers Lady: God bless you dear Staff: Hiya Me: Hi, can I also get a chocolate muffin please. Staff: A chocolate muffin? Me: As part of the student deal if that's OK. Staff: Yep.

Me: Do you want to see my student card? Staff: Yeah, please. Staff: Thank you. Me: Is that OK? Thank you Staff: £3.35 Me: Thank you very much. Can I play with card please? Staff: Yep Me: Thanks very much Me: Is that OK? Thank you. Staff: OK. Thank you That will be the last clip of this video. I realise I am walking on the wrong side of the street.

I'll now just discuss a little bit about Greggs before I close this video. I'm now in the city of Newcastle All the other times I visited Greggs in this video was in York, which is south of Newcastle. Newcastle is actually the home of Greggs. It's where Greggs was founded. They particularly like it here For this reason, there's lots of stores.

There's probably about 10 stores within half a mile from here. For example, there's one just up here on the right. You might be able to see the blue logo just down there. Anyway, let's go this way. So, there are some things that I want to discuss that happened in the video, relating to the experience at Greggs. So for example, you'll have seen that on occasion, I asked to scan my app.

See, there's another Greggs on the right there. If you can see that. They are literally everywhere in this city. So Greggs has a loyalty app, where every time you buy 8 or 9 of each category of product, you get a free one. So in this video, I showed you me redeeming a free coffee.

It can be any free drink and that exists for all types of products. For example, sweet things, pastries, sandwiches, and so on. That's a theatre, in Newcastle. Theatre Royale, it's called. On the last occasion, I also showed them my student card. If you're a student, Greggs has a particularly good deal where you can buy a sandwich and a drink for about £3.30, and if you're a student, you can also get either a free sweet treat, like a muffin or a doughnut, or a free cheese and onion bake (or sausage roll) So today, I chose a free triple chocolate muffin.

So in total, I got a sandwich, a drink, and a muffin for £3.30. Or something like that. It might not have been exactly £3.30 Although Greggs is particularly popular in Newcastle, it's also generally more popular in the north of England than the south. I'm not sure about Scotland and Wales, how popular it is there. Although, all over the UK there are Greggs shops. I think the brand is doing quite well, recently. and they are taking business from more expensive places.

For example, the coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa. But also, McDonald's and other similar fast-food restaurants. It's priced a lot cheaper than all these.

When I was an undergrad, I visited far too much. This video has been part of a series on my channel where I order at lots of different shops and restaurants and edit all the clips together in one video. So far, I've done McDonald's, Starbucks, and now Greggs I think that's all I've done so far Let me know If you'd like me to visit anywhere else and I'll happily go and film a video there.

We're just getting down to the quayside now You'll be able to see Tyne Bridge, in the sunshine. This is one of the most famous sights in Newcastle. I'm going to find a bench down here, where I'll eat my food. That will conclude this video. Please let me know if you enjoyed it by leaving me a nice comment down below and subscribe if you want to see more video like this.

I'm really enjoying making these videos, so they'll be a lot more coming and I hope they can help you with your English studies. You might find it helpful to go back and rewatch this video while pausing the subtitles. Well, while pausing the video sorry, and reading the subtitles carefully. This might help improve your comprehension of the video, when you watch it fully again. Incidentally, there's another Greggs, just there. And on that note, I'll end this video. See you in the next one.


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