Learn Russian While Walking Around the City (Intermediate Russian)

Learn Russian While Walking Around the City (Intermediate Russian)

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Hello friends! Max is with you, and today we will walk around the city and learn Russian. Let's go! So, we leave my yard, where I live. And slowly we go towards the center. Here the cars are parked like this because there is very little space to park. But I will show you the city and center where I live, where Julia and I live, where we spend the winter. Here's a fun parking lot again.

I want this video to look like you came to visit me and I show you the place where I live. And I live near the center. There is parking here. ABOUT! This is my favorite cat. She always sits here. Sometimes Julia and I feed her, but today I have no food.

But I always iron and scratch her. Well, hello, hello! This is important ... oh, sorry, sorry for being so rude. It is an important ritual to scratch the cat. Every time I pass here ... what are you doing ... She says: "more! More", she says.

Well, that's it? Okay. Let's go to the center. The center is already right here. Not far away.

You just need to go down the stairs and walk a little to the side. So that's it. I want this video to be as if you came to visit me and I am just showing you the city.

We go to the center, here, we pass the first cafe, it is called "Owl". A place where it tastes good ... A place where it tastes good! Just a place where it tastes good. And such a big owl is here. Bim-bim. And today is Friday ... yes, today is Friday.

Today is a working day, now what time is it, let's see? Eleven. Eleven o'clock. And we pass along one of the main streets of Sevastopol. This is called Lenin Street. There are two main streets: one is Lenin Street and the other is Bolshaya Morskaya. It runs parallel over there over the hill.

Here. Here are some decorations for the New Year, here. Jewelry and a monument to Catherine. Catherine the Great. I’ll show it to you now. Here she is, Catherine.

Because it was by the decree of Catherine that this city was built. That is, Catherine said: "We are building a city here!" and it was built. And it was built to ... to house the navy.

Navy of the Russian Empire. It was seventeen hundred and eighty-four . In my opinion, so. The year the city was founded. There are various very interesting buildings here.

This is a church, and here is the Black Sea Fleet Museum . I haven't been there yet, to be honest, but he looks amazing! Such a building is made ... it seems to me in some kind of pseudo-Greek style. In general, this style is popular here. So, okay, I can't cross the road here, but look.

Really a very nice building. Here. I try to cross the road only where it is possible to cross the road.

Here. And not to cross the road only where it is impossible to cross the road. So. Here we are walking down Lenin Street. I have already said that in every, every city in Russia there is a Lenin street.

And almost always this street is central. Well, except for Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Moscow, I don't know ... what is the main street in Moscow. It's hard for me to say.

But in St. Petersburg it is Nevsky Prospect. I'm not sure that there is a main-main street in Moscow . Maybe Tverskaya? But, okay. Here we are walking along Lenin Street, passing the first cafe. It is called "Spark". And here we see such a bas-relief.

Yes, this is Anna Akhmatova's breeze. Anna Akhmatova is a very famous poetess. A very famous poetess. And she was here in Sevastopol. And in general, he will look: on each house it is written who lived here or who has been here.

And a large number of famous people came here. Pushkin was here, Lermontov was here, and Leo Tolstoy, by the way. Leo Tolstoy is here, he fought here. He fought here.

Unfortunately, I won't show you this place, but he was here. Look, by the way: the government building. Government building.

Sevastopol is the patriotic capital of Russia. Vladimir Putin. You know, everyone who sees this building in this style, it seems to me ... well, one of those people who came to us. Everyone says that it somehow very much resembles the Soviet Union.

Most of the buildings here were built in the post-war period. That is, after the Second World War. Because this city was completely destroyed twice. Completely destroyed, just as we say, wiped off the face of the Earth. Twice. And the second time it was just after the Second World War, and it was completely rebuilt.

Therefore, there are practically no historical houses here. There are practically no such old houses here. The names of the cities are written here. These are hero cities that fought heroically during the Second World War. Here is Brest, Brest Fortress.

Moscow, of course. Leningrad was there, Sevastopol. Sevastopol and Leningrad, that is, St. Petersburg. Leningrad is the old name of St. Petersburg.

These are two cities that were under siege. Which were, one might say, in the blockade. Well, there was a blockade in Leningrad - that is, no one could enter or leave the city. In Sevastopol, he too ... I do not remember exactly how long, in my opinion, almost a year. He was under siege for almost a year.

Here. And this, of course ... this is a very difficult time, you can imagine what it would be like to be in a city ​​that is surrounded by Germans, yes, troops, for a whole year .

Here is a monument to Admiral Nakhimov. Yes, this is ... there are a large number of monuments to various admirals, sailors, officers and soldiers too.

Because this is a city of military glory, yes, this is a city that was constantly attacked by someone and different wars constantly took place here . The headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet is located here. By the way, we passed this headquarters. It's located ... well, it's hard to see it from here.

Okay, maybe I'll show you on the way back . Here, by the way, we were on New Year's Eve. Here we celebrated the New Year. There were a huge number of people here. On this screen I was expecting the president's speech to be shown, but it was not shown ...

No, thank you very much! Here there were such shops, well, such outlets. Stalls. In general, the places where they sold mulled wine, coffee, some kind of sweets. By the way, here we come to a place - this, you see, a place. This is the count's pier.

This is the count's pier. This is ... as far as I remember, from this place Sevastopol was founded . That is, it was the first place that appeared. It was founded in one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three . Here.

And in 1846 it became such a front door for the fleet for ships. This is how it looks, this dock. From here, by the way, such small ships go. They go to other parts of the city, where it is very difficult to walk, because you need to get around this way, like this, there, there, there. And then only you can come there. That is, it takes a very long time.

Maybe two hours need to go. But on such a boat you can swim to the other side of this bay in ten or fifteen minutes . This is a bay, well, and this is part of the Black Sea. Here. There are always many fishermen and many cats here. Because cats love to sit here. Here, you can see.

This is what the sea looks like. What is our date now? January fifteenth. Now let's look at the cats. Here is a cat and here is a cat. Well, over there, behind this sailing ship, you see, warships, the entire Black Sea fleet. Well ... or rather, part of it.

For example, there is another ship there. Well, we will go further, take a walk more. Now we will go downtown to the embankment.

In fact, this is already the center, but we will walk through the park. Now we will pass through the park, there are some shops, shawarma or shawarma, it is very popular here. Right everywhere you can try shawarma and coffee. In general, coffee in the last few years in Russia has been incredibly popular! Have coffee. Duduk cafe. Duduk is such a musical instrument, see? Georgian restaurant.

Some kind of Georgian music is playing. So. Oh, the gate is opening. Cool. This is for us, I wonder? Or not for us? No, it's not for us, it's for that car. Probably.

So. Here we are walking in a small park. Everything is green here, look, yes. Even though it's January, everything is green.

This is so cool! Let's go to this monument. All offer to ride on the sea on a boat, but we have already skated. And here the woman, when we were in the square, she also asked: "Would you like a boat tour?" Here. Here is such a place.

Let's read what is written here. So. ... to build a large fortress of Sevastopol, where Akhtiyar is now and where the Admiralty should be, a shipyard for the first rank of ships, a port and a military settlement.

Catherine II. You see, this is in honor of the two hundred and twenty years of the founding of Sevastopol. Here. This is called Akhtiarskaya Bay. Akhtiarskaya bay. And here, by the way, you can see some fortifications.

Oh, by the way, look, the ship is sailing! See? The warship is sailing over there. next to the pier. These are the fortifications. In general, Sevastopol is located in the bay.

And here, as it were, there are such gates. See? Here is such an embankment. It is called a pier.

One pier and the second pier. And this is done to narrow the passage to the city. So that from there, from there, the ships could not come. Here. And here on the right, before there was also on the left, there are such fortifications. Forts.

Or bastions. For example, another one. Only two such fortifications survived, from which they fired.

Here. By the way, you can see a unique sight! I have not yet seen ships, military, sail like this. In general, they usually say that ships are sailing.

Sailors often say: "The ship is not sailing! The ship is coming!" Yes, or walks. Let's say the ship was heading east. Or the ship is heading east.

Yes. Where are we going? That is, I don’t know, these are some kind of terminology. In simple language we say "the ship is sailing, the ship is going".

It's okay. We can't get through here, but if you really want to, then, in principle, you can. Like this. Here, look, a passenger ship is sailing and a warship is sailing.

There are a lot of different ships, and submarines, by the way, are also there. And here is a super popular monument in Sevastopol. Probably the most popular monument in Sevastopol.

It is called "Monument to Sunken Ships". By the way, there are anchors from these ships, now we will see them. You see, there are two anchors.

Two anchors on the wall. What kind of sunken ships? During the Crimean War, also called the Eastern War, our Russian ships were sunk here. Here in this bay, over there, and here, ships were also sunk to prevent enemy ships from approaching here. Because ships cannot sail if there are obstacles in the water . But this helped the city to keep its defenses.

That is, the enemy ships could not come close here and they could not take these ships. Yes, then it was such a strategic move. And in honor of this event, such a monument was erected.

Here, look, he ... it is a symbol, a symbol of Sevastopol. The most recognizable monument. Okay, let's go over there. Now we will go up here, go up here and we find ourselves on the embankment. Embankment, embankment! Here people walk, walk.

You see, they sell souvenirs. Here, for sure, someone else will offer us excursions. But we have already been, so we will refuse.

Here. There are also souvenirs here. So different, with nautical symbols. With some kind of marine elements. So. This place is very beautiful here in the evening.

Everything here ... lights are everywhere, very beautiful. Musical instruments. See? This, I don't know ... cello or viola. It looks like a harp, probably huh? There's a saxophone over there.

Musical instruments. And here he is the park. A beautiful park with many evergreen trees. Here they are. In general, it is very rare for Russia to be the first ... so that in January you could see green trees.

These are, in my opinion, magnolias. I'm not sure, I'm not very good at local trees at all. But, in my opinion, these are magnolias. Here it is, green.

Over there the roses are blooming, I see. Roses are blooming. Such are the interesting trees.

This is such a central park, in the center on the embankment. Well, it's hard to call it a park, of course, it's small for a park. But he's such a ... such a beautiful place. Square, let's do it. Let there be a square. People walk here.

There is an aquarium here. I have not been there, but this is a museum. There you can see ginger fish, some, I do n't know, maybe dolphins, sharks. In general, I don’t know.

And here they are roses. So, roses, roses. Roses in January.

Russia! Kapets, huh? This is so weird! Last year, Julia and I were in Sochi, and there ... Sochi is even warmer. Oh hello! Woman: Have you been to yoga today? Max: No, today I woke up so late and yesterday was such a hard day . That I woke up, thinking: "No, I can't." Have you been? No? We went, right? Okay, great! This is a small town, and this woman goes to yoga with me .

She asked why ... if I had been to yoga today. She's just coming from yoga. But I didn't go to yoga today because yesterday was a difficult day and I couldn't get up this morning and go to yoga. Yes, that's bad, but ...

So. Let's see some more. By the way, there are a large number of theaters here. Besides the fact that this city is a military one, it is also so cultural.

Because, it seems to me, there are more theaters here than shops. It's true. Shopping is difficult here. But, it is true, the theaters are all closed now. Therefore, we cannot go to the theater.

Bye, bye. Here. But I hope that it will be possible soon.

By the way! Today is the fifteenth of January. I think today ... I think the theaters were closed until fifteen. I dont know. But we can now find out with you.

There is another theater there, very beautiful. We'll see now. This theater named after Vadim Elizarov.

Here is such. Twelve months. This is a theatrical production. Here. And we go to another bay.

See? There is another bay here. It's called Art Bay. But not from the word "art", but from the word "artillery", an artillery bay. Here. This is its historical name, but everyone calls it Art Bay. It's like the center of the city.

Well, like, the center ... in the plan, there is street food, cafes, some restaurants. In general, a place for young people to hang out. I would call it that. Here. There is some kind of institution here.

And we move on. This is the theater that we have reached. Let's get up. Let's go up this staircase and look at the theater. Because he's handsome.

It was very beautifully decorated for the New Year. True, now this is no longer visible, but still. It's still beautiful.

Here is the square in front of the theater. Square. There is such a pedestrian zone here. And here he is a theater. Look, handsome? Do you like it? I love.

So, well, I think that this is where we will not go. Because it is noisy there, there are a lot of cars. We'll go ... let's see what happens here in the theater . Here's The Master and Margarita, for example. "The Queen of Spades" by Pushkin. According to Dostoevsky, there is also something.

"Uncle's Dream", "Demons". Here. We have Julia theatrical.

Julia is a theater lover, Julia knows much more about theater than I do. But she promised to take me to the theater. Here.

But I haven't done it yet. But I hope she takes me to the theater. Maybe in a few weeks. Because I don't know if theaters are working now or not.

By the way, there are such information stands here. I have never pressed anything here, but here you can see what is in Crimea in general. Here is the Temple of the Sun, various mountains, caves, waterfalls. In short, the information for tourists is so interactive. And here, by the way, there are all sorts of interesting instorial shots.

Look. This is probably the time of the first defense. Yes, also photos of the first defense, also the first defense. This is the second defense. During the Second World War. So we came from there and came here to the main hangout place in the city, where all the people hang out.

Or hang out. It means having fun. Have fun. Here, look. There are various shops here, here is a teahouse.

By the way, a very good teahouse, it is very tasty here. True, a little expensive. Like in Moscow.

Maybe even more expensive. Okay. Not more expensive, but about the same.

Different food. Here is an Arab cafe. This is a very cool cafe, we always buy falafels here . Falafels are delicious here. I don't know, can you see it here? Here, yes.

Look. This is falafel. Falafel in pita. Here.

There is also shawarma. There is a vegetarian. Here, in short, cool. These are all sorts of interesting buildings. Well, of course, there is a lot of shawarma and barbecue here. Or shawarma.

Shawarma, shawarma. Here you can buy pancakes, you can buy a pancake. By the way! Damn, I want a damn! Damn, should I eat a pancake or not eat me a pancake? Damn, I don't know! What advice do you have, friends? Should I buy myself a pancake or not? Okay, I'll go buy myself a pancake. Hello! Cashier: Good afternoon. Max: Do you have one with mushrooms and cheese.

Cashier: Yes, just put on a mask, please. Max: Oh, yes, of course. So.

Can I have mushrooms and cheese? By card. (meaning payment by credit card) Cashier: Will you drink anything ? Max: No thanks. Cashier: Here or with you? Max: With you. I took a pancake.

Now I will eat it, and we will continue. This is what my pancake looks like. Delicious! Cheese and mushrooms. Yum Yum Yum! So we went out into the street called Bolshaya Morskaya. Here we will send it here, now we will go up this street up there.

Because there is the sea below. We came from there. But we'll go through just a little bit, because I don't want this video to be too long. So let's just see how everything looks here.

For example, a parking machine. To be honest, I have never used a parking machine. So I don’t know how to use it.

But you see, people are all standing here. All cars are parked and they are required to pay for parking. So that's it. And now we will reach the cafe where Julia is sitting and working now . She is now sitting and working in one cafe. Or in one cafe.

She loves this cafe, because there you can work calmly , and there is delicious coffee. Here. But to get there, I need a mask. So where is my mask? Here is my mask! Hello. Julia: It's lively here today. Max: Lively? Julia, what are you doing? Julia: I'm working.

Max: This coffee shop is called Brodsky. Brodsky. Pretty cool place.

We looked ... oh, by the way, let's go a little more walk along this street. I never showed it to you.

This is ... well, we can say that this is such a Nevsky Prospect, yes, Petersburg. That is, there are all sorts of different shops, including bars and cafes, and, of course, fifty million different coffee shops. Look, for example, some street food.

Something else. Shops, courtyards. In general, these are all residential buildings. These are residential buildings where people live. There are commercial premises on the first floor, and people live there on the second and third. In general, there are no high-rise buildings anywhere in the center.

There are no tall houses. It's cool. And the houses are like that, I really like the way they look! But, as I said, all these houses, ninety-nine percent of all houses here were built after the war. After the Second World War. There, well, probably in the fifties. Late forties - early fifties.

Therefore, these houses, they are not very old. That is, they are only seventy years old there. Fifty, sixty, seventy or something like that. Here. This is how Bolshaya Morskaya looks like, now let's go up closer to our street, where we live. Basically, the whole street looks like this.

There are not many people here now. Now we will climb up some stairs . There is a lot of such Soviet architecture here, so to speak. Buildings built during the Soviet era. There are more of them here ... well, in the center there are mainly such buildings

. There are few buildings that have already been built. By the way, here is the cinema. See what a cool cinema! Looks cool to me, right? Cinema.

Well, that's cool. It is now closed and does not work. But he is very handsome. I hope that when everything is open, Julia and I will be able to go to the theater, to the cinema, and to other places. Here is a monument to the soldiers who defended this city and defended our country during the Second World War. So, now let's go up this ladder.

Such a Soviet, yes, style. Here. And this is already a residential street. People live here. But we need even higher. Of course, the cats are sitting.

Cats are everywhere. Now it will take a very long time to climb. Restoration. It is very pleasant that they are beginning to restore everything here. Local residents say that nothing has been restored here for many years , and only in the last few years restoration has begun here, the buildings are being restored.

Look, this is what a beautiful building! Straight wow! Columns. Delightful! Very nice! By the way, this is the FSB building, as I just learned. Wow! Yes, the FSB has a good building. But these are houses where people live. It can be seen that these houses have not yet been restored. But I think they will restore it.

Here, this house in general, look, abandoned. Nobody lives here. And the yard is abandoned. Here, you see. Abandoned house. Such houses, well ... not many, but they exist.

And now we will pass by the cathedral. This is a cathedral, and there are buried in it, remember: Admiral Nakhimov. Here he is buried here.

And many other military men too. A very nice building. Cathedral of Prince Vladimir and the tomb of admirals. The tomb is where they lie, where they are buried. Various admirals. And Prince Vladimir is the prince who baptized Rus.

Who adopted Christianity. Well, friends, we are approaching the final part of the route. This is a monument to Lenin, such a huge monument to Lenin. And here is such a small park, I don't know how ... a square. I think that it is especially beautiful here in summer, when everything is in bloom, when there is a lot of greenery and flowers. But even now it is very pleasant to walk here.

I live over there, a little further, on the next street. And here, you see, the sea. We almost got to where we started.

We started from the bottom point, from there. And now we are returning. Here he is, grandfather Lenin. And the soldiers.

Soldiers and grandfather Lenin. This is the view here on the sea and on that bastion, yes, on that fortification, which many of our friends called Ford Boyard. Remember, there was such an old show Ford Boyard ... or Boyart. I do not know. In short, you understand what I mean. Well, on this I say goodbye to you.

Hope you enjoyed this walk. See you in new videos! Bye Bye!

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