Leaving Delos - feels GOOD but SCARY! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 239

Leaving Delos - feels GOOD but SCARY! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 239

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Good morning. Or. In our new spot here. This. Awesome, little place look at the, peaceful. Peaceful morning. Just. Not here having a coffee this morning. It's. Really, nice, I. Think. Today's project is. Going to be. Getting. Air conditioning, working. So. That is my project for. The day I'm gonna try and get the, pump installed, first and then get. Us wired up to the dock and then install. The AC units. Fun. Fun I'm. Actually looking for doing it. So. My first task this, morning is to replace this old air, conditioning, pump that's the original one on. The, boat so. I was able to get a new pump because we're in the land of where, you can just order things, and. Hopefully it'll be a straightforward thing, to swap out. It. Didn't take too. Much to get it out a little, bit of a convincing, that's the old one I. Just. Hooked this up to the dock. Turn. The power on. It's good sign. Sounds. Nice and smooth. See, if there's water coming out of the boat. Ha. Ha ha, today. If. This works everybody's gonna be so stoked then thank you. Water's. Coming out that's a good sign. Again. I've. Taken the toilet, out to make it a little, bit easier to work in here. And. Getting it out the easy part. All. Right we're. In the whole room, here, the homestretch. Just. Got to hook up the wires. We'll, give it a good, a test is. About, it's. Gotta be a hundred degrees in the boat today it is crazy. Crazy. Hot. Ok. Power. The baby on see what happens. Yeah. House. Is gonna be so happy tonight. I'm gonna get a real cold in here. I love. It like something worse finally. Right. Humble jolly. Crying, good. Job like, some time why, for huh. I don't, know cuz we're on the bottom like, it's. Hard to tell but Delos is like this. We've. Run aground at the dock. It's. Quite funny. We. Go just chucking, them off the list air, conditioning. Done. That's. A big one as a three day project. We. Did countless, boat projects. And showing them all here would probably make this video a few hours long, so. I think a little montage, would work well. Well. To my office. Check. That one off the list. Okay. Thank. You. Okay. I. Actually, ended up buying a new antenna. The. Time has come to, see, if everything, fits, with a new fridge. Morning. So. It's. Actually not that early it's about 9:00 or something like that but. We. Have, another. Good, morning here in Dulles and. Me. And Brian I guess what I said today Thursday. So. We leave in two days. Which. Feels absolutely. Crazy. It's. A, lot of things going on but a lot of good things and. I feel say that we are pretty well prepared and, a lot of the sticky notes have moved from. The to do side to the downside, so we've done really well and ice. Made us a really nice, acai, bowl breakfast. Because, I love, this new breakfast, is my new favorite good. Start. Of the morning. I'm. Trying to make sure that bellows, is like. Shipshape. For mr. ad when he takes over, for. A couple months and. This is the needle. Valve for our water maker which has been, really. Giving, us trouble it's been hard to adjust and, we've, been having a lot of problems getting the pressure to come up so I took the whole thing apart thinking, that I would be able to get a new. Needle valve high-pressure needle valve for the system and I've, like, called, a bunch of places I spent all day yesterday driving. Around and nobody has this particular, part and, I think it has to come from the. Manufacturing, threads. So. That's. Not gonna happen within the next two days so I've been. Basically. Like using a fine. Sandpaper. To, get rid of all the corrosion and trying even up all the surfaces. Clean. It up so, that maybe. It'll work oh boy, that's. My challenge the slack. Look, at that it's like a robot, yeah.

So This is the piece of rebuilt and cleaned up. Yep. Fine. Into. My hole here. Okay. Guys it can you turn it on. Well, it took it's. A couple hours later I, basically. Had to take it apart again redo. Everything again a little bit different way some. Different fittings so, it, wouldn't leak but I got all adjusted, it's putting out maximum, output now and it. Is not leaking. So. That is a huge improvement. Let's, look at it stays that way. Okay. On to the next and last project. Perla. Hello. Trying to turn that, it's. Really stuck huh. So. That's the Fuhrer, for. The mizzen that's the, piece that we always turn right here I. Don't. Know. We've. Been noticing that people have been struggling taking, the mizzen out yeah, and so, I took this piece out figuring. That this had never been lubed. Yeah. It's probably just like rock solid grease in there so. I'll, see if I can twist this off without the special tool. And. Go from that this. Thing is really seized, on here I've tried turning. It clockwise. Counterclockwise. I, think, it's just seized. Corrosion. In there so what I'm gonna do is. Want. To try some heat I, try. The torch see. If that'll break it. So. I've decided to, not. Risk damage, in the entire unit. By. Hammering, and heating anymore I'm gonna use, the hacksaw, to cut what, I think of these caps off because. I know I can. Either make new caps or. Reweld. The old ones back together if I do a nice cut. All. Right so this thing, has been an absolute, nightmare, it's. All seized together and there's, no. Instructions. On how it comes apart already looked online and this. Is the part that's stuck, it's, an incredibly, simple thing the water is allowed to come in through this thing and just drain out. My. Hacksaw, job did the trick and shortly after I was able to get threads, to break loose finally. Releasing, that stubborn, end cap after. A few phone conversations. I found a machine shop they could do a luminol, fabrication. And welding the. Fabrication, cost at the machine shop was, less than $300.

Which. Ended up saving thousands. Of dollars and, countless hours. Trying. To track down a new Furler from France, ok. So this is the old what I did. Look. Beautiful. Wow. Nice. That's. Awesome. Yeah. A few. Weeks later on the passage to Bermuda, Alex, sent through this clip of my handiwork doing, its job so. You're letting it out and dragging, it out oh my god, way better, this. Is 90-day. Good job Brian, this. Is this is like seized in here and you had to be like. Oh. My, god. Okay. Yeah. That's crazy. Making. Great progress on the endless Beaubourg, we, decided to take a day off and invite our patrons, over for, a little Delos open house and pool party. I. Love. Listening to the reactions, of people whether, we invite them on board sometimes. People tell me I look shorter, in person, about. Half of people say, Delos looks smaller while, the other half are surprised. At how room is she is I blame. It on the fish islands. No. Matter what people say it's, always cool to see their reactions, in person, after so much time spent on the other side of the screen. That's. All of our. People. We've met people living on the boat it's our Wall of Fame / Ames and one. Guy's. Got a lot of stuff down here. We. Had everybody put their name in a hat and we're gonna start pulling some names and giving them some cool stuff going, thank you so much for coming, by to, Jim's. House good, / Jim. Babli. Michaela, and Josie his wife have, opened up the doors to have Della's little bit doc and, do. A shitload, of work as you can see all, right let's just get on with it then first name DG. Back. Andy. Morgan baby, taco. We've. Got Tyler, and. We, have coming up you see that big tube over there that's. A 16-man, life raft it's, nobody has seen a life raft go off the floor. Life. Raft shop gave us this at a spec unit to inflate just, for fun since, it could no longer be serviced I think. It's safe to say and stole the show with. Caz. Approaching, the 7 month mark in the pregnancy who, is time for us to pack our bags and, set off to sweep for the start of the next chapter, of our lives. They. Has come where. Me and thought Brummie. Applied where me and brian fly. Out this sweden, man. It. Has been a, couple, of crazy. Crazy, intense, weeks, just. Since we've arrived into florida. The dock here at Jim's house we've barely been tearing, through the boat work but. I, think, we've done a really good job and Delos is shipshape, she's. All ready for senior. Brady, and, Holly Chandra, Azul to take over the reins. Yeah. Man what a trip you know I was just thinking about all the miles sailed. On Delos all the oceans crossed all the continents visited, and I've. Always been on board and so, for, me to think about her cross in an ocean, without. Me on board is like it, takes a little bit of getting used to but I. Have, complete faith in, Brady. And Alex and, the, crew they'll have on board so. We're all packed. And, it. Feels. Extremely. Strange. I guess it. Just won't be the, same anymore and, that's good but, it's also scary and, I. Also find that every, time a, huge, chapter kind of closes, I do, feel sad about it and. This. Is a huge chapter that is closing, and we use packed up all our stuff and, like, emptied or our drawers, and, we're not gonna be on tellus anymore, for like quite. A few months, like for a long time. And. It, just feels. Strange. And, we see you. It's, gonna be out it's gonna be out of there. Well. This feels really weird so. Human, as well. You. Step back over that rail yeah, gonna. Be some very different. Oh. It's. Good. Yeah. You you will say Vezina between. First, over here though. I. Think. So. By. My Delos. See. You soon. New. So. Brian. And Karen are about to head, to the airport and like 30. Minutes or so and. Just. Taking. A minute to like chill. Out and be alone in the boat for a minute. It's. Just kind of a strange feeling. We've, definitely like separated, before but. More. Of the, feeling is they're. Gonna go and have a baby and this. Is the start of a new chapter for. Everybody. And. And. It's. Very. Sad that, a, new chapter is starting but it's. Probably like 10% sadness.

That The, new chapter starting and, like. 90%. Amazing. Happiness. And excitement for, what's gonna be coming in the future I. Don't. Really know what to say though I don't really know how to. Wrap. My head around. It's. Never gonna be that just like the same of the, four of us around. It's. Always gonna be something different. But very. Good in a different way. It's. Good though my. Dad always said it life. Runs, and chapters, and I. Don't. Know I don't, know what to say right now but, we'll. Let it sit in for a few days let's, see what happens. You, know it in that bag brain this, that yeah my, girlfriend I've made my wife dr. Forbes Riley. Doesn't know one it, takes a woman did you pack your eyes it yeah. The boy. Take, care of that, Oh. We'll. See you on the Internet. All. Right guys. Brady, and Alex I love you guys and I know you would do really well and, have. A good safe sale and, we will see you in Europe. By. Ethnics. Brady. And Alex settle into the back cabin, pick. Up the new crew including. The Dell of scholarship, winner and prepare. To set sail across, the Atlantic, oh. Wait. Ellis tried weave torture tested these new long-sleeve. Sun, resistant, shirts on Dulles who are happy to say they totally, wasted our abuse Qasr. Did the design of dello selling on the globe and the, stretch material is, old so, comfortable, they're, available in men's and women's sizes to fit all and the, printed limited, quantities, so get them while they're hot. My. Toes. Dry. And actually packed, like one t-shirt, I was like I think you people hung. T-shirts. So. I I added, two more so now there's three t-shirts I, think that's pretty good no. Business. In the front party in, the back.

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oh yeah ... after spending couple of weeks .. arrived at 239.... and more on later .. happy sailing...now on to info video and others .. cheers!! been awesome and very informative video ..

What an amazing episode.  I mean wow does my heart ache for you all and this change, but it brings great things with it. Been watching you all since like Ep 20 something. You were my first sailing vlog, the one I fell into by accident, and you started a whole thing and I will always have a big place in my heart for the Delos crew for that and all the love and adventure that's crossed my screen. I love many of the sailing vlogs I subscribe to now, but I still think you all have a really special vibe and flow on board and it's been our pleasure to go along with you. This is surely a difficult transition for everyone, but isn't it awesome to have had such an amazing experience, that you can't imagine having to turn a corner and make such a big change, but life would be less special without change. To Brady, who I know probably took this change hardest (because you have such a big heart and you so beautifully wear it on your shoulder) - I lost my brother many many years ago, five days before his 21st B-day, and although that loss has never left me, watching you and Brian and the adventure your love and brotherhood has taken you on together, is so unique and special, it's just fills my heart to watch and enjoy. You guys are beautiful to watch having lived these years and all this time with each other. So Congrats Kahza and Bri-on, Looking fwd to new adventures. Love you all

Best wishes

I'm going to start counting how many times they say "like". So annoying.

I have been following Delos for years, almost from the beginning. I've enjoyed watching the changing crew, sailing, new places, new people. I really appreciate how the 4 leaders of the Delos tribe have shared so much of their lives with us, opened up your home and shown us so much of the world through your eyes. I can only imagine how surreal it must be for Brian and Karen to fly off, leaving Delos behind, to start a new chapter in your lives and I look forward to your return. Sailing SV Delos is my favorite "show" and, I must admit, I have not truly really appreciated this adventure for what it is until Brady's monologue in this episode brought it home for me. This is more than reality TV, more than a Youtube channel, you welcome the entire tribe into your lives and share so much with us in such an incredibly beautiful way.

When you guys popped the life raft I was thinking, wow, you could tote around a lot of beers in that thing. Gives a new meaning to life raft.

You could try soaking it in vinegar for a while to see if it will eat the corrosion. Works on zippers!

I'm so happy for you! Brian and Karin, you may miss the boat today, but once you've become parents you won't miss your boat, you'll just be anxious to show your kid the boat. I'm a boatbuilder from sweden and since 2015 i've been watching you. Dreaming during winter about the warm places you've visited and during summers i've wished for you to be able to experience the swedish archipelargo in a small wooden boat with just a tent and an alcohol-stove. Today i recently became father and i'm already making plans what boats to build with my son to learn him sailing. Karin, best of luck for both of you.

Good luck, God bless! I almost dropped a tear!

Quite an adjustment. I was doing fine until she left the boat and started crying. It's been quite an encouragement to me follow your guys.


I cried too.

Too sentimental to watch it to the end! Good luck and see you soon, all five of you!!!

Having followed this amazing channel for years I have to ask the question......has anybody found his leg yet?? :-)

Thanks for using my music! 0:00 ✌

Nothing worth having comes easy. Enjoy the Family Life Brian and Karin, it's ALL worth it :) Keep up the great work Brady and Alex, I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us. Love, Joy and Prosperity xxxx P.S. Show us that beautiful baby already :-P

All the best with the baby Kazza and Brianne. So look forward to when you rejoin Delos. Go Blue & Brady, enjoy while big bro is is not in the know; have fun and and let it all hang out. The tribe is hanging on the next months vids to see how it all pans out :)


Sad and happy

I disagree with their decision, I believe the baby should be born American. It will be better for the baby to be born American

I love you all so dearly. Thank you for taking me along on your adventures. These peeps literally have "baby on board" this vid is one bad day. https://youtu.be/qLbqX7JAjjU However they have a bunch of videos of GREAT days at sea with a newborn. I hope that this helps you as perhaps a "what to expect" video series for sailing with an infant. We (my family and I) can hardly wait to meet your new crew member. I wish all of you the best of everything and lack for nothing. Love Love Love

Good byes are tough. Caught a few leakers on this side of the screen. But what an adventure that lies ahead. Kids change everything!...it's a good ride.

So Brady has to bake a banana cake with Blue too!

Brian Your going to be such a Great Father, I envy your unborn stowaway, for the journeys as yet unplanned yet there in Destiny for y'all to enjoy... You are a Good Man Brian, so few like you left who was born of the Great American Way, You are the Physical Manifestation of What makes America Great, Good wishes for an easy Birth, give us a Healthy offspring and we will all be delighted for the both of you, God Bless the Boat its Sails its Keel and the fine Real people who maintain it... x Your up there with Joseph for a practical Dad who works well with his hands...

I am so Blessed for your LOVE HEART, you can never waste too much love, there is always some left to give away, My God is Your God x

Leaving on a jet plane :-( https://youtu.be/F2m--R3J6f4

Life is full of chapters, how true. Wise words and many more to come. Thanks for all the life, love and passion you share.

The most epic time from Thailand to Asention Island with Madagascar South Africa and all the Indian Ocean adventures was Epic love you guys and God Bless thanks for sharing all your Adventures felt like I've been part of the crew thank you.

Started following in New Zealand. I wish we could go back in time and do it all over again. Thank you!

This is the first show I’ve ever watched. Did I miss anything? Congratulations on the baby. I’m sure this new chapter of your of your lives will easily be as fulfilling and rewarding. Peace.

Not gonna lie... there were tears over here. But- looking forward to the next chapter(s).

Wow, that sucks. Wish you luck guys.

the dog said, "threw a halloween party. it landed at the bottom of the stairs." ~ tenderbastard

Lord willing all goes well blessings to you all and delos

You guys, not disrespect intended or implied, but I love your dad he's a total goof. I don't know the procedures he's had to endure, but he is a solid beacon, goofy beacon, but still solid.

Sad! Happy! Hopeful. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Got the orange shirt - love it! Feel like this is the end of "Friends or Cheers" TV show hope not!

Brian and Karin, The emotions you displayed when leaving Delos for Sweden were very touching. Delos is way more than a boat to you guys. It had taken on a human persona and shows by your goodbyes that she is loved by both of you. With that in mind, I predict there will never be a Delos 2. The bond you have is just too strong.

I remember when the Delos "list of things to do" was on the wall! Now it is the "wall of fame", and the project list is reduced to a poster-board!!!!

All in all the best one yet. That is life, ebbs and flows

Brian has some big shoes to fill. I can’t wait to see Brady and Blue rise to the challenge. Sending good vibes from the rainy Pacific North West

Love you guys ❤❤❤

I cried when Kazaa stepped over the rail

I'm sitting here watching you guys with all your mixed emotions because of the changes coming. But a couple years from now you won't be able to picture being on the boat without that little Angel. She will bring you guys even closer together then you already are! She's one lucky little girl!... I can see it now, Daddy AND Uncle Brady are gonna be wrapped around her little finger!

Thanks guys watch loads but don't always comment but couldn't resist Kasa and Brian all the best with the baby it will change your life or atleast the out look on it. Hope Kasa has a easy time and we see all three back on the water

Guys, there is so much I want to comment about this episode. I loved it! What I want to say is, isn’t it time to make a full documentary (an hour long) of Delos/yours history? A walkthrough from beginning to the day Brian and Kaz walks off the vessel , using (maybe not published

Wish to see 1m subscribers

Wow. Just Wow. Good luck. Hope all goes well. Thank you for sharing everything. Peace.

What ever happened to the new crew member contest,?

Buy them......pampers!!

Are the cooling pump and A/C compressor DC ? You you have 120V battery chargers or is 240V available at the dock and can the the chargers handle 240V 60 Hz ? When you re-assembled that furler I hope you used aluminum anti-seize !

Nice job rocking through that worklist. Oh man, it totally made me cry when Kazza got of Delos. It's so hard to leave our floating homes...I was supposed to be back on Karl this month but because of a broken heel, I won't see him for another couple of months. Guess that's why ur episode hit me even more. To new chapters! A capfull to all of u. Cheers, Nike

Thx guys for many many awesome episodes and sharing this with us...all the best with this new Super exciting journey...!!! It’s sad on the one side but you will see kids just bring a whole new level of excitement :-)


The long way to visit Papa Delos in FLA :) Thinking of the next return to a U.S. Port of Call for S.V. Delos, where and when will it be and all that you will have experienced and shared with us between now and then. May the blessings of St. Christopher be with your fair ship and all that sails on her.

Ya’ll do have the coolest intro song for sailboaters on the internet. I love the fact that no matter what comes your way, ya’ll always have a positive attitude. Thank you.

YUP...the life-raft gig stole the show! Much like Brady said about like being one chapter after another...I like to think of it as..."The Journey is The Destination!!! GREAT VID!! PEACE OUT! Ü

Welcome to solid ground, take-out, space, A\C, etc...who knows...you might like it.

Mr Brady, You have many gray hairs! You salty sailor!

Allishandra Azul Blue!

Delos has AC???? Delos is getting AC??? wutt!!!!?

Looks like you guys are in Fort Lauderdale.

Great video, as usual!!! Thank you Delso crew. I understand Bryan is an electrical engineer and I was wondering in what language he codes? Blessings to all, especially Bryan & Kazz!!!

Brady looks so stressed at the party lol Looks weary of strangers

It must be weird after living on a boat for 10 yrs.

so sad to see things changing, you guys reminded me that there are other ways to be besides go go go and more stuff. I will miss your adventures.

Hello Bryan, I had to comment that the air conditioning project definitely deserved a much larger post-it note, Bro

I remember the last AC pump change in Thailand lol I miss bubs, keep cruisin!!!

also congrats on the da baby

"Do you know what's in that bag Brian? This bag? My Girlfriend... I mean my WIFE packed it for me." GOOD SAVE! :p

Hey Hey Brian !! Met you and Brady Saturday late afternoon at the Annapolis Boat show last weekend !! I agree I thought the same you appeared shorter in real life but one of the biggest souls on the planet. Enjoy the little one you told me shes 8 weeks now WOWZA !!

Wife and I watched Ran Sailing leaving their boat to go and have their baby also. My wife was blubbering watching these two separation videos.

Another great episode

Just FYI (cuz I care about your AWESOME channel) ~ yours is the only channel (that I am subscribed to) that doesn't EVER show up in my "Recommended Videos" OR "Your Subscriptions". The only way I find your videos is to click directly on your channel, to see if you've uploaded a new video. I have been subbed for years (and have hit "the bell"), so I wonder why this is!? Might be something to look in to? Your vids deserve the subs and notifications that are due, and it seems that something is not clicking re: YT algorithms etc.

Thank you for continuing to share your stories - so inspiring.

Love you guys! S/V Delos for ever!

Myopia is a killer.

All the best Brian and Kazza..sending you love and best wishes from Australia!

Brian, you are a giant among men!

Not meant to be negative, but I always thought I would watch and watch and then one day wonder what happened and then research and find delos was lost at sea, along with all my virtual sailing family. This is a much better outcome!

Brian is a wizard. Watching him work and figure things out is amazing. Good luck to all.

reading this now................

Over the years Delos has been home to not only the hands on board, but a vast worldwide thankful eclectic bunch of Hooters proclaiming the joy of sailing via the net! All together now >>>> WE LIKE IT.....WE LIKE IT A LOT!!!! Thanks Brian & Kazz for all you've given to us.. ✍️)))

I am so excited for all of you! Great adventures ahead, hope we hear news of the baby soon!

Congratulations on your new chapter ! Best of luck

Im a mans man and i would be lying if i said i didnt tear up when you got of the boat!!!!! Love you guys

You should buy Aerokroil, it is a penetrating lubricant used in the avionics industry. I have used it countless times and haven't yet found a seized part that won't come apart when using it.

Most Rock Stars still have lives that follow some path, it is, The Human Condition. Success is all in how you choose to embrace your future. Good Journey to you all.

Want to send the best wishes on your new journey as a family Kazaa and Bryan. You are going to be wonderful parents.

I have something stuck in my throat. Man, you guys. All the best as things continue along the new journey!

No comment.

Hey closing doors open new ones and you have a family on the way you guys have so many things to look foreword to

I got all choked up watching that one!

Acho que com a família aumentando assim e podemos contar que logo o outro irmão também será pai, o ideal é pensar num catamarã 50 ou 58 pés para a próxima temporada. Seja qual for, 50 ou 58 estarão bem no mar. Homeschooling também fará parte do futuro próximo. Parabéns. Deus abençoe.

On the back of a small boat with an inboard motor, what is the assembly on the outside of the hull called? does anyone know of a premade 'whatchamacallit' for smaller engines? 5-15hp? Just though Id ask here :)

Good 'ole Fly'n Brian!

Change is the only constant.

Goodbye Mister Brady. Hello Uncle Brady.

Beautiful moments thank you for sharing

I have watched you all for soooooo long just realized I hadn't subscribed yet. Keep the episodes comin.

This was without a doubt the saddest episode you've ever posted. I don't cry easy but this definitely brought a few tears to my eyes. You guys have started new chapters before but this is more like a new section. Kind of like Delos Part II. May you all have fair winds and following seas. Looking forward to your next adventures.


Tossin' that life raft was the coolest thing ever...

this is the best

The comments of how it seems smaller than in the video's were kind of funny. When my wife and I first climbed about our Amel SM over two years ago, I could tell something was on her mind. Finally,. she figure it out and said it feels smaller. After a couple of day's, she was in love with it and in August of 2017 we were the proud owners of our Super Maramu #105. We have so much stuff on the boat, with room for more and now my wife is so happy that the boat is actually big enough below, yet not overwhelming. When we are on the lean, the boat is easy to move about down below because of its size. Y'all are the reason we ended up looking at and buying our Amel. Thanks!

Guido at 12:03

So basically Ill be watching reruns for quite some time..... Well Im happy for you guys.. I was living through you but Ill have to head to another spot for a while.


Congratuations to you Tobias! So very happy to begin this new chapter. Sending much love to you and your family! Brian

Pappy trautmam is my favorite. The dudes hilarious.

Do yall have the breakfast recipe? :-p

AWESOME, we have just had our second child. It's a game changer but it is worth it. Stick with it guys and best of luck! Boylo's team x

Yea it's been years. Love to do it myself. Got a house on the Mekong in southern Loas. And I thought that was crayz. Love what you're doing. PS, threw some drones vids under the guise of joe dirt, Laos.

Do we know yet? Boy or girl? If not - my prediction: high and up-front - boy.

Your sacrifices will be worth the rewards, Karen You are already a wonderful mom

I mean Bitter Sweet . . . until then Delos we're Always here . . .

It Feels Better Sweet Again . . . huhhh....

Karen, Brian, all the very best to you! I became a father myself about a year ago and it really is a big, new, amazing chapter. Enjoy the time ahead!

You guys made me cry. It's so weird to feel like you know someone you have never met, thank you for taking me along on this journey of a lifetime and while I can't wait to see Brian and Kazza back on board, I am also anxious to follow Brady and Blue!

Thanks for sharing all your adventures with us. Good luck with the next chapter of your life. Your dream and adventures have open the minds of many. All the best to Capt Brian, Karen and crew...

Phhhwoar !.....from about 16:40 something went into my eye and I couldn't see so well. I love that boat, and I'd be heartbroken to leave the big old girl for a while but new adventures surely beckon you, Brain and Kazza. I had a younger brother. He'd have been 50 this year. He decided to quit this life back in 1994, and I still miss him and wonder about the adventures we'd have had together, and sailboat cruising was one of the adventures we planned. I still have a small phial of his ashes which I will scatter overboard one magically tranquil sunrise at an anchorage somewhere that is extraordinarily beautiful . One of the reasons I really love watching this channel is seeing how you two guys really live the meaning of the word "brother" and seeing it like this makes me remember and think about him a lot, and I miss him more for a while. I have huge respect for the ladies who so accommodate you and allow you to live the brother thing so fully. I really appreciate it. Love each other.

Damn got something in my eyes ;-)

Congrats Brian and kazza I think delos will be in good hands with alex and Brady

I wish you both the best and a happy and very healthy baby, I enjoyed your videos since you left Mexico, may GOD bless all of you. Larry in Seattle

What are you going to be doing for work in Sweden?

Brady's the captain...ok, Brady, show us how you would circumnavigation...another 10 year adventure...lol

I wish you all the best for this next chapter of your life guys!

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Uncle Brady... this is going to be one lucky kid.

when a baby comes along. will brady get his own boat and you guys sail in a flotilla? see if you can pick up other kid boats?

Everybody makes mistakes,let us know how it goes in about 18 years.Will miss you guys.

девочка в очках супер секси

Great video - congratulations!

If this was your fist Delos episode, you have missed a ton of great videos. I think I first watched when they crossed the equator and had a few rituals to take care of and some partying and nekidness. It might have been around episode 80 or so. There is a great mix of relationships, serious stuff, partying, repairs, exploring, etc. Brian and Karen have been together as long as I have watched and Brady did have another girlfriend and was single through a number of episodes. The three of them have done everything together and Blue has been a great addition for Brady and the boat. Some of the other crew have been really great to watch. This channel is better than anything on TV. If you liked this one at all, go back and watch from the beginning (the first videos are not as professional and I haven't watched all of the early ones) to see their story.

DELOS and crew definitely best show in world right now! Your humanity and friendliness is a very powerful message to all the world! So impatient to see howe little Brian-Karen will arrive into the world. And dont you worry we will track Mister Brady and Blue all the same until you come back Cheers

I think Karin is the least seen on screen of the crew on average, but somehow the most deeply felt and empathized with -- at least in my opinion. Also so sweet to see Brian working so hard for his brother's passage. What a guy. Han Solo in real life. ;)

Delos is Wore Out... the leaks will one day bite you on the high seas... find a newer vessel some yachty has babied and kept tied up..

I find if you want to get lime scale gone from any parts your fixing USE CITRIC ACID IN HOT OR WARM WATER and leave it to soak and your parts will look like new again. but don`t throw it away as you can use it in the toilet on the shower head it is endless what you can use it for for cleaning it even gets rid of rust if you leave the parts to soak in the solution of CITRIC ACID and WATER

I like that board with the sticky notes, what a good system! The land of ordering things-- lol

Ive been watching yous lot fer some years,I wish you the best Brady with yer new baby!

It's called a Kanban board - first used by Toyota!

Deeply touched by the change to Delos tribe and the stunningly beautiful and powerful experience of bringing a child into this world.

I like that board with the sticky notes, what a good system! The land of order lol

Just love Bri's sticky note catalog of jobs to do and jobs completed...could watch that guy work all day... :)

vay be ! Bye bye Brian & Kaza

Thanks foe making it real. Life chapters, we keep turning the pages.

I had an Amel 54 and spent, I think, $1,500 to replace that mizzen furler. Good job Brian!

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