Lecture 11-1. Creating an Ideal Environment Through Culture of Heart I

Lecture 11-1. Creating an Ideal Environment Through Culture of Heart I

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This time let’s think about the creating an Ideal Environment Through Shimjeong Culture. Now, let’s take a look contents of the 11th lecture on True Parents’ Life Path. According to the subtitles, we will look at three things: Economic Activities to Create an Environment, the Ocean Providence | and Developing the World of Shimjeong Culture True Father spoke very clearly about this.

He said, “Everything the Unification Church is doing—praying and making offerings to God—is for the sake of saving the nation and the world. It is not for the sake of saving the Unification Church. I founded Tongil Industries with the purpose of utilizing the latest technology to save this nation.

Having built the company to the point where we can offer its current technological foundation to the nation, we will move forward to make foundations in higher, more advanced fields of science and technology, in aviation and space engineering, so we can offer them to the nation as well.” [CBG 10.1.1:11] True Father said that the most important thing in creating the environment is that it is shared freely with everybody. In order to establish a world of true heart centered culture, we need to continuously train ourselves through a life of faith in which we practice true love by living and investing for the sake of others. The only way the world and all humanity can expect to have a bright future is by surmounting the habits of extreme self-centeredness, individualism and materialism.

So, Father said that our economic activities are about making an ideal family and giving humankind a bright future. First, I would like to focus on the economic activities led by True Parents. There are three primary axes to True Parents’ view on the economic perspective of the creation of the environment. The first is the realization of a world of peace. The realization of a world of peace means creating a peaceful world without conflict, strife or taking things from one another, like the world we would be living in if humankind had not fallen, Utilizing all the things God has given us, humanity should have built a world of happiness through mutually beneficial give and take.

However, the reality is that there are many conflicts over resources and wars where people take from each other. So Father has taught us that our economic activity is for the realization of world peace. The second is called equalization of wealth. We must build the kingdom of God through equalization of wealth.

Now, there are rich people and poor people. The gap between the standards of living between people is too big. As brothers and sisters, humankind must share with each other and follow a philosophy of interdependence, mutual prosperity and shared values, but such a world has not been achieved. That is why, from these three perspectives, True Father saw technology and the natural environment that God has given us as the economic foundation for humanity to share and pursue happiness.

That’s why True Father fled to Busan during the Korean War in the early days and stayed at the mud hut in Beomnaetgol in Busan. He lived a life of sharing with others. In the beginning, after founding the HSA-UWC in 1954, True Father was sent to Seodaemun Prison after being persecuted due to the incident involving the students from Ewha and Yonsei Universities. During those years, the members made bromide photographs of historic sites. and popular celebrities and sold them to support the activities of the church At that time, Elder Lee Wol Seong was a top fundraiser.

He visited stores all day, selling the bromide pictures. While True Father was in Seodaemun prison, the members collected the money they made this way, and when True Father was declared innocent and released, they had enough to buy a bigger church building and the headquarters moved to Cheongpa-dong. They also supported many mission activities with the money they earned. Business like this were the economic activities in the early days of the mission. Another economic activity was collecting and selling stamps. In 1959, they started manufacturing air rifles that True Father had designed, starting from a small workshop in Incheon, then moving to Cheongpa-dong, and finally, established the Tongil Industries Factory in Guri.

At first they made air rifles. Later, the Tongil Industries factory moved from Guri to Changwon, where they manufactured automobile parts and components for the national defense industry. Here is a photo of True Father visiting the Changwon factory. Here is a list of the core businesses that were developed through the years as the economic base of the movement expanded. Several precision machinery companies were established in the automotive, defense, electronics and aviation industries.

Also, Korea Titanium in the field of chemistry, and companies in the construction field including Il Sung Construction, Sun Won Construction and Ilshin Stone. One of our strongest companies is Ilhwa pharmaceuticals and beverages, who manufacture world-class ginseng tonics and beverages. Ilhwa made a significant contribution in the global promotion of ginseng as a health supplement. In addition, in the media field, we publish the Segye Times and the Religious Times, and maritime ventures including Il Heung Shipbuilding. Our leisure industry companies include Seil Travel and YongPyong resort. And you have probably heard about HJ Magnolia International Medical Center. For cultural events and training we have the International Youth Training Center, and the Peace World Center.

All of these facilities were created to expand the beautiful world created by God, give people a comfortable and versatile environment, and to provide an economic foundation leading into the future. Ilhwa, founded on December 16, 1971, is one of the earliest businesses established in this economic infrastructure. The company was originally called Ilhwa Pharmaceuticals. It started out as a company that made medicine and beverages.

In the 1980s Seil Travel was established, providing the means to travel to beautiful natural and historic places. In 2003, the Tongil Group purchased YongPyong Resort. When preparing for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the Olympic Committee visited YongPyong Resort.

Thanks to True Parents’ investment and jeongseong to developing the facilities, many of the events in the 2018 Winter Olympics were held at YongPyong resort. True Father had a keen interest in the Ocean Providence. The Earth is 75% water and ocean, and 25% land. That is why Father tried to develop marine resources well to ensure and ample food supply for human beings in the future. He followed a philosophy of interdependence, mutual prosperity and shared values to realize a future world of happiness for humanity. True Father said that because the earth is 75% ocean, we must look to the treasures of the ocean to provide nutrition for humanity.

He started the ocean providence in the 1960s. He began a marine providence in the basin of Amazon River in the Pantanal region of Paraguay in South America. When I was in Paraguay, I visited our shipyard in there and saw how our Japanese members are manufacturing fishing boats that do not sink. By making fish powder at a seafood processing plant, our movement was making highly concentrated fish powder to provide nutrition to starving people around the world. Father has been pursuing various strategies in the ocean providence.

Las Vegas, Geomundo and Yeosu, Korea are some of the places Father has established initiatives in the ocean providence. Let’s read what Father said about the significance of the ocean providence. “Don’t overlook the flow of heaven. You must take the lead in protecting and developing the marine areas, which cover 75% of the planet. Where else can you find such treasure houses of new raw materials that can secure the future of mankind by reviving the planet, which is dying from various pollution and depletion of resources? Now, the era centered on the ocean has opened representing the era of women.” True Father lived near the seaside and caught eels in Jeongju as a child.

So, the sea is a very familiar and beloved place for him. He knows the sea very well. In the video we saw that Father thought from a problem-solving perspective about the question of how to develop the oceans which cover 75% of the planet.

How did the central work in the ocean providence get started? It started at Yamok, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The providence of the ocean began in 1959 at the 2nd training center for witnessing. When True Father talked about the providence of the ocean, he said that the earth represents men, and the ocean represents women, and that the ocean is a treasure trove of love that embraces all things. We can view the 2nd Yamok witnessing training season as part of the foundation for True Father to find and marry in 1960 the restored Eve, who had been born and prepared on the earth.

The Yamok training session was in 1959, and then in 1963, the Cheon Seung Ho (heaven’s victory) was launched in the harbor at Incheon. the Cheon Seung Ho also has a historical meaning, but from a providential point of view, it symbolizes Heaven, and its launch symbolizes the start of the development of the oceans. Jeju Island is a key location in the ocean providence, with a shipyard and seafood processing facility.

A seafood processing plant was purchase. After purchasing Jigwido Island in Jeju in 1983, Father announced a plan to hold a fishing Peace Cup there and to and develop the area around Jigwido. Regarding the Yeosu area, after buying land and building the Cheonghae Garden training center and Ocean Cheon Jeong Gung on Geomundo Island, Father said the area would serve as a place to unify the Asia-Pacific region. With this peninsula as the center, he foresaw the unity of the United States, China, and the entire Asian region around Pacific Rim.

To prepare for that, he made plans for Ocean Cheon Jeong Gung. In 2003, he purchased the land in Hwayang-myeon, Yeosu, and invited Japanese women from blessed families to participate in fishing training and obtain licenses to pilot boats. With such goals and projects in mind, Father prepared facilities that could fulfill humanity’s happiness and dreams so that the area could become a destination for tourism and leisure activities in the future. Have you heard of Gloucester, a key location in the ocean providence? There is also a place called Gloucester in the UK, but it is Gloucester, Massachusetts in the US that is an important part of the history of the ocean providence. True Father spent time devoted to the future world, investigating how to catch tuna, going out to sea every day with a small crew and investing himself to develop a tuna-fishing method. Tuna is a high-quality fish, which is large and difficult to catch.

That’s why he took the lead in developing new system that enabled people to find and catch tuna. The system included monitoring the water temperature and using bait fish to attract the tuna. This unique system is called the Rev. Moon System. It is impossible to talk about the ocean providence with mentioning Alaska. There is a lot of fish there, including rare species that can’t be found in other oceans.

In order to solve humanity’s food problem through ocean enterprises, True Father researched how to process the fish when catching it, and establish established a factory. He established an international fishery company called ISA, to provide fresh seafood to the United States, Japan, Europe and the world so that humanity could enjoy fresh fish. ISA also developed a process for making fish powder from the smaller fish. Father conducted various tests for food resources. A lot of the fish that was caught and processed was exported to Japan. True Father built the North Garden house where he lived during the mission in Alaska.

Hawaii cannot be omitted when we talk about the ocean providence. This is what the Hawaiian Islands look like. Hawaii is known for the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan, during World War II, which led the United States to enter the war opposing Japan. This turned out to be a reason Japan lost the war. The United States and Japan became bitter enemies during World War II. Therefore, True Father said that Hawaii was also the starting point of the Pacific Rim era, where the United States and Japan become one, connecting the Americas to Asia.

On March 17, 2007, the Pacific Rim Providence New Start rally was held in King Garden, Kona, Hawaii, USA. The ceremony to open the new Pacific Rim Civilization was held there. To get a sense how big a vision True Father had for the ocean providence, Father selected 30 places where the U.S. Coast Guard was located where and established Ocean Church centers at those places. These Ocean Church centers were connected to his vision for the ocean providence, and also to the church’s witnessing mission.

These is an image of Ocean Church members from 1981. True Father trained marine leaders and hold world fishing competitions. True Father gathered Japanese women and continued educating marine leaders. From 2004 to 2012, about 7,300 people participated in 68 training sessions.

7,300 people have been trained, after the training, more than 70 percent obtained boating licenses. True Father was thinking of the future world, pushed for obtaining boating licenses for these Japanese missionaries, who played central roles in missions all over the world. With the goal of realizing world peace through fishing, the Sports Fishing World Champion Cup Tournament was held on October 17, 2001 in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, with participants from 27 countries, and the World Sports Fishing Federation was founded on October 19, 2001. Here are some of the Japanese leaders who went through marine training. The World Peace Cup Fishing Tournament started on May 2, 2004 and is still going on since then.

True Father went further. He saw that an important thing in the ocean providence lay in the technology for shipbuilding. He researched shipbuilding techniques. After building the Cheon Seung Ho in Korea 1963, Father established a shipyard called Master Marine in the United States. INP Heavy Industries in Ulsan was founded in 1999.

He established Il Heung Shipbuilding and Engineering in 1986, and on Feb. 17, 2011, the launch ceremony was held for the Cheon Jeong Ho, a ship that has great technical advantages. Do you know what kind of ship the Cheon Jeong Ho is? It’s a ship that doesn’t sink even if it is completely full of water. It was constructed using a resin plaster mold and built with fiberglass. It is a boat developed so that it will not sink even if it is overturned by waves in the worst kind of heavy seas.

When True Father developed this ship and held its ship launching ceremony on February 17, 2011, he explained about the ship technology of the future world. He also talked about the One Hope boats built by Master Marine in the 1980s. The One Hopes in True Father’s fishing fleet were also unsinkable boats. These boats were equipped with cutting-edge technology and built by a new construction method.

It’s not only that they don’t sink, but they also have systems to provide information about the depth of the water and other information, so fishermen can get information about water temperature and locate schools of fish through computer technology. Let’s take a quick look at the video of the launching ceremony of Cheon Jeong Ho for the opening of the Ocean Age that was taken at that time. “We’ve sown the seeds of hope in the ocean, and now, one by one, fruits are coming out of it. Cheon Jeong Ho moves forward vigorously toward the marine age.” True Father put a lot of effort into fishing. The meaning of fishing is not just about catching fish. It is not only about fishing.

At Yamok in 1959, he took the elite students who had been expelled from Ewha and Yonsei Universities, and gave them training in how to fish. He had them set fishing nets and showed them how to collect the fish. At the 2nd witnessing workshop, he said, “I am training people how to catch fish, but I am not only training them to catch fish. I am training them to catch people.” From looking at how True Father devoted his life to the providence, we can infer that his goal was to save each and every person on the earth while catching fish. He always traveled with True Mother as he researched the oceans in detail. Even when he went to Las Vegas, he was working on the marine providence.

True Father spent his time in offering fishing jeongseong in the lake formed by a very large dam near Las Vegas called Hoover Dam. True Father launched the Won Mo boat on August 18, 2011. Through the called Master Marine shipyard a cruise-class yacht Won Mo was built and launched. True Father said, “The marine sphere is the treasure trove of resources that can solve the hunger problem of humanity.”

He talked about the marine industry and marine networks that have been developed since the 1960s. He presented a vision of tying the whole world into a marine network which could solve the problem of food and hunger for humanity, and announced a grand vision for the future world. Have you been to Las Vegas, everyone? This is Cheonhwa Palace and the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) which were built near the airport. At IPEC Father said, “What we have to do in the ocean providence is develop the material, and then make a system teach it.” He also presented a variety of visions

for the Education Center, such as courses in oriental medicine, and other courses teaching skills and college courses.

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