Legend on the Weardale Way (Sections 12-14)

Legend on the Weardale Way (Sections 12-14)

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I'm justa. For. Wayfaring. Stranger. Back. On the weird Dale way back at Chester Lee Street. Today. We're. Going to finish the walk we're going to do sections, 12, 13. And 14 right. To the very end 17. Miles, so. I've got an ear infection and. A prote infection, which isn't going to help much. Back. With Neal again. The, infection. That's, right suddenly become very busy. It. Was quiet before, I started talking and, I put, the camera down will be no more cars. Behind. Me is lonely castle it. Was, converted. From, a form of manor house in 1389. By. Sir Ralph Lumley, that Lisa, Roth was executed, for treason in 1400. Eventually. The castle came into the hands of his grandson. Thomas Lumley in 1421. Who. Was made constable, of Scarborough, Castle. Love leaves eventually became, the elves of Scarborough. In, 1946. Picasso lease was bought by term University, and. The castle was used as dorms, until. The lease expired, in 1970s. Today. The castle is run as a luxury hotel but, it's still owned by the lovely family, know. About giant, hogweed, it's. Huge. Those. Big blasts over here even bigger today. We've. Missed a path somewhere. We're. Supposed to come onto this golf course just for a little bit and then we've, been looking. Along. The sides of these fans for somewhere in to the wood and. The. Way, that way it goes into the wood but, this fence aside being Bob Wyatt and there's been like no science or anything off the. Entrance into the wood oh it's, very overgrown at least. So. A, bat rack in the back or. See if we could spot a place and if not we'll have to try and work out the detour of how. We're going to get around, okay. So unless, we've got the wrong bridge here. We. Can't find the way onto the we're dealing so, we're gonna have to go, towards, the castle look. To see if there is another bridge and if not we'll have to have. A look at the map and see if there's an alternative route but we can take but. There's. No way onto the way till we're on this side okay.

So, This. Guy. Navigators. Okay. We can. We. Took the wrong bridge there's, another bridge. And. The. Bridge is just over there okay. When you're coming along by the river you. Want the stone bridge you. Don't want the metal bridge as. We found out. The. Metal bridge takes you the wrong way. Okay. They break, the bed say. There's. There's underneath be a one. The, winner wears very poorly so posted on this section, it's. A set. That's the wrong way a couple, of times now. I'm. Not sure catch us on the camera fell. Over there is a giant. Sundial. The. Way their way takes, a wide detour around the edge of the privately-owned, Lampton, estate the. Seat of the Earl of Durham. The. Estates was bought by the lanterns, from, the headwear family, in 1688. This. Is one of the gate entrances. We're, taking a break for lunch the. Midway point. The ami is worm hill, according. To legend, this, is the hill but the Knapton where wrapped herself around, doc, pencil, hill which is sometimes mistaken, as the hill the. Story goes but John Lambton was fishing in the we're on the Sunday, when. He caught an eel like fish but, she thought looked rather queer, so. He threw it down a well and fought, laughing of it off, John, went at the Crusades, and. While he was way the, creature grew very big and. Started eating sheep cattle and children. Several. Attempts were made to kill it but. Each time it, was cut it miraculously. Joined, itself back together eventually. John, came back and consulted. A witch on, how to kill the web she. Told him to make a suit of armor with swords a touch to it event. To fight the worm in the river, so. About what it wrapped itself around him, it, would cut itself up and the, river would wash away the pieces before it could reform again but. The witches price was, about john killed, the, first thing but he saw afterwards, the. Trick worked and John. Had arranged. For his favorite hound to, pay the witches price, so. He blew out his horde for, the dog to be released. However. On, hearing, the sound of the Horde his. Father was so happy to hear that his sons success he. Ran to meet it and, beat the hound, John. Killed by hound instead. Of his father but. It did not pay the price and. The. Lanterns, were. Cursed to, meet violent, ends. With. Larger. Drops at a Yellow Door, English, lads, heard it drops after it. This. Year is the Victoria, viaduct. Work. Started on the bridge in 1836. And it was completed in 1838. It. Was designed by James, Walker and the. Chief engineer was. Thomas Eliot Harrison, and. Was used as a railway bridge until 1991. At. The time but it was opened, its.

Archers, Were. The second highest and. Second, longest, in Europe. It's. Quite a magnificent. Structure. So, we're taking a detour off the weird L way to do panchal environment, it's. Recommended. Detour. And. Our. West map, as. A footpath, that. Goes up past. This property, which, belongs to lumped in a state and. We. Were stopped from going any further by, the owner. Of the property or the person who rents the property any case and. She. Told us about this not all right the way anymore and that we can't use that right of way I, would. See who I get wrong I'll, be checking that because. This sticks another two miles on our journey, so. Putting. All the false. Starts. What we fired like the faulty paths what we've gone along. This. Hike, it's. Probably going to end up being about 20 miles, that. Not. Particularly happy to be asked. Okay. I think this is the path that we should have took up but. The house down the bottom there prevent others using it. These. Are really opened up nicely now. Now. Much of a view the V Hollis. That's. Your money made everyone in this. Seat that's one hell of a detour. Really. Hot. As. Your monument was built in 1844. As a memorial to the first Earl of Durham John. George Lambton, know locally, as radical, jack. You. Can go to the top of the monument. Small. Fee of five pound. The. Secret staircase. That's. Inside one of the pillows. Radical. Jack is known for his role in passing, the Reform Bill of 1832. Forth. First step towards a modern democracy in the UK. We. Headed over there, to. The end, still. Got quite along with the walk. Stiffly. I see where we've come from. Actually. Probably come from there and we've got all the way around, the. Lamp in the state. Radical. Jack also, played an important role in the history of Canada who's. Known as Lord durable. This, here is Alice well, sometimes. Known as the mystery well because. Nobody, knows who. Ever is, Alice. There's. A nice little grotto. Yeah. Let's. Punch your monument up there this. Is probably one, of the last fields, we'll see I think. Once we get past here, we. Start entering. Industry. That's. Your monuments over there. 20. Minutes ago it was over there oh. Yeah. We. Passed it ages ago, according. To this we have imposters at all. Okay. So I've got the 14, mile mark now just. Don't know approach the 819. It's. The. Heat more than anything else he'd. Start to get to me. About. These but 819. Not. Far from here was the Battle of Bolden Hill, 1644. Part. Of the English Civil War, basically. The two sides were, on opposite sides of Hill fired. The cannons at each other for, a day and then left. It's. Quite an impressive concrete, structure, this. Or. As far south filter, now on. The last stretch in the Sunderland. Somewhere. On that side of the river is, the HQ - big house I. Sent. Them an email asking. If we could visit and we were planning on doing a detour but coming on a weekday for them but. Then. Walking in Department never got back to us so. Don't. Buy big house. By. Mamutu, instead. Another. Misdirection. On the trail. Probably. Other than over half mile at least and. We're. All uphill, something. Go back downhill now. There's. Only been, one. Marker. For the weird deal where on the entire trail since just Ali Street and that, was that lonely castle. We're. A little lost. The. Weird there where houses going up past, the cliffs and. The. Puffs was very overgrown, there's. No signage. I've. Come into this paddock.

Just. Bounced all the way around but. Somehow we've got to find our way across the, rail line over there. It. Could be either this corner, or. It could be over there, I've. Got a feeling it's going to be this corner like this that, could be a bridge over there. There's. A look back towards big house H cube. So, we found ourselves. No. Way there's. A tunnel just there. I'll. Guess to where we want. The. Car shows do with trespass, or. Do we go back along there and try and find where we're supposed to cross I think it's time for another trespass. On the we're day away don't. You know, so. I. Certainly, think that's going to go. Then. This is the new road for the, bridge. Let's, just hope we can get out on the other side. Yeah. It. Will go through there Shirley. Little, back on track. Oh. Yeah. That. Was actually more difficult than a lot about to crawl underneath the fence and, just as we'll do so a police car drove by but luckily it didn't see us so. Let's. Continue the way their way we're back on track now. Let's, the queen Alexander, bridge. Walter, I don't have anything to tell you about it, I'm. Too tired to make something up. Cross. The river is a stadium of slight. It's. Where, southern Athletic Football. Club Way and, it's. The biggest, stadium. In England's, third. Tier of football. The. Original, bridge that was built in this spot was. Built in 1796. And at the time it was the largest single-span. Bridge, in the world. Do. The volume of traffic a new, bridge was needed and. The current where mouth bridge was, started, in 1927. And, completed, in 1929. Here, in the end now. Another. List two, more. Miles and. Not. Only at the end Atticus. This. Harris said Peter's Church the. Original Church was built around, 674. AD it's. Where a bead started, this monastic, life, little. Remains of the original Church, and was, considerably, built upon in the 10th century again. In the 13th 14th. And again, in the 19th centuries. So. We've made it to the safe, this. Is Raqqa beach and. Now we've got to walk along until we find beat cross. Ciara's. Feed crops the. Marks the beginning and end of the weird airway. That's. The under that we had there away everybody, hope. You've enjoyed our journey. Today. We. Walked 20, and a half miles, 33. Kilometers, it's. Been quite tiring with the heat and. Obviously. I haven't been feeling very well I'm on antibiotics so, I didn't help either but. It's. A hard walk but. We, finished or, at the Sikh we're at rope Karen Sunland and. We've gone from pillar to rock. Grants unrelenting. Neil. Yes. How. Have you found the way there wind tiring. Very. Tiring. What, YouTube, is doing it. Right. Now I just feel like a shower and. A wine and, some food. And you know enjoy it I have, enjoyed this but, I'm tired today. I think probably the heat is wrong. Whether, yeah, maybe. Too much in one section yeah. Today, was too much in one section she's. Really spread it into two I think, that, just. A little, pinch your monument and I'm from paranal monument at the end would be good enough, but.

We Did it finished. And. If. You liked it give. Me a thumbs up and don't. Forget to comment below and. If you haven't already subscribed, please subscribe. Find. Next adventure. And. Share. With your friends and. We'll. Catch you on the next one. I am. Home. We, ferry, stranger. Traveling. There. That. Of. Course now I've got walk back to the car. Which. Is way over there.

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very good, greetings Armin

Many thanks Armin. This was a long walk but enjoyable. atb Nick

Nice video buds great discovery

Many thanks. atb Nick

Never done the weardale way but looks very nice. Great video thanks for sharing the history ATB Alan Gregory

Thank you for watching and commenting Alan. I would say that from Killhope Lead Mine (or the Cross if you are brave to enter the peat bog) to Frosterley is a great walk. Really good. From Frosterley to South Hylton is a standard walk... fields and river paths. There are some great places of historic interest, castles, cathedrals, ruined abbeys etc. but the walking is not challenging and the scenery is generic. South Hylton to the end is pretty grim. But definitely worth doing Killhope to Frosterley and there are lots of small trails leading from the main trail called geotrails. Many of these are worth doing too. atb Nick

It takes some research to embark upon a walk like this Nick. I almost got information overload. The key is to let it play and enjoy in your own way, which is whar i did. I enjoyed the ramble and caught some of the interesting facts. Good going considering the meds. Mark

Many thanks Mark. I am glad you enjoyed it for the ramble. Sadly(?), I am a natural researcher at heart. I love the chase of information and learning. This particular walk just gravitated towards that aspect the closer we got to Sunderland. At first, we were wowed by the natural beauty of the place, the geology and to a certain extent the mining history. But as we got closer to Sunderland the walking and scenery became more generic until eventually it became urban. So the focus drifted towards the points of interest. Hopefully anyone looking to do the Weardale Way will be to take something from the videos to add a little extra to their own hike. atb Nick

Awesome stuff Nick! So interesting is the history. Thanks so much for doing this. I hope you’re feeling better my friend! Doug

Thank you Doug. The combination of the mining history, the natural beauty of upper Weardale, the geology, and the amount of time I spend walking in the area attracted me to the trail. Neil had done the Isaac Tea Trail with me in the past which is in a similar sort of area. The problem with the Weardale Way though, is that eventually it ends up in Sunderland... The anti-biotics don't seem to have worked... still have a sore throat and sore ears. I guess it must be a virus. It is more an annoyance than anything else. atb Nick

Nice one Nick, congratulations on finishing it. Some really good information, I didn't know you could go to the top of Penshaw monument. I'll have to give it a visit. Thanks for sharing. Atb Shaun

Thank you Shaun. They re-opened access to the top in 2011. It had been closed since the 1920s after a boy fell from the top while trying to climb across the triangular bit.

Well done on finishing the walk Nick. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but the heat, illness and detours will have made that last leg seem never ending. I'm old enough to remember Lambton Lion Park, now that would have made for an interesting short cut lol. Lots of good and interesting info along the way as usual and always good to get a few digs in to the less famous football club from the area haha. Best of luck with The Pennine Way preparations. Take care. Mick.

I missed the lions in my research, that would've made an interesting addition. I was tempted to mention about the political scandal involving Tories and prostitutes... Radical Jack must've been turning in his grave. I tried to be kind about the lesser known football club and Sunderland in general... lol. I was sorely tempted to tell the tale of cholera and slums except I couldn't work out whether I was researching the past or the present ;-) The PW is looking rather interesting at the moment... It might be closed if the peat takes fire too. atb Nick

Wow, that was one big hike, some stunning views along the way! Thanks for sharing, great stuff

Thank you... in the end we did about 22 miles on this day, including the journey back to the car. The official route total is 77 miles but we ended up doing 106 miles on the Way itself and including the bonus stuff (Durham City and Killhope Law) I did 118 miles. This section was surprisingly pleasant on a sunny day. There were a lot of pubs and places to stop along the river bank. After reaching South Hylton it started becoming a lot more industrial and unpleasant. Sunderland isn't really the nicest of places to visit but a lot better than some other places I've been. However, the best of the Weardale Way is in its upper reaches. atb Nick

Well done, Nick and Neil. :-) Did you check the map for that right of way where the homeowner told you not to pass?

It's interesting because I thought there was a footpath sign clearly pointing back to the house, once you had reached the other side. Close to where I live, there are a couple of farms where the owners seem to think they can restrict a right of way as and how they like. I've reported the incidents and the council have already been aware for a long time. Sadly, not much is being done right now, as far as I can see.

Thank you. I did. The OS map is a new map printed from online but Sunderland sadly doesn't have the definitive map online. I checked an old planning application and the right of way was marked on... so I know it was definitely a right of way in 2011. I contacted the council and the local ramblers but have had no reply from either of them. If I find out she lied then I will be organising a group to go and re-instate the right of way. atb Nick

well done nick. good idea to do more miles as i guess your probably planning a few 20 mile days if your pennine way comes off. & with a bigger pack ooooh.

what will be will be .if it don't come it will give you more time to prepare in a bit more depth. compression bags are a must for getting pack size down.i even put my tent in one to get it down to half its size.

It is starting to look questionable... https://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/pennine-way/news/wildfires-rage-saddleworth-moor I was checking out packs at Go Outdoors today just for size. 40l fits all my stuff but only just. I think with some compression bags, I can save some space with clothing. I am not taking much, but have to take a spare t-shirt, socks, boxers, a jumper, and softshell.

yes the logistics are a nightmare especially when self employed.i dont think i would carry cook kit if i attempted it again.we used the mega bus to sheffield £24 i think. & we got a full refund as it was 1 hour late which stopped us getting to our bunkhouse..thought you might of tried the hadrians way as a practise & pre run.i am afraid i may have to wait until i am fully retired & then i might be to old lol.

Well for me it is a training exercise for the walk I really want to do which is the Kidnapped Trail (Mull to Edinburgh). But I've always liked the idea of doing the PW. Before my daughter was born, me and my wife used to spend a lot of time at the Tanhill Inn... and I always looked at the PW sign thinking it would be something to complete it in one go. Ideally, I would've preferred to add another week and shorten the distances to 8-10 miles but that isn't going to happen and it would also require carrying more food and possibly cooking gear. I've not had a chance to plot my route properly yet but I am aiming at keeping food to a minimum by walking between pubs and camping near them. This is something I won't be able to do on the Kidnapped Trail though, but I am hoping by the time I come to attempt that, I will have a lot more lighter gear. I think once I get to Cross Fell, it is going to feel like I am on home territory. There is going to be a temptation to head home from Alston to the end. If it goes ahead and I am not 100% sure yet... but I have to make the decision soon to get my ticket to Edale... you will be more than welcome to join me on sections or the last leg.

i have to be honest i think doing the whole walk in one go fully laiden is to much for comfort. i know its meant to be a challenge but there has to be a certain level of enjoyment. i think if i could get to maybe dufton in one leg i would feel like i was home & do dufton to yetholm as second leg. the bigger the bag the more you will want to carry. good luck.

Thank you. Yes, I had intended on doing 17 miles which is about the upper average of the PW stretches I hope to do. Not sure if it is going to happen with the fire at the moment. I will need to keep an eye out on whether they will close the path or not. I was thinking of perhaps doing the Isaac Tea Trail again for training purposes. I really need to sort out a pack. I don't want something too big but it needs to be big enough to carry my gear. I want to start training by the end of next week. I hurt the arch of my foot on this walk but other than that I was fine the next day. I was tired and my feet ached at the end of the walk but generally ok the next day. atb Nick

Interesting looking hotel. Wonder if they do any special offers. Loads of interesting facts in this one too. Ways can sometimes be not as easy you expect. At Ravenglass recently we got a bit lost on a sign-posted way. My OS App on the mobile has proved a bit of use so far when getting lost. Trouble is the battery life gets sucked out when I use it. Time for new iPhone! I thought Right-of-Way were inviolate. Up here we occasionally get fence crossings made deliberately difficult but by and large our right to roam laws are obeyed. LIke you our club members are considerate and law-abiding so give nobody cause for complaint. Nice video NIck. Thanks for sharing. Atb Terry

Haha! A bit of breakfast. :-) Well done Neil! Paid for by the free advertising!

The hotel had a great special offer for last minute booking... but I can't remember what Neil said it was now... I think it was 60GBP for outside the castle rooms and 78GBP for inside the castle. Law-abiding - lol... We trespassed a few times on this walk from start to finish and Neil helped himself to some breakfast at the castle (he was better dressed than me, so probably got away with blending in as a guest). I reported the lady who prevented us using the path to the council and the local ramblers but have heard nothing back. It is very rare that a right of way is removed completely... it might sometimes be diverted or temporarily suspended but to remove it is not common. Scotland has better laws in this regard. I also mentioned the lack of sign posts along the route after leaving Chester-le-Street. atb Nick

It is a shame... I've copied and pasted the reply I received into the description under the video. It sounds like that they're just managing to keep the paths open because of budget constraints.

That is interesting. But you might think the council or highways agency would've installed a notice of path closure, since they were aware of it. A shame they haven't currently been able to negotiate an alternative route that's more convenient than the one you followed.

I have just heard back from Sunderland council. Apparently there is a coal seam that took light a few years ago and it sometimes opens up into a void. This has compromised the footpath and they have not yet managed to negotiate an alternative right of way. It is a fair enough excuse. There is a burning seam not too far from where I live that closed the original footpath, luckily an alternative footpath skirts around the edge. People need to stop starting fires.

Really digging hard for this one lads. Well done!!

It was the heat more than anything else. We both ran out of water on the last couple of miles which made the very end difficult. But still... done and dusted. I'll be doing something in August... hopefully the Pennine Way but I am making back up plans because of the fires... so might be out with Mick bagging Munros. Then I will see if Neil is up for another fairly local long distance trail to section hike starting in September/October. I've got a couple of ideas but will need to check if it is doable car to car. Thank you for joining us. atb Nick

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