Let's Go To Okayama: Episode 1

Let's Go To Okayama: Episode 1

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Momotaro is a beloved fairy tale character here in Japan. But, what I was surprised to find out is that Momotaro has some historical origins found in the Kojiki and the Nihonshoki. And so, I've come to Okayama to find out about this historical Momotaro, a prince named Kibitsuhiko-no-mikoto. I'll be in Okayama for two days. In this episode, I arrive in Okayama, and take the train on the Momotaro Line to Hattori station.

From there, I make a 1 hour 30 minute walk to Demon Castle. So, let's go to Demon Castle! Ki-no-jo this way! This is such a nice walk! You know... when When you spend your time in the city, it's always loud and the babies are crying and ...you know... It's just always noise and then you  come out to a place like this! It's so nice I'm loving it! And, I'm really loving it that this course is very well signed I really thought that I was going to use my Google Maps to do this. But, it seems pretty easy so far. I'm looking at the mountains to see if I can see the castle and... I don't...

and there are a couple of  mountains that don't look so high   and then there is a mountain that looks very high and I'm hoping the mountain that  I'm going to is not the higher one...   he, he, he, he... We're getting closer to the mountains and   the clouds are much thicker up there.

I don't know if it's raining up there. I hope it's not. So, we sort of entered the mountains a little bit. Just... just...just a little bit.

Maybe some of you who are watching this video   may not know about the story of Momotaro or the story of Kibitsuhiko-no-mikoto and Ura If you don't know that story, I recommend that you check out my other program, IFTY After Show. It's episode four where I talk about Momotaro and tell the kodan "Momotaro: the Battle of Demon Island" in a nutshell we're walking towards the castle that the demon, Ura was supposed to be living at. The demon, Ura is said to have been extremely tall red hair and kind of scary looking. Definitely not like Japanese people at the time So, theories suggest that ... this may be a little... There's a big camp up here. I better cover up.  

theories suggest that people  who are labeled demons were foreigners to Japan. they were ... they came from outside of Japan We don't know where from. You know,  it's just... you know... a theory So, this demon Ura had possibly come from outside of Japan came to this place and set up his castle here The thing is he was not a very good person. He came down from his castle, he would grab up... peasants nearby, boil in them in a pot, and eat them So, this is why Kibitsuhiko had to get rid of Ura He was not a very nice guy.

Allegedly! So, we... we don't really... we don't really know. That's just the    the story presented in the Kojiki about why was it that Kibitsuhiko had to go and fight the demon, Ura Because Ura was eating people... Oh, I want to go there later! There's a nice little suspension bridge over there. I wonder if you can see it... Look! There are people that are camping It's amazing I'm kind of getting the summer camp vibe out here   Everybody's out. They're in like these  little cabin things over here... I don't

know if you can see. They're eating and being with friends and barbecuing... the barbecue smells are nice and then the sound of the river...

It's a really nice place for a demon mountain! Gotta be careful of those! Fork in the road, fork in the road! We're coming to... a fork in the road Which way do you go.... Thankfully, it says RIGHT! I am loving this place! You know, not all places you go to are this clearly marked! Way to go, Okayama! oh, it's even got...! Look at this guy! Hello! Look at what you got here! So, you got the nature walk on the left, and on the right... Ki-no-jo! Demon Castle! The other good thing about this is  that it's not a dirt road! It's paved! I was kind of worried after  all of the really hard rain **There was two weeks of non-stop rain in Japan before I arrived here...***

if i would be able to walk up the mountain or slide down it so the paved road does help. And here we have more signs! Oh, but this one's a little... um... scary Here we go! Demon Castle... to the parking lot...  it's another 3000 meters!

yay! I've just come to this spot right here and there seems to be a stone wall. I don't know how old it is. But, I am such a fan girl for stone walls, let me tell you It started to get steep just now It's a good thing I can breathe the free air! I don't have to wear my mask walking up this. Just gotta worry about the cars trying to hit me Ooo! In case there is any doubt, let's go this way. Walking up a hill, walking up a hill...

Walking up the hill and the sky is dark! I hope it doesn't rain! We're fine! I've climbed up many a mountain trail.  In Japan, you can't get around it! any kind of a historical place you at least have to climb  a few mountains to get there it all comes with the profession the dangers of being a historian! ...I...uh... amateur historian maybe not I does it for fun I love studying history! It's interesting. and then In Japan, you can actually go to  those places and that's even more interesting oh we're coming up to a spot oh it's a lake jeez! It's a dam is what it is! There we are! A little natural dam for you... It says over here...

"DON'T PLAY HERE!" Let's look... let's look... Let's at least look... oh I can't see the bottom! It's kind of scary I hope nobody comes jumping out and... crap, crap, crap... oh my god oh my oh my my You can't even see where the water is coming from This is impressive it... this... this is a dam, obviously. and down there in the bottom... I'll show you in a minute... down there at the bottom you  can hear the water rushing   you can probably hear it you know  in the video.

It's rushing down there. but you can't see it what do you think see what i mean It's pretty deep down there! But, I'm loving this... This is interesting and there's something over there, too. But, I think... I am not going to I always judge as to how strong the wind gets at some points and I'm not feeling good about it. So, we're going to leave and get going again oh my goodness! How wonderful is this! That was a nice surprise! I mean look at this thing! We got a lake with a dam. That wasn't in Google Maps! Come on, Google! It's okay.

Surprises! yay! Uh-oh! The car's coming...the car's coming... this car's coming... the car's coming... Alright. You can go. oh, they nice! oh goodness this place was flooded at one point I'm glad it's not flooded now! Oh, dragonfly! oh you're gonna see it in a minute... there's some nice lovely flowers and dragonflies Look at all that! Alright! This is gonna get really scary! No, no, no! Please come with me! This is scary oh my... oh my... oh, it seems like we're coming to something That was a rough 1500 meters! And now, I'm out in the opening after  being in the dark forest for so long.

I don't know what's going on here I don't think I've made it 1000 meters yet it would be nice to get to some flat land here I am very ... fblablablablalala got some rice fields and someone's very traditional house I hope they're not demons! the base of that looks really old huh interesting oh wind please blow on me it's so ...humid... all my clothes are... really wet and all the birdies are rocking out! Rock out, birdies! I'm loving it! I hope that's not a hill I see up ahead! goodness oh, I think we need another water break! I've never heard them rock out so hard.

The answer is over there. There's one guy over here rocking out. okay We're almost there. Just another thousand meters to go! Do this! Let's go! My guess is this is the visitor center Look at that! That is awesome!

2021-09-27 22:04

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