Let's Go to the Vet | FIKAbyMireia | A Little Bit of Tourism | Vlog 4

Let's Go to the Vet  | FIKAbyMireia  | A Little Bit of Tourism  | Vlog 4

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good morning guys yes you have discovered my secret i am not a  human being before my everyday morning coffee   oh my goodness um oh i really hate i'm  that that person who hates being talked   or even talk in the morning oh my goodness a  helicopter i don't know it's just too early in   the morning even though it's not early but i just  woke up four minutes early in the morning so yeah what should i talk to you about i'm not even  able to talk right now at this point of the day okay so today we are going to the vet because loki was  went under surgery two weeks ago like 10 days   ago yeah two weeks ago because um you know we  make him this surgery not to have small dogs   so so yeah he went under that surgery not because  we wanted to it's because he had a problem okay in   his part so he went through um through a surgery  and today we are going back to the bed to check   that everything is okay to take out i don't know  if you call them points like when you needle the   surgery then you have to take those that needle  i don't know how it's called we call them points   the the literal translation are points  um so yeah we're going to another town   because the vet is in another town not here so  i'm going to take you with me it's very beautiful   i think that i have already show you that town  it's called castro i'm not sure as i told you   i'm not a person in the morning so i'm not even  thinking um so yeah i'm gonna take you with me to   to that also i don't know if we are gonna stay  there and spend few hours minutes there then back   home and i don't know what what's coming next i  have no idea every day is an adventure so we'll   see we'll see how everything goes what we have  to do because we change plans in a few seconds so yeah anyway just gonna stay here drink  my money my morning my money coffee no   my morning coffee and become a human being okay a productive human being so yeah as you can see  i'm not always you know as talkative and happy and as you see me in the videos even though  i'm always smiling i don't know why anyway um yeah just gonna grab  my coffee get ready and let's go look who's back from his walk Loki he's back he went with my mother on a morning walk we are going to the vet yes yes we are  going to your friends at the vet yes we are   yes we are oh my god he's so he's so cute mom say hi Loki foreign uh loki how are you everything was  okay at the vet everything was okay he's watching and observing everything in another news i just purchased my  new vlogging camera and i will show you   we will do an unboxing okay when it arrives i hope  that it will be before this friday today is monday   so i will try to to put it on  this on this vlog by the way   our house is in the dark into the dark as you  can see here everything is closed because outside   it's so hot today so hot today like 40  degrees i don't know even fun and hate   but like for 40 celsius and oh my goodness  going outside is hell so everything is closed   like the windows and everything is closed not  that the heat doesn't come into into the house so   so yeah i just wanted to make you an update on  that that i just purchased a new vlogging camera   okay so hopefully the quality of the of the videos  here in this channel will will be better and   what else i don't know what else to say that's  it i'm still waiting for for lunch to be done oh my goodness i'm so hungry and my mother  went outside with lucky to a small walk and   we are not having lunch still because it's like  it's warm okay you have to wait till it's cold   so it is what it is in the meantime as i told  you just walking around the house because   it's impossible to go outside today i don't  know in the evening but right now impossible   and yeah that's the biggest news  that i have to share with you so this is horrible still night and  impossible to be outside it's so hot today good morning guys okay it's not actually  morning but it's midday more than me it's 1pm   okay around and i was editing a few videos and oh  my goodness look what i just received this is um   this is amazing this is amazing i'm gonna open  it with you because i really want to recommend   you this thing thing here so as i saw you in  a video in the main channel okay one second um i love talking about life like the society  and all of that so somebody recommended me a book   this one this book here the society  of terrorists i don't know the exact   title in english i will try to find it and  leave it in the description box if you want   it's like this this writer here he has a lot  of uh amazing books and i was curious because   as i told you i love reading about society and  it's not very like it's very thin book okay to   read i think it's a fast reading book it's not  a story or a storytelling book it's just you   know the thoughts and all of that so i think it's  really worth reading this book and oh my goodness   i just cannot wait so if you are like me in your  life and you like as i told you this society   life expectations and all of that like how we  are made or raised to follow few rules okay   and you know you get out of those rules you are  weird you are the the not normal one okay so   i think it's worth reading this book he also  like this right that also has like few more   books that i cannot wait to read them but  this is the first one that i'm gonna read   and i'm so excited so yeah i will try to tell  you what i think about it in a future video   so so yeah i just wanted to share that  with you do a small unboxing here with you   so in case you are interested you know what  to do i love reading so if you have this kind   of book recommendations just let me know just  let me know and i will go back to edit videos also this afternoon i'm gonna film new videos so   it's just so hot today too  today is gray but there are like   4 30 30 degrees there is no air coming like no air  i don't this is like the desert okay this is ah i don't like hot weather i want my winter  back oh my goodness okay i'll stop this here we just finished our shopping and we decided to  come here to have an ice cream we are in the coast   next to the sea just because oh  my goodness the weather today is we have no idea where we are but this is so beautiful   and we have no idea where we are it's  the very first time that we come this way   oh my god good morning guys well good to say  something um it's actually raining quite a lot   so yeah um whatever oh my goodness  i came again to my client's town   because i have few things to do and i still  have not taken my daily dose of coffee so my humor is quite low so yeah anyway  i was gonna show you a little bit   more about the town or the places but i don't  know if you will be able to say it still but it's   raining a lot and it came  with sandals and a dress so yeah i was not expecting that it would  be ringing this much so my fault so yeah   i don't know if i will be able to show you  something or not hopefully something um   and yeah i don't even want to talk  because i still as i tell you haven't   drink my daily dose of coffee so  i'm not a human being right now ah i just arrived to the town and it's still raining so i want to  be able to walk around so much hello guys good morning  another brand new day um today   i should have filmed a few videos  but instead i'm working on on my   e-commerce okay on my own brand and by  the way i'm wearing today the earrings   of my brand they're so cute and i'm working on it  i'm creating creating content for for instagram   and oh my goodness it takes a lot of time just to  create content just to organize everything just to   you know prepare all the website  like everything is just a chaos but   you know i love it i love website design  i love you know doing these things so   so yeah i'm working on that also i have a new  order order so yeah i will take you with me we   will do it together because i'm super excited and  yeah besides that anything else new oh yeah well   guessed one thing new it was supposed to arrive  today my new camera but the delivery enterprise change the delivery date so yeah this  way i will receive it next tuesday so   i don't think that i would try it on this  vlog but in the previous in the next one so   yeah oh my goodness i'm so excited to try the new  camera and as i told you besides that i'm just   working on the website on fikala miraya in case  you want to go and check it just go and check it   they are so amazing things so many amazing things  so so yeah that's it that's everything new today by the way i'm using both computers to work in  one i'm on the online website and in the other one   i'm on facebook on the shop on facebook  so yeah i'm organizing everything and i love it but it takes so much time to do it oh my  goodness here we are doing a small photoshoot with   this sunset that it's so beautiful the pictures  it's just so beautiful that you know i'm taking   the advantage of it and taking picture of this  new as you can see this new necklace that i   did so i'm taking the pictures for the website  it's so beautiful it's just so beautiful and   yeah i'm taking the pictures like this you  will see like this naked but i mean i'm just   taking the pictures with with this here okay so  anyway i'm here just chilling doing photoshoot and that's it um i'm gonna prepare the package  later in the night so i will take you with me   today it's all about figa by miraya so  today is all about that by the way being   the photographer and the model of your business  small business is not the best thing in the world oh my goodness so difficult so difficult to take  you your own pictures that perfect for the website   for you know creating content for the social  medias and all of that but anyway here we   are doing whatever it takes i will in the  future probably okay this is a plan for maybe   one year now to find the help of of a professional  um agency okay who helps me with you know all the   marketing things and just you know just put it  in professionals hands and yeah the camera and   oh my goodness i love i love love love love this  necklace so if you want one like this one go to vicaramilea.s we ship worldwide  okay so no problems we ship   everywhere so so yeah oh my god it's so beautiful  so beautiful oh my god i will probably do a bracelet bracelet oh and maybe a ring okay a spoiler alert here welcome to the headquarters of pikamai   and yes it's the same place where i film main  channels videos anyway um as i told you today   i will received a new order so you are gonna do  it with me oops and i'm sorry for the noise okay   one second so this girl ordered this beautiful  necklace this one oh my goodness i love it so   much and these two rings that are pastel green  and lilac like pastel lilac so i'm gonna grab um   the box where we ship and just  organize it okay so in the meantime   um if you're watching this i wanted to let you  know that you can get a 30 off from the whole   purchase okay not the product but the cart so  it's oops oh my goodness i'm so bad doing this   i i usually ask my mother to do this because she's  better than me organizing the orders but today   she's out so i have to do it myself so oh my  goodness okay one second just gonna put it here   and put it here oh my goodness this is bigger  okay so like this i'm gonna put one ring here oh my god i i told you i am so bad  doing this okay the other ring here so as this person made this big  purchase i'm gonna be giving her   a free product which is the best selling  product that we have which are these two   um earrings okay the moon and the  star oh my god it's an airplane okay so as i told you i'm gonna be giving  her these earrings for free okay once again   best selling products so i'm gonna put them here  here ah okay no this way so yeah this is how the   package looks like like this super cute super  colorful as i like so yeah just gonna close this   and put it here inside but before putting the box  what i do is to use these shiny bling bling things   and i put few inside because as you  know i love bling bling and the logo of   fika has blink bling on it so i love  it oh my goodness i love putting this   like just for you okay just few of them then  the box is going inside oh my goodness this is   so exciting every time that me or my mother  make a new order we are so excited and so   oh my god is sending our love to the other side of  the world so oh my goodness this is just so insane   and we are very thankful very very very thankful  so yeah this is the package that we will be   sending to the other side of the world not  actually this one is going to germany so   up north here so yeah the next step  is just to put it inside a bubble this is a bubble i don't know the name of this let me see if this one fits here or i have to  put it on the other one okay anyway i need the   other one but okay for now i'm just gonna  show you how cute the packaging is how cute   oh my goodness i'm so in love with this one so  so so so in love with with this one um anyway   we're done well the package is done to be [  __ ] tomorrow morning because today is very   late at night well not very late but it's like  uh 8 pm so yeah the mailing office is closed   so tomorrow uh so thank you thank you if  you are watching this you know it's yours   i don't know if you will be watching this because  i don't know if you know that i have this channel   but anyway thank you so much so yeah oh my  goodness uh you spent a whole day with me well i   haven't filmed everything okay because most of the  day was just working on the computer just editing   products putting them online taking pictures  for the for the instagram and all of that so   so yeah that was my day today tomorrow sun  saturday oh my goodness week just flew by   oh my goodness and on tuesday i will  get my new camera so i'm so excited you

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