Let's Travel to Pattani Province in Thailand Do I feel SAFE ?

Let's Travel to Pattani Province in Thailand  Do I feel SAFE ?

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i'll be honest with you the southern provinces of  thailand specifically patani yala and nareti wat   are a bit of a mystery to me and i'll be honest  i'm a little bit nervous about going down there   thai people have reached out foreign people have  reached out and kindly told me to be careful   they've told me that it's dangerous however other  thai people and other foreigners have told me that   there's nothing to worry about and it's perfectly  fine and it's beautiful so then i went to youtube   and i tried to find vlogs and videos about the  provinces and i couldn't find anything of interest   and so i just thought you know what let's go down  there on our little honda we're going to spend   about two weeks in the southern provinces we're  going to be there for songkran thai new year which   is going to be interesting and let's just go down  there let's not try and make it dramatic let's try   not milk it for views let's just go down there  and i'll document exactly what happens exactly   how i feel exactly what it's like if you go down  here that's it roll the intro and let's get down   there my name is paddy doyle and this is my little  honda dream and welcome to next level adventures   right now we are attempting to visit  every single province in thailand we've had some incredible adventures already but  the best part is we're only just getting started   so subscribe and join us as we  discover this incredible country   together the hostel that i've just  been staying in here in san clar uh it plays a lot of jazz and it's  kind of got me in the mood for some relaxing jazz music just to calm my nerves  a little bit i know it seems dramatic but i am   nervous to go down to the southern provinces  because there is such a lack of information   and um i'm sure it's gonna be fine in  fact i'm sure it's gonna be brilliant   it's just you know like any trip to any place   there are your nerves are heightened  aren't they you know slightly and uh anyway enough rambling   i'm going to leave the beautiful town of old of  old town in san clar the previous video documented   this entire town it's one of my favorite  places in all of thailand a massive surprise and look i'll pick up right at the border of  songkla and paternity which i'm sure will be   the first major checkpoint people coming into  the province they probably want to document   you find out who you are what you're doing or  maybe they don't care maybe it's completely   free city you know anyway goodbye  beautiful town of old town   and oh i just want to show you this if you wanted  to get some colorful face masks in thailand   look at the selection here rainbow colors all  the colors of the rainbow oh i'm blocking traffic   okay see you at the border  of paternity in about an hour the drive to paternity was kind of long boring  hot and slightly uneventful there were lots of   military and police checkpoints all of which  just waved everybody through and many of them   were also just unmanned to be honest however when  we got towards the city of paternity itself they   became more frequent and maybe every couple of  kilometers there was a checkpoint of some form   but they didn't stop me once every time just waved  me through or like i said nobody there so about an   hour and a half later i was at what i thought was  my hotel okay just past that last chest checkpoint   sorry it's my accommodation and it's down this  little uh dusty road i think this is it here this looks kind of fancy though this might not be  it it might be a little bit further down the road   hello so the cow i have a booking already  yeah okay we checked in at 600 baht for   a wooden a wooden uh building a wooden room on  stilts uh aircon thank god and turkeys apparently okay okay all right all right anyway um i'll  drop the location of this hotel if you're in   patani sometime it's like in a beautiful nature  area isn't it and it's stone's throw from town cc   center and look i'll be honest with you it's four  o'clock in the afternoon now when i checked in   the room didn't have aircon switched on and it was  like a oven in there and it was an oven outside so   i smashed on the aircon stripped down had a shower  and i've just been lying down in the bedroom   uh just minding my own business and then i you  know just waiting for the just waiting for the   weather to cool down just a bit it's just too hot  anyway now that in the afternoon there's a breeze   we'll go drive into the town we'll go explore  paternity pattani it's tiny it is tiny so like   we came in 10 kilometers we were in the middle  10 kilometers south is the next province yala   and then about another 20 kilometers east is uh  naori tiwat i was just about to uh go on the bike   and uh the bloke who works here has come over and  he has a honda 70 a really old one check this out   and you've put like platinum engine and platinum  body parts and springs and look at the exhaust   let's have a look here oh very cool the chain  death metal style wow what do you think honda   dreamy or playboy metal head i was about to start  the engine and i forgot my bike key so he's like   oh you can borrow my bike to go back to the room  because it's like a hunt 200 meters away and i'm   like yes let me drive this thing oh ho thank you  oh my gosh look at the metal okay kickstart oh wow that is different thank you oh my god  it feels so different the tires are tiny i don't know if i like it  guys sounds amazing though you can hear us squeaking but the engine  bro and the exhaust that is amazing   oh yes oh i feel like a bad boy like a harley  davidson badass on a 70 cc little honda look there's ducks let's just  drive this a little bit more whoa hello little [ __ ] hello  little duck oh oh oh dead end yes wow i love that sound move get out the way   get out of the moon get out of the way of  my 70s 70cc baby and look the keys down here   cool we're gonna go to um one of the places that  someone's dropped a recommendation for us um we're   gonna go to some sort of skywalk which is gonna  be fun i think but we have to do a dodgy little   u-turn so i think we have to go back through that  checkpoint again but never mind now let's get   into the town and uh have some adventure eat some  food hopefully watch sunset and get to know this   area a little bit better because right now all we  know is that security guards have bad ass hondas let's go through the old checkpoint again it's a bit more active now so i need to do a u-turn here big bus load of tourists a lot of  traffic not like earlier when we arrived okay let's let's see what happens this time   i reckon we're gonna get pulled  over one thousand percent that's so difficult take a photograph of us at  work and post it on facebook we're keeping it safe right then turn left and uh well  let's pick up at the interesting place they clearly don't give any f's  about us being here which is great okay we've arrived at the skywalk which is at  the minute and more of a mangrove walk we're here   just above the mangrove level which is really  interesting because there's like birds there's   turtles like tortoises and um fish and things  and uh the sun's just perfect you really can't   do anything at this time of year though during  lunch time so yeah come out in the afternoon it   says on google maps that this beautiful place is  open 24 hours but uh i'm not sure if i believe   that but anyway it's open now and we're gonna  go for a nice walk and hopefully get a vantage   point maybe of the top and then we can go see you  know where should we go next so far so good here it looks like we're to go up there and there's um a lot of people giggling  and laughing up there i don't think they   realize that they live in a dangerous place  and they're not supposed to be having fun did you see that i don't know i thought it  was an otter i was like oh an otter and then   i used the full time zoom on my camera  and i was like no i think it's a lizard   i thought you think it's a lizard there's  all sorts of stuff there's all sorts of   stuff moving around and making weird noises  man by the way um i don't know if you've seen   but it's all over facebook in thailand but the  other day there was a big storm in bangkok and   uh a big lizard ran into 7-eleven to get away  from the storm and caused craig absolute mayhem   i'm really not doing a good job of this but  this is teeming with life there's splashes and   like whirlpools and things happening and just all  kinds of monsters just living here and it's just   i just wish you could spend 30  seconds here just listening and   hearing all the weird things it's freaking me out it's long it's like 500 meters it's not super high but super cool mind has stepped there yeah okay i'm an idiot all the breeze come at me breeze and uh it's worth  coming here 100 thank you for the recommendation   whoever put this in the google map document is  lovely and we can see there's kind of like uh   fishing estuaries here there's sea birds resting  and hunting there's all kinds of craziness down   here in the mangroves and a handful of beautiful  locals and it's nice to just see people driving   around just having a normal beautiful life i  made the mistake of looking down because the   floor is not made of material that you can't see  through it you can see straight through it and uh   and uh yeah it's like yeah good 40 meters  maybe and now kind of walking a bit quicker the sky walk thing is epic we're at this really  cool point here where we're kind of just over the   top of the uh the tops of the trees the mangrove  forest it was a nice walk from sweating and it was   lovely to see the birds it's great to see the  local people up here having a good time babies   grandmas grannies let me go on the phone and have  a look on the map and see what we should do next   because we've still got a good two hours of light  there is a beach five minutes away on the map so   let's drive there and get some footage of the  beach here is it lovely is it industrial is it   rubbish we don't know but uh i'm loving patani if  you've ever traveled to thailand and you haven't   done it by motorbike or scooter or whatever  at some point then you're missing out because   it gives you the ultimate freedom like no  cars can come down here it's too far to go on   foot it frees up every single opportunity i mean  where we are now we're surrounded by these birds we're clearly on the wrong path but we're having  a great time i mean look at this it's beautiful look at that and i'm just hoping that this is  going to spit us out at the beach or   or the road or something i mind in  my head pick smack by these plans this is when i'm a happiest i'll say that on a  bike trip in any country but specifically here in   thailand is when you accidentally end up somewhere  different accidentally end up somewhere nice oh and uh i mean look we are about to hit the  end of the road and we'll find out if we made   it somewhere or we made it nowhere but isn't  that the point is the ver is the journey and   here we are god damn it oh it  keeps going oh there's people here there's lots of people here so there's people taking photographs  looks like they might must be   university graduation day and  oh that's where we want to be let's see if we can cross the river oh i think  we can yes look see there was that road the   whole way we could have been on that smooth  road but we can come across there's no problem and we're next to these really famous um fishing  boats that are very specific to this province look i'll just ditch my bike in search of something  to eat there's a little restaurant here from this lady oh oh this lady looks nice wow wow oh she's cooking massive prawns i think i  might have to jump on this um menu my oh uh oh i don't know what any of it says but um are you taking the mickey out my accent some  time i mean we're going to have dinner in   town but maybe we still will because prawns  in some time is just it could be a massive   meal or it might be just a bit of a small  snack but um proper cool little vibe here there's a lot of activity in this restaurant   it's busy and uh everyone's very noisy so  like in the north if you go out for dinner   people are quiet also in the north you do not beep  your horn but here everyone's beeping their horns   and restaurants people are shouting people are  screaming i think there's a different rule down   south it's just there is no rules okay i did order  too much food uh one two three four five six seven   seven prawns and an incredibly spicy looking  sometimes you can tell by the amount of   red chili in it and then of course green beans and  cucumber to control the spice as much as possible   let's try this sometime first because it's going  to be spicy can you see me all right there you go i'm saying it's not that spicy  it's actually quite sweet it's okay thank you just like look if you want  it spicier she'll go get more chilis in there but   i kind of tell them that it's not spicy just to  like you know not look weak the batter is full   with like bread so it's quite thick you can see  the prawn in there and it's got very thick batter and they're very big so do you know what i'm gonna do i'm  gonna eat two more eat the some tum   eat the veggies and then the other three prawns  i'll throw to the dogs that we saw living homeless   bye-bye nice to meet you okay they gave me uh  the rest of the shrimp and the prawn whatever here sorry about the plastic and then uh  we'll go we'll go back to town and we will   have there's a big mosque and then we'll  just don't know we'll just drive around   and enjoy the afternoon i mean look at this place this is one of the uh pattiny style boats  they're very special around here i've heard   and this is definitely a little sunset spot now  can someone explain to me why the sun is setting   on this side of thailand i don't understand  we must have accidentally like turned around   and come this way anyway patani province guys next level  okay i'm sniffing because the uh   chili was actually quite spicy towards the  end let's get a lollipop hi ice cream mate hello hello don't worry about the two my phone it's okay chocolate ice cream at sunset in pattini province  patani paterni province get it right paddy   mmm look at that double chocolate  double chocolate oh how beautiful   is this country you know like the variety you  know one minute you're on a tropical island then you're on the in the mountains and it's  cold and then you're down here and it feels   like we're in another country with a different  religion and different culture different food   different way of living everything  just changes province by province   and that's the big surprise of this trip  and we'll continue to learn as we travel   that this country is out of this is out of  this world and i've you know this is already   my favorite country and i've scratched the  surface and in this trip we're going to really   dig deep i just fall deeply in love with  it even more so and it's not all going   to be like this you know we'll remember our  chocolate ice cream and the sunset in patani and my ice cream is melting now how do i give them  these prawns without causing an absolute racket well you see that black one over there with  the little puppy he's definitely the skinniest   that one literally is salivating at the mouth okay this is kind of scary um you can have  that one are they gonna let him have it though   and uh you can have that one and you  can have that one i'm sorry i was lit   i was littering but it's quite  intimidating and they'll they'll um they'll figure it out oh there's the alpha being  a bully okay god these dogs are great oh god   kick sand we're gonna pick up the plastic now  where's that little so he's eating that's good   who else is skinny um you know what you're  cute and there you go and see you later i'm scared now i kind of  like dogs but not like this oh why are there so many wow interesting okay let's head into town wow okay okay that that was weird  okay let's find somewhere to park now i'm not gonna go in you  know everybody here is praying   i don't want to be filming them like oh my gosh but because the prez has just  started i really don't want to go   i don't want to disturb anybody  but isn't that beautiful see the bird up there amazing that was part one of this three-part  southern series mini series within a series   um i'm grouping pattany naratiwat and yala  together in a sense because they are three   that are all equally recommended to not travel  to and equally have um political social problems   and dangers and um were provinces that  i was literally that i was legitimately   anxious and slightly worried about and  i'm so glad we came down here and we saw   that okay yes lots of checkpoints military  police army i'm not even sure really what all   of them were because each one was different so um  apart from that people really friendly beautiful   helpful and uh interested in me being here and  and happy for me to be here and happy to see   anyone really just positive happy people and then  the food was good and the scenery was beautiful   the only thing about this particular province is  it's tiny and driving around the city at night   it's alive and it's packed and there's markets and  there's many things going on and i could stay here   for a week and really get to know it but here's  the but um there's a new outbreak in thailand and   a couple of days ago it was like 300 and then  today it's 400. so there's a pattern in this   country when we have a small outbreak we've had  three this is the third one things tend to close   down things tend to get locked down quite quickly  even when it's only a few hundred people in a   country with 77 million people right so what i'm  thinking is um i might have a window of about five   or six days maybe a week maybe more hopefully or  maybe nothing happens but if lockdown does come in   um i want to be locked down in somewhere like hat  yai which is um the beautiful city that i loved   and made a video about recently so if things do  get locked down and we can't move province by   province worst case scenario then i would like  to get locked down in hat yeah there's there's   everything i love in that kind in that in that  city so i'm thinking get a move on do narity   what tomorrow come back to paternity drive south  it's only 30 kilometers south to yala then uh do   songkran in yala and then come back up to hatyai  and when i get back to hatyai i'll see what the   situation is if things seem to be clear and things  seem to be fine i'll continue my travels if we   have to lock down for a week or two then at least  i'll be in high eye and i can make a million more   interesting videos there because i just scratched  the surface when i made my the reason why i love   hot eye video anyway thank you for watching i  really hope we together got rid of some stupid um   not stupid but irrational fears of these kind  of areas of the world the danger areas um   and i hope that it's wiped away your fear to come  down to paternity and hopefully naruto and yada   in the next few videos and any any anywhere  um pakistan afghanistan any of these like   you know countries that have stigma for being  dangerous because there are attacks there are   things happening there but just think as well you  know where you come from i'm sure there's stuff   that's not perfect and you probably think where  you live is safe compared to most places um i'm   rambling again so anyway thank you for watching  and i'll see you in narita province in the next   video i'm excited because if it's anything like  paternity we're gonna have a great time okay bye

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