LEVEL 9999 BEST Street Food in Pakistan - The ULTIMATE Lahori Street Food Tour of Lahore, Pakistan!

LEVEL 9999 BEST Street Food in Pakistan - The ULTIMATE Lahori Street Food Tour of Lahore, Pakistan!

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All right check it out guys this Trevor James we, are deep in the back alleys, of Lahore Pakistan, and. Today we're, bringing you for, the ultimate, ultimate, Street food and best restaurants. Adventure, of Lahore check. It out get, ready for some of the best food in the world right. Here in Lahore, Pakistan one. Of Pakistan's mega. Cities, with street, food around every, corner and today, we're, bringing you full-on food, ranging, for seven, incredible street. Foods you need to try, when you visit Lahore so make sure to watch all the way until the end cuz you're gonna love the street food in this video especially, the five testicle. Platter and the, whole chicken, Saji, near the end starting. Up first with a super, tasty, beef nihari, let's. Eat awesome. Guys and we are deep in the back alleys, of Lahore and today, because, this is the ultimate food adventure of Lahore we are bringing you to the ultimate restaurant, and best, food to try and right up here is beef. The hearty bodies, nihari the ultimate beef stew right. Up here oh yes. Hey. Hey. Yeah I saw. The Malaika. Juarista. Hi honey, oh, so. It's a beef beef, stew beefy, honey bean hi oh it's, right here can I get egg Bowl please Expo. Oh and, here we go oh and. Beef, pull. Beef whoa, look at that strong, oh and, it's going right into the gravy, so. This is the hearty, it's so special it's made with wheat, flour and, tons of spice or when there's the delicious, Oh thick. The hearty stew and, ghee. That. Is incredible. Thank, you right, and. This is incredible, guys we've got pure Desi. Ghee, sizzling. Here and we're gonna put it on the nihari okay, on the beef and hearty yes so we're gonna get one plain one, with brain and one with bone marrow and we've got the triple combo. Here. Looks. Really good. Amazing. We're, gonna get one with brain one with bone marrow and one plane and you can see the flame is just heating it up, getting. That the, hearty that, beef stew, all, used. Into the beef there oh, and. This is the non station, here guys fresh. Not. Very. Nice. Dear. Mom. Thank. You thank. You look, at this guy's hit, that guy's we've got wheat and beef the ultimate, stew with, a huge huge. Chunk, of panda beef and caramelized, onions and masala on top and then they've given us two big plates of naan here, and a, sheer, mole this is like a slightly, sweet, nan, with, saffron, oh and, it's just saturated. There just take the sheer mo the. Sheer milk and, take. Some bone marrow and beef oh and it's just completely. Heavy, and saturated, look at that Oh. Wow, and. You can just top it off with bone marrow and the beef, there look at that oh, that. Looks extremely, heavy. And saturated. With oil let's, try it out. Oh. Oh. Whoa. Number. One. Number. One nihari, in the world, whoa. That. Is the best these two I've ever tasted. Right, here the. Beef is, so, tender and. The, caramelized onions combined. With, that sheer moe is sweet. So, it's savory and sweet and spicy, and heavy oily. In one, bite, we're, gonna take what some of that brain there guys, the beef, brain all. Over that cheer Monon sweet. And saffron, and the caramelized onions that. Right there oh. Wow. Oh. Solid, can plus, one. Of the best beef stews you'll ever eat right here and next, up before, going to a famous, chicken and mutton karahi. Joint and then visiting a super, juicy, testicle. Takatak. Heaven, and some. Insane, whole, barbecued, chickens, we're bringing you for, some pre lunch snacks starting, up first with a famous, dahi, vada let's. Eat, next, up guys we are in regal chow, this is one of the main squares, of downtown, lahore you can feel the history here and right up ahead there's a famous street with some street food we are gonna have that the heat but one of the best a key with a local. Little chat snacks in Pakistan. Let's go try it out this. Is it guys. Hey. That's. A little they come. Thank. You so. This is the tequila. It's, special. Can. We try, okay. Oh here. We go guys, this, is it so that's a yogurt and wheat. Puffs, oh yeah and you can see there's wheat crops and potatoes there this is the ultimate Street. Snack Oh green, chilli mint, chutney mint. And chili oh. And. The. Sweet chutney sweet. Tamarind. Chutney, Wow, and. Masala. Red. Chilli oh yeah. Look at that that's. Beautiful, oh and in the yogurt. Oh. That's. What makes it satisfying there, that the, mountains, of yogurt. Salad. Looks, good Oh. Crunchy. So. This is the debuff. Okay. Thank you Sahiba whoa. The special, of Regal, Chow. Lahore. Pakistan. Amazing. Look at this guy's. Oh. All. The heart of Pakistan the do the. Deal of Pakistan, in regal, child look, at this guy's, so, we've got all of these delicious little wheat puffs and he put a mixture of chutneys, in there so there's the mint and then there's the sweet and sour, tamarind, chutney or lua that's a big leap, up.

Where. Is it oh yeah, Oh. Fuzzy. Fuzzy, and sweet, Wow. Wow. That is really good it's, a sweet spicy, maybe, a bit of cumin, in there as well, and oh. And. Crunchy. And soft, yogurt. Eat oh yeah. Thank, you so much -. And. It's just non-stop. Street. Food today guys look at this right here we've got the mutton, Halim oh wow, in this big pots, so, we've got a big heart. Full of mutton and chickpea. Stew oh and, that's a refill there. Get. Out of it oh and it just looks so sloppy and satisfying, look at that mutton. Stew chickie. Oh and, that that cg.o. The. Boiling, ghee they. See this. Again that's, the key okay. So. We got two pots up here heaven here thank you very nice we're gonna get a plate of that mutton oh it's, just sloppy to light look at that here. Mutton. And chickpea, in a delicious. Stew tasty. This. Is amazing, the Lahori the. Horry Helene. Lahori. Helene oh and. It just gets covered, in a bubbling. -, Cee. It smells like butter. Beautiful. Thank, you bye we're gonna go try it out thank you and here we are guys we got the ultimate, Helene, we are making the commando. Nun the. Commando not, beautiful. So we've got two big, nuns here, covered, in black and white sesame and coriander, and you can actually see some cumin, seed on there as well and just perfectly. Cooked right, out of that beautiful tandoor. Oven and it goes so, well with this. Halim, just. Sprinkle, some PS on there and a bit of this patina mint, and ginger. Just a touch and then look at this guys this is the real soul here this is the heart of Lahore we're gonna get this beautiful, looking naan oh yeah, cover. That nan it's. All about the pas de mint the. Lamb the mutton. And the chickpea combo, just get it saturated. Oh and. Look at how gooey and, sloppy, that is oh. Yeah. That's. Really tasty oh. And. They're inviting us to look in the next minute and we're so. This is it here thank, you bye. That, is incredible. We've got this amazing, hand. Or oven full of, commando. Commando, none. Amazing. And that Halim is so rich, actually the naan really. Brings it all together you've got that slight cumin, and coriander flavor which gives it an earthy, delight. Oh yeah. Canada. Canada. Amazing. And we're gonna keep it going thank you and next, up we're going to the pinnacle of mutton curry in the whole world, the extremely, buttery, karahi, at but, Karachi, in Lahore, here, this is so good you could fly in just, to eat it next.

Up We are right here in Lakshmi, Chowk, downtown, Lahore lots, of action here right, up ahead we're gonna get the mutton Karachi an upgraded. Curry tomato, bakery, at this joint right here but Taraki. Let's, go try it out and we just got invited to watch how they make it awesome, the, Pakistani mutton. Karachi, beautiful. It, smells, like an upgraded, Italian. Pasta, here with, lots of spice all, of those traditional, ingredients like garlic, and onions, Oh. Beautiful. Lots of tomatoes is up here we've got tons of masala, dry. And ginger and chili, oh and, here comes the yogurt look, at the. Beautiful. Yogurt. We've got the chicken going on right now but, our mutton, is just gonna start any second, now okay. Here we go right. Into the pan there that mutton and tomato and garlic, combo. Oh this, is gonna be so good, there. It is oh, and. We're just putting the butter in right in there. Beautiful. And, that packaging. Is going to be taken off after. The butter warms up just a little bit. And. There and, we decided in so much butter, in there and look at that guys that butter is melting. And we're gonna add yogurt in there as well so it's gonna be super creamy, with the tomato the tomato and, the garlic and the chili on the onion oh, this. Is the station this, is the absolute. Flavor station. Here the. Pakistani. Flavor. The. Ultimate, mutton, karahi. Oh-ho look at that that, is full of garlic and chili and spice we're gonna go try it out thank you chakra, lomatin, karahi, oh. Thank. You yeah this, is beautiful thank you awesome. Guys. Look, at that giant, pan, of. Huge, chunks. Of mutton we got a tower of, naan here, oh, wow. This. Is insane, you, already, know it's, gonna be off the charts, delicious, just by looking at how tender that, mutton is and how full of garlic and butter and the tomato. Chili. Onion. Coriander. And, ginger that. Is oh, boy. And we're just gonna add some, mutton, on there, just, pour that mutton, in that rich. Gravy, and there it is you, can really, smell the garlic, that is an intense garlicky. Combo. Wow. That. Is the most garlicky. And buttery, he. Infused. Mutton, curry that, you'll ever taste, it is soul buttery, that is, flavorful and heavy that, is the defining feature here butter, garlic chili and tomato dot is the best career you'll ever taste right here that was a life-changing curry. Guys we, got more food to eat tonight in the whore keep, going and next, up we're bringing you to one of the most unique street, foods in pakistan, the, testicle. TACA TACA you're, gonna love this awesome. Guys and next up we are on the hunt for the biggest testicles, in the whore and I think right up here there's a taco toxoid it's, got really fluff goat testicles, I, sell. Them when they come. Si. Oh my ass, well. You've got the chocolate that the. Takatak look at this guy's, Wow. We've. Got the ultimate testicle. And organ, bladders. You can get any of these organs, and put right on the grill over here. Can. I get five, testicle. Five. Testicle face oh yeah big oh yeah. We're gonna get the big ones guys oh. Look. At the size of those plump, testicles. These. Ones oh yeah and we're just gonna get some big plump testicles, here guys. Thank. You Maya there, they are, so this is gonna be all cut up into, a delicious, curry right. On the streets of Lahore so, we're gonna cut those open. One. By one and. Testicles. Are a true delicacy it, tastes a little bit sometimes, like scrambled, eggs they, have a neutral flavor they, take on the spices, that you put into them then. We're just gonna empty those out put, the flesh, onto the grill there and, we're. Gonna tuck atop them. Okay. Here we go. We're. Just adding in ginger and salt guys look at that and. Covering. It with a bowl now here comes the secret that's a tomato onion. Mash. Oh and, then we're just gonna take some spices, from the bag and put, them into that tomato onion ash and, we're. Gonna mix that in oh, wow. We've got cumin seed, we've got coriander, seed we've, got tomato and onion and masala, and, that's all gonna get mixed in oh and. There's some fresh green chili, just. Adding some cream in there guys and. Then. Here comes the real magic the butter. Butter. And. Those testicles, have that ginger, aroma, soaked. Into them now and we're gonna mix that tomato and, all those spices in. Is. Amazing, you've got so many spice you're getting nicked in there the tomato and the onion and then all of the masala and coriander and cumin, seed mixed. With butter it's, all gonna go into that bubbling, cauldron, of testicle. Oh yeah. Oh and, then there's the real magic guys fresh. Coriander, at, the end just garnish, it so, that's gonna be fresh and spicy, and buttery, and here, we go guys. Thank. You Maya thank, you back there, there heart the testicles on a plate we're.

Just Gonna cover it in cream look at that. That, is looking so thick and potent so this is the Lahori secondary. Target. Jesse medical. Very good and those testicles, have just taken on all, of that masala and butter. Whoa. That. Is insanely, delicious. That's. Really good, okay. It's really spicy from those green chilies but, the, butter smoothes it out and the ghee it's. Really buttery and creamy that'll. Definitely burn your stomach but, it's. So worth it because it's so flavorful and enjoyable thank, you bye, totally. Good thank, you very much. And. For, our final meal and before, going to an amazing street, dessert, to finish off the night we're, taking you to try one of the best barbecue chicken, dishes in the whole world, the, chicken, Saji, covered in a rich masala, with lemon, and served with the most aromatic, basmati. Rice get, ready to witness a life-changing. Chicken, and, this is just amazing guys, look at the color here we're in gireesh a cool the area here downtown, Lahore, and today, is the ultimate. Ultimate, food tour of Lahore so we're bringing you for the ultimate chicken just right up here around the corner we're gonna be having chicken sacchi let's, go try it out Wow. Here. We are. Hello. I saw them when I come, we've. Got the ultimate. Wow. Look, at this I said I'm gonna come oh. Look. At the chicken here the, chicken Saji Wow. Huge. Skewers. Of whole, chicken. And that. Chicken is looking really, tender. And juicy. It's marinated in light spices. And put over the coals here for. Yourself yeah should, I order one whole chicken yeah. Whole chicken yeah okay, hey you just pooped on the ball done. Masala. Oh. So. We're just gonna cut, that chicken open and put, the spice and the masala and the lemon on it. Then. Top it with the rice served with rice like. A biryani, oh. The. Lemon juice is just going all over that chicken. And. Then right back on the fire nigga do see these others specialize. Beautifully. So the, chicken like a briyani yeah like a B&E wait so much of a B&E with dates with, raisins. Cinnamon. Yeah. Carrots. Masala. These these. Are the make sure to blend over my solid out your, secret, masala yeah especial. Masala yes yes Wow. Oh no chickens ready few. More. More more masala local, staff. Yeah. And. We're just topping.

It With masala. Wow. Crispy. And juicy at, the same time right. Off of the skewer it, looks really good. He. Is juicy. Thank. You vasilieva done. Reviewer yeah. Beautiful. This. Is just insane look, at this ultimate. Brioni with the ultimate, chicken thank. You very much no problem look, at that, beautiful. Thank. You so much we're, gonna go try it out so this is it the magical, sachet, biryani Wow. And. The special rice that just looks amazing look, at this guy it looks so juicy, covered. In the lemon water juicy one. Time. Taste the pie peach oh. So. This is covered in the masala and marinated, in spices and, vinegar. Or and this is a right, back this is or anything so yo your yogurt. Right now and this is you know if we call it Chapman chutney, Tallman, don't know those points tamarind chutney oh and. Then that beautiful. Biryani. Full, of carrots. And cinnamon, and spice. Danger. So it's slightly sweet yeah. Awesome. So should I dip in the right now dip, in the raita, okay, that. Is looking like the most tender, piece, of. Chicken. And married. In spices but you'll ever see. Oh. Boy. It is insanely delicious. Very. Nice and also nice, take, it with the rice, wow, that. Is so, tender with the lemon its citrusy, oh and. The. Seasoning. On there is perfect. Mmm. Oh. Sweet. With. The raisin from the date, you. Rebuilt under cutters a natural, sweetness and, then the masala on top gives, it a light and spice. You. Having fun things you. Make. It here in Pakistan it's. Awesome right beautiful. Country and delicious, food. Thank. You buzz Khalifa, that, was amazing, yeah. Amazing. Chicken hope, you enjoyed it thank you so much and, to finish off the night we're bringing you to an upgraded. Kulfi. Ice cream, Street, dessert. Awesome. Guys and we're gonna finish off the, ultimate, food tour of Lamoure with. The ultimate dessert right, across here is Yusef, falooda, awesome. And it's a delicious Goofy. And Pluto mix, Wow. And this is it the use of falooda, Yusef, could be pull it up amazing. Can I get a coke please egg. Please and. You can see we're just holding, out that cool tea ice cream pakistani. Ice cream cardamom. And then also enriches, milk, condensed, milk. And it's mixed with this malai here all right robbery, robbery that. Milk is very boiling, boiling, milk and. The cool, is condensed milk with, cardamom, and, it's gonna go with vermicelli noodles, gotta be so good Wow. My, CUFI is already right now we're, gonna try it I it looks really good tasty. Awesome. Oh and. Just top it with almond Oh, beautiful. Thank, you. Looks, really good and that, kulfi is the ultimate, condensed, milk ice cream full, of cardamom oh and, we got vermicelli and almonds in there. Oh. Yeah. Oh, wow. That's, really good, that. Is so enjoyable it's. Like a cardamom, syrupy. Ultra. Rich milky. Ice cream with vermicelli and almonds, nice. What. An amazing, day and the hora guys I would love to hear from you down below please put that little subscribe button and little bill notification, button as well so you don't miss any of these videos and, we just had so much fun today thank, you so much for watching guys.

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That nihari boy so smart

21:50 SHE HATES YOU ...

Literally Mouth Full Watering. Lol

This guy is actually a genius in the way he subconsciously appeals to people's feelings and logic. Hats off

What??? 10+? I haven’t seen the score before. Not only once, but 3 times?? I hope I can eat these foods someday. Thank you so much for the video

Oh Pakistani brothers How much you eat. Love from occupied Kashmir

I really love ❤️ when peoples comments about my country I really feel top of the world, I really thanks full to them who appreciate my country, my peoples and our culture, I wish Allah bless our country.. Ameen..

I am from Pakistan Punjab today I am looking your videos

Hi I am from Pakistan but I live in Greece please tell me where are you from and whare are you and I like your all videos please reply me your all videos is nice please reply my comment thankyou

Very good

16:23 I laterally can listen to this all night.

i saw 2 ladies on this whole clip they all ,at home behind a locked door for all those ladies that think its a free happy world for females in other cultures you got another thing coming if you like being under the heel of a man be my guest

finally some gora eating gurda kapoora :P :P :P :P

Love the Washington DC national shirt

My mouth is watering rn

Even as a Chinese, I am not interested eating testicles ..

Wow so tasty

Love u i m from Pakistan

Thanks for sharing your awesome experience with us and best regards from New-Brunswick Canada

691 cow worshippers were offended by beef nihari

Server has iron palms

Happy to see you in Pakistan. Respect from Pakistan

they only acting nice and friendly because they are on video.......

#TheFoodRanger Alot of love and respect from my side...

I just crying

Food ranger :9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ .....ok can i go now?

OH MY!!! I want to meet Pakistanian food :D seems heavenly!!!

Lucky people they can eat whatever they want unlike me.. I'm on deficit diet...

We all welcome you Shever in Pakistan we hope you will personally liked Pakistan ❤️

Love pakistan from indonesia

I can only imagine yeh banda ess ke baad bathroom kitnee dafa gaya hoga..??!! #loosemotions

When will beef Biryani Love Ur videos from Bengal India

I'm from Lahore Welcome to Pakistan

very lovely & amazing food. I want to see Ting Ting, I like Ting Ting.

Thank you very much for uniting your Indian Fans and Pakistani Fans!

The hospitality is one of best forte of Punjabis as is their mouthwatering food ......

Nice hmmm!

hello guys, whats the price of tomato in Pakistan now a days

+Sultan Ashiq he wont tell you anything, he just got a cup tea with swag☕

Ask Abhinandan

+pro 5555modern f16

+pro 5555 f16

lol.... "we are on the hunt for the biggest testicles in Lahor"

I would love to visit Pakistan ... Love from India

Never skip ads

What is this title man...I miss the old trevor

Trying to sell us butchered animals by barefoot primitive monkeys. Pathetic.

Food Ranger Iam proud of you to represent such a brighter view of Pakistan to the world


good pro sub too

Lahore is tasty food world

Offfsss...I really want to visit Pakistan to eat those delicious food and meet those amazing people....love from Bangladesh...

Luv pakistan from malaysia

you are just trying the worst things in pakistan i mean you have missed the real deal

lovely food, i am reading so many comments people want to come and visit Pakistan, i would say come on guys pack your bags, Pakistanis can't wait to welcome. its open door policy, for most countries it is visa on arrival.

Thank you for visiting Pakistan specially Lahore.

Plz visit bahawalpur city... the of palaces.....

I cant even imagine eating the testicles of others

Brilliant street foods got hungry with love.

Taka taka by alvindo haha

Takatak song hahha

Love you from Pakistan Pakistan Zindabad

Hi, travor James visit in Sindh specially Karachi Hyderabad

U r expressions are awesome

Lots of love from Karachi, Pakistan.❤

canada country is my favourite country thanks come in pakistan

Please upload north Waziristan videos

Trevor You Are The Man keep up the good work!n Eating!

Love for Pakistan from Bangladesh ❤️

Can't wait to go Pakistan

Anyone here wants Trevor to visit the Philippines?

Aray lahore q chlay gai lahori ghadhay ka goasht khala dangy..

OMG, 10+ for food in Pakistan.. Great food review trevor!! I must try Pakistan food

Assalamu alaikum all pakintani brother & sister from Bangladesh

Good on you mate, next time if you visit try dehgi saji( stuffed with rice). Visit food street in Lahore you will probably spend all night there just eating lol

Brother why you Missed Desi Murgh (Special Chicken) Karahi from Butt Karahi, Lakhshmi Chowk

Love from pakistan.Thanks for visiting pakistan.

Thank you for sharing this awesome video. Great footage. Excellent content.

Jay hind

I invite to mardan and you welcome, you eat chapli kabab the best one of the world.

Pakistan zindabad , thank you for coming

Love from

i m your big fan bro.your talk style is ooooohhhoo..love this words..you are real foodie..pls come india new delhi.meet me.

Lahore looks like Old Dhaka

Love from pakistan

Mr Ranger is the man.I have been motivated my you.ive started my vlog just last week and I’m impressed about how people love it.Keep up your good work and hey I love your style and I’m trying to catch up soon.

one chance mi

im amazed that your gf can walk around pakistan without covering her head in some towel

Your Bangladesh tour video end?? where are rest ones??

Bhaya love you

Love for Indians

just watched. the thumbnail has changed;

I am sharing all the videos MAte Trevour ... How are you ??? TING and Trevour TT.... I will moving to SOUTH India soon... Next year.. Cheers...

Keep up the good working boy

yummy yummy foods

There are very few places in Lahore which sells bad food :) so almost everything you eat in Lahore is perfect

Love the beef man Pakistan is good love from India

Great job Bro

Kya baat hai

Who else saw the kids in the background at 4:39? Lmao

In terms of kitchen sanitation, India needs to learn from Pakistan from China

lots of love for pakistan from india

Lahore is the heart of Pakistan ❤❤love from Rawalpindi , Pakistan

Why aren't Indians fat as f#$K with so much oil/fat

Amazing, but the jokes in my head... what am I, in middle school?

thank you food ranger gor visiting my beautiful city

Love from Pakistan Pakistan Zindabad

Wow we are same by almost every thing

Yrr ab to mai bhi pakistani foods khana chahta hoon, mere muh mein paani aagaye ye sb dekh kr but, Indian ke liye aasan nahi hai pakistan mein ghoomna is time pe

Why only bajaj bikes

Charged you double for the nehari Trevor

his favorite word is mashala

this guy has a stomach from steel

Come to our Sindh specially Karachi Hyderabad


Amazing job, superb

ghee, butter, oil, meat fats then carb base naan bread soak in ghee or butter....... notice no one is FAT or has a fat belly WHY IS THIS ? don't tell me they have GYM membership or jog and workout everyday....something is really wrong with foods in the west[usa]


Pakistani food is one of the best food you can get, best thing is its really cheap and for everyone

Our foods almost same,some are way cheaper some are way costlier than india

Proud to be a Pakistani Most Welcome All of You

love you Pakistan from Bangladesh. sometime invite us also brothers....

Love from Karachi Pakistan

Lahore Is The Heart Of Pakistan - Thanks To Visit Our City - Pakistan Zindabad !!!

No rates tagg.. Because this is pakistan dude! All food free for visitor's

hey good to see you in my lovely Pakistan.food is yummy,people are loving. its great to see you so comfortable there.PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

Am i the only one to see 10+ rating for a dish. Love from india

Most expensive street food i think

the roast chicken looks amazing!

Too many voices from the speaker when he likes something.Its not good for food movie.It looks like a football match and sometimes like a sexporn movie.So many fucking voices.

The best moment 21:50 hhahahah She's sooo beautiful.

Stay safe

Come in india and also go in chandigarh burail and maler kotla for non veg food

I may order some dishes Online from Pakistan Restaurant and try their food

It's hard to get authentic food in a another country


Butt karahi zindabad!!!


Pakistan lol foods

i m watching your videos now from three years. I hope you are not influenced as others by government's agenda. I see you as someone going deep..taihaola

Welcome to Pakistan sir

Isko Pakistan se jldi nekalo Wrna Mota hukr jaega

fantastic- Why you order so much of food ? i mean the mutton karahi was enough for atleast four people.

ranger you missed the good combinations e.g brain and kidneys or kidney and testicles of lamb or goat.

Very Nice

I love Pakistan ... And people...

love all pakistani brothers from bangladesh

Love Pakistan

come to Uzbekistan!!!

As a male I would suggest u to skip this( 14:25 - 17:15 ) part

Why ?

The Food Ranger my name is waqas and i am from Pakistan faislabad i want to work with you +923331791539

Enjoy this while you can we will nuke and kill all muslim pakistanis we indians will make this land to glass

Your partner is stunning

Karachi is waiting for you..

Man.. The media is so misinforming.. Pakistanis are all good to me..their hospitality and behavior is on point

Welcome to home town

Delicious food of Pakistan...

We don't get beef due to modi

pakistan has lakhsmi chok wow

Why do i get 3 adver in one video!!!? Thats insane!!!!

Why are you so obnoxious lmao like ur videos tho

I'm from Lahore and you just pump me to go out and try all these


You are so cuteeee sir

was that butter still in the wrapper when it hit the pan?!?!!?


Thank you for coming Pakistan

Sombody help this guy, testicles are meant to be added to kidney gurday and kaleji

Love Pakistan

The food looks amazingggggg. Lots of love to all Pakistanis from an afghan ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Air strike kar di too Canada bagh jayega,

Some say see Rome and die, I say until you eat Pakistani food don't die!

He said...sloppy and satisfying....wow...

Want to visit Pakistan one day

Almarzoo 8

Love from China❤️


lots of basha bazi boys .fuki love Dem a lot.

Pakistan people so friendly

Don't ate in front of all of them, or else u will end up with loose motion and stomach ache.

喜欢听你用中文说的“太好了”! nice

Pakistan is so clean and food so delicious and hygienic..


why do you eat scrotums and testicle and penis but no vaginas.

Looks amazing! Love from Nova Scotia Canada

Glad you loved the food.

The Food ranger will go down as a legend in Asia.

5:40 ya Pakistani ya

Am i the only one that saw the kids in the background at 4:36 ??

Why I'm watching this at the 1 am. I'm so hungry now.

All Indians.. Give thumbs down to all pakistani videos

Stop moaning, and showing your thumb to every little thing please. I’m glad I live alone, because you moan more than all of pornhub combined.

His wife got gang raped there

Go eat triple to the mega poo poo plate! Paki boy

You son of Droh Patee Who had 5 Husbands at same time.

These porkistanis must have spat on his food and laughed at him when he was eating

Jiggers ! just ignore such bastards. This is what they learnt from BHAGWAT GEETA

That sounds like your culture bitch.. grow up and stop spreading hate. Food is sacred for Pakistanis.

That sounds like your culture bitch..stop spreading your hate and grow up.

great food presenter

Just love it when you say kesyyy ho bhaayyaa

Oh please please don't show that it's too much for me

You learned to say bhaiya bhaiya from your stay in UP and Delhi in India lol Pakistanis dont usually say bhaiya to refer to bhaiyas lol

Someone needs to make a YTP of the testicle scenes, theres so much hilarity


all men....

Great video Trevor aka The Food Ranger.

I’m Pakistani

Is something free in Pakistan for you?????


Dear world come 2 pakistan.pakistan is waiting of your hospitality


gr8 remarkable foods,,but i think food price is expensive than Bangladesh, India....

I like it

welcome br0

You are not supposed to eat the beef with the shirmal nun (the reason they were smiling at the background).. shirmal is something like a sweet desert.

Oh my God! eat so much fat and then with your hands! That is not how it works!!!

yikes testicles are haraam

Goat Brain Fry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWUueF7Uxsc Pls subscribe and support us

Much love to you from Pakistan ✌

im from pakistan and india and live in canada now. I dont understand how he doesnt get sick. What shot from the doctor can i take to prevent myself from getting sick so i can enjoy street food when travelling. How did Anthony Burdain not get sick?

lol nice of you for changing the thumbnail. Just looking at the one before used to make my balls hurt :D

Every time i hear you voice i block it...almost do...

lolololol You Karachi walooooo... I love you from Lahore. Karachi & Lahore flow like blood in each others veins. BUT still (6-21-3-11 - 25-15-21)

Long live Pakistan!

Make a review in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah any one agree pls like so he can see

10:28 *_Did any Indians payed any attention to the name of the locality?_*

Welcome to Pakistan. My fav food YouTuber.❤ Would love to see you in Karachi.❤

Did he just give the first ever 10+ ?

Nice bor


Han g

Pakistan is stunning country Rich food cultures of Lahore Incredible and amazing Pakistan

The biggest testicle in lahore

Welcome to the Pakistan love






Damn when he was cutting the testicles. I checked my own to see if everything was okay.

We r Pakistani .We r open hearted people so welcoming. We love everyone Muslim or non Muslim except those who disrespect our country and religion.

Damn 10+ For Beef Brain & Tihari! I Want It So Much!!!! Damn! Damn! Look So Yummy! Love From Indonesia

Guys i got a small doubt.. Is that the usual rate for each food..or they are charging extra..hope you will clear it PAKISTANI BROTHERS..

Number one nehari in the world

Amazing bro welcome to Pakistan

10+ .... 1st time

Bc kitnay nan khai ga 1 din mai

Damn. People here are so nice. What did they do to deserve war in their country

Too much butter and oil

Attention all Dont watch this video If you are empty tummy i mean if you are hungry

i love pakistani Food from bangladesh

nice video. 好影片。

Next come to Peshawar, KPK, PAKISTAN.

Awesome hygienic condition. Huge respect from INDIA


Thankyou Trevor for visiting PAKISTAN

3:29 ooooh aaah oooh of that boy

wow! beef nihari got 10+ 4:44

Pakistan is dumb nation.

looks at this food, im gonna visit pakistan ..

Did you meet with IK at travel summit?

Do pakistani ‘s eat Haleem during ramadan ?

Brother of islam. Love from Singapore

یار لاہور میں جاو تو یہ سب کھانے کو دل بھی کرتا ہے لیکن ڈر بھی لگتا ہے کہ کھوتا نہ ہو

Pakistanis seems to be so friendly.love their innocent smiles.love from india

he's saying testicles so casualy

makes me throw up

Hope you do not waste this good food! What do you do with all that you do not eat???????????????

Why is the food mostly free, man? I’m amazed at the hospitality of these people. Seems very rich from heart. Open hearted people.

13:49. Just to let you know...I got the biggest testicles in Lahore

Name of restaurant in 13:10 of the video? Anybody?


I've gained a couple of kgs just from watching the first 5 minutes

pakistan people so friendly, assalamualaikum from indonesia

So glad you are enjoying Pakistani food brother! Enjoy, love from Pakistan.


I’m from Bangladesh love and respects for Pakistani brothers and sisters

You can swim from oil in Pakistani foods

Um planning to visit Pakistan as soon as possible, I wanna eat everything

Love from mama Squad

For 15 mints i only read comments of this video..


Missing Lahore ....

Sauce pour toutes sortes de pâtes https://youtu.be/1KRsUPobATs

Hey I am in lahore and now i am hungry and going to a restaurant for a mutton karahi with 2 naans.... Bye

Wow? Its looks yummy. Love from bd.

Have you ever been hit by a motorcycle? Also would you ever consider doing a trip to the USA? Maybe to help find authentic Chinese food?

Love your pakistan series


Man.. The media is so misinforming.. Pakistanis are all seem good to me..their hospitality and behavior is on point

Lakshmi chok old lahore city as same as we get i. 1947

Teri maa ki kally choot Indian salla

My city

Ali is great man and true Pakistani

Who else is on a diet and punishing oneself for it by these videos

4:37.. See the 2 child

I love this guy's moans of pleasure.... Pakistani food is very tasty...


Peshawar people not get money you expolar all country but he get a money but Peshawar people not mney

I m an Indian. I think for vegetarian guys foods are available in Pakistan Or not?? I want to visit one day..!!

Pakistan yar sachme khane ke mamle me tumhara koi mukabla nahi wo v free me de rhe ho tourist dekh kr wow Love from India

welcome to visit our Pakistan, Pakistani peoples are very nice & guest loving

At 14:11 this is not halal at all It's makrooh.

Camera man also want to eat

Zomato se home delivery ho sakti hai kya india me?

Your fans love your show. Safe travels Trevor and Ting! Safety first!

I could not resist myself from liking the vedio. Love from Bangladesh

I am from lahore and i had tried almost every thing he eat Thanks for showing positive image of pakistan to world #Pakistan zindabad

Wow love to all Pakistan brothers and sisters from Nepal...

Nice video

My weekness is food


I'm from Bangladesh . I love Pakistan.

I am impressed

10+ WOW

I was Born in Pakistan And Till now I can't distinguish between Dhanya(coriander) and Podina (Mint) and Trevor Did it Perfectly *SHOOK*

Love from pakistan

Have you been to Indonesia,.... you will found some of farious traditional food from each region. From Sabang to Merauke.

Kya banda hy yaar Super cool :)

Hiiii from Connecticut

Hey Trevor! Love your all videos and positive feedback All i love is the way you said 'asslam alikum' bayyia

Bro Pakistani foods vs Bangladeshi food tell us

Awesome video man, i really would like 2 visit Pakistan just for the food now, will u be going back to India o China any time soon?

The last one also have pepsi-milk

Is Pakistan a safe country for Indians to visit?

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