Life at anchor in Formentera Spain - Sailing A B Sea (Ep.029)

Life at anchor in Formentera Spain - Sailing A B Sea (Ep.029)

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The Sun is just about to pop its head over the horizon, over my shoulder, here and, that. Means it's about seven o'clock in the morning and I just wanted to show you something today a little bit of daily. Life here at the Maine Anchorage of formentera in the Spanish Balearic Islands. This. Is what the anchorage looks like at seven o'clock in the morning. And, we'll progress through, the day right, through to when the Sun Goes Down over. There. It's. Now about two o'clock in the afternoon and, this. Is what it looks like surrounding, our boat right now. Okay. Off to the foredeck for one, last, look around before. I, wrap this little. Segment up for the night, been. A long day. Gotta. Be up early tomorrow at Ang's birthday. It's. Now 10 to 8:00 at night and, the, herd is. Starting. Its daily, migration back, to Ibiza, a lot of the smaller boats have gone what, will left with now is either, big boats that, are going to stay the night or big boats that are leaving to, overnight, passage somewhere else. Today. Is Anna's birthday and. Although. She's not expecting anything I just saw the posted drive past and drop something off at the mailbox I've, been up on into the cockpit and picked it up so. She, normally doesn't like it not at, this time of day this. Is the one day of the year that she does get up early because she's getting crazies and stuff like that. Birthday. Girl. The. Post he's just been. Delivered. It in a dry bag. This. Is from Cass I know, this is from Cass. That's. The most beautiful thing. That's. Why you asked me about dolphins and turtles. Isn't. It wait you stood up for five years. But. It's beautiful cares, it's beautiful. Look. Look. At the back oh my. God. This. Is the only card you get have a great. That. Is absolutely. Gorgeous look I'm gonna wear it. That's. Beautiful. So. There you go thank, you now all. Teary-eyed man, taking. The necks of breakfast top. I'm. Just gonna make. This right. That's. Wow. Thank. You and I'm gonna read, my happy birthday messages, on facebook or, look dare right. Well why do you do that I'll go make bacon in it thank you thank. You. Rollie. Dance. It's, a big red ball tart. Thank. You Jose, and the team at marina Australia, Murcia, it's, my birthday this is a nice treat. In. A little plastic, yeah. Champagne, glasses. Genius. And happy birthday. Is. To you to so. Many of you have wished. Me happy birthday, Facebook. In. Messenger, no say thank you thank you very much I really really, appreciate, that you. Your, load. Okay. So you do this. We're, from Australia, but. We. Sold, everything in Australia and. Bought this boat, yeah. We're. On YouTube, you, watch YouTube yeah, yeah. You, be on the on the video. Well, wish you all the best with your music. So. You just, got your birthday wish because, we thought they weren't coming around these. Guys here they. Just cruise this place making up path drinks. And cocktails with. Ice, oh. That's. Fabulous. It's a caipirinha, YUM. Well. He'll well. This morning. Has. Been a bit exciting. Because. We, have, managed. To get the. Tender and the, outboard together, in the water. We. Were very lucky because a. Very. Nice man in, a dinghy came up and helped us at the last minute when it was swinging a bit a bit.

Heavily For bass and me, it was yeah. I think we'll work it out next time a little bit better, what's. Your rank in bars, I reckon. That. We. Should. Get. Ourselves. Some. Sunscreen, cold. Water, go. Take a tour of, the. Anchorage. Sounds, like a fabulous idea. Today's. Little challenge the outboard motor hasn't, been. Firing. Properly it, either needs full choke or it cuts out and, passes. In the tender. Now, I came, to find out what the problem. So, what began as a fine-tuning of the throttle idle, speed. Turned. Into something, else because, when. I went to flick, the. Ignition. Switch upwards. To the on position. It's actually controlled by a kill switch so when the kill switch came out yesterday. It's. Snapped. The. Plastic. Bit of the kill switch because this sits at this angle goes up forearm, down. For off so. I've had to sort, of like semi disassemble. The kill switch so, as the spring for it there's. A little rubber thing for, it and. It's the kill switch itself and. With a screwdriver I managed to flick the little switch inside, into, the wrong position so, we can actually get the engine started I've, managed to do the ticking, over speed which is okay, for now we'll see how it goes but at least it's not going to die on us now when we most need it in the middle of a. Battle. Between several, ferries and we we have an engine dyers not, the best place in the world for that's happened so. Throttle. Is good kill, switches bollocks, I've taken some photographs, Ignace email them back to Jose so when we get back to the marina and las salinas it can already have the spare part waiting to, be put in because it's a brand new engine. And. That's just this morning. It's. Quite advantageous birthday, treat we're going to teach you how to dive off, the. Side of a boat she. Doesn't die like diving off the back platform which is a foot away from the water I. Think, we're about I know three, and a half feet away from the water on the side here. We're. Going to teach you not to be afraid of water. It might require a few beats. But. Look at this look. At this tastes. Like today these. Are the reasons why. Just, simple. Stuff. Ah. Time. Three. Music those arrests for you. Okay. We're gonna do it. Closer. Don't. Fear the mortars. Sure. It's a past life thing. The. Sun is getting her head just above, the horizon and. We. Are. Going scuba diving, off. The back end of our poets. Gotta. Get wrist dinghy out the way first, you're. Ready. Well. That's unfortunate we put on chest gear together of course its brand new and it works perfectly, and, even. Though I did a test, dive just a couple of days ago we, just put my gear together and, I noticed there was a leak coming from my power, in flight er connection. On the first stage so. I took, it out and. I. Don't know if you can see that but the thread, I move. My head out the way the camera will focus, on that rather than me, but. The thread. Has. Completely. Sheared. So, I thought well okay I'll get my old one out, so, I got my old one out and put it in into. The first stage, and. That. Thread. Again. I don't know if this is going to focus on that to bring it in from here and, that. Thread, has. Completely sheared off to, inside. The first stage so. That means that. Dive. Cancelled. And. I've got to get a new, first. Stage and, two. New pair. Inflator hoses. Still. We can go for a snorkel, hey. That, sucks. Toes, to the edge. And. There you have it the main Anchorage, at, Formentera. With. The herd arriving, and departing, we'll, be departing in, a few days - right now we're, just waiting on the wind to change direction and become strong enough to blusters. Up to the. Southwest. Tip of Ibiza, and then. We're gonna go up the west coast of Ibiza and find ourselves a, nice little Anchorage, there somewhere. I think, we've been here long enough it's, been nice it's been great it's been a very very good learning curve watching.

All The boats come in and leave, and figuring. Out how close everybody. Anchors, to everybody, else so yeah it's been a great experience in Formentera. It's. Time to move on, next. Week on sailing, ABC, Baz has to put his big-boy, pants on again as, we refuel, before leaving Formentera and we. Enjoy a proper sail to Ibiza, if you've enjoyed this video you know what to do give us a thumbs up subscribe, and, ding the bell for notifications. Of future videos do. Share with your friends, cuz it really helps us out and leave. A comment because we'd love to hear from you. You.

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Fantastic to see the scuba is now a happening thing. Great video

Agreed, it was so nice to blow bubbles after 9 months. There was not a lot to see, but still very relaxing.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Thank you Joseph.

This adventure will dive you crazy.......

[Baz] Hahaha I'm already crazy Eric.

Well done Bazza and Aansha! Loving the frequent uploads, keep up the great work. :)

Hey Jack, thanks for watching and the feedback. Cheers.

Love it

We love it too Freddie.

Could not help noticing the rolling of your boat , to slow it down , deploy your spinnaker pole at 90 degrees, sacrifice a strong bucket by drilling holes in it and hang it with a line on the extremity of the pole keep it full just below the surface , it will act as a damper and slow the rolling . Cheers

Hey Arthur, thanks for the tip. Agreed, I've been on liveaboard dive vessels that had this kind of set up in rolly seas. Obviously not using a bucket with holes though. Unfortunately A B Sea is not equipped with a spinnaker pole, but it is on the list. Cheers.

Happy Birthday, Aannsha. love what you're doing, wish I had don't the same.

Thank you Richard Steele, it was an awesome day.

Happy birthday

Thanks Nigel Donald!

Great video. Happy belated birthday! Always a nervous time when so many day strippers show up with alcohol.

Thanks Sea Travel! Day strippers would have been a fun twist on my birthday lol!

Glad you guys are finally getting in for a dive! How is that compressor performing?

Eric, we have not refilled the tanks yet, we've still got 2 full ones. I'll let you know how it performs when we do.

I tip my hat to you both, thats some adventure your on.

Hi Robin, our adventure turns into a nightmare late one night. Obviously we survived because we're replying to you, but it was the most scared we have ever been in our lives.

Hi great videos keep them coming. Happy birthday

So glad you're enjoying the videos Wayne Skorupka and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday Aannsha, great work guys, keep living the life.

Thank you john whitehouse, I/we really appreciate that.

Practicing diving in small steps is a good idea rather than going off too high too soon and giving yourself a permanent fear. I think like climbing the mast (overcoming fear of heights) take it in stages over a few days to learn the skill. Ruby Rose and Britican all enjoy watching others practise their anchoring techniques.

Andrew Logan thanks for that Andrew. Yes, little by little is working for me.

Well, summer in the Mediterranian is always packed. from September on it will be fine. Try to survive one more month..:)

Thanks for that info Tibor. I always remove the drain plug from the dinghy when she's on the davits, although the addition of a rain cover to keep the majority of the rain out would be a good idea. We do have a big tarpaulin that we can put over it.

Hi, great plan - we sailed there last September (to Korfu): we were the only boat anchoring in a small bay we found - clear water, sandy beach, friendly people, great food... just one advice: you most likely have rough weather, heavy rain in Otranto straight. If not yet, you may want to prepare a dinghy cover so that it does not fill up with water in heavy rain sailing.

Hey Tibor, agreed, All things being equal we'll be on our way to Greece in September.

Hi guys, just be careful when diving around an anchorage with jet skis etc zooming around, may be consider using an SMB, Keep up the good work, love the channel. Regards

Awesome watch! So glad you had a special birthday too..those bubbles looked nice. xxx

Thank you Deniece. XXX

how easy is it to pull that anchor baz, im guessing your windlass is more that man enough to heave it out of the sea bed.

Hey GeeTee, our windlass does not seem strained by the size/weight of our Mantus anchor. We do follow the RYA procedure for bringing up an anchor in that we drive fwd onto the anchor chain, so that the majority of the lifting is vertical as opposed to horizontal. Cheers.

[Baz] Hey Freedom Seeker, agreed about caution when diving at an anchorage. For this particular dive we were in 7m of water, we got in off the back of our vessel and descended, then went straight out to our anchor and back. Only ascending when we were directly under our ladder. An SMB in this instance could have caused issues. The water taxis and jet skis would have no opportunity to stay the required distance away from it and there was the possibility that it may have fouled someones prop. We're so glad you love the channel and thank you for commenting.

Too cute,another great video.

Hey Diana, thank you for your encouraging words and we're so glad that you're enjoying the videos.

happy belated brithday. :) peace and happy sailing.

Happy Birthday Aannsha from my partner (Margaret) and me.... we hope you have many more.... hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxx from Whyalla, South Australia.

Thank you Owen and Margaret, we hope there are many more birthdays to come too.

Sorry, a little late. Happy B-Day. Love your videos. cheers

Thank you Jean Claude and we're so glad you're loving our videos.

Thank you srq Lisa :)

They call it a flopper stopper...

Yes that's what they called it on the dive boat. Thanks for the reminder Rob.

definition of cruising: fixing things at exotic places :) you´re getting to learn that now ;) good job so far!

11:24 fab boat !!!

Little late but anyway, Happy Birthday. By the Way, my name is Wolfgang and my dream is like yours but i am 5-6 years after you in time. But when i look at your videos i am soooo exited to wanting to do the same as you. A BIG WOOOW.

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