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Bienvenidos. Dez de Lima Peru but more specifically, the historic. Center, and I'm, taking along with me to be able to explore, this beautiful. Area. We. Are starting, on, the. Here on Conde they super dune de which is a freaking. Mouthful. But the. Street is, so, full. Of life, cuddler. Like. Beautiful. Shades of yellow. Reds. Oranges. Blues. And not, only that but like there's these beautiful. Balconies. That surround, you on both sides, I will get more into the, balconies, a little, bit later. But. Lots. Of people kind, of hustling, about and kind of shoving me sadly lots. Of dogs if you're like me I, love, animals. Hi. He's so cute, he. Is kind of taking a siesta, maybe has his belly full you'll, see lots of those around here, and lots, of really, cool. Little. Restaurants. Kind, of like holes in the walls where you don't really think about it because. Well. Yeah it's very, Center and yeah. A lot of tourists come here because. Why not you're, here right. People. Tend, to stick around big, metal pillars and stuff like that especially when it comes to food but, be, adventurous. Now. As, we. Walk a little bit of ways and maybe you can't see it right now but I can't I see, the place that I am, really excited to, see in introduced, I actually, have never been there before, kind. Of crazy, I've been to Peru so many times and I, haven't, really taken the opportunity or the chance to, really explore the historic, center we're, really excited, oh, yeah. That's another thing that you will notice here in Lima specifically. Is. Lots. Of Florence, I mean. They say there's Quechua, Spanish, and horn honking, for the third language I, mean. Maybe. Not an official, language but probably, pretty close so. The. Next. Site. That we're coming up on is the Basilica and, content, of the Santo Domingo, which, is this. Beautiful. Pink. And. Off-white. Yellow. Ish color, but. I find, the peak to be very unique, in color. Because you don't really see, many churches, but. Are a colorful, and, B. Peak. And not. That I mind at all because I, love the color paint and it's more of a salmon color, and I prefer Salman. So. A. Little. More about that but I actually think was the coolest part about this church that I read is. The. Main house or historic, building, there is, actually. The. University, of San Marcos which, was the officially. The, first University, of Peru which, is actually, the. Oldest. University. And all, of the, Americas. That's. Kind of crazy right I mean, I didn't. Know that before, then but, I would have never guessed I the, oldest university. Would be here. In Lima so. The more you know, but. Back on this really, SuperDuper long, name street now. It, didn't actually get its name. This. Really, long, name, until. Around the 20th century, and. Before. That the. Streets expanded. Around six blocks and. It. Has six different names, so, I guess either. You have a little bit of a trade off you don't have, to remember six different, block, names, anymore, you, just have to remember the long way. So. Another. Really, cool portion, that I've been buying, that. Haven't really immersed. Myself. It's called the. Central, post office alleyway. And post office, of. Lima. It's. No longer a post office it actually closed a couple of years ago and since. 2011. It has, become a museum a Peruvian. Gas turn on. Gastronomy. It's, really hard to talk. Which. Can you blame the Peruvians, I mean when your food is as, delicious, as. It is, here in Peru. I mean. Why not make every, building that you can into, a museum, or into, something about gastronomy. Now. This. Building is also in the really pretty shade of pink that the church was so. I actually, kind of see that quite, often, now. There. Is the main building which is pink which. Is the post office and they said right behind it is actually the alleyway, and we'll. Be going through it first time actually and. It's. Supposed to be a bunch of little, bitty shops, for you to just kind of browse and, shop about. Give. Me one moment I want to make sure to. Cross the street and look, both ways make, sure you do that while in your like, while you're here. And. If. You look once make sure you look again because people, kind, of tend to come out of nowhere and you know they're not looking for you so, you have to stay, alert and. So. This is the main alleyway. Again, this, is right behind the, old post office building. And. Like besides it's a bunch of shops which are really colorful and beautiful like, it seems like even when they're closed. Like. They're. Painted. And I. Wish I knew the name of the flower that. These actually are if you, know the name of the flowers that are painted. On. These. Little. Babies, they're. Like storage. Units they uh supply storage but. They're not storage units because they house these. Little pop-up shops but, let me know cuz, the flowers, look, really pretty really.

Colorful. And. Above. Me it almost looks like glass and, maybe. At one point in time there was glass, but. Now I think. It's. Completely open. But. It's really pretty like, and there's, not that many people through. Here I, we're. Gonna speed it up because. There's. Just a big open area right here I'm, not that many shops, towards. The end of. The. Alleyway. Stitch. From. Lilo &, Stitch. Do. You like if you're like me you like plushies, you're. Never too old for plushies. But. You can get some really cute stuff here you're, thinking of your kids or loved one and you've, almost forgot, to. Get them something although there's plenty of places all through Lima that you can also get your your souvenirs, from and. I do recommend you check those places out too. Now. Stairs. There's. Actually not that many stairs, through. Lima. Which. Is quite the opposite, of when we like, when. I visited. Italy. So. The. Main, light. Focal, point that you will find when. You are here in the historic centre and it's. Almost impossible to, miss is the government, palace. And, actually. Known as the house of Pizarro because I mean of course Francisco. Pizarro is, the whole founder, of. Lima. Oh. Well. I will correct myself. But. Pizarro is a very, well-known. Name that, you'll hear quite a lot. Here's. The kind key stud or not, founder, so. Excuse, me on that but. He is the one that came, he. Built this house back. In. 1535. Unfortunately. It's. A very unlucky, I want to say unlucky, as in its caught fire twice, so. The building that we see now was. Mostly, built. Between, the 1920s, and. The 1930s, but. Don't let that like I said make, you feel sad or anything it's, a beautiful. Beautiful, building. And, if. You are here and if you do decide to come here I highly. Highly highly. Highly. Recommend. Can't recommend, it enough to. Get here at noon time because. They. Do the changing, of the guards. Every. Day every. Day at noon and I'm. Not sure if they changed, it any I know the, one time that I did come I. Wasn't. Allowed at, all, in the square but they had it all blocked off because of protests that were going but. It seems like that may not be the case today because I, am. Like right outside the gate. But. It's absolutely. Gorgeous. Huge. Like. Here's just an understatement. Oh I should mention that this, house houses. That. Sounds a little redundant. This. Is where the President, of Peru stays, how cool, is that like, you would almost feel like a king even though you're not a king you're just a president. But. You even have your own royal. It's. A cult royal guard but. You have your like your own guard, as president, like that is awesome. Now. It's. Really bright I'm, gonna, make sure that I don't look, up too much, because. The Sun is literally, right. There, because. I decided. To come, well. I decided to come when there wasn't a lot of traffic or wasn't gonna be a lot of traffic that's also another thing that you shouldn't be mindful of is, Peru. During peak hours, there's, a lot of traffic there's a lot of people here I've seen this place be, busier, than what it is now. But. I. Am. Now in, the birthplace, of, all. Of. Lima. It. Is the main square the, Plaza Mayor the, Plaza de Armas, there's, a lot of names for it but this. Is the. Absolute. Fundamental. Birthplace. Of what. Lima has, become what it is now, you see the. Cathedral, that. I'm walking towards, and I, do recommend that if you're here. To take a tour like get, a tour group and, you. Know explore each individual. Places this, will be much more knowledgeable, about it, and you, get to see a lot of cool things because, it's. Not just the Incan culture is the colonial, Spanish culture that you see all through, here and right. Next to the church you see the art. Art. Bishop's, Palace and they. Even have the beautiful. Balconies. But. This one is like I find those if you look extremely gorgeous, and another thing that you will see a lot is, lots, and lots and lots of yellow but, I don't mind it it's, a really pretty shade of yellow and there's, just so much life here like I can't. Get over of like people. Just come here to, waste, time to spend time with their families, to just, take a normal, scroll, to, live their everyday life, and, you.

Know It's just kind of really cool to be a part of that and to share a part of that and another. Really cool thing is this fountain back behind me I, do. Believe, that fountain. Was. Provided. In the, sixteen, hundreds, not. Really, sure about the time. But. It's it's. Really pretty I love fountains, so. I. Want. To go to this really cool street alleyway. And I, want to make sure that I know exactly where. I'm going so I don't look too lost. So. Once, I find that I'll be right back alright, so I'm not gonna mention how, long it actually took, or, how much time has passed to find the street but the good news is I finally did and we, just came from right over there, so we are now on here on de la reunión. And I. Said that's still very American, nice. So. This, street is completely, pedestrianised. So it's completely, closed to traffic so you will find tons. Of people, here so I should recommend coming, during the weekday where people are at work and, kids are at school. Because. This, is gonna be a sea of people during the weekend, now, it's, still colorful. Like the rest of the square but, not quite as much. It's very commercialized. Now. Which. Makes sense because there's, tons of little shops because, you know people want to you. Know appeal, to the people who are walking, back, and forth. So. Another. Really cool thing about this street is it's. Not really a street and I say that is it the. Ground is completely tiled, as if, you're like indoors, I mean. I. Keep. Saying I know that makes sense but I mean if cars aren't really passing, so you don't really have to worry about them getting destroyed, so. Now. If. You're walking through you, Buller just strolling. Going. In and out of these little shops, I'm pretty sure you can find almost anything, through, here I mean. The. Street. Is. Very bus. Bus. Bus bus, at. The core okay so, good. News is I have found more. Of the balconies, that I mentioned, earlier that I would talk more about so. Lima. Is so unique, when, it comes to these clothes style balconies. Because. The people who came here back, in the day which. Was, during the conquest. What. Is that more conservative, and the, really cool thing is this you can only find, these, in this. Latin American, city all the other ones are more open, so, like if you go to other Latin American cities to find more of the open balconies, now, these are. Supposed. To be unique. From. Egypt. In, Syria, so if you go there you may find. More. About canoes, like that and it. Makes sense because this. Was the most, important. Boulevard, of all, of Lima back in, 1535. Where. All of the, most a fluent. People, the, most influential. Men, from, all, over, the, world would calm and it. Makes, sense to, live up to the. That Lima had which, was the city of the, kinks how, cool. Of a, nickname to. Have the city of the kinks I mean, just. Saying it makes me feel oh well. Royal so. There is more. Cathedrals. Coming. Ahead Oh run, run run run right the way to get hit by cars, because. Technically, I wasn't supposed to be crossing the street so don't follow in, my example, it's a bad example. So. Oh. Wow. Now. This, entrance, - I believe. This is also a cathedral you'll find lots of cathedrals, here in, Lima. But. I find that very common. For. South. America in. General or any Latin American country and how. Cool is this store. Is that a store, inside. This freaking I don't. Know cool. Building. So. I was talking, about the third language of crew being horns, they're. Speaking to me, too. Bad I don't really speak their languages I don't, think I would have the nerve to drive, here like. If. You drive here, and Lima. Kudos. Kudos. To, you I think. My my. Stress levels, would fly off the rocks. This, street is fairly. Long so it, is nice if you're just wanting to walk. Off a few, of those calories. That. You racked, up from eating all of the delicious Peruvian. Food while you're here because, that is exactly what I'm doing right now. Okay. So that Street was much, longer, than I had anticipated but. We're finally, here at the last landmark. That, I have for you to show you and. I. Am gonna walk the street before the light, turns.

Red Again, oh the, red lights uh last, for like oh no. Like 90, seconds, and then you get like not, even 30 seconds, to cross the street. Whoo. Watch your step, you're coming this way, I'm. Sure there's a main entrance, in all, corners. But. To. Introduce, this Plaza as I have before in, my, other, Peru. Video, of the five things to see or do while, in Lima is, the, Plaza de, San martín. Which. You. See send, my teen on his horse I don't know the horse's, name I wish I did cos I like animals and I like knowing that stuff, which. Was inaugurated. On. July. 27. 1921. The, hundredth, anniversary of. Peru's. Independence. So, that's really cool, also, syn Martine which is josé, de, San martín is, the, liberator of Peru, and. This. Place was, dubbed a World Heritage Site, in nineteen. Eight, so, little, tidbit, this. Plaza is really cool too we, came here or it's just I came here last time when the whole entire Plaza. De Armas, was completely, blocked off and, it was kind of sad but, I you know walk the little ways and made it here and, this is just a really chill spot to think I said people just sitting. With, their families, just passing, time is not, as busy as the players a day autumn s so. That's also another thing to keep in mind if you prefer. A more chillax. Area. Which I do, so. I, definitely. Recommend coming, here even if you're coming to the Plaza de Armas I mean it's not that bad of a walk I definitely, recommend just coming here to oh, and. I. Said, more, dogs. And they, look like they're blooming. You'll. Find these everywhere like. Not kidding. It it. Is sad but. Know that like some of these guys don't have homes but some. Of them do have people. Who do watch and take care of them we call them bodega, dogs. Which. A bodega. Is like a little small shop, oh hello. Sun hello. Sun. Right in my eyes. So. This. Is gonna conclude, my, historic. Walking. Tour, I'm so, happy that you guys could come along with me it's, been really fun. If. I got anything wrong at. Any. Point, on the information that I was providing, and you're from Peru please. Go. Ahead and comment down below you, know and correct me I love, the city a lot and I love learning more. Things about it and I want to make sure that the information I had obviously it's, correct, and. Again, if this is your first time experiencing. This beautiful. City please, let me know what you enjoyed, the. Or, you. Know what, you found the most interesting. Or. If you just want to say hello that's, cool too so if you liked this video please, give, it, a big thumbs, up a like and. Don't, forget to subscribe for. More travel tips and, videos. Until. Next time ciao.

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What was your favorite place in the video? Cual fue tu lugar favorito en el video?

@Hello Nicki Travels Thanks you! =). Peru is a multicultural country that has 28 types of climate from the 32 types of climate that exist in the world. Peru has 84 microclimates or ecosystems of the 106 types of microclimates or ecosystems that exist in the world. As a result of this climatic and geographical aspect there are many types of cultures within a single geographical region because they have different types of economic activities and modes of food production. This makes us have a great variety in Peruvian cuisine, variety in textile art, musical art, ceramics, different cultural manifestations, etc. I recommend that you visit Ayacucho for a minimum of 15 days between February and March because in those days the Ayacucho carnival party is held in which most of the towns and cities that are within the department of Ayacucho meet during the day in ancestral and original cultural musical groups from different villages of Ayacucho, families, friends, state institutions, companies, etc. also meet. and absolutely all fill the streets of the city of Ayacucho with music, song and art in all its dimensions. There you can see more than 250 different villages with different cultures with their typical clothes. Also these days there are different demonstration activities in livestock, textile, ceramics, crafts, gastronomy, etc. And during the night there are many musical concerts in different parts of the city and in which original musical rhythms of Ayacucho, Peru and international music are mixed.The music overflows everywhere.In the videos that are on youtube, you do not can listen to the sharpness of the music maybe because they are recorded outdoors and because each music group is for example more than 50 people. Many of the YouTube videos that I saw are not able to capture the music properly but if you would be in the same place you would listen clearly to the music and you would see the intensity of the colors of the costumes of these musical groups that are called "carnival troupes". If you want me to share more information you can find me on my facebook: It will be great to share more information =). I send you some videos with some carnival musical rhythms: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Sorry, the hour beat me, I have to go to college. I'll run, jeje =) I wish you have a nice day!!!!!!!

@EVER NELSON HUALLANCA VASQUEZ That is impressive! and I really appreciate your elaborate comment. I didn't know there was so so much history behind the boxes I thought were pretty. I remember seeing them as souvenirs too, together with the colorful bull. Peru really is full of color and culture. Thank you for sharing all of that! It makes me want to visit Ayacucho!

Hi!!!. I have the answer to one of your questions: These colorful stores in the form of boxes represent an artistic expression of craftsmanship. This artistic expression is called "Ayacuchano Altarpiece" and they exist in different sizes; from minute sizes to the size of a house. This handicraft work represents the lifestyle of people, represents folklore parties, religious festivals, represents all human activity of the Ayacuchan cultures and all thoughts of these cultures. This craft work is original and comes from the city of Ayacucho, this city is mainly characterized by Andean musical expressions whose symbol is "Ayacuchana music and Ayacuchana guitar", crafts, ceramics, textiles, religious expressions (Holy Week Ayacuchana), "carnival party", typical foods of the area and is the birthplace of many intellectuals and heroes of the Peruvian homeland. It is also a place where the battle of Ayacucho occurred with which Peru achieved its intependence against the Spanish invasion. I send some web addresses for you to have an idea: 1) 2) 3) 4) Holy Week Ayacuchana: 5) 6) City of Ayacucho and place of the battle of Ayacucho: 7) Music (Some songs) : 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) Ayacucho is the place where the cries of freedom against tyranny have always begun, it is a place of war, it is a place of history, it is a place of freedom, it is a place of joy, it is a place of sadness and it is a place of love at its best,...

De hecho ami me encanta el centro histórico de Lima.

The Historical Center of Lima is not colonial. It was a kingdom of the Spanish crown. "This 'City of the Kings' was...the capital and most important city of the Spanish dominions in South America. The Historic Center of Lima bears witness to the architecture and urban development...of great political, economic and cultural importance in Latin America." UNESCO That particular place ruled Spanish South America.


Omg,thank you so much for your video,was awesome!!,i feel like i walked with miss my city,i used to walk with my friends around there.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Richard. Reading your comment made me very happy! ☺️

Excelente tu video muy bonito todo muchos saludos desde PERU

muchas gracias, saludos!

Nuevamentes estas en Lima

Si, me gusta mucho Lima y Peru. Saludos!

Francisco Pizarro is the conquistador of Perù and also he founded Lima as City of kings in January 18 1535. I like your video.

He "founded" Lima on top of an ancient prehispanic city. The Huacas or Pyramids all over the place testify to that.

Se ve feo!

Tamales! Ricos tamales!

Mexican people eat rats

The bright colors of the buildings was because Lima in Fall and worst in winter the city is gray, covered with gray clouds. In order to put some color and happiness in the city the Spaniard painted the whole city with pastel colors.

@DUCK MX In Mexico there are a lot of drugdealers, murders, it is a horrible place, sorry , but it is true.

Siempre algunos Mexicano y Peruanos insultandoce. Los dos paises son hermosos.

@Hello Nicki Travels but you are right. At the end of the video the city looks beautiful

@Hello Nicki Travels peruvians are rude. That's the big difference between Mexico and Peru

Lima y Ciudad de Mexico son muy parecidas y hermosas ciudades, en mi opinion

Amazing content your videos are really good.Great channel // friend stay connected

Thank you for the words!

The Spanish colonial architecture in all of Latin America is amazing. I like the mix of Indigenous and Spanish culture. Are you planning to do more of these types of videos in Latin America? Also, you're looking beautiful as always.

@icce I am going back to Mexico in a couple of months! And I looked at all your recommendations. Those cities look beautiful!

@Hello Nicki Travels If you visit Mexico again Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Guadalajara or Monterrey.

I completely agree and that's why I love visiting Latin America. I am definitely planning to do more of these walking videos whenever I travel. Would love to visit Buenos Aires, Rio, Havana... If you have a suggestion, I will write it down too, haha!

Beautiful the streets of Peru

They truly are. One of my favorite cities in the world!

Hi Nicky, love it, beautiful, great job Nicky,..I'd like to tell you, if you walk, from plaza San Martín, 3 more blocks towards east part of, were to find another cute plaza, with beautiful 16! Century churches, but, here comes the plus , it's the old building for the first University, in the Americas!,(Parq.universitario), C.1560, great architecture, and today, it is a museum, for whom, love to visit it, there are other important buildings, and walking boulevards dates back, to the viceregalty, on the four corners, of the city of Kings.... greetings from NY...

your videos are beautiful! but, I believe Pizarro shouldn´t be mentioned as a "conquistador" nor founder, he was just an invader, a traitor and a trespasser. It´s a painful chapter in our Peruvian history.

Thank you Lilian! And thank you for sharing your point of view. I took a very long tour of the city with an official guide last year and I remember the information she gave me about Pizarro and I simply shared that. Nonetheless, I am very sorry if I said something insensitive to you or others.

et Chalaco:, I perfectly agree, with you, this is why, the incredible size, of the viceregalty city,.. 4 neighborhods, Cercado, Rimac, Barrios Altos, y Monserrat, with more than 500 mansions, and palaces, sadly many of them in ruins, but also a good bunch, saved, and coming up, many more, greetings from ny...

Francisco Pizarro was the conquistador of Perù and also he founded Lima as City of kings in January 18 1535. I like your video.

@Hello Nicki Travels and in Peru also very interesting places are Arequipa, Cuzco, andahuaylillas churches and surroundings, big plus, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Puno, churches,...second more plus, train to the andes, lima-Huancayo optional, Huancavelica, with the highest, crossing Andean mountains by train, literally cross travel, on the skirts, of the glaciers, and throughout more than 40 tunnels, and amazing bridges, all built by an American engineer!... greetings from Peru

nice video greeting from cuzco peru :v

Thank you! :v

Nice video about downtown Lima... Have you been at San Francisco Church? It's close to plaza de Armas...

Thank you! And yes, I took a tour of the San Francisco Church and also saw the catacombs. Sadly they don't allow any pictures of video, but great memories!

Awesome! That's why I love this city. So many beautiful and historical places. Thank you so much for sharing that!

@Hello Nicki Travels Thanks so much for taking the time to kindly answer to my comment! I love your videos, I´ve seen lots of them! Please, please, don´t get me wrong! You haven´t been insensitive at all, don´t worry! All the contrary! thanks for the lovely and so positive way you show our country! You make us feel as if we were walking with you, and that is so fun! If I made that comment, it was precisely because of that, just sharing my point of view with sb I´m walking with :-) . We cannot change history, but we can help by giving certain things the precise name, seeing both sides of the coin. As Ed Sheeran says, I´m just thinking out loud. Cheers!

@Hello Nicki Travels I personally don't agree with Lilian, although, I also respect, her opinion, conquests, no matter where, first among Europeans, next against middle East, then, Asia, America, finally, Africa, etc., Has not been "honey in your lips", but to use proper words, real words, is not being disrespectful, history is real, he was the conqueror, and founder, and no word or opinion, is going to change the reality, it belongs to the past,...beautiful work Nicky,...greetings from NY

Duck mx, El único feo, son tu sentir,.. saludos desde ny...

Thank you, is July 28,1821, Don Jose de San Martin, an Argentine Man with Venezuela boys and Peruvians,Italian s,etc,that helped independence ,Arabian balcony,yes..Lima is UNESCO patrimony..Syria lost lot balconies on war 2012. Was destroyrd so sad

Los balcones de Lima son únicos en Latam .mexico no tiene esa arquitectura.

fantastic viedeo

We had a great time when we were there, but I won't miss the traffic! Was nice seeing some of the places we visited from a different point of view

You know more about my birthplace’s history than me lol

The oldest university in America is in Mexico.

Same! L.A traffic has nothing on Lima! And it's not really something you expect, but Lima has made it 3rd in the The World's Worst Cities For Traffic Congestion ranking.

nicki muy bueno tu video de lima saludos de Perú

Caramba! Para ser la capital de PERU, yo no veo gran cosa? en La Paz-Bolivia a 30 minutos del centro de la ciudad, se encuentra la Gran Zona Sur que prácticamente es otra ciudad Moderna y Cosmopolita de 600.000 habitantes, a 3.200 metros sobre el nivel del mar, los más ricos habitan chalets y apartamentos de lujo junto a los mejores restaurantes, las tiendas más caras y los clubes de moda... Las casas de la clase media alta son asi. Y por dentro... Las residencias más caras se encuentran en los barrios de la Florida, Umamanta, Aranjuez, Calacoto. Mallasilla y otros, equivalente a las Casuarinas, la Planicie, La Rinconada del Lago, Miraflores, San Isidro... Las casas de la clase alta paceña son asi.. Y en Jupapina y Mallasa encuentras mansiones de 1 o 2 hectareas que cuestan entre 3 a 5 millones de dolares con piscina climatizada, arboles frutales y caballerizas de caballos. Asi es Nicki! "la vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida". Y por ultimo la mayoria de la clase alta paceña tiene su casa de campo en Rio Abajo un poblado a 45 minutos de La Zona Sur Saludos chamo aver cuando vienes por Bolivia.

You did a great job on this video. It makes me feel like I was there. Maybe one day. Love you baby

¡Volviste! :o

1:18 Martha Moyano?


Thank you for your video. It was very informative.

I am glad you found it informative. Thank you for the comment!

Are you back in Perú?

Yes sir!

Wow, usted si que recorrió completamente el Centro Histórico de Lima

CDMX historical center is too plain comparing to Lima.

Mira nadie se quiere comparar con los cuatro distritos decentes de Lima y el resto de sus ciudades que son pueblos grandes. Sabias que La Paz, Bolivia. En su Gran Zona Sur, a 3.200 metros sobre el nivel del mar, que prácticamente es otra ciudad Moderna y Cosmopolita de 600.000 habitantes, los más ricos habitan chalets y apartamentos de lujo junto a los mejores restaurantes, las tiendas más caras y los clubes de moda, autos de lujo. Mercedes-Benz. BMW. Audi. Renault. Toyota. Mitsubishi. Porsche y Jaguar y sabias que es el doble de extenso q los cuatro distritos decentes de Lima y una población q' duplica a los cuatro distritos decentes de LIMA. Los chalets y apartamentos de lujo de la clase media alta y clase alta paceña son asi..

@patricia ramos ¿?

Eres vendedor inmobiliario, seguro te interesará esto

Criollo JAJAJA lo que hace la ignorancia

No. There was an article that i’m having trouble finding, that explains how what is ci considered a university. The oldest is in Mexico. THere are other universities in latin America older than the one in lima. When i find it, i will post

wet timguavass It is in Lima San Marcos University

@Hello Nicki Travels Será motivo para un próximo vídeo. ☺

Gracias por su comentario! creo que me falta mucho mas por recorrer! Tuve mucha suerte que salio el sol para el recorrido

@Goche Carcoche Pero cuál es el problema si ustedes se parecen a los Collas Altiplanicos de mi pais sean de la selva, costa, sierra, Lima puro Inca-Bora-bora o no? Caramba! yo no sabia que esos 9 M de vendedores de fritanga con industrias y exportaciones vivian de esta manera..EL 80% DE LIMA ES UNA DESCOMUNAL BARRIADA........... SAN JUAN DE LURIGANCHO, CON MAS DE UN MILLON DE HABITANTES, COMAS, PUENDE PIEDRA, INDEPENDENCIA, VILLA MARIA DEL TRIUNFO, VILLA EL SALVADOR, VENTANILLA, PACHACAMAC, EL AGUSTINO, SAN JUAN DE MIRAFLORES, CHOSICA, RIMAC, SAN MARTIN DE PORRES, CARABAYLLO, PAMPLONA ALTA,.......CALLES SIN ASFALTAR, SIN ALCANTARILLADO, CASAS DE CARTON DE MATERA, DE CALAMINA Y PLASTICOS, CASAS DE LADRILLO DESNUDO A MEDIO CONSTRUIR, , SUCIEDAD POR TODO LADO, BASURA PODRIDA EN LAS CALLES, INSALUBRIDAD, GENTE VIVIENDO EN LOS CERROS SIN LUZ NI AGUA POTABLE, PUESTOS DE COMIDA EN LAS CALLES, AMBULANTES, PUESTOS DE VENTA MONTADOS EN LAS CASAS......NO SE SI REIR O TENER LASTIMA.... Las ciudades de Moscú o Róterdam datan de finales de siglo XIX y principios del XX, para que te instruyas. Ja! San Miguel es solo el barrio mas comercial de la zona sur de La paz.

De que te sorprendes? Los peruanos viven tratando de validarse ante Bolivia haciendo comparaciones y tratando de salir favorecidos en dichas comparaciones. ya que usted desconoce la mentalidad y manera de actuar del peruano un país como dicen ellos mismos de vivos, es decir, de aprovechados. Porqué no muestra los cerros, el MURO DE LA VERGÜENZA y el 80% de lima?.

No entiendo la razon del comentario. Si desea comparar Lima con La Paz, con mi video de contexto, deberia comparar el centro historico de las 2 ciudades. No compartir fotos de casas lujosas que hay en todo el mundo.

@Criollo Y llama la atención que en Bolivia haya un nazi hablando de superioridad racial. Por cierto esos 9 M de vendedores de fritanga, sí esos "undermenschen", tienen más industria y más exportaciones que toda Bolivia, cuya economía depende de vender gas. Por cierto me quedé impresionado con la zona sur de la que tanto parloteas, parece Moscú o Rotterdam.

@Goche Carcoche Se nota que en PERU no hay comprension narrativa ni lectora.

@Criollo Seguro que te metes a mirar videos en Inglés sin entender nada. La rubia está hablando de herencia cultural hispánica dejada por la época colonial y tú te pones a hablar de desarrollo inmobiliario. Vaya genio. Es como ir al palacio de Kalasasaya y que venga un ignorante a decir que Nueva York tiene mejores edificios.

@Goche Carcoche Caramba! INE: Bolivia tiene un poblacion de 12 millones de habitantes y Lima. (9 M). Asi es'' mi pais es un gran pais, por su gente del Oriente de Bolivia que representa el 78% del territorio de mi pais y la Zona Sur de la ciudad de La Paz, con tradición, historia y costumbres de gente linda, alegre. valiente, hospitalaria, trabajadora. Que es superior racialmente a los cuatro distritos decentes de LIMA q' el 80% esta Construida en un desierto llamado lima la fea la pobreza,la suciedad y la fealdad de esa ciudad llamada la Calcutta de américa llena de moto taxis ,combis y vendedores de fritanga. Y el resto de sus ciudades son puenlos grandes.. Esta es la realidad.... Nada de cifras truchas ni Organismos Internacionales truchos y pagados CEPAL, INFOBAE Y ONG, WIKIPEDIA q cualquiera puede editar......Me voy a los hechos reales y contudentes ¿REPITO? ¡Y A LAS PRUEBAS ME REMITO! Y las ciudades de Santa Cruz y Cochabamba es otro nivel para LIMA y sus cuatro distritos decentes... Ciudad de Santa Cruz Moderna y Cosmopolita- Bolivia Las zonas mas exclusivas para vivir en Santa Cruz. La Ciudad Jardin Cochabamba Moderna y Cosmopolita Bolivia Las zonas mas exclusivas para vivir en Cochabamba. La hermosa capital de Bolivia Sucre Moderma y Cosmopolita. Las zonas mas exclusivas para vivir en Sucre. Y VE LOS VIDEOS NO SEAS FLOJO...

@Criollo Bolivia es un gran país, pero su PIB es inferior no sólo al de Perú, sino al de Lima, que por cierto tiene una población similar en numero a la de toda Bolivia. (11 M). Tus seiscientos mil habitantes se quedan cortos si hablamos de Lima donde el tipo de lugares donde viven 600 mil privilegiados, también existen. Ahora bien, si quieres hablar de pobres, mete a todos en un mismo saco. Te repito que Lima tiene similar cantidad de habitantes que tu país, un mayor PIB y por tanto muchos pobres y muchos ricos. A ver si lo entiendes y dejas de poner enlaces tontos.

wet timguavass Jajaja. By the way the oldest civilization in LATAM is Caral in Peru.

@mariafe aguirre Thank you for sharing that. They're absolutely beautiful, just like all of Peru's folklore!

The shops you saw with a flower is the imitation of an Ayacucho altarpiece is one of the most recognized expressions of art in Peru.

Me encantó tu video

in the 7:00 minute I saw Robert Smith as a child in that place with black glasses for the 90s, at that time that place was still very beautiful and colorful, all the teenagers bought "stuffed animals" and love cards to his lovers, I especially bought special papers to write a love letter, that letter had a wonderful design and each smell of the paper was different, also the silver and gold ink pens, I asked you would have felt a strange sensation when passing by? that place was always full from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., schoolchildren mostly spent their day there, ahhh it was the wonderful years!

wet timguavass Jajaja. By the way the oldest civilization in AMERICA is Caral in Peru.

@Hello Nicki Travels or that it is good that you tell me that you have felt that, because many who pass by there also feel the same, and it was that before in the 90's life was another very apart from the internet and chats, that passage of the central mail was the point for having fun, the joy was immense, sometimes when I have the opportunity there I still think I hear the laughter and joys of the people, on the other hand I love your very original videos I hope you come back again, there are many places as well as a lot of noise annoying cars with their horns that can damage the tympanum, luckily the municipality of Lima is already making plans to reduce that nuisance, Thank you very much and good luck in everything!

Wow, what an interesting anecdote, thank you for sharing it! When I went through the passage I felt nostalgia, even though I hadn't been there before. I could sense that it was a place full of life and tradition even though most of the shops were close when I was there.

Why didn’t you blur people’s faces? Did they consent to appear on your YouTube video?

@Hello Nicki Travels como se ve que tus lentes no te cirven o estás estúpida peru NUNCA SE COMPARA CON MÉXICO

You did a great job. I enjoyed and loved the entire video. ✔

Me gusta Centro de Lima. So colorful and artistic architectures.

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Hermoso vídeo gracias por compartirlo saludos

Great video!!! Thanks for share us!

Las bocinas son el tercer idioma, ja, ja ,ja, yo pense que los gringos no tenian sentido del humor, jmuy interesante... Bienvenidos!

Where is the Oldest University in the New World?

The oldest university was the university of Santo Domingo but it was not officially recognized until 1558..the University of San Marcos is the oldest since it was recognized by the Spanish Crown in 1551

Great video

Pense que fue el unico que la vio

Great video, I feel like I was walking next to you! thanks so much for doing what you do!

Thank you for such a lovely comment!

Cool video. Nice and stable too, which I am grateful for!

Lindo mucho perou

@Hello Nicki Travels las tienditas tienen forma de retablos ayacuchanos andes art

Two dogs doesn't mean a lot. In the down town of Lima you can not find many dogs on the streets. If you go "Conos" ( typical neighborhoods poor parts of Latinoamérican cities) you will find so many of them, overall in the local markets.

Jiron de la Unión for sure. Really a nice video what you did.

@Luis Araujo Well! They are hundreds of years old.

@et chalaco 100,000 Italians in a city of 800,000 makes a lot of difference than 500,000 Venezuelans in a city of 11 millions. Probably you have not Limenians ascendency, but many of traditional limenians have Italians surnames cause they were a lot into the new Lima after Peru was independent of Kingdom of Spain and in the lates 19th century. Never try to change what the history state. Amerindian People emigrated from the andes to Lima in the 20th Century, but it doesn't change the history of a city. As Venezuelans people they came to Lima in a big number, but they will not change the traditions of this city.

@et chalaco Never ask answers for ridiculous questions.

@et chalaco Tahuantinsuyo was completely destroyed, administratively, economically and culturally. Nueva Castilla was the beginning what is Peru today, having as a precedent the viceroyalty of Peru.

az al Italians? Hahaha! You are delirious. In a few years you are going to include Venezuelans?

az al I give you what? I asked a question. How old is Egypt? Was Plato Greek?

az al the kingdom of Spain was an administration of the Tahuantinsuyo. It was a new form of government with a new social configuration, not a new country

az al country refers to a political concept. Egypt, China were countries because a state consolidated its power over a particular territory, the same happened in Peru. You are talking about modern day Lima, not the right way to look at history. Italians, Asians etc. Arrived later. The majority of Peru is Amerindian and mestizo and studies in genetics show that even these are primarily indigenous. Remnants of ancient Peru are still alive all over.

@et chalaco So you give me the reason.

@et chalaco Countries in 16th Century? Something really wrong its happening with you standings. Lima is not Inca, Traditional Limeños are descendents of Spanish, Italians and others Europeans inmigrants. Something what is normal, there were 300 hundred years of its influence, we were not a Colony, we were part of the Kingdom of Spain. Before that time, there were civilizations in a completely different context. Probably in others part of Peru, still people are living with some ancient traditions ( for sure not all pre inca or inca) but in Lima for sure not

@az al Question: How old is Egypt?

@az al Peru is not the tahuantinsuyo. The tahuantinsuyo was itself a cultural expression of ancient Peru.

@az al with that logic Egypt began when the English left. A country is a territory governed by a state. This is what Pizarro found. They were only a few hundreds. How the hell were they going to found a country? Many ancient countries were empires and they all fell. What's your point? The conquistadors didn't even have a country themselves, just kingdoms all over the place, all ruled by Austrians or French. " The 5000-year-old... Sacred City of Caral-Supe Caral is the best representation of Late Archaic architecture and town planning in ancient Peruvian civilisation." UNESCO Learn history! They don't pay me to teach.

@et chalaco It was not a Country, it was an empire another Civilization, it was not Peru. Pizarro defeated this empire, with the support of all those tribes and little kingdoms that the Inca Took to its empire. Perú is not the Tahuantinsuyo and Lima have its own Culture and traditions. Indeed Lima was called "Ciudad de los reyes" by the Spaniards when they founded.

@az al There was a whole civilization with monumental architecture and urban areas indicative of a state. Pizarro founded the city of the Kings on top of it. In fact, Lima takes its name from the civilization that preceded. Pizarro found a country already.

@et chalaco That was not Lima yet. Pizarro is the founder of Lima and Peru.

@et chalacoDoes Who said that italian found a land? Italians develop an old one to a new one, i think it won't be so difficult to understand.

az al funny how you would consider the forefathers of Flavio Maestri more Peruvian than the Inca and the people of Caral. You are confused brother.

az al I meant mestizo not Mesozoic

az al Spanish married indigenous and the Mesozoic culture, the dominant one in Peru was born. Every Italian knows that they left a country known as Italy for a new country known as Peru. No Italian ever said “yea! We founded that land”.

@et chalaco Caral is not my history , that is completely ridiculous, is an ancient Civilization under the same land what is Peru nowadays.

@et chalaco In Peru were the Spanish for sure, Italians gave a big influence in Limenians. After the independence.

@et chalaco Just in the last years of the Viceroyalty. Most consider themselves " Subjects of the King of Spain". For sure there were a big number of indigenous that were called for the viceroy to defendant the territory of the Army Of San Martin and Bolivar. There were bigs problems for bring up reinforcements troops to Peru from Spain. Due to the Social internal Problems that Spain suffered.

az al I never denied influence to the city and country they found. Italians also contributed to the United States but the didn’t establish a nation.

@et chalaco Its really poor your knowledgement about the Italian immigration in the development of Lima. You don't know how many Buildings and roads they designs, its influence in the culture and traditions of Limenians, the proof most visible is that in the beginnings of the 20th century, "Criollos" still have the administrative , economic and sociocultural management of the city and the Country. About other concepts that you mention, just i see that you try to sticky them to fit your lets say "Statements", but is a speech unfounded for having a discussion about it.

Even the royalist army of the Spanish crown was made up of mestizo and indigenous peruvians. Look it up!

@az al "National Geographic Society, Kathryn Keane, considera que el Perú preincaico "es una de las grandes civilizaciones del mundo antiguo, a la par con el antiguo Egipto, Mesopotamia y la Grecia antigua". " The 5000-year-old... Sacred City of Caral-Supe Caral is the best representation of Late Archaic architecture and town planning in ancient PERUVIAN civilisation." UNESCO Learn your history!

@az al Was Ramses egyptian?

@az al Was Confucious chinese? Was Budda indian? Was Thomas Jefferson from the United States? How could that be? There was no such a thing back then.

@az al The Virreinato was established on the territory and the state of the Tahuantinsuyo and the spanish administered what was formerly the Inca empire. They ruled with the Inca nobility and the indigenous local leaders or curacas to whom they granted honorary titles, and their economic system was the encomienda, that is, indigenous labor. How could it be otherwise? The Spaniards didn't speak the language and they were too few to do anything on their own. A new mestizo culture was born which means a mix of European and Amerindian. How could there be mestizo culture if the indigenous part had been "completely destroyed"? Learn the concepts first. You don't know what a country is and you confuse it with culture or a form of administration. Right! You cannot answer the questions I asked because there would be no way out and you know it. Italians arrived in the 1850's during the guano era. That means they arrived to a country, they didn't build one. The same with the venezuelans now. They arrived to a country and whether they contribute to it or not will not change that fact. Italians, asians, arabs, arrived to a country they all knew as Peru and to a city they all knew as Lima. Everyone knows that.

Me encantan tus videos , eres una persona muy tierna con los animales y lo transmites mucho ,necesitamos mas personas como tú ,que transmitan lo mejor de cada ciudad y de su cultura ,muchas gracias desde Lima

Muchas gracias por el lindo comentario, Paolo

The fountain in the plaza de armas was made after stopping the execution of people , and start going to normal prosecutors. Very nice video

Thank you for sharing that information, Claus!

15:49 "the city of the kings" it was a nickname not because kings went to lima but because of the "Reyes magos", in english know as the three wise men. when lima was founded it was the day of the wise men. Actually Limas was never a nice developed city.. Humboldt who visited the whole continent almost skipped Lima , cause when he got there he described it as "ugly, poor, smelling decadent place" HUMBOLDT ABOUT LIMA IN 1800 Except a theater (mediocre and little crowded) and a bullring (very colorful), there is no other fun. On the walk, they usually find just three carriages. At night, the dirt of the streets, adorned with dogs and busted donkeys, added to the irregularities off the road, it hinders the traffic of cars. ” "While Lima is the last place in America, where no one would like to live, however I could not stop spending a pleasant season here."

Shiroumx M he didn’t see the port of Callao either., the most important of colonial times and the largest military structure of the Spanish kingdom in the Americas the Real Felipe with its fortifications built to protect...Lima of course! If Lima was sooo poor, why would pirates attack it? Why would the Spanish build such massive structure to defend it? nothing like it in Quito

Shiroumx M the oldest continuing university in the Americas commissioned by Charles V himself was also there for the elite of course, nothing of the kind in Quito

Shiroumx M I meant escuela Quiteña of course a much later development mostly local, not regal

Shiroumx M Quito was irrelevant. It is mostly architecture from the escuela Cusquena. Even Charcas in Bolivia was more important because of the silver mountain of Potosi. Lima as the center of power of the whole viceregal. Viceroys arrived in Lima with all their court, not Quito. The bridge of stone was built by one of these viceroys, there is nothing of its kind in Quito or anywhere elseStrange also that he did not see the Alameda de los descalzos also built by a viceroy to resemble the one in Seville. This is infrastructure and decorative public projects not found in Quito or anywhere else in South America. It speaks of power and resources.

@et chalaco because it was just an irrelevant bridge lol

@et chalaco well seems like Humboldt desagree.. there were noblity in every major city in the colonial era what are you talking abount lol Quito of course was full of them too even Manila

Shiroumx M He does not mention the bridge of stones either used by viceroys to cross the River. It was there. I guess he didn’t se it

Shiroumx M he does not mention pyramids either and Lima is full of them. Quito was not a kingdom, is historic center was not a place of viceroys or Spanish nobility. Lima was the center of power home of conquistadors, viceroys and Spanish nobility as well as criollo elite. That should tell you all you need to know about it’s glory days which you of course deliberately omitted.

@et chalaco if that "past glory" was true there were a lot of old buildings, but happens that historic center of lima is very small compared to mexico city and Quito..and we all lost buildings cause earthquakes so no excuses..Humboldt was there during colonial era and if Limas was so "fancy" he should have seen those palaces, but did not saw them so with his comment he lets see that it was a lie

Shiroumx M Humboldt clearly states that he was describing a city in decadence and he admits hearing about its past glory. You missed that part.

Shiroumx M city of the Kings was not a nickname. It was the name Pizarro gave Lima. The Spanish were devoted Catholics. To them biblical Kings were superior to any earthly king.

the city of the kings" it was a nickname not because kings went to lima but because of the "Reyes magos", in english know as the three wise men. when lima was founded it was the day of the wise men. Actually Limas was never a nice developed city.. Humboldt who visited the whole continent almost skipped Lima , cause when he got there he described it as "ugly, poor, smelling decadent place" HUMBOLDT ABOUT LIMA IN 1800 Except a theater (mediocre and little crowded) and a bullring (very colorful), there is no other fun. On the walk, they usually find just three carriages. At night, the dirt of the streets, adorned with dogs and busted donkeys, added to the irregularities off the road, it hinders the traffic of cars. ” "While Lima is the last place in America, where no one would like to live, however I could not stop spending a pleasant season here."

wonderful tour and explanation Nikki

Aunque no te guste Lima por algunas razones, Lima fue conocido como una ciudad donde se casaban gente de dinero, de la aristocracia, hijos de reyes y princesas se casaban allí. La Lima antigua fue muy de la alta sociedad, hasta cierto punto arrogantes con gente de provincias y otras ciudades de Sudamérica; y no es para menos fue el centro del virreinato, todo el control lo tenía Lima, y se hizo "odiar". Lima tiene sus encantos hasta el día de hoy, nadie le iguala en belleza de su centro histórico, casonas y plazuelas. Pero también tiene su lado no lindo que es el tráfico.

Thanks Nicki . We understand you perfectly. Every traveller can enjoy more and much Lima. Check if you love free tours!

No es que esté feo, pero México se ve más moderno y colorido. Con más vida y movimiento. Haga lluvia o haga sol. Y se ve más desarrollado y elegante. Ciudad de México tomada por un uruguayo ( 2019 ) 4K 1.- 2.- 3.- 4.- 5.- 6.- 7.- 8.- 9.- 10.-

No es que esté feo, pero México se ve más moderno y colorido. Con más vida y movimiento. Haga lluvia o haga sol. Y se ve más desarrollado y elegante. Ciudad de México tomada por un uruguayo ( 2019 ) 4K 1.- 2.- 3.- 4.- 5.- 6.- 7.- 8.- 9.- 10.-

Miraflores is wonderful!

Hermoso país que pronto visitaré nuevamente.

mexico city it´s 1000 times better and bigger

Chevere el tour !!

Thank you for sharing this awesome adventure with me ! I missed seeing the streets of Peru !

I am glad you liked the video, Sofia!

Se escrbe Gobierno y no Govierno, PLEASE...;) ;9 ;)

Im peruvian , sorry for the honking, it should be prohibited

I don't know my comment works butPlz subscribe for my lovely sis to help her travel da world....subscribe subscribe subscribe it's for free .....

@Hello Nicki Travels No se parecen en nada.

El techo de la antigua oficina postal eran vitrales muy hermosos, yo los llegue a ver ,pero no sé que les pasó, y esas cajas con una flor dibujada son representaciones de un arte de la ciudad de Ayacucho que se llama ,Retablo , y son cajas con figuras adentro con representaciones de diferentes temas, como puede ser algo navideño, o alguna danza costumbrista, o algún hecho ocurrido, y la flor, eso si no sé jejejej

Todo lo que mostraste fue maravilloso.

It was a beautiful tour through Lima! Well done! And if you love Lima we love you too! ;-)

Thank you so much for the comment!

Arequipa (other city of Perú) has a unique main square, better than Lima, you have to visit Arequipa

Conde de Superunda (o de la Super onda, the Super wave Count). This name is because during his goverment were a strong earthquake and a Sunamhi. The water reached the main square.

La cultura une a los pueblos"☝️✊

Beautiful video of my hometown, the third spoken language is a bit grotesque lol Greetings from New Jersey

correcto baje a ver si alguien mas la detecto

Hard to say wich will be my favorite spot in Lima downtown, mmm, probably Plaza San Martin because there are cool bars and some good restaurants and of course the main square or La Plaza Mayor.

Anybody else felt like playing gta?

Thank you for the comment. Greetings, Mario!

Thank you for the informative reply, Eduardo!

The storage units are called RETABLOS AYACUCHANOS cause they are originally from Ayacucho city...if u open them you can see the art inside mostly represent a day in the sat of somebody or anything the craftmen wants to represent

@Korey T dont say bullshits , mongoloid

@jorge alvarado not in mexico city , sucker, only in the border areas,where the principal drug eater is the united states.....

Hermoso Goood

como siempre apareciendo mexicanos a insultar y luego a victimizarce

@patricia ramos lima center is ugly, dirty and few real colonial buildings, Mexico city has more than the double oh world heritage buildings in its historical center and waaay more impressive, the park is just another zone, the kind of parks you wont find in lema

Lima historical center is much more beautiful. You show a park with buildings. Hahaha

Please return all you a barru to peru

Por favor please don't mansion this person to conquistadors of this places thear the one to destroy Peru

great video wonderful eyes

@Condenados aVivir Buenos Aires is definitely on my list. I'd love to visit such a beautiful city soon!

@Hello Nicki Travels hi baby come on argentina

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