Live! How to build a wood gasifier camp stove

Live! How to build a wood gasifier  camp stove

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Alright, I'm on my phone let me try this again I. Can't. See messages so, I'm. Just, gonna continue where I was, I'm. Sorry oh I. Don't guess on when I be. Able to do live streams out here because I, just. Don't have the upload, speed. I, don't even know what it is it's less than two megabytes. Per second, well, anyway. Try. To keep everything since I can't see the. Yeah. Let. Me. Yeah. Me second, you. See if I can watch this on my laptop, here I've got a laptop. Right. Here. Okay. Oh there's. A better Betty good deal. Okay. All right great well. Let. Me see the wagon here. Has. One thousand two okay so. Okay. There's, about a six. Seven second delay, all. Right so. I'm gonna stop looking at deck because this kind of freaking me out um. I'm. Moving a 10-7, or say eight seconds later I'm seeing it on the laptop that's kind of freaky man. Okay. Here we go thanks, I got these. Are. Canisters. I got from Walmart. Yeah. And I'm buffer at somebody, gun. What. City would. They. Don't sell them anymore, give, about 20 bucks for there. Are some on. Amazon. But, they're a little pricey they're like 50 60 bucks so. I've, got my where. I'm gonna drill I've got an all marked out, and. Center. Punched and. This. Is what it's eventually gonna look like with these, standoffs. That. Go right here or oh and. They hold the pot and. What's. Gonna go, in well like the explanation. Of what, what. Gas is, what. Gas stoves but. I'll just give you a. Brief, one. When. You burn wood or any biomass. But in this case I'm talking about wood. It. Gives off, gases. That are not typically. Consumed. In a regular fire. Well. These stoves are designed, to, capture. Recirculate. The. Gases, that ignite, and they, they. Go out the bottom they. Come up the outside and then they come back in around. The top and reburn, and you can actually see this in action when you use it and. It's. Really cool to watch so the next video I'm going to do after after the after the building video I have. Notice so you just say I. Have. Another stove, that I made a long time ago that I've actually cooked, down now I'm not gonna cook on these these, are gonna give away, subscriber. Gifts, and I, will cook on this one and, show. You how, the, wood gas comes. Out these holes up here and. So. Let me get started. We. Check comments, real quick before I get to work make sure I'm still. Alive I. Just. Want to say hi to everybody thanks for showing up. Drive. Shaft through Matthew. Chicken. Woof. Ricky. Andy. Main. Gun David, Christopher. And. Baby. Hey. Jim okie, evolve. Timothy. Whoop. There. It is alright. Here we go it's. Gonna be a little noisy. Let. Me make. Some room here. I'm. Just gonna start drilling my holes. These. Are, quarter. Inch bolts, that are going to go in here and then. On the inner canister, a bolt. Comes through here and through, here and it holds it all together. Okay. Well I gotta wear my gloves because these. Uh. Little. Metal pieces they're red hot. Okay. Now I'm going to change bits a. Little. Bit I. Would. Use a pinch but I broke it. All. Right start. All these holes with this drill.

Now. This I use them Center Point job. All. Right I'm gonna step, up a, bit. Now I'm, using a, step. Bit I'm. Going to go all the way up to the five beats the second, to the last. Step. They're. Here. Do I wear my gloves because then little, shavings come off they're hot I. Said. I'm like yeah I know make sure make sure my, torch. Is cut off of my smelling gas. Everything's. Off. Okay. You know what I'm smelling. There's. Tape here the glue, that's. What I'm. Now. We'll pull that tape off. I'm. Going to show you the inside. There's. A whole bunch, of. Slag. Sharp. Edges in there and what. I do is, I put my drummel, with, a cutting, disc in there and then, I drag, it across the, holes. I'm. Not going to do that right now I'm going to do that later after the live stream because it just it's time-consuming and, I don't. Want you to have to sit here through that I just. Want to get this bill to show you how I build them and. Off. The live stream I'll take it back apart and clean that slag up in there all right. Let's. See okay, I got to make these holes a little bigger. Right. Now I got to put the little knobs on, because once I get this inner canister, on. There I won't, have access to it. Okay. I want to tell you what steak I've made and. I. Don't. Know how I majored, but. Apparently you're supposed to measure twice and drill once. My. Handles. Are a little off I should have moved this one centered. Across the myth so but, I'm gonna go on you just it's just to pick it up by and move it when it's hot okay. Now. The. Next thing I got to do is put the legs on cuz once I put the canister on the inside, I won't, be able to access the, legs, so, let me get my nuts and bolts for that. Right. They just go down and hold. The. Bottom. Put. A walker on the inside. Gracie. I hope you're feeling better man. Am. I singing a Ford decal me little tree. Like. A three or four minute delay on them comments. Hey. Thanks, blaze now, what I do is, I bend. The legs out a little bit it just looks nicer, let me get wrench I'll show you how I do it. Okay. Let me show you how I break my wrenches. Alright. There's. That. Now. I'm. Gonna get my pop. Standoff, bolted, down. Now. They're going to adjust the height so they're all the same height. And. The way I'm going to do that is I'm going to set something on it. One. That needs to come up. Now. I'm taking them down. Hey. Babe how are you see here hey. Okay. Now I got a drill all these holes around, the top edge and all these holes around the bottom edge. The. Topic, is gonna be, 11. 30 seconds, and the. Bottom is going to be. 5/16. Let me. Get you drilling. Which. I don't know if you can see this or not let me look at my video here. Yeah. All. These holes are one inch apart by the way. All. Right. All. These holes have to be cleaned up I don't want to leave sharp edges because you're gonna be putting sticks in there and stuff like that but. I'm not gonna do it now and do it later so. Here's how it goes now. Let, me get a. Long-buried, bolt. Really. Long. Well. Thanks gigolo, a. Pair. Of pliers. Yeah. Drew these are, 18. Gold XR, big batteries. And, I tell ya I really like my. Makita. Better. All. Right give me those. Lower. That's. Must. Be messed up for it's. Gotta. Be messed up three. I'm. Gonna get my straight. I. Should. Just try to know this proof. Just used another bolt I don't hit a bit on by now. I. Gotta. Cut the end of this off, I, got. A dremel, over, here I'm. Not gonna turn the camera around I'm just gonna go cut this off I'll be right back. Okay. This. Is what it looks like.

Make. Sure my legs are square of the bottom. Yeah. I can't believe it, so. Uh. What. Do you think you want to hang around for the UH. For. The little one for. Me to build a little one. We'll. Leave that there I'm about. Two minutes behind on the comment so I'm gonna get up here to look at the comments. Mike, just. Comment. When, this uploads, just comment. In. The, comment. Section Sam you know I'm in or give it to me or whatever. Merle, Harmon the carriage built on the bottom of it is to hold the two halves, together, the, inner to. The outer and that's the only thing I hold it together. You. Can do it. Yeah, first, of all it's, you know I just, didn't want to do the cleanup on camera. Because it's time-consuming, it. Takes longer to clean it up than it does to drill all the holes and put it together. Okay. You want to watch the little build -. Okay. Hey Mike if. You any. Fire side covers Mike, if. You. Want to get in when. You get when, this uploads. Probably. In a holler or two after, the video was this video was over the live stream is over when. It uploads, in the comments, section, just, say I'm in and I'm. Going to pick two winners and, give this to away. Got. A run okay man gun. Okay. Grab that drill we'll see you. Yeah. I've got new gas tanks Kristin we're done and I had to turn my, new. Ones in and they gave me some that look almost new so I wasn't unhappy. A. Little, more - in trucking story okay, trucking story I got a million of them. All. Right I'm gonna start on a little one. Clean. Up just a little bit here I'm gonna wipe some of this off. Then. See my dogs with my dogs love being out here but. I can't let him out here when I got all this on the floor who gives. In their pads. Three. Dogs that's really expensive to vet, three doves. And. Apparently they need you to all four feet. Okay. Here's. The little one and I'll, take the truth I prefer the good one it's just easier, to move around. And. Let. Me double-check these handles make sure they're across from each other. They. Are, I'd. Say what I'm gonna drill in holes first. My. Wife and I try. To drive it as a team in, a. Crappy. Old cab. Over with. No power steering. Yes. You heard that right an 18-wheeler, with no power steering, and. It. Was old it, had a worn-out clutch, everything was worn out and. Give. Me hey give me the second I got to turn this heat down and get my hat out of here cuz I'm sweating. You. Know how fat guys sweat. So. Uh. When. We were pulling tacker we. Wouldn't go anywhere unless we, were uh you. Know 79 thousand, eight eighty I mean we're always so close to 80,000, that you. Know you had to lift your feet up off the floor to go over scale. So. We deliver. A load to patrol via Pennsylvania. Off. Of 80 you get off at the Emma Linton exit, you. Go south into petróleo through Parker through Bruin and. The. Mountains, down there are, so steep that. You. Do not want to get stopped trying. To go up hill one. You'll. Never get going again and. It's. A scary trip especially, in, a truck that, can be that, old. So. Uh I'm, going, up the hill that, leads into Parker. I believe it's Parker. Might have been brewing. Steep. Hill really steep hill that a long long climb I'm, in, granny gear the very lowest gear. And. What, do I come up on but a stopped, school bus halfway. Up the hill I have to stop behind it, and. I. Told. My wife when, we get going again if we start rolling backward, you're gonna have to jump out and that's, what I was going to do because, behind.

Us Was the Allegheny River and that's where it was going to end up. So. Uh she. Did she opened the door and stood. You know just happy and half out and I, tried to get going again uphill I put it in gear low. Low low and. I'll, let that clutch out and gave. It just a little gas and if any of you familiar without Diesel's work you can't give it gas cuz. It'll, hop and jump but there was no alternative. I had to give it gas because. Uh. If. I took my foot off of the brake it. Rolled backward, instantly. So you're working against, eighty thousand, pounds on a mountain, pulling, backwards, while. You're trying to go forwards, at an idle and it just wouldn't work so. It, took three or four tried for me to get going and, by, the time I got, going man I had smoke, coming. From the clutch I mean the cab was filled with smoke that. Was the scariest, I had ever got hauling, hazardous, materials. And my, wife too and she almost jumped, out and said you're on your own buddy see, you up at the top of the hill or the bottom. Yeah. Good, old days I'll tell you, and. What, made us decide to get a a new truck with power steering was because my wife's biceps, were almost as big as mine on that stupid truck that. Was afraid she's gonna whoop me. Nope. Our standard spring, ride no air. And. We would run 30 40 days of time in that trouble I. Was. A tough life I'll tell you we earned our money back then. And. Then over the years. Truck. That's all night. It. Was almost embarrassing getting, paid. Frigerator. Stereo. TV, microwave. Coffee. Pot. And. Right seats with butt warmers. Whisper. Quiet on the inside. Now. On. This I think it's 9/16. That I'm going up to because. It's a smaller diameter that's, what I'm, gonna do 9 6 days. Yeah. My. Wife when I met my wife, she'd, worked on a farm for 14, years that was one strong, gal when I met her when. I met her she was walking away from me and I fell in love. Wink. Wink. Tomorrow's. Valentine's Day, guys don't forget oh, my. God. Look. At this, for. A minute. Buffering. Huh. Hey. Right now come on collective you can make it. Come. On. Hey, Chris. Glad, you could make it. Then. Ricky Wallace you still there brother, you, see if you can finish this. C-130. Rolling down the street. Hey. Boy daddy gonna take a little trip. Stand. Up look up through, the door. Open. Wide. Russian. Yo. Ricky. And I went through the army about the same time. Two. Old ladies laden, been. One. Rolled over to the other said. I. Want. To be an airborne region. Live. The life of got some danger. All, right now, I got hit with a punch. Don't. Miss the army but. I missed to come right. My. Son I got. Two, boys they, both served. My. Youngest son did. Two tours in Iraq and all right. Came. Home they, came a steak top and gotten a shootout. Here. His. Own country. Look. They caught the guys it was three yo. Made. It through two tours in Afghanistan and, people at his own cousin tried to kill him when it became a state cup. My. Oldest son is a plumber down in Houston just got a huge raise. Now. He's making more money per, hour than I ever made in my life. Okay. Now. The, standoffs. I. Mean. Look at the comments see if I missed anything, anybody, making jokes about my bald head you. Got, it Betty yeah. I the. Big, scratching at the door but I can't let him out here till I sweep the floor. What. Hey, Don Thank You, Barney, huh. Well, I, haven't. Made anybody and, bears my only moderator, and I don't know how to make anybody hold on one second. One. Second. Refresh. Chris if you would. All. Right let me put the standoffs, on here. Yeah. Something, was at a very very tough life but, it was a satisfying, life when I tell you why. Sorta. For the same reason, army. Was a, satisfying. Thing because, you were one. Of a few you know there's not really that many truck drivers in the country, I mean. Long-haul, truckers, that spend. Their life on the road and. There's. Even fewer husband-and-wife. Teams, that roll 24/7. Not. Always kind of made me proud that we were. Just. One, of the few you know. And. Then, when I became an owner operator. Jesus. I'd. Have done it for free at that point I love being a trucker so much, plus. I got to drive a truck I like I, wanted. And. I love Kim works, best. Truck they ever had was a 2000, billion. 913. Speed 550. Tech seats here Feeny mm to see 15 it was a 3406. II, before. The suspension is female and. Then. The next truck was a 2006.

W900. And. It was a I almost, say a piece of crap but it was nowhere near the truck that my 2,000 was and. I'll tell you why it. Was made in Mexico. My. 2,000. Was made in Oregon. The. One the, one that made Mexico, monocot it had nuts and bolts missing it. Had. Galvanized. Bolts where they were supposed to a bit steel stainless. On the outside, I, had. Glue on the carpet. You. Know we're totally had stepping blue and then stepped on the carpet, it. Was a simple, poorly. I paid. For, the owner/operator, package, which is a better. Insulation. Better soundproofing, better gauges, and. I didn't get them. And. That. Motor was a cat 34, oh no damn, it that motor was ac15, which, was, not. A piece of crap but with nowhere near the motor the 3406. II cat was. And. I finally. My. Old. 2000. I got. Six miles per gallon which in the truckin world six miles per gallon back, then in 2000, that. Was good fuel, mileage, especially. With it being the biggest motor you could buy. And. Then my 2006. The, EPA had come along and changed the rules where, I, think it was October 10th, 2002, they had an comply to new rules. EPA. Emissions. Regulations and. They. Screwed, that engine, up so bad, trying to get it to comply and they put, a catalytic, converter on, it and, my fuel mileage driving. Like an old man, taking off easy going, slow the. Best I could ever get was five and a half and, a half a mile per gallon may not mean much but. Add it up over. 250,000. Miles a year at, you know two and a half bucks a gallon that's. A lot, of extra money coming out of your pocket, so. Uh I. Got. Over there I pulled. That catalytic, converter off I took. My torch, and. I put it down inside, that catalytic, converter and I burned every, bit of that catalyst, out of there and. Overnight. I went up to six point two five miles per gallon and. I put the catalytic converter back, in there and nobody, ever knew, then. When I stole it still. Had that catalytic, converter uh. Altered. It, and. If they had caught me it'd have been a full five twenty thousand dollar fine, but. Uh you. Know you take your chances right. But. I do, not mistrust what, I miss is, the trucks I. Loved. At the truck I love shifting I loved backing, up I. Have. Always said that backing, into a tight, spot you know anybody can go forward, but, back it up is where you separate the men from the boys in the truck in the world. But. Don't. Make much money here. But. I'm a lot more content. And. I have nowhere near the. Stress that I used to have okay. I'm gonna leave my legs. In, the last 11 years of work. My. Wife and I we were at least to a company called forward air. My. Still long. Hmm. And. Now that was the best job we ever had the most money we ever made the, best we were ever treated. And. We. Would typically put, 250. 260. Thousand, miles a year on. We. Put 3. Million. Miles on with that one company. They. Were a little hard to be on good, they. Didn't just leave sing everybody win a truck you had me really have a good driving record and then to have a good work record, you can be able to pass a thorough. Background. Investigation. And, pass an FBI investigation. Because we had to go on. Airports. We hauled air freight so. We were on airports, a lot, so. They really check yeah so. They didn't hire this to anybody and. If. You made it through their vetting process, they. Paid you good. All. The turtles had showers, washers. And driers coffee. TV. Drivers. Run with the TV and, a good place to work. And. We. Earned it because boil me we. Work for some rogue horrible, oh it's you, know you, don't know it to you, lease, on what kind of people they are and uh, right. Off the top of my head of. All. People. We have leased our truck to I would say that Heartland, Express, Coralville, Iowa, was the worst, job, we ever had. Yeah. I'm having a fun day on the show. And. Then, second to that with Ranger. Ranger. Landstar. Terrible. Job, and. It was a it. Was a stamp. Ranger. Had to have. Thousands. Of freight brokers, all across the country and. When. You got into an area you would look up all the brokers, in that area and try to frame the. Scam was, all. These brokers had, their own trucks, so. They would get ten, loads and. They. Would put their own trucks. On. The top pan loads a. Man. They would give you the lowest paying loans which were low I mean as low, as 60, cents a mile which was unheard, of. Everybody. Were trying to get out of LA one time a, break. A broker out there offered me a load of bricks for. 60 cents a mile. I will. Bobtail, home before I ever take a look at 60 cents a mile, there's. A good kitty you'll go home empty, rather. Than take a look for 60 cents of my little paper doodle. I can pay for my fuel and, the reason there are 60 cent my loads just because people will take them how am I gonna. Drop. Their trailer came. Home. And. I, think, that's when we went went to work for uh for.

Whatever You. Gotta Rangers up the worst job labor head, really. Really, so many people to work for. There's. Like working for the Mafia everything. Was a scam. Little. Ready that. Point, but. Done everything yep. This. I can't get my big fat hands in here. You. Know I say what I'm gonna use a nut, because there's some one of these wing nuts not very, very well I. Only. Use it I'd, only use a wing nut because they're easier to eat on and off but. Apparently not this time. There. We go oh. Let. Me cut that off I'll be right back. Okay. Let. Me have a look at the bottom it's not quite swear. All. Right. Look. At the comments. Okay. Camping. No. Hey Roger. Thanks. MC I don't man, okay. I'm gonna give these away of course when we take a little part and clean them all up and put it back together nice. But. I basically, put them together really quick just so you can see what they look like but. I got a lot of cleanup to do so when. This is over that's what I'll do for the rest of the afternoon, the. Recent comments here. Okay, Christopher thanks. For stopping by. How. Can you tell that Moreau, hey, yeah. We. Are in my old now what, had been too long as i remodeled this. There's, my there's. The. The new room back there. So. Uh. Let. Me get a knife and show you a knife I'm working on. This, is swamp devil. My. Own design and. I've. Actually had this on my bench for months, now I. Just. My. Hands started hurting really bad I got arthritis and all my knuckles, I'm. Hold on I was scared and with all them years. I'm. Gonna use red liners. Black. Micarta. Handles. And. Red. Pins. And. I'm gonna give that knife away too, I've. Been really blessed with, my channel and the. Amount of subscribers I, have I appreciate, every one of you and the. Adsense money, I get helps, me buy things for the shop and. You. Know I'm not I, don't. Forget where that comes from it's, it's y'all if it wasn't for y'all you know I wouldn't. Have a YouTube channel, so. Thank, you everyone and that's. Why I like to do things to give, back show. My appreciation, I'm. Gonna hang it up y'all, this. Has been a. Long. Video and, thanks, everyone for being here let me see if I can figure this out. Hmm. Okay, all. Right I'm gonna hang it up I appreciate, everyone's time oh hey. When, this uploads, in the, comment section if you want one of these, just. Say I'm, in or you know just leave a comment, saying. You want it hey I am Warren ugly guy good to see you bye. Y'all thanks, again.

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