LIVE LOUD podcast episode #9 (Sound Rush)

LIVE LOUD podcast episode #9 (Sound Rush)

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Johnny Quid: We are back again! The new LIVE LOUD podcast by Decibel outdoor! I’m very happy and excited for it. DV8: Yes, you are glowing. Johnny Quid: I am very happy. We always have a guest in the LIVE LOUD podcast and we’ve got MC DV8 of course. DV8: Yes.

Johnny Quid: How are you? DV8: Good! Johnny Quid: What have you been up to lately? DV8: I drank a lot of beers with friends, I have secretly been to some parties, and I have done some performances here and there. Everything is finally starting again. Back to the old normal, so to speak. Johnny Quid: In and out of the Netherlands? DV8: Yes, in and out of the Netherlands. I have been to Denmark and Austria until now. Johnny Quid: Nice, you are allowed to travel for performing again.

DV8: Yes. Johnny Quid: And there are fun people everywhere? DV8: Mostly… *All laughing Johnny Quid: Do you notice a difference between Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands as an MC? DV8: Definitely. Johnny Quid: Can you define that, or will you lose jobs if you do that? DV8: No, well in the Netherlands we have quite a big market, so it is a bit harder to impress the Dutch audience. In foreign countries, the scene is often much smaller or non-existent, because they have to travel to the Netherlands to visit these events.

As a result, they have smaller events over there. So, when a large Hardstyle show comes over to their country, then… Johnny Quid: Then they go all out. DV8: Yes. Johnny Quid: Through the roof. DV8: And that’s nice. Johnny Quid: Talking about going all out.

We have got two artists here today. Sound Rush (Jeroen): Yes, two as one. Johnny Quid: The twins: Sound Rush! Sound Rush (Jeroen): Yes, thanks. Johnny Quid: Guys, welcome. Sound Rush (Martijn): Thanks, good to be here. Johnny Quid: We’ve got Jeroen in black and Martijn in white, right? Martijn: You are the first to guess it correctly.

It’s true. DV8: Well, I think he quickly checked it before we started. Johnny Quid: No, I just remembered correctly. Jeroen: Earlier it went wrong.

DV8: I will tell you honestly, if you would have asked me, I wouldn’t have known. Johnny Quid: And you see them more often, right? DV8: That’s true, but I often look at their pants. *All laughing Johnny Quid: Yes, that’s a bit hard right now. DV8: I can’t see them right now. Martijn: But what part of the pants? *All laughing Johnny Quid: Do you do that with everyone? DV8: What part of the pants.

One of you is always wearing pants with those patches on it. Johnny Quid: Yes, Jeroen. Jeroen: Yes, I wear these pants every day. DV8: Not always, but maybe you have got a couple.

I don’t know. Johnny Quid: You know each other from parties, events, livestreams? DV8: Yes. Johnny Quid: You see each other regularly. Introduce them for us, what kind of guys are they? DV8: At first sight, they might come across as two dry guys.

However, because of that dryness, they are very funny. Johnny Quid: Yes. DV8: I think they are very funny.

You can put that in your pocket. Jeroen: Yes, we are going to think back to this moment. Johnny Quid: Exactly. *All laughing DV8: And good music, performances, the whole shebang. Johnny Quid: Yes, great man. Martijn: Very kind.

DV8: Sweet, right? Jeroen: He is also nice. *All laughing DV8: Well, thank you. Martijn: A bit the same right.

Johnny Quid: Yes, also nice music. All good. What have you done the past couple of weeks/months? Martijn: We have definitely not been sitting still. Jeroen: We have had a lot of festivals and club bookings lately. Martijn: And prior to that, in corona times, we were travelling with the camper.

Johnny Quid: Oh really? Martijn: Yes. Johnny Quid: But not to go camping, I guess? You used it for something functional, right? Martijn: Yes, we have literally travelled to the people to perform for them. Jeroen: In the Netherlands and in other countries as well. Martijn: From Italy to Denmark. Denmark as well coincidentally.

France, Germany. Johnny Quid: Cool. How did you come up with this idea? I don’t want to say, “Who did you steal it from?” What was the inspiration? Jeroen: When Corona didn’t exist yet, we were going to travel with the camper.

Martijn: Two years ago, already. Jeroen: We had the idea in 2019. It is a very long and detailed story, but we have got the time, right? Johnny Quid: Yes, go ahead. It is a podcast. Jeroen: We came out with our album ‘Brothers’.

And we thought it would be a nice idea to promote the album by driving to festivals in a camper. But then corona came around. Then we just thought, we can’t go to festivals, because that was a bit difficult. So, then we decided to go to the people at home. So instead of doing the big stuff, we did some smaller stuff.

We have also done home parties in the past. 2016, I think. Martijn: Yes.

Jeroen: It fits us very well and we really like doing it. Sometimes we don’t. No, it’s great. I think we did 40 in August. DV8: 40? Johnny Quid: Nice. Jeroen: 15.000 kilometres.

Martijn: And thanks to, a special mention, our parents. Because it is actually our parents’ camper and they had just bought it two years ago. DV8: Oh really? Martijn: So, we just thought “Oh, then we are going to use the camper”.

DV8: I thought you fixed some kind of sponsor deal. Martijn: Or a lot of money. Jeroen: We are not able to get that.

DV8: I think it is cute that it’s your parents’. Martijn: At first, they said “You are not allowed to take it”. Johnny Quid: Not for parties and events. DV8: “Yeah, right. You are not taking it.”

Martijn: However, after a good conversation and a contract. No. *All laughing Martijn: Eventually we were allowed to take it and our dad came along a couple of times. Johnny Quid: Cool. Jeroen: Really a lot of fun.

We did it last year. We expected we would be able to party again this year. Last summer.

Johnny Quid: Yes, us as well. Definitely. Jeroen: So, we decided to do it again, but even better.

People had fireworks and it was even bigger. Martijn: They really go up against each other, already from the first show we did this summer. Because people see what happens at the other parties. So, when we arrived at the next party, they either had fireworks or they apologised “Sorry, we don’t have any fireworks.

We are not as good as the others.” It’s all about the music, we will make sure it is a party. “Yes, yes, but…” Johnny Quid: Cool man. So that is kind of a part of it, those at home parties. Do you have to act differently as an artist at those parties? You probably talk to everyone at the party beforehand? Jeroen: Yes.

You shouldn’t take it too seriously. You really have to be open to everyone. If you say “No, no, no” after three photos. You have to let go of a lot of things, I guess. It is completely different to a festival.

Johnny Quid: Do you also get song requests while you are performin? Martijn: Yes. Johnny Quid: Do you do something with them? Martijn: Definitely. On our USB-stick we’ve got a folder called ‘Camper’. With all the sing-alongs in it. Johnny Quid: Really? So, you also take a detour from Hardstyle every now and then? Jeroen: Yes, of course.

Martijn: Especially at those at homee parties, we try to get a feeling of what kind of audience it is. Sometimes they are really dedicated. Johnny Quid: Then you just go hard, play the classics? Martijn: Then you also get requests like “Guys, only play your own music up until 2017”. *All laughing Martijn: Then we think “Huh?” DV8: After 2017, please don’t? Jeroen: Not too long ago, we thought “This is such a fun atmosphere, we are going to play X-Qlusive Holland stuff”.

After 20 minutes the guy who booked us came up to us and said: “If you play one more song like that, I want my money back and you can leave.” Johnny Quid: I will cut your tires. Martijn: Sound Rush only. DV8: But you didn’t have a folder with Arie Ribbens or something like that for aunt Gerrit, no, uncle Gerrit and aunt Sjaan? Or something like that? Jeroen: I don’t know… Martijn: That’s from before our time, I think. Jeroen: I don’t know that man, but… DV8: You don’t know Arie Ribbens? Martijn: No, really.

*All laughing DV8: Okay. Jeroen: That’s Dutch music or? DV8: Arie Ribbens! Jeroen: Is that like André van Duin or something? DV8: Well, it is in the right direction. Polonaise Hollandaise is by him, right? Bij Hoevelaken Linksaf! Very fitting for the camper.

Martijn: When we are playing near Hoevelaken, yes. DV8: Good, okay. We will cut this out.

Johnny Quid: No, Arie Ribbens is staying in. Shout-out Arie Ribbens. He is a regular viewer. I think I also saw you guys on a dam this summer? Jeroen: Yes, the Great Escape.

Johnny Quid: Was that also part of the camper tour? Jeroen: No. In January we decided to do livestreams like almost everyone else, but in a different way. We came up with that concept under the name ‘The Great Escape’.

We also released this as a track. We came up with the idea to record a set at four really cool locations across Europe. Martijn: Risking our own lives. Jeroen: We played on a dam, we played in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, which half burned down a week later. Johnny Quid: Not because of you? Jeroen: It wasn’t us.

Martijn: We had already left. Johnny Quid: How did you risk your own lives then? Martijn: Well, that was episode one, an abandoned nuclear power plant. Johnny Quid: A bit of leaking plutonium. Martijn: The entire entrance was locked, because you weren’t allowed to enter. Besides that, it was healthy, nothing like that.

Not for those reasons. Jeroen: We had to go up ten metres with all the equipment. We had safety ropes with us. Johnny Quid: The first thing I was wondering about when I saw you on that dam, because I saw that one and it was a really cool location. How do you arrange that? Or do you just go there, and you plug everything in? Then you just go? Martijn: I think that took us three months.

So, we really looked up the people who owned it. Johnny Quid: With the camper and a couple of baseball bats? Martijn: From the village. We did it together with an organization in Switzerland, because they had connections. It took a lot of time and it also costed us some money. Eventually it was really cool, with fireworks as well. Johnny Quid: The result was beautiful.

Cool man. Those are all really great stories. Talking about stories, how did you guys start out with performing? How did you get into this scene? Jeroen: In 2008, I think? Martijn: Yes.

You discover the music via friends and YouTube. Kind of the standard story. Johnny Quid: We regularly have artists here who discover it via LP’s and not YouTube, so I think you are from a different generation.

DV8: Yes. Jeroen: We did perform with vinyl for two years though. Johnny Quid: Oh really? Nice.

Martijn: Yes, that’s how we started. We arrived in Rotterdam to buy those Hardstyle records. And we didn’t know how that went at all.

Sol we thought we would be able to test them out. We walked up to the turntables next to the counter. Jeroen: Full of confidence, like we had been going there for years.

*All laughing Martijn: We took the record out of the sleeve, put it on there, needle on it. So that man came to us like: “What are you doing!? You are breaking the record!” We should have immediately asked him if he could help us, because we had never done that before. *All laughing Martijn: Yes, that’s how it started.

Johnny Quid: You must get out of your own comfort zone and bluff a bit sometimes if you want to get somewhere. Martijn: That was the case back then. DV8: And you also actually performed with those vinyl records? Martijn: No, we only practiced with those records at home in the attic. Jeroen: We very quickly told each other that we wanted to do this ourselves, standing behind the turntables, performing at big festivals. I started learning how to produce music and you really focussed on performing. Johnny Quid: That’s pretty useful, being able to divide the tasks like that.

Jeroen: Yes. DV8: And by that time vinyl had disappeared from the scene. Johnny Quid: Yes, then it all became USB. Martijn: 2009 or something? DV8: At some parties it still exists, fortunately, but generally speaking.

Johnny Quid: I also read that you won a DJ competition in 2013. Or came in second. Jeroen: Yes, that’s true. Shortly before that we had met Mental Theo on a ski vacation. DV8: Discovered.

*All laughing Johnny Quid: Yes, great. Martijn: Discovered him in real life. Jeroen: Yes, he covered us. *All laughing DV8: Did he cover you? Jeroen: He discovered us. We gave him a CD with new tracks on it.

He immediately played it in one of those après ski bars. I remember that he turned off the sound and he announced through the microphone: “I just got a CD from two guys and they are standing over there, let’s see if it is something!” So, we thought “Ho ho, take it easy”. He played it and the people were going wild. I think he played two cheesy bootlegs, so that often works well. Then we went all over the place together with him for two years. Spain, Terschelling, a lot of clubs in the Netherlands.

He really gave us that chance. Johnny Quid: And you learned a lot from him, I think. Martijn: Really, a lot of respect to him, because they would book him and not us. We would come with him and then he said “Guys, I am going to play for 30 minutes, then I am going to have a drink, you play for fifteen minutes, and then I will take over again.”

But what would happen very often, not in the moment, but that organizer or the club owner came to him and said “Who are those guys? I booked you, not them.” “Yeah, but they are new talents, under my wing.” That was a really great time.

Then you also learn what it is like to play for a full venue. DV8: Yes, you gain a lot of experience. Johnny Quid: That’s important. You gain experience and you get feedback from someone who knows how it’s done.

DV8: Exactly. Johnny Quid: You will undoubtedly also make some big mistakes a couple of times, but you get direct feedback from someone you trust and wants the best for you. Jeroen: Yes, it was fun. We have often been at his place to produce together.

At some point we grew apart. I think he had higher expectations, which we couldn’t fulfil yet. I think that’s what it came down upon.

We haven’t talked to him after that. No hard feelings or anything like that. That’s how those things go, at least that’s how we see it. Then we participated in competition at Dance Tour. A House set didn’t make sense at all. DV8: Was that already under the name Sound Rush? Jeroen: Sound Rushers.

Martijn: It was Sound Rushers. Right after Mental Theo, we didn’t really know what to do. We didn’t get any feedback. We would also send our music to Q-dance and B2S.

This was during the time that Avicii was really popular, and we really liked that music as well, so we thought “Let’s do this instead, maybe it will work out.” So, we signed up for a competition close to our home in Roosendaal. We won, performed, did the national finals. Eventually we came in second, during Amsterdam Dance Event.

Johnny Quid: Nice. Martijn: On the same day, Kasper van Erve, who worked at B2S for the viewers. We were able to give him a CD before we played the finale of Dance Tour.

The Monday after the finale, which we lost, Kasper called us and said: “Let’s quickly organize a meeting, because what I heard was very good.” So that was a really good weekend for us. From then on, we got trust. Johnny Quid: That’s important. That’s funny, or I think it is beautiful how you can build a career on things that happen in one weekend. Or an encounter you have with Mental Theo.

That’s often the switch that gets the ball rolling. DV8: I mainly hear a lot of persistence. Johnny Quid: Yes. DV8: Even if you fall on your face three times, fourth time, get up, fifth time, sixth time you fall, seventh time, you get up, and eventually you learn. Johnny Quid: Then you get there. That last bit is also important.

Look this is the LIVE LOUD podcast, the lifestyle, which we also promote. Get the most out of your life. That sounds like, we go completely wild at big events, 24/7. DV8: Which is true.

Johnny Quid: That’s true, it is definitely an important part of it. An essential part. However, to get there, especially as an artist, you first need this.

The persistence, the trust, the perseverance. What was your first time at Decibel outdoor? Jeroen: 2014. Which was really short after.

Johnny Quid: So, the first Decibel after that encounter. Martijn: Yes. It was actually one of our first performances and really our first big performance.

We had that conversation with Kasper way before Decibel, that was somewhere in… Jeroen: January, I think. Martijn: Something like that. Shortly after, in March I think, he said “You will get the chance to open the mainstage at Decibel”. We only saw ‘mainstage’ and thought “Are you for real?” Jeroen: Normally you expect to play somewhere… Johnny Quid: In the back, in the forest.

Jeroen: You start at number eight or something. Stage eight. It was very exciting; we got a lot of criticism. Johnny Quid: I can imagine that especially the die-hards thought: “What are those guys doing on stage?” Jeroen: I think primarily colleagues, right? Martijn: Yes. Jeroen: I mean, the audience… Johnny Quid: They thought it was okay? Jeroen: They mainly didn’t know us yet back then.

DV8: They mainly didn’t know you yet. Jeroen: Yeah, I mean I can say “Yes, we were very well-known already back then.” Martijn: We felt like we were.

Jeroen: And well-deserved that we were playing there. *All laughing Jeroen: I still think we should have made the anthem that year. *All laughing DV8: You can also take it too far. Jeroen: Really? Johnny Quid: No, all the way. Let’s go.

Johnny Quid: But that criticism, that can really damage your confidence. Martijn: Yes, that was on the same day. We had just performed, and we felt like it went great. We also received very good reactions from the people on that day.

Johnny Quid: Yes, so you want to maintain that positive energy. Martijn: Yes, and then right before the Endshow, we were backstage. We literally got a tap on the shoulder; we won’t name anyone. Johnny Quid: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Martijn: Names. Jeroen: First letter.

Martijn: The first letter was a B. We won’t reveal any more about that. DV8: The first letter is a B? Martijn: Yes.

We have talked it over a long time ago already. DV8: Can I buy a vowel? Johnny Quid: I wouldn’t do it. But you received a lot of criticism? Jeroen: It doesn’t make any sense, but in hindsight you think… Like you said, a lot of things happen within the scene behind the scenes. It’s only a good thing that you also get to hear other stories. DV8: Of course.

Jeroen: It can’t always be rainbows and sunshine. DV8: And it was right before the Endshow. So, I can imagine that the person in question, or persons, probably had a drink. Johnny Quid: Oh, yes. DV8: So yes, then you sometimes talk bullshit, or you are a bit bolder.

Jeroen: That wasn’t actually really the case. DV8: I thought I would put a stop to the conversation. *All laughing Johnny Quid: You did your best.

Jeroen: This was him. *All laughing Johnny Quid: Very good. But you have played at Decibel outdoor a couple more times after that. What does Decibel mean to you? To play there, what is it like to experience that as an artist? Jeroen: It’s a home match.

As you can hear we are from Groningen. No. *All laughing Martijn: We have been going to Decibel as visitors ourselves since 2010. Like Jeroen just said, we are from that area. DV8: How did you get in when you were eleven years old? Jeroen: Oh, yes.

Connections. Martijn: We already had connections back then. DV8: Okay, well, so from 2010. Martijn: Yes, so as a visitor.

We can still remember the year it was 40 degrees. 45 maybe even? 2011 or something. DV8: Yes, I think it was 2012? Martijn: Or 2012. Johnny Quid: Yes, I have heard you talk about that before. DV8: It was incredibly hot.

Johnny Quid: As a visitor, artist or MC that’s not very nice. DV8: No. Johnny Quid: Then it’s better if it rains instead.

Did you notice that you maybe had other expectations from the festival as an artist? Was it a different experience? Because you also get to go backstage suddenly. DV8: What is the difference between going there as a visitor and performing there as an artist? Martijn: To be honest, for us there wasn’t much of a difference. I think that mostly has to do with us.

DV8: Because you already looked at it like that. Martijn: Yes. Peter, you know us as well, we really rolled into it, from visitor to DJ.

Or to performer, I think DJ sounds so cheap. DV8: Okay performer. Martijn: DJ, artist. Johnny Quid: All-round experience entertainer. Great.

DV8: So, no big differences? Besides the fact that it is easier to go to the toilet. Jeroen: Of course, when you are on the mainstage or if there are 5.000 people, more even 10.000. Well, when we are playing it’s just 5.000 people.

No, I think it’s 10.000 people at the mainstage? Martijn: Our second time on the mainstage was in 2018, I think. 2017 or 2018. Then we were like the third or fourth artist. Then you are really playing for 10.000 people.

And the weather was really nice. Johnny Quid: Yes. Martijn: We have also played in the Euphoria tent two or three times. On the water. Our second time Decibel was actually also a really great time for us.

That was on the water, Euphoria. Jeroen: In that really big tent. Martijn: It was raining so damn hard. Johnny Quid: Oh, so everyone went there.

Martijn: Yes. We thought “Well, that’s not because of the rain”. DV8: That’s always nice. Jeroen: That was in 2016.

Johnny Quid: Yes, great man. DV8: I always like it when you are at a festival and you are booked for a tent instead of the mainstage and the weather sucks. Johnny Quid: I can imagine. DV8: You are not allowed to chuckle about it, but you do it anyway. Johnny Quid: Yes, those are nice things.

Jeroen: It is nice, yes. Johnny Quid: It is always nice when the gods help you out a bit. Decibel outdoor 2021 didn’t take place, did you make some music the past couple years? Jeroen: Yes, definitely. Johnny Quid: When you couldn’t perform. Jeroen: It didn’t even cross our minds to take our foot of the pedal. We were really feeling it, we still are.

Johnny Quid: Do you even have that setting? Taking your foot of the pedal? Jeroen: No, that won’t do it for us. Of course, it crosses your mind, because we have released music every single month for the past two and a half years. Then you think “Should we do it once every three months because of corona?” Our fans are everywhere, so they can just keep on going online.

So why would we take our foot of the pedal? We really want to give our fans new music every month. We’ll keep doing that. I think we are fully booked for every month till August 2022. So, it is nice for us that we can at least keep on working for half a year. We don’t feel stress or pressure from that.

Johnny Quid: No, exactly. We also asked fans what they wanted to ask you and one of the questions was, and I think it is a curious way to ask a question, but is there something you are scared for? Something that can happen in your career? Right now, you are fully booked, the future is looking bright. This fan wants to know if there are things you are scared for? Martijn: It is a really good question. But we’re not scared of anything. Johnny Quid: You played in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, then you’re not scared of anything. Martijn: Maybe, look we are twins, that is one of our strong points.

So, we have talked about this, if one of us doesn’t enjoy performing anymore for example, then we will really have to question if we continue doing this. We are in this together and we have a very strong connection. We have had that for our entire life. We can’t see one without the other, as a solo act or something. DV8: I used to be part of an act with two brothers.

They weren’t twins. They could have very strong disagreements. Do you ever have those? Because I can’t really picture you having a fight. Jeroen: Only if it’s about music. Private… Martijn: When you are in the studio and think: “Maybe this kick?” Jeroen: When we have an argument, well an argument, we don’t have arguments.

Or strong disagreements, they are only ever about live sets. Not even music wise really. Not so long ago we played at Reverze and then… DV8: Which tracks do you play, and which do you not play? Martijn: Yes. Jeroen: That can be quite intense. Then it’s better to just let it go for a day. Martijn: But other than that.

Johnny Quid: Unless you are in the backseat of the car and one of you puts his finger just across the border between you. Or is that just my children and did I do that back in the day? DV8: I think that’s just your children. Johnny Quid: That’s just part of it, bickering together. In 2022 you are also performing at Decibel again, both on the Euphoric stage on Saturday, when it’s going to rain in 2022, and on Sunday a Daytime Session. Martijn: And then it won’t rain. Johnny Quid: Yes, no rain.

We won’t assume that. Jeroen: Rain on Saturday and dry on Sunday. Johnny Quid: Let’s hope there will be a Decibel outdoor next year.

It looks like there will be. What can we expect from you guys? Jeroen: Euphoric stage. Martijn: That’s always really nice. Jeroen: We might even think that’s cooler, because with all due respect, that’s where the enthusiasts go to. You can really measure where you are at.

We kind of see it like some sort of competition. The real fans only go there at that timeslot especially for you. The mainstage isn’t the mainstage without a reason, that’s just where the all-round audience is. Well, just… The Euphoric stage is amazing. Martijn: And we are performing quite late on the Euphoria stage next year. So, atmosphere wise it could really be something magical.

Jeroen: And on Sunday we are performing on the mainstage together with Audiotricz. That’s on Sunday. Johnny Quid: Yes. Martijn: Yes, I was talking about the Euphoric stage. That’s Saturday, Saturday evening by the way.

Jeroen: Martijn, let’s just… Martijn: This is what I mean! Jeroen: Let it rest for a day, we will be back tomorrow. *All laughing Johnny Quid: Very good. Also, a question from a fan, will there be another camper tour next year? Jeroen: Yes… Johnny Quid: Or are you not going to reveal anything yet. DV8: I think mom and dad would also like to go on a holiday by then. Martijn: Yes, they said that already. Jeroen: As a matter of fact, they are visiting fans with the camper right now.

*All laughing Martijn: Fans. DV8: Oh really? Johnny Quid: Relaxed. Martijn: If Corona is back again, then we’ll probably take the camper. That’s actually how we did it this year as well. Because it wasn’t the original plan to take the camper this year. But, yeah.

Johnny Quid: You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. It doesn’t matter, but I wanted to say that you could also drive around in a camper when there is no Corona. But then you are probably completely booked. Great, I like it! Is there anything you would like to know from the guys? DV8: Well, most things have been said already. Johnny Quid: Besides next year are there any… Yes, a lot has been said. Are there any goals or ambitions which you would like to reach if possible? Jeroen: Yes, the Decibel anthem of course.

Martijn: Yes. Johnny Quid: Ah. Jeroen: I mean come on! DV8: This is an open solicitation. Johnny Quid: And deserved. Jeroen: Of course. Martijn: Two guys from the area.

DV8: Well. Jeroen: That’s why we’re here. To ask the question.

Johnny Quid: Very good. Well, I have heard that Peter has connections. DV8: I can put in a good word for you. If I can do the lyrics. Jeroen: Well, I think it’s a deal.

Johnny Quid: Yes, awesome. Deals are being made right here. Great, totally awesome. I have to say, I enjoyed your company.

I laughed. Fun guys. No arguments. Jeroen & Martijn: It was fun. Johnny Quid: And amazing stories. Jeroen: We had a good day today.

*All laughing DV8: Ah man. Johnny Quid: Super cool. I am looking forward to seeing you performing live sometime, so I will definitely stop by. As layman.

I am curious to see your energy on stage, if it is as least as good as here then we are in for a treat. I have faith it will be good. DV8: Me too.

Johnny Quid: Nice man! Do you know what we’re going to do? DV8: What are we going to do? Johnny Quid: We’re going to do a little set. Jeroen: A set. DV8: Oh yes, of course. Jeroen: A set of course. DV8: Yes, well I, I missed the last one.

I had a holiday, so I have to get into it again. Johnny Quid: Yes, but you guys are going to play a set and that’s for the people who are watching on YouTube. You have to switch over to… No, it’s the other way around.

What was it again? Ah yes! If you’re listening to this on Spotify, so I don’t even have to look at the camera, then you have to switch over to YouTube for the set. On Spotify we’re not allowed to add it at the end, but we are on YouTube. I don’t want to give away too much, but I have already seen the set, and it is a brutal set.

DV8: You have already seen it. Johnny Quid: Yes, I am not going to fool our audience. DV8: Yes, exactly. Well, I am curious.

Jeroen: A very good set. Johnny Quid: A very good set. DV8: Give it your best! Johnny Quid: Guys, thank you for your stories and energy. Jeroen & Martijn: Thank you.

Johnny Quid: Ciao!

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