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LIVE Old Town Warsaw | 2019

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Okay. We, are live. And, a, bit behind schedule because of, traffic. And. CP, time I can't, lie. Alright, so if you. Are tuning, in to this on, the playback. Please. I guess, you can fast-forward about, two to three minutes as we be wait for people to join, and, at. The beginning we always do, a roll, call so. If, you're tuning in on. The live please. Tell, me where you're tuning in from and, what. Time is, it, where, you are because, I like, to know all, right I cannot. Walk. Let's. Not die on the live. Okay. So. Today. We are going to tour. Warsaw's. Old town, so. Because. Things. Are a little bit high we're not in our starting point so we're going to do that but um let. Me just go ahead and read greetings, from Warsaw and someone's. In England, okay what's, up what's up thank you guys so much for tuning, in, once. Again, sorry. For the CP, time I, Picasso. Art from Toronto, okay, I have definitely seen your comments, thank you so much for your support on. The. YouTube channel and on, jasminetea, TV com, you. Guys have been great just, just. Amazing. For real so, about. One more minute till we get to our starting, point because I'm trying to do things a little bit organized, here, so, I even, have some notes, alright. So. If. You know, anything. About. Warsaw's. Old, town as. We do our tour. Today. Don't. Bump right as, we, do our tour today. Feel, free to share anything. That you know so we're going to take a legit, store and do. Have some stopping points, where we, can chat and you can ask questions alright, but for right now I'm going to stop, talking and let you get these views, of. Town. Okay, I saw Abu Dhabi as well. Alright. It. Is very very nice weather. Couldn't. Ask for better. Alright, cool. Please. Let me know if I'm saying anything wrong, I will try. My best but for right now we're gonna have our first little. Our. First little the more you know our little drop of knowledge, alright so I'm just gonna give you views and drop. Alright. So everyone, this, is old town alright Warsaw, its top tourist area and a look into the once upon a time golden. Days of Warsaw this. Area, was entirely built after the entirely. Rebuilt sorry. After, the Warsaw, Uprising of, 1944. The, old town is also symbolic, of Warsaw's rise from the ruins of world war ii and of, Vasavi, and pride in their, city later. In the tour we'll see photos of the devastation, as a result of the war to, show you how far warsaw. Has come so be sure to stay tuned in and we. Are actually at, our first, stop, okay, so this, is. Our. First stop on the. Tour okay, so, here, we are under king sigismund. Column. This. Column was. Constructed. In the middle of the 17th, century to. Commemorate the, polish king sigismund the, third umbasa who was known for having moved the capital from. Krakow. To Warsaw, okay. So as, you can see. The column. Holds a bronze sculpture. Of. The king with his armor that donate, that dominates, the skyline of, Old Town and. Here. We also have the, royal, castle now. Similarly. With the royal castle which, you, can already see. This. Was severely damaged, during the war and reconstructed. After it ended and. Local. Legend has it like if you can see his saber or his sword however. You. However. You want to call it but local legend has it that whenever Warsaw, is in trouble that, the key will, rattle. His sword Hey. Oh you, can't see it because there's someone meat. All. Right so this is citizeness. Column. All. Right now let's. See, the. Royal. All right yeah them oh my gosh yeah, this this is definitely a good day. To. Do this. Okay. So. So. I'm I tend. To turn things into like a history report. But. Later on we'll definitely have time. To chat and all of that but, for anyone tuning, in and very interested, in Old Town I wanted to give you I wanted, to give you something you know so, this, is, the.

Royal. Castle. Okay. So formally. The royal residence between, the 16th, and 18th centuries. The castle, currently, houses, a museum and. Is, open to the public oh can we walk in okay, and, this. Was not open yesterday. Okay. So the. Castle currently houses a museum and, is open to the public. Restored. And furnished. With. The repossessed, furniture, and works art. It. Transports. Visitors. To, the time of the last king of Poland. It, was reconstructed. From Poland, it, was reconstructed, from a pile of rubble at an incredible, cost oh wow. It was reconstructed. Between 1971. And nights. Eighty-four, okay. So this is the Royal. Castle. Oh, my gosh yeah I'm actually never. I've. Never been well no I, went. To bobble Castle. Around. All. Right we have. I'm. Trying to get in on those on. All the monuments, up there. It's. Pretty cool, okay. So. Alright, hello, to everyone, all the new people who have tuned in alright, and we are going to continue, our, tour, of, Old. Town. Alright, so we've seen two places already and let's, head on to the third, area. Which. Is it's, not pavement. Which. Means. Beer, Street okay so we're gonna walk to your, street I'm glad you're enjoying the, tour our. Boroughs. All. Right so let, me. Get. You these views. And. One, of these streets has like a lot of ice cream I don't, remember the street name but we will definitely pass it. Okay. Oh. No. No no no not, at this time I don't. You know I don't, participate in libations. Until like after 5:00. Okay. Old pina beer. Streets. People. Is beer, and I guess Piedmont is just some kind of conjugation. Because. Polish. One. Thing I love man I love nice doors. You. Can't even really see it but it's great. Okay. We. Are coming up on. Actually. To. Two. Important. Sites, and. Before. We continue I, need to stop and say that, I got a lot of this information from in your pocket calm and culture. Trip calm so I can't. Take credit for everything. This. Would be considered plagiarism in, college. Our. First. But, I did reword I rewarded some things our, first one, here is karmic. This. Is definitely a popular, a. Popular. Shot bar okay. And. It's. Actually named after an. Eccentric. Old woman. Who. I. Guess. Like when old, town was in ruins. She, actually settled, into the rubble to take care of the pigeons I'm not really sure what karmic, means but. It was named after, her, okay. I haven't, eaten there but is now on my list, oh. Yeah. It's. Crazy, gorgeous. Okay. So. This. Is. Saint. Martin's. Church. And. I'm just gonna back up so you can get like the full effect, here. See. If I can go way back, so you can get it. Oh car. Oh feeder well now we know so she fed the pigeons. Alright. So. This. Church. Was completely. Flattened. During. The war and actually we're, going to see some pictures some, black-and-white photos, so for anyone who's not aware of just like how, devastated. Warsaw, was we'll, get to see some black and white photos in, a bit okay. All. Right and I saw. Someone. Mention Prague which, is on my list of, places to go whenever. I get my residency, card and if, you check. Out the blog post on, jasminetea,, then. You'll, know my residency. Situation. Okay. All. Right so. We're, done you're, coming up to an intersection here, and, we are going to take a bullet, all. Right. We're, on is up yet check the. Theatrics Street and. Lolita. Be. A car steer carska I'm. Trying okay so, that's what I'm showing you the names. So. I won't put her then okay. Oh. Wow. Okay. So now. We. Are this, area. Was. Home. I hope, the wind isn't so bad and trying to get out of it but. This. Area was, home to a small square, actually. Used, for executions. Uh-huh. They executed witches, criminals, they. Were burned at the stake beheaded. And more. Yeah. So. That. Happens somewhere over here I just thought that was interesting information. For our people. Who love like ghost tours and things like that I. Thought. That was pretty interesting, but, I actually don't want to know exactly where it was so that's this street and. We are gonna go to. The. PSU Street and look at those photos that I just. Mentioned. And. So, I saw Picasso. Aren't you mentioned that your grandmother, was 11, and, I. I. Went to one of the museums and the name is slipping me right now but, I thought it was pretty cool how you can listen to people's. People's. Accounts. Of. How it was when the war started and and when the war ended so. Yeah. I can I can't even imagine I, can't even imagine. So. We just went. Down feed not. Number. Ones up here chick which. Is like a. Very. Very popular, restaurant there. In. Many many locations all. Over Warsaw, I recommend. Okay. So. I'm actually just going to pause on. Some of these photos so. That you know if you're watching you can maybe if you're doing the playback you, can pause it and read a few light so. I'll wait I'll hover. And. Old. Town is also a unesco, world heritage, site as well. We, might have to come back to get the others we just, headed. Into a. Walking. Tour. Okay. That's.

A Little screw in the plans but we'll, come back and, get the other two okay. So, let's head into. The. Main square. Okay. So. We're. Now entering or, we're now in old town square and this, dates back to, the 13th century. Where, it used to be the center of public, life hosting. Political, speeches and more. Executions. Of errantly. Today. The Market Square offers a, wide range of, good restaurants. Yes. We will see the Warsaw farming sorry. Today. The Market Square offers, a wide, range of good restaurants cocktail, bars street, art and souvenirs, and somewhere. In, this area. There. Is the literature, Museum and Historical Museum, of, Warsaw. All. Right and so we are going to walk to one of the most loved, Motte oh one, of the gift best-loved, or most loved. Monuments. Of warsaw. I would, really like for that. Walking. Tour I can get you two pictures but. Okay. If anything I'll post them on Instagram if, we don't get them all right so let's just mosey. On over, to. This monument, here. Ah. Hello. Michael. We are in. Old Town. Looking. At the the mermaid or. One. Second. Okay. So there's a man. And. I. Don't. Know what he's playing does. Anyone know this instrument, but. If you see. He. Has the mermaid on the side and. This. Is the assistant. Monument, here. There's. A photo happening. Try, not to photobomb. This. Might be a good uh here, we are this is perfect. Okay. So. All, right so I believe the name of this monument, is sitting. Third am, I saying that right, Oh a barrel-organ, that's the name of the of, the, instrument over there okay so, this. Was cast in 1855. Okay. And of course you'll see this image all over Warsaw we just saw it on the man's, barrel. Organ, is that what you called it, and. Yeah. It's. All of Warsaw on buses, on taxis, okay. All. Right so let's just we're just gonna take a little stroll around the. Around. The square. Maybe. So you can get a good view of the buildings actually. This is where oh here. Where, Michael and I were if you read the travel no our article, that's my picture over here, that's, crazy I love, it. Okay. So. Yeah we're just gonna do a complete. Square. Of, the. Square. And. I. See that some people are saying that they're planning, on coming to Warsaw who, all is. Who. All has been to Warsaw or actually. Has plans, on, coming I'd, love to see, that. Oh there's. Car we are actually in the street, you. Know I don't know I don't know where there are so many police that's, a good question you. Know, I'm a bit, I'm buying my business, so, ah. So. This is. Duck. And. Apple. And cranberry, oh, well. It says it in English I was actually reading the Polish part. Okay. Okay. Oh. My. Gosh that that tour group is still over there. That's. Okay. Okay. Whoo natural, ice cream. Okay I guess this checks. Uh and actually this is one of my favorites, I actually have no idea why but it's. Pretty cool I've actually never been in this in. This place. But. I, like. That. All, right oh. The. Group is gone all right so let's do the other two sides of the. Of. The black and white photos I'm gonna move kind of fast before. Someone else comes. Okay. So. We did the other two so. Here's. This one. Here. So. Remember on the playback you can pause and read if you'd like. Here. Oh there's even a little. Thing here. Alright. I. Feel. Complete, oh that. Is a beautiful force oh my god. Alright. Alright, so let's continue. On. To our one. Of our final stops and. Once. Will see this we'll just mosey. On back to where we started, and. We. Have enough time, we will walk to the presidential, palace and. Would. You try not to be to get hit I know that car is Simone. On. Person 22 are you asked are you a Polish, language. Okay. Actually we're coming up to the street that has called the ice cream. And. I, love it ah. Yes. I. Guess. I am a student, yes, them student cup is that right I have no idea, look. At the little. Puppets. Interesting. Let's. Get to the ice cream. Oh. Yes. They don't yes their student coming okay got it. All. Right. If. I remember, correctly. This. Street, was. Like the. Old school Fish Market Street I could be wrong someone can correct me but. They're.

Really. Right. Now is ice cream Street oh my gosh. I've. Actually never had these a chimney, cake. I'm. Gonna have to try that. Okay. So. Whenever you see a, little dick it is ice, cream and if, you see golf it is waffles. And the. Place that had all the people have has, ice cream and waffles. And. I, might I might have to visit them a little later. Is. That GoPro that, I'm using this, is an old iPhone, 7, that I pray doesn't, give, out on me I. Wish. I. Had. GoPro money. Okay. So we. Are currently at, the. Barbican. Barbecue, here. We go here's the English and polish. From. English. To polish version. So. Far back on, Barbican. Okay. So. I mean I'd love to have a GoPro don't get me wrong but right now I work with what I got okay. So. Really. Quickly let me just tell everyone the. Barbican. Is a set of defensive, walls which, once protected, the city it dates, back from, 1548. And today it serves as a bridge between the, old and, new town this. Is the barbecue. This. Is pretty cool there was a lady here last night playing a guitar in this little Cove I. Guess. This is new. So. We're gonna just walk back. All. Right so. All. Right. And so for people who are interested in coming to Poland. Whenever. You are in a bar and when you want to say cheers you, say knocked. Over. Right. That. Is an important word so, no. All. Right so let's enter here. And we're just going to circle. Going. On. We barbecue. I'm. Doing. Like, take. A picture of you yes I, will. Be nice and take, it we will take a picture of you. Okay. Can you hold this. All. Right. Okay. So let's. Go, back, here, I. Love. The colors. For. Is green olive, green whatever, green is, one of my favorite colors. So. This might be my favorite building, although. I don't know what the pictures. Mean. It. Might be my new job I should have charged them. He's. Legit, carving, the wood right, now. That's. A skill. Ah. Possibly. Let's. See it, back. In maneuver. Alright. So we're back on ice cream Street. That's. Really not the name of the street sorry guys. With. The street-name. Novo. Miss, nova, miss gun. Okay. Oh, my. Gosh that, looks like. Great. Ice cream. Okay. Good I'm. Glad you're enjoying it we're gonna head back to. Kind. Of where we started. But. We're just going to take a different route back. Yes. Every. Everywhere. Okay. Yeah. This is where I want to go oh wait. Okay, we oh by the way we're meeting Michael Michael where are you.

Because. I'm back in the I'm. Right back in the main square. But. You can meet me. By. The statute, the, mermaid I. Just. Walked so many's so, I mean so many people. All. Right. Let's. Play where's Michael. No. Michael, is my, first, friend that I ever made in Warsaw, and. If. You watch the people, of color in Poland. Videos. I see. Mi Sam we're. Easy to find. Actually. We got a better view of this. Alright, say hey Michael, yes. So. Warm. Today it is very warm today ah and we're doing a, dance Michael, tell us about your dance class that's what we're doing after this I'm. Teaching, a profusion workshop oh my god ok so first, of all I sound, super Flemmi because are. You sick no the Sun came out so. The. Pollen is everywhere yeah, so. Now. The rain, isn't keeping it down so I'm super congested, in my throat and I need to start taking claritin, again but besides, the point I'm teaching a profusion later it's. Like I style. That's basically. From. Basically. West African pop culture but not just West African different. Cultures. It's, two hours. Okay. I'm, gonna get this built the side of the building really quickly, because. That's, beautiful, yeah. Wait. What time is it do we have time for lunch. Ok. Uh you. Know I don't, know what we're going to, have for lunch. I'm. Supposed to be on a diet and supposed to be getting salads wherever I go but. Let's. Be real. Okay. We. Kind of went off tour sorry guys but we were going to see the rest of people no Street which is that. Way but. It's. Okay we'll go down this street that, I. So. Let's go back this way then there's. Something. My. Students. Were. Like. Okay. But. Yeah so this was the other end of. The. Street. Oh. My. Gosh. You. Guys can't see it and. I don't know how if I can zoom in on this but it says karaoke. And, I. Love. Karaoke. But. I've tried like two but they're not my they they weren't legit, they weren't legit they were like little holes in the walls and, it's, like I don't. Know there was one that I found that I liked but, I did, a I. Did. A dry run last. Night thought I wouldn't get lost today. And. Last night there were people in, the squid not the main square but where we first started plot, some cookie there. Were people singing, and, playing. Guitar yes for money just people out there and that's. Like playing something, no I'm nothing, I didn't. Want to sing something, Oh on the street on the street because I feel like that would be a, what. You shouldn't be afraid to do anything after that cuz even with these things I did I get nervous and, it's not like Oh can, y'all give me money no I just want to I just want to do it like even when I was in Korea I wanted to do it when I visited, my friend in New York over the. When. I was back in the states I was like should. I bust out in a song. Oh. Oh. Vanny right we ready when you ready right now so. I. Need like some. You. Need. You're. Talking to someone who can't sing for anything. Okay. What. Gets me we. Can't see but a lot of the workers here wear. Wear. These overalls and they look like Mario on Luigi. What. Is so cute like and. They're always different, colors and. I don't know but, that's like the construction, workers. Yeah. Okay. And. Then. We are so off of the tour right now that we're just gonna go back but we saw a lot of stuff we. Saw where they, apparently. A lot of executions, went. Down. A. Lot, of barn Bistro's now though all right Michael. Let's practice our polish, oh. But. It's English too so we really can't practice, all right here would you cover up cover up the English and I'll read it anyone. Just choose one but not so difficult. No. I'm gonna translate it I'm. Gonna, try. Pistachio. Why. Did we come here potatoes. Something, with potato. That's. Pork I don't eat pork so I never learned it. Okay. Gotcha. All right so. We're. All. Right. Okay. We're just gonna end it back at. All. Right does anyone have questions for, me or Michael this. Is I guess, the last ten minutes of this live. Contract. Why would you starve in Poland, someone said they're gonna starve in forward oh because, we, we, don't eat pork but I'm, guessing that's why but. Duck, I love ducks as I moved here oh my god oh yeah. I. Was. Moving. Me to. Keep I love we, love that we love oh um. So, why did I come to Warsaw. I. Arisa we got a job. And. I. Originally. Got a job in Kakaako, and, Nathan. Who was the first interview. For, the people. Of color in poland's series.

I. Contacted. Him through facebook, and he was just like I think you'll have an easier time and, Warsaw. So. Really. I just wanted to live in Europe, and for. Me cuz, like. Colin's. The low cost of living and, the fact that I also work online so I USD. In Pullman, so it works for me because some people are like low, cost of living low salary, but. Not true if you can work remotely as, an English team teacher, also. I thought the location was pretty great so just travel around. And. Then I just I. Said. Before in, one of the interviews, like the. Few. YouTube. Videos that I saw like, Luke, life charms, and, Andy. Like they just seemed they seemed very happy here let. Me see what they talked about so, I chose, I just, chose Warsaw, and I figured if I didn't like it I would. Leave but. I'm still here, so. Was working like so, ha so I liked it enough for sure. Yeah. He's he's always happy for. Sure somebody said Luke, is always, happy. I've had the opportunity I've, chatted with him a bit on Instagram, so. Hopefully. We, could do some type of. Collab. Mike. Will have a better hairstyle, than me stopping a. Struggle. Out here I put on Instagram I was like which one should be my first week. They. Said neither one ill naturale, which. Honestly I, would love to wear my. My natural hair but, the winter time, in. Poland, I was, not prepared, and. My hair is actually struggling, right now I actually. Almost. Cry out one day man like no lie I took a picture of all the hair that just might came out and. I sent it to my friend, and she takes, me back like what. Is happening. Are. You okay, and even, that's at one point there's child like okay it even got to one point where I. There. Was it just wouldn't cooperate and, I'm responsible for my, own hair and I just cut I cut, like four inches so. Yeah. It's. A it's a lot so to. Protect my hair I have. Purchased a week and it is on its way. This. Because, yeah. It. Only works when you're somewhere that. Yeah. It, is, so I just, I. Just. Wasn't prepared, for the cold and, I thought that I could just have my hair all out and about and, I wasn't hydrating, it properly, so. Yeah. Man I learned, my lesson I have actually learned, quite a lot about how, dry it is here for. My scalp and stuff and like even just you, know the regular routine. That I used to use with the co washing and stuff does not yeah yeah. It's, uh it's not a game so. Come. With. Come. With a dream yeah, come with plan a B and, C, okay, alright, so we are back here, at the. Main. Part. Hopefully. For anybody watching this on the playback hopefully, this was a bit organized, I'm, trying to do a little bit better with the live streams okay so, yeah there you see the Royal Castle that was the second thing we started and. Seekest. Moons the. Third bosses. Column. And over, in this area is where I saw the people I, saw. The people, singing. We. Did a solid 45, minutes, we're. Going to get lunch you, can be sure to follow me on instagram, at jasmine, tea underscore, TV, so. You, know we might post where we go to lunch right am i doing a gram story there. Good. Good. But, I don't think we've ever been truly disappointed. Ya. Know and, then, yeah. So I will see you guys either. Next. Week and and, or on histogram, okay thank, you guys so much for tuning in bye, bye. Jasmine. Tea underscore. TV, or Ryan. Go. In attempt it oh yeah, Michael, can type in actually. Oh. It's. Nice. And.

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@Jasmine T TV I cant get enough of your smiles . Pozdrawiam z Kielc .

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