Live: Virginia Tech Spring 2018 Graduate School Commencement ceremony

Live: Virginia Tech Spring 2018 Graduate School Commencement ceremony

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Please. Rise for the presentation of, the colors and the singing of the national anthem, by, Allison Harris. Oh. The. Twilight's. Last, gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes. And. Bright, stars. Oh. Say. Does that. Star-spangled. You. Thank, You Ellison, would, everyone please remain standing, for just a moment. Last. Sunday evening, the entire university, community was. Saddened, by the passing of, Virginia, Tech president. Emeritus Charles. Steiger. Charles. Was a great educator. Visionary. And leader who served Virginia, Tech in the true, spirit of hood frozen for, nearly four decades. Transforming. It into, one of the nation's leading institutions. He. Was a true friend of graduate, education. Increasing. Graduate enrollment, by 12%, and increasing. A number of masters and peace' degrees, PhD. Degrees awarded during this tenure, his. Legacy, is truly all around, us would. You please join me in a moment of silence in memory of President, Emeritus Charles. Steiger. Thank, you please be seated. On behalf, of the university community it, is my pleasure to welcome you to the spring 2018. Graduate. Commencement exercises. We. Want to thank our governing body the Virginia, Tech Board of Visitors led, by rector Dennis Tracy board. Members are appointed by. The governor in Virginia Tech greatly, benefits, from their deep and genuine commitment, to, the to the University rector. Tracy and board members Leticia, long and her Osseo Valeris are here with us today I would. Also like to welcome dr. Hans, Robinson, faculty, representative, to the Board of Visitors Robert. C Beck staff representative. To the Board of Visitors and Brett, Neto our graduate, student representative, please, join me in recognizing these, individuals. With your applause. Through. This ceremony we recognize, your significant, achievement, and celebrate. Your talents, skills and, hard work it. Is also important, to note that these. Students would not have achieved their, goals without, the teaching, guidance. And mentorship, of Virginia. Tech's outstanding, faculty I would. Now like the faculty to please stand and be recognized. Thank. You. Just. As crucial as the role of the faculty the. Supporting, cast of family, friends, and community members behind, each graduate, student deserves recognition. With. These individuals. Please. Stand so we can congratulate them, as well. It's. Family. Friends, community, members. That's, probably most of you thank you. Graduate. Students are important, to the university's, research teaching and engagement, missions and are, able to earn degrees in Blacksburg, at, locations, across the Commonwealth, and online. During. The spring semester. 1480, students, earned advanced degrees and certificates. From an offering of a hundred and fifty masters, and doctoral programs in eight colleges, there. Are approximately, 760. Graduates. Here today I believe, it's a record, as. Part of the graduate commencement we, invite an outstanding, graduate, student to provide a brief message on behalf of the graduating, student body followed. By the keynote, speaker, to provide reflections, and perspectives. It is. Now my pleasure to, present Virginia. Tech's interim. Executive vice president and provost, Cyril. Clark who will introduce the graduate student speaker and, the keynote speaker. Thank. You let, me just take a moment to really congratulate our graduates, and. Also, and especially to. Recognize, and. Congratulate, all, of the faculty, faculty mentors, colleagues. I know how important, those days to you of, all the important things that you do for Virginia Tech none. Is more important. Than what we celebrate this. Afternoon, because, this indeed is the legacy. That. Shows what. You have accomplished, in so many respects, thank you and a job, well done. So. It is now my pleasure to introduce our graduate student, speaker Aaron. Lavenders start who is a native of Blacksburg, and will, receive a doctor today in human development and family science. Aaron. Has served as chief justice of the graduate honor system was a founding fellow of the graduate academy of teaching, excellence. Participated. In the global perspective program. And was inducted into the, Edward, Boucher, graduate, Honor Society, she. Has accepted, a position in the department of counseling and, human development at South, Dakota State University, which. Will begin this. Fall please. Welcome Aaron, lavendar's, start. Thank. You dr. Clark president, sands and dean de pau as, i think back on the last few years the ideas, that continue to come to me are around community, and the, phrase it takes a village it takes. A village to raise a child it, takes a village to raise a grad student I see. These things come up in my notes in my, blog entries, even, in my dissertation and, during. My time at Virginia Tech I have continuously.

Been Struck by, the strength, of our community, as, graduate. Students we came in to our programs, knowing, maybe one person but, often not knowing anyone, we. Come in with cohorts, or we come in on our own yet. During, our time in graduate school, we have built our communities, with. Those we took classes with with. The other new guy in your program who has your same name scared. Together at the GTA workshop, and now you see, as a colleague, and lifelong friend, we. Built our community, with the people we traveled with for pleasure to, conferences, and to learn more about higher, education around the world we. Have slowly built up a village of people a community. Who we see who, we speak to we, check in with support. At big events and celebrate. Our accomplishments, together. Every. Semester at commencement, I have heard president sands ask a, list of people who supported, the graduates to stand the. Family and friends the faculty, etc, last. December, I attended a friend's doctoral, hooding and commencement, at a different institution where. They did not ask family, or friends, or anybody, who supported the graduates to be recognized, this. Stood out to me it showed. Me how different it is at Virginia, Tech, when. I was with some of the Boucher scholars, at the induction, in Connecticut, I was struck by the fact that the, Tech graduate, students knew each other knew, each other's work were, friends, and colleagues before, traveling together to the event it, showed me how strong the Graduate community at Tech was. Community. Is a challenge, in our individualistic. Society, it is difficult, to cultivate and to maintain, graduate. School can be an incredibly lonely time, add it to the natural stress of being constantly, challenged, to go outside our comfort zone the, loneliness is all the more acute, yet. Through talking, with each other listening. To each other discussing. Our dreams and failures, discussing. Service, social. Justice and change we, came together to build a community through. Challenging, the status quo and working, to ensure that all voices are heard we, come together with different backgrounds, and different identities, to, move our community forward, we. Have the hard conversations. And admit our mistakes, and our community, supports us works. With us and pushes, us to be and do better. Those. We surrounded, ourselves with helped, us to remember to slow down once in a while our, community, helped to make sure we were eating during prelims, or writing theses dissertations, or. Final, projects, we. Had a village, of faculty, and staff in our programs, and in the Graduate School that, supported, us and rooted for us in the. End it was about assisting, each other supporting. One another learning, about one another's work as we navigated, this bizarre, stressful. Yet thrilling, period of our lives that we call graduate, school and, today. We get to take the moment slow, down and spend, time together celebrating. Our accomplishments. As we. Move into our next chapters of our lives and career may, we take the time to mindfully, build and maintain those, connections, with, our village and community may, we be intentional, to maintain our community, and our village and may, we continue to find these people in a community and are making, our village. Congratulations. To you all on your accomplishments. And best, wishes on future, endeavors wherever, they may take you. Thank. You Aaron I. Now. Have the pleasure to introduce dr. Virgil, wood, he.

Is A church leader educator, and, civil rights activist, who work closely with Martin, Luther King jr., for 10 years. Currently. Dr. wood is a right now fellow with the School of Public and International, Affairs and, leads the Virginia Tech Virginia Union, University. Beloved. Community initiative. His. Involvement with this nation's, civil rights movement, goes. Back decades, his. Work as a church leader an educator. Extends. To his teenage years when. He was ordained as a Baptist minister he. Has served churches, in Rhode Island Massachusetts, and. Virginia. During. His pastor in Lynchburg, he established a local unit of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the. SCLC. He. Also served on a National Executive Board, of the SCLC. And coordinated. The state of Virginia, in the historic, march, on Washington, on August. 28th. 1963. He. Holds a doctorate in education. From Harvard. University and, his, books include in, love, we trust lessons, I learned from Martin Luther King the. Jubilee. Bible, an. Introduction. To black church economic, studies. Please. Join me in welcoming, dr.. Virgil word. Well. Good afternoon everybody. Hello. Graduates. You're in here you are now about. To step, out and do. Your thing sure enough, but. There's one question that you must answer. It. Didn't this question didn't make it to your qualifying, committee, but, I have to ask you I've been deputized. Because. I'm. On a campaign to. Turn the world over to Grandma. I. Believe. Grandma in order, in office. Could fix the world in two weeks might. Take three weeks I don't know but. That's the question I want to ask you as erudite. And as, learn. It as you now are. Do. You know. That. You're not smarter, than grandma. All. Right now come on tell me. Well. Alright then I I take, it you you ready to go. I. Asked. That simply, because I, love. Your. Guiding. Motto. In. Fact. I. Had. Been, on that trail, all, my, 87. Years and I, didn't know it. There. Are wait awakenings. In our lives, that. Are significant. And, one awakening. For me is the. Year about. Five, years ago and, I was 82, years old I got, really smart. Because. I found out that my wife was smarter, than me and. I'm. More than the fact that it took me so long to, find that out but. I want to thank her for coming with me today my wife of 65, years. Six. Or seven years ago I saw her walk across the campus of Virginia Union, and my. Heart turned over like that and it's still turning I thank. You for coming with me darling I want, to tell you, how thrilled I am. Director. Tracy. Thank. You so much. President. Thank. You so much. Dean. DePaul thank. You so much and. I. Want to, thank. These graduates. For. Being ready to. Face. A world that needs everything. You've got I, love. Your. Motto. But. Frozen. I want. To add to today. What. Surrey autumn and. The. Third one is but. Ubuntu. A little. Mix of, Latin. And Swahili. My. Work with Martin Luther King makes. Me. Hopeful. In. The midst of evidence. That is emerging I. Believe. That. The work we did with King answered. A fundamental, question. King's. Mentor. Was a man named Vernon John's who, stirred the pot in Montgomery, and made that soil ready for. The work of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

He. Disagreed, with, our thrusts, in the civil rights movement in, fact. President, of seminary, I was teaching in over in Lynchburg when I was a pastor there in 61. Also, disagreed, when he fired me I had, half of his faculty, in jail. And half of his students in jail, and, he. Called me in and said unique, Rose running around, talking about some. Integration. He, said you don't have sense enough to know the, white folks going to do y'all gonna do the entering they're gonna do the grading. Well. I tell you what I would. Love to have come here in 48. But. I'm just as happy, as I can be to be here today, this, is the big deal for me this. Is a big deal this. Is a big deal. Virginia. Tech is one, of the best kept secrets, in America, probably, across the globe. And. I want to tell you that. I've had the pleasure of being. Here, in. The work with this. Wonderful faculty, you, have an extraordinary, faculty. And, the faculty can. Can rival any faculty, on the globe and, it's been my pleasure to. Work. In. A project. That. Is uncovered, some young people in Virginia. Who. Now know. That. There is a wisdom, of. The old. That. Matches, the wisdom of the young. People. Have wisdom, I believe, young people have wisdom too who. Could look, on those young people from Florida and. Not. Rejoice, in. The, wisdom. Sometimes. We all people, don't have wisdom we have collective, folly that's. Why the world has a challenge, it does today the, children, didn't mess up the world they just got, here, I, don't. Want to blame the children for what they, are not doing that. We have not taught them. They. Do as well as we have taught them and therefore the. Fixing, of the world Martin, Luther King said at, Oslo, in 1964. I have, the audacity to believe that, people everywhere, can have three meals a day for, hungry. Stomachs, I believe. That. What you do here President. Sounds. Gives. Real hope to. That prospect. Somebody. Says that we knew, why we were doing what we were doing there the civil rights movement, didn't. Get the howl right. Didn't. Get the howl right. Brennan. John's whom I just mentioned, said Martin Luther King we must have a debate, you're.

Talking, About a Beloved Community, but you've got to understand, that, the. Grecian, idea of love is different than the Hebraic understanding. Of love because, when you understand, what the Hebraic wisdom, is, you understand, that there's also technique. To community, and therefore. When. Prism, meet, sorry Adam it's. That. I may, serve. Ultimately. That we may serve and. When. You answer the question, Who am I, you. Have to also align. With that question who's Emma, who. Are you as you go forth with. Your wonderful new level. Of capacities. And character, and competence, let. The world know that, yes. We. Will feed a hungry where. Yes. We. Will. Because. Of the things that we're learning together and. Like. The Eagle. That. Renews, itself, like. The Eagle that only lives on what lives like. The Eagle not a hawk or a vulture. But the Eagle that. Flies. Higher that. Renews its own life and lives. Up as long as humans. They. That wait upon, love. Shall. Renew, their strength they. Shall mount up with wings like, eagles they shall run, and not be. Weary, they shall walk and not free. And so, I say, to you I rejoice. With you as you go forward, to. Face a world that needs everything. That you got the, best of your heart the best of your mind and the best of your will Mauser. Like like, eagle. Wings. Run. And don't get weary walk. And. Don't. You faint thank, you. Thank, You dr. wood we, appreciate, your commitment to community. To, graduate, education and, to our principles, of community and, inclusion. So thank you very much for being here. At. This time I will. Ask mr., Matt Wilson senior, associate, vice president for alumni, relations to. Join me in the. Presentation, of a very special award. The. Graduate School and the, Alumni Association, established the. Graduate, Alumni, achievement award, to. Recognize Graduate. Alum, who. Have achieved the highest goals, in their fields, I am. Pleased to announce that the. 2018. Recipient. Of the Graduate Alumni achievement award, goes. To dr., Mauro, atala dr.. Atala will you please come forward. Thank. You for allowing me to stand before you and with you to present this prestigious award to dr. Atala the. Graduate achievement, award is given to an alum who has. Earned a graduate degree at has distinguished, him or herself in. The world and their careers and in their lives and we. Are very proud and pleased to present to dr. Atala this award so on behalf of the entire alumni. Nation the entire Hokie Nation I hope that you will accept this award. Each, year, we, select an unsuspecting. Graduate, student for special recognition, now. You can all think is that me well. I'm gonna tell you who it is this year I want. To recognize Alyson, Randall. Who. Is earning her PhD in instructional design. And technology, today Allison. Will you please stand. And, of course you want to know why we are recognizing, her today Alison. Came to Virginia Tech and keep. Standing. You're. In. 2011. As a volunteer, track and field coach and became. A grant assistance for strength and conditioning, for the Olympic sports in 2014. The, same year she began her doctoral, studies that. She would coach athletes, with Olympics, dream, is no surprise. Alison. Is an, Olympian, she. Competed in discus representing. Jamaica in the 2012, Summer Games in London she.

Also Was, a gold medallist in 2013. Central, American, and Caribbean Games. Alison, is known for her positive, attitude. Motivation. Dedication. And. Unparalleled. Organizational. Skills her. Advisor has said of her and I quote, Alison's. Efforts, and accomplishments in, instructional. Design and. Technology program are as, world-class, as her performance on the field thank. You very much congratulations. And. Now, you can be seated. And. As, you know every. Graduate, student has a story to tell about their journey to, degree, completion and, we, really, don't have time especially, with record number attendance, but we don't have time to share each story but, I will attempt, to highlight, some milestones, and achievements. Along the way and recognize, students. From the universities, throughout the Commonwealth. So. This is an interactive part. Of. The. Ceremony, please, rise and remain, standing if you were a part at part-time, or full-time student. At one of our extended, campuses, in Roanoke. The National Capital Region or elsewhere. In Virginia, and I. Know you're, here thank, you for coming to Blacksburg. Don't. Say that no no no you this, is please, rise, and, remain, standing. If. You have received a national, fellowship or scholarship. Yes. There's more of you, please. Rise and remain standing if, you are a recipient, of the outstanding master's. Student, or doctoral student of the year the, Alumni Association, graduate, teaching excellence or service awards the Preston society's master thesis or graduate, student of the year. Please. Rise and remain standing if you have earned recognition as, a graduate, school citizen, scholar or diversity. Scholar. Participated. In the grad schools global perspectives, program a member, of a e/l or IDR. Please. Rise and remain standing if you have served the university, by participating. In the Graduate Honor system, in the, governance, through Graduate. Student Assembly University. Committee or representative. Of the Board of Visitors. Or. Please. Rise and remain standing if you have participated in, the GSA's, research symposium received. A travel or research award through the Graduate Student Assembly, attended. Any of the. Many. Events and workshops sponsored, by the Graduate, School throughout, the year and I, know there's more of you out here I'm gonna get you all standing, please, stand. If you have ever visited, the Graduate Life Center, the Graduate School in Blacksburg. Roanoke, National. Capital, Region. By. Now you should all be standing. Visited. Walking, services. Onto the outdoor plaza anyway, by now all of our graduates, I hope you. Are standing, because, I want to, congratulate. You on your accomplishments and. Thank, you very very, much for being a part of this, vibrant, Virginia. Tech graduate. Community, please, join me in a round of applause for our graduates. And. Please. Be seated. As. We. Prepare, to introduce, the candidates, for graduate, degrees I want, to share a tradition. That the Graduate School began over, 12 years ago now and this. Is the presentation, of an original music. Composition as, a gift to our graduating, students. The. Composition. Is written, solely for, to, celebrate, this day commencement. Day today's. Composition. By associate, professor, Eric Lyons is entitled. Of the, beginning, please. Take a few moments to, enjoy the music accompanying. The, slides on the screen images, and reflections. You. You. We. Will now begin the conferral, of doctoral, degrees, a very. Old and special tradition, in, academia, accompanies. The presentation. Of the doctoral degree, the. Doctoral candidate, and a student's major advisor the, advisor who most mentored, and supervised the students, research walked. Together to the stage where, the advisor places, the hood over, the head of the Graduate by. Hooding the Graduate the faculty member symbolically. Welcomes. The graduate as a professional. Colleague in this. Professional, relationship. And friendship. Often, continues, through the graduates, and the mentors lives. Will. All candidates, for the Doctor of Philosophy and. Doctor of, Education degrees.

Please Rise. President. Sands I have the honor to present the, candidates, for the Doctor of Philosophy and, the Doctor of Education degrees. With. The power vested in me by the Board of Visitors in, the Commonwealth, of Virginia and upon, recommendation of. The faculty I confer upon, you the Doctor of Philosophy and. Doctor of Education degrees. To which you are entitled with. All the rights privileges and. Responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. You. May be seated. Well. The marshals, please escort, the, candidates, for the doctoral degrees, and their major professors, to the stage for the hooding ceremony. Dr.. Joel marula will now read the names of the doctoral recipients, and the, hooding professors. Receiving. The Doctor, of Philosophy, from. The College, of Agriculture. And life sciences. In. Animal. And poultry. Sciences. Shenyang. Lang, hooded. By professor, Hong, Ling, Jung. Sarah. Regina. Makovski. Hooded, by Professor, Alan, Ely. In. Animal, Sciences, dairy, tailor, Timothy. Yogi, putted, by Professor, Kristi Daniels. In. Crop. And soil, environmental. Sciences. Jasper. Benedict, batad. Alberto. Putted. By Professor, Takeshi, phu, khao. Jin. She, John, hooded. By Professor, Meredith, steel. In. Economics. Agriculture. And life sciences, nam. Hoon, Kim, hooded. By professor Travis, Mountain. In. Entomology. Meredith. Edina. Schrader hooded. By Professor. Douglas Pfeiffer. In. Food science, and, technology, Hyun. Sik, Stefano. Chu hooded. By professors. Sean O'Keefe, and David, Coonan. Oscar. Andres. Galan. Garza, hooded, by Professor, David Kuhn and Joseph, Eifert. Andrew. Young. Rowley. Hooded. By Professor Amanda, Stewart. In. Human. Nutrition foods. And exercise. Laura. Elizabeth. Bayliss. Hooded. By Professor, Samantha, Hardin. Dane, Weston. Foust knocked, hooded. By Professor, Matt Pulver. Kimberly. And Kinney. Hooded. By professor, Elena Serrano. Natalie. And, Cruz. Likova hooded. By Professor, Jamie. Zellner and professor. Of Alisa Hedrick. Cassy, Marie Mitchell. Hooded, by professor, Brenda Davy. Megan. Loving. Wilson. Hooded. By Professor, Samantha. Hardin. In. Plant, pathology. Physiology. And weed science, Haley. Lee and LaRose, hooded. By Professor, James Westwood. From. The College, of Architecture and. Urban studies, in, architecture, and. Design research. Shabnam. Kavoussi. Hooded. By Professor Patrick Miller. In. Environmental. Design, and planning. Abdullah. Ibrahim. Abu zeid, hooded, by professor, georg Rikard. Benjamin. Daniel, chambers, also, receiving the master of life science, and entomology. Hooded. By professor, Annie Pierce. Shaw. Mean Javid hooded. By Professor, Georg, Rikard. In. Planning. Governance and, globalization. Kristin. Cherish, Kirk hooded. By Professor max Stevenson. Sulaiman. Die, put, it by professor, Daniel Breslau. From. The pamphlet, and college, of business, in, business, finance. Shot. Um a meanie mo gadem hooded, by professor Rahman Kumar. In. Business. Information technology. Zachary. Edward, Davis hooded, by Professor Laura Conn saw. Richard. J, gross, hooded, by Professor, Alan, Abraham's.

In. Business. Marketing. Daniel. Joseph Bodine. Villanova. Hooded. By professor, Rajesh, Bagchi. From. The college of engineering a husband. And wife both. Receiving, their doctoral, degrees. He. In. Electrical. Engineering. Munna, warme, mood soho. Hooded, by professor, Geoffrey read and. She. An engineering. Education, Boosh. Raska feat, childhood. Hooded. By professor, Bernard, Lohani. In aerospace. Engineering. Thomas. Andrew, Batista, hooded. By Professor, Craig Wolsey, and professor, Francis. Valentinus. Jacob. John, Dean hooded. By Professor, Craig we'll see. Edward. Brady Depp key hooded, by Professor, Michael, Filan. Choong. Wei Lee. Hooded. By Professor, Mahesh. Patil. In. Biological, systems. Engineering, Emily. McLaren, BOC hooded, by Professor, Zachary, Easton. Heather. Lynn. Governor. Hooded. By Professor, Lee Anne Chrome mateys. And professor, Kaali Hessian. Wait. Wha whoa, hooded. By Professor Ryan singer. Tyler. Adam. Keys, hooded. By Professor, Durrell Scott. Mogis. Barbero. Lagina. Hooded. By professor, Zachary, Easton. In. Biomedical. Engineering. Alexandra. Rochelle, hilar, hooded. By professors. Eva schmaltz. Raphael. Davalos and Marx, trembler. In. Chemical. Engineering. Sofia. Michele, Orbach, hooded. By professor Padma. Rajagopal. On. In. Civil. Engineering. Ali. Heft, ala ali. Al bottle, hooded. By professor, Farrokh, jazzy's. Adhikari, me. Emily. Dawn, Garner. Hooded, by professors. Amy Pruden, and Marc Edwards. Edwyn. Edgardo. Gonzalez. Montalvo. Putted, by Professor, Michael Garvin. Jose. Alberto. Guevara. Maldonado. Hooded. By Professor, Michael. You. Hooded. By professor, Andrea, Dietrich. Catherine. Pet shampoo, putted, by professor. Andrea, Dietrich, and Daniel, Gallagher. Siddhartha. Roy, put, it by professor, Marc Edwards. Howled. On way, put. It by Professor, Peter Vikes 'land. Marjorie. Rose, Wilner. Putted, by Professor, Peter Vikes 'land. In. Computer. Engineering. Amir, Nabil, a abdel. Fattah hooded. By Professor, Hashim raka. Mark. Edward. DeYoung. Hooded. By professors, Joseph, truant and David. Raymond. Ahmud. Supe, a nudie ibrahim. Hooded. By Professor Lynn Abbott. Prachi. Joshi. Put. It by professor, hi boson. Sarmad. Tanweer. Hooded, by Professor, Michael Chow. Bill. G'day, use, put, it by Professor, Patrick Chaumont. In. Computer. Science and, applications. Dois. Abdel-salam. Ahmed. Mohamed. Al Attar are, we, hooded by professor, Anil, Bullock. Aunty. Muhammad. Hassan ouessem, on, boo-yan. Hooded. By professor, Anil Bullock aunty. Jose. Eduardo. Kadena. Putted, by Professor, Anil. Bulacan. T. Sm. Shamim. All hasan hooded. By Professor, Edward Fox. Anamarie. Leal, hooded. By Professor, Steve Harrison. Jacob. Stewart. Porter. Hooded. By Professor, Li, Ching Jung. Padang. Sit. Off. End. Hooded. By Professor, Neil. Bullock, aunty. Farsan, a table out table, hooded. By Professor, Brian Lewis. In. Electrical. Engineering. Hassam. Mohamed. Abdel. Wahid, a delegate are hooded, by Professor, Hessian raka. Faruk. All. Amin. Hooded. By professor, Sanjay. Rahman. Syed. Mustafa. Kayla, Barry, hooded, by professor. Chang, Lee. Sudeep. Bottari. Hooded. By Professor, Jung Min, Park. Mina. Salah. Sahib. Labib. Hooded. By Professor, Jeffrey Reed. Johnson. You, hooded. By Professor Mong - who date. Shaitaan. Mishra. Hooded, by Professor, Virgilio, Centeno. Attea. The. Paddock. E hooded, by Professor, Jeffrey, Reed. Jeffrey. Dwayne, postin. Hooded, by professor, Pablo Terra, saga. Niloufar. Rasheeda. Mahara. Body. Hooded. By professor chun-li. Tamanna', Roy hooded. By Professor, Louis beaks. Dongsuk. Chin hooded. By professor, kwang-jin. Co. In. Engineering. Education. Trio. Sheba, Doherty hooded, by professor Holly matusa. Bitch. Andreea. Marie Ogilvy. Hooded by Professor, David Knight. Liliani. Josefina. Bare grace Barroso. Hooded, by Professor, Ken read. In. Engineering. Mechanics. Shuvo. Deep day hooded, by Professor, Rakesh, cap Anja. Cheon. Li put, it by professor Romesh Batra and professor. David Dillard. Hojjat. Pindar. And. Also. Hooded. By Professor. Jake socha. In industrial. And systems engineering. Crear. Yas neck burg up raha. Me on hooded, by Professor, Douglas bish.

Arash, Bog, hi locky. Put, it by professor, Jen you. Kong. Fatima, Sadat. Hashimi, hooded. By Professor, Michael toffee. Cheung. Hill Kim, put, it by Professor, Joseph debarred. Jia. You, hooded. By professors. Nu, Kong. Hyung. You, a son. Hooded. By professor, Ron, Jin. In. Material. Science, and engineering a. Juoh. Sarpong. Bak. Juma. Put. It by professor Rafaela divita. Andre. Terrence, Stevenson. Jr. hooded, by Professor, ABI Whittington. Alexis. Raven, Trent, hooded. By professor, Mark Van Dyke. In. Mechanical. Engineering. Sebastian. Mark corner, hooded, by professor Carina Sandhu. Houssam. Ahmed, mohammed. Elegan a hooded. By professor, Danish tough day. Siddhartha. Gaddy, Raju hooded, by professor, Srinath, Akkad. Tomara. Guimarães. Bucola. Hooded. By professor. Pablo and, Walter. O'Brien. Hameed. Hossein. Zhou, daguan hooded. By professor, Daanish Tofte. Emilio. He, Menace putted. By professor Carina, Sandhu. Anil. Kumar. Hooded. By Professor, Finas Benz V. Tong. Li, hooded. By Professor, Kareena Sandhu. Soo-hyun. Park hooded. By Professor, Srinath Akkad. William. Stanley, Rhone, jr.. Hooded. By Professor, Pina husband's. Feet. Wild. Sob, put, it by professor, FINA Spence be. Prashad. Singh put. It by professor, Serena, Akkad. Phung. Chang jung. Hooded. By professor, Rui Chow. Isaac. Jay, Eaton. Hooded. By professor, Shane Ross and, professors, Jake, socha. From. The College, of Liberal Arts and, human sciences in. Counselor. Education. Danette. Gomez. Beam, hooded. By professor, Nancy Bowden, Warren. Kevin. Anthony, Doyle hooded. By Professor Laura welfare. Patricia. And Owens. Hooded. By professor, Nancy Bowden. Horn. Catherine. F Snead. Hooded. By professor, Laura welfare. In. Curriculum. And instruction. Steven. Patrick Campbell, hooded. By Professor, Thomas Williams. Helen. And, Aria comment. Re hooded. By professor, Alicia Johnson. Harpreet. Panisse. Are putted, by Professor, Thomas Williams. Bree. Anne Marie, Peterson. Hooded, by professor, Bradley, Bowen. Diana's. Popova. Hooded, by professor, Tilly lumps. Alison. Victoria, Randall. Putted, by professor, Barbara Lackey. In. Educational. Leadership and, Policy Studies. Yesha. Ahmed, allows, me putted, by Professor, David Alexander. In. Higher. Education. Deborah. A day. Putted by professor, Joan hurt. Bridget. Hamill, putted. By Professor, Claire Robbins. Ryan. Rideau, hooded. By professors, Claire Robbins, and Joan hurt. In, human. Development. Aaron Suzanne, lavender. Stopped footed, by professor, Catherine. Allen. Mary-elizabeth. Sagnier. Neto hooded. By professors. Sharon. Ramey and Craig, Ramey. In. Rhetoric, and writing. Prop. In shedding, lama, hooded. By professor Diana, George. In. Science. And technology, studies, Justin. Donald. Shanks. Hooded. By professors, Matthew, was now ski and professor. Shelly Fowler. And. Our third. Edition. For. This ceremony. In, human, development. Erin. Ogletree. Hooded. By professor. Laura. Sands, and professor. Rosemary, Blees nur. From, the College, of Natural, Resources in. Forestry. Daniel. Lee, Gorelick. Hooded. By professor, Michel Mortimer. In. Geospatial. And. Environmental. Analysis. Kerry. Killeen. Jensen, hooded, by Professor. Kevin Maguire. From. The College, of Science in. Chemistry. Nathan. Carter, hooded, by Professor Tiana Grove. Hans. Elliott. Edling hooded, by Professor, Richard Turner. Fabien. Pavo civic putted, by Professor, Edward, Vallejo. Chun. Fang. Put it by Professor, Edward, Vallejo. Hong. Li Wessels, put, it by Professor. Tiana Grove. Dia. Shang Shu hooded. By Professor, Kevin Edgar. In. Economics. Science. Sana's. Tashaki. A. Ta. Ba. He'd Manish. Putted. By professor, Nikolaos. Tiedemann. Zhang. Han Yong, hooded, by Professor Nikolaos Tiedemann. And. If, you're counting we're, up to number four. Son. Han. Young. Hooded, by professor. Nicholas. Tiedemann. In. Mathematics. Ryan. Patrick, nee. Keen bears, hooded. By professor, Lauren, child's. In. Physics. John. William, Villanova, hooded, by professor, quinoa park. In. Psychology. Amanda. E Halliburton. Hooded, by professor, Lee Cooper. In. Statistics. Zhang. Guo Lao hooded. By professor, pong dude. From. The Virginia, Maryland College. Of Veterinary Medicine in. Bio, medical and.

Veterinary, Sciences. Again. A husband. And wife both, receiving, their doctoral, degrees, Chang. Kao. Put. It by professor, Jung, Jin Hmong, and. Cinque, mu hooded, by professor, Shin woo. Xiao. Hua, Lai, putted, by Professor, Li, Duan, Yan. Giulio. Men. Ciotti, putted. By professor, Michel Borger. Aled. Maria. Cristina. Villafranca. Low, chair putted by professor, Willard I stone. In. Interdisciplinary. Doctoral, degrees, in macro. Mekler science. And engineering. Gregory. Charles. Miller, jr., hooded, by Professor, Judy riffle. Row. Ron, Jung, hooded, by Professor, Kevin Edgar. In. Translational. Biology. Medicine, and, health Kevin. James Pritam, hooded, by professors, G, Xiang and professor, Michael, Friedlander. Nietzsche. Prius, Avanti. Ramalingam. Hooded. By Professor, Samantha. Harden and Michael. Friedlander. From. The College, of Liberal Arts, and Human Sciences. Receiving. The Doctor, of Education, in. Curriculum and, instruction. Pamela. Lawrence Watkins, hooded, by Professor, Thomas Williams. In. Educational. Leadership and. Policy Studies. Marceline. Roland's, Catlett, putted, by professor, Carol cash. Michael. Christopher. Jarvis. Hooded. By Professor, Carol, cash. Jonathan. Duane Russ, hooded. By professor, Carol, cash. And. Yes, a hearty, round of applause for our new PhD. And EDD. Recipients. And for, babies. Among. The graduates today are individuals, who have earned the Post Master education. Specialist, degree and those, who have earned grad certificates. I want, to congratulate each, of you on that. Achievement. The. University, offers many distinctive, master's degrees, including, a large number from, the disciplines, that confer the Master of Arts and the Master of Science degrees, but. We also have. Other. Master's, degrees, including, the master of fine arts master of, business administration and. Many, masters, degree in specific. Disciplines, such as, architecture. Business, education. Engineering. Forestry. Information technology. Landscape, architecture, Natural. Resources public, health public, affairs and urban planning will. All the candidates, for master's degree, degrees, please rise. President. Sam's I have the honor to present the, candidates for the master's, degrees. With. The power vested in me by the Board of Visitors and the Commonwealth, of Virginia, and upon, recommendation of, the faculty I, confer upon you the, master's degrees. To which you are entitled with. All the rights privileges and. Responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Plea. Please be seated. Well. The marshals, please escort the candidates, for the master's, degrees to the stage and. At. This time dr. Marella will also be reading the names of the master degree recipients. From, the College, of Agriculture. And life sciences. Receiving. The Masters, of Science and, Agriculture. And Applied Economics. KT, stump. Yuri. Whoo I. Learn. F. Receiving. The Masters, of Science in agriculture, and extension education.

McKenzie, And Belle more a. Doge, in, a ront area, Danita Brown. Jr.. Bow vase. Receiving. The Masters, of Science and agriculture, and life sciences, McHale, and Conway. Stacey. Nakayama. Marshall. Mary. Hoffman. Julia. Reynolds. Teresa. Don mich. Tyler. Hickson painter. Receiving. The Masters, of Science and, animal and poultry, sciences, Carey Nicole, Hardin. Amanda. Elizabeth. Gordon Brock. Amanda. Lynn Logan. Khadijah. La Junta Russell. Receiving. The masters of life sciences. In biochemistry. Shraddha. Prakash, LOD. Receiving. The Masters, of Science, and, crop and soil. Environmental. Sciences, William. Camp Vesely. Ruth. Anderson. Kaylee. Tate. Paul. Nisha. Granger. Receiving. The Masters, of life sciences. And entomology. Hailey, grace Bush. John. Leroy phew. James. Mason. Ashley. And Toland. Receiving. The Masters, of life sciences, in food science and technology, Jordan. Nicole, Gary. Da, John you. Receiving. The Masters of Science and human nutrition foods. And exercises. Dimple. Moshe. Susan. Chen. Camille. Back. Abbi. Gail bellows. Dani. Jessica. Wok. Whitney. Elizabeth. Stevenson. Stephanie. Grasso. Samantha. Nadia, adios. Alexa. Brooks. Receiving. The masters of life sciences, in Plant Pathology. Physiology. And weed science, Jordan. Christopher, booth. From. The College, of Architecture and. Urban studies receiving. The Master, of Architecture, Christian. Donato. John. Nicholas. Maddux. Brianna. Maria. Morales. Macy. Rose, car. Re. She Arushi, mukesh. Patel. Damiana. Isabel. Pacheco. Aviles. Mark. Jeffrey, Whitley. Christoph, Opitz. Ji. Wen Jing. Chou. Hey. Ning. Young. Chui. You. You. Chuan, Zhao. How. You. Fool. Ye. Cong. Chong, Li. She. Mantini pike. Niloufar. Hey. Darian. Eric. Fen, deke. Da. Wall shoe, rash, Jane. Receiving. The master, of Public and International Affairs, in, government, in international. Affairs Katherine. A Hinton. Lauren. Stuart. Young. You. Receiving. The Master of Public Administration. Michael. Andrew, Shipley. David. Samuel. Calkins. Charles. David, Sudha 'the. Jeffrey. Scott Summy. Receiving. The master, of Urban and Regional Planning, Curtis. George, Ralph, Rollins. Beth. Olberding. Iishe. Waria, Bharat, Bharat, a. Joe. Neyland. Kelly. Marie Fomenko. Gina. Mary, Saji. Mon. Donny, Barlow. From. The Pampling. College of Business receiving. The master, of accounting, and information, systems. Amanda. Dealio. Angeline. Neuberger. Claire. A Hearn. Danielle. Augusta. Megan. Terkel. Jamar. Khalil, nearly. Kobe. Emory. Hongou. David. Wain do, your. Conn-young. Maangchi. Lee. Mike. Ella, Dallas. On. See. How ding. Kathy. You. Mackenzie. Robinson. Jerison. Jamali, whitehead. Christopher. Luttrell moss. Jake. Walk. Billy. Climbed, the fourth. Daniel. Right. Burke. Made the third. Drew. Hawkins. Megan. McCauley. Jamie. Lee, sobota. Vie, nguema. Jennifer. Fake Rab chick. Kelsey. Smith. Sydney. Hunter, cook. Receiving. The master, of business administration. Kiri. Low couch enon. Satyam. Packer. So. High EEB Ahmed. And I've. Lost count. Buried. Colby, downs. Samantha. Romano. Leonard. Edward, Mahoney. Paula. Jane icun Brenner. Adam. Christopher, Anderson. Tao. He's among. Thighs. On Hoss, nany. Andy. Bal birdie. Zach. Adams. Nathan. Michael, Vaughn. Jessica. Tam's Carter, Hazelwood. Alex. Fabricio. Zachary. William. Kemp. Dale. Carson. Savoy. Jay. Ives. Jay. Greg, icord. Alexander. James L, Oh a. Manual. Test fader, AB. Joseph. Uh Wow sue yah. John. Pray, bender. Evan. Michael, Carty. Ellen. Jefferson. Fuller the third. Thomas. Alfred. Receiving. The Master, of Science in, hospitality and. Tourism management. Ahmad. Yaya. Our Shu, Kai Qi. Ibrahim. Ali, m al. Su buy he. Christopher. Edward plumb. Zahir. Our med. Farida. Adele. Mohammed. Doyoung. Kim. Amanda. Joy Baden. Judy. Rady. From. The College of Engineering. Receiving. The Master, of Science in, aerospace engineering. Kevin. Joseph Barnhart. Megan. Choline, burns. Hunter. Q Hollingshead. Robert. John, shied. Peter. Johannes. Marshall. Sidhant. Practicum. Our desai. Vishnu. Ganesh. Rajkumar. Who'd. Eat, Bhavesh. Sha. Shan. Ellen. Often. Burger. Sean. Patrick, Shea. Matthew. Thomas. Buddha. Receiving. The Master, of Science in, biological, systems. Engineering, morgan, DeCarlo. Tennille. Elsa. Valles. Receiving. The Master, of Science in, biological systems. Energy, engineering. Mehdi. Kitab, chief. Receiving. The Master, of Science in, biomedical. Engineering. Charisse, Natasha, Hughes, oliver. Timorous. Ryan. Aaron Gelder. Receiving. The Master, of Science in, civil engineering. Navya, Mooney Narayana. Yamini. Mahendran. Oswin. Sangam eshwar on muta. Kumarasamy. Shubham. Manager. Kumar purakh. Satyam. Ryan. Chandhok. Sania. Milind, Kulkarni. Hevene. Madras. Doshi. Nikunj. Rajesh. Solanki. Suraj. Singh, Shekhawat. Dhruv. Jay, deep decide. Miki. Ali Elizabeth. Morgan. Vaishali. Vasudevan. Logan. Andrew, Perry. Joseph. Spaz, eonni. Cold, jackin, ski. Chris. Rumsey.

Carlos. Eduardo Vega. Naranjo. Tyler. Kraus. Ethan. Paul McBride. Daniel. Antonio. Linares, Garcia. Elizabeth. Angel. Rachel. Cooper anus. Silvia. Maria, perrantes. Kiros. Our. Chief, manager. Mega. Ravi. Shankar, Rao. Sinha. Khadiyah. Pavin. Tendulkar. Cocooned, or. Adesh. Volusia, barrage, ooh Jane. A. Kill. Infant. James. Peter, Keating. Ferengi, ah Tila car. Woojin. Kim. Gita, Missouri. Okarche. L. Homme Hodja, she me. Ashish. Anand, -. She. Teach our own inner car. Akasha. Razia. Jeanne. Purchase. Fruit. V shalosh. Kumar, Patel a. Projeto. A. Niche. Samir. Cake lay. Craig. McKee. Santhosh. Farah. Kumaran. Sahib. Mohit. Srinivasan. Bahrani. Rajasah. Karan. Pranav. Sahi. Shankar, Sam para. Suraj. Gupta. Michael. Joseph, mulatto, a. Me. Anna Marie, McEwan. Lauren. Marie, Seaton. Megan. Louise, pickle. Zach. Lead, Al Groh so. Fat. Rachmaninoff. Eka Lynn Gilbertson. Receiving. The Master, of Science and, master of engineering and, Computer, Engineering. Austin. Poedel our, chigi. Shari. Ben. De la. TK. Carcosa. Ky. Toy, no. Rutledge. Sanjay. Mahajan. Abhijit. Our Andhra, huar. Kapil. Nor and Raquel. Su. J. QT. Gal, de ballet, Holly Satya. Narayana. Vikram. Chandra. Shekhar. Daniel. Juicier, Chiba. Sidharth. Narayana. Shruti. Vikas. Vodka. Akshatha. Jagannath. Keaney. Ram. Mohan Chidori, cinta. Venkata, Pavan. Kumar Balan. Kanika. Sabharwal. Richer. Sinha. Surabhi. Satyajeet. Buju. Abhishek. Ajaib. And Rae. Who. Now bandsaw. Shruti. Luvkumar, MODOK. Tanyaconnor. Shah. Meet bandsaw. Akshay. Kumar, Shastri. Beador. Ahmad, am lon al Behar. Vinita. Sivakumar. Venkata. SIA Kiran. Adiga, Pula. Prattville. Shanta. Kumar. Sahil. Do Danny. Yin. Joe. Lu. Sally. Who day God Gil. Ton. Boy Roy. Receiving. The master of science in computer science, and, applications. Zachary. Birch. Read. Pixlr. Navi. Aram, venkata, Condor. Samya. Van. Ronda. Cody. Archie. Das Gupta. Hasami, Dean Latif, Shaheen. Mukund. Babu, man iam rajagopal. Radha. Krishnan. Vinayagam. Nisha. Con. Drew. Sanket, Avinash, Loki. Gong car. Abhishek. Ciao. Pratik. Anand. Lawrence. Elliott, Warren. Patricio. Merino. Ewe. Wang. Yong. Chen, Yong. Chun. When, one. Abigail. Joy, Bartolome. Eric. Williamson. Khadijah. Ahmad, Al Safwan. Andres. Pico. Receiving. The Master of Science and, master of engineering and, electrical, engineering. Janay, amber, right Frasier. Chu. Mangu. Chi-chan. Rizwan. Ali. Knew. Gore Aditya. Shubham. Agua. Tapas. Kumar, barik. Aditi. Guard. Zachary. Alexander. Gartrell. Sana. Kamar. Paul. Edward, Rankine. Curvy. Shalosh. By Desai. Disha. Sadhana. Iishe. Waria, George. Sidharth. Table. Jing. We, yawn. Allante. Jackin, Dancy. Richard. Do many. Anna. Graziella, Lopez, marcano. Crew. Tika, Hikari. Sarah. Hansen. Benjamin. Kent Ashby. Receiving. The master, of science and engineering mechanics. Guillermo. Gomez de, Freitas, Khan solace. Vamsi. Chandra. Masala. Sarah. Emily, Beauchamp. Zach. Miller. Receiving. The master of science and environmental. Engineering, garrison. William Mayer. Shin. Lu. Dylan. John cow. Receiving. The Master, of Science in, industrial systems. Engineering, Dhruv. Bottle. Bro. Heat Lakshmi. Narayanan. Teja. Cena, a. New. Jack on Abaddon. Govinda. Raja, commander. II. Me. Santa, Kumar. Nithyanandam. Vivek. Joshbooth. Dinesh. Dondre. Vidya. Srinivasan. True. She'd soon. He'll Vaishnav. Balaji. Super, aam. Vishesh. Pretty, large, Chabria. Srinath. Cannon. Gaurav. The Libra, Todd.

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An Ambassador for the university that has supported, you visit. Campus often, remaining. Engaged with your major professors, and your research sponsors. Mentor. Other Hokies, wherever you go and share. What makes our community so, special, with others and tell. Us where you relocate, so, that we can keep, you connected to Hokies nearby, as. You. Entered into, this Hall you each received a new Virginia Tech lapel pin as a congratulatory, congratula. Tori gift from, the Virginia Tech Alumni, Association I ask, that you wear with pride wherever, you go, displaying. Your affinity your, affection, and pride for our University, and as. You go you will face big opportunities. And difficult, challenges, but. What you have gained here, at Virginia Tech will. Arm you with the tools needed to overcome any obstacle. Before you. Know. That from this point on for, the rest of your lives that. The world will expect, extraordinary. Things from you because. You are a graduate of Virginia, Tech on, behalf. Of the Virginia Tech alumni, alumni, association. I say, congratulations to, each one of you we, can't wait to see what you do in the world and go. Hokies. Thank you. As. A final, note I, would like to call upon dr. Hans, Robinson, who, is president of the Faculty, Senate and he will offer a brief message of congratulations, on behalf, of the university, faculty. They. Say that getting a graduate degree is a bit like getting married at. Least as much as the, boss walking down an aisle wearing, a robe or a gown. It. Also gives you the right to change the ending of your night name if you so desire. So. Now that you're all successfully. Hitched let. Me be among the first to congratulate you on your newly weds I mean. Your new status as Virginia Tech degree holders of, masters, and PhDs. In, a regular marriage all. The hard work comes after, ceremony, but. In your case it's kind of the other way around, your. Circumstances, vary but I know that to get where, you are most of you had toriel countless, hours over, a keyboard, or in a lab with. Generous helping so frustrations, and setbacks along the way but. You sir persevered, and here you are, this. Is quite an achievement you, have really done something, that quite. A few people get, to ever accomplish, and you're. Leaning to be very proud of yourselves now I, also have one note of caution I know, this comes a little late but I need to let you know that the marriage you've just entered into, doesn't. Come with the possibility, of a divorce. That. Means that your new family here at Virginia Tech we. In your in-laws for life and. That's. Not it's a metaphor, taken too far I mean it is a metaphor take them too far but. It's. Also the truth, as. Someone who has graduated my, share of graduate students I can tell you that your advisors genuinely think of you as part, of our extended, family. You've. Taken great pride and joy in watching, you get to this point and. We will continue to take pride in the many great things that you will do in the years to come that. Brings, me to my last point before letting you up on your honeymoon.

Please. Don't be a stranger, drop. Us a line now and then, come, visit let. Us know what you're doing and if. You ever need help or advice with, anything we. Must still be here for you so don't hesitate to ask, and. With. That on behalf, of the faculty, thank, you for letting us be part of your lives again. Congratulations. And good luck thank. You. Thank. You professor Robinson. And a special thanks to dr. Marilla, as the reader of names to, the faculty ushers and marshals, to. Allison. Harris, and to. Walt Wallace, Easter and the members of the Virginia Tech brass ensemble. For their part in this afternoon ceremony. Now. Please. Stand until the stage party, has recessed with. The recessional, our ceremony, will be concluded, thank, you for joining us and safe travels home.

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