Live with Kelly and Ryan (12/13/2017) Margot Robbie; Christina Hendricks

Live with Kelly and Ryan (12/13/2017) Margot Robbie; Christina Hendricks

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A star, of the film I Tanya, Margot. Robbie and. From, Mad Men and the new film crooked, house Christina. Hendricks. Plus, presents, for the teen in your life as we continue, live, they give kind all. Next, on line. Here, are. Secrets. Good. Morning good morning listen. Listen, Ryan is just figuring, it out today today. Is the day then, you woke up when, he said did you feel it outside. It's. Cold it's gone it is Wednesday, December 13th. And is cold it feels at. JFK it, feels like too sweetie. Pace yourself, because, this is your new temperature, 20. Degrees, outside. That, guy just cruising, with the cigarette, having a good old time look. At him, not a care in the world, can, he hear us he can you hello sir, well accessorize. Gentlemen you should put a hat on buddy. Looking. Good looking, good yeah. Not. A care in the world that guy and don't even get me start with the Christmas tree guy oh did. You know, I didn't get you I just saw that I can't, even look at that corner anymore I mean we should really block out the corner so that Ryan doesn't help me get. A tree yet you guys I think you get a good deal now well, what's I'm gonna wait it out to the last hour and then go over there and yeah and then yeah I'm gonna play the game with him so it but you talk about the cold it is, bitterly. Brutally. Cold especially, with the wind so. Georgian. Panda our dogs they're. Not having it oh yeah, what are they what so I'm. Thinking, about this right now like these are warm weather, dogs yeah. They don't even know about cold, they don't even know they were raised in Southern California jackets, and sweaters, we have things but, doesn't help, all. Night non went potty so, this morning they run, to the door to go potty like they always do I open. The door and they turn around said yeah. Well. Hold it will hold it yeah Chewie will hold it now until May Chewie, is like, we're. Good, I'll just go somewhere where you won't find it for several months I, think. The upside is it's good practice to expand. Their, bladders so if you have to take them on long trips you, they won't have to go on a flight or you won't have to stop at an exit, I mean. You have to look at the upside in any situation, right so this bladder, expansion. Exercise, yeah. I'm. Always fascinated like, I'll see you at my kids school like. The there were always and this was really more so Michaels in college now but when Michael was in fifth sixth, grade there. Was this group of kids at his school that was there was such weirdos, they they were really weird and I. Don't know if like the parents, didn't care or weren't paying attention or. Like just didn't, or want it to be their best friends, but, the kids wore. Shorts, everyday to school and they'd a contest, we're. Gonna, wear shorts every day I go until your legs freeze off is. That the contest, because they would wear shorts even in this bitter cold oh. I. Blame. The parents I mean, I attack I tackle, my daughter cuz my daughter everyday doesn't think she needs a warm coat.

And. So. Every day I tackle. Her as she's walking out the front door with. Her coat sort of strewn, over her shoulder, I literally. Tackle, her ego I put it on know in front of me she said I am I'm gonna put it on when I get outside I go put it on right here on my eyeballs yeah, and, then she changes, it once she leaves. Soon. As the door closes I know that jacket is like jackets. There could be a backpack, full of an entire outfit she changes into before so I'm sure you've heard tales of that well by, the way she's worn the outfit that she's changed into home and forgotten. You, didn't honey. You didn't leave in that outfit I go are those leggings, as pants. Just. Change into a different outfit a girlfriend of Mines husband that same thing happened to them and she was a different story he came back in different outfit. You. Know what I've learned and one. Of my friends. Is here. In the audience whose, wife, is with, them who, will not be named who. Said last, time you told a story about me I caught. Some grief at the office, about it so, even. Though we're here, what is that what was not a story I can't. Tell you cuz he'll give, me like give me just give me like give, me like the headline not the headline but give me like what it's about what was the story about it, had to do with lunch. Back in high school ah and. The, office, is a. Government. Entity and, so, I. Don't. Want anybody get in trouble right no I know this story remember, so, anyway, that. Person's here I just I can't identify him he's. Here you see you see him and his wife yeah yeah he was on the team too right on the, team and the team right I got it exactly, yeah cuz the coach was talking about you too don't. Point out him he's not supposed to be here no. No no no no no take a shot don't on the shot won't take a shot turn, the camera around John, whatever. Kelly, what I realized, is that you know there are repercussions. For, telling stories of your real life on this show oh I know I. Listen. I get, phone calls did anybody call you about their shoulder. Injury did you hear anything of was it no oh no. If. You're friends if you're friends with me you have you have you know that you have a thick skin and you know the guy it's the family member some of the family members you know you hear from because. I always like mention, and aunt and and. All of my aunts think, I'm talking, about them and, and. I'm not I'm not talking about any of you but. Whenever. I talk about said, and I get phone, calls and emails from all the aunts like I've never done that and I'm like why do you think I'm talking about you yeah yeah, because there's only one Anton's yeah therefore the, process of elimination oh but I have like hundreds.

Of Ants I come from a big family I have four, people my family so, anytime I say a family member my, my mom goes to the store and Dunwoody Georgia and it's a whole thing in the line all right so. We have brutally. Cold temperatures, here they're still battling the fires out in Southern California, they. Are, you know that trying, to get a hold on him but they continued, to burn and I was speaking with a woman just, the other day who's. Gone through it on. The radio show and her family lost all meaning she said and it didn't dawn on me the things I said to her I, forgive. My naivety. But when. This off when this happens and you realize that you've lost your structure, your home what. Do there's a be overwhelmed. With thinking of things to do first she, says there are a thousand, firsts but she said you know the one thing that you may not think about that a lot of these people having to go through is first. You've got to contact you know you've got to do admin, in this moment of incredible, emotion, you got to contact your insurance agency. You've got to call the Department of Water and Power and turn off your, water and your power even if everything's, gone you got to turn that stuff off stuff, I wouldn't think a few wouldn't and she said you've got to get a peel box or an, address for your bank statements. And your bills to go to because, they don't they. Don't know you can't, never got that what exactly, because I my, house burned today right right so she said in the middle of all the emotion. You're having to focus on these, kinds, of things and. Does she have children yes. I'm thinking about you know that, aspect. Also trying to when, you're when, your parent. Everything. Becomes, about normalizing, for the kids so you have to eat, like keep it normal so that they are not. So. What she said what. She said about, that, interestingly that, you say that is that with, the teenagers. You, know they have, a brave face on and then they'll drop the kids off out of family members and then they, can. Get, emotional, the parents because they don't want their kids to see that. You. May want to be they want to try and maintain some normalcy so to, everybody in Southern California again, we're thinking about in those firefighters, who continue, to ditch, warfare, on the front lines it sure is sure, is oh gosh, I can't imagine I, really, can't imagine that as a devastation. Like you can't. It's. I always I said, here so. Many hundreds, of thousands, of times but anytime you live in an area where there's such great beauty. There's. Always, like, this flipz there's always. Like also, great risk you know I mean, here. You know we suffer with the cold and all of that and um, and you know we get, angry with each other when the rail, system breaks down and people you know we're like we're. Abrupt, but. We don't really have to worry about but we. Have fires, like, that or, you. Know we, do have flooding. But for, the most part we don't have, earthquakes we, don't have. Tornadoes. Things that a lot of families deal. With on the regular cedar is as you, have told me here, wine stirs uh well there's Nor'easters but there are these also. Very. Dangerous. Gremlins. Yeah. What are they called you. Meat gremlin, rats, you mean snow rats snow. Rats snow rat we, have to watch out for snow rats I've not seen any yet I've seen the cockroaches, now but not the snow rats yes so rats rats, are rats right we can all agree right that's our rats but then you tell me that the size of Garfield, yeah. Well they're way bigger than panda like William Penn did the dog is that, they're like bigger than Chewie yeah we've got big rats ears no. Butts. No rats, are different whether we're in Patagonia, where, I. Always. Hate rats when I see you're a diamond Oh rats. And the reason rats is a term is because people going. Right. So. That is why that's a service no so so. But I see rat I see a rat and I cross the street and the rat is also, like good thing you cross the street cuz I was gonna mug you. But. If. You see a rat in the snow. It. Is like. Watching a reindeer I'm not they, are graceful they.

Love Snow, they, dive into it, and out of it and they're like. And. I. Survived everything and look at everybody in their coats but I don't need a coat cuz I'm a rat, who. Wears my pizza. I, think. They would separate seeing, a little rat jump through this though we'd still scare me to death I was on the phone with my dad and I hung up on him, mid-conversation, cuz. The rat was so cute that I wanted to take a video of it I was like and I said him snow, rats no rat click. And then I turn on my camera and the rat vanished and I called him back he goes does your hang up on me he. Goes I thought you were being attacked by somebody no, I saw snow rat and I wanted to take a video for this is how I know you've lived here too long when you think snow rats are cute. Wait. Till you see your first no rat uh no. Thank you so, another, real thing I could, I saw this and I knew that you would have a response, doing. Apparently. Man. Flu is a real thing the news is breaking now I just read the headline this is in the news today. Let. Me tell you I only I'm. Only two conduit, so I just can't tell you what I read in the let me tell you what the man fluid what is the man before you tell me what they say and I can tell you because I have, had outbreaks, of the man flu in my very house break it down a man, flu is any sort of. Minimal. Discomfort on, any level. Any. Sort, of. Or. Say Oh. Followed. By a breakdown, and an inability to move. Chronic. Temperature, taking. Hunger. And extreme. Tiredness. Followed. By a complete. Monopolization. Of, the television. Is. This also the same flu that causes men not to hear you or remember anything you said. So. Go ahead tell me what this studies or. Respond to something that you said 20, minutes after you finished that right so, this, is the news Kelly I am, only gonna give you what I read here men have been criticized, criticized. For. Overreacting when, they become sick but. According to a doctor. In. Canada. What's, his what's, his name I cannot. Out him the, man flu is a real, thing, and here's, the science. Here's. Four. Men applauding the rest scared to death to applaud next to their wives I. This. Dr. concluded, the male immune, system, isn't as strong as that of their, female peers, I wonder why that is. Am. I answer i. Old. This dirty before it. Up break it down again mark, wakes up one morning kids, wake up sick everybody's, sick and. And. He says we have to we've if. You get strep test I, mean him barely he can barely make it. He. Can barely walk because, his throat. Slit. He. Can't. The. Ends the kids are all sick and so. We. Go we all go to the doctor and Lola. And Joaquin were young, at the time and they were afraid, of the strep test they would not open, their mouth for the strep test so. Michael, and Mark, get swabbed and they did a rapid result he's like you guys are fine they didn't have a fever he's like it's just got it's just a virus whatever. So. The. Little, two won't, open. Their mouths for the doctor. He. Goes mom show the kids I could watch mom he's gonna do it mommy's gonna do it's gonna be so easy I opened, my mouth he goes are you okay and, I said young I'm fine why and he goes you. Have spots, all over your throat and I go I do, and. He goes yeah. And that he takes my temperature I have a fever, he swabs me. I'm. Hosting, a talk show for. Infected. But I was. Totally, going about my day had, no idea I was sick didn't know I had a fever because, I.

Am. Woman, well you. Listen. You're. Proving, the Canadian, doctor is, correct, that your immune system is far superior to, our immune system. If. My immune system was working I would have been perfectly fine like everybody else in their family but, you you didn't even know you had strep throat that's how good it was yes how wonderful, hey before I know that everybody's. Doing. This yeah but before we do Bon Jovi, yes, the. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yes they are inducted, into the Rock Hall of Fame 2018. So. You know yes, the. Cars dire straits the Moody Blues papon, Jovi slippery, when wet we will head that tour is everything. It's the one with. They. Were I was such a big fan of, Bon. Jovi that I wanted to go to the concert when they came through Atlanta when I was a kid and some I couldn't, go but some of my other friends parents let them go and I begged, them to buy, me a slippery, one wet t-shirt, so, that the next day at school I would wear it as you would and people would think he went to the concert and I lied and, said yeah I I. Saw, them do you give love a bad name last, night Connie, Seacrest let me out past 10:00. But. Congratulations I love those guys right. Okay. Sally, we've got a huge show today. Margot, robbie is here from. She's. So good I forgot, I was watching him look exactly you know exactly the, Shana said to me is this. A movie or is, this YouTube footage of the real thing yeah it's so real, Christina, Hendricks is here too. And this, is very important, pay attention, you're not going to want to miss this we continue lives Holiday Gift Guide with, gift ideas, for the troubled, teen in your life. And let's face it they're, not gonna appreciate it anyway. It's. Time, it's. Time for a morning wake-up travel to me here we go. I recognize. I, recognize, it's our very own Donovan, Sanders, it's my recognize I. Know. He's a former champion yes every time he dances, he becomes, like our, most viewed, trivia, dancer, Donovan. Really. Should be our sole, trivia, dancer. Gentlemen. The people have spoken. Good. To see a get man we're gonna call Barbara, from Jackson, New Jersey. Is. That where it is. So. This is a live call which will again, go, seamlessly, and smoothly, as. I'm sure Barbara, is waiting for the call by her TV. If. We get the. First ring. Hi. Barbara. Yeah. Hi. It's. Kelly. Ripa and Ryan Seacrest we're calling you live on the air. Yes. Are. You there, yeah. I'm. Here oh hey. What, you doing what's up what are you up to. What. Am i up to I'm. Watching the show. Are. You near are you near a great, adventure. Yes. We are it's on the other side of town I love. It there. So. If, it's on the other side of town and it's there and people go from all over to go there do you not go there cause it's so close or do you go there because it's close oh I. Take my grandchildren all the time yeah oh we. Have some good news for you we're gonna spin the wheel and see what you're playing for okay. Okay. All, right here we go this is good news okay, oh yeah this is a great price the pineapple, beach club in Antigua. Seven. Days and six nights in a beachfront room, it's all-inclusive, this, trip was provided, in part by, it's. A prized valued at approximately fifty. Nine hundred dollars Barbara, you have 20 seconds and only one guess good, luck. Thank. You okay. I'm, just sitting here looking at the audience listing you realizing oh I got to read the question yeah it's. Not been a good old time like Barbara watching this show, hon. Yesterday, on. Yesterday's, show we talked with Matt Damon. Now. Matt mentioned he was in the car with, two other people when he ran into me name.

One Of the two other people matt says, was. In the car with, him. Yes. Seven. Days and six nights at, the pineapple beach club Antigua, at vigas, most laid-back all-inclusive. Resort is located in. A tropical, hideaway on a quarter-mile, arc of brilliant, powdery white sand, pineapple. Beach Club Antigua offers, Caribbean, style accommodations amidst. 30 acres of lush gardens, guests, can swim of the resort to freshwater pools enjoy, complimentary water, sports or dying, at one of the seaside restaurants. Your prize is valued at, approximately, 5,000. $900. Nice, job Barbara, way, to go oh my, god I am so excited I thank you so much I just I'm just in shock that you need it cool well. Look. Barbara, dreams dreams, come true what can I have now. They said great, credit. From. Our family, to yours, now, you get to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive a $500. Gift card gift, card from Walmart photo. Between. One and two hundred and eight. Seventy. Two seventy. Are the hunters great Christmas. Watching. Margot, robbie. Still. Ahead on live we continue live holiday gift guide with, tips for the teenagers. In your life, actress. Christina. Hendricks, and. Coming up next Margot. Robbie. She. Goes to your school right yeah yeah. Yes. Mom. Money's, in my size because. You have to go back and exchange them. My. Mom and dad have been so, supportive over the past 12 months I can't even begin to tell them what, an impact it's made on our lives say, thank you with mercy, a thoughtful, collection, of European chocolates. Merci, mom and dad. Family. Renewable. Energy sources are a growing part of our nation's electric, supply. However. They're, limited by factors, that can take them offline such, as covers, weather or the Setting Sun at. Cabin. We're proud to supply power generation, plants, with the abundant, affordable natural. Gas we produce to power the grid and keep your lights on Cabot. Oil and Gas Corporation. Producing. Abundant, opportunities. When. It comes to saving energy money. And of course the environment watch. WNEP. For the power to save instead, of ending up in a landfill somewhere. Get. Weekly stories, from news 116. Innovative. Stories, in each special, and top, rated tips on, That's a true power to save story the power to save on WNEP. Is brought to you by Cabot. Oil and Gas Corporation. She's. One of the most in demand justice. In the world and, she stars as disgraced. Ice skater Tonya Harding, in the, new film I'd like to call it a documentary I Tanya. Please welcome to back to the show Margot Robbie. Oh. My. Gosh I want, to get into the movie, but in a minute okay I want to talk about you're from Australia.

You've. Lived in London, and, now you live, in LA so, what is it like to go from I guess, Australia. And LA are there temperatures, kind of similar, yeah yeah, look right now it's not that cold in LA and right now it's summer in Australia, so yeah this, is easy transition, yeah. Between Australian LA is pretty easy hmm London, it's a yeah huge. Australia. London Los Angeles well actually I lived in New York first when I like moved to cold, here really. Good you at JFK right now it feels like two at JFK they tell me did. You where were you in case you're flying out Ron do like the weather. He's. Never had winter so this is his first day. I. Also do local news as a side job. Where. Were you for Thanksgiving, I was, in LA it was at first yeah like I've got a place in LA now so we had, friends. Over like for a small Thanksgiving, dinner and and did you cook I was. Allowed to do one dish because. Everyone knows I'm not a good cook I was allowed to do one thing I was in check. And I was like I want to do yams because, it sounds the most American, I didn't know what yams were and I googled it turns, out they're just sweet potatoes so that was. But. Yeah it didn't go I wanted to do it like the full American Way with like the marshmallows, and stuff on top, didn't. Go up it lit on fire, it literally. There, was a fire you have other gifts. Right. No will you go home. To Australia, for Christmas yeah yeah oh that's great so what do you What's it cost rallying Christmas like because it is summer then yeah it's the middle of summer so you like go to the beach or, swim. In the pool and, what does Santa like Santa, comes in Santa shorts on a surfboard. Have. Seemed like they were coca-cola, adverts, that depicted, him like on a surfboard and stuff but yeah, we just yeah I mean I think he I think he stays in his usual get up as so called you did talk about Thanksgiving we, actually met on. Thanksgiving. Week, years, and years remember. This yeah yeah. Wait don't you tell me um it, was. Yes. Sir she, was doing a movie with Will Smith okay yeah and they were shooting at the time in Buenos Aires and I took my mom my dad my sister for, Thanksgiving, to Buenos Aires and Will's.

In The gym, jimang, and, I'm Jimmy I'm in the gym doing two minutes of cardio with no incline right. In. The corner doing floor exercises. And, willsez you gotta meet Margaret. Big. Star you gotta meet her I said so nice to meet you congratulations. He says you're gonna be a big star that's. It you know right out of context. You don't recognize. Everybody right so on E's, live from the red carpet at, one of the big award shows it's. After. Wolf of wallstreet comes out and she's the biggest thing in the world right I say, to her, so. Nice to meet you Margot right and she, says. We. Actually met before I didn't I. Shoot. Him at the time in hindsight I should've just been like nice to meet you. I was, a cure from the gym you're gonna be a big star. We'll. Come. Back talk. About I Tania, is amazing. In this movie right. Cockney. During commercial, break this movie is so good that I forgot, I was watching, a movie and, I felt like I was watching a documentary yeah, it's, incredible it, does have like a mockumentary style. Yeah interviews, throughout it's it's, so did you talk to her how do you prepare, to play, a, living. Person who's still here with opinions, about what happened in all of it yeah well I mean there's so much footage of her online from, from documentaries, in interviews and obviously skate competition so I could study her from afar and I did that for about six months and just you. Know studied a dialect, and her mannerisms and story. And physicality, and obviously, I was training for you, to do the ice-skating and then I met her about a week before we started shooting so when, you meet her for the first time I read that you didn't know much about the story when. It happened, no, it. Was totally made up, which. You see and you think this has gotta be yeah yeah, you, don't remember when this happened you know no you're wrong I was. What. Was the first encounter like when you met her it was surreal, because I'd spent so much like I mean. I listen to her in my ipod like every night or in his sleep I just watched her all day and it, was so weird to have her suddenly sitting in front of me after all that so but she was really understanding about the whole thing you know we said we're not making a documentary. And this isn't a traditional, biopic. Like it's a film so we kind of need the the freedom to let, these characters, like live in their own world on set and she was great she understood, she said I got it and had you had. You ever, skated, before, I'd, skated, briefly. No not growing up because I grew up in Australia and skating, is not like a thing right, it was no ice overhead girl but. When I moved to America I joined an ice hockey team in. LA so, I skated, just briefly doing that but not figure skating and it's really. Different now about you. Became Tonya, Harding it's a really impressive and amazing congratulate. I Tania, it's in select theaters now, opens. Through. January. Margot, robbie everybody. Walk. To you by, with. The rewards program you unlock instant, savings now and after staying 10 nights order free one use later Instant. Savings now free nights liquor. Tomorrow. On live laura, dern. Thank. You have you been I've been well how about you good good, been, traveling a lot I have, not been home I am a full-time. Gypsy. At this point yeah I've been I've been on the road for a while that's that that's that job. It. Is so, the holidays are here obviously. You can see the decorations, were excited, I love it we, understand there's a a holiday, classic that. You absolutely, love. Yeah. I'm every. Year without fail it's. A wonderful life my absolute. Favorite. Number. One holiday. Film as, voted, by I don't know - by the people just voted by the people of people I am 100% me hi every, once in a while I meet someone who hasn't seen it and I'm like oh yeah. Like. A. Team at your wedding like a wonderful life yeah is that true well my husband. We. Got married in October husband. Geoffrey Arend. He. Is very good impersonations, and he does an amazing Jimmy, Stewart, of course he does and he's kind of got this kind of Jimmy Stewart quality. To him anyway so during, our wedding we had our. Wedding party do a little scene you know the last of the moon because. We think it's so romantic so, instead, of reading poetry. Or something we had we had people do a, little, scene he also does a great Christopher. Walken. Away. And Christopher, Walken is something it's just a lot of different. Likes. To do incredibly, entertaining what.

Are Your plans you and Geoffrey for the holidays um well, his family's in Queens and so. We're gonna come, up yeah go. Queen. And. It's. So comfortable there his mother is the most amazing, chef and we. Put on onesie, footie pajamas my. Sister-in-law. And I knit, and we watch horror movies all night long which doesn't seem like next. To It's a Wonderful Life that that would be the next day yeah bro do we go down cinematically. But yeah we stay, up all night watch are you heaven just, like it is no like a low pressure situation we bring our little dog zoo zoo named after it's a wonderful. The. Thing continues. And. We just cuddle in and it's great Oh heaven, we, will be right back with Christina we'll find out why. And. You live 20 wake up web trivia for a chance to win a 500, on the Walmart photo gift card it's, easier than ever to create photo gifts for your entire family visit, a Walmart photo kiosk today or go online today and create prints, holiday, cards and personalized, gifts for everyone on your list visit. Kelly and Ryan comm to edger. What. That's awesome, we returned from Star Wars the, last Jedi I've, got to get a selfie with this so good. In. The fade. Ready. Action. We. Bring your family amazing, value every, day TJ, Maxx Marshalls home, goods family, is the greatest gift. And, you what. Would you do for love. Mr., you're the, new Oh de parfum Dior, weekend. Deals are back at Target, this, weekend save 20% on, Star Wars toys apparel, and home decor. Save. Big with weekend deals every, weekend. Only. At Target. Today's. The day. There's. The second most famous groundhog, in pennsylvania´s, am, i late just. In time. Nice. Holiday. Scratch-offs, from the Pennsylvania, Lottery. Things. Just got very merry. Keep. On scratching. Coming. To the shrimp theater on Main Street Stroudsburg, don't miss patent-pending Saturday, December 23rd. The. Pocono winter Beer Fest is back on Saturday, January 20th, featuring over a hundred beers then. It's the Pocono winter wine food and spirit festivals, Sunday January 21st. Killswitch, Engage and, anthrax blast Stroudsburg, Saturday, January 27th. Dropkick. Murphys brings, Saint Patrick's Day to the Sherman Monday, March 12 tickets. On sale share with you to calm take apply calm and Sherman theater box office 5 704, 202 808 I. Wanted. A home I. Dreamed. Of someone nice you, wouldn't make a fuss over me, and. He said sit, down tell me what's wrong I. Said. I can't I'll get sacked for city with a customer. And. He said no you won't I own. The place. We've, seen ahead of it I got. To Christie's cooking house so tell us about your character in this one so, I play, the young wife, of the. Patriarch of this family who, gets murdered and of course this is a classic Agatha Christie where everyone's, a suspect, right, but I'm the much, younger American. Wife who used to be a Vegas showgirl so, I look, particularly. Guilty. Yeah. It doesn't bode well for me it doesn't look good and the film this film hasn't get an incredible, cast and you were starstruck. By, somebody, who, I'm continually. Starstruck, by and she's been here a bunch but was, it Glenn yeah, and Glenn Close yes she's, magic yeah she is Magic Eye she. Probably thought I was maybe a bit odd staring, at her like just peeking, around corners like, always you, know you get to work with someone like that and you're just trying to learn from them every moment and and soak in what they do and she's, just so regal and and, and, it. Was really, very exciting because, these novels, the stories are so legendary. And, iconic when, you're shooting, this, and bringing this to life what was one of your favorite parts about doing the movie, well. My, family, would watch every week the PBS, mystery. Series, you. Know started out with Edward Gorey like fainting like oh and it was very like something, we looked forward to every week so that was my introduction to Agatha Christie and that kind of genre, so.

To Me I you know is being thrown into this thing that I remembered as a child and right off to also, worked with zio pack hey Brenner the director on a movie, with Charlize thrown called dark places that yeah and, I absolutely loved, working with him and so. Both of those you know the, combination of that in this cast it was just and we're in these these, extraordinary. Estates. In England, and, and they're. Just hunting and magical. I was, like that and you'll. See them in the film it's just gorgeous you get to go to work in those places every day when, you're working in like some dirty warehouse, doing. Pinch yourself and go I once. Shot we worked there every day. It. Used to be a garage this, right here. For. Your trouble TV. Tomorrow. On live for, the nude film in the fade, Diane. Kruger. Christmas. That's, the best time. Ideas. For, some of the toughest, people to shop for your, ungrateful. Jellies. Very excited about this segment yes, well we know that teens can be tough customers but they're always glued to their phones that, means they're just like us so we, have a selection here these are really fun these Lumi light-up cases, yes perfect, for selfies, they're great for adults too yes or this clip on selfie, light which you can also get as a nice accessory subtle. Yeah, very. Okay. If you happy you're over 40, this, helps, every photo you take just, get. It for the Tina music okay. Yes, and then this I'm really excited about this is a little VR, tool so. You can pop, this open this, is really. Cool it's really cool right you can test this out I'm, gonna look it's weird when you when you see from the outside yeah they're looking all around so you just pop this in, Pablo. There go ahead we're gonna go that's a tight head strap. Oh. My, gosh put, the lap bar down. Alright. So. There's. A loop. Week. If we can be done with that was it upside our office, all. Right I have the sneakers, of course you've got to have the sneakers glitter, embellishment. Are really hot and the nice thing is you can get these at so many price points you can get shoes, at Target for like 25, bucks converse, Puma bands these. Are my personal favorites yeah they're pretty third they're pretty dope, and lit. And. Along those lines are wearing your words is big so what teenager would not want a sweatshirt that says whatever oh my gosh you know right or this this man. Whatevs. And speaking. Of as, you know water bottles are huge, for, sickle and swell or two of the really hot brands, and this is also kind of a sneaky way to make sure that your teen is being healthy and staying hydrated yeah they're right yes, you're not flasks, these are.

Okay. Neon lights are the new lava lamp yes I'm having it now you, can get tons of options and always fit calm, I love the rainbow it's so cute they're really cute they're like a good size up to room right yeah yeah. Okay speed cubes, these are super fun Rubik's cubes kind of like the original fidgets done Yeah right so, these are great if you've got a team who likes, to fidget who's, good at puzzles and, so it's the same concept. Yeah and you can get these at Toys R Us everywhere, cool, yeah I love it um okay, mini speakers, okay the, emoji speakers, I love, these they're so cute, you can get em at Kohl's look at these teeny-weeny. Thumbs, up speakers you can plug into your glass and, is it loud does it have good sounds, yeah yeah amazing music. Gifts are big, this year um speaking, of here's this prehistoric, item, I know I. Say. To make it seem like these were the big original. CD exactly, yeah so, this, is cool this is portable, but the sound is really. Good we've got a Christmas album on there. Thank. You. All. Week long we've shown you some great gift ideas it's Wednesday, by the way but okay all week long we've been showing you great gift ideas for the holidays today we've got something to put a little more Jake, Jane. In, your jingle bell yes, the Jing is everyone. In our studio audience is, taking home 2 sets of sound moves, musical.

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