Living Off Grid to detect for Gold in Outback Australia

Living Off Grid to detect for Gold in Outback Australia

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G'day and welcome to the channel. Krissy and I  live full time out in the bush and we've got a   pretty basic camp setup that I'm going to show  you later on today. So stick around, have a look   at the video and if you like it, don't forget to  give it a thumbs up and we'll see you a bit later. Yeah, that definitely sounds sweet  so we'll give that one a dig.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to see  what's happening now. Ah, I can see it! That's got to be a bit of gold! Yeah detecting in general is a lot of fun,  especially when you're picking up gold but   unfortunately that really hasn't been the  case lately. Mark and I spent some time out   prospecting. We just didn't manage to get onto  the gold but it just changed because I picked up   a little subgramer. How good is that, right  there out of that hole there. Super rough,  

so the reef is not far away. It actually goes  up that hill back there, there's a little bit   of a quartz outcrop there. We just parked the  bike over there, this is how far I walked,   let it be 20 meters and now there's gold here.  It's been a few days - very, very quiet - we've  

put in a few kilometers every day and yeah,  finally we arrived in the right area. That's Mark   through the trees back there. I already signposted  him that I've got a gold here because we don't   want to yell out. There are other people around,  finally we are picking up a few nuggets ourselves.   Yeah now that I know that there is gold in  the area I have a good look around until I   find the next piece and then I can start  working the area between the two nuggets.   Hopefully I'll find another one. Wish me luck!  I'll fill in the hole and then I'll keep going.

Okay, it's been a pretty quiet morning and I just  got my first target here that sounds promising. It   doesn't sound overly big but it definitely sounds  like it's worth a dig. I'll give you a listen. Yeah, that definitely sounds sweet. We'll give  that one a dig, hopefully it's a piece of gold.

There it is, definitely coming off that piece of  quartz there. So it looks like it might be a bit   of a speci there. Yeah it's pretty dirty, I think  it's going to be hard to clean it up out here,   I think I'll wait till I get back to camp and  I'll hit it with a toothbrush and some water and   yeah I'm pretty sure there's going to be a bit  of gold in that but probably not a great deal but   I'm pretty sure it's gold. You beauty!   Yeah this one here is a really interesting area.  Yeah it's very noisy, there is a big bit of EMI   in the air and also I'm right next to an old fence  line here. Yeah that looks like an old sheep fence   so this fence is not even in use anymore but yeah,  there's a signal right next to the fence line.

Yeah, it is a bit noisy but it's got that  nice warble sound to it which could be a   bent piece of wire which wouldn't  be a surprising spot to find wire. Yeah I'm struggling a bit with this signal  here. It's very noisy plus the fence is that   close that yeah I don't even know if  there's really something there or not   but just to satisfy my mind  I'm gonna dig a bit deeper. Okay, so now the hole is wide enough for  the coil to get a proper swing in there.   Yeah I'm looking forward to  see what's happening now.  

Yeah I'd say there's definitely  something in the hole here,   it sounds like the target  is going to be a bit deeper. The target is still in there,  I can hear the warble sound.   I'm more hopeful now that  it might be a piece of gold   but yeah wire makes the same noise so I'll  just have to dig deeper and get it out. Ah, I can see it. I can see it there. How nice! That is a decent, well it's a bigger  piece of gold anyway compared to what I've found   lately. Nice one. It is gold right on the  fence line here. It's not easy detecting   that close to a fence line because you'll get  interferences on your detector being that close   but yeah, I'll try to get as close as possible  because there is gold in the area here and I   have seen detector holes further back and yeah  not too many would concentrate on detecting this   fence line here properly. There is gold here and  this piece here, I reckon, it's close to a gram.  

This one here is a bit smoother than the first  piece. Good one, I'm so happy about this one. Like   I said it's been so quiet lately and we've done  all these kilometers, walking, walking, walking,   and we just did not manage to get onto the  gold but it looks like my luck has changed now. Yeah I've just got my second target here, well  the second nice sounding target, a little bit   of rubbish about but yeah this one doesn't sound  too bad at all. I'll give you a bit of a listen.

Yeah that sounds likely to be gold.  We'll give that one a bit of a dig. Yeah it sounds pretty nice now. Yeah that one's still in the hole so yeah that  sounds promising. Yeah it could be a nice piece. Yeah okay, I'm starting to get a bit excited now,   it's still in the hole and sounding pretty  good. That's got to be a bit of gold.

Okay it's out of the hole. Okay there it is, it's a nice little speci. Yeah  that looks like it's got a bit of gold in it.   Yeah it looks like it's going right through  the middle of that piece of quartz there so   that is a nice piece. That  should clean up really nice. That's the second speci from  this spot here this afternoon so   yeah very happy about that and yeah hopefully  they keep rolling now because it's been pretty   quiet for the last couple of weeks  and it's nice to see some gold again. I just had a super faint signal down here, dug  it out and it was actually the first rock I   waved over the coil. It's a quartz rock so the  signal is definitely coming of this one here.  

It's not very strong but I can't see any gold  on here either. So I only heard it like that but when I wave it from this side so that means there has to be gold or something...   Here, I can see it now. There, that's  gold in there, tiny little specks.

Nice, very good. It's another  piece of gold of this area so   that is awesome. Yeah I'll clean this up back at  the camp and yeah, it should be a nice looking   specimen. Look at the spot, right where this  outcrop is. I expected little chips of dozer blade   here because somebody's pushed up these quartz  rocks here and I expected that that was giving   me a signal of this rock here but now that I can  see the gold I know what's giving the signal.   Wasn't very deep and that's where the  quartz has been dug up. Awesome, very good   but yeah Mark is actually  waiting back there near the bike   so we're gonna call it a day for today and  I'm sure we'll be back out here tomorrow.

Okay so here's that speci I've got today. I've  just hit it with a toothbrush and some soapy   water and it's shown all the gold just on this end  piece right here. It doesn't really have any more   gold in it other than what's showing right there  on the top but yeah, a nice speci just the same. Nice looking gold there but  yeah a nice little speci   and the other piece I got was this  piece here. How well did that clean up.

There's actually got a fair  bit of gold running through it.   Yeah nice one. Okay, I'll throw  that one on the scales and show you. Okay there it is, the speci.

6.82. So that's gotta be at least, I don't know,  2.5 grams at least of gold in that one. Nice one,   so yeah, not too bad between that and that  I'd say probably 3 grams for the day at least. Pretty happy about that, it's nice to be finally  on some gold again. We've had a little bit of a   drought at the moment so yeah it's good to  actually have some gold on the scales again. Yeah this one here is the specie that I picked  up. I think it was straight off the reef there.   Yeah you can see the rough bits of gold in there,  looks really really nice. So I had two nuggets,  

I'll start with a smaller one. 0.2 of a gram. That was a really really rough  bit and then I got this one here which is a   little bit more worn and also bigger. So  yeah I'm thinking this one here might be   a gram. This is the piece I got straight off  the fence line there. I'm hoping for a gram. Oh, that's 1.5 in total. So 1.29 that one. Really,  really good; plus what's in here so that would be  

roughly a 2 gram day I think. Really  really good. I'm happy with that. As I said, I'll give you a bit of a walk  around our camp and we'll just do a basic   overview of what we've got here and how we live  in the bush full-time. This is the FJ Cruiser,   this is what I drive around. So we use the FJ to  tow the trailer because it just tends to tow it a   bit nicer than the the Troopy. It's got a bit of  a lift in it and a winch and a second battery in   it. So the basics of what you need to travel out  in the bush. Yeah another way we get around the   bush once we've set up camp is on the quad bike  here. This is actually Krissy's quad bike and  

we just poke around on this and it's  got four wheel drive and a diff lock   and the automatic transmission and it actually  has been a very reliable bike for a chinese bike.   It's a CF moto. It's definitely a good way of  getting around in the bush, being able to cover   more area. A lot of the time we walk because  obviously you can't detect while you're on the  

bike and yeah you'll often ride over gold without  even knowing it. So yes, walk as much as you can   but yeah sometimes it helps to have a bike or  even get in the vehicle and go a bit further   away from camp. Okay, we're going to start  with our trailer setup. It is basically a   Ford Ranger tub on a custom-built chassis  which I actually bought like this and I've   just done a few improvements to make it  suit us. It's got the rooftop tent on it  

and basically that makes it easy for us to set  up camp and move on as well, pack up and move on   and also our camp's always set up with the  trailer. We can actually move the vehicles around   as we need to. So yeah, we've had this tent  only a few months and yeah you won't find   the link in the description below because it's  not something that we actually recommend. It  

was a cheaper option at the time and yeah it's  not something that I would really recommend, that   brand of tent anyway. Yeah like I said,  it's a custom built trailer and they've   put a quad bike rack up on the front here. So  basically you've got those two runs down there   where the bike parks up on or you can put two  single motorbikes up there but yeah the quad   bike fits up there really nice. Also on the front  here, I've built a bit of a shower attachment. It  

just makes it easy just to fold that arm out  and have a quick shower at the end of the day. Yeah open plan living around here. So we do  have a shower tent but it's a bit windy up here,   we're actually camped up on top of a bit  of a hill here, so it's a bit too breezy to   have the shower tent. If any of you had a camp  shower tent you'll know what I'm talking about,   they don't seem to last very  long in the wind at all. So   that's away at the moment and yeah while it's  nice and warm outside and there's no breeze   then we'll just have an outdoor shower. The  trailer also has a water tank built into it  

there. So there's a fill point there and we've  got a tap coming out just here and a switch. Yeah nice and easy to get water out of there.  Yeah while we've got our camp set up and the bikes   actually off the trailer we'll use this front area  just to set up a little bit of a kitchen area and   just to store a few items too. Also the jerry cans  they all get strapped towards the headboard there   which go in behind the bike. So yeah they're nice  and protected in behind there when we're traveling   and we carry some fuel for the bike as well as  for the FJ. We've also got the Toyota Troopcarrier   here. This is actually Krissy's car, this is what  she drives around and this is where we carry all  

the water and the fridges. We've basically  got a fridge and a freezer in here as well.   This one's pretty handy too because it's got the  good roof rack on it as well so any extra items   that we've got then we can just um put up there.  Krissy's car, yeah, it's got a slight suspension   lift in it as well, as well as the dual batteries  and the winch as well which is the minimum you   kind of really want when you want to go out bush.  Yeah the whole camp is powered by solar of course   and 12 Volt batteries. We've basically  got a movable solar panel there,  

a movable solar panel there, we've got one on top  of Krissy's car and we've got one on top of my car   and basically they've all got separate batteries  as well which is a short-proof way that you   always got one solar system working. So three  independent systems there. Okay we've also got a   Yagi antenna on a Wi-Fi unit here to give us a  bit of internet in those remote areas. We don't   always get the internet where we are or phone  signal but sometimes if you're high up on a hill   right out in the outback you can manage to get  one bar so that's why we've got this Yagi antenna.   This is basically our kitchen setup right here. We  use a two burner stove and we've got a table here,   we've got a cover over our our kitchen here.  We do have an awning that we pull out from  

here sometimes but sometimes it's just easier to  park the Troopy there and put this awning across   to the Troopy. It's easy to take down when  it gets windy which it does quite a lot. So   yeah a bit of an open plan kitchen here, it's  not the best in the weather, if we get any   rain or wind and we usually get them both at the  same time then it's pretty much impossible here   to cook anything so we usually have  something cold and we sit in the car   for dinner. Come around here and I'll  show you another room of the house. Yeah so if you just come through this corridor  here you come to our living room. So this is the   living room here, this is where we relax after  detecting and two chairs, nice and simple, and   the table. We don't have a lounge unfortunately  but yeah, this does us and same thing it's open   plan living with the lounge room as well.  That's the way we like, it's nice and breezy   and as long as we can keep that sun out of  the lounge room then we're pretty happy.  

Yeah, so this is basically our little storage  room and also our pantry. So all our dry food   for the pantry is in both these drawers. They're  full length slide out drawers. So yeah, they hold   enough food. Basically we could stay out about a  month at a time with the food that we can carry,   just we can only stay out two weeks at a time  with the water that we can carry. So there's   our biggest issue, is the water. It's just  very heavy and takes up quite a lot of room   so we're limited by our water supply. Also here,  we've got a battery system in the trailer here  

and we've got USB outlets and all the solar  controllers and switches and fuses in there   and that basically allows us to charge up all our  detectors, phones, cameras and everything else   that we've got. We pretty much travel in the two  cars and have this trailer because of the amount   of gear that we do carry. There is some stuff that  we could probably cut back on but at the moment   this is the setup that we've got. The two  cars, and it's a bit safer having the two   cars as well because yeah if one breaks down  or something happens we do have another car.   This is what we can afford at the moment so  we'd like to go back to one car but yeah to   get one car to carry everything we need, we just  don't have the funds for that. Yeah, the trick is   get out there with what you've got and give it  a go. You don't really need all the luxuries of  

life so yeah just get out there and give it a go.  So there you go, just a quick walk around today,   maybe at a later date I'll go into a bit more  detail and show you our solar systems and and   talk about how much water we do carry but we'll  leave that for a later date. And yeah, hope you   enjoyed the video today, give it a like and I hope  to catch you on the next one. Stay safe out there! Make-up, make-up

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