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Local Discovery: Explore Florida & Georgia - FULL SHOW

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Welcome. To local Discovery Explorer Florida and Georgia the, show where we take you to the most fun and interesting places around I'm, Julianne and I'm Sarah join us as we learn and discover, new and exciting, things to do right here in our great, state and this, year we're traveling, in style with these RVs lent to us by horizon RV Center in Lake Park and I'm super excited because I get to bring my entire family, along with me for this trip and with this RV, there's plenty, of room for all six. Of us so it's kind of like taking our home on vacation right along with us and, mine's the perfect size for just a traveling couple and super, easy to tell anywhere, I can't, wait to get going and start having fun but let's hit the road and go exploring. We're. Starting, our trip right here in Lake Park Georgia it feels like I'm taking a piece of home with me this roomy, camper, from Horizon RV, I know that kids can't wait to curl up in the bunk beds and play a game around the table. I'm. Gonna let you in on a little secret one, of the things on my bucket list is loading, up the family, in an RV for a fun camping, adventure and, what better place to start than Lake Park Campground, hi. Jim hi Sara thank you so much for having us here at your beautiful, camp my pleasure I'm glad you're here we are too and you know I'm have a lot of questions for you because we are first-time. Campers, that is not a problem at all we have a lot of people that have never camped before and, bought new campers, I live. On site so if, they have any questions or need help setting up I can just come down I'm only a phone call away so that's. So good it makes it nice yeah especially for your first experience. Right okay so you know we're in a camper, but what are the options, if you want to stay here well, we have a lot of pull through sites large, and small. Long. Enough to where they can leave their you know hook the tow vehicles, you know on the camper if they need to be, here just for the one night we. Also have a large tenting, area for. Groups or organizations Boy. Scouts Girl Scout for. First-time campers say they didn't get. To the big stuff yet right you know we have a couple of really nice rustic, cabins which, means you just bring your own pillows and blankets and they're all set up for you I love that you also you. Can you. Can try out you can rent out the camper well, you say. You've never camped before in a camper and we have a couple that we rent out by the weekend, and, get your feet wet a little bit and see, if you like camping and maybe then you'll know whether you're gonna invest or not yeah absolutely and. In looking around here it seems like there are lots of things to do for fun and just to relax there, really is on-site, here we have a beautiful catch-and-release. Lake with. Catfish. Bass and pan fish no. License required because it's privately owned perfect. And we, have some really, nice paddle. Boats down there that they can rent by, the hour and. Paddle around the lake and do a little fishing if they want to go that way we. Have a beautiful enclosed. Swimming pool screen. Keeps. The bugs out so you're you, can relax a little bit without that issue, shuffleboard. Your. Shoes lots. Of things tell, me about the clubhouse well we have a new, clubhouse we just built and we're. Just starting now to do activities in there we're doing potluck dinners and, cookouts.

And Little, live music occasionally. In there and such there's, a pool table so, if you might want just relax and plates and fold you can do that great and, if you decide to venture out I'm sure one of the big draws to, this location, specifically. Is that you're just really a hop skip and a jump away from some local attractions, absolutely, wild, adventure is right up the street like eight ten minutes away there's. A beautiful little wave park just. Up the road a limb from us as well there's. A lot, of natural park state in local. Grand. Bay we. Have Crystal, Springs not too far away those are free which is nice you can bring the whole family and it don't cost you a fortune. Well. It sounds like a wonderful place thank you so much for your you're welcome thank you for being here right if you would like more information, you. Just need to go to the website which is Lake Park camping, calm. We're. On the road again with our clipper cadet and we're headed to High Springs Florida just, north of Gainesville, to take in some small-town comforts, and beautiful, natural wonders from, antiquing, to cave diving there's, no shortage of opportunities for, adventure, now. We're here with Kristina right the Community, Redevelopment Agency. Director, here. In the city of High Springs so, give us a brief history of high springs and the city of high strains is a historical. Community we're very fortunate to have the longest continuously. Running theater, in the country in addition, we have the High Springs History Museum, which is where we are right now we have a number of wonderful natural, springs we have Poe Gilchrist. Blue as well as ginnie springs and, folks travel from all over the world to come to see our Springs Florida, has more Springs than anywhere else in the world there are over a thousand, Springs in Florida they have different, things that you can do there such as kayaking, or, swimming or scuba diving a lot of people actually come to Florida, from out State and out of country to visit, our Springs the flora Springs Institute, is a non-profit, and we, run the north floor Springs Environmental Center which is where we are today the Environmental. Center is an outreach and education, center, folks can come in ask questions, about our Springs they can also produce some of our exhibits and materials, which include a full, manatee, skeleton, a Springs map that you can click on and learn more about some of the springs in the area and we have a fish tank that has several fish species from our Springs that you can learn about here and then be able to identify when you visit the springs on your own after a day at the springs come into town and shop at any one of high springs unique, stores within, our downtown, alone there's like six antiquing. Destinations. And we also have a wonderful farmers, market in addition to that we have shops that not only make handmade, items but, they also have hands-on, workshops. And classes and, one, of the most interesting shops, and high springs is River Run olive oil company here at River Run olive oil in addition to their premium, oils and balsamics. They also offer a chef, series, on the third Thursday of every month this, series features, chefs from the local area demonstrating. Different recipes, for guests to learn and after, it's all made for everyone to sample River Run olive oil company, always has a new supply of products, spices, and unique, gifts, such as shrubs, pickles, salsas, and olive, wood dishes to use when dipping bread into any one of river runs 58, premium, olive oils and balsamic, vinegars. Located. In the heart of High Springs River, Run Olive Oil Company is a must-visit, volunteer. And, after all that shopping you have some great places to eat we, have everything from high-end, options, to vegan, plant-based locally. Grown options, a little bit of everything, and a really popular option, is the great outdoors the great outdoors has been around for ten years and the heart of High Springs and, we serve the best American, cuisine around we here at the great outdoors opera an array of dishes. Such, as our blue cheese chips our famous fried green tomatoes, we also have salads, and steaks, that are wet aged a minimum of 28 days the, great outdoors truly, is a destination. In high springs we have people who are enjoying day trips that come in people from the pan ham the keys Tampa. Jacksonville, coming in to dine with us regularly the great outdoors is just a short ride from i-75.

And, All of the back roads coming around here leads straight to us we're very fortunate to have a gallery and our, gallery produces. The annual, Santa Fe Springs plein, air painting. Of. Artists come to paint the springs and, their works are exhibited throughout galleries, throughout the area we also have folk. In the springs which is an annual event artists. That are selected, are very very top-notch in fact this year we're very fortunate to have a two-time, Grammy, nominee. And a, young woman who has an album that was just produced by the Carter Cash family, we're very fortunate to have a, replica. Of 1890. To 1940. Of a high springs area and lots, of replicas, and, artifacts. To preserve the history there's a lot of education on outreach programs, and lots, of tours and high, springs is super, easy to get to it really is it's just 20 minutes from Gainesville, and five minutes from i-75. Perfect. For a day trip or a weekend getaway the. High Springs Chamber, of Commerce invites, you to come experience the friendliest, small town in Florida high springs where nature culture and history, flow, freely. We've. Loaded up the clipper cadet and we're back on the road after our last fun stop I'm getting a little hungry and I, know just, the place to go for some cold drinks and fresh seafood it's. Time for a pit stop at wahoo seafood, grill. Next. Up on our adventure, is wahoo in Tallahassee. And we're, joined by owner Sean how are you today good so. For those of us that don't know what wahoo is why, don't you give us a little description, wahoo seafood, is locally. Owned seafood, restaurant, we started in Gainesville in 2013, we opened the Tallahassee location, in 2015. We do all of our fish fresh, we, butcher a long site we use as much domestic, seafood, as we could possibly get our hands on yeah and everything is delicious especially, your lunch we do a great lunch most of our items start around 7:00 Hyundai we do the New Orleans favorites the jambalaya, the a two-phase, shrimp, and grits, the shrimp po-boys, we, have a $7.99 hamburger. That is unbelievable. In fact Zagat, Award winner in 2014. And, it's incredibly, convenient it sure is, located, right off the interstate both locations, if you're meeting somebody from across town for a lunch you can pop up on the interstate whether it's I 75, or I 10 and you can get here quickly, especially, great for those that are traveling oh for sure so, here do you have a great, promotion, coming up in June for lunch, we sure do basically, we have our 15 percent off wahoo, lunch. Card while supplies last it, starts June 1st when you come in for lunch go ahead and order your lunch and then when you get finished with lunch we're gonna give you this card that's for 15%, off its 15%. Off on any time you come in for lunch as long as you have the part so I can basically use, this until it falls apart and if it does fall apart we'll give you another card sounds like a great deal for the valued customer and you're also a great place to host an event we, have a banking facility that holds up to 250 people lunch, meetings, weddings baby, showers you, have a party we can accommodate you here in Tallahassee well now that we covered it on Tallahassee.

I Guess we're off to Gainesville let's go. Now. We're here your great games no location, so why don't you tell us about your dinner I know that most seafood places are thought of as just fry, houses, 65%. Of our menu is not fried so we do a lot of a lot more options that we can give people healthier. Items, cleaner. Seafood, boils, our claim to fame the big Lowcountry, boils and sit down with the family each crawfish. Eat your shrimp and the crab legs, and enjoy yourself, on our appetizer menu we have a tuna poke that's an amazing, dish we've also got a seared, wahoo which is another it's a raw product so the healthy options, here are vast and your salads, are unlike, any other you could make your own salad we, have four different beds 23, different options, as far as toppings, go seven, different protein options five, different cheeses so you can kind of create your own salad masterpiece, that's exactly, what we're trying to do not only do you have delicious food but this place is really fun Thursday, Friday Saturday's, or Sundays we, do live entertainment and, throughout the week you have a lot of drink specials we have an amazing happy, hour three to seven everyday beer specials, liquor specials, we run wine specials, on Tuesday nights we do a free bottle wine with the purchase of two entrees Thursday, nights we do 350 margaritas. And those are even the flavored margaritas, and you, have bottomless, mimosas, every Sunday from brunch and what better thing to accompany a delicious, brunch we've, got one of the best brunch menus in town we've got some really talented, chefs to put together an incredible menu. We were able to bring some of the flavors from New Orleans and some of the other things that we've done our, brunch is unique, and it's also there's, no wait usually so you can usually get right on in and have your brunch plus you have a super, convenient delivery, option we use bite squad we like the way that they monitor the food from the time it gets ordered all the way to the food getting delivered to your door and it definitely shows that nice and hot so if you want some award-winning, seafood, and a great atmosphere come. To wahoo seafood, in Tallahassee, or Gainesville, for lunch brunch or dinner don't. Forget your lunch card. Even. Though we have the wonderful clipper, cadet from Horizon RV, a full, day of roadtrip adventures, can sure tire you out but. There's no better way to refuel, your vehicle and yourself, than, a pit stop at a busy bee Travel, Plaza. As, you're traveling in North Florida in South Georgia you may have noticed some billboards and wondered what is busy be well, it's a unique name for a place that almost defies description on, this vehicle day. We are here with Elizabeth leering, the president, and CEO of the busy bee for those that haven't visited before how would you describe the busy bee for travel classes that service our guests, with fuel for themselves, and their vehicles, and we have lots of different food offerings, not, to mention you, have the best bathrooms, thank.

You Very much and we believe that our guests deserve to have the best fair spacious, clean beautiful. And we also have individual, stalls and, have granted and beautiful tile please strive to keep our potties sparkling, like, a throne of your own plus you have everything that a truck driver would mean we are part of the ambit's program which gives the trucker's a discount for different, things that they buy when they're on the road to make the love with us and we have a separate building that has their, washer and dryer a lounge area for them as, well as your showers their own little facility, sounds like a pretty good treatment, something, like their little fire yeah and I saw something really cool outside your, Tesla charging, stations, we're so excited that we have the super charging stations here and we are the only place that has the charging stations on i-10 from, Jacksonville, to Tallahassee spin and free way to help our mommy and when you're done filling your tank you can fill your tummy and Melanie's, here to tell us all about the, food yes so we have two franchises, in this location we have Dunkin Donuts and a Burger King we have a lot of private, label items we have a gourmet line, that has things like sauces. And we have dressings, moonshine. Barbecue sauce jams, and jellies syrup, all kind of beef jerky bit, exotics, like snake, and, alligator, a shark, all the different planes teriyaki, all different kinds and we let you taste anything to make sure that it's something you want we have all different flavors of honey anything that you desire you'll, have here if it, honey not to mention a lot of options for those of us 15 we have some amazing sides we make it here we have 20, 25 different flavors that we have our truffles, and they are handmade, they're just beautiful I mean they look like a little piece of art and you have lots of candy yes we, are a candy. Destination. We have a whole wall of candy. Any flavor that you could think of all kind of Jelly Belly's M&Ms, all the nostalgic, kind of candy that's fun to get that you had a long time ago and tell us about your thrill yes. We have our own brand of frozen, yogurt, sometimes, we also have a flavor of gelato and then also ice cream there's eight different varieties to choose from any day so if you have a sweet tooth this, is the place to be you also have an amazing, high, quality, gift section, yes we have all different kind of gifts we have dishes, and, jewelry, and bags we, have volcano, candles, we have a great line, help Farm Fresh that has all different kinds of lotions, and soaps that smell wonderful, and it's high-quality gifts. As a matter of fact the other day a customer stopped, me and was telling me that he stops, here for wedding gifts or birthdays, or even anniversary, because the quality is so high it's not just, a souvenir it's, a gift store a boutique almost, well I'm sure by now people are ready to come visit how, can they find you well we have 18 different locations, but two of them are conveniently, located on, i-10 exit, 283, and 301. And if they can't stop by they, can always go to your website shop the busy be calm and they were also on Facebook Instagram and, Twitter under shop the busy bee now, that you've seen that it's the bee's knees I'm sure you'll agree that busy bee isn't just a stop along your way it's a destination. We've. Got our truck gassed up and our RV packed and we're ready to head out on our next adventure a good road trip through Florida wouldn't, be complete without a stop in the place where nature and culture means it's, time to see what the city of Gainesville has, to offer today. We're visiting one of my favorite, destinations. In North Central Florida Gainesville. Is located, in Alachua County and, this area is like no other place in Florida right, now I'm taking you to three of my favorite places here in Gainesville all of which are extremely family, friendly, first stop on our journey is the Florida Museum of Natural History the museum is a great destination, it's, the official State Museum of Natural History, and we have all kinds, of exhibits and activities for people of all ages the butterfly rainforest, is probably our most popular exhibit.

It's Outdoors, a lush, beautiful, garden. Full of butterflies, from all over the world and every day we, release, butterflies that, we've been raising in our laboratories. And just, enjoying, the gardens is my favorite thing to do it's so peaceful our newest permanent, exhibit, is the Discovery, Zone which, we spent a few years designing. For kids eight years and younger so, the exhibit, is full of hands-on, activities and, they're all aimed, at learning, about science, so you can pull in, fish, on a boat just like scientists. Do to identify them, and there's a simulated. Archeology. Dig where kids can use a touch table, to pretend, they're an archaeologist, we also have a lot of other permanent exhibits, for example our fossil hall with giant shark jaws and, the skeletons, of extinct, creatures, that once lived in Florida, and then we have a rotating, slate of exhibits, that are always changing, so there's always something new to see our. Next stop is first magnitude Brewing, Company it's a fun local, hangout where the whole family can kick back and enjoy themselves, first, magnitude Brewing Company is a 15 barrel production, brewery featuring. 18 of our own taps, we have an air-conditioned space here in the source and then we also have a warehouse area where you can check out all the brewing equipment and see how our great product is made we also have our beer garden which features a stage where we actually have live music it also has a small, play area for the kids that they can occupy, themselves while, their, parents enjoy, we, wanted, to create, a space that, families. Would be comfortable, at the parents can come together enjoy, each other's company and where, the kids can enjoy each other's company as well we have, a number of events a regular basis from, live, music to fundraisers. Just, hosting all different kinds of groups and local artists, first magnitude refers, to the, wonderful, freshwater springs that we have here in Florida we thought it was a great idea to, use our brewery to call attention to, this resource and hopefully to help protect them being, great, beer and strong communities, has always been a part of our core there's always something interesting going on here in addition to the great beer that we serve our.

Last Stop is one of the newest museums, in North Central Florida the Cade museum for creativity, and invention so we're standing in, the original, laboratory. Where Gatorade was first invented and so I like to tell people the biggest ideas sometimes come from a very small place the guiding principle, at the Cade museum think like an inventor meet an inventor and finally be an inventor they're very center, point in the whole Cade museum is the creativity lab and the Fab Lab that's where people really get to have the chance to be an inventor to discover, to create things, with their own hands kids, for the first time can learn how to solder and do woodworking we have 3d printers we have laser cutters, little robots that they get to play with we have an original printing, press from 1830, the kids get to print their own newspaper, print the one permanent, exhibit, is the history of Gatorade and it really highlights, the global impact of Gatorade from, 1965. To the present day and there is something for every age group here, so we have one traveling exhibit now called, robot zoo and it really looks at what we can learn from animals, in the ways of invention, every six months we will have a new exhibit in our traveling, exhibit space here, at the Cade Museum our mission, is to transform, communities by, inspiring, and equipping the next generation, of inventors entrepreneurs and, visionaries, with. A combination, of Collegetown vitality, and natural beauty Gainesville, Florida in the heart of Alachua County is a truly, one-of-a-kind destination. For more info go to visit Gainesville comm we're. Loading up the clipper cadet and heading to Florida's historic, coast with over 40 miles of gorgeous beaches top-rated, hotels and world-class golf courses it's, easy to see why more than six, visitors, escaped to st. Augustine in Ponte Vedra each, year. Welcome. To the oldest, city in the United States and one. Of my favorite places, st. Augustine located. Just a short drive from anywhere, in North Florida st., Augustine and Ponte Vedra are perfect, for a day visit or a beautiful, vacation founded. In 1565, by. The Spanish, st. Augustine feels like a little slice of European. Charm nestled, here on Florida's historic, coast with, centuries-old, buildings horse-drawn. Carriages, it's an incredibly, unique city our. First stop for the day is the historic, castillo, de san marcos the. Centerpiece, of historic, st. Augustine there's plenty, to explore at the Castillo from the numerous rooms that once housed soldiers, and prisoners, to the large interior courtyard, and gun deck which offers a great, view of the city regular. Daily programs, and park ranger led tours are free with admission and, if you want to see something extra, cool come on Friday Saturday, or Sunday and you can see live demonstrations. Of the cannons and muskets, what. Began is a bustling port town for merchants is one of the top vacation, destinations. Of the south today with, plenty of great places to shop and eat right. Down the road from the port is the oldest, Street in the United States, Avila, Street one of those great Saint Augustine surprises, with, cafes, shops and. Marvelous, art galleries, from. Avila Street it's just a short walk to one of the most beautiful. Colleges, in the country located. In the heart of st. Augustine is Flagler, College, originally. Built in the 1880s, by Henry Flagler and known as the Ponce de Leon hotel, designed. For entertainment, relaxation. And grandeur Flagler, hotel first marked Florida as a tourism destination even. The Flagler is no longer a hotel, there are still plenty of great places to stay in st. Augustine, we're visiting, the collector, luxury, inn and Gardens a boutique, hotel with, the bed-and-breakfast, charm but all the modern amenities not. Any two rooms on this property are the same and that's because they kept the integrity of every, building anything, that was historic, was preserved, if you want to unwind after a long day of exploring, our next stops just for you you. Not know that, st. Augustine, was the first place that wine was produced in the u.s. so, naturally, we had to check out San Sebastian Winer they offer free tours and wine tastings, every day of the week on the weekend enjoy the cellar upstairs, the wine and jazz bar located on their roof so, come check out their delicious line just.

A Few feet down the road is the st. Augustine distillery. One of the few distilleries, that you can visit in Florida they offer free tastings, and free tours daily where, you can try their award-winning, rum gin. Vodka, and bourbon, see, firsthand, the production, of their small batch spirits, visit, the ice plant bar and experience, their farm-to-table, cuisine and, cocktails. Welcome. To the st. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological. Park where you can discover a diverse, collection of, birds mammals, reptiles, and, all the species of crocodilian founded. In 1893. And is one of the oldest, zoos in the country, alligator, feedings, daily wildlife, shows and an awesome, zipline and ropes course make the alligator farm one of st. augustine's premiere, attractions. We. Are finishing up our very, eventful, day with, my favorite place in st. Augustine the beach the, st. Augustine area offers, over 42, miles, of, continuous, beautiful. Coastline, when, you're deciding which Beach to go for your next trip remember, the Atlantic Ocean offers, more possibilities. Whether, it's swimming boogie, boarding or surfing, you can do it all we, had a fantastic time, today just exploring, a fraction, of all that st. Augustine has to offer so get out there and explore, st. Augustine, in Ponte Vedra on Florida's, historic, coast. Now. We're, headed, down south to, yogi, bear's Jellystone. Park Camp Resort in Madison, Florida, where, the whole family can. Find their share of fun on, the beautiful, Florida Sun. How. Many times have you been on a family vacation only, to get this. Well. We've made our way to a destination in Madison, Florida where everyone. Can truly. Unplug. Hi, Tommy. I came, it's. So good to see you all and to announce that you all are the new general, managers, here, at yogi, bear's Jellystone, Park in Madison. Florida, and, I know you were excited because this is an award-winning park is yes it is yes yes we just recently received the excellent, reward from. Yogi. Franchisee and we're also in the top 20 of good, Town Park so we're. Proud of that yeah yeah you should be and Tommy if you wouldn't mind just kind of explaining, just. The overview of this park, ok this Park has a lot, of our beef shot we have 120. RVs shot about, 40-something, cabins, we, have tent size we, have the primitive, types where you just come into print and, we have rustic, cabins we'd have about, any way you want to stay we have it here Yogi Bear without full, kitchen, is we have however, you'd like to stay we can provide a place for you to stay yeah that's, great and one, of the big draws Cathy are the, activities, so let's start with the water activities, first describe those well, we have the women lake behind us and with a big limit on it lots, of fun also.

Can Use the circle kayaks, and the pedal boards in there and, we have the on the other side we have the 60 foot waterslide, that everybody sees for the interstate, with, a lazy, river and a splash pad we have a pool and so, that's our water activities. But then we always have we have other activities too as well do we have the goggle ball basketball courts, we have a train, ride we, have a wilderness, train ride we, have the kiddie train, we. Have tell. Me about the wilderness train. Right that's our new thing we have here and it's going to be going into a section of the part that no one's ever been in before it's, about a 30 minute train ride we're. Gonna use that actually, in the more in the fall when it's cooler and but, it's really gonna be a neat experience every. Weekend we do a movie outside and, then like, beach weekend we will do one by the lazy river so they'll be floating around the lazy river while they watch a beach top movie home we go so they're there family-friendly, movies and we, encourage families mothers and fathers to work be with their kids and grandparents, to be with their kids and do activities because, you have a family now yes we'd be nice yes and that's based on bringing, them and we do keep the kids busy during the day or the parents can do other stuff but then we want to bring them together let them do stuff together as a unit whether, it's playing bingo. Together, our trivia games or doing karaoke we do that as a family group I've done that candy bar bingo, and that is fine and tasty if you win yeah we tend, to give a lot of candy out to the kids on that one we. Also have a. Camp, store here that have lots. Of stuff in it meets all your needs if, you come, in from. A long ways off and you forget something we have it here available we have places. That we sell food at so just come out enjoy, the park and have a great time yeah as you mentioned you've got you can get your essentials, that you need there and then also you have the fun area with you have ice cream cones and, snow, cones and, milkshakes. And all that so yeah we hope we, don't the mothers guys to come the whole time have to cook the whole time so they can actually come and enjoy the park with their kids and have a good time that way they're not set by the grill they can come and just get something to eat and we have pizza in the store as well and, when they're outside the, restaurants, are closed we have that so there's always food to have and there's fun to have that way sounds, like you all have met every need of the, family, for this adventure okay. Well I think that, uh wibbit. Lake I need to go do a cannonball in there because. It's that hot though thank you so much. You'd. Like to learn more all. You need to do is go to the website which is Jellystone, Park FL a.com. This. Trip in our camper, from Horizon, RV has definitely. Been one to remember we, loved, all, the comfort, and conveniences. It provided, check, it out for yourself at Horizon, RV, in Lake Park Georgia. Well. We're out of time for today thank, you so much for joining us but although we have to say goodbye no worries. Because we're setting out to find new, places to share with you next time so be on the lookout as we continue, to explore, Florida, and Georgia and thanks, again to horizon, RV center for making this adventure possible, and thank you to you for coming, along for the ride bye.

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