London Summer in the City July Things to do

London Summer in the City July Things to do

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Ladies, and gentlemen boys and girls, welcome. To London it's. July, I'm, going to share with you the. Quiet here in town. This. Month, July. The 1st so, I start, here. To. Fail the square. In. Front of the Canadian. High. Commission is July. In. Canada. The. Canadian flags, here on the, Canadian. High Commission, lady nemesis, Travis, Square shut for a classical. Concert that's having this evening free concerts, and maybe Oh. Check, that out. Later, this evening first. Of all I'm. Gonna head to arguably, one of London's, grandest. Shopping streets Regent. Street, which. Throughout, July to. Close the Sunday as partner then all the summer streets, the streets closed. Or, the main shopping section of the streets closed and. Have an. Event each week. Performers. Music. And. Different. Shops old 15. Pop up so go and check out what's happening this week Regent. Street actually starts just down here in. Front of. Where. Once stood, a Royal Palace home. Of the. Prince Regent Street's. Namesake, and it runs all the way from down here now. Up, fire. Piccadilly, Circus. Through, Oxford service or the weight of Regents, Park. But. I, think. Today just, the section between I'm presuming just the section between big uppity surface and, opposite surface will be shuts traffic's they set up in taken, up two days of it. Okay. I think when most people think of Regent, Street they think of the section between Piccadilly, Circus and. Oxford. Circus the main shopping. Park Street but it actually starts, just up here, historically. There was a royal. Palestine, which. Was eventually. Demolished, to make way for. Buckingham. Palace which, is, today. The primary, London. Residence. Of the monitor. If, the street starts just here and runs pulled away from, what was once a, royal. Palace over the Prince Regent up to regents. Park just. Head up to the main shop a bit too. The, event today. London's. Piccadilly. Circus. Time. Of the famous. Piccadilly, Circus. 12. Is to say light for spring. And, start, main shopping section, of the, region streets been, closed to traffic today. For some streets. Okay down, here headed. Straight. This. Area's most renowned. Restaurants. Perhaps, here. Serving. Serene food today. Now. And. Okay. I've. Walked pretty much the length of this section of Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus Oxford, Circus is just gay so, there's a ban just about stop buying this Airstream, trailer behind me. Just, off Regent Street in the, Carnaby Street. And, enjoy some of the plants see, you guys. And it relates a month. Okay. Those, if you want drink. Well. Stephen copy from. Coffee, from me. Department. Of often. Social Affairs there. Lounge court, straightness. Which. Is just off Carnaby Street here. Time, to. Turn it's, just off Regent Street. So. Yeah. Super. Close to Regent. Street itself, amazing. Coffee. There's. Also another. Good. Coffee shop to the upper end of Carnaby Street. Right. So. Far cry nothing felonies. And check out some audience I'm. Okay, guys I mean, understand, power of the square to watch the Royal Symphony. Orchestra. For free, player. Make up sir. Not. Just here in one instance. Where but also a huge welcome, to our friends around the world watching, the live stream on. YouTube, and. This evening we celebrate easy. Savings. Summer's. Evening perfect. For a live concert. Wanna check out. The evenings, enter so, you guys get nice ring month. Okay, welcome back to London right now I'm in, Westminster. And, today is going to be a fabulous. Day here in town it's. Sunny and warm. London's, and actually having the proper summer this year the. World Cups on today and. England. A blank and, we're not completely rubbish, at football for once and, this afternoon is London's annual, Pride. Parade and that's what we share of you. My, fear another. There's, been a. Tried. Event here, in London since the 1970s. And there are pride events in cities all over the world, even. Under a month. By and for Londoners, and. Britons. Gay community. My guide. Community. The initialization. Seems. To get longer as, time goes on originally. It, was the gay community. No inclusive enough sir behind the LG B community. There's been. Why should she. Monoi, wome identified, as. An. LG or face, it. Aims at. Great. Some. Transgender, or transexual. Theories. Lgbtt. And that wasn't inclusive enough so, plus was happy for everyone, else. That. Should have clean it up but most recently I've noticed at shoes being added. Green. River the curious question. Of width so, in theories lately. Brett service LG, Bay, tthe. So check out my species. Right. Hold. On go now wait just a. Minute. I've. Got something. To say you, should hear, it, I'm. Happy, to make time oh, you feel ass, do. You have to admit.

Let's. Just break it down to. You with me uptown. Dancing, all around til. The disco, ball pops but. I have to be me, and. Everyone, can see, anger. Is misplaced. And. I never gonna. Stop. So. Many times, to. Tell you. This. Is, as good as, I, can be, what. Is it enough. To, be faithful. And. Also. Be the hit of the. Party. Let's. Just break it down to you, and me uptown. It's, another, round, till, the disco, ball pops, but. I have to be me, and. Everyone, can see, rain. You're in first place. Stop. Never gonna, stop no. No. Oops. Most, of the main. Stretch. Of. The. The right. The stage in. To find the square to Oxford Circus, behavioral. To surface now. And pride began, it. Was protest protesting. For equality. Every respect it still is he still follows the root of any. Protests, here in London, however today's. Ability. To, miss, a celebration, a huge. Street, party, and. Bring. Some space but what really makes it is the crowd, in. One is here. For. A good time. Protest. Element unicorn. That, makes we live in a world where. Enjoy. The rest of rate. Suicide. Of Isis gets lighten up sees life Neil, Raymond the mother. What's. Left Ron. And gentleman boys and girls welcome to. Southeast. London theatre, and he'll just. Across the road in her hill station, here is. Rockwell. Hawk need. Some of there's a, huge. Community. Festival, in the park the. Lab of country, check, out. This. Year shot. Okay. Rockville Park, which. One. Entrance is just here by earn Hill was a huge, Park. Stretches. All. The way from here in Herne Hill over, towards Brixton. Now. I was before I ever grew up and. Lived. In. This corner of London south east of London my whole life I'm. Very familiar. With an area I've. Always called home, so I'm very familiar with Brockwell. Park and each summer, there's. This amazing. Event. Free, community festival, and. There, are some big changes to it this year so a lot of people are concerns I wanna come check. Out for myself how. The change has been affected I've. Been coming here for years with friends. My family. And. My friends now they're. Older bring their own families. To be proud.

Securing. The ship, can. Make it. I'll. Respect, for anyone else. Music. Be. Strong. Okay. Welcome, to the. Lambuth. Country. Shop now I need to find my family my. Friends somewhere near it's a huge park all, the security, here was new used to just be able to walk straight at the park and. Better. This year you could bring wherever you liked him but. There were restrictions now, I'll. Bring your own alcohol. And. Fun face. Evil. Gone. Or being greatly, reduced. Let's go and check out my life initiation. Okay. Sister. My. Little niece. That was may, shake. A. Mr.. Great. About a manager going on here is, to be, whole, once for the keep, it's good. I have, no idea where these kids get this spirit, of cricket. And Fairplay from obviously, when I make up the scores it's not, cheating it's movie, magic, and movie. Magic requires. Teamwork. Oh. God. Many, crazy golf good fun kids, loved it gives. Him a keeping score. Convincingly. She, going on. Careful. Cider. And. Realigns. The queues. Helping, out calling me shameful I first you. Everybody. And. Where, they way back the bank stage spiral. Check. No kiddies is. As. A part-time. Enjoy. Outside on the dig into the chicken. By. The judging. Okay. Serving, folktales there. Okay. I. Got. A great day everyone, out and head into the main stage area if. I can find some of my friends. Found. A couple of mates, yeah. Skins and third, future. Check-in from mr., Bowman. Okay. What. Hey. Okay. Guys I hope you enjoyed this it, will visit the southeast London. Brockwell. Park and to the lab. Country. My gosh oh it's been an amazing day looks. Set, to be a phenomenal. Evening here in the park it's. My turn to go to the bar then, I'm gonna head back and watch the. Rest of the, acts and, fans. So. See you guys next. Time.

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