London Walking Tour Free Map

London Walking Tour Free Map

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This. Hall passes many of London's famous attractions. As well as a host of lesson on places, there's, a link to a map of the world below this video. Distance. Of Buckingham Palace official, home of the Queen of England where. The changing of the guard ceremony is, a major attraction. To. The left of the facade along, Buckingham, Palace Robert the Royal Mews in Queen's gallery here also popular. The. Nearest underground, station, is green palm. Leaf. Buckingham, Palace along the marked the, route used by visiting, foreign dignitaries, swim meeting the Queen to. The left century start dated Clarence House were. Several members of the royal family reside. They. Just lost the first Junction Queen. Mary's commemoration. Pack is set into the wall of more perhaps where, she wants to live her. Husband, was King George the fifth. Master. Status of King George to see his wife Elizabeth, than, the facade of the ward society. Though. Before. Reaching out monkey arms turn my body should be camouflaged that, much is suitable to Horse, Guards Parade. About. 50 meters further rotten, near the statue of Clive the once stop secret Church of Warren's have now become, a popular tourist attraction. At. The end of horse cart I'll go left towards pollen and square, inhabited, by several statues. Including Abraham, Lincoln, Nelson, Mandela, Mahatma. Gandhi and Winston Churchill, and, surrounded, by thousand, years of history, the. Clock tower officially, caught the Elizabeth town but more commonly known as Big Ben seems. To dominate but the, opposite end of the building the. Money Kansas for the traditional, opening of Parliament through, the appropriately, known sovereigns, entrance, which, is situated below, the Victorian, town, suffragette. Leader Emmeline Pankhurst which is in the nearby Victoria. Town out the orders while, the imaginatively. Named knife edge to piece by Henry Moore is. Located. Just across the, road, beyond. The sunken 14th century duel tower thought, to have been built to house the valuables, of King Edward the third king. George v god, in white faces, the houses of parliament. Nearby. Sir Margaret's, church as, a reasonable, history, Sir, Walter Raleigh William Paxton and John Milton are buried there samuel.

Peeps And Winston Churchill are both married, there, this, actually located, within, the grass of Westminster, Abbey one of Wonders foremost tourist attractions, where, since Christmas, Day 1066. All of England's Ronix boxers, have been crowns. Whilst, the Westminster, scholars warmer more endangered, building. On the way to the central Methodist, Hall where, the very first making of the United, Nations took, place before, returning, boss the Supreme, Court's, upon and square, it. Along white walk past the cemetery his aren't white wing actions who is now at rest in the crypts and Paul's Cathedral, to, get it in guarded, Downing Street where. The Prime Minister's, official residence is. A number-10. Arguably. More interesting, than the statues, of military, leaders and other notables, along the way the. Gods mounted on their horses present, a popular, photo opportunity. Be, aware though that getting, too close perish the risk of being kicked or predicted. The. Two on a clock above the Horse Guards his blackens because that was a time on the 30th, of January, 1649. When. King Joseph versus beheaded, on scaffolding outside, the banqueting-hall, or the city, there's. A special, thing on horseback and still connected, to his head where, white wall enters Trafalgar, Square. Dominant. Is Nelson's, column erected. More than 40 long years after, the Battle of Trafalgar took, place, next. To ignore theology, the ceremonial, interest of a modern Buckingham, Palace down, at the house enjoys, a prime location as. Dosa South African, white Commission located. Directly opposite. At. The back of the square beyond the fountains, and lions the popular National Gallery is world-class. While, over on the corner, some, Morton's in the fields, perished, Joseph Buckingham, Palace has a reasonably, priced and Atmospheric, cafe down in the grid within imagine, if he stopped gift shop both spawned, visitors. To the National Gallery quite, often attend, the free lunchtime, recycles, there if I'm ready to give rest bite to weary feet. In. Fairness he should be said the, musicians. Are actually of a very high standard indeed. Candolyn. Evening concerts are also very, well attended, they'll attend more expensive. They. Will presumably be an elementary decision. For fans of fictional detective Sherlock province, to, visit the think up of the same name a short distance from Trafalgar, Square along nearby Northumberland. Street. Afterwards. Returned to the Strand but, Charing Cross is situated, in the forecourt, of channel cross station, it's. Not the original it, doesn't look like the original, and the original, was located where King Charles the first batch in our stance but. It is Charing, Cross. Continue. Along the Strand we're on the left-hand side, Stanley, Gibbons claims to be the world's largest stamp, shop. Maybe, interesting. And maybe not opposite. Down the steps about 25, meters along coughing lightning is a gas lamp permanently. Live I guess from the sewers. Moving. On up the next road leads to the Savoy Hotel, it's. The only Road in the United, Kingdom where cars drive on the right hand side a. Little. Further on the court over on gallery on, to several masterpieces. Is located, at the entrance of Somerset, House. To. Meredith's rancher that occupies, the traffic, elana dr. King's College, producer. Of many important, influential, alumni including. Florence, Nightingale, Virginia. Woolf Joseph. Lister and Desmond, Tutu. Next. The Australian, High Commission once. Featured in the Harry Potter film, that's just across the road from Simcoe. McClane's church which. Is certain times of the day chimes. Out his signature Nursery. Rhyme oranges. And lemons. The, Gothic restore all Courts of Justice can, be visited, the. Security, is understandably. Tommy it's a good idea to general, Quantrell to, court before, troubling, let's start fair. Opposite. The first-ever premises, of well thanks tea company Twinings, houses. A small museum, and shop in, the. Middle of the road by historic, Charlton Coast bank the, Temple Bar Memorial, replaced, the old city gate in, the late nineteenth century. Then. Across from Chancery, Lane and, below Prince Henry's room one, of the very few buildings in London are predate the Great Fire of 1666. There's. A gate through which is quite often possible to sneak into the grounds of the inner and middle temples, to visit the 12th century church originally. Constructed by, the secretive. Knights Templar. Shortly. Afterwards, false bank is the fourth oldest, in the world. The. Clock of sentencing, in the west opposite, was, the first public clock in huntington, versus a minute has johns.

Come Out to join the time every, 15 minutes, a statue. Of Queen Elizabeth, the first to set back from the road at, first floor level. The. Building eight stories, through mid to beware murderous swing he taught at once ran his father's, shop and that's. Thought of that is the London place at DC Thompson, publisher. If they're being on. After. Crossing fetter Lane, take the third small alley on the Left called Johnson's, cord which, makes to God square but, dr. Samuel Johnson, compiler, of the first serious, English dictionary once lived there, right. By the statue of this had fallen, Hynes caught them wine office Court quashed the old chassis cheese a public. House once frequented, by Charles, Dickens on, the way back to Fleet Street. Immediately. To the left at first law level is a statue of Mary Queen of Scots. The, nearby condo deco Telegraph, building, a predominantly, black Daily, Express building. A reminder. That I'm the national newspapers. Were synonymous with, food streams, across. The road behind the old belt Haven the speakers and rice church is thought to be the inspiration behind the tiered wedding day. When. Crossing Farrington, Road look. Left to see the hope own viaduct, in the distance, before, climbing up gate hill to some Paul's Cathedral, London, tallest. Building, until, 1967. Beside. It the temple bar gate the, memorial, is in the centre of Fleet Street by child spam was. Eventually relocated, to, the entrance of Paternoster, square officer. London Stock Exchange building. When. Queen Anne statue in front of supports, Cathedral, cross into Dean's Court passed, the old denry official. Residence, of the Bishop of London and, wanted to cultivate, them plus the you coastal Association, building. About. 30 metres further I covered, out at least a secluded or drug place where, in centuries, gone by England's. Monix thought their ceremonial. Roads. Follow. The next turning down Samantha's, Hill before, entering Ireland, place where. The cockpit pub on the corner was, formerly a major venue for, fighting posture, graces announced buck fries Ireland, yard before, turning light into Church entry, then left and left again into, black Promised Land at. The end under, the rug rich the, interior, of the black friar Park is worth a visit in. The opposite direction, possum. Andrews by the Wardrobe, Church the, Church of Scientology. Sin, planets metropolitan. Washers, and the College of Arms which, is responsible for all matters surrounded, before following Peters, here all past the Salvation, Army's well-regarded and, popular, cafe 101. Towards, the Millennium, Bridge, as. With most of London's bridges the views are pretty good.

Directly. Ahead to take mortem the converted, power station, has become an exceptionally, popular art, gallery, what, the nearby quad theater. Specializes. In Shakespeare, productions. Since. Tear aficionado, it's nice to take a small detour onto, Southwark bridge and, then, down the steps diagonally. Opposite, to see the site of the original quality. Theater. Followed. The path alongside the river and under Southwark bridge towards. The act of public house from, where samuel, peeps watched the Great Fire of London and. Where dr. Samuel Johnson, was a regular. Slightly. Away from the river the road beneath the Robert Allsup Inc prison now museum, and the remains of Winchester palace towards. A reproduction, of the Golden, Hind the, surprisingly, small vessel, in which Sir Francis Drake and his crew. Circumnavigated. The world. From. Here head inland to southern Cathedral, parts, of which date from the 12th century it's. Not particularly, knowledge, nor is it particularly, important. But, entry is free although ignoring, the tongue nations box lonely town and animation. But. Jessamine mostly have the railway arches Borough. Market is, some interesting schools. Of. Fudge and, quite a wide choice of, places to eat the. Steps at the end of the port behind the cathedral, big to be honest are in nineteen, groups, over. The river, head for the monument a memorial. Will close the way the great fire started. In, 1666. But. The bottom of fish Street Hiddleston, Magnus numata Church was, until 1831. The entry, point to London Bridge, all. Of the paths to the left of the church before, turning alongside the river in the direction of. On. The opposite bank the building with the gap is number one London Bridge which, has the several popular, entertainment, venues. Behind. It adjacent to London Bridge station the. Shard a 95. Story high-gloss white pyramid, has, an open house earning deck on the 72nd. Floor, the. Ground level some, buildings so on the water from the converted warehouses, working, from the time when this stretch of the river was an important, and integral part of the Port of London. The. Warship HMS. Belfast has. Been converted into a munch visited, floating, museums, in. The distance, the roundish cross building, is City Hall. Was. Former Penn State fish, market, and where the path turns away from the river continue. To the dual carriageway, on. The other side and a little to the left, pleasant mariette hill to, where the Church of the same name votes from the 14th, century. Opposite. Policin, Dunstan's Lane to the pleasant gardens, of some constant many East at Europe's ruined by bombs during the Second World War. Returning. To the dual carriageway fossil. Palace by the town the church established in, the year, 675. Still. With the Saxon Hajj and where John Quincy Adams sixth, President, of the United States of America, was, married. The. Tower of London were ceasing to spend holiday, engrossed in history, is a short time he'll walk away. Theatres, across the iconic, tower breached. To enjoy the river views it Odin's about a thousand, times in sheer the. Timetable, is posted, online on, the. Far bank what, was often shocked ends once. For the London Scotland have. Been converted, into a sort ofto residential. Which, also has a several, of patronage, restaurants. A. Little. Way along the river from the town London, just the other side of the approach road to town reach the peaceful environment of, some Catherine Dolf are popular, with those seeking somewhere, to relax. But. Once the town was, the target, underground, station, there, are still a few remnants of the ancient city war first built by the Romans, then, over a Trinity gardens is possible, to visit the exact spot on Tower Hill where. Public executions. Once took place. Leave. Alone savage garden's pasta, Port of London Authority building. Featured, in the James Bond movie Skyfall and, with a high-rise statue of old father Thames, before. Turning left into these streets isn't olives Church where, pieces memories. Following. The back streets at, the top of seething Lane go left then right into, my lane and perforce, and oldest parish for got, left through dance to court right into missing lane left. On Fenchurch, Street to, the walkie-talkie. Normal, winter of the carbuncle calm to. Experience, the fear from the top this, best of book and there's violence, expect. The airport like security. Office. Of the walk illegal online street towards the Lord's building taking, time to determine to Leadenhall, market designed.

By Horace germans who is also the architect, of tower bridge. The. Lords building with its ducks and they've situated, on the and softly it's an andrews Undershaft, built in 1532. Is at the corner of some very acts punter, the now famous cook, in situated, of humans, it's beyond. Turn. Left along Leadenhall, Street between, the Lloyds building and Leadenhall, building, called, odd billion ominous, the cheese grater towards. Cornhill precise, fish locals that were selves ready to eat meals. Opposite. The church of San Peter at one point Hill there's, a small garden with seats and what would loosely, be described, as a picnic, lon, Antipas. And Peter's, alley. Similarly. A little, further along Edison. Michael's Church, Collinson. Michaels alley which also had a story, to the georgian vulture, a drinking, establishment once. Patronized. By charles dickens and. Mentioned, numerous times in the big league blazers. Next. Iran Cornhill enter ball court where, London's oldest restaurant, The Simpsons happen, is well signposted. Needed. Ancient underwriting, tables, long since removed from Roy's on, see switch to this day incorporate. Acts that's specifically, designed to, accommodate, folders and topics, across. Column here all the Royal Exchange opened. By Queen Elizabeth the first and, then after having burned down a couple of times by Queen Victoria is. Now a very pleasant colored cordial, accorded, with luxury, shops, just, the. Other side of Threadneedle Street busy. Access, to the portal like Bank of England, is restricted, to the museum, where, visitors, are invited to hold the gold bond attempts. To remove it from the premises, are discouraged. Beyond. The entrances, to Bank Station, the confronted, mansion house official. Residence, of the warden Arab anthem lights, and Steven local, church the done, of which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren he as a tester, prior to his masterpiece. At some Paul's Cathedral. This. Is also the church from which FRS. Set up the Samaritans. An, organization. Which continues, to help those with emotional. Difficulties. So, in many lives in the process. Boss. Why mansion, how salon Paul Klee into Cheapside towards the mirror that both shows it, said that both born within earshot of the sound of it spells can, claim to be true copies. 40. Meters before the church turn, along King Street towards, the guild hall, administrative. And ceremonial, center of the City of London which. Also houses a decent, Art Gallery and the remains of a Roman amphitheatre. The. Weathervane on the spire of nearby, San Lawrence, during, church is, in the form of a gridiron, on account of poor Lawrence being barbecued. Leave. A long brush of Street then turn into wood Street towards, the Barbican, passing. London's on Green in town, all that remains us in Albans Church of the Second World War bombing. Turn. Left to find remnants of London's ancient city wall on both sides, of the road before, taking, the elevated, walkway, to Sir John's crippled gate Church in one direction and, the, widely graced Museum, of London in, the other, from. The museum, itself, before slipping through peaceful postman's, park then, along King Edward Street towards the rear of London, Stock Exchange, before turning like Christchurch Greyfriars, Church yet. Another victim, of Second World War forms, just. Once the Central Criminal Court, better known as the Old Bailey which, like the Royal Courts of Justice can. Be visited, subject, to stringent security measures. Take, the road between susceptibles. Church and the supposedly, haunted, viaduct, park towards an Bartholomew's. Hospital the. Oldest, in Britain. Opposite. The Golden Boy of my corner, is located. Where the Great Fire of London eventually. Burned itself, and, further. Along, a statue of King Henry the eighth stands, above an entrance to the hospital, and further still there's a memorial to William Wallace who, is executed. Near clines long, ago his 13, I was born, the. Path below the nearby beach due to building, leads, too simple for me of the great church one. Of London's oldest. Beyond. Smithfield, meat market, extremely. Active in the early hours on most of sleeping, but resembling, a morbid other times full, of Charterhouse, Street before turning, left into Farrington, Road and. Climbing, the steps onto Hagen why don't what's. The city temperance, and Andrews church before, cutting right to really place the, last privately-owned. Street in London, and hunters, and Ethel greatest church which, states from the reign of King Edward the first. Post. Of the entrance of any place taken. Our passage, to ye olde might upon a favourite, with tourists, and associated, with Queen Elizabeth, the first. Continue. On the passage to Hatton Garden famous. For jewelry, which, is frequently, visited, by the romantically. Involved and wishful, thinkers. Returning. To hope and cost the equestrian, statue of Prince Albert consort.

Of Queen Victoria, than the red brick credential, building before, crossing for September Frank facade, of Stateville in walk. Through the courtyard, if it's open or via Chancery, Lane if it isn't to, the silver vaults the subterranean parade. Of retail, outlets, predominantly. Selling silver and, worth a visit. Security. Is understandably. Tight but largely unobtrusive. With most people, being permitted, entry. Along. Chancery, Lane even, Ravenscroft. The oldest tailors in London, is the preferred, and fitter to many of the judiciary, and rod, maker to the royal family. Just. Before the neo-gothic King's College building turn, into Kerry Street towards the rear of the Royal Courts, of Justice. Plus. A couple of ancient parish boundary, stones then, the 17th, century Seven Stars public, powers before. Turning, into soil Street where, a statue of thomas moore occupies. A niche on the corner, the. Precincts, of lincoln's into the right can be visited, most weekdays, and a, variety of guided, tours are available, bring. Consent films to the left now, a pleasant, square was. Once a place of execution. To. The south and macabre Hunterian Museum. Attracts, its fair share of inquisitive. Visitors, Walter, the north Sir John Sons Museum is especially popular on the occasional, evenings, when, illuminated by, candlelight. Before. Leaving why Sardinia. Street installed, a few meters along nearby Portsmouth. Street with, the Old Curiosity Shop, is, surrounded, by the more modern buildings of the London School of Economics. At, the end of busy Kingsway, bear write possible, chance former, home of the BBC, swell service, and, just before the wall called her from hotel, integer. Or Elaine. Opposites. Are astral the flamboyant, theater themed restaurant, head, alongside the Theatre Royal towards, Covent Garden a mecca, for tourists, and Londoners, alike, we're with supports church as a backdrop, popular. Entertainers. Entertain, throughout, the day finally. The fire King Street then you roll towards. Leicester Square where, the majority of British film premieres, take place this. Also a good place to buy discounted. Theater tickets, from. Here visit nearby Chinatown. Centered, around Leland, Jared streets, which, is well stocked with restaurants, and other shops. Then. Head along Coventry, Street the Piccadilly, Circus with. Its famous aluminium, statue of Eros flying, high above tiers of improvised, seating. Look. Left when crossing into Piccadilly, to see the Duke of York column beside, you who once commanded 10,000. Men. First, stopping bigoted, listen Joneses church which, odds are well established outdoor. Market, life stays the. Tranquil gardens and cafe alongside the, trait God seeking a quiet place to relax. Further. Along he said that the Queen has visited, Fortnum, and Mason on more than one occasion to. Take off the noon sea trying. To be there at the top of the hour when, the clock out sonic, creates the novelty, of the ocean, just. Beyond the Royal Academy of Arts opposite, where, the vast majority of exhibitions, attract excellent, reviews, the, Burlington, Arcade which. Dates from the early 19th, century is. An attractive, and extremely up, market, collection, of retail, outlets. Next. Is Old Bond Street which becomes New Bond Street as it makes its way towards, Oxford, Street a shopper's. Paradise. Unless. On a mission to shop til you drop cut through the Royal arcade to old the whole street we're, exceptionally, luxurious. Brands Hotel is, well patronized, by our own clientele. Keen, on the screen an amenity. Heading. Back across Piccadilly, Anderson, Jones the street go on trying to seek a less anonymous route. Even. For those with an aversion to shoppings and James's Street is worthy of tenuous, interest, at the very least. Davidoff, Dunhill and James J Fox where, George always a customer a wall specialist, cigar shops dr. Harris chemist, and perfumer, established. In 1790. And with connections, to the royal family, they, just be the place to buy a present with, a difference. John. Rod is bespoke, shoemaker, to the royals the. World's oldest hang shop james mocking : is where the famous bowler hat originated. At. The bottom of the hill very brother sam wright have traded from their premises, in 1698. And been associated, with the royal family since the reign of king george the third. The. Passage alongside leads, the Pickering place to, smaller square in London where, the Texan Embassy was once located where. Lord Palmerston twice, Prime Minister resided, and whether lost jewel in London took place. Opposites. And James's Palace was, the official residence of the kings and queens of England until, they decided, to relocate the, Buckingham, Palace which, is just a short coat ride away, take.

The Road to the site post Queen's chapel, built the Henrietta Maria wife of King Charles the first then. The Alexander, Memorial before. Crossing the momentous, and James's Park to, experience, the view from the bridge. Continue. Along the path another, birdcage, swore to Queen Anne sky turn. Left towards, green and statue originally. Destined. For the top of a columnist, and Meredith Strand church but, eventually positioned. Here are instead. Many. Of the nearby houses, reflect, the architecture. Of the real earth he, stands another ornamentation. Made from hard-wearing ceramic, code stone remain. In good condition, to this day. Walk. By complete, steps, formerly, part of an exclusive cockfighting. Vania, into, old Queen Street come to some of London's oldest, spilled, go, right at the end passing Central Methodist, Hall which shows that the United Nations first ever meeting before. Crossing integrate, Smith Street. After. Westminster. Abbey choir school in the headquarters of the Church of England turned. First left then left again towards. The gated entry of being John's. Follow. The road before entering Barton, Street where's, the John Gielgud and Lawrence of Arabia, once lived, at. The end of Lord North Street said, John Smith Square was, a church into employment in 1941. Who. Was eventually restored, as a concert, hall with a restaurant down in there create more, than quarter of a century later. Turn. Left towards Victoria, Tower Gordon's, the views, to find earth power since in Thomas's Hospital across. The river, walk. Along the Riverside, path the, Lambeth bridge the. Building just beyond Thames, house is rumoured to be occupied, by the Secret, Service but. Only wounded, then. Less discreet, yeah hundred and 18 meter high Milbank tower offers, excellent views over, London for those able to afford it a little. Further on free, guided tours are offered most days at the Tate Britain one, of London's leading art galleries, which, is named after a manufacturer. Of sugar, cubes. Across. Lambeth bridge towards, the to debride entrance, of Lambeth Palace official. Residence, of the Archbishop, of Canterbury, head, of the Church of England's. We. Employ captain. Of the bank interest room you to meet miss Perry makes toward Samaria and both the church which, has been converted into, a garden, museum the. Restaurant there is said to be popular, with people who work and live nearby. The. Teacher to the Imperial, War Museum involved. Attending a stroll along the road running past each other, from the river, this. Wall continues along the Riverside pole to Westminster, Bridge bottoms. Of Thomas's, hospital provider, of healthcare since, the 12th century and, home to a museum, dedicated to, Florence, Nightingale, the founder, of modern nursing. Over. The water it's impossible, to miss the houses of parliament rebuilt. In the Gothic style after, fire in 1834. The. Line on Westminster Bridge comes from relying were demolished. In 1949. And, subsequently, replaced by, the Royal Festival Hall. First. Put them along the south bank is County all once, headquarters, of the Greater London Council, much of it is now given over to entertainment. But, crowds flock to visit belong to the Sea Life Aquarium in, London dungeon. Riverside. Month annoy only, the city's highest viewing, point but, it takes about once every 30 minutes, her. Grand level the Ministry, of Defence in Whitehall Court buildings, dominate, the fall back. After. Hungerford, bridge which, carries strains, into nearby Charing Cross station. Entertainment. Becomes arguably, more sophisticated. In, the form of the Royal Festival Hall Queen, Elizabeth, Hall on per sample room, there. Brutalist, architectural. Style was often preferred by governmental. Bodies because, of lower construction. Costs.

Opposite. Cleopatra's. Needle from Chamonix house and the suborning, the, first hotel to install electric Olivia's. D. Toronto, Waterloo, Bridge where, views of the city are reckoned to be the best from ground level before. Continuing, across the National Theatre, in London, Television, Centre for, many of the company's products. Are produced. Just. Round the corner food, addressing shots on Bailey wheels wall, the, most significant, for Honor's at five feet, being, a London bicycle to a company, such, as an impressively, large salvation. Of banks for hire a, little. Further wrong in the oxide tower was designed with wind I was swimming the logo of a company, product, to circumvent local, laws forbidding. Illuminated. Skyline, advertising. Of. The thoughtfully, known sea containers, has latest, steps by the docket cotton badge part named, after the world's oldest rowing race hunter Blackfriars Bridge. Running. Parallel, my, prized station, also spans the river. From. Blackfriars station, have a long Victoria, Embankment. Towards Westminster. Until. Well into the nineteenth century many. Properties, along this section of the river had God was leading back to the water's, edge it, was designed a tower but then a road with a railway Finney would better serve the city so, work commenced, to produce what, we have today. Shortly. Off the Unilever has the, statue of a man between, the old city of London School and silent college buildings, is, called taxi. Originally. Hailing from Park Avenue in New York it. Was transferred, to London, in 2014. This. From this side of the river that the oxide house window design in the form of my advertising lollipop, can be fully appreciated. About. A hundred metres further along, it's possible, to discreetly, enter the grounds of the enduring little temples, where most buildings has offices, of legal professionals, the. Church there which dates from the 12th century and, featured, in The Da Vinci Code movie, is usually open to visitors. Leave. The embankment, of the next Junction falling the road as it bears left boss to temple place bill, for the Astor family in 1895. And now an art gallery which opens to the public when, hosting, exhibitions. A cat. Man shall tour one of many built in the 1860s, to provide food and drink for strong, handsome cab drivers, is situated. Just beyond the entrance to temple station. Returning. To the Riverside past the arch facade, of Somerset, House once. The side of the - de Paris. The. Pier by Waterloo, Bridge constantly.

Manned By Royal National Lifeboat Institute. Lauren tears business. The London Television Centre and National Theatre across, the river. Continuing. Under the bridge the Queen Elizabeth Hall and royal festival or, and coming to theatres. Standing. At the water's edge between, two admiring, Spencer's, Cleopatra's. Needle quarried. In 1450. BC, was, after a delay presented. To the UK by the ruler of Egypt in 1819. Slightly. Inland the Savoy Hotel on, some max has provide, a backdrop to the statutes, of pleasant Victoria, Embankment gardens. Adjacent. To hung covered bridge which is flanked by the more recent, pedestrian, golden jubilee bridges. The, embankment, river bus pier is within walking distance of, both the embankment, underground, station, and, Charing Cross mainline. Station. The. Goddess continual, on the front of Whitehall court and Ministry, of Defence, buildings, until, reaching the famous rotating, sign outside News Scotland, Yard's, headquarters. Of the Metropolitan. Police. 1. Westminster, Pier the statue of Queen Boudicca whose, army once burned London to the ground places, the houses, of parliament. Turn. Away from the river we're on our own and often crowded Tesco, Express store is, an enticement for anyone, who needs of reasonably, priced refreshments. Straight. On beyond, whitewater in Parliament, Square near. Bison James's Park at least in fine weather is a popular, venue for picnic, lunches. Continue. Towards Buckingham, Palace past Wellington, Barracks where, the changing of the guard ceremony commences. Baron. Right past the facade of the palace walked, a short distance along, the mall to the edge of Green Park and followed the footpath, leading the solid Lancaster, house and, later Spencer, house which, is owned by the family of Diana former, Princess, of Wales, at. The end Green Park underground, station, is the nearest to Buckingham Palace. From. Green Park station walk along Piccadilly with green pot to the left across. The road, gorgeous, street is on to the Kennel Club. The. Devonshire behaves now incorporated. Into the boundary fence at the bog well once the entrance of the Duke of Devonshire residence, he, mother soon after, the First World War. One. Horse lead opposite pulls the course up and now on the ground solid, and robust but the end just costume, is a popular, specialist, tobacco, and wine merchant with a touch of gloss enters.

A Glue dejected, market, under, some rather nice restaurants. Victorian, columns and boutique, shops. Continue. Through tickers and Street where hey Brazil is one of London's leading, book shops next, door trumpets. And equally famous gentleman's, hairdresser on perfumer, is, another shop which offers the opportunity to, buy a present with a different. Follow. The road to Berkeley Square where a 90 day one Sun and, there are colors exclusive nightclub. The situated next door to the one time residence, of Clive of India. Turning. To Hill Street them right into farm Street Boston, the Church of the Immaculate Conception. And almost certainly, Haram soy sauce. While. Thomas coots joined a shop that specialized, in luxury, both of two royal warrants, and undoubtedly proud, of his long-standing association, with, the royal family turn. Towards, the Grosvenor chapel, which was the model for many churches, built in New England. It. Was attended regularly by, future u.s. President, Dwight Eisenhower, during. This wartime, stay in mountain. Posture. Experienced. Honest shops specializing in, country pursuits, on, the way to Grosvenor, Square on, to the American Embassy which. Matches the presidents, Reagan Roosevelt. And as could be expected. Eisenhower. In attendance. After. The embassy take up a Brook Street in the direction of the trees in Hyde Park at. The end turned by the showroom, of Colin manufacture, Aston, Martin, we're, looking in the window is allowed and free towards. Marble arch now. Marooned on the traffic island within, grander, times the entrance, to Buckingham Palace. Over. A coin column follow one of the diagonal, paths towards, the center on. Reaching of serpentine, walk, along the water's edge to the bridge with, a road over applause, as a couple of art galleries than the princess, diana, memorial fountain. After. Rotten, rather the tennis courts and Cobra barricades, exit. Right. Opposite. The statue, of famous Explorer, David Livingstone. Is resisting, the wall of the Royal Geographical. Society. Building. Follow. The perimeter, of the park towards the Albert Memorial which. Places the Royal Albert Hall one. Of Wonders leading concert, venues. Walk. Ran to the far side of the building cause, the second-best one large statue of Prince Albert then, down the steps towards the Royal College of Music. Pig, left then right into, exhibition, Road where, it's possible to undertake, a self-guided, tour of Imperial, College continent. One of the very best universities. In the world further. Along but the Science Museum of, Natural History. Museum a free, to enter and extremely, popular. Things. Are experienced, relaxation, within, a work of moment visit the cafe for Victoria, and Albert Museum just. Over the roads and around the corner, from. The VNA, continue, past the busy Chapman shelters, of the London on retreat, a significant. Place of Prayer with an opulent interior. We're, respectful, visitors, are welcome, during. The Cold War it was used as a dead letter box by the KGB. About. 250. Meters further on taking. A peek inside parents, will confirm it's more than just than of the department. Store. Across. The junction by knowledge Street station opposite, Harvey Nichols and other highly regarded, enrollment store, McCallum. Sells cars and random swatches, next. Door the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which. Overlooks, the Home Office five-star. Luxury de Vos. The French Embassy that's luxurious, but also overlooking. A lake park before, returning it to Wilton place onto, the Bob bee hotel, and, some Paul's Church which. Ones can't at the Duke of Wellington among, his congregation. Enter. Left into Wilton presence. Beyond. The Embassy of Luxembourg, follow narrow wolf and robert towards the secluded, yet popular Grenadier. Park where, they go to the side leads to old barbecue honors, under. The arch at the end one. Of the Rogers it bears back towards, a nice breach and. Head in the direction of, Poppins Hilton Hotel to Hyde Park Corner. Confronted. Absolutely, hands once the. Wellington is now a museum, and all gallery. Many exhibits, haven't been in wand as a result, of his wallet or mexico is. Little. Around a man once more the great public, we some to a number of military statues, and memorials, most. Notably, the willing to knowledge and equestrian. Statue. Finally. The third exit leads that Constitution. Hill to, the entrance, of Buckingham, Palace.

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