London Walking Tour with map 2019

London Walking Tour with map 2019

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This. Will pass as many of London's famous, attractions. As well as a host of lesser-known places. There's. A link to a map of the route below this video, it. Starts, a Buckingham Palace official, home of the Queen of England where. The changing of the guard ceremony is, a major attraction. To. The left of the facade along, Buckingham, Palace Road the, Royal Mews in Queen's gallery are also popular. The. Nearest underground, station, is Green Park. Leave. Buckingham, Palace along the mall the, route used by visiting, foreign dignitaries, when meeting the Queen to. The left century's guard gated Clarence, House where, several members, of the royal family reside. Then. Just past the first Junction Queen, Mary's commemoration. Plaque he said into the wall of Marlborough house where, she once lived. Her husband, was King George the fifth. Posture. Statues of King George the sixth his wife Elizabeth, and the facade of the Royal Society building. Before. Reaching Admiralty, Arch turned, right by the strictly camouflaged, Admiralty, Citadel to Horse Guards Parade. About. 50 meters further on near the statue of Clive the once top-secret Church of all rooms have now become a popular tourist attraction. At. The end of horse-cars Road go left towards Parliament, Square, inhabited. By several statues. Including Abraham, Lincoln, Nelson Mandela Mahatma, Gandhi and Winston, Churchill and surrounded. By a thousand, years of history. The. Court town were officially, called the Elizabeth, tower but more commonly known as Big Ben seems, to dominate at. The opposite end of the building the monarch enters for the traditional, opening of parliament through the appropriately, named, sovereigns, entrance, which, is situated below, the Victoria, town. Suffragette. Leader Emmeline, Pankhurst. Features in the nearby Victoria. Tower Gardens Polly imaginatively. Named knife edge to piece by Henry Moore is, located, just across the, road, beyond. The sunken 14th, century, duel tower thought to have been built to house the valuables, of King Edward the third King. George the fifth clogged, in white faces, the houses, of parliament. Near. Parson Margaret's church has, a reasonable, history, Sir Walter Raleigh, William Caxton and, John Milton are buried there samuel. Peeps and Winston Churchill were both married there it's, actually, located within, the grounds of Westminster, Abbey one, of London's foremost, tourist attractions, where. Since Christmas, Day 1066. All of England's monarchs bar to have been crammed. Past. The Westminster, scholars War Memorial and enjoyed, building on, the way to the Central Methodist Hall where, the very first meeting of the United Nations took, place before, returning, past the Supreme Court to Parliament, square. Head. Along Whitehall, past, the Cenotaph, designed, by Edwin Lutyens who, is now at rest in the crypts and Paul's Cathedral two gated in quartered Downing, Street where. The Prime Minister's, official residence is. At number 10. I'll. Give be more interesting, than the statues, of military, leaders and other notables, along the way the, gods mounted on their horses present, a popular, photo opportunity. Be. Aware though that getting, too close carries the risk of being kicked or bitten. The. Two o'clock above the horse gods is blackened, because that was the time on the 30th, of January, 1649. When, King Charles the first was beheaded, on scaffolding outside the, banqueting-hall, opposite. There's. A statue of him on horseback and still connected, to his head where, Whitehall, enters Trafalgar, Square. Dominant. Is Nelson's, column erected. More than 40 long years after. The Battle of Trafalgar took, place, next. To Admiralty Arch the, ceremonial, entrance to the Mullen Buckingham, Palace Canada. House enjoys, a prime location as. Does a South African High Commission, located, directly opposite. At. The back of the square beyond the fountains an alliance the, popular National Gallery is world clause while.

Over On the corners, and martin-in-the-fields. Parish, church of Buckingham, Palace has, a reasonably, priced an atmospheric, cafe down in the crypt, with, an imaginative, restock, gift shop close by, visitors. To the National Gallery quite, often attend two free lunchtime, recitals, there if, only to give rest point to weary feet, in. Fairness, it should be said the musicians, are actually, of a very high standard indeed. Candlelit. Evening, concerts, are also very, well attended though, attack more expensive. It, will presumably be an elementary decision, for fans of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, to, visit the Thames pop of the same name a short distance from Trafalgar, Square along nearby, Northumberland. Street. Afterwards. Returned to the Strand where Charing Cross is, situated, in the forecourt, of Charing Cross station. It's. Not the original it, doesn't, look like the original, and the, original was located, where King Charles the first statue now stands, but, it is Charing, Cross. Continue. Along the Strand we're on the left-hand side Stanley. Gibbons claims to be the world's largest stamp, shop. Maybe. Interesting. And maybe not opposite. Down the steps about 25, meters along courting, Lane is a gas lamp permanently. Delayed by gas from the sewers. Moving. On up the next road leads to the Savoy Hotel he. Only wrote in the United, Kingdom where cars drive on the right hand side a, little. Further on the court or art gallery onto several masterpieces. Is located, at the entrance to Somerset, House. Samara. The Strand Church occupies, a traffic, honour'd opposite, King's College, producer. Of many important, and influential alumni, including. Florence, Nightingale, Virginia. Woolf Joseph. Lister and Desmond, Tutu. Next. The Australian, High Commission once. Featured in a Harry Potter film, boys just across the road from sing clementines, Church which, has certain times of the day shines, out their signature, Nursery, Rhyme oranges. And lemons. The. Goth atleast are all Courts of Justice can, be visited, the. Security, is understandably. Tied is a good idea to Jen upon protocol, before, troubling, the staff they're, opposite. The first ever premises, of world-famous tea company Twinings, houses. A small museum, and sharp, in. The middle of the row by historic, child can cause Bank the, Temple Bar Memorial, replaced, the old city gate in, the late nineteenth century. Then. Across from Chancery, Lane and, low Prince Henry's room one, of the very few buildings in London to predate the Great Fire of 1666. There's, a gate through which is quite often possible to sneak into the grounds of the inner and middle temples. To, visit the 12th century church originally. Constructed by, the secretive, Knights Templar. Shortly. Afterwards, Horse Bank is the fourth oldest, in the world, the. Caucus and Dunstan in the West opposite, was the first public lock in London to possess a minute, hands joints. Come out to join the time every, 15, minutes a statue, of Queen Elizabeth, the first is, set back from the road at, first floor level. The. Building next door is rumored to be rare murderous Sweeney taught once, ran his barber shop a next, door to that is the London base of DC Thompson, publisher.

Of The Beano. After. Crossing fetter Lane take, the third small alley on the Left called, Johnson's Court which, snakes through to Gough Square where, dr. Samuel Johnson, compiled, off the first serious English dictionary, once lived there, right. By the statue of his cat following, hind court and wine off its court pass ye olde Cheshire Cheese a public, house once frequented, by Charles Dickens on the way back to Fleet Street, immediately. To the left at first floor level is. A statue of Mary Queen of Scots. The. Nearby Colin dot deco Telegraph, building, and predominantly, black Daily Express building. A reminder. Of the time when national newspapers. Were synonymous with Fleet Street across. The road behind the old Bell Pavin the steeple of st. Bryce church is thought to be the inspiration behind the, tiered wedding parade. When. Crossing Farrington, Road looked. Left to see the ho burn viaduct, in the distance, before, climbing ligate Hill to some Paul's Cathedral, London, tallest. Building, until, 1967. Beside. It the Temple Bar gate the, memorial, is in the centre of Fleet Street by child spank was, eventually relocated to, the entrance of Paternoster, square opposite. London Stock Exchange building. From. Queen Anne's statue in front of supports, cathedral cross, into Dean's court passed. The old Deanery official. Residence, of the Bishop of London and right, into court Elaine passed the youth hostel Association. Building. About. 30 metres further covered. Alley leads to secluded, wardrobe place where. In centuries, gone by England's. Monic stored their ceremonial. Robes. Follow. The next turning down San Andres Hill before, entering, oil and place where, the cockpit pub on the corner was. Formerly a major venue for cockfighting, past. The graves announced black friars Ireland, yard before, turning right into Church entry, then, left and left again into, black friars Lane at, the end under, the railway bridge the interior, of a plant Friant pub is worth a visit in. The. Opposite direction pass and Andrews by the wardrobe Church the, Church of Scientology. Sent, Bennett's Metropolitan, Wallace Church and the College of Arms which is responsible for all matters heraldic, before, following Peters, Hill past the Salvation, Army's well-regarded and, popular, cafe 101. Towards, the millenium bridge as. With most of London's bridges, the views are pretty good, directly. Ahead the Tate Modern a converted, power station, has become an exceptionally, popular art, gallery, while, the nearby coke theatre. Specializes. In Shakespeare, productions. Shakespeare. Aficionados. May wish to take a small detour onto Suffolk bridge and then down the steps diagonally, opposite, to, see the site of the original Globe. Theatre. Follow. The path alongside the, river and under Southwark bridge towards. The anchor public house from. Where samuel, peeps watched the Great Fire of London and, with dr. Samuel Johnson, was a regular. Slightly. Away from the river the road beneath the railway passes, clink prison in our Museum, and the, remains of Winchester, palace towards. A reproduction, of the Golden, Hind, the surprisingly, small vessel, in which the Francis Drake in his crew.

Circumnavigated. The world, from. Here head inland to Southwark Cathedral parts. Of which date from the 12th century it's. Not particularly, large, nor, is it particularly, important. That, entry is free although, ignoring, the donation spokes may lead to hell and damnation. Adjacent. And mostly under railway arches Borough, Market has, some interesting stalls, try. The fudge, and quite, a wide choice of, places to eat the. Steps at the end of the path behind the cathedral lead, to the young inspiring, London, bridge. Over. The river head for the monument a memorial. Built close to where the great fire started, in, 1666. But. The bottom of fish Street hills and Magnus LaMotta Church was until 1831. The entry, point to London, Bridge. Pull. At the path to the left of the church before turning, alongside the, river in the direction of Tower Bridge, on. The opposite bank the building with the gap is number one London Bridge which, houses several popular, entertainment. Venue. Behind. It adjacent, to London Bridge station The Shard a 95 story high gloss cloud pyramids, as, an open-air viewing, deck on the 72nd. Floor a. Ground-level. Some. Buildings along the waterfront. That converted, warehouses, dating, from the time when this stretch of river was, an important, an integral, part of the Port of London. The. Warship, HMS. Belfast has. Been converted into a much visited, floating, Museum, in, the distance, the roundish glass built in his City Hall. Walked. Past former bling skate fish market, then, where the path turns away from the river continue, to the dual carriageway on, the, other side and a little to the left, takes, it Marriott hill to, where the Church of the same name dates, from the 14th, century. Opposite. Flawless and Dunstan's Lane to the pleasant Gordon, Simpson, Dunstan, in the East a church ruined by bombs during, the Second World War. Returning. To the dual carriageway, pass all hallows by the tower the, church established in, the year, 675. Still. With a saxon, taj and we're John Quincy Adams 6th, President, of the United States of America, was, married, the. Tower of London where it ceases - spent half a day engrossed, in history, is a short downhill, walk away. Dieter. Across the iconic, Tower Bridge to enjoy the river views, it. Opens about a thousand, times each year the. Timetable, is posted, online on. The far bank thoughtless, wolf and shad thames once. Part of london stock plant has, been converted, to a sought-after residential. Area which, also houses, several, well patronized, restaurants. A. Little. Way along the river from the Tower of London just. The other side for the approach road to Tower Bridge the, peaceful environs, of st. Catherine's dogs are popular, with those seeking somewhere, to relax. Back. Past the tower close to Tower Hill underground, station, there are still a few remnants of the ancient city wall first, built by the Romans then. Over Trinity, Gardens it's possible to visit the exact spot on Tower Hill where. Public executions. Once took place. Leave, Alon savage garden's past, the Port of London Authority building. Featured. In the James Bond movie Skyfall and. With, high-rise statue of old father Thames, before. Turning left into beep Street to San olaf's church where, peeps is buried. Following. The back streets at the top of seething Lane go left then, right into mark Lane and before San Olaf's parish hall got, left through dance to court right, into mincing lane and left a long Fenchurch, Street to, the walkie talkie, former, winner of the carbuncle cub to. Experience, the view from the top his, best to book in advance, expect. Airport like security. Opposite. The walkie go along line Street towards the Lloyds building taking. Point to detour, into Leadenhall, market, designed. By Horace Jones who was also the architect of, Tower Bridge. Pasa. Lloyds building with its toxin leaf situated, on the ant side San.

Andres Undershot, built in 1532. Is at, the corner of st. Mary Axe onto. The now famous gherkin. Situated. A few meters beyond. Turn. Left along Leadenhall, Street between, the Lloyds building and Leadenhall, building, colloquially. Known as the cheese grater towards. Corn Hill whereas. A stretch local store sells ready-to-eat, meals. Opposite. The church of San Peter upon corn Hill as a small garden with seeds and what could loosely be described, as a picnic, lon enter. Fights in Peters Audi. Similarly. A little further along, enter sent Michael's Church Gardens, along st. Michael's alley which. Also happens, to lead to the georgian vulture for drinking establishment. Once patronized, by charles, dickens and. Mentioned, numerous times into Pickwick Papers. Next. To on corn Hill enter ball court where. London's oldest restaurants, insist having his well signposted. Peter, danger underwriting, tables, long since removed from Lloyds once, he switched to this day incorporate. Hat stands specifically, designed, to accommodate, bowlers, and toppers. Across. Cornhill, the Royal Exchange opened. By Queen Elizabeth the first and, then, after having burned down a couple of times by Queen Victoria is. Now a very pleasant covered, courtyard brought it with luxury, shops. Just. The other side of threatened Eagle Street he's, he access to the fort like Bank of England, is restricted, to the museum, where. Visitors are invited to, hold the gold bomb attempts. To remove it from the premises, are discouraged. Beyond. The entrances, to Bank Station, the column fronted mansion-house official, residence, of the Lord Mayor of London, Heights, and Steven walbrook church the. Dome of which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren as, a tester, prior to his masterpiece. At sym Paul's Cathedral. This. Is also the church from where Chad Farah set up the Samaritans, an organization. Which continues, to help those with emotional, difficulties, saving. Many lives in, the process. Post. By mansion, house along poultry, into cheap side towards, Aunt Mary Laboe church is, said that those born within earshot of the sound of its spells can, claim to be true Kourtney's. Forty. Meters before the church turn, along King Street towards. The guild hall administrated. In ceremonial, center of the City of London which. Also houses a decent, art gallery and the remains of a Roman amphitheatre. The. Weathervane on the spire of near poison Laura's story church is. In the form of a gridiron one, account of for Lauren's being, barbecued to, death. Leave. A long Russian Street then turn into Wood Street towards the Barbican, passing. London's own leaning tower all, that remains of San Albans Church after Second, World War warming. Turned. Left to find remnants of London's ancient, city wall on both sides of the road before. Taking the elevated, walkway, to sand jars crippled gate Church in one direction and, the, widely praised Museum, of London in, the other. From. The museum, had South before slipping through peaceful postman's. Park, then along King Edward Street towards the rear of London Stock Exchange before. Turning my Christchurch, Greyfriars. Church yet. Another victim, of second world war bonds just passed. The Central Criminal Court, that are known as the Old Bailey which, like the Royal Courts of Justice can, be visited, subject, to stringent security measures. Take. A road between since epical church and the supposedly, haunted, viaduct, pub towards. Some Bartholomew's. Hospital the, oldest, in Britain. Opposite. The Golden Boy of Pi corner, is located. Where the Great Fire of London eventually. Burned itself, found, further. Along a statue, of King Henry VIII age stands, above an entrance to the hospital, and further, still, there's a memorial to William Wallace who, was executed nearby. As long ago as 1305. The. Port below the nearby being, Tudor building, leads, to some Bartholomew, the great church one. Of London's oldest. Yawn. Smithfield, meat market, extremely. Active in the early hours on mazda sleeping, but resembling, a morgue at other times all a Charterhouse, Street before turning, left into Farrington, Road and climbing the steps onto Holborn viaduct. Pass. A city temple, and San Andres Church before cutting rites really, place the, loss privately, on Street in London, and haunt us and Ethel traitors Church which, states from the reign of King, Edward the first.

Close. To the entrance of a Lee placed take, the narrow passage, to ye olde mitre, pub, a favourite with tourists, and associated. With Queen Elizabeth the first. Continue. A longer passage to Hatton Garden famous. For jewelry, which is frequently, visited, by the romantically. Involved, and, wishful thinkers. Returning. To hope and past the equestrian, statue of Prince Albert consort. Of Queen Victoria, then, the red brick Prudential, building before. Crossing towards, the timber framed facades, of staple, Inn walk. Through the courtyard, if it's open or via Chancery, Lane if it isn't to, the silver vaults a subterranean. Parade, of retail, outlets predominantly. Selling silver and, worth a visit. Security. Is understandably. Tight but largely unobtrusive. With most people, being permitted entry. Along. Chancery, Lane Eden Ravenscroft. The oldest tailors in London, is the preferred and fitter to many of the judiciary, and robe Baker to the royal family. Just. Before the neo-gothic King's College building turned, into Geary Street towards, the rear of the Royal Courts of Justice, pass. A couple of ancient parish boundary, stones then, the 17th, century Seven Stars public, house before. Turning into Searles Street where, a statue of Thomas More occupies. Anish on that corner. The. Precincts, of Lincoln Cent upper right can be visited, most weekdays, and a variety of guided, tours are available. Lincoln's. Inn Fields to the left now, a pleasant, square was. Once a place of execution. To. The south and the copper Hunterian Museum attracts. His fair share of inquisitive. Visitors, water. Than also Johnson's, museum, is especially, popular on the occasional, evenings, when, illuminated by, candle, lights. Before. Leaving via Sardinia. Street stroll, a few metres along nearby Portsmouth. The street where, the Old Curiosity Shop, is surrounded. By the more modern buildings of, the London School of Economics. At. The end of busy Kings way bear right past Bush house former. Home of the BBC's, World Service, then, just before the Waldorf Hilton Hotel enter. Tori Lane. Opposite. Sarastro the, flamboyant, theatre themed restaurant, head, alongside the Theatre Royal towards, Covent Garden a mecca, for tourists, in antennas, alike where. Widths in Paul's Church as a backdrop, popular. Entertainers. Entertained, throughout the day. Finally. Levi King Street and then you roll towards, Leicester Square with, a majority of Britain's film premieres take place it's. Also a good place to buy discounted. Theater tickets, from. Here visit nearby Chinatown. Centered, around Leland, Jared streets, which is well stocked with restaurants, and other shots. Then. Hit along Coventry, Street to Piccadilly Circus with, its famous aluminium, statue of Eros flying high above tiers of improvised, seating. Look. Left when crossing into Piccadilly, to see the Duke of York column, the, st. Duke who once commanded, 10,000. Men. First. Stop in Piccadilly isn't, James's church which, holds a well-established outdoor. Market, most days the. Tranquil gardens and cafe alongside attract. Those seeking a quiet place to relax. Further. Along it said that the Queen has visited, Fortnum and Mason on more than one occasion to, take off to noon tea. Try. To be there at the top of the hour when the clock outside, creates, a novelty version. Just. Beyond the Royal Academy of Arts opposite, where the vast majority of exhibitions, attract excellent, reviews, the. Burlington, Arcade which, states from the early 19th century is. An attractive, and extremely upmarket, collection. Of retail, outlets. Next. Is Old Bond Street which becomes New Bond Street as it makes its way towards, Oxford Street a shopper's, paradise. Unless. On a mission to shop til you drop, cut, through the Royal RK to old on Wall Street we're, exceptionally, luxurious, Brown's hotel, is, well patronized, by an affluent, clientele keen. On discreet anonymity. Heading. Back across Piccadilly, incessant, James's, blunts, right to see the less anonymous threes. Even. For those with an aversion to shopping since James the street is worthy of tenuous, interest, at the very least David. Ogden Hill and James J Fox where, Churchill, was a customer, are all specialist, cigar shops dr. Harris chemist, and perfumer, established, in 1790. And with connections, to the royal family, may, just be the place to buy a present, with a difference. John. Laub is bespoke to maker to the Royals. The. World's oldest hat shop Jane stock & Co is where the famous bowler, had originated. At. The bottom of the hill berry Brothers and right have tried to trim their premises, since 1698. And been associated, with a royal family, since the reign of King George the 3rd. The. Passage alongside leads, to Pickering, place the, smaller square in London where, the Texan Embassy was once located where.

Lord Palmerston twice, Prime Minister resided, and where, the last jewel in London took place. Opposites. And James's Palace was, the official residence of the kings and queens of England until. They decided to relocate to, Buckingham Palace which. Is just a short coach ride away, take. The road to the site past Queen's chapel, built, for Henrietta Maria, wife of King Joel suffers, then. The Aleksandra memorial, before, crossing the mouth into sand James's, Park to experience, the views from the bridge. Continue. Along the path of a birdcage walk, to, Queen Anne's gate turn. Left towards, Queen Anne's statue. Originally. Destined, for the top of a columnist, and errorless Strand Church but, eventually positioned. Here or instead. Many. Of the nearby houses reflect, the architecture. Of her era key. Stones and other ornamentation, made from hard-wearing ceramic, code stone remain, in good condition. To this day. Walk. By cockpit, stairs formerly, part of an exclusive cockfighting. Venue, into, old Queen Street home to some of London's oldest, buildings, though, right at the end passing, Central Methodist, Hall which hosted the United, Nations first-ever meeting before. Crossing into great Smith Street. After. Westminster IP choir school and the headquarters, of the Church of England turned. First left then left again towards. The gated entry of Dean's yard. Follow. The road before entering, Barton Street where Sir John Gielgud and, Lawrence of Arabia, once lived. At. The end of Lord North Street since John Smith Square was, a church until bombed in 1941. It. Was eventually restored, as a concert, hall with the restaurant, down in the crypt more than quarter of a century later. Turn. Left towards Victoria, Tower Gardens the. Views of Lambeth Palace Anson Thomas's, Hospital across, the river. Walk. Along the Riverside, path to Lambeth bridge the. Building just beyond Thames, house is, rumoured to be occupied by the Secret, Service but. Only rumoured, then. Less discreet, the 118, meter high Mill Bank Tower offers excellent. Views of the London for those able, to afford it a little. Further on pre guided tours are offered most days at the Tate Britain one, of London's leading art galleries, which, was named after a manufacturer. Of sugar, cubes. Cross-language. Breached towards the Tudor bricked entrance, of Lambeth Palace official. Residence, of the Archbishop. Of Canterbury, head of the Church of England's. William. Bligh captain, of Avanti, until his crew mutinied his, barrack next door as Aunt Mary at Lambeth, Church which, has been converted into a Garden Museum, the.

Restaurant, There is said to be popular, with people who work and live nearby a. Teacher. To the Imperial, War Museum involves. A 10-minute, stroll along the road running past the church away from the river this. Wall continues, along the Riverside, path to Westminster Bridge passing, st. Thomas's hospital provider, of health care since the 12th century and, home to a museum, dedicated to, Florence, Nightingale, the founder, of modern nursing. Over. The water it's impossible, to miss the houses, of parliament rebuilt. In the Gothic style after, a fire in 1834. The. Line on Westminster Bridge comes, from the Lyon brewery demolished. In 1949. And, subsequently, replaced by, the Royal Festival Hall. First. Building along the south bank is County Hall once. Headquarters, of the Greater London Council. Much, of it is now being given over to entertainment. Where crowds flock to visit the London Sea Life Aquarium and, London, dungeon. Riverside. London, I formerly, the city's highest viewing point rotates. About once every 30 minutes a ground, level the Ministry, of Defence building and why Paul Court building, dominate. The far bank. After. Hunk footbridge which carries, strength center nearby Charing, Cross station. Entertainment. Becomes arguably, more sophisticated. In the form of the Royal Festival Hall Queen. Elizabeth, Hall and Purcell, room, their. Brutalist, architectural. Style was often preferred by governmental, bodies, because, of lower construction. Costs. Opposite. Cleopatra's. Needle front, shell max house and the Savoy the first hotel to install, electric, lifts. Teeter. On to Waterloo, Bridge with, views of the city are reckoned to be the best from ground level before. Continuing course the National Theatre in London Television, Centre where, many of the company's, programs, are produced. Just. Around the corner food outlets and shorts long gabriel's, Wharf the, most significant, for owners of tired feed being a London bicycle, tour company, which, has an impressively, large selection, of bikes for hire a. Little. Further wrong the oxide Tower was designed with windows forming, a logo, of a company product, to, circumvent local, laws forbidding, illuminated, skyline, advertising. After. Thoughtfully, named C containers, house take. The steps up by the Doggett's coat and patch pub named. After the world's oldest trying race on, two Blackfriars, Bridge. Running. Parallel, Blackfriars, station, also, spans the river. From. Blackfriars station, head along Victoria, Embankment towards. Westminster. Until. Well into the 19th century many. Properties, along this section of the river had gardens leading, to the water's edge it. Was decided, however that a road with a railway beneath would better serve the city so. Work commenced to produce what, we have today. Shortly. After Unilever, house the statue of a man between York City of London school and a song on college buildings, is called taxi. Originally. Hailing from Park Avenue New York it, was transferred, to London, in 2014. It's. From this side of the river that the Oxford House window design, in the form of an advertising, logo. Can be fully appreciated. About. A hundred metres further along, it's possible, to discreetly, enter the grounds of the inner and middle temples. Where most buildings has offices, of legal professionals, the. Church there which states from the 12th century and featured. In The Da Vinci Code movie, is usually, open to visitors. Leave. The embankment, of the next Junction following, the road as it bears left pass to Temple place built, for the Astor family in 1895. Are now an art gallery which opens to the public when, hosting, exhibitions. A cabman. Shelter, one of many built in the 1860s. To provide food and drink for horse-drawn, hansom, cab drivers, is, situated, just beyond the entrance to temple station.

Returning. To the Riverside, past, the arch facade, of Somerset, House once. The site of the Tudor Palace. The. Pier by Waterloo Bridge constantly. Manned by Royal National Lifeboat institution. Volunteers. Basis, a London Television Centre and National Theatre across, the river. Continuing. Under the bridge the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Royal Festival Hall then come into view. Standing. At the water's edge between two ignoring, sphinxes, Cleopatra's. Needle quarried. In 1450. BC, was, after a delay presented. To the UK by the ruler of Egypt in, 1819. Slightly. In and the Savoy Hotel in charm acts hands, provide, a backdrop to the statues, a pleasant, Victoria, Embankment Gordon's. Adjacent. A hunk of a bridge which is flanked by the more recent pedestrian, golden jubilee bridges. The. Embankment river bus pier is within walking distance of, both the embankment, underground, station, and Charing, Cross mainline. Station. The. Gordon's continual, on the front of the Whitehall Court and Ministry, of Defense buildings, until, reaching the famous rotating, sign outside near, Scotland, Yard's, headquarters, of the Metropolitan. Police. By, Westminster, Pier the statue of Queen Boudica, whose, army once burned London to the ground faces. The houses of parliament. Turn. Away from the river where a narrow and often crowded Tesco, Express door is an enticement for anybody in need of reasonably, priced refreshment. Straight. On beyond, Whitehall, in Parliament, Square near. Bison James's Park at least in fine weather is, a popular, venue for picnic lunches. Continues. Towards Buckingham, Palace past Wellington, Barracks where, the changing of the guard ceremony commences. Bearing. Right past the facade of the palace walk, a short distance along the melt of the edge of Green Park then. Follow the footpath leading beside Lancaster, House and, later Spencer, house which, is owned by the family of Diana former. Princess, of Wales at. The end bring Park underground, station, is the nearest to Buckingham Palace. From. Green Park station walk, along Piccadilly with, Green Park to the left across. The road largest, Street is home to the Kennel Club The. Devonshire, gaze now, incorporated. Into the boundary fence of the park were once the entrance to the Duke of Devonshire's, residence, demolished. Soon after, the First World War. Whitehall. Street opposite, follows the course of man now on to Grandpa, Bern River at. The end just past Timaeus, a popular specialists tobacco and wine merchants, with a touch of class and, two secluded, Shepherd markets, fun - some rather nice restaurants.

Victorian, Pubs and boutique shops. Continue. Through to Curzon, Street where, Hayward Hill is one of London's leading book shops next. Door Trampas, and equally famous gentleman's, hairdresser, and perfumer, is another shop which offers the opportunity to buy a present with a difference. Follow. The road to Barclay Square where a Nightingale, once sang and where a nopales exclusive, nightclub, is situated, next door to the one time residence of life of India. Turn. It to Hill Street and right into farm Street passing, the Church of the Immaculate Conception. And almost, certainly a Rolls Royce or to, what. Thomas woods China shot a specialist, in luxury, polled, with two royal warrants, and undoubtedly, proud of its long-standing association, with, the royal family, turned. Towards the Grosvenor Chapel, which was a model for many churches, built in New England. It. Was attended regularly by, future, US President, Dwight Eisenhower, during. His wartime, stay in London. Past. James Purdy, and Sons a shop specializing. In country pursuits on the, way to Grosvenor, Square unto. The American, embassy with statues, of presidents, Reagan Roosevelt. And as could be expected. Eisenhower. In attendance. After. The embassy, take up a brook street in the direction of the trees in Hyde Park at. The end turned by the showroom, of car manufacturer. Aston, Martin, we're. Looking in the window is allowed and free towards. Marble Arch now, marooned on a traffic islands, but in grant at times the entrance, to Buckingham Palace over. At. Hyde Park followed. One of the diagonal, paths towards, the center on, reaching the serpentine, walk along the water's edge to the bridge, where the road overpasses. A couple of art galleries, send the princess diana, memorial fountain. After. Rotten, road the tennis courts in Coalbrookdale, Kate's exit. Lines. Opposite. The statue of famous explorer David Livingstone, is recessed. In a wall a Thor or geographical. Society building. Follow. The perimeter, of the park towards the Albert Memorial which. Faces the Royal Albert Hall one. Of London's leading concert. Venues. Walk. Around to the far side of the building cost, a second less well-known statue, of Prince Albert then, down the steps towards the Royal College, of Music.

Head. Left and right into exhibition, road where, it's possible to undertake, a self-guided, tour of Imperial, College London one. Of the very best universities. In the world further. Along by the Science Museum a, Natural History Museum are, free to enter an extremely, popular. Then. To experience, relaxation. Within a work of art visit. The cafe at the Victoria, and Albert Museum, just. Over the road and around the corner, from. The VNA, continue, past a busy cap and shelter, to the london oratory a significant. Place of prayer with an opulent interior. We're, respectful, visitors, are welcome. During, the Cold War it was used as a dead letter box by the KGB. About. 250. Meters further on taking, a peek inside Harrods, will, confirm it's more than just an of the department. Store. Across. The junction point Knightsbridge, station, opposite, avi Nichols, another, highly regarded, department, store, McLaren. Sells cars and, Rolex watches. Next. Door the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which. Overlooks, Hyde Park offers, 5-star. Luxury. Pass. The French Embassy less, luxurious but, also overlooking. Hyde Park before, turning, into Wilton place onto, the Berkeley hotel and simples Church which, once countered the Duke of Wellington among, its congregation. Enter. Left into Wilton Crescent. Beyond. The Embassy of Luxembourg, follow narrow wilton road towards, the secluded yet popular Grenadier. Pub where. The gate to the side leads to old barrack, yards. Under. The arch at the end follow the road as it bears round towards the Knights bridge and. Head in the direction of Park lines Hilton Hotel to, Hyde Park Corner. Colin. Fronted Apsley house once, the home of the Duke of Wellington is, now Museum, and Art Gallery many. Exhibits, haven't been acquired, as a result of his wartime exploits. A. Large. Round about once part of Green Park is, home to a number of military statues, and memorials, most. Notably, the Wellington watch an equestrian, statue. Finally. The third exit leads down Constitution, Hill, to the entrance of Buckingham, Palace.

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