LONG LIFE FOOD in Hunza Valley - HEAVEN ON EARTH, Pakistan | Pakistani Food Tour!

LONG LIFE FOOD in Hunza Valley - HEAVEN ON EARTH, Pakistan | Pakistani Food Tour!

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We have to figure out where it is exactly ourselves. Good. Morning I hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I mean give get baltistan, in Pakistan, in the mountains, and starting, this morning from a very. Strategic, a, very. Important. Place in the world the plan for today is we're driving from gilgit to, Hunza Valley and, Hunza, Valley is known for. Being. One of the most spectacularly. Beautiful, places in Pakistan, and maybe in the world and. The, food, people, eat is known people are known to have a very, very long life some of the longest life spans in the world because the food is so good the. Food is so fresh and the air and water quality is so good and definitely tonight for dinner is going to be a highlight because we've been invited to a local home to experience the the longevity. Food. Of Hunza, Valley. This. Is the, merger, of three of, the world's highest mountain chains so let me just stand. Up let me see if I can get this right but. Directly. Behind me right here that's where the Himalayas, I guess the Himalayas begin, that's where they collided, so the Himalayas are there if. You look behind me, what's, up Elian Jill, this. Is the Hindu Kush, mountain. Ridge and then, if you look over on this side where you have these jagged rock peaks that's the Karakoram. Mountain. Range and then the river is the confluence between the gilgit and the Indus River that. Is the actual, point where, all three of the. Mountain chains collide. This is just a quiet peaceful, y'all you can hear literally, is the rivers, flowing. Just. For a little more context, the Himalayas, are of course home to the highest mountain in the world Mount Everest, the, Karakoram, mountain, range is home to k2 but. Sometimes they're referred to kind of as the same but but geologically. The cattle, arms are a total, different range and then the Hindu Kush is actually right behind me right now. And then back at the hotel for breakfast. Nothing. Like curry, for. Breakfast in the morning this one is called chicken Acharya, has like a mustard you taste to it some keema some minced meat curry. Okay. And that completes breakfast we, got to pack up our bags and we are moving we're on our way to honza. Thank, You Tube gilgit Serena hotel for hosting us for sponsoring, our stay we had a wonderful stay but we are on our way now to opens up rooms Ovalle, and even the drive is going to be spectacular and, we're gonna stop for a a view point hopefully we have some clear weather today. It's. Just unbelievable. Spectacular. Scenery. Oh. Just. Taking a little stretch, but. The. Scenery there's a there's, water just gushing, from the mountain, just. It's majestic. Oh. It's. Still fresh stuff Oh, Saudis. At. Sub-zero water. Got. A little water up the nose but that was so worth it. With. A backhoe checkup you catch eyes on the top. Welcome. To chef Sheila point and chapter Oh it'sit's like a stuff. Pocket. Of dough, kind of like a pastry, but filled with beef. This version is filled with beef he has this huge. Rounded. Concave. Hot. Plate, and then if you come over on this. Side he has the fire. Burning, which is. Which. Is heating that entire iron plate, he's rolling out the dough and he's gonna he's gonna make one fresh for us right now. There's. One kid. And. Then, that goes directly onto the hot plate with issues which is fed by the fire. He's. Saying that you have to open it from here and then. You eat it we, cannot drink the soup and it's exactly so you don't take the entire bite because then if you spill over okay, when, I was talking to them making, it they said it was beef but actually it's yak, kind, of open up the pocket like this. Um. Oh yeah, you just kind of like lift up the lid, immediately. You can smell, that aroma the onions in there the juices, and you, can really smell that like meatiness, to it oh that, looks great you can kind of peel off a piece. I think, and. I'm gonna take a little bit of that lid grab. Some of that yeah how, juicy that is. Oh. That's. Fantastic. Mmm. The. Meat mixture the, yak extra, is awesome get. The crunchy onions you've, got like the broth e-juices. There's. Definitely some chili in there some powder chili look at you you got, another way to be. Like. A pocket. And. The bread because, if you kind of like fire roast the bread at the same time you put them in the fire for. A little bit and then on to the hot plate kind, of slow cooks so it's like if the bird is gummy, but. At the same time it's kind of crispy on the edges how's, that fire roasted flavor glad what a cool job for the first time in my life I'll let you ask me for the first there no no, you follow that with some chai a. Rather. This might be duty. The. Perfect, accompaniment, beverage. One. More cup of dude party as we lounge. Back in these chairs. Yeah.

You, Can taste the creaminess and they're also using yak milk. Still. At the basic octopushy. We. Made it to the rock opposed view point which is one of the highest mountains in this region seven thousand, seven hundred and eighty meters, twenty-five, thousand, and twenty five feet. It's, massive. And we it'sit's, fully clouded, over you can't see the top atop, the summit but, you can't see the base you can see where the snow, and the glaciers start, and. Even. Without being, able to see it you it just has this aura it has this. Sensation. Just, I mean grandest, monstrosity. Good. Morning Oh Serena thank you very much, welcome, to the Hunza, Valley and, where you drove all the way to, karimabad. Which is one of the the, main villages, main towns in the valley. It's. Like. Unimaginable. Beauty. It's if. You cannot even probably it's almost, too much for your eyes to even see, just. No man, could even create, something. Of this spectacle. And then comes up thank you very much. The. Smoke is a traditional, greeting very aromatic you can smell a lot of like, looks. Like a mixture of pine. And needles, and herbs that are comes yeah it's. Warming, and smells, great, thank. You very much. Thank. You oh and, we've got some some. Of the bread and butter, oh, nice a, little. Whole. Piece of butter yes a little chunk, of butter there oh. Yeah. Wow. That's. Rich thank you sir, thank you very much. Oh, I. Can say without a doubt this, is the best cup of apple juice in the, most beautiful location, that, I've ever had apple juice in my life. Welcome. To our room yeah. We're gonna need some thick blankets, here thick purple blankets. Literally. That, same exact, view is right outside on, the balcony, on the patio we're, walking up to the baltit fort which is one of the landmarks, of Hunza Valley it. Sits on top of another. Little, hill like. Just in the shadows, of the mountain and it's spectacular but we're just gonna hike up to the just, to get a viewpoint of it yeah we are definitely not at sea level Pole you can feel your heart working, the. Air is thin and, looking to the floor up here. Come. On Micah we're gonna make it, man. We're like in the cradle, of the mountain, this is a 700. Year and something old fort but, it is old made of stone and then. You just see the would like balconies, and then, you have this unbelievable. View, again just. Beyond, adjectives. Till hasn't even spoken. Absolutely. Subsea. Wind, fweep up billion, have. A heavenly, experience this, is just a cool little food hut that we, have stopped in it's. Just the nice looking spot so we're just inquiring, about some some, snacks here what is this, this is charged Hapkido mixture. Oh that's. Goes inside. Coriander. Mint, ginger, onion. Markussi. Cannabis. Chicken, link our thai army. So. That's apricot, oil all, right yeah I forgot oil oh yeah. But right now she's making us shop Shiro, fresh, but, this is a totally different version, from what we had earlier this is made with chicken and can, see the spices, in it and, she actually fries, hers, in apricot. Oil. And, that was actually the inside mixture. We've. All taken a seat here it's just such, a cozy, little like, mountain. Like. A mountain. Yeah. It's. Like curry chicken. Inside. Of like, doughy. Fragrant. Like. Has. A chef party kind of feel to it it's. So fragrant because of that oil. Chicken. Is beating the York by miles a, local. Cottage cheese. Sent. This on. Top. I. Just. Yeah, that is like cottage cheese with organic, herbs, in it yeah you're gonna want to put this cottage cheese just smother. Every, single bite in it. This. Is something you want to be eating when you're on a mountain okay, next up is the the soup that she has today which, is called bell dough which is that noodle, but. It's actually I think like dough pieces. But. I guess that's what a noodle, is anyways there's some herbs in here look. At that soup. Oh. It. Has this wonderful like unexpected, sourness, to it and then, you. Really taste the herbs like it tastes like a mountain, mint, those are like like, little gummy noodles, but, what I like is that like amazing. Herb taste. Thank, you very much he was amazing amazing. Yeah. When you're in Hunza, Valley she's, just, down, from, the baltit fort. Villian. Yeah and, what what, was your name again.

Lucious. Adi yeah. This. Is the spot oh yeah. You can see who's a food pavilion. Get. From here we're driving back to the hotel and they prepared a local lunch for us so we're gonna go have lunch another. Lunch and. Then, we will proceed onwards. From there but then tonight is going to be a very special opportunity because, we've been invited to a local home to have a local, hoons. A food experience. I think, here's something I've never done before. I can't. Do it huh okay I'm gonna have to use my hand, well, that Oh. Mmm. It's, so crisp it's so. Juicy perfect. A perfect Apple. It's. Still attached. Is. That the clock, you. Can defend here I'm. Sure anyone who grew up around apples, has done that before, but that's a first for me I didn't grow up around like, cold weather where they grow apples. Thank. You very much thank. You so we just sat down we're gonna have a quick lunch and, they're gonna prepare a local, hoon's a food meal for us for a lunch today at the hotel this, really. Thin layers, of dough, which. Offending fried, and then stuffed, with that looks like that similar cottage cheese which you just ate. Almost. How it's like a cheese, dumpling, taste to it but it's more like a layers. Okay. Next dish all there's more there's, chunks of meat in this one nice looks. Very familiar. Hmmm. This. One is good too um, it's. A little, less herbaceous. Than the one we just had, before. But. This one has a little more meat in it yes. Main. Course has arrived two, separate things one is the lamb thick and the other is harissa, which is a traditional. Staple made with wheat it looks like almost made into a porridge, like paste. And. Silent, digging, into that lamb and if I talked a lot during. The. Ginger. Well. That's just like a lamb roast, yeah that's delicious I think it's just been like taste. Like it's just been boiled. The. Lamb is good but I think it would be better with some kind of a sauce.

Well. That's good you can taste kind. Of like the butteriness of it but, it's really creamy and, then you can taste like the. Grains of wheat all as, well final course is dessert and it's in this little looks almost like a little pudding with some grapes on the side in the nursin almonds, on top so I'm gonna grab that mint leaf as. Well. Kind. Of has like a pumpkin dish or the the, beloved, apricot, oil. Finished, with lunch the, food is kind of on the planar side but, it was very. Good quality ingredients he could taste the freshness of the ingredients, absolutely. That was a very late lunch because it's almost it's, gonna be sunset, pretty soon so we got a rush and. It's. About a 30 minute drive to get to the sunset spot. But. It would gained quite a lot of elevation but, this place is called Eagle's Nest. It's. Cold up here it's, cold I got your call. So. We sort of missed the sunset because it already has gone down below the peak but, the view is absolutely spectacular. You can see all the different colors of purple and blue there's, so much snow on those Peaks um and, then down here this is the main Hunza, Valley where the karimabad. Where we are staying and I believe that's what they call ladyfinger, that, it's. Such, a jagged, sharp, peak. With. Actual sun is shining, onto these peaks over here they're. Monstrous. And that's so much snow so you see more colors. Yeah. We. Gained some elevation, I can, feel at it, yeah. It's chilly up here too I was. Thinking about it over there like if. You could ever say, that something could top this you'd have to like leave leave, the earth otherworldly. Yes. Okay. I think we're getting out of here it is freezing. Cold but this is it's truly, an epic view point just 360. All around it's mind-blowing. For. Dinner tonight we've been invited, by a local family, to eat at their home arranged. By the Minister of Tourism gb, so, we're just on our way there now okay so we've met up with our hosts. And. We're. Also very close to the altitude. Port, right yeah. Okay, thank you and. This is where your home is. Wow. Very cool yeah most of the houses. Up at Stone. So. Cool walking back in these streets in me to really walk back into some really narrow narrow, lanes you can see the. Walls. Made, of stone and mud construction, and I think we've arrived, at the house thank you. Okay. So this was in the border. Of the, house. It, came. Crema, on the Hazari mom II had, mr., this house specially. Nice. To meet you thank you. Very. Cool very cozy on inside just carpeted. And, with ads on the on the floor and then, you guys just this, is with him one of the stone homes. And. This house has a lot of historical. Important, significance, as well it's. It really is it's like a museum, of, a home because it's so well preserved and so ancient. The, first course which is the soup caldo Dada it's called bowed oh I have extreme. Honor of sitting next to Graham is an amazing. Lady this is her house she's. Welcomed, us into her, house and, this looks like a hardy, suit you can see those bill like, pieces. Of dough which. Are in the soup it looks almost like a porridge, because it's so thick. The wall she's 85, years old. She's. Beautiful, she's, absolutely beautiful. I'll. Let you that's amazing, it's. It's. Really Hardy and warm and, other compared, to other versions we had this has more of the noodles in it so it's more it's. More hearty. Okay. Again, I think I said this earlier today but, this is the soup that, you want to be eating when it's cold outside.

Okay. So they're just bringing out more and more dishes but all local, hoons of dishes. This. One is very interesting, it's potato with. Apricot. Seed, piece. I mean he just brought out in apricot. Seed. Chapatis. On the side as an apricot paste, by apricots. It's, almost like almond. That. Almost tastes like a spring onion like cream, cheese but, then if it's, like nutty and you can this Wow. Well. That's like refreshing, and kind. Of oniony. I'm. Gonna try the rose dumpling, next and yeah it's wrapped up but filled with yak meat and then there's a sauce yeah. That's like a giant dumpling, I think it's a I think it is a one biter. It's. Like right at the stage we're not sure okay. Next. Up I'm gonna try the pasta dish which is made. From wheat. Look like a little sheet stand then shaved and then cooked, up with a vegetable. It. Has like this wonderful sourness, to it and. Then you can taste the herbs a slight. Like bitter vegetable this one is the potato with the apricot. Seed, feast. Well. That's. Like the greatest mashed potatoes you've ever had another you, can, it's. So like natural, tasting and then the potatoes just dissolve, in your mouth and just so, like, nutritious. Tasting, okay next up for the chef choux dough and. This is something we've had already a couple of times today but this is this is really, one of the local staple foods this one is loaded with yakhni. You, can taste the onions in there and then, just wrap it up in that mincemeat yeah and that one has a little more spice to it. Okay. One more dish that I didn't try, yet filled with cheese, on the inside and kind of again the thin layers of dough. Well. That's like a really kind of sour like cream. Cheese kind, of sensation, fully, organic. Just. From, Hunza Valley everything, we're eating in the Pinta Valley they are known for being very healthy, of many old people and. Many a very high life expectancy because, of the fresh air because of the and especially, because of the food and so one of the very traditional dishes, that, we've been eating and actually it's probably my favorite dish of the entire meal is the chapati which is filled with the. Apricot. Seed. Paste, as well as walnuts, and I think there's some apricot oil as, well, and that is one of the dishes that is one of the, traditional. Foods of the Hunza Valley that. Is credited, with, longevity. And the. Help the good help. All. The mint in that boat, and. That's yeah. That's one of the best dishes what is that really I'm holding that secret for you compared to the. Real secret of longevity. Desserts. This, one just bite gonna add one more year one. Bite as one for you. Hmmm. The. Honey you taste like like.

Caramelized Honey, in there. And. Then you've got that like tart cherry, jam. It's. Like a juicy, honey, filled pancake. That. Was an, unbelievable. Experience with, the music's of food the family. Having. The honor to sit next to grandma as she just smiled, and. Then just that food. Watch. Your step. But and oh we just figured out that this is a 400-year, they mentioned this is a 400. Year old house well, yeah that was so, cool what. A treat yeah, a privilege. Real treat yeah, okay. Thank, you. Thank. You very much. Okay. Thank you. Hello. Welcome. To. The, movie I'm. Sure we'll never get it but, they drove over, and. We were invited to another house another. Home this is a really, old ancient, home another stone home and, we're. All huddled, around it they were sitting by the fire and I, think they're preparing, something, to eat, again. Wow. This is spectacular and, what, a warm welcome I gave us. What. They're gonna make yet. Delicious, anatolyevna. He's, 86, years old mom, and he was in the army he has all his medals, on his jacket, and. Then this. Uncle. Is 70. 72. Years old 72. Years old this is such an. Unbelievable. Cultural, learning experience. First. They made this like like. Flat roti and then after, that they made it pancake so she had this batter which. She swirled, on to the hot plate and then swirled. It into a pancake shaped and then flipped it um and that just sizzle then hiss didn't bubble the way again we've got chai we've got a plate of groups we've got the the pancake. UN's a pancake, I almost cannot explain this entire situation, and. Experience, and cultural. Beauty. In words, okay. But let's test the pancake. You. Can really taste that butter which is just fresh butter that. Tastes really good and then the pancake it has a wonderful, kind of gummy. Spongy, texture to it it's home cooked yeah. It's, wonderful. Toasty. Warm actually I'm not sweating, right now because I'm sitting by the fire drinking, tea but, it feels so good. And. There's CS oh man. Just which is like a perfectly, sour and tart and. Juicy. And the C bus is great. He. Then immediately. Chased that with someone fetch I. Thank. You very much Ashok Lea. Thank. You. Thank you very much. So. This is just kind of the entrance area. Entrance. Area of the house, okay. So we're never heading out of the house now but yeah, it was just an honor to sit, with the family, the. Every. Generation, was present, and just to eat the pancakes to drink tea everything. Cooked fresh before us it, was spectacular and. Special. And just yeah. It was an honor to, have that opportunity. From. The outside it just looks so dark and quiet but then step inside and there's like 20, 20. People all family, inside it's. So cozy and warm to, walk. Amazing. Okay. Thank you thank. You very much. Nice. To meet you. By. Next week. It. Made it back to the hotel who. It is a chilly evening massive. Thank you to Suleiman, who is the director of tourism in, GB gilgit-baltistan. For. Arranging that for us and for, Olli from, landmark communications and, travels for our, engine everything, is entire trip ok so that's gonna be it for this video thank you very much for watching tomorrow. We have another early and a long day we're going up to the Koon Jeb pass we're also gonna have some local food. Yeah. That's coming up in the next video but, thank, you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed. Click, subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that it published thanks, again for watching good, night from.

The Who'sa Valley in Pakistan, see, you on the next video.

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The reply below is for Iman sheikh.

What you say is superficially true; but it doesn't stand to scrutiny. "Culture" and '"civilisation" develop over hundreds of years; people in pakistan are yet to assimilate to that degree where it can be said that they largely have a common culture and one that is different from that of India. .....and the same goes for India. On a narrower point. Pashtoons in pakistan eat more meat than punjabis in pakistan. punjabis in pakistan may or may not eat a more varied diet of meats than "indian muslims".......if so; there may be more than one reason for this. Muslims in india eat more meat and a more varied type of meat based diet that most Hindus;,,,,,etc...... AND.......please take a note of this point........""The cultural, linguistic, culinary and ethnic differences are LARGELY regional ( not national ) in BOTH india and Pakistan. They also , to varying degrees, transcend the bordering states and provinces that are next to each other in both countries, for obvious reasons.

I Love My Pakistan

Thank you so much for visiting hunza

*_Gilgit Baltistan...A Paradise For Mountaineers And Tourists_*

The Hunza diet is just another bullshit myth from that area of the world cooked up by western anthropologists and explorers (as you can see form the food in this video). there wasn't and isn't any special longevity in this area.

It's cancer-free.

Man Joel is really the best, I Love seeing him in Mark’s videos!

Mark Wiens....he's a good bloke

To much talk arah

I really don't care for Jole,

...take care ---

video nice, you make video verry well. Talking Tom and Friends - Series Interesting Meal - The Romantic Saga - Season 3

was this Micha’s first approval nod. Yummy he said! Keeping up the traditions! He’s the cutest!

5:36 little man missed that whole straw. Hahahah

beautiful beautiful place and people!

Hi Mark after eating all the time how do you stay so thin, please share your workout routine as you have a responsibility towards the fans health who are watching your food videos and getting inspired to eat more but without a workout routine they will not stay thin like you do . Appreciate your response

Oh mY gosh I LOVE YOUR VLOGS. They are so entertaining I can't even just describe.

The REAL Pakistan

Thanks for uploading! Such an amazing place !

Mark ! you impress me.

I am not Pakistani but wow wow wow...masha Allah stunningly beautiful.

788 Dislikes = HINDUS "KUSH" by jealousy

Wow, wonderful people and respect to all the elderly with warm hearts to serve the guest. Respect from an Indian. Pakistan mountains look great.

They live long because they have not been Westernized, let's be honest here :)

Dil Dil Pakistan..Qurban Pakistan.Pakistan Zindabad.

@29:42 Can some one explain me what is the meaning of Ramayya vastavayya ??

Very beautiful Pakistan love from Indonesia

Sawadee ka, Oh my goodness . It looks so fresh , pure and beautiful . I've been watching you for awhile .you're in the one of my dream places . I love cooking a healthy food , I love traveling. you really inspire me .A Thai woman who lives in NY.

The foodgasm faces are funny :-P

Joel’s link isn’t working x

I hope one day i will go to pakistan.lovely country

Love from India I would like to visit Pakistan gilgit area one day and meet my Pakistani brothers JAI india jai Pakistan

All this was India before Islamic invasion and mass conversions.....and before British divided India in name of religion

Can anyone prefer me a location in Pakistan so I can go there ANY PAKISTANI

Mark I have been following you and watching your videos but this is by far the best video. Hunza Valley is amazingly spectacular and the way you joined the local family was nostalgic. I feel so carried away. Those people were singing a Indian Song later. I am an Indian myself. It appears we are just separated by boundaries but our hearts are one.....thank you for sharing this video.

Humbled by your reactions to God's beautiful creation. Wonderful video!



From Gilgit to Hunza Valley oh sorry From Earth to "Heaven"..... that's the best ever video of your's

Great man!

chef should be fired serving that bland boiled lamb

amazing country and brilliant propels x

your son has grown

F%$K Facebook! This is how you truly connect to people around the world. Living vicariously by watching Mark.

11:55 overacting for sure

This is the other side of life, if this was on american tv they would be holding ak 47 rather than lamb!

Ya ha mera pakistan

You r crazy! Love it to watch from a safe distance.


Ok boss, apologies yak in gilgit, question of awesome remains!!

Too bad I can never visit gilgit. ... I'm from delhi. India.

How do u manage having street food without getting your stomach disturbed

Yak in gilgit? Yak awwwsome? Mark satte na maren!!

Mark brother can u come bangla desh please Bengali foods are awesome I invite u to come here ihope u will !

This was truly one of best videos

Hunza valley has a wonderful History which you never mentioned.. We also missed a lot of scenic views. Instead we watched too much of your face stuffing food.

Awesome video.

Mark wiens come to Pakistan again n again . It's yours own country

Hey Mark, thats again an awesome Video, thanks for that! I just wanted to inform you, that the Link to your drone is malfunctioning. I would really like to know what drone this is, can you correct it, please? Greetings from Germany!

This gill guy laughs way too much

waaaw that was amazing to watch

Most beautiful place on earth..Pakistan...Hunza valley....

part of the custom is very similar with Tibetan culture..

Original version of "last of the mohicans" at 19:30

Mark lots of love from Pakistan :)

Funny Guy, read history and ask Dogra Armies, they have a better version of this history in their Graves :)

Liberated from smelly bindus, now the locals are living happily and peacefully as opposed the ones being killed in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Beta soon We will take Your Bharat Mata too

Incredible views incredible vlog. Thank you Mark for a refuel for us Pakistanis who have yet to see all this incredible beauty that lies in Pakistan

8:09 absolutely

the way he says.. "doodh patti" :D

I think this is the best out of all Marks trip

Lot's of love and respect to Pakistan from India and Mark u rock bro I fall in love with hunza valley

Micah has grown up already. Anyone who got to see this beautiful scenery will definitely say that's it's all God's creation. This part of Pakistan is where I dream to come since I was very little. So beautiful.

Nice video

My beautiful Pakistan

Mark Wiens Bro You are Hero of Entire World Thanks for Coming in my Beautiful Pakistan .

One of the best video from Pakistan i have ever seen, loads of love from India

Brother visit karnataka that is located in india awsome food and hillstations in the west side of karnataka and do visit bangaluru you will see all types of food here and all races of people its awsome.

I love my homeland Pakistan . May Allah bless and protect my country ,PAKISTAN . Ameen.

900 pkr for just the breakfast?? Was this the amount paid for the whole crew?

Nice ,beauty,,, nature so amazing. Foods looks delicious and healthy...

What a women name" LAL SHAHZADI" respect & thumbs up for her

mark wiens kabhi india mein bhi to ao

im sold!!

the more i watch the more i fall in love . u r toooooooooooooooooooooooo good u take ur wife and kid with u thats so impressive that u are not selfish to enjoy alone and leave them to rust at home. love u more

it is not Pakistan , it is our Kashmir which is a dispute between India and Pakistan. Pakistan is having very dubious policy on one hand supporting kashmiris for freedom and on the other hand consolidating its grips through China on the occupied part.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUWltsiKOdw&feature=youtu.be please view for hot videos.

Micah is the cutest

Beautiful beautiful beautiful hunza valley and mark u are too good thanks for introducing us to such a beautiful place mere Allah ki kudrat again yummy mouth watering food lots of love for your kiddu

Now you are in Pakistan

Went to Hunza in August 1980. By bus from Rawalpindi. Magical place, extraordinary travels.

I love my country nd my people..Hit like for Pakistan

Brooooooo you soooo remind me of jackie chan. But like the brother jackie chan of food world

11:56-12:02 the kids looking at Marks friend eating food like hes got the maddddd munchies and like brooo u ok

Yours And Yings son said. MMMM.

Your videos have been getting me through depression this is ALL i watch is your videos

NORA RODRIGUEZ I hope you feel better and make it through whatever is depressing you.

Hw funny Mark is eating apple from the tree

Aas salamu alaikum beautiful people of Pakistan! :) Such a beautiful country and rich country in terms of foods and culture! Love from Bangladesh! :)

Just by looking, I'm done with the soup

Who's that overacting jihadi talking about adjectives?

Once again Mark thank you for sharing your food experience with us. Thank you to the Pakistani people for sharing their food and their culture. The food in the video looks amazing.

Lovvvveeee it


Get ready pakistani's ...you will recieve million of tourist to visit each single part of your beautiful country... In shaa Allah... Salam from Malaysia

thanks alot mark for showing the world true us ! nothing feels good like reading comments on your videos . keep smiling ,, Love and Peace

Grandma ❤️

That's also Tibetan food called shabaley. These places are same Tibetan Lhasa and other regions also Ladakh India and Nepal' s Mustang regions. They all have great apples, apricots and lamb. They all had kings and palaces.

All of you are most then welcome to visit My country and get enriched with its beauty and culture. Don’t trust media, trust the real people! Cheers

Thank you mark I am from gilgit Pakistan

Thanks for showing heavenly Hunza Valley !

Ye mark apne mulk se bhuka chala h kya

Forget Everything I just love the Title of your video HEAVEN ON EARTH PAKISTAN

Yummy food of Pakistan

every Baloch will be happy when this violence ends in the valleys......

Aww what a beautiful country Pakistan

People in hanza valley singing rajkapoors songs incredible

I love my Pakistan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

i have not seen such a wonderful series by Mark before....

now i say its the number one beautiful country in the world.

19:49 that grandma looks 150 !

Its good to see the world seeing more of Gilgit Balistan, no doubt its heaven on earth. However, people should know that this place doesn't not have any constitutional rights in Pakistan, which is the sad part, no health facilities, no education but the government of Pakistan is making money from them. How can you exploit their land and resources and show to the world that its "Pakistan", while they have no say in the parliament. People of Gilgit Balistan have been asking to become the fifth province of Pakistan, however, the people that run the country "The Army" don't think they should be as that would clash with their ambitions of capturing Indian Kashmir. Its time in these comments know the reality rather than saying "my beautiful Pakistan", while its not even part of the country. Why is a Pashtun from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa saying this? because we know the feeling of being classed as second class citizens.

Turyalai Mandanr Yusufzai stop saying such nonsense Everything you said is not true This region has the highest literacy rate than all of Pakistan

I think he travel more places of pakistan then other country right..?

Gilgit-Baltistan is part of India's Kashmir that is illegally occupied by Pakistan.. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/india-underlines-claim-over-pakistan-occupied-kashmir-gilgit-baltistan-1677728

Absolutely not. India is illegally occupying 45% of muslim Kashmir which according to people living there rightfully belongs to Pakistan.

This is so great love from Pakistan

Did anyone noticed the song lyrics at 25:53 (words: Ramayya vastavayya) its TELUGU LANGUAGE (South Indian Language belongs to ANDHRA PRADESH state in india) words, I dont know why or how this words are there.. But i suddenly recheck which video i am watching when i heard those lines

I want to hug grandma! ♥️

11:14 listen in slow audio...," ohhhhh yeahhhhh......ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh"

Try donkey meat it's a delicacy in Pakistan

Loved the hospitality of them love visit them some day

Wish Mark you would have been using drone... helicopter shots of such heavenly place would have upped the level of this video manyfolds

Proud to be a Pakistani ...Alhamdulillah

Mark Thank you for visiting my Beloved Country. InshAllah i will visit Gilgit Hunza Valley lovely people. Please advise me where to stay with family in Gilgit.

Evine Misafir oldugun insanlar Turk tur Turk. Turkce kelimeler duydum. Aradan asirlar gecsede biz hala benziyoruz .:-) Sen pakistanda, Hun Turklerinin yemeklerini tattin. Afiyet olsun. Turk evinde oturup onlarin aile hayatini gozlemledin. Muziklerini dinledin. Aradan kac Asir gecti, bu yemekler hala bizim evdede piser. Ayni Keyifle yenir. Buradan pakistana selam olsun onlar bizim kardesimizdir. Sevgiler saygilar.

I love you

aoa u travl everywhere u should accept islam and should be believe only One God becuse only One God reat all things.without sharing anybody else.goodluck

Hi mark Why you guys didn't go to chatrall that's also near Gulget

What was your name? Lal Shehzadi ( Red Princess ) !

Lovely video i remember my trip its very beautiful

I love this seriers!!!!! thank you so much for this content

Pakistan here i come!!

Mark..ur the food vlogger in the whole wide world! Love u buddy!!

wow wow wow .........here also you can find more than 800 dislikes but nobody write the reason to hate

I really love this country looks all the food so awesoome.

Hunza Valley

you should open a free school there

What a beautiful place and such beautiful people....what a treat, thanks for taking us with you! Lovely in every way.......

I love Pakistan. I am in London but miss my country.

It is not heaven but it will be a heaven if it can manage to get the independence they deserve from a bloody hell on earth called pakistan..

Pakistan Zindabad ❤️❤️❤️❤️

How come there no Taliban and suicide bomber here to bring Islam, because the women here are like western.

I really enjoy the expressions of the other guy with mark while having foood .

recently i visited Gilgit Hunza Khunjerap Pass, it was an amazing experience Beauty full place in Pakistan Masha Allah..

can use video for review plz reply

Everything for him is ummmmmmm

Wow amazing beautiful ❤️

the lady at the Baltic fort eatery said her name is Lal Shehzadi, Shehzade means Child of the Sultan in other words Prince or Princes so you guys were cooked for by an actual Princess

the music is very Turkic and the people look very Turkic like Afghani it always amazes me how the cultures from Istanbul all the way to Xingjiang(East Turkistan) seem to be similar almost interchangeable

Now I think I have to change my plan, I'm going to visit Pakistan instead of India.

Hi Mark, im a huge fan of your show if next time you travel to India im in Pune Mahrashtra western part of India pls do let me know would like to take you on tour of western India....Do let me know

With the Chinese helping and sharing of experiences and expertise,Pakistan will becomes a major tourist attractions and businesses hub for middle Asia between Europe and Asia,China are great with natural landscapes and parks creations,wildlife and birds will flock to these regions adding beauty and serenity,lakes and rivers can provide introductions of cold water fishes like trouts introduction in Tibet.

Chinese are the only people that never stopped visiting this place, especially with border to xinjiang it's quite easy for them and they always come to pay respect to their dead ones at the Chinese graveyard in Gilgit.There's a wildlife park in Islamabad near the margalla hills and many Chinese presidents in the past have planted trees there.There's a steel plate infront of them mentioning this one was planted by which Chinese leader in which year.

Nice ppl Nice place Nice Food Love frm india ❤❤❤❤

Mothers everywhere are exactly the same

"IT's BEYOND WORDS!" ..am sooo glad to see joe with you and hear micah talks a lot--he's BLESSED to start food tripping in that early age!!!#isoooLOVEthisVIDEO and PLEASE can i share this?! beloved mark you gave us a peaceful..gorgeous picture of pakistan and its beautiful people (contrary to what i'd always watched bout them)..am lovin this place and people jz like india! --ANDST i jz can't help but be amazed and awed--it gotten my attention--of their quietness as people and that bond they have as family in those years old pleasant houses--i felt am in the days of DEARLORDGODJESUS and virgin mary--where everyone gathered for a feast! #GODBLESSyouMARK and all who help this trip possible!billionLOVES!!!

Save your journeys....God bless you and team

Beautiful land and beautiful people and the food looks delicious

I really like your channel since beginning very informative i wish you can invite me travel together with you all, very lovely channel

Love From Mexico

Continue promoting pakistan as it is not given that much prestige as it should be sooo thanku mark

Ure always welcomed

Pakistan people are very friendly.

You inspire me to go places that arent super commercialized, and to places that you wouldnt normally think of going... i want to experience this so bad

From America what a beautiful place and people thanks a million.

This is delightful. You are so full of joy. Keep on with what you are doing. I no longer travel because of age and medical conditions. You bring a spectacular scene and experience to me. Much love!

Wow it's beautiful

the land that Jesus christ was born wow got go there love from elsalvador

wasn't that Bethlehem?

I so envy your beautiful adventures! Beautiful place and amazing , welcoming , warm people!

beyond definition of perfect beauty Pakistan

Hello Mark, I cannot have enough of your videos. Thank you for your hard work and beautiful videos you bring to us. Your son is lucky to experience this, he will thank you when he is older. Blessings

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Hi from South Africa, O wow! What a beautiful country! And the food looks amazing...;) What great people and fellowship...;) Looking forward to the next installment...;) Loved the vid!

Lalshahzadee actually means Red Princess in Urdu 13:28

it means princess of gems

Well Mark, I see Mica is giving his own reviews


ive been to hunza last year and yes it IS magical and beyond adjectives! it is beyond human imagination. hunza is truly heaven on earth. im so proud to be a Pakistani and every single person is welcomed in my country as a guest. let it be an indian too, we'll definitely welcome them with warm hearts

I love pakistan

My Homeland Gilgit Baltistan ,Feeling Missing my home in Hostel

as a proud pakistani I also get to explore my beautiful gorgeous lovely country the place I never seen before thanks Mark god bless you with love health and happiness amen

beautiful gorgeous lovely Pakistan beautiful gorgeous lovely gilgit bloshistan wow

Its my country

Thanks to god that Pakistan has atomic technology otherwise their neighbors might have destroyed such a beauty

The people are so humble. Can't praise them enough .

I want one of this cup of tea in this gathering, plz

finishhed pakistani?

U said absolutely right..its too much for eyes to see,really unimaginable beauty

The child sitting next to mr Ali is so civilized ,.

Apricot seed chapati I never had seen before in Pakistan , this series is even offering so much to Pakistanis . Love

She is 85 years old and still look so beautiful , I would say let's settle to hunza , never get old

This episode is so far the best one out of all .

There is nothing on earth compared to Pakistan. It is heaven on earth with most loving people. Thanks Mark Wiens for showing the world this perfect place and thanks Ali for coordinating. A lot of Love and respect to all.

VIP TOUR!!!!!!!!!

Pakistan is so much beautiful but a little bit of expensive

l love pakistan...will be there next year

One information i would like to add that the average age of people living here is 80 90 or some time 100 years also woman can give birth also in the age of 70 and 80

Itna ata khatay hein gilgit walay koi option nhi h baki very nice video

I had my eye brows raised moment when i heard them singing "Ramaiyya vastavaiyya". Those mountains looks awesome.

Tnks mark from all pak

Very nice video

I like the way his eat

I always wait for Micah's part.

Thanks Mark for exploring my country and showing its true image to the world.

This is unfair to the people of India, you are travelling in a territory which rightfully belongs to India (UN ceasefire agreement venerated by India). You cannot show Gilgit-Balti region and propagate it as part of Pakistan. Pakistan was initally created because Muslims felt for the need of caliphate in British India and wanted an Islamic state, which India generously accepted and gave away the entire Indus region(The very indentity of India) and the rich Sunderbans area which is now called Bangladesh. And now Pakistan is inviting youtubers who snake charm their way to please certain violent elements in the country and portray how fantastic it Pakistan is. Let's just say that you don't really show the security cavalcade in your videos which is obvious, people are not stupid to figure that out themselves that you are doing all this without the approval from Al-Qaeda and other clowns in the region.

Indians are not allowed to visit their own part of Kashmir because whole Kashmiri nation is struggling/fighting against indian illegal occupation to deploy about a million armed forces to crush and control a small population of 15 million. See the reports of Amnesty International about extrajudicial killings human atrocities in Kashmir. But you can see our part of Kashmir and GB we never deploy any army because majority of Kashmir and GB is Muslim and want to live with Pakistan.,,,,,,,,,,,Now time to give the right of self determination to these Kashmiries according to UNO resolutions.

Gilgit-baltistan belongs to the native northern muslim tribes and we want nothing to do with India,keep crying and we will keep welcoming new people here.

This is the greatest Food vlog ever.

well come to Pakistan all international visitors


Love this ♥️♥️

Mark! The first word coming after watching this video is 'Chilling&Refreshing Video'. Its so spectacular, I can't even Express with the words. The Mountains, Rivers and TheValley really........ Marvelous!!! And The Apple

Have to say, these are the best of Mark’s videos. I have so many questions about this one, am fascinated


anshul goyal Mark Weins vlog in Islamabad is better

Read history and get a life

+tauseef khan you're the only pathetic one here, Gilgit-baltistan shares Nothing with kashmir except religion,we are not pathetic kashmiris in any way and as long as we're alive,our province will always remain a part of pakistan.PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

Pakistan is pathetic, for their duplicity, kashmir is suffering because of Pakistan. FYI Gilgit Baltistan shares more with kashmir than Pakistan.

we the people of Gilgit-baltistan have absolutely nothing in common with pathetic kashmiris,worry about your own land cuz this is ours.

Wow! It’s snowing and the food made me salivating and hungry.

Your video is changing my whole perception about Pakistan now I want to find a Pakistani guy and spend my whole life in Pakistan

How the hell u r skinny My biggest QUESTION ever

I have not seen Mark saying "Ohh!!this taste horrible!!"

I love seeing happy people

such a wonderful video....exploring the beauty of my country Pakistan is Incredible

WOW what a lovely place of Pakistan the people, the food & culture.

Love & warmth From (A hunzai) Mark!!

Really want to go see and experience Pakistan.. for food and beautiful place.. ❤️

Being an Indian, this feels Indian.

Hello! This is the first YouTube channel I subscribe! Really love your way of making these videos, connecting with people and their food and way of living. Respect! This is the job I would like to have: Travel for food and meeting people!! Thank you for giving me the possibility to share all these things with you!

Thanks u sir . Mark wiens

pakistan have world's bigest glashear.

I keep on coming back to this. Never imagine there is such a place in Pakistan - beautiful scenery, people and food. Would love to go there one of these days. Love from Malaysia.

You should talk to your hosts more than to the camera. They all look so left out of the conversation.

Love my cuntry miss you


Pakistan is beautiful and so are the people

is that a man sitting in front of the truck? lmao!

They are singing Ramayya Wastawayya, a bollywood song from the 50's!! The Gilgitis are very urbane and the education level is highest in Pakistan. Somewhere around 90%. The are not Pathans as most would think. They are a different race and very hospitable. Most of them are Islmailis and follow the Aga Khan.


MAN you have a perfect life , you are one lucky S.O,B. To experience so many cultures and people WOW

So, we were living in a matrix where they want us to see the real world as bad as possible. We need to wake up. Pakistan is Awesome!

pakisthan amazing

So heart warming to see such wonderful people and beautiful cultures. Thanks Mark

10:25 is one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. I have to visit..WOW

Love the place,love pakistani food..such amazing and yummy...Love from Dubai (PH)

When the media (!!?) continuously branding Pakistan as a failed state disturbed by so called militants and mercenaries, you unveil absolutely unknown face of this country. Your documentaries not only uphold their colorful foods but also their hearts, passions and cultures. I feel we should have a tour this country.... Thank you for great introduction with something new...

Mark, the pakistani series is outstanding, your respect and appreciation of local culture make your videos even more enjoyable......

WOW! I have heard about the Hunza people. It's so......beautiful there. I wish I could visit there someday.

Mark wiens please back to trying Indonesian culinery

Thank you for this series and sharing such beautiful footage of the landscape and people, Mark. My grandfather is/was Pakistani (I don't know if he still lives) and I've always been curious about the people, food, and culture. The way their eyes light up, the warmth and hospitality, and awesome looking food, warms my soul beyond words. I wish I would have gotten to at least meet my grandfather once. I've always wanted to visit, but scared to, because I am a woman and I don't know if it's safe for a woman alone. Either way, Pakistan looks amazing.

Amazing place, very beautiful and very warm welcoming people... Superb ! With lots of love from India .. !

Ok, I need that band to move in with me and play while I eat and sleep- who needs Netflix

Being someone from Kashmir, Gurez valley, I truly want to visit this region. The people there are Dard shins, same as me and speak Shina language like I do. Maybe one day, I will visit GB and witness it's breathtaking beauty for myself. I want to interact with the people there in Shina language, I want to know what it feels like to be surrounded by your own people.

I love these kind of jobs

People who like meat come to my country Pakistan

The illness ratio of hunza valley is almost 0 and litterate ratio is 100%

Nice to see how people live! yeeeaaah Pakistan!

what a trip! fun. That's awesome

I'm jealous of you Mark because you mostly ate all the foods in the world.I love all your videos and your wife and kid is very lucky to have you because your always bringing them on your tour all over the world...keep it up my favorite food blogger.God bless you and family.

Thank you....what a joy watching!

One of the best videos seen on youtube.

Unbelievable peaceee n green Pakistan love you...

What a beautiful village ❤️

They are singing Ramaya vasta vayya an Indian song.

Lal Shehzadi means Red Princess!

OMG i spent 3 hours watch your pakistan visit videos

Laal shehzadi means red princess thanks sooo much mark

I love this so much!!

good job Mark.............

That's the real picture of my Gilgit baltistan

Grateful that I could see different parts of Pakistan, I am learning so much. Thank you for sharing.

14.48 Spider attack

At 3:31 , while drinking water, Mark was going to say it is so tasty..... :)

mark when you visited pakistan

Please brother come to visit Bangladesh. Hope you will also enjoy our foods and natural beauties....!!

Mark you see Pakistani people's love?

Hello Mark. What about food adventure in Russia, a spessialy in Caucasian region (Checnya, Dagestan). And I advise you to visit Georgia, the food in Georgia also amazing!

If you will interest in, you can write me.

Those singers have an amazing voice just wow ❤️❤️

Beautiful drone flyby's. How did you get permission to fly the drone ?

Dude that mmmmm face you make while eating.... Makes me hungry

Wow...love this tradition and culture...and so lovely people...love to visit Pakistan...love from India

Are these people pakistani? They look white

Great Amazing!!!

3:01 wtf?

wow ❤

OMG how beautiful place it is


+Amir Hussain one thing is for sure that your knowledge about pakistan and pakistani people are shallow and clueless just like your knowledge about my profile..

+Amir Hussain now that's the problem with your dead madrasa chaap brain cells

Maky Mcthug be quiet stay hidden behind a fake profile These people are happy in Pakistan and don’t need a imbecile like you speaking for them

https://instagram.com/alinhamdani?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1u68sjg6miycv...Ali instagram link..

ı fall in love with pakistan,greetings from Turkey

oh screw this fake city life...I wanna move to Hunza and live out this one life that we have to the fullest...in harmony with nature and people!

I love watching you enjoy the food. You really are a lover of food. You appreciate all kinds of food.

Hit like if you love PAKISTAN ❤

god bless you mark wiens

i love myyy country

aoa ya Allah mery mulaq ko ise tarah salamt rakhna ilahe Ameen

Just wow WoW

I want to go pakistan

Come to Bangladesh in foods

I wish people could go there without any barriers. Unfortunately, with weaker passports if we visit Pakistan then Western and American countries will not grant us visa afterwards, so, if we want also we cant visit Pakistan. No one would risk their travelling just for one country. I wish the world was a happier and peaceful place and the nasty politics were not present. :(

Thank you mark. also you're very kind the way you talk about the 85 year old grand ma. Mashallah

You warm my heart.

Great video Mark, I found your channel through my Reddit post. I so wish I had been doing video when I did my trips to Pakistan.

Kindly make one more video to say about pakistani peoples how called us we are tourist and tourist country this things are wrong we are loving and caring peoples as yu see i hope yu never forget pakistanis love

Bro am see your videos visit lahore pakistan lahore was famous of there foods and spieces i hope yu never forget lahore food

All thses days i had been thinking bad abt pakistan!n i really do regret it after watching these videos.. ppl are soo goodd .. !love frm iindia ❤as-salaam alaikum


What a wonderful video to watch 100 times over and over again to absorb the beauty of the worlds best valley, HUNZA. Thank you mark weins to give us the privilege to see through the roots of their tradition, food and culture. P.S. those local artists were playing “Ramayyya vastavayya”, a song from Bollywood but Telugu lyrics, Hyderabad, India. Three cheers to you mark. Love from india

I am an Indian, I think why we did separate?? its sooo nice if Pakistan and India were together!! We can go everywhere without and fear or visa!!!!

Well good and bad are everywhere there are good indians who are praising mark and pakistan and there are few who has sickness in their heart ..Their jealousy came out on such videos where pakistan is being praised and i Strongly believed due to such people on both sides peace is not happening between pakistan and India ...Such people will always try to sabotage the peaceful environment

Come Afghanistan too

Thanks Mark Wiens for portraying positive image of Pakistan.

Meaning of the name of the woman who was cooking the food was red princess. You went to hunza and didn't try hunza water the secret of their long life

Fantastic place on earth and the plain hearted population how they could be so innocent. The political and the ruling Pakistanis ruin their reputation I believe. Friendly people and not money minded clearly.

The new government (PTI) are good. The previous governments were not.

I wish Pakistan and India were friends!

thanks for sharing Mark, loved all your videos. You're a good man..

It was going to be awesome if you get Jabir Khan Jabir to sing with you.

I love Pakistan...Turkey and Pakistan very strong brotherhood...

cok seviyorum from pakistan

Mark, where did you buy the shoes you're wearing? With all the travel and walking you do, it must be good quality. I've moved to a small city in Canada which is quite rocky. I like hiking too. But I can never find shoes that last for more than a year or two..

+Muhammad Ilyas I wish they had an online store. Also, closed toed shoes because it snows here quite a lot.


This is all in India they have very old habit to ocupied other countries land

hahahahahahahah yes we occupied because you are losers....

Hello Mark Wiens, First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my beloved country Pakistan. Can you please advise what music in background from 11:30 to 14:52. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks Pakistani living in USA.

Wow, wow, wow!!! I'm speechless. Many thanks to Ali for organizing such an amazing tour of Pakistan for Mark. There is so much to the country than what we see in the news. Breathtaking views, mouth watering food, lovely people..

The Hunza people seem bewildered by your food consumption and filming.

Lots of apricot in Hunza dishes, a health choose.

Hunza is the land of apricot and dry fruits

I fell in love with Pakistan

Can’t believe the hidden beauty of Pakistan. Here in the Uk Pakistan has such a bad reputation. It’s sad that people leave such a paradise place to come in Uk jail. Please Pakistani people be proud of your country and you show off with pride. You are God gifted. Europe is nothing will just give you pain think twice before you leave.

Am sooooo jealous of you. My fiancé is Pakistani he’ll have to take me there even with a guy on his head

Food vloggers like you should be informative while making videos and taking name of disputes areas when you don't know to where it belongs. Gilgit Baltistan is in Pakistan illegal possession not guaranteed by the UNITED NATIONS. It is still part of India's territory Kashmir. I strongly demand an apology from you on it.

You must be responsible while making videos. How can you name Gilgit Baltistan a part of Pakistan when it is a known fact around the world that it is a disputed area and is a part of Indian state Jammu & Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistanis. You need to apologise for your error.

We got the entire pakistan losers

Shut-up! its (Gilgit-Baltistan) part of Pakistan, and Kashmir also belong to Pakistan.

Thank you just because of you world can see the real Pakistan

Get your facts right Mark....Gilgit Baltistan is in India illegally occupied by Pakistanis.

+Jaya Tiwary hahahhaha this is our matter .... what we do with our land none of your business patanjali drinker ... you are crying for GIgilt we will take kashmir as well

Haha u hv to shut ppl up for speaking d truth first pay china loan poor country

hahahahahaahahah Entire India was Mughals empire losers and there is not a single patanjali drinker so get away

Amazing how traditional music all over the world sounds similar, the music sounds like Irish trad, I wonder is there some common connection?

Thanks for coming to pakistan Mark

I really feel Through out ur pak series peoples seems so friendly And genuine, wonderful gilgit.

Honestly, vids like this one makes us change our perspective on other nations. Pakistan is generally associated with terror or problems, but at the end of day you see another nice side of it. Yummy video and brilliant scenery!

I'm reading comments and I'm so happy to see ...you all guyz saying good about my country THANK YOU SO MUCH.

"grandesque monstrosity"? Please invest in a thesaurus. :)

I just love her name Lal Syzadhi ( means red princess)

Last one is a cultural way to give honour to our guests....

Fell in love with background music... my life is Pakistan

good to see Salman paras, a shina poet and singer, with you and singing for you.

Thanks Mark ♥ for showing World our beautiful people , culture, land, foods etc. We wellcome you world keep making us more hospitable

Micah is so cute

Your videos prove that just because governments of different countries can be bad, and extremist groups can be worse, the ordinary people of these countries can be very good!! I live in Missouri, in the USA, and I enjoy your videos very much!! I would love to travel like you do, for the food, the people and the cultural experiences, I think it would be a blast!! I have mobility issues that makes traveling nearly impossible for me. So, since I found your channel, I will live vicariously through you, LoL! I will be subscribing after I write this comment. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!! Bon appetit!

Mark my dear! We the people of Pakistan love you... ❤️

Wow! You have 3 million plus subscribers already? I haven't checked since you got 1.8 subscribers. Don't tell me it all happened in a matter of 2 weeks? I just got in a bad accident here in Cambodia so I couldn't keep up. I will now though #Congratulations

Never heard of this side of Pakistan Really heaven on the earth.

Those people are so nice, I'm gonna visit Pakistan someday... love from India

Pakistani nation is so peaceful. Ye media walon ne jhoot filaya ha. Love From Bangalore.

Ramiya vasta vaiya..... Meine Dil tujh ko diya.... Indian song

Love from the neighborhood ..India

Mark amazing view and the tea look enticing.

Hunza Turks

Who is the guy in glasses always with mark? He seems interesting

Thou the documentary is SUPER.......but I doubt weather the Gentleman is exploring Gilgit Baltistan or SPYING for Chinese Govt...under the disguise of TRAVELLER.

+Gautam you are ignorant thats why you said this .....He is a famous food travelogue and it is pakistan problem whether he is a Spy or not ..none of your business

+Amir Hussain Dear friend..... Am not against the Hunza civilisation..... But See beyond the travel.

What a ridiculous accusation you have made Why cant anybody visit a beautiful side in a country without people saying such stuff

very nice.i am love it.


We occupied the entire Pakistan bro ...and if you have balls come and get it .... well we are terror for our enemies as well So yea we will me terror for our enemies who look at Our land with bad eyes ..Keep that in Mind

Thank you for taking me to Pakistan!

I loved all your videos on the Pakistan trip but this one is super special

The background song is just great,.. and thank u sir for visiting and exploring pakistan. it sure helps peoples to realize that pakistan is not dangerous as people think of it,..

A beautiful country and they are friendly. Saudi Arabia

Mark I want to tag along on one of your travels. I will pay for it. I just want to travel for people and food.

Amazing Views Thanks for Showing the Beautiful Valley

Your eyes so red :D

Lal shahzadi means red princess such a cute name

Beautiful ppl I always wanted to visit Pakistan for food .

Islam as a religion has incredible values. Don't get misguided by media or a group of people bashing Islam. you will see a different level of positivity in Muslim Countries

Mark the best of the best in my opinion

every country has its beauty.god bless the whole planet

I love my country. thanks for the visit Mark

hope you love PAKISTAN

pakistan have world's bigest glacier

24:40 Grandma is confused as to why you are talking to a camera LOL

Mark! thank you so much for coming and exploring my motherland.........I hope after watching your V log perception of people about Pakistan will change

V beautiful country pakisatn .love to visit. Love from india

Mark weins u r a star

20:45 wow that song Janan Watan wowww ❤❤❤❤

I wish you took some recipes

Absolutely Amazing and Rich!! Thank you Mark and Ali for the positive vibes and extraordinary show! Would love to visit one day

How many of you noticed at 25:50, Ramayya Vastavayya which is a Telugu(Indian) Lyric :)

Amazing adventures but now after watching it I am so hungry and I want the same food

Mark thanks for promoting pakistan.

Fell in love with Pakistan

Im one of your fan mark♥️i watch everyday your travel.. And i thought i travel also

Amazing video!

lovee uuu markiewns loved u so muchhh

اینجا خانه طالبها است نکشید تورا آنها ، اگر به دست کدام طالب گیر بانی گردن میزنید جای ترس است

Mujhe bhi jana hai yha.....

In All the Muslim countries mark visited the people have been very nice to him

Stunning!!! I wish I could taste the fresh beautiful crisp mountain water and lavish in all that splendid food!! Such a gorgeous Amazing place!!

this is afghani culture not freaking pakistani!

I have followed your adventures.... how fascinating. Thank you. I will certainly go to Gilgit. Wow.. amazing...


Mark, your Pakistan series has been eye opening for me, it truly shows how welcoming and friendly the Pakistani people are. When you are traveling and get invited to a family's home, are you ever nervous of what to expect?

Afghanistan is the named the most dangerous place on earth

Beautiful..Thank you.

Loved this video! What a beautiful place!!! I want to learn how to make those chicken meat pies that the second lady who made them used apricot oil. Chicken, coriander, mint and ginger.

amazing!!! Pakistan is so under rated, the food, the people and the culture of this country is perfect. Always experience helpful people on my visits. Thank you Mark for this!

What is Osho Maraka

Who is Joel?

I so loved this video! Thank you!


This makes me wana stop by Pakistan to taste all these great looking food...

Wish Pakistan and India could still be one...i love urdu as language, people, food, culture...we are all same...wish i can visit once...my forefathers belonged to Sargaudha city and they left after partition...sad but politics...

HAHA, that is my cousins at 19:50 mark XD

Shouldn't talk with food in your mouth. But good video.

Is such a pleasure to watch people and customs, different foods, I love seeing all these places and seeing the food they eat, but is hard to see Mark eating so sloppy. His manners are so close to the monkeys that drives me crazy... He eats huge portions at once, his spoon is always on the air, he speaks with his mouth so full, what an example for the baby... is like he never eat before.

At the last home people look so calm sitting together away from anderiods culture.like i used to enjoy in 90s when i was a child

Families from all over pakistan visit northern areas in summers vacations i also used to with my parents when i was young

Mark Wiens is now officially Pakistan's ambassador to the world!

Joel, speechless? Lol No Way! You continue to blessed in your food travels! And you stay completely humble, its beautiful!

I was waiting for your Pakistan tour.and i was sure you will enjoy it.love respect

M from karachi pakistan and i visited hunza gilgit last days... Such peace calm beauty Allah bless us with such a beautiful place.....

Great job Mark, you have 3.3M subscribers and 1.3M on this video’s views, and counting, simply amazing !!

That place is AMAZING!

The Hunza Pavilion lady's name translates to red princess, just an interesting fact :D

Like father like son ❤️❤️ your son is just so cute. .

Mica and the juice box, hilarious.

Poised to take over Anthony Bourdain’s role as the premier food sampler of the world. However, I was wondering if you give these people who often don’t have much but nevertheless invite you into their homes and prepare all of this food for you to eat, I was wondering if you give them any compensation for all that they spend to host you.

Really want to visit this magical place.

Wowwww Awesome Pakistan

This is amazing.


Heaven on earth , Kashmir

Wonderful journey..youre lucky to see this beautiful and fascinating land..


Thanks Mark.. being a Pakistani I am very grateful to you for showing a real image of my country. Indian and American media should be very careful now for promoting a negative image of Pakistan and its people.

Mika's reaction is exactly same with dad's.

Madarchod u people will suffer from piles u eat so much cow bhosrike mutherfucker moron

politician divided the people of INDIA and Pak, if this would not happened, both countrys people will live in peace. The united country would be the best country and might be paradise on earth.

you enjoyed food Pakistan

Mark do you ever sneak away from ying on you’re travels to sleep with a prostitute?

Thank you #MARKWiens FOR PROMOTING FOOD AND CULTURE OF OUR HOMELAND ..much love from a native from hunza valley.

Pakistan food nice

Love from Oman so beautiful country I will be there one day insha Allah


I'm from India, i'd love to see this place

Mark !! Fantastic !!! Keep it up !!!

I saw tears in your eyes

I wish I could invite you to my home , but I learned about your visit when you had left. I really missed that chance . :( love from Lahore Pakistan.

i wish , i could be there.im frm pakistan

Nice, very beautiful scenery. The food too looks very attractive at all the places. Love this video. Thanks.

god damn the scenery wow

Heavenly, Pakistan truly is

I enjoy your videos especially the protein it as allows me to add different dishes into my diet thank you and merry Christmas

for me.... its GOD who's residing in the name of NATURE

love at first sight with the sight..... what a view Amazing

The poor yak!

They won't be living long lives if they eat so much meat. Poor animals!

Eating the apple while it is still attached to the tree, it was awful.

Make more videos like this one to attract more and more westerners to the Hunza and ruin it forever just like they did in Thailand. You know I've being cynical. I am surprise Pakistani government even allow tourism to areas like this one.

seeing this just makes me hate the western world, its so plain with no life, where all unhealthy with tampered foods.so lazy an to caught up with the system i just want to get out of here an be around such an environment like this.

I must take the opportunity to visit Hunza and Gilgit while am here

What a wonderful adventure. The beautiful and friendly people are the best part of your video. I would love to travel there and I will recommend this valley to my friends. God Bless all of you.

great pakistan

u just took a 70 calorie bite of butter

Just so people know this place is a part of Kashmir but India Pakistan amd China keep trying to steal our land and claim our culture.

+Sage of 6 paths Looks like you are reading half history, you might like to read another snippet from history where Dogra Armies of so called maharaja of kashmir tried to occupy gilgit agency and they were thwarted by gilgit scouts with none to return to Kashmir, and on 1st Nov 1948, Gilgit Agency including hunza and other states declared independence after this war of independence. Hence stayed independent country for sometime, before acceding to Pakistan. Before that, historically, when Brits came to Sub-Continent, Hunza as well as adjoining states joined brits as a northern vessel for protection, so there was no presence of british army in northern region but these states signed a pact to counter protect each other, and in reverse Brits put a single command authority in Kashmir to rule the region. This Brit decision doesnt make Hunza as part of Kashmir, as historically for centuries these were called Princely States, means they were totally independent for almost 1000 years or more, so please DONT B U L L S H I T here just by saying stupid things. :)

+Final Destination Like other regions of Kashmir they have their own independent identity and culture but their history and some of their cultural traits are similar to othet parts of Kashmir. They're regarded as a part of Greater Kashmir. Kashmir is made up Azad, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Aksai Chin, Gigit and Balistan and a few eastern territories controlled by China. After independence Kashmir was meant to be its own nation but Pakistani Chinese and Indian governments invaded and divided our nation, stunting our development and erasing our cultures and languages.

Nope. Its GB. check out state of hunza history on wiki. It was a independent state that was ruled by mir of hunza before merger with Pakistan

BEAUTIFUL video....live the sites you showed and the friendly family

Eating red delicious apple straight from the tree must be awesome

Beautiful people and soo beautiful..that song Ramiya vasta vaiya....is frm my Nation but these people gave it a meaning

Hello Mark....it's an interesting video...and very beautiful mountains...and all those video which u have shut... with u even I am roaming...I just like food u tasty...my mouth becomes watery.... thanks for all...it's gives us lots of knowledge.....and nice to see ur son..and wife...bye

my lovely Pakistan :)

you kill me with your foods i wish i was there

I need the recipe to make all those dishes please

I would spending the rest of my life there. The people, the food, the scenery, everything there, is nice and so peaceful. My kind of place to be connected with God and Mother Nature.

This is my beautiful country and loving people.USA please take your war away from this region.we were and we are very loving caring people and would love to welcome whoever visits us.love you all

Thank you Mark.. This video is really beautiful.. Seeing that scenery, mountain, the food and the local people makes me wanna go there.. I don't know how to explain this but seeing this video gives me hope..

Looks heaven thank u mark .

My beautiful country Pakistan Pakistan zindabad

One good thing about your vlogs are not only the amazing foods but the wonderful and informative experiences shared. Never should I miss any of your video.

I am always watching your video

Wow Pakistan great I m definitely going there now Lots of love from India. Love you Pakistan

assalamualaikum from malaysia.. its a great country.. luv da happines

I am from Pakistan

Wa alaikum asalam


my lovely Pakistan

There is nothing of strategic value or importance in relation to "The World" in Pakistan. They might have some nice food, but that's about it. Their beliefs and behaviour is certainly on the global register for utter disgust, but apart from that it has nothing to contribute.

If we judged you assholes all of you should have been wiped out after Hiroshima based on your calculus and beliefs and behaviors since then. For us you are irrelevant.... You dont belong on the world Island. You dont mess with a peoples country or their religion and expect to get away free.

Funny!!! coming from a person with no knowledge and an insignificant opinion. Keep commenting to give meanings to your miserable existence.

Completely mesmerising, such an amazing place

Interesting that the longest lived people in the world thrive on apricot oil, yet here in America it is illegal for human consumption. What's up with that? I think we know

This one amazing lots of love for Pakistan from Indian administered Kashmir

Hey.. Mark please make some time for coming to our Country Bangladesh.... You are invited

Sorry Mark..but this time the attention was all for Micah

Divided by the Governments of the World.. United by Mark Wiens !!!! You are rebuilding Humanity... !!! Long Live good food , good people , you and your. Family

Dude when Micah imitated mark my heart sank

I can feel the Joe's feeling while describing the beauty of hunza valley hope to visit the place for once!!!!

Leo knight

What is telugu?

LOL ^ This guy/girl.

Do you ever pay these people for all the food you eat or are you free loading off these poor people from poor countries by using your white man card. This seems to be the reason why you visit poor countries and having read your bio I can see you can't pay for anything because you never held a job. I hope you aren't exploiting the generosity of the human spirit because you are too lazy to work.

Is vande ko kuchh bhi dedo sab chalta he

One suggestion for you missed kalash valley ......

How many people do you invite in your household to eat???

Our PAKISTAN is so beautifull we have so many cultures colours weather's and averything all world have no place like our Pakistan so much love our Pakistan.........

Awesome capture bro

i never saw Pakistan such as beautifull. i always saw it a terrorist country.god plz end terrorist activity in pak.India nd pak will be friend

Who is joel? Does he work for mark?

The last home looked much more authentic and cozy.


It definitely is HEAVEN ON EARTH. I am in awe of the beauty of this place, sublime. Can't thank you enough for the beautiful series of Pakistan you have brought to the world's attention. Love from Canada (Pakistani Canadian).

Pakistan looks so diverse and beautiful. But Mark annoys me with his stupid and fake facial expressions

Hello Mr. Weins!! I just want to ask you a question. Are you the one who edit all of your videos? Because your videos are so awesome!! And you too, of course! I'm from the PH! You're my idol! ♥️

Merry Christmas

Never knew Pakistan was so beautiful. Want to go.

Please dont let America and Britain know they willgo and fuckit up

This lady n child your wife n child Mr wiens

Haha the women in hunza who said her name was "laal shehzadi" that means Red Princess, Lol. I have been to that shop too! Didn't ask her for her name though.

Wow!!! I love this video. I can't wait to visit next year

pakistan is the best series

Such amazing beautiful lovely people!!!!!!! Watching from Texas

I always knew the geography was beautiful but two things I wasn't prepared for and surprised me greatly. The dosa like dish 28:11 and the song, of all the possible ones that could have been, including a traditional local ones, is...wait for it...ramayya vastavayya at 29:40. Unexpected south indian connection :)

MashaAllah beautiful country, places and the amazing people.

wow that's awesome welcome to Pakistan

Loved Hunza , Pakistan!!! Wish I could also visit...wish These two countries were friends!!

Great work Mark. I am from Pakistan and visited all these areas 20 years ago. Now living in the US, your videos brought all my memories back and tear in my eyes. I love my country and now miss to go back more. Thank you, brother and GOD, Bless you. No doubt the people are very hospitable and full of love and simplicity. Love Pakistan, Love my people.

MashaAllah lovely

Best series mark vines

hey sir am from hunza and soo happy that u being there ......love this vedeo

You travel for food,,but you looks like you dont eat anything...

Wooow...amazing... heaven ...

I dream of Pakistan!

The stone home is amazing, must have been an experience dining there

I love how Mark Wiens eats the food traditionally! I've never seen an white person eating the right way in foreign conturies when it comes to using your hands! I am very impressed, Love From a Indian Canadian!

I see how welcoming the people are and how peaceful its up there and yet the outside world demonised them to intolerance, great job body

Mark is so polite to always something nice about the food even though he may not truly care for it seeing his facial expressions. Love your adventures, Mark!

And the world call them terrorists

Wonderful views from northern Pakistan


welcome to pakistan

So beautiful I love the how they cook !

@25:55....did I hear that right...raamaya vastaviya..


Wonderful Pakistan! i felt in Love... Love from an iranian who lives in Germany!

I almost cried when i watched this video. such a beautiful and nice people! and the food and landscape looks phenomenal

Thanks for your love essi.

U r welcome mam . It is our pleasure to be guest u here in Pakistan... Best season for visit is march to September. Any queries please ask without hesitation.+923215725059....stay blessed

U r welcome bro. Great time to visit is march to September . We will be glad to see u in this beautiful country . Any question please feel no hesitation and ask +923215725059

Love u too .from pakistan

i love hunza people

i love my country and tradition

Mark, How do you prevent your stomach and gut from getting any infection????

Hunza valley, Pakistan is on my bucket list. Thank you Mark. The people are so hospitable and food looks great.

video nice, ​my friends watching video: Talking Tom and Friends - Series Interesting Meal of tom cat- The Sixth Friend

I have a huge crush on the girl with hat and a guitar thing,

love it .. superb ..

When it comes to natural beauty whole Northern Pakistan is ''Switzerland on steroids'', now imagine if Mark also showed us the beautiful resort of ''Shangrila'' in Skardu & beautiful valley of ''Fairy Meadows'' with majestic mountain ''Nanga Parbat''.

I wanna go there so bad :( please take me there

This is a beautiful experience. Such a nice people. so kind. These are memories.

Words can’t describe!!!

Pakistan is heaven on the earth for tourists. Come to Pakistan and see Pakistanis, as they are very loving and caring. Culture is outclass in the world.

Please post recipes if you can. The food looks so good. Tfs

31:00 made me emotional. These are the people that make me proud to call myself a Pakistani.

Micha is going to be a lil foodie, just like both his dad & momma.

hola mark que hermosos paisajes que gastronomía de ese hermoso país

Pakistan has the most amazing food in existence or you over exaggerate. I’m going with exaggerating.

Mark di gand ch lal mirch pa do o porkio

I've been smoking that Hindu koosh lol

He's a brave guy being way out there just to eat food

I would love to travel to the middle East...

South Asia*

Beautiful! It is surreal!

Love from pakistan ❤❤❤

Like those who proud to be a Pakistani

What I love so much about your videos (besides the mouth watering food) is your enthusiasm! Such a beautiful place!

Another time if you visit Pakistan please also visit naran khaqzan and Quetta.

Love from Dubai ..

Love to go there one day see those beautiful mountains

Grew up around apples, never done that. Will do next season tho.

where are you dear Mark Wiens??????????

Mark you make my day... thankssss


When will you come east africa especially Somalilnd , DJabuti, Eritria and Somalia ?????

Was the local band playing a tune from the movie 'Last of the Mohicans'? @ Mark Wiens @Ali (Pakistan Travel Market)? ...one of the numbers they played...sweet music and instruments...reminds me of my hill region ( Darj/Kpg) in Eastern India and Nepal...

Always see you indulge in rich food :) Out of curosity, do you continue to vlog for food on days when you are unwell such as fever, throat inflammation, cough and flu?

@11.55 of the video,, the look of that little boy at marks friend,

You are so off the mark here! 1. If you look at all his videos whether eating from a street food seller or an upscale eaterie, he always offers to pay for his food, many refuse to take payment or his hosts insist on paying for it. He makes a special mention if a vendor refuses to take payment. For those who invite him to their homes they consider it an honour or blessing for them, if a foreigner (white or non-white) eats with them. It's either tribal or a cultural thing. 2. Technically, Mark is not white. He is mixed race. 3. He does far more to promote certain countries tourist hotspots that they can ever do by themselves and he does not charge a penny. He gets sponsorship. It's a win win situation to both parties.

Welcome :)

Come visit!

Thank You mark for visiting Pakistan :) But man you have missed the FATA region of Pakistan which have its own food and thats amazing and delicious . Hopefully next time let me honor you as guest in my hometown FATA :) Thanks man again

You are not closing your eyes and leaning beside properly as you did in the earlier videos

wow..that road..

So glad you came to Pakistan ♥️♥️♥️

20:37=Pakistanese women oh!!

Pakistan is beautiful

Looks a little staged and more like propaganda. People I am sure are very nice.

High in the mountains and high on life. (I want that chicken apricot cottage cheese Chopshoro! Looks sooo gooood!!)

i think i just might dedicate my whole life to do exactly this. wow wow what a place, what a culture, what a blessing.

الله الله علئ هاي الناس البسطاء اجواء حلوه كلش

Some Hunza boy reacted on this video : seems he belongs to Hunza ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xX8oSzzmzc&t=462s

Mark u like Pakistan?

HINDU KUSH Mountain range - it was named after the place where Islamic invaders mass murdered Hindus ! So please do not try to say as if that place is significant , other than the natural beauty !

Don't give your own opinion just see the history muslims rules about 1000 years on sub continent and you will never find any mass murdered hindus..........But in present you can see the murder of 10000 muslims in Indian Gujrat.......thousands of Sikhs in blue star operation and demolition of Babari masjid

Wow great sir

Ali is great job bro i really proud of you thank you all team because you front of my contary and the hole world

I am from Pakistan. Have not seen the entire series yet, but can't wait to. Mark Wiens, I have never commented on any YouTube video, but for your videos...I just had to. I absolutely, 100%, utterly, completely, and pently hate you! My mouth was watering and I know exactly how these foods taste. Summer vacations with family in some of the northern regions you went to...same experiences as you had. People are so gracious and friendly. Children are so sweet. I think I might be your newest cyber stalker....follower! Love your energy and smile. Love from USA.

New subscriber

How the hell? I’m completely blown away by these remarkable people. So humble, nice, warm hearted, kind and welcoming human beings. Look at how they treat foreigners and look at how foreigners are treated in Europe and America

Paharon me rehti hn or perda ni krti ye awara orten

21 min bht beysuri awaaz boy ki

I bet that granny must be one heck of a hottie in her time. These ppl look so beautiful

Truly an amazing eyeopener of a series by Mark Wiens! Wish i could visit all these beautiful places and try the cuisine! Nothing like what we see about Pakistan or rather we dont see any of this kind of Pakistan in the media anywhere ! Seeing how lovely the place and the hospitality is, this place should be a tourist haven !

Man, i can't believe Pakistan is so beautiful. I am dying to visit not sure if i will get visa and if ppl there will like me lol I guess you have to know someone to visit hunza valley cause experiencing a cultural food at someone home is very hard and rare opprtunity

Sadly, i could only imagine to be in hunza valley and breath such a fresh air from my bedroom. I want to visit pakistan, beautiful place ❤️❤️ love from indonesia

Incredible Pakistan. Beautiful Country, heart warming people.

Lovely food.Love from Nigeria and UK

Allah bless Pakistan.. Amin

Best food best people in my country i love PAKISTAN best scenery please come to PAKISTAN

We Pakistanis welcome you all foreigners from core of our hearts.

Yes, he does that with every type of food :P Watching him from Pakistan.

Thanks both are beautiful places.

The Middle East and South Asia are two different regions. Pakistan is in South Asia.

i have been to Pakistan , it is indeed the most under rated country in the world, my experience was so amazing and been to so many places, the people, the scenery was just mind blowing

Man this is rare stuff.

Thank you, Mark. Amazing place and the food just look Wow!!! I wish to meet this place one day! love from Brazil!

I crash HARD at 11,000 feet (like... get me to the ER kind of crash) ... i cant even imagine what its like there... so beautiful... thank you for sharing.

Pakistan is one of the beautiful country of world i love my Pakistan


Thank you Mark for coming to Pakistan.

What are those round tortilla like things you are eating? How are they made? Will try making that here in the United States. Looks yummy good!

I am from Gilgit-Baltistan Pak but living in Canada . Thanks mark to make such a nice video of my motherland . my place is heaven on the earth i wish one day i will relocate again

I love this video. Beautiful natural land and generous people are living on the earth.

Most things of pakistan i hate but i like hunja valley, hope so pakistani wont have plan to change their race

The last family probably do not have much to offer but their generosity and 'mehmaan nawaazi' was brilliant. We are loving and peaceful people.

You are so lucky to have this magic opportunity. Enjoy for us

Beautiful settings. Not enough food though.

now hunza is fully covered with snow

heaven in earth only my beautiful pakistan

SWAT : https://youtu.be/tRK0GxXjxEQ but this vlog is from april , and now swat have another view bcz now snowfalls in swat and everyone is going to watch snow world

Pakistan has so many Afghan influence e.g. the hats the men wore , the music and the greeting . Maybe one day you can visit Afghanistan .

Hunza Valley..... WOW. Moderate and friendly men AND women. Clean air and water. Wow..... amazing for real. Men and women sitting together. No texts or images of this and that. Just people being friendly and hospitable. Amazing, this is a place i wanna go to!

just amazing

Majestic Place, Heavenly food, Lovely lovely people. I have fallen head over heels in love with Pakistan in general and Hunza Valley in particular! Loads of love from India!

Thank you soo much mark for visiting in my country..

Hi ,I have studied in Pakistan but didnt have the opportunity to visit that area.Its really spectacular and the people have a great culture. I am from Cape Town.You should visit Southern Africa as well.Well done with your Pakistani exposition.

Heaven on earth.. Is gilgit baltistan... Love from.dubaii..

I think Mark is high af

Mark, this was beautiful. I'm speechless. Thank you!

All countries would love to have you as their travel ambassador

Please accept Islam.

So so beautiful mere words cannot describe what that experience must have been like. Thank you for dispelling the myth that Pakistan is a terrorist country. I want to go there too. Beautiful and warm people. Over abundance of hospitality


Hunza valley is so amazing.. lots of love from a filipino man to all pakistani people.. esp. to hunza folks

Mark, I can make a good secretary, what do you think? Please!

Now i know that pakistan people are friendly and very hospitable people..thanks to you mark weins for sharing your video..

i dont understand people who are unliking

Stop pointing the camera at your face, i am not gay

In all your pakistan videos, I saw only your baby.. cute baby..

Thanks Mark Wiens for visting Pakistan and beautiful velly

I want some of that Hindu Kush (.)_(.)

Amazing.. I m so happy to see my country culture n the way you r representing it..its honour for us.thank you Mark☺

Im in love with pakistan

which is the song at 7:35 ??

I m.pakistani,pakistani food is so amazing n yummy but put on weight.

People use apricot oil which help them from getting cancer and infection deceases and Yaks fermented milk for probiotics

Ur amazing mark...u enjoyed all the local cuisine ..i shd appreciate tht as ur not from this part of the world but u enjoyed the food to the fullest ..i m from india and wd request u to shoot in india ....thete r many beautiful and mesmerising places in india too .....please do visit ...i m from mumbai india ..if u happen to visit then wd really love it ...thank u

Proud to be a Pakistani

You can really load down the food guy


I like the fact that you go deep into the culture and play local music By the way they are playing Bollywood music now

Would u like to introduce the kid

I heard song similar to ramaiya wata waiya...maine dil tujh ko diya .

Agr Koi Gilgil Baltistan ka ye comment parh raha hai to ye btae ke "Apricot Oil" 'Khubani' - 'Alu Bukhara' me se kis chez se bana hua hai?

There is a miracle in the apricot kernels. It cures all types of cancer. No one in the Hunza Valley ever has cancer to the best of my knowledge. In days of yore a mans wealth was determined by how many Apricot trees they possessed. All along the Valley once a settlement grew to be sustainable then a few families moved on about 5 to 10 miles and grew another community. It is believed that POLO was played here with the heads of their enemies. No TV no Fake News

Thank you so much for visiting Pakistan your always welcome in our country

Our planet is really a wonderful "Haven".we should protect and save civilizations at any cost

Would be very nice if you flashed the name of the foods and drinks so we can look them up!

Amazing culture great video thanks for sharing lovely videos with us.! Keep traveling

Awwe your son is so cute ...little food critic

Nice view

Yummy food s

Good video

love from pakistan

Amezing ..very nice...love from India...

You brave to go there. They will strip your pants and circumcise you.

Pakistani's are not like Indians.

Poor yak’s lol love watching your videos!

Thanks so much for sharing Mark, this was one of my favorite videos this is all amazing!

Owsome this video I am also Pakistani what you have done your visit in Lahore Pakistan when you will come in Lahore Pakistan ?

Salomi khokhar Salomi khokhar he already went to Lahore and has two videos on it.

best thing i saw on internet today

The Best Sufi Drum Beat from Pakistan click on below link https://youtu.be/fctEjLvD790

Amaizing food! Enjoyed so much this video

کیا خوبصورت خوبصورتی ہے کہ کس طرح خوبصورت لوگ ہیں

super video

Pakistan zindabad

Nice vidio my loly velly hunza

Wel cm to all frinds from gilget hunza vlly

dont worry :/...we know how to preserve our culture....u just keep on hating :p

Uzzie B - porkistan murdabad , bhend ke loude bhikari - no science , no technology , no arts , no music, no human rights , no economy - but terroristan. First you leave balochistan. Stop killing them.

One you really are a lame one. They didn’t want to destroy India, they wanted to rule it and build a lasting empire, which they did. When you die they’ll throw your dirty body into the Ganges river and your dirty children will still drink and bathe in that water. Sad.

imran anjum - muslims ruled for 1000 years , yet could not destroy India... lol Hijade harami

One you ever get tired of being a victim. If they could invade then that means your people were weak. If it was not the Muslims than it would have been the British. Even today s country of 1.5 billion is obsessed with Pakistan. We Pakistanis don’t mind, though, we know Indian past time is burnol.

Not seen a part of Pakistan like this.. Beautiful

In the Middle East we kiss the elderly hand.

Food is similar to Tibetan food.chapati wrapping minced meat is same as syavale n noodles soup like thenthuk n thukpa, dumplings..same ..only names r different.nice to see women with open face ..no burka..rest of pak shd learn.only if pak gives up on terrorism policy they can have more tourists.Cz few places r good can't judge entire country.who will b rude to tourist on tv?people n places r both good n bad everywhere in the world but pak protect terrorist n extremism..so not getting approval from world

I also have tour it is like fabulous i also stay at eagle nest and at 5.30 wo saw the frist rise of sun on rakaposhi

In between gasping for air, my face would be hurting from grinning so much! Envious!!

Really love this video, Pakistani ppl 's hospitality, caring and bonding with their guest are so heart touching, I hope I can visit once in my life the beautiful Pakistan and meet the the ppl of that country.... Love from India

lovely !

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Be careful, Mark. Americans target civilians with drone strikes in Pakistan. The USA will murder you for fun or target practice.

Thanks for visiting & promoting Pakistani food & culture... I am from Jamrud Peshawar near Pak-Afghan Border...

Proud to be a Pakistan citizen!! You all are welcome here. So pack up your bags and let the nature's beauty of Pakistan embrace you with warm heart, food and love!

Dear friends, I made a small clip of Beautiful hunza. Following is link https://youtu.be/QS_zoHLJQhY

Spectacular road trip...

Get rid of that juice box kid!

I am a Pakistani and like I am from Pakistan and Ihave not seen that place ever

Love the scenery, the people, the music & the food! Great job Mark for capturing the hidden side of Pakistan!

he ate too much but still he is not fat

13:29 her Name was so beautiful lal shazadi

Mark and Ying... COOLEST. PARENTS. EVER. That's all. Great video as always much love!

Wow food looks amazing

Thanks to Mark for showing so many people that Pakistan is not what the media portrays!

To me the most beautiful video yet. Thanks Pakistan Thanks Mark Wiens♥️

Dear Mark, I've been following you a long time and watched every video you posted. You make the world a better place by showing us its beautiful and better sides unlike some other travellers who adhere to their foreign ministry advise. You're a champion of universal brotherhood. Thank you Sir

i just binged watched all these episodes! Mark Wiens I love your videos!!!!!

Pak people r so simple n loving.thair Politicians r corrupt n gready. God bless them .

I guess u hv over look the real sindh n sindhi cuisine Sindhi cuisine isnt much on restaurants list but the real taste at sindhi homes

We are not use to the Pakistani culture. What a shame.

So how can tourists experience this wonderful family get together. The food and Mountain Views are a tourist dream.

How did your children strand the higher elevations?

He looks so stupid. And talk stupid

So how do you get sponsored?

Wonderful things from Pakistan. I would like to travel to Pakistan to see those beautiful mountains.

Bro you are most welcome!

this people are so good so Honest

My Pakistan is so beautiful but Mark u r also very beautiful. U r so generous in praising & thanking. One loves to see u enjoying food & everything.

Pakistan on forbe's list of top 10 coolest place to visit in 2019...google it

Really it's so nice video

14:45 and 14:50 - Thank God you haven't been bitten by that Spider while eating that Apple.

is this village close to Iran cuz they definitly look persian


i heard alot about Hunza Pakistan people they are really sweet and good with heart

i love ur vlogs alot  most of the time i always see good one keep going

It's Indian territory which is occupied by pakistan.It is part of India and will remain forever..

@25.53 people of hunza are requesting lord Ram to take his abode in a south indian language Telugu... You can separate the land on paper but culture would take centuries...

Amazing fact Despite having few schools in hunza but it's the most educated region of Pakistan and it's literacy rate is 90 percent

Now there is one university in town. . Karakorum International University, Hunza Campus

5.41 mins the way Mica imitates you!! Too cute

Beautiful Pakistan

After watching this beautiful video .....now I m reading the comments of different people from different regions and it gives me inner happiness as everyone is praising Pakistani people for their kindness and culture .......I m very thankful to this man at least it had opened the eyes of some people who were negatively thinking about Pakistan due to bad image presentation by international media for their political gain .....love u Pakistan from Indian occupied Kashmir ......

Great series - man, makes me soooo hungry ! Those fresh herbs, great fillings - yummmmmy ! And the dhai. Sigh. Those apricots and apricot oil. Now that is, WOW. Would love to visit the Hunza Valley; very beautiful, lovely area. Thank you, especially to Ali and the Pakistan Travel Market. (Hope the place does not get overrun and spoilt by too many tourists !!) 81 years old female, France.

Wooooow!!!! ❤️

I’m so confused lol In America they tell us to avoid eating wheat flour barley grains etc to avoid inflammation and not to bake on high heats because when the flour burns it creates acrylamide and not to eat meats because of the carcinogens. Then we have people here doing the opposite with the longest lifespan. Video was awesome I’m just baffled lol their air and food quality must be great.

We dnt have profit making brain washing coorporations here yet. Its all raw here unattended.

Book 40, Number 6783: Sahl b. Sa'd as-Sa'idi reported: I was in the company of Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) that he gave a description of Paradise and then Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) concluded with these words: There would be bounties which the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard and no human heart has ever perceived them. He then recited this verse: "They forsake (their) beds, calling upon their Lord in fear and in hope, and spend out of what We have given them. So no soul knows what refreshment of the eyes is hidden for them: a reward for what they did" (xxxii. 16-17)


He likes everything insane personality

u should come..


Micah is adorable, I am just surprised how he have handled the cold weather. Lovely child, May God bless your family.

really wanna go there

No wealth is as valuable as authentic food and people: beautiful Pakistan and beautiful mountains, food and people.

beautiful landscape

The people who clicked dislike are Aliens from Mars

alot of chai(TEA) yeah thats pakistan haha

what a cultural experience that you would never forget Pakistan is a must see place to go cheers

That chapshoro looks AMAZING!

Mark Wien, what a lovely and mesmerizing experience you had man! Sitting here in a small town of Maharashtra in India, I could imagine the taste of Hunza food. Spellbinding it was. Thanks a lot

Lovely Hunza, very nice people, very beautiful national song and very good memories. Our Great Pakistan. Thanks Mr. Mark.

This just makes me want to visit Pakistan. @Migrationalogy You have just brought two belligerent nations a little closer. Loved the entire series. PS: One small positive criticism for Mark, (I think I can speak for the entire subcontinent), Please don't eat from the master plate. Grab a spoon, get some on your own plate and then eat. While Arabs enjoy eating from the same plate, we don't.

Never thought Pakistan was this beautiful def on my list to visit in the future to enjoy that beautiful heaven and food

Try Karachi's biriyani bro.

Mark:this is our PAKISTAN ❤

Hunza is just small part of northern areas, Mark did not visited other places like Kalash Valley ( also known for long life and beautifull culture) , Chitral, Swat and Kalam areas all full beautifull scenic views and great food, To every this area is must visit and you will need many days to explore it fully.

Thank you Mark for visiting our country media never show this ... we are peaceful country❤️

13:29 yeh kaisa naam h

I love Pakistan

This was so emotional. Such natural beauty blew me away. Thumbs up if you wanna go!!

My Hunza valley, Thank you for coming here.

This guy is awesome, he almost make me to go to Pakistan and visit this place

Our country is sooo beautiful..thank you so much for your love and respect

How to visit there from where do v get visiting visa

We need to remove borders and visas. If everyone agrees to live peacefully which has been a problem. Amanstan. "Peaceful land" Did i join them correctly? Arabic peaceful plus Persian stan? A new nation. The greatest nation in the world. Join Iran Afghanistan Tajikistan Pakistan Tibet Nepal Bhutan India Bangladesh Sri Lanka. If everyone can live peacefully and allow each other's religious and cultural differences. Let God judge who he wants, it is not our job, we can't even pick out the correct tie or socks half the time but we want to judge how everyone else on Earth should live according to our own standards.

11:10 thatlady probably has some greek in her DNA she looks very european white

manisha ghimire What u mean no burka? Everyone have choice whether they want to wear it or not

Darkestral Kwt Pakistan northern sides are far away from iran more than 1000 miles away, maybe they have just persian influence centuries ago.

+Tareq sharker that's showing how much illiterate and uncultured you are ....You moron and uncivilized people.you sick kind of people are just tarnishing the image of pakistan and representing as abusive and terrorist country.Pak people are good but the military and sick people like you just tarnished the image and make this country hell ....We believe in live and let live .

imaginary girl ha ha u lundian are funny.. Hunzai people love Pakistan more than their life... Pakistan army's most deadliest scouts called "NILI" regiment belong to Hunza.

Now i final my decision, I will visit pakistan soon and i hope i can eat and smile this much ahahahaha he is a sweetheart

u,r smile is cute mark.....

Mark wine♡♥♡♥ Love 4om PAKISTaN

Mark weins I would like to suggest you to visit kashmir.. I hope you will forget everything else on seeing my valley.... Kashmir.. The real paradise on earth

Marsha Allah what a great hospitality

The People are very Sympathetic i like them , what i notice is all country side people are so kind i some times i ashamed the city people .

did anyone notice them singing ramayya vastavayya..telugu in himalayas.

How much you earn, i think you have lots of money

Love your videos...and thanks for showing the real face of pakistan ...watching at 2:39 am

Whole in the world just only this place is cancer free. No any cancer patient here. Blessed ❤️

The Best Vlog i have seen in my whole damn life, in every way!!!!!

pakistan is heaven on earth No one catch its beauty its above imaginations

Fantastic place for Tourism.

What great people, I think I will move there!! Paradise!!

Why 1,000 + dislikes ?

Hacker X Indians hate Pakistan ?

Indians mate they are everywhere.

You are real foody

East & the west Pakistani food & Pakistan is the best

Wonderful & Excellent Vlog

Wow!! Truly beautiful country!! Felt like I was there. Thanks to you and your team

Oh no you missed the sunset view... :(

22nd century archeologists confirm: foodie Mark Wiens is responsible for bringing peace to the world through food! Who knew? Way to go, Mark! We love you.

Yak dont have milk

I love how Micah said "Oh" also.

That theory was proven false. She's native.

+mitos meios - America gives weapons and money to Israel and Saudi Arabia to murder women and children all over the Middle East. Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S, are the root cause of global terrorism.

You are an idiot. Drone strikes were carried out on former tribel areas at the western afghan /pakistan border. These areas were semi independant before which made their legal status questionable and talibans and the USA used that loop hole to fight on these areas. Now since two years back these areas have been fully integrated into Pakistani province KPK, the talibans have been removed and the border have been double fenced against Afghanistan with armed guards at every km. There have not been any drone strikes since mid 2016 and any attack on these areas now mean attack on Pakistan and the Pakistani state has to respond in selfdefence.

+mitos meios because it is.Pkistani army just brainwashing them doing surgical strikes ,seizefiring and making them pawn against us .They are just using them and they are thinking they are doing for them.We have so many muslim brothers here and they live with us peacefully .But saying that it's pak area it's not fair .If we allow them saying thing next thing they can do is saying whole kasmir is ours and then this chain will go on.You don't know a think about it that's why you offended by my comment.I have no wrong intention for these people but it's our area and they are our people not pak one.They have to admit it sooner or later.And by the way just for your knowledge no country in the world is greater than us in tolerance.We always think about our minority section either christian,muslim,parsi,buddisht.Check out UN report if you find my words wrong.And pak is doing just suppressing minorities hindu ,christians recent case of asia bibi a Christian women.You are just ignorant person so first think before you speak kid.

+imaginary girl If you believe in 'live and let live' then why starting such aggression in first place? Why calling these Pakistani areas 'Indian territory' knowing fully well you will get an angry defensive response from the Pakistanis? I think no matter what you Indian try to portray your so called 'kind' image to everybody, deep down you are hateful devious people with contempt for your neighbours.

Most of the food shown in this video (both meats and grains) are purely organic. In the west however, everything is infested with pesticides and chemicals. Injecting animals with hormones is a common practice in the west as well. These people from Hunza, eat everything fresh from the source and that is the secret behind their longevity.

great place and beautiful, hospitable people of pakistan!.. love it. from Manila

really very nice people and lovely place I want to go there in sha Allah

People are so Humble and full of Humility. Pakistan Is a heaven I said a Heaven For Tourism . Love Pakistan !!!!!! # food @culture # scenic beauty. ...etc . Please, people around the world ......Keep aside false Western Media Perception of Pakistan And start Visiting Pakistan to explore Heaven .

You can't hate Pakistan and her beautiful people for some culprits...


Man...do I envy you ....going places ,and eating all that yummy healthy food!! What a life, you're a blessed one

Thank u mark for showing to world that pakistan is so beautifull..

when youre in someones home can you also interact instead of being on camera all night. i would have loved to hear that older ladies stories . regardless the area looked beautiful

My favourite episode by far. Luv from a British pakistani ❤❤❤❤❤❤ you had a close escape usually they kill you with hospitality. Thankyou for sharing your experience and now I'm hungry

Heeeelp! i just fell in Love. Gr8 Energy

Did You have Problems filming Here ?

its so beautiful my dear Pakistani brothers!!

Talking about hospitality omg so beautiful



Even i only waching the video's but im sure my feelings is so cool.... I love that nice people's thanks....

I think the people's out there are so,, friendly and good peoples,, thank you!!

What a triumph! ❤️❤️

Nice that place... And also very beautiful i like the views,,, thank you!!

Best series ever! Thank you for educating people around the world. We won’t get this from CNN or Fox News


I watching this completely video excellent to explain and cover the eara

come to malaysia, mark

Pakistani always respect to all visitors and beautiful country in the earth

Amazing trip mark ... Almost made me cry

why cry ?

The music that begins at 19:08 is almost identical to the Last of The Mohicans theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tjdswqGGVg Love your videos Mark I'd love to see you make it down to Kerala and Sri Lanka

Micah grow up soooo cute ,and now he learn to do like daddy

Anyone up for a Pakistan adventure in March 2019? I am Pakistani+ British. Still have family in Pakistan and would be glad to accompany anyone who would like to visit Pakistan.

Suddenly I am now looking for tickets to Hunza Valley...

20:55 ♥

One of the best episode beautiful places natural beauty nice people love it thank you very much mark

Thank you Mark.

So beautiful , paradise of Pakistan .

400 hundred years old house wow..I wish I could visit those places...


I love the way you appreciate and enjoy the cultures of each Village, the respect you have for the people you meet and your expresion on you face every time you traste New food. I enjoy your vídeos it gives me the opportunity to see places and to kind of get an idea of the type of foods they Cook. Thank you.

Wow! Thai language "Hunza" mean funny, happiness (l'm Thai)

Hey. Lil Micah is becoming a big boy. Love the hat!

Allah is the greatest. And those mountains hold the earth for us as Allah says in Qur'an. SubhanAllah it is gorgeous valley. No wifi hardly any technology with radiation that's why they live long

Did this road trip some 20 yrs ago and you are right... nothing on earth compares anymore... breathtaking and a trip of a lifetime!

We've bombed the hell out of these countries. The pollution from the chemicals in the weaponry. The destruction of humanity, and culture. The insanity of it all. I mean beautiful middle eastern countries. Any place in the world really. We have destroyed the earth and ourselves to a point of extinction. There is beauty everywhere

Not Pakistan...

Awesome beautiful impressive Yak meat in Hunza fireroasted

I love this vid! I change my thoughts in a snap re: Pakistan and it's people! GOD bless the world and everyone!

Love ❤️ you mark wiens and joe and Ali north Pakistan

Hi Micah and Ying!!! Micah is a youtube baby!!! Am thrilled seeing him growing fast!!!! I love him from afar

Wow !!!! unbelievable video...Pakistan is so beautiful... Now it's in my bucket list. .

Pakistan looks amazing. More amazing than I ever imagined. I’m from the UK and I’m wondering why so many Pakistani people are so desperate to live here instead.

Thanks showing all this beauty and food to all the world. Welcome everyone to Pakistan

So cultural so beautiful and so tasty. You just made me want to go there for sure. Planny already just after watching this video.

I just want to go to hunza

Most welcome

Any one 2019

I'll come one day IA and I'll meet lal shehzadi

Love Micah's reaction after the bite....hmmmm....looks and sounds familiar....like father like son. Hahaha....so cute.

You are getting ROYAL treatment nowadays ! Yasss!

+Michelle Handley my best wishes are with you dear

+muhammad Nohman thank you so much. It would be a wonderful.vacation.

And the google translator also not supporting to translate this sentence ..

+Michelle Handley sorry i can't understand this typical english ...

+muhammad Nohman lol ! Sounds like a vacation !

Ha ha ha ...

I love to go their...

your uhhhaammmm... make my mouth watering

Bright soul mark...pakistan needs positive people like u

I have to be honest here , I am an Indian and after watching this video I am loving Pakistan ,It is like North eastern India but more unknowns hidden. Great video mark . Pakistani people are really very nice to their Guest. Some day I wish to visit . Till then I am gonna keep watching these videos.

Thanks and love u from pakistan

Thanks and love for your kind words from pakistan ..

Most welcome and love from pak

+muhammad Nohman Thank you Sir .

Ha ha ha ... WELcOME ..

+Jorge Bernabe not every indian .. BUT some extremists ...

Mr Mark wiens please tell me you eat many calories

Thank you for bringing us into that wondeful place

Amazing..hunza valley..Pakastan country

25:52 Never thought I would hear Telugu in pakistan. That too in a remote Hunz valley. Although its a single sentence in a Hindi song

It is a must to vizit this lovely place! I wish for !

You still have to explore more beautiful pakistan,

love from india...

thank u so much showing the love for my country this is just one part of country there's a lot more to see... may Allah bless my country n its peoples all are welcome to beauty's of Pakistan with love n enjoy...Ameen


Serene landscapes and amazing living foods.

@13:43 her name lal shehzadi ( red princess)

Hey Mark How is your pretencious face?

I'm visiting Pakistan one day

Hospitable people with such big hearts welcome you and treat you with such respect and honour. I hope you give them some gift as a gratitude.

Very beautiful, so I don't know why so many leave their country to live the UK.

They go back too when they earn enough! Dude relax why bring hate into everything!

How is Mark so thin when he eats so much?!! He must really work out long and hard!

They have Afghan culture not Pakistani culture, when u come once to Afghanistan you will feel the same culture there. Respect from Afghanistan

Basit Azimi these aren’t afghani people. Pakistan has many different ethnic groups and they’re all very warm and welcoming. You’re very rude.

These place is beautiful thank you wow

I d like to go there too such amazing landscapes

U r the luky gay who traval alot best wishes for your time and u.

I am from Pakistan nice video

Such a beautiful place and kind people. This opens up a new understanding of Pakistan and its culture. We should visit the place one day!


Thumps up Mark to your family and teammates and best regards!


Most welcome!

Love from Pakistan to Manila!

David Abeyta if you look up hunza and northern Pakistan. There’s lots of vlogs on YouTube.

Jorge Bernabe Indians and Indian media spread anti Pakistan propaganda 24/7. They down vote any video of Pakistan and spread lies.

After watching this video, I want to move from europe to pakistan hunza valley

So cute oooh, very beautiful n i loved the way mark loved their food.

With Love from Uganda, Jinja pls come n view the River Nile too

Truly amazing

Mark you are so wonderful for bringing us these adventures! Thank you.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUtZ17QofKI&t=4s #Cooking @ Indian traditional sheek #kawab made at home

Excellent video as usual. Not many knows the Hunza originally not pakistaneze people. They descendants of the eastern Huns who retreated in this vally very hard to reach. Their customs life style language and clothing totally different from pakistani. A small remains of the once Hun empire. In many things similar people are the Uyghurs in west China. It vas occupied and annexed to communist China in 1959.

Nice, put decejt music. The noise boils my brain.

Cant you teach them in the mean time not to spoil so much wood but cook in a more economical way. If we talk about climate. This does the harm. The music sounds quite western, rusian influenced.

Wrong. Hunza people are not pakistani. Originally descendants of the Hun empire and had no contact with russians ever. Their music has similarities with Hungarians in mid Europe who migrated from Asia and settled in Europe 1100 years ago. Related people are the Chinese occupied Uyghurs west China.

My mouth started watering.

Nice video but to be absolutely correct, you are in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir or PoK, not in Pakistan.


Maybe you can post some recipes.

That's India (Pakistan occupied Kashmir)

spider hanging from the apple he was eating. 14:45 and then falling to the ground 14:48. That was close Mark!


Wow!what amazing places & people !which I think will make you go!

Gilgit Baltistan is Kashmir....

Scenery is epic! Thanks for sharing!

Very good and very nice your videos

Rich people doing whatever they want. Another example of the one percent getting to experience stuff the rest of us never will, how sad.

I so want to visit this beautiful valley

only Allah alone can create such beauty

Philippines!!!! Pls go there

Cockroach and open smelly canals country. Nothing to see except poor people and cheap women. Eventually eat lumpia bulalo and panset. And wash it up with coconut tuba.

Wow beautiful country, people, n amazing food! This video totally change my perspective of Pakistan! I hope to see n live this wonders one day! Much love from Mexico!

Hunza are not pakistani. They a Hun minority in Pakistan senora.

Yes this is my Pakistan bro

Mark - check messenger.

Beautiful vally ... long live ❤❤❤

Bro I love your expression on every food you've taste on like hmmmm and ummmm

Hunza valley is the best. Thanks for your visit

Live long Pakistan

do you see rakaposhi

Is it possible to visit Pakistan since i am from India ? Such a beautiful place and people. Would be a dream if i get to visit Pakistan, atleast once in a lifetime

Pakistan before was part of India. You the same people. Religion divided you in 2 countries.

Lan len geya pakisata

I am so loving your work, Mark!

Ay pakistan tujh pr jan bhi qurban ilov sooooooo much ummmmmmmmaaaahhhh pakistan jesa koi country ni hai

Mark look so tired.

Omg their foods make me craving

Great work Mark Wiens, In 30 minutes of video you successfully changed perception about this beautiful and long suffering country. We learned the hard way, after nearly 100,000 dead souls, how corrupt leadership tried to sell this country to their foreign masters/handlers. 2019 onwards we all will get to hear your simple message, this gorgeous place and it's people will welcome peace loving people from all around the world. Most important of all, this message is delivered under new leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Watch any of his speech since August 2018 and your heart will agree, foundations of a much bigger vision been already laid down.

wish I can go to Pakistan

Thanks very much dear Mark for promoting Hunza, my home town. Everyone is welcome to the valley of serenity.

Hunza is beautiful n the food is....I don't have words....Amazingly beautiful vid

I like to watch mark's face.... When he eat something and then ummmmm

Please watch this videos from Nooristan Afghanistan, the same culture and same tradition. https://youtu.be/ieNoADipxLo

Wowww, I'd love to visit Hunza Valley! #BucketList

Please take small morsels :P

Is there something that you dont like. Cuz everything you taste you acting like it great tast. I think you should be more honest.

wow i never know Pakistan has such beautiful places . All I ever know are what I was told by media and the internet. Now I really want to go to Pakistan and see these beauty myself

I think I would starve here, being a vegetarian. This is on my bucket list.

it is amazing how having community makes ppl happier and kinder. i v seen some of the best ppl who happen to be pakistani in north uk .. the reason is that north uk has a large population of pakistani and they feel comfortable and not like a foreigner.. but in other parts of the world that they r minority they r different. THIS is not limited to pakistani ppl. i v seen people from all nationalities, when they r minority they feel left out and they show not the best of themselves ... but when they have a good and supportive community around they r wonderful ppl. it is human nature .... we have our light and dark sides .... governments often try to encourage ppl to show their dark sides to control them.

from California ... such a nice place this part of Pakistan. definitely visit in future.

mark, wonderful surprise to be able to see another beautiful part of the world and more importantly the gracious people in it, those who go to show that "il mondo e un paese" meaning the world is truly one country or essentially it's people are fundamentally good and generous. thanks for this video and hopefully the more to come.

Mark Thanks for visiting my country. I welcome everyone, feel free to visit Pakistan. For any guidance and help mail me, I would be happy to show you around. sharjeelsh@gmail.com

Do these people get some benefit from your video exposures? (hope so).

he's promoting pakistan, that's enough benefit.

These people seem so hospitable. What a warm, family environment.

Aloha from Hawaii. Amazingly beautiful. This is on my bucket list-must visit

Thank you very much for showing great Hunza valley.Its realy amazing.

I think you were suppose to use the fork to serve yourself. I think

Did you have to take high altitude medicine?

I love the way your son mimicked you @5:41

I was in Pakistan in the 70’s and I fell in love with their food such variety and flavor...to this day it’s my favorite food! It brings me good memories watching your video. Much love from Canada ❤️

She is your wife?

20:33 ^_^

i was preparing to go to Peru, looks like the latter has to wait. See u Pakistan very soon. Thnx Mark and Ali. :)

our government has also decided to give visa on arrival to many European countries, it's a good step which shows that country is ready to welcome guests.

You won't regret it.. One of the best trips I ever had...ppl are absolutely fantastic!

To those commenting on Telugu song at 25:51 Ramayya vastavayya it must have been picked form Shree 420 which was Raj Kapoor’s movie back in 1955. I don’t think the people singing even know about it being a Telugu language. Raj Kapoor was famous across the region spreading all the way up to Russia. It was sung by Mohd Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh.

S R that’s what I said. Ramayya vastavayya is a Telugu language from south India but it was adopted in Raj Kapoor’s movie in the song.

everybody knows raj Kapoor in Pakistan.

Love to go there any contact plz let us know best people's r so nice and kind

You Make Me Hungry !!

this guy is amazing ..made my day...

From drone to food was a nice...

Wow, what fun! Thanks for sharing!

They seem to eat a lot of wheat while wheat is frowned upon in the West these days - all that gluten! I would really like toknow more about why the people of the Hunza Valley thrive on wheat and the people of the West do not!?" Yes it was MOST beautiful country and thank you for making it for us all. Amazing people in an amazing place.

Buddy I wish to die there . Uuu Pakistan nice place you have.

I wanna leave dubai and move to Hunza... I know what you feel!

pakistani is a nationality not an ethnic group and Hunza people have always been pakistanis just like the rest of the northern groups,they aren't related to anyone nor are they the descendants of anyone.

+Sequoia and uighurs are literally turkic and they have mongoloid features while hunza people look the exact opposite.

+Sequoia Hunza people are pakistanis and have always been just like every other person in the country,they look exactly the same as all northern ethnic groups of pakistan,

it is Pakistan,there is no such thing as occupation here,we wanted to be a part of pakistan and now we are, it's time the Indians get that .

it's Pakistan and as a native of this province I can confirm that, nobody likes India here.

no it isn't.

+Sequoia you sound like a triggered bitch here spreading lies about pakistan for no reason, don't tell me you're an Indian.

you can visit pakistan as an Indian but not this region

+Sequoia no we're not,the Northen ethnic groups of pakistan aren't even found in India,get out of here with your stupidity.

To those commenting on Telugu song, it must have been picked form Shree 420 which was Raj Kapoor’s movie back in 1955. Raj Kapoor was famous across the region spreading all the way up to Russia. It was sung by Mohd Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh.

it's laul(gem/stone) not laal.

the ones living in UK are 3rd generation born who's ancestors left the country for a better life cuz nothing was left after colonization.

S R They have Afghan Pashtuns culture because Afghan Pashtuns ruled there for 800 years. You can see the food, living standards, music and language are equal. Please read the history.

these people aren't even found in Afghanistan

Azimii Afghan haha there’s no such thing as Pakistani culture. Pakistan is made up of Pashtos, Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi and Kashmiri. Each and every culture in Pakistan is appreciated and respected. We have similarity with Afghanistan because we share a border (Afghanistan’s biggest border is with Pakistan) with you.

I like Parkishtan water

You are lucky man

Pakistan is a very beautiful place. And for sure, from this video, Micah is definitely, your son. The way he copied your head movements at the tasting of the food early in the video, was sooo like you. Thank you for doing this video.

Visit Chechnya, Mark. I guarantee you top hospitality and exclusive food. Visit anywhere in Caucasus – Georgia, Circassia, or Chechnya. You won't regret.

I love my Pakistan

6:24 “chai... or rather this be dhoodh patti” guys if you’re a desi and don’t know the difference between chai and dhoodh patti, you gotta learn cuz Mark did. Respect bro

Your channel should have waaaaay more subs than 3.2 M, like the way you make your videos, how you show the places and food, so highly commendable ❤️ Huge respect from a Pakistani girl

Very good mark.. Lage raho....Beautiful Gilgit baltistan people.. . Jay hind


পাকা জাইরা..

Without second thought its Heaven on earth.

Pakistan And Pakistanis are wonderful . Especially Muslims ; they are actually peace loving and pakistani culture like decent and respect just amazing.

It is so amazing that his family gets to share this.

Amazing video!!!

Listen buddy I had to get out of bed at 11PM last night to heat up my lamb meat I’m not trying to do this tonight again!

The best of food is in YEMEN

what kind of hat is the left guy wearing? 6:19

would love to visit Pakistan the food is great I usually have it in New York

Isn't there anything you dislike please

Your child reaction is awesome ! Love him

This is my PAKISTAN

Hi Australia here ,Wow wonderful vid thank you , I can not travel due to age health and so on people like you bring the world to me and your descriptions of taste and feel and sound is so good i feel like i am there. But please can you tell me what the air is like how different it smells , how it make you feel the breath the fresh air of the mountains , is it lighter or heavier than the lowlands. And the sounds ..can you hear only silence or a bird now and then or only the air sweeping through the mountains???

the air is very thin as compared to the lowlands,if you're not a native you might have some difficulty in the beginning because of the change that is too sudden but sooner it gets okay and yes you can hear birds even animals that are used by locals for farming and also the kids are quite loud as well,they makeup for everything.

The food has to be more plain up there because rich heavy food would cause havoc with your system.

https://youtu.be/xmBak3nqats Wakhan corridor Afghanistan.

From Canada - this compilation was beautifully done with great deal of respect & love. Well done Mark :)

hey Mark! why did you skip Iran?! You’re missing a lot , if you think this is out of this world you really should see Iran

Really, I love hunza Valley

Whose kid is he

Please watch this videos from Nooristan Afghanistan. https://youtu.be/RnDJFTjLhvo

+Jhoana Herrera awesome! make sure you Vlog it... just check out Eva Zu Beck, a westerner woman who's traveling in Pakistan alone :)

+Fahad Riaz That's it! I have to go. I might even document it. Just to shut down the naysayers. Thank u.

+S R i could not agree more. In Pakistan embassy website, it takes 3 to 4 weeks visa processing. That's kinda long so i called them up. Pakistan embassy in AUH said it only takes 3 days processing. THIS IS A VERY GOOD SIGN! It means I'm meant to go there! yaaaaaassss!

You are always welcome here

I want to visit Hunza Valley so bad

Thank you Mark for posting this amazing video of my beautiful country! You are not only creating awareness about the diverse and delicious cuisines from different parts of Pakistan but also changing the perception the world has about Pakistan by showing the our warm hospitality of our people and their love for peace! And good food! From a Pakistani living abroad but whose heart is in the mountains of my Pakistan!

This video was amazing I have bin to hunza and I stayed at sarina and got the same room

pakistan Hunza very very nice

Pakistan, an "Heaven on Earth" which is still undiscovered by the WORLD and there are plenty of hidden places are still to be explored.  Your videography work is amazing and we need people like you who can share visuals of Pakistan to the world. I hope, "Nature Lovers" will look into this dimension as well. Long Live Pakistan which is "Meri Pehchan Pakistan"

The best travel video I have ever seen ... Mind blowing .... I want to have similar amazing experience I did like the video and subscribed

I assume is good everything about food ! but I lost the sense of people of Pakistan NO feelings or voice ! Mark all the focusing is how you eat ?

Wonderful land..beautiful..!!.

Illyrians ...old illyrians , they are simlar to albanians...

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