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[Music] so hello guys welcome back again to my channel chanel so yeah by the way i'm so happy that i'm just visiting or we're just visiting here in this place together with my family half of my family so yeah so for now i want to show you the room so this is the room tour so yeah i chose the big nipper hut here you guys in archery um because i love this kind of place so this is a kingfisher room so yeah this is my room this is our room together with my sister so yeah this nice bed and this is i like this kind of nipa hot guys because it's like uh in the province so i like the ambiance on this place so yeah so this is like with electric fans so this is like super perfect perfect place for uh so yeah so i like this one guys so yeah so enjoy the vlog along the way so yeah we're having our breakfast because we are newly arrived in this place so yeah so this is their uh so for a traveler guys we just uh brought our food we just brought our photo this is a filipino phone fish the chicken my sister say hi hi hello my sister also wow and the dog hi doggie wow the dog is so friendly dude i will eat after her shaking my hands so hello guys this is their place in archery nipa huts in mo albo also this is their uh sitting bench area so yeah they have some codes and uh what was that messages in here and also the rolls also so yeah so the place guys is just like in the province so i like this kind of place actually so here's my sister so this is the room so it's called uh spider so that uh that's uh she said to me earlier so sister what can you say about to your room hi it's very nice very cute yet very spacious inside oh open the door bay okay so yeah let's go there guys we will try to explore this place uh in a little bit so yeah this is heart so yeah let's explore and also okay let's uh figure it out uh what's it in here so maybe i will find the archery shots out there oh yeah so okay let's see out there let's look let's look around yeah i like this kind of place guys that's why i just booked this place even i just i love also i just like uh staying just like nearby to the beach but then here i like the vibes in here because it feels like super near to the nature i can hear the some birds singing by wow so i like this one so this is three place wow this is a big spider so i think this is a one of the spot for archery i guess for the arrow shooting so this is this one so later on so i will try to do this one so yeah this is affordable so yeah this is the spot i think they have five spots that's what uh uh the receptionist said for me earlier when we booked this place and also that spots also so yeah so this is kind of nice actually wow so this is the archery spot so they have five spots yeah i think the other spot is out there and also this one so yeah so this is kind of nice super quiet so here the rooms uh they have nipple hearts with a standard room or with electric funnel they have also they offer also like uh with aircon roam so yeah they offer aircon or aircon rooms in here so yeah i think that's the place in that area for sure so yeah so this place actually this is like uh a little bit far away from the beach but it's okay for us because we can do a walk or go for running going to the beach because my purpose in here is i can do a workout i don't want to stay uh the place uh like whole day now because i want to explore the place by the way so yeah so just like exploring guys so just wondering so yeah ah let's do the comfort robot so this is their tenth guy so yeah what the picture they showed in their page so yeah this is look like they're 10 so yeah it is kind of nice actually yeah and in here if you want to stay we you just uh brought your own tent and you can stay this place yeah just like a comfortable just like you have your own time so yeah i like in here because there's a lot of coconut trees palm trees so yeah this is kind of native so yeah so they have also hamak in here so you can stay for a while like during a night or uh when the sun is setting down so you just read books in here yeah just like super related place actually yeah let's go there for the other what was the dining area so they're a little uh play [Music] so this is their uh ground area in here so yeah so they have a huge space wide space actually yeah this is really nice so i want to show you the view here guys because it's really really nice i love this one and then ah this is the archery that you you can book in here so yeah okay under entrance and here i show you guys the um what was that like dining area that before they have fly bomb but now the the singer is not it's not yet here so yeah sorry for now they have no music drawing at night so yeah wow this is their space guys what is their space they sell some snacks some drinks and also they have some music here and you can you can read books also in here because they have also books the box table and also um you can do chilling out there guys so it's really really nice actually so yeah let's go outside guys let's go let's go outside in this area oh they have their sandwiches and coffee and here guys what's what's the nice i show you the kitchen you can cook food in here actually you can cook the food whatever you want you can do grilling or cook some rice or some food that you want too so this is their uh cooking area so this is kind of nice they have like some a stove then the grilling area is in here and then clean as you go of course that's number one roll for sure so yeah and in the cooking area you can like pay like it depends like 100 per day or it depends uh you can do some bargaining for the owner so yes it's okay and then yeah this is the outside view so they have some space parking space and then for us we have no survey so yeah we can like go walk or what would ever take a tries going to the outside going to the beach or yeah so it's okay we're ready to run later on run into the beach or it depends upon on us or my my sister or what they prefer they love to take a choice or they love to walk so yeah it depends upon guys so i love the weather for today actually super super nice so okay guys here if you view their page so yeah there's a lot of uh not a lot just like some activities to do actually so yeah so what is about this area ah they have some hamak just like ah this is the one spot for archery oh wow so yeah we will try to do it uh i carry maybe tomorrow because for now guys we we need to uh take a rest for just a short of time then go to the beach so yeah beach party so yeah party just like getting some tan lines took care of us for our chicken in here so yeah they're cleaning up the area so you do this okay so yeah let's go back to the room guys so that i can prefer my stuff going to the white piece yeah so keep hanging watching of these guys so that you can enjoy this vlog trip guide travel guide so yeah so we're heading now to the beach so me and my sister and oh so yeah for now so yeah this is our tire for today so since it's super hot since it's summer here in philippines so yeah i prefer this where this kind of this uh clothes yeah we're running later on we'll see if the beach is not really crowd so that we can run on the beach guys so yeah we'll see later on okay guys so this is oh i told you this shotting gun this is where the case is this is like so funny so i thought there's a shooting race in here of course no because this is like there's no mountain in here it's not safe actually guys so yeah so we refill our bottled water here and we have also bill yards [Music] [Applause] [Music] knowing you [Music] so hello guys we're heading out to the beach finally and then we're just happy here because we placed the driver to call in this place so our service we have a music yeah [Music] hi guys [Music] [Applause] so we're here now guys in basdako beach yeah the weather is i like the weather today because it's so hot and then it's on high tide so that's why i just take off my shoes so that's why if it is hot guys i saw a lot of people here just using to the beach actually and some people doing a volleyball and i'm just walking by foot it's super hot guys wow super hot so yeah this is the bus there and the end part of this beach oh hello guys so we just tried to find a spot not really crouch for the people and also this part is no standby is allowed it's okay you know because uh we need to like do a swimming just a little bit actually so this trash is okay in here because this is like a seaweed or trusses from the sea so yeah or from the coconut trees so yeah here's my sister just she's just uh taking some snap or some photos out there so yeah so let's swim guys [Music] [Music] so right now uh guys uh we just do our swimming in here then just not really deep because all of us not really uh good in swimming so yeah [Music] [Music] there's [Music] me [Music] [Music] hey so i'm the driver and also i have my passenger which is my sister so let's go sister sister you're the one who hold the camera [Music] tomorrow [Music] is [Music] welcome back again so for now guys it's so hot i like the winner for today i'm so grateful hopefully the weather is good until the end of our stay in here in albual so yeah so this is our first time having my sister in here so we go travel together in this place so yeah so i give you some tips guys evan you know i mean some people know how to get there in bazdako so yeah first if you just arrive in mo albual uh center so you need to pass the mobile information or tourism office to get a past sleep guys because past sleep is super important i happy what was that so you need to get a pass leave so that you can uh entering here in a bus dakota beach so white beach and then after that guys if you so first of all you need to have a booking confirmation that's uh that's a preferable because if you have no booking in uh confirmation so uh you you didn't a prioritize here to visit in basdaffo and then next is when you're entering here you're going to pasco so you need to pay a five pesos i think five pesos for uh what was that for the baron guys what what was for the five pesos jello five pesos we paid five pesos four a barangay fee so yeah and then we just oh yeah i guess environmental face so yeah and then uh when you get here in bastilakos you need to pay only 10 pesos for the entrance so yeah not much guys because liquor sleep is free and then i like that kind of rules and regulations so that they can minimize the people who are visiting in here at the beach so yeah i think it's preferable and by the way i want to shout out all the people who just uh assigned in um more about using office good job guys so yeah that's all so for now guys we're done our swimming so we cannot uh go for a whole day because we're just uh honestly we just started we just came from traveling from seppo city going up in here so we just changed our plan so we're just going back to the place which is the in archery and they'll be having we'll have our like nap and then maybe later this afternoon i want to go for running guys and just explore from basdako beach going to panaksama beach so we'll try this afternoon guys so i need to take some nap or rest for now so yeah so here's my sister and also the other sister so sister we'll try to go later for running right going to panaxama beach sister hi so you want to go with me later for running yeah okay so we'll try later you guys so yeah so keep watching so that you can uh update uh what blog that i just uh share it with you so my face now have some uh scents yeah so me and my sister here we just do a running for just a quick run for this afternoon so we will figure it out how many games that we have finished for this uh for this station tarot so sister are you okay we need to just do an ac pace yeah yeah so wow i like them the capture will be coming up [Music] hello guys so we're now our uh night run week night run for tonight so yeah so we will already uh here in our place so yeah i like the ambiance night here guys so we will try to do a bonfire if we just have a fire for tonight so yeah that's great wow there's a lot of dog oh good one [Music] you

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