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I. Am. So sick of people acting a ghetto plum fool what, are y'all doing, out there acting like a bunch of animals beating, up the Christmas tree what, did the Christmas tree do huh what, did the Christmas tree do to get beat up out, there screaming and, yelling, it, ripping, up the Christmas lights what, in the world did the Christmas lights do to y'all huh, and, what is it going to change let. Me know this. Is the season of giving so, i'mma give y'all some advice, why y'all after acting, like a plum fool in a code y'all gonna mess around and get sick so, stop by your local pharmacy, pick, up some s and go home and go to bed and, oh before y'all go to bed this, isn't Season of Sharing so. Let me share some info with child Jesus. Birthday about to come up so don't act a fool on my father's birthday okay, I know that much. Good. Morning. We're. Out here on Mount whose I was. Checking the rain gauge I thought it might be storming. Up here on the Mount but. Certainly. Sunny in the valley when I left but, I, checked the rain gauge in the hallway, and it's dry, as can be so I guess we're. We're. Gonna have maybe a dry year maybe we didn't even need to fix that spill way up there in Orville. If. You stumble, across this you don't know what you're listening to this is live with Lou and, this. Is Lou Bettinger with Santos vigil here today and. We're. Gonna plug away for three hours till noon. We. Are speaking live today so you can call in if you want to. But. I you, know I've been mentioning, that, someone. Stole our Jefferson. Banner, it's, the second one that's been stolen now. We got in here this morning someone, stole our livestream, box, so. We don't have any livestream I don't think today, so. If you cannot, hear us well. Just. Go find something else to do and then you can go to one I blind, media, on YouTube. Probably. Later on tonight or tomorrow, that's. One I blind, media, on YouTube. And. That's. A channel on YouTube and you can click on, the. Listening, lists. And. Look. For live of Lou and pick pictage, the SD. A show you want to listen to so. One. The part that's missing off that. Showing, first. Of all it's a it's a probably a better listening, than listening to the radio because, it's, or. Recording, nice. And clear but. They, have to scrub out the bumper.

Music And. So. Some of that's relevant to the show but because. Of copyright. Infringement issues, with YouTube. They've. Got to edit that out so but, since we don't have livestream today with, no explanation when, you come in here today you don't know whether the place is going to be open or not you, just kind of come in and. Equipment. Can be missing. Today. The waters not on so we're. Out here trying, to bucket in water in, case you need to drink anything or get rid of some water. So. We're here again, this is the Patriot 14 10 a.m. K my C. We're. Out here on Mount Huth in East. Yuba. County. The. Big the big area called Linda, and. We're. Just above the Cannabis cloud you just get a whiff every once in a while. So. Welcome and. We. May or may not take your call they had quite a few calls the previous show they had a little contest, going on where, did Black, Bart commit, his last crime, so. I thought well somebody's, actually listening this morning. So. This last week, some. Of you may not even pay attention to, this but last week was. On. December, 7 it, was. The. Memory. Or. The memorial. Izing. Of the, attack on Pearl Harbor and. For those who. Have. Forgotten or, maybe never really learn much about it I want to make a few comments about the, attack on Pearl Harbor at, that time. Was. In 1941. And, the. The. Japanese, were. Taking. Over. Areas. In the, Pacific, and the Germans. And the Italians were. Working. Together to, take over Europe, and. At. 7:55. A.m.. That's. In the morning for, those out in all of us and Linda. 7:55. In the morning on Sunday, December, 7th. The Japanese. Felt that at, that time in the morning and on on a weekend, the. Americans, would be taking, it easy sleeping. In maybe going to church or something like that and so, they chose that specifically. They'd been planning the attack for over one year. And. They. Were. A couple of hundred miles. Off shore. And they. Begin to send their planes in and the attack lasted, for about 110. Minutes from. 755. To 945. Their. Airplanes, came in two waves approximately. 45 minutes apart and. They. Hope to destroy. The, aircraft. Carrier, fleet, but. They missed that fleet, it wasn't, sitting, where they thought it would be in Port. But. They. They travel 230, miles and. Then. Begin to drop. Their bombs they sent four, small. Submarine. Submarines. In also, to assist. And. Anyway. They did a lot of damage and. The. Japanese, fleet. Consisted. Of 353, planes. And. Originally. When they, were picked up on radar. Like. Typically, of most. Things like this is. The. People, operating the radar apparatus. Mistook. The planes as, friendly. Aircraft as. American. Aircraft and, miss, miss, reddit which many, times disasters. Happen, because somebody didn't. Do their job and. So. They attacked various, airfields. Hickman. Wheeler, bellows, Iowa, Schofield. And Cano, E airfields. Damaging. Lots of planes and they, damaged lots of. Ship. Many ships as well there. Were. If. If you read up on this you'll see different numbers slightly, different, but a total of, 2335. US servicemen, were killed and, 1143. Were wounded 68. Civilians, were also killed in 35 wounded. The. Next day now, we, wouldn't have done this these, days we wouldn't declare, war this quickly but Franklin, Delano Roosevelt. Declared. War the next day, and. Then. Right after that Germany. And Italy, on December. 11th. Four, days later declared. War on the United States and, so. We are in it with both feet, now. Just to compare those. Losses, to, the 9/11. Attacks on the non the United States in 2001, September. September. 11, 2001, when. The twin towers were, hit, by. Terrorists. From al-qaeda. There. Were. 2000. 996 people. Killed, and. Of course many, many. Many people, damaged. From that but, in that, 2996.

People. 343. Firefighters and. Paramedics, lost, their lives 23, New York City police officers, and 37, Port Authority I bring that up, because. Attacks. On the homeland of the of America. Are rare and, so. Those, are the two prominent ones with, the. The. Ones standing out of course from for, all these over 70 years, on. Pearl. Harbor, as the, initiation, of the war there. Was a great the. In fact you can still see it online at, territorial. Dispatch, Bisbee. Isay you. Can see a great aerial. Photograph. Of the, Arizona, which and the museum, on top of the Arizona, the. Water you can see right through the water to see the ship underwater, it's. On the front page in color of the territorial, dispatch, if you're interested, looking at it so. That's. An important date for me because it triggered, my father's. Joining. Volunteering. For the US Navy and, which. He spent the rest of the war in the. Navy and my, uncle going into the Army Air Force so. I'm. Sure a lot of you have memories, a lot of times and vets around Veterans, Day people. Post. Photos, of their loved ones that have served in many. Of the wars that have kept us free they post them on Facebook which I was enjoy looking and, looking, at them and reading, about them. So. For. Those who served. During. That. Terrible war in. The Pacific, and in Europe. We. Remember you today. This. Show, is a, show that we've been doing for about five years now maybe. It's been pushing, six I don't know this is about our anniversary, let's see over past our. Anniversary. Teenth many years ago as a, one-hour, show but we're here today three hours in and we actually pay for our own time. We're, just here on our own we're. Talking. For food, Randy. Fletcher, supervisor, fifth District left me a doughnut to eat here so he's taking care of me for the next three hours he. Said he got a little queasy coming, in today he got a little jittery needed, to go down and get some food so he bought the best food in town which is coarse of doughnuts and, brought. Them in so that's the first Donuts we've seen around here since the fish left I think when the Occupy, Wall Street people used to harass us. Somebody. Used to bring doughnuts I don't know where's occupy, people or whether there was the fish sneaking, them in like Santa Claus, but. We're here because of a, couple groups that like to support us and, that's. The Sutter buttes Tea Party Patriots. And. They. Meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday night of every month out at the Church of glad-tidings campus. At eager, road and. Highway. 99, or. You, can go out Live Oak Boulevard and get the Eagle Road as well, they. Meet at 6:30 the, 1st and 3rd Monday but since. We're in the holiday, season, and typical, of the holidays, sometimes, your event lands, right on top of New Year's or something, or Christmas, and you got a juggle, so. Their. Next, meeting I believe is January, 14. Which. Is the second. Monday. Of January. So. They're taking a little powder for, the for December, and the first. In, the first Monday and. So. Be the third Monday, of January the, 14th, I think it is so. The. Cool thing about the, Tea Party Patriots is, they, are continuing, to bring in speakers and, discuss, what's going on in our community, and. Highlight. How far away from the Constitution. We're getting and how far away we are from. Small. Government. Irresponsible. Government honest. Government. The. Kind of government that the founders, dreamed. About and, tried. To launch. And. So. If. You want to do, more than just whine. About it and moan, about it at home get, involved with the Tea Party. So. The other people helping. Us out here we, have a couple advertisers. Green. It's construction, in the, plumbing doctor you'll hear about them later but elite security. Those. People, and they also run, API. Academy. And so. Elite Universal, Security if. You want a job in the security, business or. Maybe you want to be a dispatcher, or may you want to just, do any of the kind of, tasks. That they have. They. Got jobs in, fact it I noticed, on their website at elite Universal. Security.

Dot-com. They. Got jobs if you want one so. Elite, Universal. Security, comm or you can go and you, can go to school out there you can get all kinds of classes. Through. These guys it's called the API, Academy. API, -. Academy, comm. To. Find out all their different schools. Classes. That are being conducted, off. Into the future and you can dip into them and you, can actually get involved you don't have to be eighteen. Classes. Like on pepper spray handcuffing, Tasers. The, escalation, of force. CCW. Firearms, training guard. Card, training. Annual. Security guard, training, lots. Of good courses so. Check it out you want a job are you maybe you think hey I'm just I'm getting ready to get out of high school and I want to go take some courses and and they, may be in maybe, a lot less expensive than going to Yuba college and getting some of them or maybe it's too soon for you to go to Yuba college dip. Into those courses and go for it now maybe you can't you, can't break away from work maybe you're working you can't break away from working maybe it's in the middle of semester, yeah but you want to get in a couple, training. Courses and learn some stuff and before. You go to the police academy you have a college so check. It out. Well. I I. Want. To encourage you today since we know of life stream, again just mention, one I blind, media, and you, can later in several, hours after the show you may be able to go there and listen to the show really clear and at. Your convenience one, I blind, media on the YouTube okay. So I, wanted, to talk, today to, begin with. About. The. Problem, with our government, the. Reason, that the. Founding. Fathers, wanted. A very. Very small. Federal. Government. Just. Meant they were minimalist. They, wanted a government that would protect us from foreign invaders and they. Wanted a government to, protect us from one another when, our gnarly sight came out and, so. The, other day I. Think, we were in the jail speaking. Or we were somewhere, and we began to read the passage out, of Romans, 13, which talks about the purpose of government and.

How. It should be funded. And. So. It said pay your taxes, because, you. Need to take care of the, government, and the government that they were referring, to at that time were, law. Enforcement, officials, and. They. Said the reason is I'll. Give you the Lou Lou Ben injure paraphrase, version, is we need to keep a lid on this sucker because, people, sinful, tenants, is constantly. Are. Causing, people to do stupid stuff and. Violate. Their neighbor steal. From their neighbor lie, about their neighbor molest. Their neighbor. Have. Sex with somebody else's woman. Assault. Them steal. Cars, or. Steal, chariots, back then steal horses steal. The Sheep and. So. They needed. Since. People. Didn't want to do God God's. Way. Our. Tendency, is to just go even though we know the right thing to do we do stupid stuff wrong. Stuff, sinful, stuff. They. Needed law enforcement. To take. Care of business but the founding fathers thought a we, need even keep a lid, on that so everybody needs to be packing, their own weapons, at their, home and teach their kids how to shoot them did you know that the founding fathers even, taught the. They. Said listen we, want all not we just don't want mom and dad to know how to use the musket, or whatever they were shooting in but, we we, want the kids to be trained because not, because they, may have, to deal with somebody wanting to assault them or steal, a donkey. Or. Shoot. A deer for meat it, was, to take, arms against, the government which. They knew always had a tendency to, overrule. Stick. Their nose under our tent mess, with us control. Every move we make tax every move they make and they said at some point you may have to take up arms against the government that was the reason for the Second Amendment not. Hunting, not, protecting, you against, that. The gang member down the corner who's doing stupid stuff. And. So. What we have today is, everything. That the, founding, fathers feared. We, don't you can't make a move in your life, without. Checking. In with government, or paying government, something I was just vibing. Back, and forth with my contact. A friend in Vietnam and he, said because, yesterday, he said. The. Police called, me and they're coming to an investigate. Me in. Vietnam, the, police know, everything, that's going on everywhere they. They have police about, every block they have someone overseeing, a certain turf. And. So, particularly, if you're a Christian, you get investigated. A lot and so he said they notified, me that they're coming. So. They had to clean up their their, area, of Christian, materials, so they hauled that out all, that out so, they wouldn't get our stuff and.

They. Came and interrogated. Him and, they. Had moved since, the last time the police had come and seen, them so they. Tracked him down and, they, interrogated, him and and, asked. Them lots of questions so I said why didn't you just leave town for a while tell him you'll see him in two weeks he said Lou if I told him we. Were gonna leave town and, go up to, the Central Highlands they would have said well why you going, up there. See. People in America, are stupid, they. Think they. Have no idea I fact I was. Telling. My friend in Vietnam, people, have no idea what's. Going on and I said people my. Friend over there I told them people, in America actually want, to become more like you guys he, said Luther crazy in America, people are crazy in America, I said we. People. Can come to you in your city in Vietnam, and tell you to leave just. Leave the city we, don't want you here you belong in another, city and. So. That's what government, has become if you notice what's happening, is government. Is bigger and bigger. Taking. Away your rights. And. You and if it isn't a law to eliminate. Your rights then, they create a permit. Process, where they control your rights so for instance they may not take away your gun but then they say well you have to have a permit, to get a gun to, have a gun a concealed, gun says. Nothing like that in the Constitution, they just made that up extra, now. I was just reading last night in a magazine one, of the listeners recommended. To me a number of years ago called range, it's. Everybody. Ought to be read it's called range and. It's talking about how the Bureau of Land Management has, come in and, under. Obama has. Been taking, water rights away from farmers, that have been on that ground, from, the 1800's. Before the Bureau of Land Management even, was a thought. In a legislators, mind and they. Are now coming in taking away the water rights and, then. Bankrupting. Ranches. And farmers. Throughout. The West. So. Constantly. Government, wants to grow bigger how do they how do they get bigger because they, create some kind of crisis, and then, they think well we need to hire a person, to oversee that crisis, like they created the homeless crisis, in, Yuba. County and Sutter County and then they we hired a homeless czar. And. Paid. Her seventy eighty thousand, dollars a year and then we created a homeless camp, called. Bend or zoo next, to the rescue mission and paid a few hundred thousand more dollars. So. We. Just constantly, expand, government I'm gonna go over that, today because there's an article in the appeal Democrat, in yesterday, morning's, paper, by, Jake Abbott, talking about that, public. Safety, officials are. Claiming, we're, running out of money and we're not going to be able to save, your life, dammit, because. We're just we're just running out of money are we out of time we, had it we got one more minute so, this is the same story, we heard a couple years ago from the city and Marysville which is a big crock of crap and, they. Lied to us but, they lied, smooth enough with. The backing of Roy lanza and David Lanza's money doing. The Public Relation scam, that. A bunch of you and marisol voted for it so now we pay an extra 1% sales, tax we're, up to eight, eight. And a half percent and, now. There's now the county, of Yuba is going to ask. Us. To. Add taxes, probably, on our property, and sales. Because. They claim we. Just have been working. Our fingers to, the bone managing. Every little, red cent, as they used to call it and. We. Just. Can't find enough dollars to protect, you. So. Please, come to a meeting next week to help us think this through the fact is they've already got it figured out it's a big bunch of public relations BS. And. And. They got sheriff. Der fer and chief. Webb snookered, into this and. And, I'm gonna talk about the rest of it and it's gonna get gnarly so hang on right, after we take a break. Are. You content, being a slave of California, government, I'm Randy Thomason. With your save California. Comm minute you're, already, suffering, from two high gas taxes.

You'll, Be hit with higher DMV, fees starting, in January, then, you'll see another hike when California's, more expensive, summer blend of gas kicks in and if the price of oil increases, you'll pay even more obviously. We must repeal, the corrupt, and unnecessary, tax and fee hikes of the Democrat politicians and, we must stop them from doing it again that's. Why I'm happy that a constitutional. Amendment has, been filed and approved for signatures, its language is solid, but, to have a realistic chance this. Gas tax repeal. Needs a conservative, multi-millionaire. To pay for, professional signature-gathering. See, more at save, california. Com fighting. The good fight for your values, in, California. Bringing. New meaning to the term first, responders, fellow community members stepping, forward volunteering. Their time to, help others faced, with, it might be some of the most traumatic incidents. In their lives it's, called the trauma intervention program. Or tip, it's, been used in communities, across the United States for, years and it's volunteers, have been dispatched, to provide what they call emotional, first, aid a collaboration, between, police, paramedics. Fire departments, and even hospital. Staff is making, sure residents are, emotionally, taken care of in a time of crisis, residents. Are volunteering, their time with, the trauma intervention program. Or tip, dispatched. To the scene of a fire, accident, or death to focus on the emotional needs of those left behind it's, just being there and being comforting. Like, a good friend or an extension, of your family ready to assist sit and listen to community, members in a time of tragedy to, learn more about the trauma intervention, program visit Yuba, Sutter tip org, or, call 673. 9300. Hello liberty-loving patriots, this is christian hall Liberty's, lobbyist, and founder, of Liberty first University, you're listening to live with Liu on kmy, c14. 10:00 a.m. the, patriot, the founding fathers and mothers didn't, pledge their lives their, fortunes and, their sacred honor, so we could sit around and rest on their laurels they, expected, us to exercise, our, god-given rights, and to practice eternal, vigilance to monitor, and hold accountable our fellow citizens to whom we delegate, power the federal government, is not the supreme law of the land a constitution. Is to learn more about the Constitution. And to help Lou and me get the word out about how our founders, truly, wanted this republic to operate visit, me at Kris and halt calm, and at Liberty first University. In. The crude mathematics. Of murder communism. Must be reckoned the most lethal, ideology. Ever, devised, by human intelligence. The. Transatlantic slave trade killed, maybe 10 million people the, Nazis may, be murdered 17, million communism. Globally, killed, 100. Million, people, some. Shot into pits some, arrested, at night and taken, off to gulag some starved, as state. Policy in order to enforce, collectivization. So. How is it a hundred. Years after, the Bolshevik Revolution that, you still, have people wearing. Che Guevara t-shirts, saying, that the idea of socialism, wasn't so bad it was messed up in the implementation arguing. Even that, it makes them morally. Superior. The. Idea, that, real socialism, has never been tried is one of the more enduring myths in. Human. Discourse but, to see what's wrong with it just try, replacing, the word socialist, with the word fascist. Imagine. Somebody saying well. We. Shouldn't judge fascism. By, the regimes, in the 1930s, that called themselves fascist. Real. Fascism, as a textbook, theory has never been tried that would of course be a ridiculous, position we, all see that fascism leads in the end to, bloodshed war, and oppression and so has every, single, communist. Regime, Afghanistan. Bulgaria, Cuba they all rely on torture. On firing. Squads and on, labor, camps 100. Years on it's, time to recognize the evil for what it was. All. Right, welcome. Back. We're, talking about government, and how government is taking. Over, more. And more of our liberty as government, expands, your liberty shrinks.

We. Just heard a clip on socialism, let me just help you I've traveled in many. Communist, countries, I was there in Russia right after the fall of communism. There's. A story about Boris, Yeltsin, when he left. His country when I when I went to Moscow. The first time and we. Went to buy groceries, we rented, an apartment over, there to set up a translating, operation, and hired a couple Russian computer. People to. Produce. Literature, for us so we went down to get groceries and we're all sleeping in this apartment together that. We use as an office and went down to the grocery store I'd never been to a Russian, grocery store and you stood in line and then. You gave a list, of what you wanted to, clerk, and then they ran around the store and picked it up and. There. Really wasn't anything on the shelves, and they. Said oh we don't have that no we don't have that no no don't do that so you just waited you you fronted the money and, you. Gave him the list you fronted the money and then, they brought you a box of the stuff. So. It said that, in. Capitalism. The. Bread waits for you like I was in the grocery store yesterday and there's a whole aisle, with, all different kinds of bread there's pumpernickel, bread there's rye bread there's sourdough, bread there's white bread there's various, white breads there's, wheat. Breads. Russian. Rye bread all, kinds, of breads sliced. Bread unsliced, bread. They. Say in capitalism, the bread waits for, you crying, out from the shells buy me buy, me. Tape. Me and. People. Fight to put their bread on the shelf because they, want to sell their product so they want some space on that shelf to peddle their new bread like the 7 seed whole-wheat, bread but. In socialism. Where, as in capitalism, the bread waits for, you in socialism. You. Stand in line and wait for bread. That's. The difference. And so, what, we have now, is because. We, are hundreds of years since the founding, fathers, came. Up with this plan. We. Actually have a government that doesn't even look anything, like, what they planned and it doesn't. Follow. The Constitution. As you just heard Chris and Hall say later. They may people. Think the federal, government with the federal, government, says that by golly we got to follow it, Chris. And so Chris, and Hall says no you don't have to follow any law if it violates, the Constitution well, most of what's going on in our country. Violates. The Constitution. And I'll talk a little bit more about it later. So. What. We have in in right. Down to the local government, we have the same exact, problems in local. Government as we had at state government and we have at the federal government we have morality. Problems, we. Have people getting fondles. Sexual. Issues at the local level, as well as the other levels, we have, people. Mismanaging, our money people want to take away our rights people wanting, to not cut back not shrink, the. Swamp not, drain the swamp we don't have people in any party, want to drain that swamp neither. At the local level so all you hear at the local level is we need more money we. Can't we, just can't survive without more money so this article yesterday is. That. The. Mainly. It's law enforcement, but now. They've thrown in fire it's. Short of money and they start talking about the fact that we've been short, ever since the recession. Do you remember the recession, that, was created by the the. Housing. Crash. Where the, the. Liberals starting back to Clinton, said everybody, deserves, a house even if they can't afford it so they forced the Federal Reserve System to, loan. People money that. Could not pay it and so when they when they begin to the payments started rolling in or the bills. Started rolling in they couldn't pay it then people foreclosed, on houses, and all of a sudden we had a glut and it just backed up and banks were going bankrupt in so, we went into a recession you remember that and. Yuba. County was one of the fastest, growing counties at that time housing, house, building wise in the state do you remember that because the property, is really cheap up here and the, supervisors. At that time thought, somehow, they got thinking, you know we all as human beings tend to think more highly of ourselves and, we ought, according. To the Bible, which. You can count on not, on government, and so, they thought that somehow there was something they were doing those five supervisors, to create that great, boom in Yuba County and so they thought my, God we're so important, and we, are way underpaid, and they doubled their pay and they. Went from about in the, high 30s to. $80,000. Over a couple. Raises. When. You count in all the benefits, health and and did you know that Supervisors. Actually have retirement so they got all these raises, and the other thing they did when. They when, all this money was coming in for building fees and. There. Was a boom going on in Yuba County is a Robert.

Ben Dorf and the supervisors. Robert. Ben Dorf is the County Administrator, said. We need we we feel so kindly, towards, all of our employees we want to give them, retroactive. Raises all, the way back to the first day of employment, some. Of them got raises, bump, their pay over a thousand, dollars a month. From. What they in other words these people agreed, to work for a certain amount of money and came. To work for the county and worked for it in the county for many years and got raises, here and there but. That we went and gave them said we we love you so much and we got all this money we don't know what to do with we're going to give you retroactive. Raises and those raises, actually, then will follow you right into, CalPERS, pensions. And bump. Your pensions, way up spike, your pensions, so, they did all that right they gave themselves raises. They gave the entire county raises, and then. The crash happened. They. Should have been reading the Bible because it said the Bible says you shouldn't presume upon the future and do stupid stuff like that but then the crash happened, do. You think that they took any of that money back or those raises back do you think that the supervisors. Took, responsibility. For that crash. Even. Though they took kind of responsibility. For the boom. Nope. They didn't take any responsibility in, fact I remember, when Andy Vasquez, when he got elected or got appointed, he brought up the fact that he thought they ought to cut, back, their salaries, and they they made fun of him and mocked him and. John. Nicoletti, and Mary, Jane gray go says we, deserve every nickel we can get and. If. You don't pay people a, ton of money. You're. Not going to be able to get good quality candidates, even though they, joined and half the price. So. On we go into, the. Recession, and then we've made, a slow comeback, but another thing that happened in the 1990s, in Yuba County was. There was a sheriff named Gary Tyndall, who decided. We needed to expand, the jail remodel, a jail and instead. Of just remodeling, it for Yuba County, prisoners. He. Thought hey the federal government, is looking for, jails to rent, space, and we, could actually bring, money into the county by building, a bigger jail and, renting. Out space as, say back then it was probably 40 or 50 dollars a bed per night. Which. Obviously you provide room and board and medical, now. It's up to about $70. A night I think and about five or six million dollars a year income, so he came up with this idea of since we're gonna construct this thing let's fill this whole block Cortez Square as they called it and so.

He Made a cash cow or he made an income, generating. Operation. And to. House immigration. Deportees. Or people that are fighting immigration. Issues and had been had, committed, crimes and then that an immigration, hold on they put them in our Jail one of many places in the United States so is but, what happened then instead of the. The. Sheriff, continuing. To be funded, out of the out of the funds of the taxes, of the taxpayers, and then. This other money this immigration, money being, used to. Cover. The housing, of the immigration, officials, and then any profits, being set aside for special, operations or something. More, and more of the sheriff's, budget, it, is this, is what government does it baits and switches. So it can move funds around so it began to take funds away, from taxpayer. Funds away from the Sheriff's Department and, replace. Those and told them to live on the immigration funds, in other words the, immigration, money was covering. The immigration. Holds. The people in that we're being held by the, immigration, authorities plus, use, the profits, to. Fund. Your, sheriff operation. So they kept taking money out of the sheriff's pocket, out of the general fund and spending. It on other things what, were other things more. Employees, more, salaries, higher salaries, more, employees, do you see any big improvements. Around the county nope. So. So. That's exactly, what happened, and so, sheriff. Der FIR has. Euphemistically. Referred, to the, immigration, money as ice. Crack. That's immigration and customs enforcement. It's. Called ice crack, in other words. It. Feels good while you got it but if you ever got to get off it you're gonna have a really tough, time, it's. A false sense of euphoria and. So. They've been living, with ice crack, and living. Under the immigration, funding, but. Now that isn't even sufficient. Because why because, they keep raising the, cost. Where are these extra costs coming from well, they. Say most County will say well if we don't raise it it's, like every. County says that about every other County there's 58 counties in California, so they say if we don't raise it then they're gonna go to X County if we don't raise it they're going to Hawaii County we don't raise. It they're gonna do a and B counties. The. Other thing that that, has been a killer is two, things, CalPERS, the, retirement, fund and, the. Health funds. The. Cost of health insurance they. Can't afford it. The. Benefits, and the raises. Have. Continually. Been authorized. By the supervisors. That's who authorizes. Then go the the changes, in the salary. Structure, the. Supervisors. Approve that and then. They go to the unions, who. They negotiate, with when. It's time to get reelected because they're making, $80,000. A year plus a retirement, and they. Say hey we got your back when last, you, know we out we love you we supported, you during your races support. Me to get reelected and so they do and, then when it's time for raises, again they go to supervise so you remember all that money and those, we walk the streets for you and then, they raise the set then they raise, they. Raised votes and money for their supervisor, they just, go back and forth and back and forth it's incestuous, right. It's. Like you can't find a a partner. In life so you have sex with your niece.

It's. Convenient, close to home easy. So. That's what we have now is is we, have let. Me give you a sense of some, of these salaries. Robert. Bend are these are 2016. Salaries. These are lower than they are now. We. Have a 16, we have 11 people in the county that are getting paid over $200,000. A year now these people the. When. You think of Yuba County. Let's. See here. The. Per capita, income in Yuba County is twenty one thousand, four hundred and eighteen dollars, that's. If you take, all the income in the county and divide it by all the people in the county. It's. Two thousand, twenty one thousand, four hundred eighteen dollars if you look at median, household, income, that's, counting all the income in the. Households, and the, median, is halfway between. The. Lowest and the highest right. It's, forty eight thousand, seven hundred thirty nine so, a household, a median, the, middle of the most, of the households, right in the middle are, making around say. Forty, five to fifty fifty five thousand, dollars right. Hold. That thought as I tell you these salaries. There's. A seventy, about 75,000. People in Yuba County now in. Order to man. The government. Let's, see the government. We. Have a thousand, 13 employees working, for Yuba County, 689. Our year-round and. We. Got some part-timers. Right. In. Order to manage them and. And. This. Is the level of government that. We have grown. Into. We. Have Robert bend or fad County Administrator. 277,000. Sheriff, der fer, 267,000. I'm not even gonna add that final, hundreds, of dollars Patrick. McGrath District, Attorney. 264,000. Nicole quick Health Officer. 261,000. Kevin. Malin Community, Development, Service. Agency, director. 239,000. The. County Council she's. Gone but they got a new one she. Was at 230. Almost. 240,000. Jennifer. Vasquez, head of Health, and Human Services, welfare. Basically. 227,000. There's. A bunch of them in the 200 thousands. Now. I. Am. All for law enforcement and, fire because it's constitutional. And it's biblical we. Need it right it's, public service, we got it all. The other stuff, health. Welfare. Ain't, even in them it isn't even in the Constitution that's. Just extra, foofaraw, now, this is this is a shocker I'm gonna give you some numbers, on people, that are just managing. People. That ain't working. Health. And welfare welfare, health, and human service. Air, cuz it has a baggage. With it Jennifer. Vasquez, who, is director, of Health and Human Services is. 227,000. And change, Tina. Taylor, director of child support. 206,000. And change, Kathleen, Cole deputy. Director of Health and Human Services. 190,000. And change. Pamela, Mirage deputy. Director of Health and Human Services, 185,000. And change we even got a chief, information officer. Let's see we got 75,000. People in Yuba, County we. Have to have an information. Officer to. Inform. Us of stuff right. $185,000. For that got. It. Let's. See. Who. Else we got here that I can tell you about how about this person, Carol, Newsome health and human, program. Manager. Just. Keeping track all the programs one hundred fifty four thousand and change, now. When you add up these Health and Human Services just, people that are over welfare this is stuff the churches, and nonprofits, used to do before government, took over charity, this is for charity this, is taking, your money. Andy. Vasquez, was talking in his show earlier with a couple supervisors, we had three supervisors and here's talking about people stealing from each other this is legalized, theft we.

Have Government passing. Laws you didn't get to vote on it and they, pass laws to. Create. More government. Then. To fund that they raise the taxes, that you didn't have anything to do with they. Take your taxes, and then they give it out to people that are making in, a in a one, of the poorest, if not the poorest, county, of 58, in California. People, are making, approaching. 300,000. A year then, when you add up these. Five women. That. Are working running. Health and Human Services. It's. Over a million dollars a year. Almost. Almost 1.1. Million a year, these. People, are wanting more of your money now, they. Say it's for, it's. For. Law. Enforcement, now. Let me just tell you in recent, history some, of you are already forgetting, this the. City of Marysville. After. Making. A very, bad investment decision. Which they shouldn't even be involved in making investments, the city of Marisol no one has any skill down there with they. Shouldn't be risking taxpayers. Money for anything. They. Risked, it they they, got us into a 17, million. Dollar, bond. Payback. On. 5.5, acres, right, across from Ellis Lake it's just barren ground that they're hoping that somebody will come in and buy from them they, bought that right before the recession. They've. Rebounded. It they bonded it twice they bonded, it then they rebounded, it because they still couldn't make the payments they can't make the payments on it so instead of like saying we, screwed, up and now we need to have a tax increase to pay back this bond what they said was we're. Not going to be able to provide you police and fire, they. Lied just flat-out, lied and they got in a big developer. By the name of Roy and David Lanza to fund that the development. Because, the, City Council is forbidden. By. Law, to. Campaign, and pay, taxpayer dollars to. Against. The people on a tax increase so, they went out and they got a developer. To. Fund that and then, they turned around and gave him a marijuana dispensary, now how about that so. What we have is the first time they went out for an election, on that, the voters turned it down the second time they went out with the lanza money and sent, out a lot of slick flyers, convinced. Enough people to. Raise taxes, by 1%. Because. Of the way they. Designed. That, measure. Or, proposition. However you want to say it. They. Were not mandated. By law to use that for any particular reason the, money 1.5. Million a year coming in for 10 years that and so. They. Said hey trust us you. Can trust us we love you guys were your City Council people trust, us and we're. Going to actually get, a citizen's, committee, to oversee. Us and give you confidence, in us so they'll make. Sure that all this money that we're bringing in goes to police and fire. You. Heard anything about that committee. Do. You think that money went towards the police and fire you know what the first thing they did was when. They saw collecting that money they. Raised the salaries, of, employees. In. The. City including, the administrator. The county, manager, Walter, munch himer as. If. He you know in government, you do not have to perform well to get a raise did you know that I, never. Got a raise in my life that I didn't it wasn't based on performance, just, because I breathed and they then I had normal, blood pressure they, did not give me a race but. In government, if you breathe and your, walk but is warming, the seat you. Get a raise, and. So. Walter munch i'ma got a raise in just a few months later when the city man the City Council. Disagreed. With him on an issue he. Quit and he, took his spike, and pay, to. Increase. His entire mint and he's moving and. That great. So. When they promised. Oh we're gonna use all this money for police and fire. They. Didn't, and, you. Know what happened next, not. Only did the money not. Be dedicated, to police and fire they turned around and, they bonded. Another. About a million, dollars. In. Other words bond out there Lynde and all of us that means you go to your buddy and get, in somebody, fronts you some money so you can go buy some dope.

So. They got some money fronted, to him and they bought 19, brand-new police cars, now did they need police cars yeah they probably needed some new police cars did they need 19, no they didn't need 19 all but they just got a deal they couldn't refuse I don't. Know how many out there. Believe. In borrowing money but, I'll tell you you can't find anywhere, in the world that endorses, that in money management whether, it's biblical or not going, out and borrowing money borrow money borrow money as, they. Say in the Bible the, borrower, is servant, to the lender in, this. Case the borrower is the taxpayers, of Marysville. We're. Servant, to, the lender in other words of our money instead. Of going to improve parks to, the curbs gutters sewage. Trees. Plant trees improved things it's, just going to interest. Millions. Of dollars in interest each, year. And. We were told that this extra. 1% tax, was going to secure us police and fire well it did because we had to go back out and borrow more money right, after we give them an 1% and there's. No guarantee, do, you think if we change, three City Council people at the next election any of those people are going to be, cognisant. That. Means. Remembering. Or familiar. With or care about. The. Commitment, they made you, think politicians, making. A verbal commitment, that is not in law, there's. Nothing, in law there's nothing on the books there's, nothing mandated. That, you can take them to court and say you misappropriated. Funds they can spend that money on, dr.. Pepper cases, of dr. pepper they, can do whatever they want with that money. Build. A new city hall do. Whatever they want that extra tax now we have Yuba County saying, we're. All going to meet - we're, all going to meet here. This this coming Tuesday we want you to come on over at 1:00 they're gonna start at 9:00 in the morning about at 1:30, they're going to discuss, ways. To raise money this, has nothing, to do with you all. It is is a bagel. Whoopty. Doopty and. The. Fact is, they're. Going to put. On the ballot eventually, put on the ballot to raise taxes. And, it'll. Only take 50%, of, you plus one of you 50%. Plus one to get that passed and there's, going to be no guarantees. Okay.

We're Gonna come that's the bad sign right there that I've spoke too long we'll, be right back for two more hours. You. All. Right. Well. We got no live stream because somebody stole the box, but. We got the water turned on so Santos broke away while he's running the board and went out there and did some plumbing. So. I have. A clip, that. I want to play that, just is, so symbolic, of, the, waste in, government. And. The. Mismanagement, of government, it's it's trey gowdy who's. The congressman. From, South, Carolina. Questioning, people, from the. Government, Services Agency, our General, Services Agency, for the government, here. Our. Fellow citizens frustration. With government, they are absolutely. Convinced. That we. Spend, their money differently, from the way that we would, spend our own and they are exactly. Correct. The. Rest of America cannot comprehend. Of a, $44. Breakfast. They. Are pouring, generic, brand cereal. While. You are eating a, $44. Breakfast. The. Rest of America would never conceive. Of. A. Seven dollar Monte, Cristo mini sandwich. And. Neither. Would you if you were spending your own money. You. Don't go out of your pocket, and buy commemorative, coins I don't know anyone, who does that. But. We don't hesitate, to spend taxpayer. Money on a trinket. Like, that. Giving. Bicycles, to indigent children, is a wonderful. Idea I hate. That you robbed yourself. Of the satisfaction, of knowing, what it feels like to, do it yourself instead, of spending, someone, else's money to, do it. The. Ostensible purpose of, this hearing. Was. To exchange ideas. You. Know Alexander Graham Bell has this marvelous invention. Called a telephone. Or. Better. Yet a video conferencing. The. Notion. That you have to spend eight hundred thousand, dollars to exchange ideas is, laughable. And perhaps. Criminal. And. The. Part that galls me the most is the hypocrisy of. GSA. Not even following, its own damn, rules. You. Are so quick to make everyone, else follow the rules and you can't follow your own rules. You. Have an event planner on staff, that. Will. Come as quite a surprise to most taxpayers, what, will come is even more of a surprise is the fact that you even use them you, paid somebody, else, to, plan the event despite. The fact that you have event planners, at taxpayer. Salary. And. The. Scouting trips, you know mr. chairman, the tribes of Israel, sent 12 Scouts into, the Promised Land before, they decided to invade and GSA. Has to spend send 15, to, Las Vegas to. Check out a hotel. Do. You not see the outrage, in that mr.. Robberson, do. You see it. Absolutely. This conference was outrageous. Well. I'm not going to be a self-congratulatory. Some, other people are I think the fact that we're having a hearing is a loss. Most. People don't need a hearing to know that you don't spend other people's money the way that money was spent at this conference we don't, need a list of recommendations, from. The inspector, general, we. Don't need to be reminded that you can't negotiate a, discount, on a purse. Because. The the, US government, decided to contract, with a hotel that, is criminal, and. A. Mind-reader. My. Guess is they will not need a mind-reader to find out the American, public has, lost. Confidence, in the institutions. Of government, and, the response, I. Want. To diagnose mr. inspector general that's a great way to get people's attention an indictment. Not. A memo, not. Corrective, measure and, indictment. I, went. Through your report and I wrote 25. Times what's, the penalty what's. The penalty for. Doing what, you found that they did what. Is the penalty for negotiating, a discount, on. A purse. For your personal, use because. You work for the government and you steered work what's the purpose, what's the penalty for. Tipping. Off a competitor.

Of Another bid. That. Sounds remarkably, criminal. To me mr. inspector general. All. Right. The. Reason I played that is that that goes on in our, own community. I'll give you an example. The. Yuba County Supervisors. Are going to be asking, you for more, money. Robert. Bend orphaned his wife both work for the county, they. Make together about, four hundred and thirty, thousand. Dollars. A year if you can do the math that's about 30-some, thousand, dollars a month. And. What. What. Trey gowdy was telling, the general services, people is they went out and got some bicycles. For indigent, kids they. Said why don't you use their own money to do that. Did. You feel good about taking. Someone, else's money be like me. Taking my neighbor's money and going, on giving it to the poor. But. That's exactly what we did in taking. Our taxpayer, money and. Building. A camp and starting, to fund people that, are homeless. Quote-unquote. Vagrants. Derelicts, whatever. Happened, to them everybody's. Got something happened to them even people are living in houses they're having tough times at different times getting cancer, having, kids die was just with a, family. At the hospital, who's 12 month, old boy died so they had a house so everything. Ain't as bad as just not having a house. But. The supervisors, felt good that each supervisors. Making, $80,000. A year over there and Yuba County plus, we everybody's, doing really good over there a hundred, two hundred and seventy thousand, seven, seven thousand dollars for Robert bend orphan life, Melanie, worked for the DA's office making, another hundred and fifty. Two thousand. Honestly. They. Could fund that whole homeless thing themselves, and still have plan to live on but instead it's, somehow. The taxpayers. Responsibility. But we didn't have any say in it. And now we're out of money. Just. Because of my many. People know that I I'm. Not employed by the territorial, dispatch. I used. To write some articles for the appeal Democrat. I mean letters to the editor and then I finally. Quit because they always wanted to change him and I thought well I used to tell them if they you want to change my letter why don't you just sign it yourself, so. I just finally quit fussing, with them. They. Didn't want to do their own research they wanted me to do the research for them so, anyway, I wrote I started writing an article here, and then for the territorial, but because of my involvement. With the territorial, I know, this to be true. Most. Of you know what a legal, notice is sometimes, when you start a business you get a business license, you have to file a legal notice or maybe you get a divorce you do an adoption or, you do this or that or change your name you got to do a legal notice it's a legal document you. Have to pay to put in the paper and paper screw, people because they know they have to put that in the paper so the appeal timmer Kratt without a monopoly, on legal notices for years screwed, people, with the rates go, check them out for yourself. They. Had a monopoly on you Ben Sutter counties, and a few years ago the. Territorial. Because it's expanding. Circulation. And been in business for years and years and years got all so adjudicated. So then you had a choice just like you could go buy a Chevy or a Ford or, a Toyota or a Nissan, and you. Could compare, so. Now you could compare, column. Inches and. You. Are fulfilling the same legal, rules. Legal. Requirements, but. You could buy your your, inches run, your ad in a different paper at maybe. Anywhere. From 25, to. Nearly. 40% difference. Cheaper. Than the appeal. So. When the owner of the territorial. Went to, the. Different department, heads in Yuba County because counties, and cities, have to run their own ads. He. Went to both the city and the county. And. They. Just said we're, not going to run ads with you, they. They said well first of all you don't have the circulation. Or you in the timing will be wrong all of that was baloney. In. Fact. Danvers WA. The. Treasurer, of the the, county of yuba recently. Said the, reason I don't run my ads with the territorial. Is you don't have the circulation. That, the appeal does but he didn't realize that, the appeal, Democrat doesn't even serve. The. Hill country of Yuba County any longer and the, territorial, is the only one, he. Didn't know what he was talking about any, and, so the taxpayers, these are the same people that want you to raise your taxes. Because they, have, run out of money in the county of Yuba and, yet. They're paying twenty-five, to, thirty eight percent I think. Inc, more, than they have to on all the ads they run in the paper, whenever. There's they're, having to declare anything. Legally. So. You think oh you, mean they're not they're, not looking out for our best interests, I just had I. Had, a lunch, with the Caltrans worker here recently and he was commenting about my comments, about all the Caltrans, workers walking, around the streets of Mary's old drinking lattes, during the day with their ID tags around their neck and.

He. Was commenting to me that in in. Caltrans. Although. He said please don't use my name. He. Said Lou we, spend way more than, we have to for any of the products, that we use and. You. Can just imagine all the products they use right, you see people going up down the street they're painting, their building, there they're. Using. Coatings, they're using signs medals, all kinds of stuff right, he. Said we pay way more than, we need to because. Sales. People, lobbyists. Go to the. Legislators. And then they tell the heads of Caltrans. Or the go to head of Caltrans and they say you got to use these guys and it isn't the cheapest price. Same. Thing goes on, between. The territorial, dispatch and the, appeal Democrat. The. Appeal Democrat, kisses, the ass of the, county. And so they give them the money that's. How that works, it's, called crony, capitalism, and. Then. That same people that are doing that and getting paid two hundred and seventy seven thousand, dollars a year to supposedly. Run a really, efficient. And honest. County. You're. Getting ripped off left and right how if they're doing that on newspaper, ads what, else are they doing that on. In. The. Mid-90s. The. Supervisors. Wanted to have. A. Attacks. On hotels, called a transit, occupancy. Tax, and. The. Reason for that I want you to listen to the reasons, because the reasons, never hold up oh we need to, raise 1%, in the city of Marisol to keep our Police Department. They'll. Take care of our police and fire and then. They use the money to give all the employees raises, so. They wanted this transit, occupancy, tax at eot they. Called it at EOT, and they. Asked a Hal stalker, who was the. Supervisor. In the fifth District and they asked, of a longtime, opponent. John, Missler. He. Was also a supervisor, in that same district, they. They, asked them to do an ad together to to, convince you. To. Pass this tax I remember, voting against it myself. But. It passed because you were convinced, that this, was going to benefit tourism, this tax, we. Were told was. Going to go into a fund to attract, tourism, to. Yuba County and that. Would help, businesses. Etc. Etc. Advertise. The lakes the rivers the, fishing the hunting the skiing etc. You. Know where that tax went. That. Transit, occupancy, tax. It. Went in the general fund it just got lost in the general fund and went out to. Buy. Goodies, in raises. And just, general. Spent. Add. More, employees. Now. You know something I. Know. A lot of people work for the county. In. Fact some of them helped me at the jail I have health officials, coming in the jail and they, teach on STDs, and that's, sexually, transmitted, diseases out there and all of us you need to watch that guys, and, also. I. Teach. On tobacco and. Nutrition. And, health and. They. Do you know I didn't they're all nice people.

But. Honestly people when are we gonna just why, why. Do we feel like we need to run a health, department or. Welfare. Department. Or. Public Works. Some. Of it maybe we need like Public Works but why don't we just subcontract, that out I. Was. Having a talk in the lobby before. We started today with Randy Fletcher and I said Randy nobody's, want to change anything, they. Don't want to change at the federal level it doesn't matter what initials, after the name whether it's a D or an R they, don't want to change jack because they have an interest in an investment, in keeping things the way they are even, if they're screwed up. Why. Do we need multiple, administrators. Over Health and Human Services is, it that big of an operation, maybe we should get some of these people off welfare. Maybe. We should just tell the state we don't want to run want to run. Want to run a welfare operation. Well. I I left. This scale out she's a deputy do all these directors. And then we have a deputy, director, his deputy, director of child support services one, hundred and forty five thousand, dollars we. We created welfare, the government said we we can do better with welfare then, the nonprofit's. Can we. Know how to we know how to hand out money so. These people are professional, givers. They. Don't hold anybody accountable but. They give it away and man. It, uh who. Would have believed when you went to college but get into social services you can make a hundred and you could get rich working. For these welfare why, don't we just cut some of these outfits out why don't we cut some of these administrators. Out why don't we cut why, don't we just eliminate the health department and. Have. That done buy it right out hospital or one of these clinics and offer, health services. The. Constitution, said we need to have law enforcement which, would include the justice, system, to prosecute. People that are doing stupid stuff but the rest of it is foofaraw. Optional. But. You think they're going to make it now they're gonna what they're gonna do is make you feel like you were included, and. They're. Gonna ask for 1% and do you think there's gonna be any guarantee, that that's going to go to the sheriff's department in fact the last paragraph. Is. Interesting. Jake Abbott wrote this for the appeal Democrat and. Let. Me just read I'm going to read it if voters, were to approve a 1%, tax increase, for the unincorporated areas, of the county Consultants. Estimate. You. Know it's interesting you pay, you. Pay an administrator. $277,000. He can't figure it out himself he got a hiring a consultant. Consultants. Estimate, the increase would generate an additional 4.3. Million in his first full year of, implementation implementation. Okay. Fine. Listen. To this, bendure, said that the additional revenue, would help the county, rebound. From the recession, it didn't say help, fund a law, enforcement and. Fire. He, just said would help the county rebound, from the recession and potentially. Enhance the amount of services, potentially. Enhance. The amount of services, and programs that are provided to local residents, there's. No guarantee. Here, at all, that. It would solve the law enforcement, problem of being. Down 20. Or 30 positions. In their department, from what they were. When. It was high living in the late. 2000s. In, in 2006-7. Or the early 2000s, 2006 7 8 when they had like 50, people on patrol. In. The patrol ranks and they, had more dispatchers, etc, etc you. Know, people. When. Are we gonna you. Know how many bonds, are we going to pass for water conservation, or, water resources, and they use the the, money for bike trails how many times you're going to vote for that. Well. This is what's going to happen I want to spend any more time on it where, I got, more things to talk about but I just wanted to give you a shot you can read the article in the paper online, or. In, the appeal Democrat yesterday, and. But. The. Fact is the county. We're. Making we could get the poorest county of, of. The 58 counties that were making people rich can you imagine two, people get. Married and, weren't and little Oh Yuba County it's just 70,000 people you think just a couple people can manage the needs, we're. Not talking about managing, the lives of seventy seventy, seven thousand people were just simply overseeing. County. Government, the thing is if we got county governments smaller we wouldn't have to pay people so much or so many people, to manage we, got directors, we got deputy directors, we got deputy deputy, deputy directors, we got deputy deputy deputy, directors. Those. People, ain't helping any homeless people they don't even know you, know do you know something that for two hundred seventy seven thousand, people you know when we got down to working with the homeless we had to hire in a consultant.

Named, Scott Thurmond, and you. Know what he said no guarantees, in any of my any of my ideas will even work did you know that if. I had a consultant, tell me that. At. $277,000. You think you could figure out the sales tax and the and the homeless problem I got. People never he went to college they got the homeless thing dial then. Man. All. Right I. Think. I got that covered. All. Right let's see I want to move down here and I, want. To address. This. Sexual. Perversion. In, our. Government, it's. Actually, in society, right and then, we vote people. Into. Office and they take their problems, right in there with them did you know that some, people say you. Know I work for a church for years and we, every. Once in a while we'll have somebody do something wrong sexually, right now they held one. Oh don't you check people both. They don't have a record we you know we were the first church in the entire community to fingerprint. And background, check people because of my connection, with law enforcement so we did that 20. Years ago and. But. You know if somebody doesn't have a record and. You. Don't know what's lurking in their heart right. So. Then they do something stupid you got to address it well then you then, you do something like that then people, say oh that, glad Tiny's Church you, know it's, like on Wednesday night they teach people how to molest, girls, right. Hold. That thought, you know some people just need to go to Yuba college and take a critical thinking, course on how to put two and two together. But. So, we end up with these people in power whether, they be a supervisor, city councilmen. Assemblyman. State. Senator, United, States Senator, and then, they do something stupid they. Think because they're. Big Shot like I'm a supervisor, so I get to grab your butt or massage. Your boobs and. Or. Play around at work, with you and so. Do. You think, were. You stupid enough to think that. These. Hollywood, people didn't. Know that, Weinstein. Was a rapist. Or. That all these other people were molested, in women. Or. Did, you were. You too stupid, to think that. Nancy. Pelosi didn't know these people the, we're Democrat, legislators, weren't, molesting, people. In. Fact they're now the guy the molesters, themselves, were saying Nancy, came in and campaigned. For me and she, knew that I was, dirty. That's. Something and. Then. All of the time they're making, a big deal about Trump, and. All these people did. You notice that these. People all knew all of them were, ripping, off people, molested people that in fact Linna. If Linda. Dunham is that her name Linna Dunham. She. Told the Clinton, campaign, in the, midst of the fight for the presidency that Weinstein. Was a rapist, she just told him that it didn't make any difference to him why because, they were making a lot of money off that dude this. Whole thing, is sick. Corrupt. It, stinks. All the way through it's rotten, right. You ever opened, a piece of fruit and look good on the outside and you open it up you think that Apple just rotten, to the core that's exactly. What our society is. All. The way through we'll be right back we got a

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