MA3 Command Wing XT - Most Versatile onPC Setup Ever?

MA3 Command Wing XT - Most Versatile onPC Setup Ever?

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Today we have a very. Special. Video courtesy, of. Act, lighting now if you've been paying attention, to, anything, grandma. 3, related, you'll know that uh ma lighting, recently released. The. Newest. Piece of hardware, to go along with, the ma3. Family that is the, command, wing, xt. And. Act lighting was kind enough, to send me over the first. Example, of the command wing xt. To make it over to the united, states in fact actually i have it, right here. And, i thought it would be kind of fun to do a little video series. On. This new piece of hardware, now this first video, is, purely, uh first, impressions. And unboxing. Style video we'll take a look at what's inside what you get inside the box and get it up and running, and just kind of poke around with it for a bit if you're more interested, in a full-length, review, or, perhaps like a demo, i'm planning on doing a time code my first time-coded, grand ma3, show. On the command wing xt, stick around for that because those will be published. After this video is published. Also if you stick around, towards the end of the video i'll be telling you how you can win. One, of, three, act, academy, training codes, that uh, we'll be giving away that's to help you kind of bridge the gap between your ma2. And your ma3. Knowledge, in fact i'm going to have to take one of those courses, as well. I'm not exactly. The most well versed in ma3, quite yet, so i'll be taking that course, over the next week, and. Putting together a little show, to show you guys but okay enough enough talking about all this let's, dive right in and uh, see what comes, in the box all right so we got our handy. Leatherman, here, my uh. Wave plus i think is that, i think that's what this one, is. All right the seal is broken. I don't think we'll need this. Anymore. Actually. Before i get too much further here how funny is it that ma, is still using, the the same, cardboard. Box style that i think they've been using, at least since the ma1, so like 20 years or so, i, i bought a an rpu, an ma1, series, rpu. Used off ebay and it showed up in a box, literally looked exactly like this. It's pretty funny to think about. Okay. Looks like i've also been. Blessed, with. A little, swag package, from uh from act lighting i'll dive into that a little bit later. You know i was hoping, to possibly. Get some german air in here but it looks like since they uh. They obviously open this up and put the the swag, package, in this is this is probably, new jersey, air more than anything, so i'll dock a few points for that it's meant to be more of a plug-and-play. Solution. Where you don't have a whole lot of extra stuff to worry about. And that's kind of the whole point of the xt, is, it's supposed to be kind of an, all-in-one, solution. For. You know, small medium-sized. Shows or. You know really compact, touring setups that can't carry a full console. It's all in one unit. So in addition to, the, the wing itself you also get obviously, the dust cover. And a bag full of goodies which we'll, inspect, in a moment here. So there's really not much included, in uh their little accessory, bag here. And that kind of makes sense right just like i was saying it's an all-in-one solution, so, all that's included, in the bag is, the manual. A little quick start guide. And, uh. An, iec, locking iec. To a pbg, or you know, edison, 15 amp, connector i guess that of course, changes depending, on, what country, you're in when you order this and this is one thing that surprises, me about, the. Uh, granite may 3 command wings both. The xt here and the regular command wing that is they're still shipping. With, iec. Connectors, they're locking of course like i mentioned but, it is weird that pretty much i can't think of any other product, in the ma3, series, that has. Locking, iec, connectors, everything else has, true one. And that seems to be where. Every manufacturer, is going with their products so, it is a little bit interesting. I gotta say i'm, i'm excited, to, get a chance to play around with this for the next. Week or so and, put together a little demo show for you guys to see, i uh, originally, started, on an ma2. Command wing i i guess i had an nsp, before that but the command wing the ma2 command wing was like, the first. Piece of m8 gear where like i felt like. Man i can like go and do my own shows and have my own sort of autonomy, i don't have to worry about what console, is at the venue when i show up, and it really. Paved the way for me to. Learn ma, in a more. In-depth way i suppose. And that original, ma2. Command wing as, awesome, as it was definitely, had. Some cons some drawbacks. The size of it for what you got was a little large, there were no motorized, faders. There's a limited number of faders. And. It was expensive, for what it was but i mean, let's be real it's ma lighting. All the stuff is premium, and, of course because it's premium. It gets a premium, price tag and this. Guy, is, no different. In my full review, of the command wing xt we'll be talking, a little bit more in depth about, pricing, and and where this falls in terms of.

Value, And priced, performance. With other ma3, solutions, as well as, other ma2, solutions, because in my mind ma2. Is still. A. A very, valuable, platform. To learn in fact i still recommend, most people if they're, coming into ma. To. Skip ma3, for now and go back to ma2, just because it is so ubiquitous. In um, in the touring and live, event. Concert, industry. That being said the command wing xt, is no doubt an expensive. Piece of kit, and the pricing on this will vary depending, on where you are in the world and what sort of relationship, you have. With, your dealer or distributor. If you are interested, in getting more information, about the commando, xt. I've linked, act, lighting or act, lighting i called it a ct for a while but then, people from. Act lighting started calling it act lighting. And, it's just all messed up in my head so if i switch back and forth between the two, i'm sorry. But i have, put their information. Down below. In, the description. Of this video so make sure to, check them out and. Say thank you for allowing, us to take a first look. At this piece of kit but as i was saying. The, price on these things is going to vary. Depending on where you are. In the u.s i just kind of. Glanced at online, prices, so of course this isn't like special dealer pricing or anything like that, but you can. Expect somewhere around the 12 to 12 and a half thousand dollar range, for. This piece of on pc. Hardware, yeah. It is expensive. Now before we entirely, leave that topic, of, value i do want to bring up one thing. That um. I think is really important, about the xt and that is that. Just by itself it unlocks. 4096. Ma3. Parameters, which is. The on pc. Limit. So, all in one unit, you have all of your on pc. Possible, parameters. Unlocked. And that is nice whereas, before with ma2. If you wanted to get up to your 4096. You would need a command wing. Plus a fader wing. And then a computer to connect all that together. So when you put it in that sort of context. Any improvements. In the physical, layout. And the the uh the future software, updates that ma3, is going to offer. Um. The price doesn't seem that much more different, than, having your own kind of custom, built. Uh. Ma2. On pc, solution, it's, it's still more expensive. And i'll, again go over that in my full review video as well, but, when you price everything out. Considering this is a brand new piece of gear. It's pretty good proposition. So with that little sidebar, discussion, out of the way, let's uh take a little tour, of the physical layout. And. Talk a little bit about, the input. And output. On, the back panel. Both the command wing and the command wing, xt. Have identical, layouts, to the granima. 3. Compact. There's also a compact, xt which adds an extra, bank of, five faders but other than that the layouts, are identical. I think it's nice, to kind of delineate. The two different, types, of layouts we have the layouts, with, the the two extra screens that we see on the, grand ma3, full size in the grand ma3, lite, and then the layout, for. Basically. Everything, else. It's nice to have a, pretty similar, user experience, between. Different, hardware, setups. First big thing to point out uh we finally have. Motorized. Faders. On, a command wing, product, this is like probably, the most, demanded, or requested, or complained about thing i know from all my friends who had command wings and just reading through, forum and facebook group posts so it's a it's a real nice thing to see that the motorized, faders have made it down. Into, the on pc. Series of products, so we get our 10 executor. Faders, as well as, two master, playback, section faders these are the, 100 millimeter, faders that control, your selected, executor, or. You can have them set to, speed masters, or, other sorts of special masters if you want. One thing that is missing. From, this command wing, in comparison, to its, older, granimay, 2, counterpart, is there is of course, no longer. A, grand master, fader. It would be right here but it's been, replaced, by this assignable. Encoder, knob which you can both. Click. And, scroll, very clicky, scroll. But yeah that can be assigned to a grandmaster, if you like or you can assign your grandmaster, to. One of the other, 12 faders, on the unit, now i'm one of those people i really like having.

A Grand master, dedicated, fader that can't be assigned, to anything else so i am a little sad to see it go. But. You know you can't assign it to other things but. I just miss having that dedicated, fader that's something i think i'll always, always. Desire, let's just take a moment of silence, and uh we'll together, mourn the loss. Of the grandmaster. Fader. On. Ma3, series. Okay let's uh let's hop right back into it i know i've said this before in other videos but the. The new like thunk. Of, the ma3, keys. Very satisfying, i really like it and of course above our faders. We have, the. Tried, and true. Magnetic. These are originally, label strips but i mean what do you. Why do they even include this anymore. It used to be like on ma2, you had a place where you could actually write like. So i'm not exactly, sure what the purpose of having this as a, separate, magnetic, strip is if there's, no longer, any. Any uh anywhere to write on it they used to include a little, a little sharpie, in the box or a little marker in the box so that you could. Mark on the ma2, strips. But there's no place to even mark these so. Why isn't it just silk screened onto. Onto. The console itself. I guess it's hard to get away from tradition, sometimes. Although now that i think about it you could actually make some, custom. Magnetic, strips. And that would be pretty cool. In totality, we get, 40 executor, buttons, as well as. 20. Executor. Knobs. Or encoders. With the push functionality, oh wait. Wait a second. Did these not push. Wait a second. Aren't these supposed to push. Is it really just the, uh. The gm. I thought all of these encoders, had push button, functionality. Like you could click them down, so i guess not i'll have to do a little bit of research on that because i did not know that i could have sworn. When i was using the ma3, light that all of these. Clicked down. But, maybe they don't maybe, i'm mistaken. So we of course have the one clickable. Encoder. On the far right but none of the other ones do these are all just, rotational, encoders. I, haven't found a good use for, these yet but that's because i'm still, using, ma2, primarily, maybe after. A couple more software, updates and some new features. They'll be a little more useful for. What i see in my mind as, using these little. Little knobs for i already talked a little bit about our playback, section including our default, go back, and. Go forward. Buttons as well as. Pause. I do like the smaller form factor. Above, the, master playback, section. They have. Put all of the. Selection. Type. Functions, so. Next. Previous. Going up and down, in matrix. Or grid selections. I'm also, very very happy to see. A dedicated. Cell fix or select, fixture. Button that's one of my most used, keywords, in ma2. So it's nice to see that, they have. Dedicated, a hard key to, cell fix, previously, you had to, double click, on. Select. To get the cell fix, keyword. Now you have a dedicated button for it that'll speed up my workflow. As soon as i remember where the cell fix button is after, a little bit of, learning time. Moving on from there we have our. Set of. Five. Rotary. Five dual rotary encoders, actually there's, an outside, ring and an inside, ring, to each one of these encoders, and. The inside one clicks. The outside. Does not, and then there's also, a. Click button for each encoder, i'm not exactly, sure what the difference is between clicking, in here and then clicking, on the button.

I'm Not. Well versed enough in the ma3. Software, especially with the newer releases, i've been way too busy with ma2, lately. But, after i take our little learning course here. Then. Hopefully be able to answer that and talk a little bit about that, in, my, review. I'm not exactly sure what the what the new philosophy, is on the dual. Like nested, encoders. But i believe. And i guess we'll find out when i go through more of the training, i believe you're able to. Set up your. Programmer, encoders. To be a little more personalized. For. How you want them to work so i believe. Part of the theory is you could have like. Pan on one inside encoder, and tilt on the outside or have like, coarse pan and then like ultra, fine. Pan, on the outside. I believe, i believe that's that's the purpose on those but i'll get back to you on that, i'm moving a little bit further down here again because we do not have those. Two screens that we see on the. Ma3, full size and ma3, lite. The. X keys section, has been, relocated. I don't know if i am entirely. Sold, on the positioning, of this. Mainly because. Like i said i am a creature, of tradition and habit, so i'm used to having, all of my playback. Functions. On the lower, side. Of the desk, it feels like. Almost, a a danger. To have any sort of executor, keys. Up by, my programmer, buttons, i know, that if i'm playing back a show. Everything over here is basically free game there's not much that i can really screw up, but, i feel like if i have to rest my hand. Over top of. My. Keypad. It just it seems, it seems like it's a possibility, for something to go wrong. I understand that this is probably one of the only layouts that really, works, with. The new key arrangement, for everything else. I'm just i'm worried that, it might take a little too much getting used to, and i'm worried that. Because, of this arrangement. I'm going to be less likely to use. These x keys. So, i'd probably end up staying over here more most of the time. And either forgetting, about these or. Being too worried to really even, use them fully, i'm excited, to. Build my muscle memory, up on this a little bit more because every time i've, had to use mode 2 on like an ma3, full size or ma3, lite. It's, it's taken like a whole hour for me to relearn, where everything, is. But now that i've had a little bit more time with the layout. And. Now that i will have a little bit more time with the layout. Um, i'm starting to definitely, see some advantages. Over, the m82. Layout, there are a couple of weird choices in here like the the help key, um, it's kind of buried and if someone is needing to use the help key. I think it would be a little more obvious to like maybe put it by oops or somewhere in this like. Massive. Void. That is, conveniently, filled by the. Act lighting magnet, i do like the new arrangement, of the pause go minus and go plus buttons. But. This is my, biggest point of contention, that i've had. With, ma3, so far. Is, the two m a buttons. And the fact that, i have to use. A two button press to get to temp, or to get to top, or fix. There are secondary, functions for some of these keys that you can. Only access. By. Holding down m a with one. Finger i'm assuming they're kind of, guessing that you're going to use your thumb for this and then like. Orbit around here. Which. Remains to be seen, whether that will actually speed up my process, or not. But. I just know that. There are a couple of hard keys on here. Are a couple of secondary, functions for hard keys that i really. Will miss, so they gave me cell fix. But they took away top and temp. And fix, which are, you know, three. Most commonly, used, uh, functions, for me at least. I will say though it's going to be interesting, to, get in the habit of, knowing the layout, of these. 16x. Keys. And. And what you can, what you can do with the m a key, modifier. One kind of interesting, thing that i never really noticed before is that the, x, 9 through x 12 keys, don't have, a predefined. Secondary, function from holding down the m a key, so i'm hoping that. Maybe those will be open for, assignment. For. Like ma as a shift key or a control key basically. And before we finish out with our top, layout here, there is one change, to the keypad.

That. I'm excited about. And that is the addition, of, the asterisk. Key as a dedicated, hard key, i know this is like a weird thing to. Be, happy about but. In my programming, and writing macros, i'm often using the wild card. Symbol which is the asterisk. And of course, we've got the, level wheel as always, to have direct access to the dimmer attribute of whatever. Fixtures, you have selected. To. Dump those values into the programmer, where you can then, store them elsewhere. And then everybody's. Favorite hidden, power button. At the top right i. I don't like to think about how long it took me to find the actual. Power button the first time i used an ma3. It's kind of embarrassing, so before we power this on for the first time let's, take one, look. Around, the rear, i o. Now the command wing and the commanding, xt. Share, this, set of i o over here. Nothing is different here, but, because this is a little bit of a chunkier, command wing okay it's a little bit taller i think, 70 millimeters, taller it's got a different bottom panel. To account for that. Uh super, awesome. Built-in. Ma. Motherboard. On the bottom. It does have, this additional. I o. Specifically. For. The xt. Now just out of the box this can support. Four, displayport. Outputs, to touchscreen. Monitors. There are, four, usb, ports, two of those are 3.0. The other, two are 2.0, ports. As well as, two, ethernet. Adapters. Now this is interesting, because it is, like i said only two ethernet, connectors, whereas. Um the larger consoles, have. Three. And they are, ethercon. Not, just. Rj45. Here. This is kind of an interesting, decision. I'd be interested to see if they experimented. With placing. This i o, up, with the rest of the i o and maybe. Having these two ethernet, ports. As. Ether cons. The reason i say that is, i just get scared. I get scared when i see just rj45. Ports, on the back. Just they're a little more fragile. I think if you're going to be selling this as a, touring, solution. I, really wish that, those were, were ether cons or if they would have maybe figured out a way to put it all. On on the normal back plate here in addition to that you've got your line in your line out for audio. And other than that your. I o on the back is the same as. Regular command wing like i said, so with that said i think, i think it's time to, power it up for the first time. And poke around a little bit may, is touting this as, their, most versatile, control. System, to date. All you really need to do is, attach. A couple of, screens. And, turn it on. And that's it it's all built in this is actually running a. Windows operating system by the way which i think is yeah that's a first for any m8, system, so i went ahead and. Rented, a pair of these, dell, touch screen, monitors, from. My buddy jason over at pulse. Event rentals. And um. Bought this monitor stand. Now allegedly.

This Command wing, can support. Four. Display port monitors. And their touchscreen, capabilities. Right now i have. Just these two. But. I'm going to see if i could track down. Another pair of these and really put the command wing to. To the test. See how versatile. It is, actually. See when i originally thought this out in my head i was going to have. This screen on the right but all of my power, is, is over there so i'm going to switch these screens real. Quick. Okay there we go, finally kind of got it set up how. I would, do it in my head if i was using this on a show. Only thing i don't know is if it really matters. What, screens. I. Plug into, which displayport. Output. But uh i suppose that's probably in the manual i didn't read. So i'm just going to guess here, and uh. Put this into displayport, one and two. Seems logical, right. Obviously the usb. Won't matter too much. But i'm curious to see, if. There's any way for. The screen and the m8 to communicate. Um. Their orientation. Or. Which. Usb port goes to which, monitor but i guess we'll find that out all right you guys ready for the first time powering on. The, grand ma3. On pc. Command, wing. Xt, that's a mouthful. I hear it. Oh i forgot. You got to press the. The secret power button. So it's actively, cooled which is. Obviously different than the regular command. Wing. Mma lighting. Windows. Can we touch, oh. Okay. All right i gotta go to the other side of the desk. Here. I just didn't have any patience it started up fine. So i'm just going to uh. Accept. Our agreement here, and it looks like we are. Into the show. So we can just load. So let's see if we can get our second screen. Up and, running because all i have right now is our, main screen here. Did i plug you in all the way. Oh yeah there you go guys. Did you know that you have to. Plug in the display, port all the way. Oh so that's. Interesting. We need to do some. Uh some more configuration. Here. It literally is, a. A windows, 10, install. I come, bringing, the internet, okay let's plug it in. Mainly just curious if i can actually. Download.

Without Having to like transfer. The install, file. The uh the latest. And greatest. All right we are back, and a. Couple quick, notes, about some things i figured out while i paused, the recording. Um. With, windows, 10, if you want to use the on-screen. Keyboard, which in this case. I do because i don't have, a, readily, available. Extra, usb, keyboard, at the moment. You can only have, one monitor, connected, to go into what's called tablet, mode. So in windows you have to enter what's called, tablet, mode. In order to. Use the on-screen. Keyboard, maybe there's another way to do it a lot of times with windows, people have put together little. Little hacks, that can allow you to. Use it outside of their normal intended functionality. But for this example, i just. Unplugged, the second displayport. Monitor. And we're just using. Screen1, let's call it. It is pretty funny to see a pc, built into. A command wing and just be able to fully navigate, windows. Like this this is a really interesting, product, because, a lot of people out there have cobbled, together. And i mean not even cobbled like some some on pc solutions i've seen are cobbled together but some are very very clean and they have, like uh, mac minis. Running uh boot camp, uh windows, 10. All built into a custom case and. This is like combining, all that into the actual hardware itself it's very cool so i believe we have the latest version. But let's just go ahead and double check. So one two, zero, two. And yeah one two zero two is is the latest version so. Thanks. Act lighting, or mma, for, shipping with the latest, i suppose. So i'm not 100. Sure if my, next, complaint, is. Is 100, justified, but i kind of think it is, i think it's really, annoying that there is no. Usb, port, anywhere on the front or top. Or anywhere, there i mean there's four usb ports, on, the back. But if you're using, four, touch screen. Monitors, that don't have usb, passthrough. Which thankfully. These, do. Then you're kind of stuck with just using the, internal, drive. I think what ma did on the compact, and compact, xt, consoles.

It's Like the perfect, solution, uh, there, is a little. Usb. Port on the, front lower right, i really wish that that would have made it over to the command, wing, xt because as it sits right now, i mean you either have to have a, monitor. Like these dell monitors, that have. The, usb. Hub on the side of them or. Be reaching around to the back, at which point you. Lose, one of your usb, ports, and then, you can't use all four touchscreens. It is a little bit of a nitpick, yes but when you're spending, this much. Money i think it's worthwhile, to point out those sorts of things, i think one of the most interesting parts about their decision, to, go with a windows, install, means that, you can, kind of be as flexible, as you want. With. Your personal, usage, case. For buying one of these, back when i started touring a setup like this. Would have just saved me so much hassle because at the time i was, taking, a command wing and an external, midi controller. And an nsp, for extra parameters. And, an extra screen. And then two laptops. When. I could have had something like this that would have just, saved a whole lot of headaches, one of the biggest issues i had when i was going around, doing the club circuit with, that setup, is. One day i opened the pelican, and one of the laptops. Screens. Was just dead, from transport. And, the fact that, this doesn't have a built-in, screen to, just die like that you can. Much more easily, run out and get a replacement. Screen, on the road than, you can. Get an entirely. New laptop. And i think the the particularly. Cool thing about the way they've, gone with the windows setup. Is you can really make it as, custom, as you want to originally i was a little worried that it would kind of be like one of those. Enterprise. Installations. Where you can't really get into. Windows, and add your own programs. And, change settings to your liking but you have full access just as a normal admin, user, in regular, windows, 10, which is both a good and a bad thing i think, it's good for those kind of people who, are going to be buying this for their own. Personal, use, because they can really customize. All the settings, to their heart's content, but on the other side if you are renting this out, as like a, dry higher, console. You have a lot more to worry about. Because people have so much access. To, the windows installation. Now of course these same issues existed. With, the, granite may 2. Command wing and and those, sort of setups with their standalone. Pcs. So if your goal is to have this piece of hardware available. To rent out people who need a reliable. Console, like. Solution, for control. Then, you just have to be a little more careful, with your your quality control process when these come back, from other rentals. But with all of that in consideration.

This Is a very, interesting, and appealing, piece of hardware. For a pretty big segment, of the market especially, going forward as i know. A lot of tours are going to be, downsizing. Over. Over the next year or two. Just due to lack of ticket sales and, restrictions. On public gatherings. You know a, super compact, system like this while, you can't, fly, with it in your carry-on, because the the dimension, is just a little too deep. You can't quite fit it into like legal carry-on, size. You can still fly with it very easily. Without having to worry about, bringing an extra laptop, or, extra hardware. One other thing i want to touch on to wrap up this, first look at the command wing xt. Is, performance, expectations. Of. The computer hardware that is built into here. Don't buy this expecting, that you're going to be able to, install, all of your 3d rendering, software, and run it at max settings, and get. Insane performance, out of it that's not really the purpose. Of the hardware that's built into here i personally. Pretty much always have a high performance. Gaming, 3d, modeling. Laptop. On me when i'm traveling and doing shows. And if you're going to be doing, any sort of. Live production. It's important to have a good, backup plan, and for a backup, solution, i can see how this would be paired very well. With, a laptop, running ma3, on pc. That's doing all the graphical horsepower, like maybe you're running resolume, or madrix, or touch designer, whatever. On your external laptop it has all the horsepower. Meanwhile. This still has its own. Pc inside of it that can act as a live tracking, backup, so that if either one of them. Dies for whatever reason, mid-show. They both are sharing the same, the same session excuse, me, and uh and the show continues, without, any fuss. I really don't want to say that's like a hidden, feature or advantage. Because it's something that you should keep in mind when you're designing your own, control system for your own shows but, i just know that, if i was touring with a solution, like this. I, i can't imagine, what more i would need other than, just my. High horsepower. Laptop. In conjunction. With. Command wing xt that basically. Means you have a full tracking backup for your whole show i think that's pretty cool, i know it sounds silly to be adding, uh, another computer, to a system that has a pc. Literally, built into it but when you think of the advantages, you get from having a full, tracking, backup to your session. I mean that's that's just a huge consideration, that you need to make, when you're designing, any control system for any show. So i think that is just like. One of the. I don't want to say exactly like hidden, benefits, or hidden features to this because it's it's right there in the open but. You know, if you can have an external, computer that has all of the horsepower, for processing. You know all of your, resolume, your madrix, your touch designer. While also being in session, with. The command wing xt's. Built-in, computer. I think that's a really, really clever solution, for, a lot of these smaller touring packages. Anyways thank you so much for, joining me on this. First look at. The granimay, 3, command, wing. Xt once again huge thank you, to, act lighting, for. Sending this off to me, to be one of the first people in, north america, to, get hands on get eyes on, and. Try out this, new piece of control hardware really appreciate it guys thank you, if you'll remember, at the top of the video i mentioned that we would be giving away a couple, of. Codes, for the act academy. Training, series, for transitioning, between, ma2. To, ma3. So if you are interested. In. Participating. In that giveaway. There is a link both down in the description, of this video. And the pinned, comment. At the top, of the comment section down below basically just got to go, you know, follow, or comment on an instagram, post on both, my and uh, act lighting's page, so, super easy.

No Payment nothing like that necessary, again, act hasn't paid me anything, to to, make this video for you guys, they simply provided, me the hardware, to borrow for, a couple of days, to check it out so hope you guys enjoyed this first look again look forward to, that. Review, and, demo. Time code track coming up very soon on my channel make sure you stay subscribed, hit the like button down below, and i will see you in the next one, see ya.

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