Madeira: Hiking to waterfalls "Levada das 25 Fontes" and "Levada do Risco" August 2020 | Ep. 20

Madeira: Hiking to waterfalls

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All right so we are ready, for our next hike which is something special, this time. Because it has all special. 25. Fountains. Something like that. It's much longer. This time so we stopped, at the, continental. It's a supermarket. Got some, bars. Just just essentials. Just for sure. And um. Now we're ready to. Go. It's our next hike. Yep. So we parked our car. Actually the same parking spot where. We were first time. Driving around. Yeah we were driving around on the, island. And we're chasing the clouds. That was actually this parking spot here. Today is. Full. So far. It's so, uncomfortable. Walking, right. Just on the road, it's like a downhill, road. Yes we're, back. On the paved. Trail. Michael refers to his five-star, hiking. Well-maintained. Paved. Path. Or. Trail. Do. So those are a lot of stairs. Going down here. We see. People coming. Towards, us on the way back here. Which are all out of breath, so. I guess it takes something to. Walk all the stairs up a mountain. But we are going a loop. So we're going. Another way up so let's see if that's. An old trail. Or if it's theirs as. Well. So i just figured out that. The risco, that we. I hope. Crosses, right. That was, on all the signs. And we missed that that's actually the place where. This waterfall. And the. Little. Pool. Where you can apparently, swim. So we're going back up. All the stairs. That we just went. Don't remember. That. Took that long. To get down here. It feels definitely. Longer. I'll get up there again. What do you think about having pizza today. Definitely. Wait. Sweating. Okay so one thing we just. Realized, is like you don't really need, amazing gear. Just saw a lady here walking with flip-flops, actually. Only thing you need. Is. Endurance. Good condition. Prepare yourself with some cardio. Stairs up. Down yeah just run stairs, up and down. Don't take the elevator, anymore. But it's nice it's in the, nature. And it's cool. So we're back on track. It's now, 0.8. Kilometers. To visco. Let's go. Let's go let's go. I have no idea how to pronounce that correctly. Tell us how to do that please in the comments. If that's possible. Michael, is. Inherently, bad. With pronouncing, names.

Especially. If they're in a foreign language. Even in english i get it wrong. Anyway. On our way there now. Laos is hoping to. Go swim there. So let's see what we actually find. According to the maps there is a waterfall, at. Least. Really nice and it was worth to. Derail, and come to the. Risco. Yes, we thought we can swim here, no but, no swimming. So that's what risco, is it's a waterfall. And when you stay there, where all these people stay. You basically, get rained. From a waterfall, on your, head. Very refreshing. So now we're ready to go to the next. Yeah to the 25, front, fountain. Fountains. The temperature. Is really comfortable, here. It's not windy. It's. Not, too hot. Actually, it's more shadowy. It's, really, really good. I mean we are probably lucky we, have a good, weather. It's just generally. Climate, on this island, is. Perfect. Perfect. So basically you don't need, even a full day here yes, just half day is enough because you can choose any. Length type of. Trails, like lengthwise. Short one. Light, easy, moderate. Hard. Yeah you can spend half day here, hiking, and then then you go and swim. The other half. Of the day. And it's just. Epic. You will definitely, be filled with the beauty. Of nature. Oh. It makes, me so happy. Yeah it's truly a an, amazing, island. So. Like before we came here. I knew there's the, the kind of island of flowers or something like that but that's what we say. Uh in german at least. But, yeah like. Lumen, in city. But anyway, uh. It's, just so much more it's. It's a quite small island so it's, very easy to get around. And there's so much variety, of, different. Kind of. Landscapes. And climates. And like from beach to mountain, from warm to cold, from. Like. And i'm sure we have just. Been scratching, just the surface since we're here, because we haven't been out that often. Just a little bit over the weekends. Um. But that's really a beautiful, place. And it's very comfortable. Climate wise, like as i said before. Okay so we are back. From. Up there. Back. Where we, turned around. Yeah we turned around to go back to risco. So now we are heading towards. The 25. Fountains. And people, are. Just coming back from this place and they're like. It's so beautiful. Here. I'm like okay. Excited, to see, all excited, and out of. Breath. Just. Freshly, squeezed, water from the. Mountains. So. Going. Down. We're getting closer, to the. 25. Fountains. There's no distance. So, maybe it's actually. Here. First. I guess.

So I was saying the water, is really really cold. Which makes totally sense. So she. She is not going to. Swim. Wow. It is so nice, here. I would love to stay here a bit longer. I think it's worse to come here and. Spend like an hour, just to kind of have your lunch, and, just enjoy that. Go for a swim. That's also possible. But it's so, beautiful. Yeah, happy that we came here, yeah. So what's our initial, road, so we started, here. And, now. We're here. This is the. 25th. Here. And then basically. Here. So we came down. Or back from the. 25, fountains here. And we wanted to go and continue, here but that path was closed. So, now we went back, the original, path. And we found that connection, here. So. Should bring us, to the other. Trail. So we're going to try that doesn't look that far. So if it goes, wrong. So we use, old trails. Which has. Recordings, from people. Who win those, trails, and. Reviews, and photos, and. Like lots of trails suggestions. And it shows all this little. Kind of. Everything that's workable, it shows in between on the map so. Like we we found this like shortcut. Now. So that's basically. On all trails. And you don't need internet. At the moment, if you. You're for download, now there's no internet. Here. But we have a map which is. Yeah so you have different, layers of maps like the normal one like satellite, like the terra. Like all this different stuff you can download. Wherever you are. You're good, you know where you are you just need gps. And we use the same app when we were in, portugal, in mainland. It was, also very. Like we used that already, so yeah we started, pretty good. Application. Michael. It's not the, paid sponsorship, by the way, we just love it. So that's where we are now. So we came from the 25. Fountains. And we're going now to caleta. We continue, walking here. So far really beautiful. And it's all kind of flat so. Curious like how we get up to our car. Either gets really steep. At some point. Or. This one, is. Just a flat ramp, let's see. Oh no. Our first uh. So let's see where that goes, i assume that this is where we should go. You assume. I assume. But why people are praying here before. That's why they say you should bring a, flashlight. Right. Behind me. Nobody's, talking that you should. I need to first know how long is this tunnel. Yeah i don't know. It's like if i know there is just a little bit in there. If i lose this light, i'm scared. I just checked out this tunnel on the map. And it is really long. So. My battery is almost empty. So i'm not sure, if, i. Want to go through that without the flashlight. Um. Can you see yeah it's just. We're just diving into the cloud right now. Which is so cool. Yeah anyway we are going back, uh this. Staircase. Is the stairs, up which we saw in the last. Sign. Is a shortcut, back, to, where we came from, so we'll take that, instead. Let's. Go. It's nice as a. As the end of a beautiful hike. I guess. We'll. In here and see the car. Oh. Again. We are, done, for today. Okay six hours of hiking, today. This is the longest we have ever done in our entire. Life. That's. True. Also here on the island. So it was not, i wouldn't say that it's a really hard one it's just uh. Lots of up and down. Lots of, stairs. And. There are a couple of uh. Detours. Uh to get to a place so you go to the place and then you go back, on the main. Main trail. So yeah and it takes us probably longer because we are filming. Um, but, yeah overall, i think we started around, 10 11, somehow. 11 and now it's uh something. Six-ish. So it's actually. Seven hours. So it took us about 20 minutes back up from uh that, um. Cafe. Spot, that we made a short break. Which was very nice yeah. Um. So, 20 now 30 minutes, walk up here. How tight um. I'm okay. I just need a little break to relax, yeah so this up and down it's a little bit. Tiring. But, have some. Sandwich, or some kind of food with you. Because there's room. Yeah and you you see all. All kinds of. Ages. From kids. To elderly, people. Uh. People wearing, uh hiking gear. To wearing. Swim various flip-flops. Because they are. On their mission to go to swim at this uh 25, fountain. 25, fountains, yeah. Basically. So. Yeah. Not difficult. Uh. Just a little bit exhausting, in terms, of. Cardio. So prepare yourself. I said it before, walk stairs. Yeah and there is one. Place where we wanted to go through the tunnel. You need to have a proper, flashlight. And. I think at least a kilometer. Long. Yeah, in pitch dark. That was scary. So i, did not. I could not uh go through this tunnel so, no i think this would uh, like with our flashlights. Uh on the phone because we don't have really flashlights. So we thought like we have everything because we record videos with the phone we have our navigation, on the phone. So basically the only gadget, that we. Carry with us is the phone. And. We thought this has a flashlight, so what's the problem. But. When you're in that tunnel. That flashlight, is like almost nothing, so it doesn't really do anything. You can have probably two, but.

Yeah. I don't know so the battery was. Running low, so. Yeah didn't want to risk it it looks really long, i think it's longer than a kilometer. Need to check that on the map. We are going now to caleta. Uh. We might go to swim there. But we definitely, will go after pizza there. Michael was like from the beginning, he said we will hike, but let's have pizza in the end i'm like if you hike for seven hours. You can get a, pizza, oh you wanna have one too right and i will be happy you enjoy it. All right so. See you in caleta. Oh michael, got his pizza. The same as usual. So i'm not known for. It's hard to get me in the water. And it's. Making me excited to get a pizza. Yes. You'll have you're the same. Thank. You. Foreign.

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