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Hello my friends, where do these people go ? (Music ) Are they looking for Madrid Secrets? (Music ) Well, between you and me, there are no Madrid Secret Sites. (Music ) Neighbors, visitors and clients of Secret Sites know them well. (Music ) So, they are no secret anymore. (Music )

And soon, its names will be on the internet. I prefer to show you 10 of my favorite places in Madrid that, probably, (Music ) will be for you Secrets of Madrid and worthy of your visit. (Music ) So, let's get to it ! (Music ) My favorite places in Madrid are family businesses. (Music ) I hope that, in the course of time, it will be less secret. (Music )

Because these small businesses offer a different and personalized service. (Music ) So, they deserve our support, don't you think? (Music ) I will introduce you to my favorite places to enjoy ...…(Music ) Open air concerts in summer (Music ) Small neighborhood restaurants that maintain the tradition of tasty and cheap menus (Music ) An endearing cafe in Madrid's bohemian neighborhood. (Music )

Where the owner prepares spectacular cocktails, cakes and coffee combinations. (Music ) A small chain of bakeries where you can drink coffee and smell the aroma of fresh-baked bread. (Music ) An Artisan Workshop of Spanish Guitars that you have to see ! (Music ) An craftsman Jewelry Workshop with beautiful designs. (Music ) A neighborhood shoe store where I found ''pisamierdas'' at incredible prices. (Music ) A tiny store that offers original and necessary items for the daily use. (Music )

And, a special candy store that has switched to sugar-free candies. (Music ) The Foundation ‘’Olivar de Castillejo’’ is a wonderful secret, but it should not be. (Music ) Its first mission is to preserve a centenary olive field in Madrid’s downtown (Music ) And its second mission is to promote young musicians through amazing concerts in the summer season (Music ) The Olivar de Castillejo Foundation is one of my favorite places in Madrid. (Music ) Because it honors the memory of an important promoter of Free Education in Spain. (Music )

The olive trees are embedded in an area of upper middle class apartments. (Music ) When I pass by the Olivar de Castillejo it seems to me that the air is fresher and purer (Music ) La Copita Asturiana is a family restaurant that time has not altered. (Music ) The bar is stocked with sausages, wines and liquors from Spain. (Music )

We are in the beautiful very family restaurant ‘’La Copita Asturiana’’ (Music ) and I’m glad to introduce to you the owner of the restaurant. Explain us something about your restaurant, please. Jose Mari, the Owner : This is a family restaurant with traditional food from Asturias, the North of Spain, and we want to offer good quality on products and traditional recipes. Irina : And this is the owner Olga José Mari : Thank you for your visit. Irina : We love your place

Tomás is the owner of Taberna Blanco. (Music) A temporary physical indisposition does not allow him to take his place behind the bar. (Music) There, he served the customers with impenetrable face, and old-school bartender style. (Music)

Taberna Blanco, another of my favorite secret places and another family business ! (Music) The photos on the wall show a Madrid of 100 years ago. (Music) Taberna Blanco is very popular in the neighborhood. (Music) Neighbors are fond of its tapas and menu of the day, served by Sara, Tomas' wife. (Music)

The yellowed newspaper pages testify to the antiquity of Taberna Blanco, (Music) Café Ajenjo is a family coffee shop for the Madrid Bohemians (Jazz Music) If you are looking for an Oasis of culture, this is the place for you (Jazz Music) Many awarded books were written here (Jazz Music) Excellent home made bakery, cocktails and coffee selections (Jazz Music) (Jazz Music) Helios is the owner and Body and Soul of Café Ajenjo. Conversations are easy to strike up at Café Ajenjo. (Jazz Music) Café Ajenjo is the best refuge to remember times gone by. (Jazz Music)

Irina and Helios chatter in Spanish. They hope to see each other again. Visiting Madrid ? How about having a nice breakfast while enjoying the aroma of bread baked in the same coffee shop ? (Music) This a bakery of the neighborhood, another family business (Music) This is definitely a great place to have breakfast. (Music) I have read that eating bread or pastries is not healthy (Music) Anyway, a good place to skip this rule is Panod. (Music)

All in all, once a year, it doesn't hurt. (Music) Few businesses from the old days survive. But the street signs and their plates remain. (Music) In the old times, they showed illiterate pedestrians where they were. (Music) In this old Corrala, neighbors accessed their homes by external corridors. (Music) There is also some good Art in the Street and some curious scenes (Music) Since 1962, father and son Manzanero make beautiful Spanish Guitars. (Music) Let’s have a look inside ; come with me ! (Music) Mr. Félix Jr : Hello, good afternoon. This is a family business of several generations. (Music)

Mr. Félix Jr : My father founded it, supported by my grandfather, and I continue it. (Music) Mr. Félix Jr : We have a museum of antique guitars, from 1785, 1800, 1900 until now. (Music) Mr. Félix Jr : And then here we build handmade guitars. The most beautiful thing is our workshop. (Music) Mr. Félix Jr : We have been making guitars here for 58 years and this workshop is one of the few remaining in Madrid.(Music)

I was very impressed with the Guitarras Manzanero store and workshop. (Music) Its ambiance radiates love for quality work. (Music) All my respect to Don Felix Manzanero Jr., for carrying on the family tradition.(Music) Helena Rohner jewelry design, use a variety of organic materials, clean lines and simple forms. (Music)

She searches for harmony and beauty in each of her pieces, which are full of colour. (Music) When I visited her shop in Madrid, she was abroad, on a business trip. (Music) As you see, Helena does not stop at jewellery – Each of her designs for homeware and decor, are gifted with her unique world view.(Music) The Rohner team has working together in a loyal, dynamic environment, for the past 26 years. I hope to see them soon again.(Music) I’ve got stunned when I discovered the footwear boots in the window of Calzados Carballo. So nice and cheap ! ( Rock Guitar Music) Zapaterías Carballo is a third generation Family Business ( Rock Guitar Music) They sell shoes for delicate feet ( Rock Guitar Music) And all, made in Spain ( Rock Guitar Music) Hola, buenas tardes ! I wanted number 38, this one in red, yes. ( Rock Guitar Music)

Irina love the red 'pisamierdas' shoes ( Rock Guitar Music) González and González is a family business with original stuff for home. (Music) Laura : What we have are everyday objects for everyday use, dedicated to the home, (Music) and that have been manufactured for a long time. (Music) For example, we have these glasses that have been manufactured since the 15th century. (Music)

From France, we also have these Marseille soaps that come from a factory that has been in operation for the 4th generation. We also have the typical Peltre tableware, which we may have all had at home and look, we also have objects that have been designed by the owners of the store. For example, these copper and brass candleholders were designed by them and made by craftsmen. And we have many brushes. We have brushes for radiators, such as these, even brushes for washing dishes, such as these.... Gonzalez and Gonzalez is a store of exquisite taste. Organic materials, no plastics, traditional products.

How lucky Laura is to work here, surrounded by such beautiful and useful things! Bye, bye Laura and Gonzalez & Gonzalez Business ! Caramelos Paco, Candies Paco – another Family Business – was founded in 1934. (Rock Music) Delicious candies and now they ‘re producing , specialized in candies without sugar. (Rock Music) You almost always have to wait in line to get in. (Rock Music)

A paradise for the sweet tooth (Rock Music) Dear friends, I hope that when you come to Madrid, you will visit these 10 Secrets that are also some of my favorite places. We have to support the family Institutions and the Small Commerce ! But don't think that this is all. In our Madrid Secrets private Tour, which link I leave below in Comments, we show many more secrets of Madrid.

I invite you to discover it with me. In any case, ‘’See you Soon, bye, bye ! ‘’

2021-09-30 14:22

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