Magic Art Studio Makeover Art Museum visit + Week in my Life Cozy Art Vlog

Magic Art Studio Makeover  Art Museum visit + Week in my Life  Cozy Art Vlog

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hey guys since i spent most of the time at home i decided to give my room an upgrade i really  like the view of a window on the left side of my  room and i thought it would be really refreshing seeing those trees out of the window whenever i paint so i spent a few days with a set up   woke up really early saw that beautiful morning light and felt inspired to look into some artbooks ✧ but to be honest i didn't really paint okay you might think wow valerie what a waste of time i know but at least i know that there's no better place in my room for the studio so you have to try different things out before you know what is right for you wrrm i'm doing all of this with just one hand okay let's go as a kid my mom painted my wall in pink and after a few years i painted it in blue with some green leaves and birds but as i can remember the green had a really ugly shade maybe that's why I lost the color out of my sight for a while   so here we are again painting the wall in green but in a better shade and spoiler right away i will be painting a wall in my room in pink too guys look our new microphone arrived hello can you hear me how do i sound hello :D i only got my hands dirty I'm just exhausted my hand hurts so much and we have 26*C/ 78*F outside everybody's enjoying the sun and i'm as always at home doing stuff but i hope it will be worth it let's be honest i did a bad job at painting this wall You can´t see that much... okay that corner I´m back home I´m watching a Stream of Alpay Efe how he's painting there there's a cute store that i like to visit  sometimes and they have those cute interior things candles, dishes and also some art supplies i always buy super super expensive brushes but i also began to use cheap brushes for my paintings too please remember that you don't have to get everything immediately   Look i just used a cardboard for storing some  gouache paints so everything step by step when I bought this lamp I wasn't really sure where to hang it so i tried it out in my studio but it looked too full and not really balanced so i had to hang it off it's so hot my just candle melted this morning and i got new curtains look it's so cute isn't it? and and it's a creamy color this is the cotton fabric i'm painting on and this is my curtain and it´s so nice :3 I luv it <3 do you remember when i said it´s so hot that my candle melted why am i ironing something it's so hot the white curtains are from my mom but they were too tight for the curtain rod and because i pulled it too strong every morning the rod came slowly off the wall and since i had no drilling machine i had to help myself somehow and i prefer warm white and creamy colors instead of cold white here's the magic i felt like zero percent doing these things today when you just begin get out of my bed and then i take the ladder and you keep on rolling okay so just begin even though you don't feel like doing it Looook it's so cuuuuuuTe! can someone tell me how i made it till here what's up guys okay i am super super tired can't do anything anymore but we have to go through this and i got these pink curtains oh no we also have to iron the curtain again :((( we are done guys guys it's a mess right now but it looks like wonderland you know what everybody is going to the beach now what do i do? EXACTLY I go to work but let's be honest if i wouldn't work i would paint or edit so it doesn't matter what's up guys i have my break right now i take you to the Brandenburger Tor i'm right underneath it and i don't understand why i came here it's absolutely not worth it it's so hot here, here are so many people I just want to go home and edit and paint I just did that for you guys when you visit berlin i'm sure you will come to this place one time is enough it's way too hot to wear this mask in the store i'm just really tired a library this place is where i take my art history lectures sadly it's online the other part of the university hey guys what's up i'm so tired tell me i sure you want my life I'm an hour for late for work my break is now for two hours and we can just sit overthere somewhere underneath trees guys I´m sitting next to the building where we should go :) i hope you enjoyed following me along going into that museum it was actually my first time going there let me know if you would like to see more museum visits what's up guys my online lecture starts in 10 minutes and afterwards we will paint the wall in pink so see you in two hours i fixed this part here in the middle at the end i have my pencil and you can also do it freehand but not please clap this is so cute isn't it?! and it will be even more cute with this lamp :3 [Nosferatu]

2021-07-10 14:44

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