Magic Kingdom 360 Live Stream - 2-10-18 - Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom 360 Live Stream - 2-10-18 - Walt Disney World

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Hey. Everybody its, Josh. With. Resort TV one and we are live in 360. At, the Magic Kingdom. And. The. Party starting, so hopefully y'all can see us. We. May have to close the video and reopen it Tasha, is gonna look at her, at. The chat so we can see everybody going, on here oh. There's, a okay, all right we're on we are on so. We can't see chat right now but we will see the trap Hey here we are. And. Dreamers, Empire. Disney. Days Amy Boss eight one six four. Let's. Go back down to Main Street I think it'll be better down there. So. We're just trying this if it doesn't work we'll switch back oh. Yeah. It lags right there. Okay. It. Worked perfectly earlier of course when I wasn't I didn't have. Anybody watching. There. We go yeah this is the better spot. All. Right so we're good here. I'm. Trying enough with the neck up. All. Right so we got tossed from CFL Park offer he's going to read the chat. Great. Marco, it's rabbit high and rabbit hi Steven, hi Elizabeth I physically. Princess tortured, hi. Maria, I took her champ, John. Paul cello. Rosin. Mama. Says. Hello from Oregon. Because. Our family. Marylou. Lindelof. She. Says thank, you so, we'll let the prego pot here hello. Looks. Like the stream is holding strong how's the quality everybody. Laura. Bailey. You. Got 360. So. If you're watching this on a. Directness. On a TV, you might want to switch to a smartphone. Or a tablet because it's better on 360. Let's. Switch to a tablet or a smartphone and, also if all you see is the ground or all you see is the tree go, ahead and swipe your device swipe your phone or tilt, it around so you can see better. Wow. Welcome. Guys quality. Is great awesome. Now. This is posh from, CFL for copper guys go check out her channel. She's. One of those people that is, monetized, on YouTube right now but with the new rule she's not going to be so we want to support her she's, been a friend of mine for about 10 years now so we really want to support her and her channel so go if, you, if. You would like to help us out go ahead and go subscribe to CFL, Park copper she's one of our partner channels. Hey. Parade in. After. The bridge that were walk around a little bit but the stream is really strong here so I want to go here for a. Wipe. It around. So, if you don't know how to control this swipe around on your device or, tilt it around this for me it's easier to swipe it around because. I don't want to like have to like look going. The. Tour is watching, the. Pilot. Cool, Roberto. Rico. Marco. Wants to have how you guys are liking the grease in see ya guys. I. Did some 4k, videos, in. 360. So, that'll be up later it was earlier in the day so the quality was even better. So. Look at the crowd of people guys look at him go. Looks. Like we're lagging just a little bit baby but not bad. Okay. Working. Much better than Animal Kingdom awesome. Oh there's, back okay good well, this is kind of touchy it's gonna take a lot of bandwidth on your side they'll, take a lot on our side but I've got the quality all the way up so that it's not as blurry and, it's not a pixelated, so hopefully it looks nice for everybody. If. You want to see what we look like just turn it around. The. Coolest thing YouTube's doing right now is they're actually showing a heat map on, the after the stream of where people were watching in the video on the 360 so that's kind of cool too yeah. Alright, guys well after the crowd clears a little bit we're going to move on down the road but I'm not using this move actually nope, what we got here is, freaking round making motion says. That. Today is all kinds of new technology, and. If you didn't see that earlier Tosh was there for that - we did a. Split-screen. Stream, from Disneyland. And Walt Disney World on Facebook, and that, was something new we'd never done before but I am going to upload it to YouTube later so, that anybody who doesn't have facebook can see the replay but. YouTube doesn't allow us to do a split screen right now maybe. Later. You're, like. Like. A racecar. That's. Really. Oh. We. Got going on here gosh. This is great thanks Dan love introduced - looking good - Scotland. It's. Hilarious if you move down the josh'll train yeah it looks like it's more all right let's head on down the street here yep. All, right guys I don't know where the good spots are for this kind of streaming so, just bear with us and, we're just going to test this out a little bit let's go to Tomorrowland, because it's always my favorite land, so. We'll try that if. The quality dies, a little bit just bear with us it's at least light where you can see and so, we'll we'll, check this out more later in more detail. Yes. It's attached to the bottom of the phone I'm actually holding my phone upside down right now. Yep. They have one for iPhone, and Android. Oh. Man. This is where it really lag okay let's go this way we.

Got To get out of the hub guys sorry stay. With us let's. Get out of the hub big. Lag big lag. You. Head to Tomorrowland. I'ma. Head, down quickly guys. We, got to get out of the hub the hub is a bad. You. You. Okay. Like I said we're trying to. May not work. Guess. We go back to Main Street yep. I will. Okay. So. The only place we can do this is on Main Street I guess. Yes. I was. Just a really bad spot back there. Okay. Tell me if it's coming back. There, we go. Okay. We're back up now. You. You. Areas. On the good areas for for. 360, streaming, Main. Street apparently is a good area. Not. So much not so much huh, not a good area well. I got good and then it went bad again that's weird. All. Right guys so what's, everybody saying. Now. They're saying it's coming back it's. Back. Some people's screens are still loading okay don't, refresh guys. You. So. Looks, amazing, Frank marullo says not raining like New Jersey nope its beauty and Lego fit was like 85 in, the afternoon, yeah warmest, day so far this spring. Or, winter. All right well looks, like it's sort of working. You. A little. Chopped little, choppy okay. Yeah. And, by the way it may have bumped you down to a lower quality so try and see if you can go up to a higher quality now. It's. Weird maybe just walking around it's not good. Every, time I walk it goes downhill and every time I stop. It goes back up, at. Least enjoyed this 360. So. I didn't I've never tried this on max ball so that's what I was trying, attempting, so, see. How it goes. All. Right well let's move on and see if it gets better. Our, pop court, or, 14 says Josh this is great fun for us viewers, cool. How, do you like it. It. Looks like we're almost back big. Out says the pictures clear good. Corie rubric, says it's okay we all learn together that's. Right boy yeah. Looks like we're back now okay so. We. Are back to full quality according to my screen now. He is great quality okay, good and you can you can change that if, you have a really fast connection, you can change it all the way up to 1440. So. I, just. Trying to find the right balance between. Resolution. And bitrate and what works with the stream so anyway yeah. It's. Joey's real not one supreme cheese oh well. We'll get right on that. All. Right so how's it looking now guys it shows good on my cell on my screen. This. Is a 360, camera now, revived streaming in 360, right now. So, let's go over by Space Mountain it's still working.

Watching. All the way from Melbourne Australia he said this amazing, Wow cool. So. Apparently around the hub is the problem this is okay here. Very. Cool. Let's. Go check out Space Mountain I, don't. Know how the signal is we could do that little womp Audrina between. Tomorrow. Lambda and Storybrooke, circus because I bet there's not a lot of people back there so maybe the signal will be better. All. Right so again this is the, one reading the comments is Tosh CFL car coppering please go check out her channel it's one of our partner Channel CFL, park hopper and we're trying to get her to a thousand, subscribers not, today but eventually yep. Sunny today would be great. But. That, way she can get back on the YouTube Partner Program she's already a partner but they're gonna take it away because all the new rules so anyway trying to help her out like I said she's been a friend of mine for 10 years so right, yep it's, a fellow band director. What. We got going on down the chat, myself, working good. I'm. Just another friend we both got banned and that's how we met yeowch in middle school the end and stuff like that it's, rabbit says you can zoom in and out and I'll see the chrome piece and your sunglasses oh wow that's pretty cool it's. Joey's bro like being able to pan around yeah. You Richardson says hi guys happy to see you, the pastor Mike's Mike says it's much better cool. Yeah we said a little rough spot there he. Says I'll be there at nine days. Jenna. Hi. Guys oh tenant says she's waiting on line at the Nobby River right cool, enjoy. Disney. Girl seven seasons at Space Mountain is her favorite, ride. Era. Kim says looking great Josh they hide to Lola in Auckland New Jersey, oh hi Lola Lola, brought this see how far are we off I know we're not that behind yeah okay, well. Let's go ahead and walk down the let's, let's. See if we can go this, back path here if it gets bad we'll turn around we. Just we don't know where the connection works for this so far it's working well but if it gets bad I promise we will turn around and go back the other way. Yeah. Exactly big oh that's. Exactly what this is. Just. Put up my cfl park upper youtube, channel so thank you magical newsletters awesome. Yeah. He's got a great channel - one of our partner channels like magical. News live as well as our theme live CFL. Park upper here all Central Florida Sabrina F, all. The partner channels via pre-project and they're here somewhere they were streaming earlier with us so. I don't know where they are but they're there and here somewhere yeah let's go get a 360 view of where Tron is gonna be. Yeah. Okay. Sorry we lost the chat guys we're not ignoring you it's just the, chat doesn't show on the 360 stream and so. You have to we. Have to look at it on a different device. Shows. The stream is still strong. And if you pause, the video won't take that much data just to read the chat. Here. We go guys a stream. Still shows strong so we're gonna press on. That's. All right you can go ahead and go down to the bottom and we'll catch up repost. Your comment guys Oh. Starting, to lose it. Starting. To lose it. Okay. That's not a good plan all right going back all. Right. Yup. It's getting better already, yeah, that didn't work us okay. Good that didn't work I'm going back, that. Matt's back to pull Vince. I think we're the, repeaters. Are for the cell service are close to the bigger buildings so, if we get outside of that I think it's not as good. Yeah we know it's choppy again Disney lady were working on getting back it should be back now it's just a little lag vine. Yeah. If it was just about 10 or 15 seconds of lag there. On. Is a new lifecycle attraction gonna be right next to Space Mountain yeah they certainly have that at the Shanghai Disney Resort so if you want to see what it looks like check out Shanghai. Disneyland. Attractions. Coming here but it won't be until 2021, right.

And. They are talking about making these cars electric, to kind of go and make it a more futuristic to. Kind of go with the Tron theme a little better I actually. Think that's cool because I think that the, motor noise from the cars would really detract from the Tron. Ambiance. A. Better. 3d. Technology. With those cars I always like get headaches from the viewers yeah. So. How's everybody doing on the chat here. Awesome. If, you're watching on the TV by the way it's gonna not look as good you need to watch on a smartphone. Tablet or a computer. They. Haven't got TVs caught up quite with this technology. All right what else we got going on. Live. From Orlando it's, Saturday night yes that's. Right. Sure. Said, how are you man - we're, doing doing great. Jamie. Murray is trying to movie yes there's a movie late. They paid to write. Yes. Yeah. They made the one in the 80s was the original then they made another one yeah just. A few years ago so it's actually pretty current what they've done here we're. Going to go through the Vacation Club arch here head. Still. Holding strong for, the most part looks like it look dipped a little bit. I. Know. I'm looking down away from the camera because I'm trying to look, at the quality to make sure it's still good. That's, right I don't even know how many people are watching. No. It doesn't do too well with that we tried that huh even, during the day I bet it would be hard there. No. Problem, I know those, of you in the UK it's still kind of late but at least it's not quite as late well, six o'clock I guess so this isn't women normally stream now but it started, a little earlier. Jenna. Is with, her family and. So Tosh, was here with her family so she's joined, us for just a few minutes. Here and then, she's going to go back and see her family but she. Hasn't stream but this for a while and since Jenna was gone with the perfect opportunity. Very. Cool thanks everybody. Oh. Cool. Streaming the magic they have a great Facebook. Page and a YouTube channel and they do some streams as well so awesome. Thanks for joining us guys. Yes. Yes. Seven. Rebecca says lower, quality, means less buffering, yeah. That's true too but it looks like it's holding pretty strong so that's good and, I can't keep this going too long because I'm. Gonna burn through even though I'm unlimited, I do have a cap at, like 50 gigabytes, so I don't want to burn through that too quick but. Definitely. Wanted to try it out. I. Don't. Think that would work that might be kind of I did a I did a standalone video of the TTA in 4k and. That'll be posted within the next couple weeks, looks. Like we're still strong. Awesome. And. How. Many people are watching right now can anybody tell us in the chat or, I guess Tosca probably. Well. The battery check is good yep, 145. Full. Yes, yes, it is I'm trying to figure out why but, we. Don't know. February. The 10th we have you to guessed it not. A popular, time generally. Like. Stream for us nightie-night workers. Any. Day there's a good. Thing that's right, thanks. Everybody, laura bailey TV says what is your friend's, youtube, channel, CFL. Park copper, yeah. CFL, park hopper. So. Check that out thank, you thank. You Laura Bailey. Can. You tell Josh it's my birthday tomorrow so my birthday.

Is Tomorrow, hello birthday magical news laughs all that on the facebook stream happy birthday tomorrow Nick, very. Cool. 360. Is so amazing, I love it yeah oh it's, a, bad spot here I think. That's. Going it's coming back okay coming back. See. If we can get down by the castle here. I'll. Try to do the same not running into people I think I'll have a daydreamer. Big Al says 145. Are watching okay cool so. Vo. -, 372, says that they're loving the same ingredients in the UK at 11:00 10:00 at night very cool yes. Oh. It's. Going down a little bit I think this is a little bit of a laggy spot I'm going to try and go down by the castle we'll see if it works or not so. Just. Bear with us if it gets a little shopping we've, never done this in this park before so I don't know where the bad spots are the good spots. Wants. To know what Josh's favorite ride is in the animal kingdom. Safari yeah. I'm, gonna do a 360, on Safari a regular, video not a stream during. The day so it'll be easier to see. You. Movement. We got ass move fast it's moving fast. Alright. Guys if, you can hear me we'll we'll be out of this quickly. Oh there, we're back to at least double digits now on the on. The frame rate. There goes they, came back that's a bad spot in the regular streams too. But. Yeah go ahead. That's. Right. Good. Evening. Frank, marullo says, to see straight ahead and have to face the wall my wife thinks I'm losing did oh and, actually you can Craig, you can swipe around on your screen you. Don't have to yeah, you don't have to face a certain direction that makes. Ya. So that makes it easier you don't have to actually tilt the phone or they'll iPad around just. Swipe around to change directions and that way you can sit on your couch and just relax. Welcome. Julie. That. Must be the problem I guess. That's a good problem. It. Is beautiful. I'm. Gonna stream the fireworks. Later too so that'll, be a regular stream I don't want to try 360, the bandwidth, is already bad, enough for that we'll get a better spot tonight try that I'll be a regular stream. To. Be able to swing the view around yes. And. Thank you to the anonymous person who bought this, $300. Camera for us that's awesome yeah. Because. It, really helps us to do some new things and just give you some new experiences, you, know like we said we're not gonna do it all the time but we are gonna do it you know and just try. It and see how it works maybe a 360. Stream through the castle would be cool wouldn't it yeah let's. Go ahead and stand in front of it for a second. My. Favorite ride in the medicine Kingdom is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad there you go I did. A 360 on that earlier today yes. Let's, stand here real quick, try. Going on a ride I don't know it's kinda I'm, probably not gonna go on a ride if it's a little it's we have to really the stream is very touchy on this, because I'm using so much more data because think about it I'm not just streaming the width of the phone I'm streaming everything, so yeah. Yeah. That's, why I know it so it's a different program so I didn't. Or. Not so people, will see it later it'll upload as a video. Beautiful. Sky just subscribe good, laura bailey, doing. Some work we haven't ride rides lag, yep no it's good that's good just a little bit of a place, love. Central Florida great YouTube oh cool, she already is broken Tina working. Here in San Diego dinglehopper. Sorry, we're just kind of going oh hey, there's our themed, life guys they are one of our partner channels go check them out as well like, CFL park hopper and our theme live -, awesome awesome channels, and go. Subscribe to both of them great people. That, they just had dinner up in 1900, and it was great awesome, yeah I just saw them earlier. Alright, guys we're going through the castle in 360. Thank. You Disney girls 17 for subscribing. Wow. Yeah, if, it doesn't I can go back it's kind of it's very crowded you can see but at least you can see everything now. The stream will this camera, does pixelate in the dark a little bit that that's, not the quality of the stream that's the camera. These, cameras don't do dark very well that's why I wanted to start it before it got dark. Okay. Now we're lagging a little see. If I can get out here and maybe a little bit better. Natalie, is looking for a dress, tonight but. She is lucky. Oh. Absolutely. Here. We are guys outside the castle in. 360, look at that look up you can see it. Yes. I just. Let you savor that view for a second since the screen is stronger. And. Actually I know if I go out in the hub bulbs we can try it I guess, Jael.

Lichter Wishes we could go by where the see it circle of life used to be well that was at Epcot, Epcot yep. Sorry. See. Jimmy Murray says I love when you go lie more than just on Friday that's it's yeah. Yes. Joey's. About Munson hope we can go by the treehouse. We. Can try I'm not sure if that will, how. The data is over there there aren't there are some problems with the. Stream over, there sometimes even when we do a regular stream that we can try it. Yeah. So, busy, the lines are anywhere between an hour to two hours for, a lot of the more popular ones and also guys we're going to go out in a really crowded area, so. If it lags just, stick. With us we will come back I, just don't know how it'll work here in the hub seems, to be working okay right now. Awesome. Yeah I think the notification, just didn't go out they'll see it later. Know if it's true that they're replacing, small old with tangled I heard that that was yeah. I heard that wasn't Trudy s my newscast, is on the, stream last night and they, said that it wasn't true either so yeah. Big news. With. Her family, yep. Looks. Like we're doing good still in the hub here so that's awesome. Yeah. I won't, look up how about that all, right we're gonna try Adventureland, and then, we'll probably end it because I don't want to go too long on 360, like I said it's a lot of data on 360, so I don't, want to hit my cap and then we can't scream that would be bad. Hey. There you go yes. Yeah. So again like, Craig was saying you, don't have to face the you don't have to face the device you can swipe around to make it go where you want it to go yep and, then you can just relax them you can even lay down. We're. Still good. JPL. Studio says the VR, with my headset is awesome, I bet that is really cool with the VR headset doesn't your husband have VR goggles he, does but we just realized since he updated his phone that's. Out of date oh no, I don't. Know if he's gonna get a new headset or not he's gonna say you should check it out on his headset when you get home but I guess it doesn't work yeah. Technology. Just moves too fast. My. Favorite is when people try and duck out of the way the camera you cannot duck hurry up duck around to 360, you cannot hide. And. This. Is supposedly where. They're going to do. Club. 33 in. This area hasn't, been confirmed but supposedly, why, we're still we're still going strong guys this is awesome yeah well. Even like I said even though people don't tune in at least they'll be able to fetch it later. Check. Out BR fam TV they're a great channel so go ahead and check, them out and hit. That subscribe button they're great family. Friendly people. Thank. You you're, welcome Felix. Right, Houston's as it looks gorgeous awesome. It's a beautiful night. Thanks. Mike. It's. Nice not to have to worry about where to point the camera at this kid let's hold it straight and keep going you. Can see whatever you want to see he gave. Crowley says VR headset, and treadmill, would that work or make you sick. Let. Us know man. I'd fall. That. We're still strong on the stream good. Thanks. Tony and Jeannie. Yes. Jenny hurry the weather is perfect today. What. A good shot I was just scrolling, around here and looking at the palm trees and stuff behind us really clear and there's the tree. We're. Still strong on the screen. Wow. That's a high compliment. Yes. For sure. It's. An insta 360, one and they, have them for both iPhone and Android it hooks up to the Lightning port you, can't stream on these unless you actually hook it in but it's a more stable connection because it's actually. Directly connected it's not going through Wi-Fi like a lot of them do. Watch. Out for the camels they spit haha. Go. Look at the Jungle Cruise then, we'll probably have to come out somewhere where it's a little more light. Looks. Like it's pretty good still. I, can. But, Wi-Fi is a lot worse than. Wi-Fi. Is a lot worse than regular cellular, data black sorry guys. Wow. Momentary. Lag looks like it's improving. I. Can. See my hand now is like half missing. Eddie. And me so, how is the turn right it's not even built yet Eddie this will be open, until 2021. I guess I've been broke ground yet if anybody's been to Shanghai you can tell us enough also our YouTube videos of course on us few, people, that have been lucky enough to world. Yes. Okay. Well, should. We go to Caribbean or should we let's, go back out to Main streets I think I want to end it pretty soon yeah. And we'll we'll.

Come Back later on a regular stream but I want I've got a few things I want to do so. Don't. Want to do, this for too long but I wanted to try it this is this is a test but I think it's worked well enough I'm gonna take the word test off of it, maybe. I didn't even put it on there I don't remember. We're just like shout out last night you're awesome oh you're very welcome Keith. It's. Funny when people walk by and, then turn around as they pass to see what's going on, you. Can see them both both ways coming and going. Eddy. We walked we tried to walk where the time line right is gonna be but we totally lagged. Out so we had to turn around it went down to single digit framerate so I knew that one going to work behind, for Space Mountain is and behind a. Little. Flip the car ride called behind, the strawman Speedway yeah it's gonna go in that area I. Will. Have to say it's a lot harder holding, the phone up than it is too smooth but you know so this and this thing only streams for about an hour anyway, but it's really cool to do this. I. Heard that he was at Epcot yesterday and tonight he's actually performing, with the Beach Boys at Universal, Studios oh wow so I almost was gonna go to that concert tonight but my family's here at Magic Kingdom and, they're in town from out of town so I. Go. They. Come here so I would, have liked to seen that before. What, we always make up new words on this ring, it's. Nice to look around without twisting, my head yeah. For. Sure. Sabrina. App says hey go on water rides at Splash Mountain open, yeah it is but I think it was like a two-hour wait because it's warm it's like 85, minutes yeah and actually I, don't think the stream would hold out on there anyway. Salvadore. I never, miss a live stream well thanks for watching I'm Oscar and yeah he gave us a donation and does a lot on a lot of the streams on PayPal so Thank You Oscar thank, you very generous guy.

342. Subscribers. Sefl Park copper you know thank you Pastor Mike how many was that up from what you had before I had 10, more since this morning good thank, you so yeah go check out CFL park opera this is toss that's reading the comments right now this has been a friend of mine for 10 years and she's. Had a youtube channel kind of she was with me on the happily ever after live stream that went epic and so, I think that the YouTube, bug bitter. I've. Been, coming to Disney, I've. Been a pass older about 15 or 16 years and, kind. Of playing tour guide is is something that I enjoy so I, thought I want to do this and make blogs mostly so that people can book a vacation okay what my blogs are kind of centered around so helping. You clean your trip. So check that out guys she does all the parks yeah yes central fort apart there's the universal, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens all the Central Florida parks. Check. It out. See, where we are here we, are going to Crystal Palace jr. and J says this could be a new circle vision film you. Know I really want to do O Canada and and, wonders, of China in reflection, - trying to sorry wonders is the old one and 360. You just have to hold the camera huh finger did it go. Tom. Mallory says the phone is in your hand but the picture looks like it's two feet above how can it be because. It's not two feet above but because, the. The. Camera is actually mounted, above, the phone because I have the phone upside down and so, that's why it looks like it's above the phone that actually is. What. Others. Are screaming, alright. Well. We weren't screaming no that's awesome awesome very cool. Awesome. Awesome. Do. You have Li says I think it's a successful test yes yeah, we only lagged out in a few places so that's good news. There's, no test in the title oh good. Alright awesome awesome. Well, we'll go down to Main Street ended up yes. Get. Some dinner and go back for the fireworks.

You're Very welcome. This. Is kind of where it lagged out last time but hopefully maybe there are less people here in this area now so maybe it'll work better. Let's. Scroll it down I. Siriano. That's. A guy's wheelchair that a scooter that has a sound, effects on it, he's. Going fat he's going fast. Sorry. If we miss your comments a little hard too hard. To walk and read yeah. Stop. Here in the middle and then we'll end it up probably here really. Fun guys, thanks for joining us and, we'll be back later I will be I think you'll be with your family then yeah. So. Let me see Oh or in somebody's picture let's get behind the photo path photographer. You know getting, somebody's picture here. Again. We're not skipping comments on purpose Tosh and I'm trying to navigate the crowd right now, there. We go. Yeah. There, we go okay all right so. Here we are all. Right. Guys let's see if they're heading promised to catch up on thank you for sharing. I wouldn't. Get a notification yeah, that was the problem things come in threes. 193. Watchin cool yes this is 300, 360, Brianna, okay. Cool. Okay. Good awesome. Alright guys well I'm gonna go ahead and end it up she's gonna go see her family and I'm gonna go get some dinner alright. So, thank you so much we'll say the sponsors real quick because, we really appreciate our sponsor supporting us all the time, so and, make, sure again check out a CFL park offer she's our partner Channel and she's here tonight to stream. With us we really appreciate that. Awesome. So. Mickey, blog calm and Mickey travels calm for the best and free with Disney vacation planning advice, make, sure you go check them out you can do you can see the blogs about Disney on Mickey blogs comm all kinds information and, you can book your trip on Mickey travels calm also. Check out window repair parts us, and that's. Wrong somebody's upset cuts Craig Rachel Ruth and Peter and they're on the stream tonight and, they. 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The old Mickey and and Pooh, Bear and all kinds of stuff Golden Books and they have like they, have dishes, and they have all, kinds of vintage crystal and stuff so go check them out Beach, home Co on Etsy use the coupon code resort TV one for 15%, off your purchase on, beach home code also. Check. Out their YouTube channel, Beach home Co on YouTube and also, check out dreamers. By dreamers. The identified order sorry dreamers, Empire comm and I know Dean's been on here dreamers, Empire calm where you can share, your dreams online on his page you can also be, on his podcast on. Dreamers Empires podcast, it's called the happy place and Jenna and I were on it we're gonna he's going to post that here in the next several, weeks so we'll let you know about that but go to dreamers Empire comm also. Check out their YouTube channel dreamers Empire on YouTube they do live streams from Minneapolis. The Mall of America they do live streams from the Superbowl city when they see, can go check out the ones that they already have done they, do live streams all over the place and they're great channels so dreamers Empire on YouTube and also the website rumors Empire calm and finally we have Neverland mercantil, comprar no I did that already and I always try and do them again but they're awesome anyway okay, so actually Disney, demystified, is what I meant to say blooper Disney. Demystified, and, they. Are this is a really, cool book series and here's the e-book and hard copy books about all the things you didn't know about Disney both, Disney World and Disneyland they have whole chapters about some of the rides like how, Haunted Mansion was supposed to open when Disney Land open but then it didn't open for another several years until what was already passed away so. That didn. T be mystified on on Amazon, it's only $4.95. For the e-book you, can click the links in the description and go check that out Walt, Disney was actually going to be the original ghost tourists on the heart of mansion so, that's kind of a cool little tidbit in the book and there's all kinds of stuff on there there are two books too as a, good check out Disney, demystified, $4.95.

Great Deal alright. Guys thank you so much for joining us sorry we couldn't read as much with the chat it's a little crazy with having to use two devices well, I will be back later for a happily. Ever after a firework so make sure you check that out alright. And check out CFL, off. Subscribe, them if you haven't took it out see above our copper on YouTube that's right okay so. For now have, a great big beautiful tomorrow.

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Info on your rig,mate!How much did it cost?Thanks!Keep up the good work!

This is awesome! Great picture. Keep it up

Thank you so much for the 360 stream Josh. I like that I can look in whatever direction I want while you walk around. Much much better looking in the day time. I view on my desktop and it worked great. Thanks! Now you've got me looking on Amazon for a 360 Cam!

Josh I just wanted to let you know Brook and I had the best time ever with you guys yesterday with the 360, it was amazing and I hope you do more of these. Thank you so much. Loved your friend too, I have subscribed to her channel. I also hope Jenna enjoyed Rivers of Light last night it's so beautiful, it was one of my favourite things we did. I cried like a baby watching the fire works, thank you so much for doing the streams. Much love from Cleone :) xx

A big thumbs up the 360 really makes me feel like I’m there.

This awesome. Just wanted to let you know that we can get 360 on our Sony smart tv by using the remote up down right left arrow keys.

FANTASTIC!!!! Loved every second and will watch it multiple times to get different views. Really looking forward to some 360 vlogs. Thanks Josh!!

360 stream was fun....great job.

I've watched this three times now! It's different each time by which way I'm looking! So fun! Thank you again for another great show! I've said it before and I'll say it again; you folks are The Gold Standard of Live Streaming!

I got no notification

Never got a notification :o(

Finished the video now. Very enjoyable stream with a few lags here and there more than usual. Some of it may be my connection? Loved moving the view around and watching Josh's hand disappear like Marty in "Back to the Future". Also funny to watch the camera/phone disappears so it looks like he is holding nothing. Loved the last few minutes in Main Street and doing the 360 around and the castle view in the twilight colors and the lights. Just beautiful.

Josh, thank you very much for investing in and trying the 360* video. It really is MUCH more immersive and gives us viewers another option to Interact. Please keep working on this as I know you will make it great for us ResortTV Hoppers. As always Josh, Prayers and Positive Energy are directed to you and your Family from the Tampa Bay area. ;~)

What does the camera look like?

not sure why the quality is amazing on my tv and barely meh on my laptop (my tv is nothing special)......

MDB Try upping the resolution on the video on your laptop. It will go all the way to 1440s.

Wow, I got the notification much later as well! The 360 stream is pretty incredible, so keep doing it! I know any kinks will get worked out eventually!

this is great

Really enjoy the 360s. Makes us feel like we are there. Thanks

This is beyond awesome on the iPhone

Hi Josh and Jenna coming in loud and clear!!!


It 7:45 pm ,I just it about 20 mins ago

I did not get notification either for the live stream, I just got an email the video posted after the fact. I guess I will un-click and click bell again and see if works. The view is much better in daylight for the 360 than it was at Animal kingdom last week. It still a bit less clear/sharp than normal stream on my laptop.

Didn't get a notification, but happened to check Youtube and caught ya' live. We enjoyed the 360 stream and was so glad it worked much better this time since it was daylight. Thank you for continuing to try and work things out for us and our viewing pleasure! We appreciate all you guys do!

Awesome stream

Looks pretty good

Glad to see the video! But, sadly I didn’t get a notification.

I didn't get a notification. But glad I got to see the video.

Thanks.I need a bigger room so I can spin around while we are watching

it won't let me see the chat

You guys streamed?!?! I never got a notification!

Hi josh and Jenna good afternoon to you guys in Florida have a great weekend

That was a great stream. Sorry too miss it live this week but had a dinner date. This 360 was really good quality overall and look forward to it in the future. It will change all ride POVs in the future and you are on the cutting edge of technology bringing us together. As I said before, good form!!

Thanks! That means a lot! I love this community, and I definitely want people to know I read the comments and really pay attention to what our community is saying. Thanks again!

Your quick replies make us all feel so connected as s family. I don't know how you do it but understand it can't sustain, but it makes us feel important as a group and wanted to say thanks for that, I wish our Patreon group would grow, darn IPhone limitations.

Thanks! I really appreciate that! I love trying new things, and while 360 video is still very new, I think it works pretty well! Thanks for all of your kind words and support!

What is on your hand

That's where I'm holding my phone. It tries to remove the camera, phone, and my hand, but it didn't get all of it. That's why it looks weird.

What device was this taken with

Insta360 One on iPhone.

Awesome 360 stream!!! Keep them coming!!!

Will do! Thanks!

Hello there, I must say we thought that was brilliant. Thank you so much.

Thanks, Jim!

Josh. this was perfectly done in picture and sound. A great way to immense us to different views. Great Job. Loved it!!!!

Thanks, Lyn! It is really cool that it is working better now. Thanks!

Do you know what kind of construction Is going on at Prince Charming’s carousel? ( and how long the wall will be up )

ResortTV1 Thanks!

I think it's just some simple refurb work (repainting and etc...). I'm not sure how long it will be going on.

I use win7 & chrome and the controls work alot better on the video then they did on the live stream. No need to reply just thought you might like to know since its new.

Love the 360, amazing!


I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks! :-)

I was out of town when it was live but it was a great video!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!!

Insta360 One for iPhone. It was $300. Using it with the iPhone 8+. Thanks!


Very cool! Thanks, Mike! And you're right, 360 is definitely better in the day time for now until the technology improves.

Thanks, Cleone and Brook! We really enjoyed having you along with us watching the streams! :-)

ResortTV1 your welcome

Thanks, Sabrina!

Oh wow! Very cool! Some TV's will do it, but only the newer ones. Good to know that it works on yours! :-)

Very cool! Thanks!

Thanks! It goes with your YouTube name too! ;-)

Thanks, Tina! :-) I'm so glad we can do these types of streams now! :-)

Sorry about that. YouTube notifications didn't work correctly yesterday for some reason.

Sorry about that. YouTube was having issues with notifications yesterday.

Thanks! Yes, more lags in 360 streaming because it takes more bandwidth to stream all 360 degrees as opposed to just the one view like we normally do. Thanks for watching!

Thanks, Cody! That is much appreciated! We actually got the 360 cam from a Resort Hopper who wished to remain anonymous. Very generous gift that we can use for so many things! :-)

Like this:

Sorry about that, Dave! Not sure why notifications are going out late now. I'm gonna contact YouTube.

Very cool! I'd love to see it with VR Goggles for the full effect. :-)

Very cool! Thanks! We had fun doing this one!

Thanks, Jane! Glad it's working well! :-)

Sorry about that. YouTube was late with notifications last night for some reason.

Thanks, Mary! I'm gonna contact YouTube and see what's going on with notifications. Glad it looked a little better this time. We'll keep working on it.

ResortTV1 It's truly a pleasure to support such amazing folks as yourselves! You don't have to leave your families and do this for us so we cherish the time you spend to give us the joy of experiencing the parks with you. Thank you!!!

Glad you saw it! We'll keep working on it, and I've reached out to YouTube for answers as to why notifications aren't working. Thanks for watching and supporting us! :-)

Thanks, Nancia!

Sorry about that! YouTube's notifications weren't working very well yesterday. Not sure why.

Yes. Notifications were not working for everyone yesterday. Hope they fix it soon!

ERIN GO BRAGH you can swipe the screen with your finger to move it around

I think the stream was over when you saw it. YouTube was late on notifications yesterday. I'm not sure why. Sorry about that!

ResortTV1 Ok. Hope they fix it. Don't want to miss another live stream or video.

Yeah, I'm not sure why YouTube's notifications aren't working. I may need to do some testing later. I emailed them for support too.

Hi Lauri! Hope you have a great day! :-)

Wow, awesome video!

YouTube sent me this link for anyone having notification issues.

Thanks for the info. I didn't have my notifications set on Facebook for live streams from you. I do now :) I always had my bell clicked for ALL notifications for you on Youtube, so I unclicked it, and re-clicked it. Hopefully we'll all get them this time.

YouTube sent me this link for anyone not getting notifications.

ResortTV1 Thank you.

Try this fix-

Try this-

Thank you!

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