Magic Kingdom Live Stream - 2-9-18 - Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Live Stream - 2-9-18 - Walt Disney World

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Hi. This is Josh, with. Resort tv1 and we are live tonight at the Magic Kingdom. All. Right and if you're watching this video on the replay please make sure that you, hit the subscribe button if you're new because we live stream every Friday at 6:00 and we, have new videos every morning at 9 a.m. also, hit the bell so. That you're notified every. Single time we go live so hit the subscribe button and the bell and also. Check us out on all the social, media I can talk social, media will resort TV 1 on all social media so check us out welcome, guys hey. Everybody. Alright. And to the talents dedication loyalty of the entire Walt Disney organization, that made the Walt Disney's dream come true yay hi. Maria Miller real Schumann gervase great Marco Mike in motion hey. There's. There's. Our theme life mikeandgem one of our partner channels check them out awesome awesome people check them out Dennis Bobo flash Tyler. Pony Mouse junkie Jerry Silverman, and Jenny how's it going we're. The young at heart the young at heart of all ages can laugh learn and play together yay. Bryan. Michelle John Paul, Jeffords. Lauri. Caroline. Joyce, Sean. Mickey, Q Kelly aw, and GW, all. Right Zachary. Murray Renee how's it going Renee says. She wasn't feeling well hopefully she's feeling better now that we can take you to the Magic Kingdom it's. 200 watching already Wow hi. Great mark oh hi Rachel Disney, Princess couture hello hello hello, Peter, Chad, Ferrand hello, and Craig. Murillo how's it going the Murillo family, it's, route it's rabbit, Robert rabbit, I can, talk I promise Serrano, how's it going buddy, adda how's it going I said it right our. Theme live glad to be here Isaac how's it going we're gonna have some fun hey Jacob Jacob. Butts buckston sorry Jacob Jacob, how's it going in, the ER oh my goodness sorry to hear that hope you're OK, Timothy. Rainwater is s roll call that's right Milly Milly. Muggle, blood that's cool, William, herring hey Julie how's it going kala Chris London. Tom Thomas Andrew gene land Elaine, John. Johnny. Morgan, LJ, Dion. There's. P JJ, yeah it's like construction. Up there almost looks like the opposite of the hurricane urbis dream getting over, here last, last hurricane Herman stream with this is not a hurricane Irma stream but last time we had this it was over here now it's over there oh it, just jumped sorry Caroline. And Laurie II back I won't be on long I have to go work retail work okay sorry Nikki, COO Kelly. Colorado. Hello. Julie. Nadia, sorry if I miss your comment it jumped. J, man hello reaches repost your comment hey. There they are. They. Got all the shirts on all the things Aloha. Ross, says I'm at a restaurant and this waitress is cutting into my livestream time Serrano that's funny Sondra, Patrick, Isaac, Lewis Kolob rake hello Claire I hate, Claire how's it going. So. Jacob, I'm okay now how to heart is okay I'm glad you're okay Master Chief Laurie. Jean Sweeney shout-out to Tina and gene hey Scott, aw. Gwf, cop Bob how's it going Jonathan, Rachel Michael, Julia. And Disney lover Craig yeah everybody see her a Brit, aviation photography, how's, it going so we got something for the, Murillo family and for anybody else who is interested in, the. Spider. Gummy gummy, spiders, there, we go we, found him guys, anna. Says hi hi mom dad and Richard a nasty. Rat says hello Nancy. Noland hey Jenny our Delaney Richard hey mom and dad Morgan. Josh Jenna do you have any idea if the clear balloons are making ads are $10 or $12, I don't know we can ask how. Much for the balloons. $12. Okay you heard it here first. No. Work for me I'm done for today that's good Laurie let's, hunt some back hey you're gonna beat box for us that's awesome. Hi. Mom dad Richard, Richard, Hayden Anita before. My redskins master chief j r NJ he's got it going guys. Katie. How's. It going Matt school news live one of our partner channels check them out they're awesome, Matt school News live Nick does a great job check him out partner channel yay Renae, says hi to Claire great.

Marco. Julie. Has said she'd had a rough week this week yeah. So hopefully everything's okay. Mike, in motion looks great at the kingdom it's a beautiful, night oh my goodness it's like 80 degrees right now perfect. Hey Ross says hi mom and dad Sean, Society, night live in the house clam, 73, says hi Rachel, Park Josh. Jenna and Friends Claire says hey Cyril hi. Lynn. Hi, Lynn, hello. Nelson family jumbo, Nick Jenny says hi. Mom dad Jenna are John's hey uncle remus how's it going haven't seen you for a while, Thomas. And Regine greetings, from Germany to mom and dad and Richard Disney, lover Nancy hi how's it going we met them last week yeah. Jo, Walden, and Michelle Claire, Ryan. Chris. Looks warmer tonight yes it is Chris for sure frozen. Mama hello Justin Jennifer Morgan Marcy, looks like it's gonna be a great night yes, it will hey, Rene good to see you yeah don't, forget me a Disney fan nope didn't forget you all. Right Mike and motion by the way if we do miss your comment is never on purpose sometimes we just happen to see hi. How's. It going. Yeah. Absolutely, where, do you guys from how. Awesome I say, hi to what's, your name's, Travis. And care and awesome here maybe. You can get maybe. You can give get it out there that the rubberband. Was stuck yes, we're getting we're getting them a car to everybody it's okay. Oh thank. You, appreciate, that I love the out on the washer - that's really awesome, join me show you that's, awesome. Oh, well thank you. That's. Awesome. Well. Thank you we really appreciate that and so, how long you guys here for. Monday. Wow. I'm. Jealous I haven't gone there yeah yeah you're doing, the sea legs haven't done that since 2005, and you've never done it. One. Of these days. Aye. Well. I. Tried. Yeah. Just. To make sure I don't run into people one still. I don't get everybody so I try as much as I can but. Yeah. Yeah yeah, it, was kind of letting him fly sometimes, but he does pretty well. He. And I actually chat over email about how to livestream a little bit because he hasn't done it and he actually asked, if we had any suggestions that was kind of cool. So. No. You're fine that's nice to meet you guys. Have. Fun this weekend all right. All. Right everybody says hi Travis and Karen go, to livestream of Disney Cruise that's a great idea hello. How's. It going. Oh. You're. Jim's friends yeah I actually I recognize Rachel cuz he sent me a picture of I didn't both you guys so, your road trip Rachel that's awesome. I love the shirts Tube he got Pete's dragon Hudson, Hornet that, is really cool Wow. Well. That's awesome and give, him a card for sure and I guess I'm supposed to meet Jim and family tomorrow Oh. Awesome. I was gonna say are you guys there animal kingdom tonight I guess, so. Oh, wow. Famous. Famous now no we're not famous but, that's. Awesome so you guys having fun. Really. Cool. So. How long are you here for. Yeah. Okay, awesome. Oh. Yeah. I know I know Jim's always complaining about that. Yeah. Well at least it's been great weather for you guys down here for sure because, it can be cold in February hearsay is good. Weather Oh. A. Little chilly at first and then it yeah then it kind of won't be right up. That's. Really awesome it's really nice to meet you guys I guess they're moving us out of the road here bye.

Everybody. Loves the shirt hey downscale hey Uncle Remus Laurie I know we missed us a lot of comments there but we were meeting some awesome, people we met two families, in a row there so, that was great so if I missed your comment please repost and Erin. Says Olympics yes that'll be it that'll be at 8 o'clock but, we hope you guys will stay with us you, know because we're gonna keep streaming yeah so it's up to you what you want to do fast, passes we've got Speedway again. Cuz it works really well we've, got well. So we have Buzz. Lightyear we've got one. More I have, to look at it. Teacups. Yeah hey Scott Shannon how's it going I'll be there tomorrow yay, Todd D is a new fan please give Todd a shout-out hey Todd Paul. Wozniak, hello from Emma and/or great-grandma yeah and Paul's designing this some cool shirts through Master. Chief I'm 100% Disney fan don't forget wishes come true by the way guys. Your best keep up the good work oh yeah, thanks master seat. Here. Comes the prey guys ELISA or ELISA, sorry checking in from a very snowy Middlebury it's been snow for 19 hours and there's, no end in sight, yeah. Look Jen's got Starbucks, ears. So. Thanks for Rachel yay, I just. Injured my leg so this will be perfect entertainment, while I rest how cool not cool that you were not cool that you injured your leg but cooled it it's, good entertainment, we hope you feel better soon. So. Rachel meets Rachel yeah when that cool hey, downscale what rides are we doing yep we just were talking about that is that gonna go such, a beautiful, place yes Cindy hey. Nancy it says welcome Todd what. Who do we just meet we met Rachel, and. We. Met Karen. And Travis, and I can't remember Rachel husband's. Name off the top my head I'm really sorry. Vamos. Yes vamos. Karen. McClendon. I miss it oh here we go downscale. Two dollars kiss, national, pizza day I heard about that hey. That's a good day I like pizza let's. Do a lap and then we'll be able to come back around. We. Do jenna. Is a we now. Rachel. Park hello. Marguerite. Hello, Don. Meyer looks pretty decent there tonight yeah and wdw, to look at the beautiful castle jeff, joined i have beautiful images from the castle cool.

Hey. There's Mickey everybody F, cup Bob how's it going don't. Miss me too much oh yeah Anna we do miss you though. Mouse. Junkie hello. Yes. Thomas McGovern, we are lucky and Nikki. Tobin says she loves your ears. Did. Not get notified oh sorry Scott, well you guys know we're live at six oh yeah. Hey. Guys excited to be there with you yeah we're chip we are to Disney Disney Kim, David. Stephens thank you for the live, Michelle, Scott says you got some Starbucks ears yeah. Hey. Sean died Claire. Says oMG those ears are so cute. Happy. Happy, pizza day. Now. There's Isaac how's it going Isaac Nenita yes, watching. The Olympics on TV on me and you guys on laptop up loud that's cool Mary, T we. Lost a dear friend this week and we need to watch this tonight oh sorry Pamela. How. Well under the livestream be about till nine o'clock around, LJ. Stephens hello. Maureen. Hello, Maureen. Mills. Odds and ends I thought you could live stream with any mine subscribers I think you can Ben, Jacobs hello, Thomas. I'm Regine love your ears Erin yep, Santiago. Hello, the. 360, camera would work right now good and main three yes I'm gonna do some tests tomorrow with the 360, camera. Yeah. So, anyway hi. From California, Alicia yes you have my five-year-old son Calvin who watches you guys hi Calvin. The. Braid is on yeah Tom Hanks played woody yes. Let's. Go are, you guys taking bids on getting spiders I don't know, taking. Bids on gummy spiders, yeah let's start the bidding at $1 I'm just kidding, beautiful. View yeah nicly. Odd said in the cloud oh sorry died say it wrong I'm sorry, alright. Hey prodigy Brandon one. Of our awesome moderators. All. Right mark. Horn hello Meredith Meredith, Rahl fellow who. Needs the Olympics we got Disney that's right chef Jenna, you rock those ears can't wait the twin Rachel size. Morgan. I'm leaving at 8 p.m. to watch Celebrity, Big Brother okay that's. All right we. Understand, ever, get close to 500, let's kick it up yeah, vamos. Let's go. Chat. Fran those ain't those, years combined my two favorite places Disney and Starbucks I think. We're going the wrong way. Alright. Hey Julia how's it going Barbara, from. South Jersey we're watching you instead of the Olympics thanks. How. Long is the livestream till three thousand three not, three hours till nine no we are not going till three I'm sorry they'll, kick us out before that. Yes. Hi, from Joel and Jim from Indiana was great meeting you yeah Joel and Jen that, was awesome and thank you so much for the gift cards Joel and Jen it, was so nice to meet you and thank you so much for your for your generous, gift that was awesome currently. Gonna drive through parties. Matt says Jeff. Says happy birthday to Jeff happy birthday Jeff, Jeff. June died, bow-bow, flash says bye Mickey Paul Wozniak t-shirt is this close to being done oh no worries Paul no worries Don. Meyer a Toy Story flow at jail how's it going Richard 26.2. Hello yeah no 360 this time we're, gonna we have to whip some bugs to work out it's not really smooth on the 360 yeah we're gonna work it out though so. We're not gonna do at 360, every time we're gonna do it sometimes, yeah. It's. Really on two devices thanks, Meredith. Awesome. Awesome okay I love. Pluto's yeah Nathan hello Mouse junkie. Alright. Big. Owl says hashtag new topper well hopefully not hopefully. Not any plans for next week streams I'll be at Hollywood studios um Epcot next, week with Jenna right.

I'm. Not quite sure okay I thought you said I've got that's fine Jenna. Yes, I'm actually going to be at an orchestra, MPA that's like a contest, that we go to I won't, be on the stream next week but Jenna will be she'll be doing a solo stream the. Jenna is loose so. Us, twenty dollars from Oscar Oh Maya thanks Oscar, twenty. Dollars on PayPal from Oscar thanks Oscar. Alright. Great quality stream thinks our theme life by the way check them out again one of our partner channels along with Disney, Princess Couture Couture, sorry and second. Time and magical, news live and JPL, Studios all Central Florida. Sabrina, F all the great partner channels via pre project, amber. Davis it's about 80 degrees right now very, nice sorry if I'm shaking the camera there's 500 people hello hi. Alicia 23 K yes we got the twenty-three thousand subscribers, this week a was. Awesome alright, amazing quality Thanks we, should have ice cream every day Jay yeah Jay we, wish we could too sneaks. Into Clara's luggage that's funny downscale cuz she's going coming down here hi, Paula, how's it going from the Dominican Republic, alright. Are. We going to ride the TTA tonight yes of course of course Chris, of course. Yes. Oh and. There is a life there may be a livestream tomorrow yes we Klan torrance hello we, get to join you live yeah I welcome, welcome we Klan torrance, Winter. Olympics Disney style that's right Jenny Matthew Collins is here I'm actually watching a live stream of the park while at the park hey Matthew welcome. Come say hi, updated. Apple, TV YouTube app won't play the stream oh that's weird it should play it hi, Josh and Jenna hope you're enjoying your night yeah Trisha Callie, Maynard, back again this week what's up hey Callie, I said. Cat is it Callie I'm sorry. Fast-fast, yes okay, lastly I think it's oh yeah cuz it okay, right Darrin. Kruger watching you from Oregon this weekend and Julia back home Darrin with the ten dollar donation, thanks. Darren he says watching you from Oregon this week and Julie back at home ah. Well. Thank you Darren we really appreciate that and I guess they're back home this week so, thanks Darren. Teacup. Fastpasses, after sometime after the the, Speedway. Walkthrough, eventually and we will this time yes Ross but we're going to head to our Fast Pass for, favorite, Park in Disney World Magic Kingdom, for sure Jamie.

Hello Good to see you good to see the rides tonight yes. We're. Gonna do it Jane for sure we're gonna get all those rides done and maybe some more Paul. Was new at views their views better there than the foot of snow we got in Chicago first trip Paul yeah, be careful in the Midwest everybody it sounds like a rough. Rough time great. Marco happy Friday at, Timothy Rainwater's in the rest of the rain waters Klan there's. Aaron says Aaron says Darren that rhymes, Aaron. Go brah says Darren go bragh I always said that wrong I don't know all, right so, let's. See Magic. Kingdom for me hey Peter peanut how's it going aviation, photography says donation yep I was a little slow in getting to it sorry at least list, ein Berg or Steinberg, says vamos, sorry I'm not reading very well tonight reading, is hard guys leaving. To watch something else isn't what a DVR is for that's not, what a DVR is for that's right Craig put, that DVR on that's right of course I guess they can watch the stream later too if they want hey, Adam, how have you guys been Josh engine and resort hoppers well yeah because she missed a couple weeks she had some had some things going ahead that's totally okay she hardly ever misses yeah. So but we totally understand and we are doing great and glad you're back Jenna. Is doing a solo stream next week yes very. Comfortable Craig that's right at Sambo how's it going Thomas ever after on the golf course watching the hub's but I can't stay if I hate Thomas ever after they've, got a great channel, to band glitching game or Jakob that we met at, contemporary who gave us all the pins. Yes. Alright. So. Sorry, I missed this & kammath chaotic home how's it going 360, bow, bow flash is a stream, that goes in all directions which we tried last week but it didn't work super, well so we're gonna organize it, was too dark so we're gonna I think it'll work better during the day Courtney. Rainwater's I forgot to tell Jenna stitch is my favorite character cool. Supersport. Says I'm not late for once yeah you're, right on time. All. Right YouTube 101 have, you on mute but streaming you your tomorrow music okay that works whatever, you however you want to do it hey, mister Nelson, somebody, I guess and then that's from Bulli or, Boley Hugh Connor. Says. Hey, one. Of my students I guess is on here summers. Are after after this is my favorite Landon view right now walking in Tomorrowland, absolutely, sorry, I'm so behind 5:48. Watching, yes hey, so glitching gamer yeah hey Jacob, alright, I plan on live-streaming, tomorrow at 4 p.m. if and wanted to know if you gonna make it oh well we'll see you Disney days I don't know I'll be at the park tomorrow so I'm not sure what. To see. Yep. You're so sweet Congrats on 23k, thanks Atta I bought. Some bath frosting to get to my sister I picked the villains flavor John Gibson says awesome. Mike 88 NYC hi Josh and Jenna hi, Mike Jess. Here that might be updating the monorail yes and I we I, I am, in full support of that. Yeah. It's just it's just they're a little rickety right now Eric. In watching from Oakland watching, with Lola hello the, bow mo says hello mr. Nelson hi the bomo clueless. Mama Dee how's it goin. Karen. McCloud I. Thought, I said all right at that time oh they live we're at ten inches more Wow oh and, there's bill me bill, me one, two three four five has a $5, donation says, love you guys keep it up from Chicago, thank. You Bill me one two three four five. Awesome. Thanks guys buh. Buh flashes thanks Cindy a I don't have you walk talk read walk, read and talk all at the same time take. Some practice. Aaron. Cabral. For Josh okay thanks, another. Donation, going. Through a tough time I really needed this stream please keep me in your prayers oh we definitely will yeah we definitely will. Our. Theme live hey they have a $5 donation our theme life, let. Me we're. Gonna get in the line here now read this. There. We go our theme live Jenna has a $5 donation, our. Theme life. Hope. To see you guys in a few weeks keep up the keep, up the awesome work, we truly appreciate what, you guys do for the Disney community. Thanks. Mike and Jen thank. You thank you thank you. Yes. They are awesome awesome, people and really you. Know there. Are another family while I got way behind there another family channel so definitely check out our themed life they're awesome, and. Thank, you again Mike and Jim for the five dollar donation that's so nice they, had a really awesome livestream, the other day, too they put they had us kind of a spree, Super Bowl a stream and they got into a hundred and some people watching they.

Did Great. Yes, partner. Channels magical News live our theme live JPL Studios all Central Florida Sabrina half disney princess couture and buy, a free project yeah, so Jenna solo next week because I actually am. I'm. Doing an orchestra, contest. And I have to be there all evening so, that's the my, first time missing since we started this. Alright. So Sandra. Brazil, hello I did. Not get the circle of life we're really sorry it got really busy I hope somebody did though can, you please shout out my in-laws, Aleta, and Miguel Almonte, sure jbv. Are hey. Josh and Jenna staying up a bit late tonight to see more of you guys missed last week from Martin that's, Roland 2k 2k one, wdw. Too corny Rainwater's this is our favorite character also. Someone. Is on the people ho Julian. Says Oh, bully. Who is Gracie hi Gracie, yeah. We're gonna do the TTA love you guys want to shout out equals fans yeah, alright. Josh look at the TTA ate Walker I, don't. What that means sorry if, you're very behind okay so Hannah Butler hello. Hi Margy Lenny hello I'm just gonna go through these real quick Jean how's it going Jay. Man X gonna be my wife and since first time there that's awesome alright, so I got to catch up here I'm, gonna miss you. Yeah just repost I got to catch up guys I'm sorry I'm Way behind all. Right so. There, we go alright, so repost if I missed it I'm really sorry I know that's frustrating, if I, know. It's frustrating if you have to repost it but it's hard to stay up on it. Yeah. And, Tom Moore with. A ten dollar donation, I'm officially an old park my Medicare card arrived yesterday. Sorry. Tom but, thank. You for the donation Tom $10 from Tom Maurer thank. You you're not that old Tom it's okay. Drive. Safe Savannah guess we will oh and, jessica lynn original. Can't wait to see you use your stamp yes we need we need to use that. And. Thank, you so much for the stamp absolutely. Jason. Ty says hi. So. Repost guys Mara, Bremen, hello I really enjoy these we're, happy to do them having a lot of fun yes ADA or, add up man hey, stuck in there the wrong pronunciation, is stuck in there can you give Jordan a shout-out it's his first time watching sure Craig Jordan. The shout out to Jordan. Chaos. Picture, yes donation, Jesse watch, out for those young drivers great, Marcus this time to enable snow flow chat yeah we may have been may have to try to start doing that maybe, like 20 seconds and not that much this time so. Lucky yeah Thomas, can. You play say hi to Jordan my brother from California's, here watching with us absolutely. Hey. Jordan. As, a from, the marula family yeah. Darleen, shout out the Kim Nathan Jude. Yeah. Shout out to Eli Vasquez, he loves you guys sure, dance. Dance. Dance, if you can believe it I actually wrote the people mover last week that's awesome that's a requirement Nancy, yeah, shout. Out to the British live for YouTube cool Megan. James first time they're so excited hey awesome awesome how's it going, Resort. See if you won I'm really sorry to hear that josh is not going to is going to be sick next Friday and not able to attend his band thing got you covered oh thanks yeah. And. Actually one, of my orchestra kids is on here Gracie. And they're they're doing really well they're actually really prepared some excited, to, be a great great show Jenna, John says he likes her many ears. Supersport. Says welcome to the club I think he means to at Tom about, Tom, thinking he's old this, is the Grand, Prix this 2-mile ends people used to be the Grand Prix way Street Grand. Prix Raceway not the waste way. Tracy. How's it going. You, guys Stefan Dale wash me that's a Oh Tracy says you should watch when we first met it's a nice comedy, Jessica. Lynne says heart that's, cool one the Magic Kingdom yay Dillon EMC. Football, hello. Jenny. Delaney funk guess had, a wait wait wait what you got a stamp yes it's a resort Stevie Wonder stamp she made for us Roger. Gonzales you guys are what keeps me happy on Fridays thanks for everything you do only got 600 now that's. Awesome and thank you Roger we makes, us happy to do this. Anyone, ready for summer yeah well we're kind of good now in spring is nice here. So. Our theme les has tired of Scott all. Right. Oh yeah. If top-ups the surprise Dean's not on yeah yeah it probably will be though. No. Problem Greg what's. Your favorite kind of pizza well. Rene I'm kind of boring it's like pepperoni for me. See. Jenna's less boring favorite. Ride at Disney World for me it's the TPA People Mover sugar in it Jenna it's the. Yes. Alright, repost. Hopper big, outs that's repost hopper that's right big out Savannah, Barker hello.

Hi. Epcot Bob Autopia, is one rival we don't have time to do when we were there oh yeah because. They call it Autopia, at Disneyland, but they yeah they didn't they didn't get to do it. It. Really is longer, is. It cheer week yes it's been sugar week for a few weeks. Shout-out, to our John's nick, says shots are John, he's. My spokesman now. Yeah, they. Have somebody posted it on Wikipedia or. Space. Mountain so pretty, lots, of minions we love you from New York kondalian, composition, condo lien composition. From, brother and sister PD and Aniyah, I think I said that right yeah. The. Sky is lovely. Ok I'm. Going to watch on multiple devices thanks to the bomo late. Gray I don't like the, YouTube chat I can't link music links yeah sorry sounded, to joseline Jenny you make Friday's magical, thanks Jamie sorry if the cloud guys. Roxana, Rousseau hello from Melbourne Australia. Giovanni I love you guys Bonnie Irvin thanks, for reading our card thanks for sending a card people. Movers relaxing, fun yes Jonathan. From Costa Rica hello, oh hey. The, SNY newscast, is on here how's. It going Jack, how's, it going is that the trans people you're about to go on oh wait oops lol that's. Awesome so how's it going Jack thanks for joining us man, awesome. Awesome. Yeah he. Does a great job by the way guys if you have not checked out his channel you're missing out he, gives you the latest Disney news on D s my newscast, he's got a great, channel and this. Really keeps you guys up to date on stuff he did one about the Epcot Hotel, this, week the the hotels, can beat the front of Epcot he also did the Toy Story flying, saucers. So. That's kind of what he's been up to but he does some great stuff so thanks jack, we. Love you from New York from brother and sister Petey and Nia or Naya sorry need, to find food blooper time everybody, says hi DSN why waste, way yeah that's right we, should all go to Josh's concert, yeah that'd be awesome, all. Right could you guys maybe go on the train yeah we'll see if we have time I've. Missed just the past few live strand yeah it's okay Adam, visit. My channel add the link for my website yeah check out Jessica Lynch eat us some great stamps, whoo that was kind of a hard bump. Sooner. Girl yeah all, right. It's. Called out Toby at Disneyland, yes Kidder that's right hi, from Scotland, hello, I remember. My old symphonic, band days yeah Jacob went. To Animal Kingdom today cool. I see. UDS my newscast gasoline. Smell weapon, Jenna how Sita I'm going, where.

Oh That's awesome. Maybe. Sierra PD. Everybody. Says hi Paul Wozniak tat the SNY newscast driving home Dean that's awesome, check, out the British live beauty Channel very nice girl from the UK that's cool. Hey. Josh. What. Do you think about the difference that yeah okay what do you like about the different theories for new cars on the race ways I think that would be really cool, new. Cars on the raceway 600, Worcester yeah. I think, they named our Tomorrowland Speedway as well we just all know what is Autopia, yes this is in Florida down. Under land hello we got 600. -. Yeah. How, so junior NJ $20 donation from. One video editor to another great job hope to meet you guys soon and remember as stream as a wish your heart makes Jane the. Video editor from New Jersey thanks, Jay yep, I absolutely remember he was the one who gave me such nice comments so, Jenna's gonna hold it yeah hey. Guys we're have to skip ahead here real quick love to be s my newscast, yeah so Jenna, can you can you scroll forward. Yes. Jack we're gonna we're gonna collaborate with the SNY newscast, soon in the next few weeks we can't wait so, we're just getting I'm actually getting the webcam to make that happen currently, then it could come over to my place. We're. Excited, oh. Boy. Somebody. Just about struck the car ahead sorry, guys I gotta I gotta go pass somebody person, reverse right okay. Thanks, Jack for joining us we appreciate that, we all. Support each other on YouTube that's research for. Sure. Hello, from Juliana and Justin. Sorry, guys I gotta, get on the right so I'm not seen too, many comments, favorite, great, Marco hey. Jenny our Delaney here we go. Okay here we go. Sorry. Oh, Josh. And I are old. Okay. Young. At heart okay. Hang, on grab the other side I got it. I have. To get my foot on the pedal here in a second, sorry. Guys we're gonna miss some comments here but. We will read them later so just repost, chat amongst yourself for a second here we go okay. I'm gonna stream and drive but not really. Go. Guys. I, got. A hold on tight so I don't lose you alright guys, we're gonna go zero to five and ten, seconds but actually we're not cuz they're stopped I was. Gonna gun it but I don't want hey are we on i-4, hey, guys. That's a traffic jam already, I am gonna 4 here we go right. Where's. The Nitro but. I'll. Try not to. A public. A public. Service, announcement about. Dreaming and driving that's right, I'm. Gonna try. Okay. I, need to fly down there to be your co-host next week yes Rachel yeah, sure. Awesome. That, would be you choose streaming together will be awesome I would, absolutely love, that that.

Would Be so fun. So, use your Cron's gonna go right here guys in, this, general area. Josh. Antenna renew Days of Thunder, yes. We renew Days of Thunder. I feel, like I'm driving with my dad. Craig says. Well. Limited. By how fast the people go in front of me oh yeah, right, Renee. Says I like. Riding this on the stream. Yeah. We're like Driving, Miss Daisy. Driving. Driving, miss Jenna. Craig, I will be out from work next week you agree to that that's awesome yes, Oh Laurie. You can come come, on down I'm on down Lord whoever, wants to come up with me turn allows, for Jenna yeah. I'll. Be back the week after but next week I will be gone, are we watching it from the bus on the way back that's right. Mom. And dad Oh. Caillou, didn't know we were especially first. Guys. What no sorry. Sorry, guys I can't read all the comments super. Bumpy super, duper bumpy. Oh. There's a castle there, it is so, pretty. Ah, shout, out to my hubby, oh I missed it sorry it's. Too bumpy and I can't let go this mousse. Hopefully. Trying to make it a little less lumpy yeah, all, right here we go full throttle everybody. Here we go guys I'm gonna open it wide open but then I need to stop paddles in the metal. I have, not hit anybody yet, oh, it's. Really nicely good all right we're slowing down we have a selfie up here a selfie. That's why, ya, know, selfie, while driving. We. Need to do some awareness about selfies, while driving yeah oh they. Wanted to go on the Barnstormer, we don't have map that, unfortunately. Might. Maybe, try it later luckily we did it last time so I was trying to do some different stuff yeah I know, we did this one last time too much it worked really well so a little bit more light this week and it's fun fun fine yeah, very fun ah well. Our daddy takes the t-bird away, yeah. Resort. TV one doesn't need fast passes, it haha I wish, I didn't, know the essence newscast, the other one youth. Here yes he's. Awesome very cool, shout. Outs cotton, Cathy. I love, the barn stormer yeah it's fun please, slow down and beam on strike the car approaching. The unloading area cuidado. You. Guys didn't know I knew Spanish huh Triano's, you. To expand us and ice I know but, what I what, I remembered, I've learned from Disney yes. Except. For what dad you simmer what dad always use the second way dólar de la real office, photo. Op olara la fees which apparently means can I sharpen my. Sorry. If you speak Spanish we, don't we don't do it very well, we. Try them we, do try I think. Mom and dad are my nothing on. I just, broke my neck I just want to point out I did not hit anybody to stop he did not good, job. Huh Nancy said we knew you could because you think Bom Bom oh I. Know. What did I just say right what. Does it mean, thank. You there 6:40, watching hey, everybody, yeah, so um if you're new guys we live stream every Friday at 6 p.m. Eastern so definitely join us every Friday and. Also hit that subscribe button so that you can hit the bell so that you know when we go live kiss, tomorrow I'm doing some surprise live streams and you, won't know when they are if you don't hit that Bell so hit the bell hit the bell and guys if you could smash, that like button we'd appreciate it now do that - hey. Hit. The thumbs up everybody. Mika's, subscribe, driving, by my kids on the speedway life goals the nelson if. Somebody get out google maps and check if there's any red in this area. Great. Success wish we were there for dummies Bardem minor party. That like but passion. Love. Surprise life yeah, I, won't. Be able to make it but Johnson's, gonna be here. Thumbs. Up we're gonna get loot be up to smelling these fumes after, Brad. Pretty bad you guys, I. Will. Say they make the card electric able Matt these really cool engine noises zero, even though they're not that fast they do make cool noises yeah. We. Dado Vedado. Everybody. How's. The tea no it's good it's very good thank, you. I'll, be at the movies tomorrow okay, cool I'm going to New York in Atlanta, instead of Central Florida well that sounds fun though. So. I'm going to remind you again if we miss your comment, we never miss them on purpose I know sometimes we see others more than others, because as people we talk to every week but please, don't get offended we missed your comment just try and repost it we will try our best to read as many as we can. Renee. Wants to know how much good job hunt is going um that's. So Ellen I'm at the same spot but you know at least I have a job right guys that's, good but thanks for asking you, got a lot of hours there right I don't getting a lot hours yeah so. If anybody knows of a job in Central Florida for Jenna let me know. Do. You get banned if you ride the speedway, with a cigarette I would think so, there's.

Only Smoking in designated, areas at the Walt Disney World theme parks everybody yes the public service announced there you go Wow, you guys hit 23, can't subscriber yes yeah thanks. Everybody for helping us yeah, we. Hope all you guys are one of those point one of those 23,000, yeah oh thanks Renee I hope I can find something to pick. Out that can we collect forty two thousand, three hundred to keep to the mom thanks, big out. Thanks guys, yep. Hashtag. China needs a new really, go again but we're not going to because we're awesome nice people sorry, oh. Sorry, that was a quick stop, all. Right and we're, not gonna see comments right now I can't. Get out there you got it. Get. Out of here sorry. Guys, I had. No hand because, I had a hand on the smooth and a hand on my backpack and I, almost fell out of the car. Caution. Jenna almost fell out of the car. You're. Approaching the unloading. Yes. Careful, thanks guys oh wait. Hon oh that. Was fun, everybody. Have fun did. You guys you didn't leave anything in the car did you guys I hoped, I was a fighter fit but in all 671. 636. X 636. People on the far right. Fit but we can do it Oh Tracey like the Instagram post of Chloe thank you. Hi. I put an Instagram, post Josh that said Chloe says to watch the live stream tonight your SQL is awesome huh boys. That's. Right, alright so where we got it now okay. So our, next Fast Pass is meant for a little bit I think you wanna do, GTA. Or. Did you want to go to venture, land we haven't been there laughs let's. Do it we're, gonna do that but, it always kills the stream for a little bit so let's get it going a little more yeah, okay. Rule your GPA stick with it stick with us Ross that Dole Whip now that might be of an idea I was gonna say I I might. Not pass up pass you up on that one and somebody gave us a gift card yes I'm 23, yeah. Yeah oh good point guys. We're going for a Dole Whip. 23k. Whoo whoops. All. Right so. Hello. From Rio Walt Disney ah thanks Renee she. Says love you guys, that's. A heart. We. Love all our resort hoppers you guys are amazing don't. Whip and TTA resort, TV want life goals, oh thanks. Thank you Josh. And Jenna can I can. I teach you Spanish I'm, I'm, from Mexico what are you are we thought that yes please, TTA.

Yeah, Yeah yeah yeah we'll do it don't worry we will do TTA or, I should say. Toe. It gets, a hitting. The thumbs up yeah, I, know. Josh was driving actually I was driving the smooth. She. Was driving a live stream if I close my curtains. Does that mean it, will magically. Stop. Snowing oh sorry. Goodness. I know I I'm, so glad that. I don't have any snow right now ODS, in Y, newscast says nothing says Al and of tomorrow like a bit of a tease me on that's so true. So. Mad at myself I had a list of things that I haven't done in Disney out of the many times I've been there and Tolec was on it and I didn't even look at it not even once oh sorry, ah, adda do, I say right yay I love the neon too but you're right it's kind of like oh look future, yah, yah exactly, you, know and for a while there then, the neon was not a lot of it wasn't working so the good news is they've gotten it all fixed up yeah I look so pretty somebody, wrote a post the other day at smile and was one of the most visited Walt, Disney was one of the most visually, beautiful. Areas especially at night in all, of the Disney parks yeah I agree. Sorry. Guys if I missed your comment this reposts okay repost. Repost I'm not missing, him on purpose sorry I was. Trying window. Repair parts $25. Thanks, guys from all of us best time of the week some. Spiders may make it a little better just saying hahaha thanks. Guys, thanks. Craig. Ruth Peter Rachel, thanks guys, thanks. Everybody so, that on there one of our awesome sponsors. We need to do this one I almost said they're one of our awesome spider, hey. Guys well, as you guys are one of our awesome spiders. But. Also we need to do this bomb yeah we. Wish you were here too Renee, yeah. Alright I'll start them so. Our first sponsor is Mickey, travels calm and Mickey blog calm for the best and free dizzy planning, advice so check them out the. Blogs have lots of awesome information to help you plan your trip and then, Mickey, travels will help you book your trip and it doesn't cost any more than it would for a regular trip here to Disney and they help you so hey know. Better. What's. On something yes. Yes. But no. Window. Repair parts they just gave us a $25, donation donation. Okay. Is. That like a donation. Sorry. Guys oh my goodness were already loopy okay window. Repair parts us, use. The coupon code resort TV one for 20% off your purchase and, they have window parts, door parts, and door, parts which they might be sold out of no no, yeah. They have window. Parts and door parts so definitely check them out guys and our.

Next One is Neverland, mercantile calm they do Disney, inspired bath frostings, um, I did an unboxing of them so. Check them out they have really, cool sense like, imagination. Returns and churros. Lots of awesome scents so check them out boo rachel says door parts are currently sold out. So. Definitely check them out and I'm use the coupon code resort TV one for 15%, off your purchase and I'm gonna let Josh take over before my voice goes away okay all right guys I will take over how's it going everybody. Yes. Yes. Okay. So we, have. We. Have dreamers. Empire calm dreamers, Empire calm they have the happy place podcast, that's awesome and you can also go share your dreams on dreamers empire comm and check, out their YouTube channel, they live stream from a lot of different places they live stream from the Mall of America in, Minnesota they. Live stream from, the. Election from Disney when they're down here and they do all kinds of stuff so go subscribe to dreamers Empire and also. Go to dreamers Empire comm and check out all the great stuff and we did a podcast with, Dean this week so. In a, little while he's gonna post that probably. In a few weeks he's gonna post that podcast on dreamers. Empire com so definitely go check that out dreamers. Empire com, also. Check. Out, beach. Home CO Beach home Koh has an Etsy shop where they do vintage, merchandise, of, all kinds like vintage Disney books they have Disney stuff they have regular stuff, dishes all kinds of stuff on on Beach home Co go, check it out you can use the coupon code Resort TV 1 for 15%, off your purchase on Beach home CO on Etsy the links are all this month to all the sponsors are in the description of the video so go check that out and. They have a YouTube channel so check out their YouTube channel Beach home CO and they're on here I saw him earlier so. Beach home codes to check them out and then, we have. Disney. Demystified by author David mom power and it's a book about all the things you never knew about Walt Disney World and Disneyland, life for instance that Walt Disney was was was. Originally. Slated to be the voice of the ghost toast on Haunted, Mansion so, stuff like that and the books were only $4.95. On Amazon the links are in the description, so check out Disney demystify, guys thank sponsors, yay. Sponsor. Science math time yay all right everybody I. Heard. It was like a club 33 time thing yes. Flashing. Lights I don't know what those were savanah Barker, when. Richard gets his membership card he's gonna take us in here I wish. Amazon would deliver Dole Whip yeah hey Paul Heinz bloopers. Compilation from, the live streams please yeah we did that actually I did it for New Year's so, check that out post, a heart if you love Josh and Jenna thanks Jay and Walt Disney says yes Walt Disney is watching guys hey. Walt Justin. Jenna we need to get Ashley an Emma and the British live YouTube more subs they are great UK, Disney lovers but trying to get them more subs and help them I mentioned. You on there's okay Keith well, I mentioned it a couple times but I'll mention it again the British Life YouTube check them out I haven't checked them out yet but I'll definitely check them out after the stream British. Life YouTube, here. Is adventure here is romance here is mystery tropical, rivers silently, flowing to the unknown I love that hey, Tony and Jeannine hoppers how's it going can't wait to see you again we're.

Taking Our son for his first time ever for his fourth birthday any ride recommendations. Fourth. Birthday you can ride any of the slow rides any. Of the you know any of the. Any. Of the rides without a height requirement and, so there's just a look he, would pretty much like you know a lot of it a lot. Of the cartoon frozen. Yeah. Club, 33 would be amazing yes Walt, you too man that's right downscale club, 33 is actually, at Disneyland, right now it is an exclusive club one of the hardest things to get into it costs a lot of money to be a member if something Walt started, to kind of Wine and Dine some of the people that were hit partners with him in creating, Disneyland so, the idea is. That it may be over here somewhere, Adventureland. Tracy starred on Oh how's it going we're, either have you at Magic Kingdom when the Eagles were having a Super Bowl parade no we weren't, all. Right thanks, Thomas Erma Jean dreams Empire says hello, at great Marco happy Friday and Serrano says hey mr. Disney definite. Problem with the stream on Apple TV other streams are fine but resort TV whenever loads that's weird, yeah. So. China I know the I've washed ours later on the Apple TV so I don't know that's. Weird. Wish, I was there with you it's cold here shout out to joy and just subscribe well. Shout out hey Joanne Mary, Ellen Clark and Richard the official spokesperson that's right hello, from living in to my stuff we love your stream the signal is great thanks Walt. Kimberly, P Brady hello I said. The signal is great Walt, Disney knows a lot about cell phone signal yeah. Yeah. Well can we can we get on that horizons thing. Shout. Out to Morgan Marie Bowman. Says mermaid ride Jungle Cruise Jungle. Cruise doesn't, work. Okay. We're gonna go Space Mountain is worth that that's right Nathan how's it going we. Can't go on pirates because there is absolutely no signal they're. Doing. Swiss treehouse great time night great, nighttime view yeah oh I just got. Wet Walt, Disney can get us in club 33 yes. Thank. You Josh I'm a former Garfield cadet that's awesome Keith cliff, stone hello about. 33 Club our TV one that's right I've come up what. Are your parents favorite parks. What. Do you guys favorite parks Magic. Kingdom it's. Funny how you guys chose to go to MK today as I was just looking at pictures from MK last night that's awesome Rene sounds. Like resort TV one should be a free pass, to club 33 Jenna's, trying to get me to go the, rumor is pretty solid I used to work at Adventureland, veranda okay sorry, if the stream guys guys I don't know how it works in here we, shall see all. Right, what do we got here gummi spiders. Start. Posting Disney videos that's awesome Morgan for sure. TBH, club 33 is massively overrated in my opinion, it is then why news cast says so those are those are the gummi spiders guys who wants to go to an exclusive club when you have all of Disney world enjoy that's true that's, true Jack I I, can see what you're saying for sure I think it's just the idea that it is exclusive, makes people want to go to it.

Yeah. I. For. Me I wouldn't want to be a member but I would love for somebody to take me one time I'd. Be like a bucket list thing but I get what you're saying Jack for sure. And. Definitely, check out DSS my newscast guys again if you haven't they're awesome. They. Do all kinds of Disney news they know you, know he checks and gets all the inside information and he had posted for you on really very professional, videos he. His. Editing is outstanding. I'll. Let you go get it streams good on the iPad okay good so I'm. Gonna give Jenna the gift card we're gonna get a Dole Whip. We, can do we can do -, what do you think I actually, don't want now, let's do one yeah let's do one, having. The same issue with Apple TV since they updated the app Christine, see wow that's interesting well hopefully they get it taken, care of, hey. Joss could you tune me in biology oh I. Probably not. Way. Over prize for Sharada, all right so, savanah, says, I'm new, to this too and it's awesome that's awesome Zanna hopefully you subscribe so you can see it every time but. Welcome welcome to the channel, while, Disney says horizons will return it, is busy David if, kebab says yeah horizons. James, of JPL did a Disney tag oh that's cool favorite attraction, yeah horizons, Jackie, congrats on says, congrats on twenty three thousand subscribers, thanks. Only. Sixty thousand for the four of us that's funny Craig can. You try the carpets. We're not the, carpets are busy right now we're not gonna do it tonight but we'll probably get a street I get. A fast, pass for those next time John. And his four kids from Plainfield Illinois say hi hello to. Go to the launch of the Falcon. World. Edition newscast, that's very kind of you say left shoot love tuning Oh Jack's. From DSM why says love, tuning, and checking. Out your live streams uniquely unique, and brilliantly hosted oh thanks jack I don't read very well but thank you appreciate, that unique and brilliantly hosts that that's awesome oh there it is mice, my chat, just jumped ahead, appreciate. That and this is something you know we just kind of started doing and we just it really has grown into something pretty fun so we, enjoy, Patrick, sister I wasn't watching last Friday my older sister took me out on a birthday dinner no worries my. TV didn't want to stream either so I cast it to it I started okay six. Hundred and thirty two dollars please hey Geoffrey how's it going from Las Vegas Walt, Disney is hopper number one yeah. Robert. Werner do lives for everyone please Lynn. Robertson, hello just, tuning in. All. Right oh gosh haven't ate yeah and you guys are getting dual webs yeah hi, from Scotland, Scott. Says okay so we better start eating okay. How are we gonna do this, Jenna, is gonna eat the whole thing watching. On a Pacific Apple TV right now no problem, so. Hold on a second and boom. Okay. Everybody. Says hijack our John. Says hijack saw, something about a new Mary Poppins right at Epcot yes that would be cool. Great. Marco needs at Dole Whip - Mary Ellen Clark, hi mom and dad Nelson tango. Better be a rumor as, much. As its small world is a no cos it's a classic, yes small world needs, to stay for sure I don't think they'll do anything that we're good Scott, turkey. Leg Timothy rainwater says. I'm. The only person in the world who is a hardcore into door whip or gummies oh isn't. Hard call in the door hardcore, enjoy it give me the sickness citrus worth yeah, Callie yep, sorry. Mary. Poppins returns the movie those Starbucks, here is Walt while Steph says yeah sorry, the, torture is watching Jenna eat this it's almost cool I'm. Going to start eating it too. So, anyway sorry we're gonna miss some comments while we eat. Celebration. Of 23,000, guys I. Know. If we're, the structural integrity of the Dole Whip is in question right now guys. Richard. Here. You should put the light on so they can see that will just be blinded because I can't see anything. Alright, so now we're gonna turn off the light here in a second MARY. POPPINS is, back, as the top contender for the UK pavilion but it was brave before it's very fluid with Imagineering, on that pavilion at the moment so it's not definitely. Not decided, as what Jack is saying as far as what. Here's, the Tiki Room nobody's, in here. I. Almost. Got locked in I. Saw. Him come out of there very good. Almost. 650 watch and welcome everybody. I. Guess we're. Going. To allow the kleiner he. Says join me show you. There's. Another DSM, but. The, smart money, is on Mary Poppins but it really depends on how well received Mary Poppins returns this year yeah, well. And that's true so we'll see how that blue heat is received great, Marco I was starting to Paul sneaky. Kiki that's right J oh, brain. Freeze guys brain freeze. Yep. I'm very sorry for missing your comments guys a. Little. Bit of lag okay maybe we should move on.

We. Will read the chat in just a minute. Hi. Morgan. Which. Will be weather app I, think. Yeah, Jack, I think Mary Poppins thought we would rather have what we had to pick Mary, Poppins is definitely the one that I think is more classic Ravens great but it's more classic. What. One, hour till the fireworks. I. Think it's all part of it you know okay. We're gonna go do our fast pass at the Tea Party mad people. We're. Not we won't go that fast, I've, been good I don't, I. Don't, have this hashtag, dizzy, dizzy hopper. Hashtag. Dizzy hopper. Where. Are you gonna be next Friday Josh. Jenna's. Gonna be by herself at the side as I had a band or an, orchestra event. So. A general V solo solo, Jenna Susan, met Joby of Animal Kingdom Susan. Mitchell. I guess, if you want to take the string back off. Sorry. If we missed your comments again guys were just enjoying some Dole Whip but in the meantime say hello to Jack. Sparrow and the Pirates, I. Love. The pirate tutorial, Jack Sparrow was saying so, when in doubt your. Adversary, is stronger than you distract, and flee. Distract. That's what I should have done distract. If. You don't know the story behind that is I got, accosted, on a tram a couple, weeks ago but luckily I was able to get out of it. Say. Thanks to our John's, our. Donkey the smooth operator is a smooth, let's. Check out pirates a pirate, you. Can't go on pirates because we check the signal there is no signal inside of that building and, a huge building it is dark guys, hey. Rita hey. Adam. Weird. Things happen to you lol Diane says y'all, be kinda do yep. We come to Disney a lot so we get the full experience they didn't sometimes the bad tell, Joshua said good luck at his concert from Renee thanks, Renee she said we will miss you I get, I get judged oh, boy, it's always fun being judged your advice go back to Magic Kingdom since 2008. Or. Go back to Animal, Kingdom since 2006. Holes, up in see Pandora Pandora so which one would you rather go to magic, or Animal Kingdom oh I'd. Go to magic yeah. I want to but me Endora is very cool it's really cool but I think you might be disappointed, if that's the only thing you got to see well, Rachel I can't wait to twin with you - yay I. Really. Wanted to wear my Starbucks um tank. Top - but. I thought I was gonna be chilly but I probably wouldn't know honestly. If that's if you only have time for one park it's got to be magic it, does no I'd totally agree with that Lindsay. Says Jenna where's your Starbucks to go with your ears actually already had it and it was perfect I took a picture I will post it on Instagram, holly is Magic Kingdom open I'm gonna for ya Bret it's open till 10:00 o downscale. Two dollars whew, I just bought a red, Friday Night Live sure I feel. It so awesome yes. Checkout, shop, Spreadshirt, calm, that's, the door TV one you can buy our shirts yay oh, my goodness what what, I'm. Officer D two hundred and fifty dollars. Come. Over here so we're gonna go on the light yeah we're, gonna we're gonna find the light we. Don't find that kind of way well no but. You're. Right Renee we haven't been deaf cow here okay. Okay. Officer. D, okay. Bingo again. Flip. It around, wow. Thank, you so much officer D he is so generous in social cause we got the medium but there we got I can see us we got the medium a couple weeks ago he's a super nice guy and just so supportive thank. You so much officer he oh my goodness no, I'm not wearing the Fonzie jacket but Oscar D that was so generous, I just, words. Not. It's. Pretty hot it. Just really helps us do what we do and it just it is so appreciative. Never never, requested we never asked for it but we really, appreciated. Thank. You so much. Yeah. Everybody. Says weight loss would be yeah it would be awesome to hang out. Anna. Says she wishes she had that much money yeah, so thank you Walt Disney absolutely, you can get a hopper card come meet us in the park yeah I'll, be doing the after-hours, at Magic Kingdom that's awesome so thank you so much. All. Right. Frank. Marullo you spent all your money on buying disney shirts for me today I was fine hahaha. Hashtag. Words aww sturdy you rock yes Jenny you're so cute, officer, Diaz D man that's where I Serrano how, awesome, you, guys are great. OMG. Yes. Wow. Thank you so there's Kenneth he, had his hopper number on there ha, sturdy is amazing, all. Right we're, gonna smooth pond but thank you again officer Diaz and to everybody who's donated. Have you ever eaten at Victorian, Albert no we have not but that would be amazing it's on the list maybe when we get to a hundred thousand, subscribers that. Would be a really good way to celebrate a hundred thousand we. Would not live stream from there that would be that would be tacky but you'd probably do a little blog. Especially. With, YouTube's latest, Admirals, definitely. Help you keep earth out that's very nice of you office would be yeah, yes.

And, He knows because he's got these great videos and just, like ours his video get most of their views in the first couple days and, it if it gets to be monetized you lose out on a lot of stuff so really the, donations. Really do help but again never, ask for but always appreciated. Yeah. Thank. Blame where. Are you getting married Marco, oh yeah Marco, getting, married soon yeah feels. Like I'm here very cool Ted. Where. Are you guys heading we're heading towards our next guest which, is we. Thought we'd do a whole lap this time sometimes we don't do all that yeah and look the light you can actually see there's, some life are. You, to show happily ever after, yes absolutely Anna's early tonight's we got to get over there in about an hour yeah, 755. We're gonna show it in front of the castle hope the connection, holds yes. Oh great. Marco says yes I got our I get married in two weeks I'm in Norfolk England. Congratulations. Mr. and mrs. great. Marco. Well, not they're not mr. mrs. yet but they will be sitting to eat yes. Everything. That, was. Our TV one you need to find someone, that makes ball caps so I can cover it, so. I can cover it in my hundreds, of Disney pins little good idea we do need to have to answer them that. Way don't you oh cool. Yes. - best Spreadshirt of new house they do they. Do cuz that's where Justin open, that well then I need them I need to make some pass we need to have that. Need hat is your TV one that everybody, needs a hat. You. Get a hat and you get it. So. Cool thanks I'm thinking warm thoughts after, all the snow oh that's awesome Annette. What. Is your favorite part of the happily ever after show oh my goodness I know I'll let you say like I like all of it just, but, you know like the inspiration, from it so so inspiring, I love, those, lights were nice and now they're not on I know they turn them off who turned out the light so. I, have a favorite part okay. I love. The narration, at the end where the awesome narrator and I can't remember who it is maybe Jack if you're still watching you know the narrator is for happily ever after I don't. Know who it is but it sounds like um what's the theme Kelsey Grammer a vehicle they say but I don't think it is I know you're probably but when, he says at the very end when he says you know now go let your dreams guide yes the inspiration, yeah that whole thing I love that it just gets me every time yeah the feels. Our. Favorite Disney characters, um okay so I love Stitch.

Bv8. Um. Who, else our love I love Allah hi Oh hola. Joshu. Do you love. Figmas. Oh yes. Trying. To think. I mean, probably, my favorite is honestly Mickey I'm a, big, yeah. I've. Been watching a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my son Liam, we. Got to get the mouseketools. Yes right Oh baby. Grew is adorable, yes I think, this Q&A fills, odds-and-ends, posted the wishes fireworks, today oh yes. We'll check got bills odds and ends he's got a great channel as well yeah he's, one of our longtime, resort, hoppers about to meet he and his wife Laurie so, go check them out and Jenna talk about your empty store - yes, so thanks Josh yeah so, my Etsy, store is. Ears. My Jenna capital, e capital J, all one word so just go to F D search, in the shop and, search, for it yours by Jenna I did, I let's see I had, like. Six pairs of years up and I saw I have four left so. There are two different types of Hawaiian ears so definitely go check out yours bye Jenna they're, $25. They're really cute at. Least I think. And. I'm, going to make some more I'm. Gonna make some flower and garden. Thank. You guys yeah oh thanks Marco you posted my stop playing are those the, guys check it out check it out. They're. Made by me. By. Jenna right. So. On. A mansion coming up guys well, thanks for named see. That I have my cell phone my earlier shop on my favorite. Goodness. Wait normally, it's not that dark. Guys. I think, that house over there haunted, yeah, the ghosts are messing with the life, sorry. I can't see very well many, people and what's the point about this beautiful facade if you can't see it from. He's going on something's. Wrong hey Avery, I'm. Oli and Emily shout, out to Brandon. Thank, You, those. Generators. Are being green great quality one of the best on, street oh very. Nice and she has a lot of ears so that's a good company it does and, check, out her website -, she makes Disney, t-shirts. And they are awesome and like I have, a tank top a Starbucks, one and I think, post. That for me I'm going to bike but I think it's DPC. Apparel, calm yes I think I think that's right so check her website outs lashley, commuter this was a mod yeah. So. We're. Going through Fantasyland guys you're. Tangled, so pretty, oh thanks. Marco posted it thanks super cool he's, on the ball by, the way speaking of which I should have said this in the beginning if. You're watching the stream later great, Marco has given us the ability to use the closed captioning, to, show the chat so, if you're watching this now click the closed captioning, button and, you'll be able to see the chat, later.

On So usually, you can't see it on the replay which makes it hard to see what comments were responding, to you to, click the closed caption, button select, English not the automatic, one and it will go to the. Chef all right cool thanks great Marco he's, amazing yes, to. Be the amazing great Marco officer, visa I would love to hang out with you guys one evening I figured, out today. That I could get there by 6:00 if I wake up early enough oh that's, awesome yeah definitely need. To come hang out I'm sorry guys I can't see the chat it's super busy. Ready. I just have a cold for nothing too bad glad. I was able to join you guys we're glad you're here. Star. Wars rebels oh. Cool. So. Wow it's super busy so busy, guys. Be. Rihanna Rihanna, dear she made me some amazing ears too so check out her. Hey. Guys. Join. Looks busy Wow yes it very good that's why good question, oh I, think it's go see the cheerleading weekend actually yeah and it's just like there's never a downside, here but sometimes anymore Oh Nancy, it says according to Wikipedia, the narrator for probably, ever after his Tom Kane. He was the one that did the monorail for a while. Did. You guys hear that the rock is doing a Disney movie yeah Jungle Cruise. Tom. Kane is also the current narrator, on the monorail Felson bricks oh there we go there's, the current clarity. Okay. He's got a great voice he does Brianna says my Etsy shop is, dreams. Magic, happiness, oh and. Laurie Laurie. 'back also, has an Etsy shop I can't, think of it I think it's ears chicken, Pocius ears are more boutique but yeah post it forth Laurie so, check her out she made, me a couple of years and I love this just. Josh. You got the British life, YouTube 1503, thumbs up, very. Cool really cool you. Guys Rock, that. Was from Keith nice, yeah. A Jungle, Cruise movie is coming out sometime or not it turned out yet so are, they all here the British life YouTube. Channel are there are. You guys on. Alright alright we're walking there Fantasyland. Have you seen the VRP. MTV, is on yes Joey, and Maya check th

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