Magic Kingdom Live Stream Part Two - 2-9-18 - Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Live Stream Part Two - 2-9-18 - Walt Disney World

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Hey. Guys it's Josh and. Jenna with, Resort TV one we are back we're sorry guys. Well. We, both should have been checking it it's okay I'm not blaming Jenna she's too awesome, hey. We're back so. The battery died. And. We, didn't pick up enough batteries. So. I'm starting on I'm actually on dad's phone right now since mine is completely dead so. Yeah. So, that's why we had to start a new stream that, was on a different phone, it's. Okay yeah everybody. Sorry. It was a sorry. I died. Hey, everybody hi Adam. Michael John. Paul Jeffords. It's, definite Oriya yeah you just missed all, kinds of technical difficulties, this, is the stream of technical difficulties. Hi. The fire clip and fire, clip earlier had a 1000. Peso donations so thank you so much as well, as spray as 1000, have won right before we went off yes. Let's do that let's do that everybody, says it's ok it's ok hey be our family V how's it going sorry we again sorry we went off we that's, the first time that's ever happened the battery just died. And. Jenna went whoa, welcome. Back hey we're back hit the like button yay take 2 that's right it's, been a weird night yeah Nancy. We. Got beat box guy. Wow. There. It is. Awesome. That's. Awesome, oh. My. Goodness. Beatbox. Balloon guy oh. My. Goodness. Oh. My. Goodness thank you. 200. People just watch you do that on YouTube yes, yes. Here. If. You can take give, them a card this is our channel we have 23,000, subscribers, and you're on there now. Beatbox. Balloon boy I'm gonna get beatbox balloon boy a card guys. What's. Your YouTube channel. Okay. Guys. Check him out. There. You go be spot beatbox volts like new that. Was fun. Alright. Guys here we go so we're gonna go read the mail that was cool you, saw it here first. Yes. Okay. Where's yep oh. That's. Fine hi. Hi. Lisa B sorry I didn't get to meet you I could. Have kept her off camera, yeah. That's all right. Nearly. Time for meal time yeah so we're, back guys sorry. Hey. Technical. Difficulties, can't stop Resort eveyone that's right. That. Was pretty cool everybody liked it that's pretty darn cool Julie, says you miss beatbox balloon guy a. Bench. Would be easier okay. It's. Nice and light everywhere so that's good mail, time mail time is when we read the mail people send us in our p o-- box so. We are excited to bring, you the mail, we're. Here give me time to get my people or my PJs on okay all right Heather I, want, a beatbox resort DV 1 VR, fam says you can't stop Justin Josh and Jenna thanks, B our family by the way check them out they've got an awesome channel it's all family related. All motivational so be our Phantom, out Thomas, turn Regine hope you guys I thought you guys went.

Went, To bed cuz it's late in Germany but thank you for watching us a long time CG I was talking to them on email earlier this week they're such awesome people you, were just being sweet giving us a bathroom break that's funny they, see the lab and Craig said the same thing technical. History just, make us stronger that's right cuz. No. That's. Okay hey it's my phone I should have known it was gonna die, this, beats the Olympics thanks chip even. With even with the technical, difficulty, I wonder if the Olympics are having technical difficulties, there's. A disturbance in the force, now. I can't get the beatbox out of my head I can't even do that if I tried, can't. Keep a big wide screen down great. Marco has our people excuse me sorry has RPO box there resort, TV one p.o box three thousand eight Windermere Florida three four seven eight six guys send us mail we, will read it on the screen yay Josh, and Jenna you're the best thanks Dre Houston hey we. Are, themed life is back with you guys it's been the live stream of difficulties, but. We got. Nothing. Can stop-- resort hoppers and we're at the Magic Kingdom there's nothing better than that I think, excuse me all right here we go yes. That's. Right Winnie, yes thanks. Craig. Thank. You my. Favorite, hey stop I've been wanting some Starbucks, years forever so I was so excited you made my Monday thank. You where to get the Starbucks series I don't know how to raise a bridge. Hashtag. Twinning. Hey. Guys hit that like button let's get a hundred likes on here love, the Starbucks ears I, need. A pair that must be Jen yeah unless, mic mic do you want a pair of Starbucks there's you know you do probably and. By the way guys stay with us cuz after mail time we're gonna walk around the park a little more yeah. Oh. That's, nice. Hi. Josh antenna so glad we found your channel we enjoy all things Disney thank, you for supporting our channel really really, appreciate, it Keith and Abbi that's really nice is that them on the front. And. They have a youtube channel so obviously if you figure. That out but they're great and I'm subscribed, to them so yeah go check them out very nice people and what does it say on the back. Or. Just this. Shows there are information, for you guys. So. They go. Oh. Wow they got stickers we should get stickers, totally need to. Blooper. Time I don't know yes, our John's is across the street here, he's. Across the street yes. This. Is a nice quiet place back here I like it. Well. You guys post the deep box guys name I, I, couldn't really hear him very well. Yeah. Somebody else may have heard it it was hard for me to hear. Josh. And Jenna thank you both for allowing, us to send you all an envelope, so you can send us the resort - pardon we, really appreciate, it it was so nice to meet you all and your family take care and thanks again always, see Ellen, and Kayla cool, yes thanks for all the work you do to bring Disney into our everyday. Thankfully. Ellen and Caleb. So. We're gonna send them it we, got some people who subscribe to write a kar, line we, need a cat room sure and yes. Yes. Our themed life is great you're right Julie so, we're gonna send them a resort hopper card. Oh, we got Mickey. Hi. Alyssa. That's. Funny. The. Resort hoppers have become my Friday night family, every, Friday as a Disney family, reunion, thank you for all you do to bring this family to my living room I appreciate, you both so much Supergirl. Thanks sooner girl Jenna it's not Mickey ears but, maybe the stocking, cap will help on cold for tonight's Josh. And Jenna the 20 is for spending in the park oh there we go $20, donation Oh. Picture. Okay. She. Got you a hat. Super. Cute guys I can't wait to her. And. That cute, very. Cool so thank, you much sooner girl. Hopefully. Everybody got the notification that we started a new stream did, you guys tell everybody on the old stream that we started a new stream hashtag, old stream stream, okay. Yeah that's. The old stream news stream yes thank. You thanks. Sooner girl very cute yes Atta, says that's very cute. Hello, Josh and Jenna Brian, really enjoyed meeting you both on the Disney Christmas party, night when, you had your Mickey, sponsors, on your live stream it was so much fun to see him on your live stream and then to have you others, talk about hash tag friends right when that buddy Brian and I went to Asia last, September, so that we could complete our quest of visiting all the Disney Resort, parts of the world we're very jealous we visited Hong Kong Shanghai and finally Tokyo to complete our Disney quest it, was a spectacular, trip, enclosed, are two pins from, Tokyo from, Disney Tokyo.

Disneyland. And Disney see we, will be visiting Walt Disney World in February, and hope to see you both both, of you on February 23rd 5 Stricker's our hoppers Brian and John Cleveland. Thanks Brian and John. Out. Oh we got some pins and we had a donation so we gotta check that out these are amazing. Aren't, they they. Were very they really are from Tokyo, Tokyo how cool is that thanks, Brian, oh and that $5, was from Kim Kim OSA thanks Tim thanks, Tim we appreciate that very much Tim camos a $5, thank you first, donation of stream park - yeah and thank you Brian and John for the really cool pins, and we got hashtag Bryant finite, yeah. Brian find how cool is that I'm a recent panel. Yes. We are gonna visit the parks all, the parks. Marco. Is actually calculating, the total exact. Amount of milliseconds, since the first live stream ever oh my goodness that's a lot. Just. Found you guys that I'm joining the livestream all thanks you, remembered remembers, Danica, McKellar from, the Wonder Years Jenna oh yes I got that all the time in high school my name is Winnie Winnie Cooper. All. My friends were like Josh so that you know we're gonna go see your sister Winnie Cooper yeah, yeah maybe. Oh. And. And Richard, are John's who's at the semester, yes, how amazing. This, was hand delivered mail yes so. We're gonna put these on our cars. Yep. I told I told her Richard this is going on my car I don't care what my wife says. Horizons. I mean it's all right yeah it's Rises, is. There a membership that allows worldwide Disney access. I don't know that's a good question I don't think so cuz they're owned by. Yes. Am i different company they. Might have some kind of an agreement I know there's one for the west coast and the East Coast Disney will be Disney back yeah super pass now. That's awesome that kebab says interesting a lot of people said any one of this rise in stickers and yes twisted Mickey we are brother and sister yeah. Hashtag, don't care what my wife says yeah don't tell her. Hashtag. Cat room is that is out of the mail very. Cool so guys thank. You everybody for Senators mail every week it's so nice to have mail and, it's. Nice that you take the time to go to the post office mail, the letters package, stuff up we get such nice stuff from you guys so thank you and, we really appreciate it. People. Were asking us to get a peel box and, we are both kind of goo would that be cool if we didn't mail back, this. First time we've done it and that cool I think it is I feel sad that I never got to experience horizons, yeah there's. Only one pasture Disneyland California Disneyworld, oh we got $5.00 from Robert Wilson its, Robert I think he gave us $10 really. Some. People believe that Paul from the Wonder Years ended up being Marilyn Manson in real life yeah I don't think that. Is. A great spot for me oh now I need my cookie pass tag Josh needs a cookie I love. All the sound, effects back here I'll go out here you can hear the the bad piano lesson. Susan. Ma died well she's on she's probably, heard a few she's, the piano teacher she's probably heard a few bad piano lessons and probably. Some really good ones too. So. This is with a dad's, iPhone 8 so. It's a little bit different but hopefully it's still good quality are we still in 720p, guys. Herbalism. Not true Josh Saviano from Wonder Years is currently, an attorney in New York oh cool, sorry. It was a little short for me but good stream and great job it was fun okay great Isaac no problem we'll see you tomorrow yep it will be actually Josh on the surprise stream tomorrow and Jenna next week on the, on the stream on Friday do. We collect postcards yes we sure do my, sister and I are also big Disney fans 720p. That's great and code for Josh yes Jane B hi Atlantic craft how's it going alright. So we're gonna have some cookies, sure. Hey. Jenna hold the people. No. Dad's got plenty. Always. We got we got plenty of phones we can always restore houses why won't you let dad sit at the table.

Given. Time out. He. Was he was being a very nice dad all these cookies have James name on it I don't, think. Josh. Find, the mount family, no. I'm gonna get my cookie first okay oh don't kill two bucks with it Marco. Wait two, bucks. For, this Marco, add this in your, math term. Yeah. Thanks, don't go. Craig. Says he is at the kids table like it. Craig. Says you're at the kids table. So. I was so happy when you guys got, our Christmas card and letter can't wait to send you guys more me officer, Rene those from Rene and, downfield gave us a $5 donation thanks. Downscale yeah too busy trying to find my cookie yum yum yum, yes they find the cookie. He. Got a chocolate chip. Okay. Sit, with you when they're here. They'll, be the dad's table, the dad's table, yeah. Okay. Dad wants to have coffee and sugar cookies Craig. Brian. Said find the cookie family, Josh. Cookie, equals better than all of us. Yeah. Me too oh they're, still hey sweetie, Larry's loved the fire arts awesome Dale I'm glad they liked it, you. Guys on the bus back to. Disney. Springs Jenna. Do a cartwheel down the street I'm, not very good. Oh. Victoria. Says I'm a baker I should make you guys some cookies, oh we would love that keep. Those relaxing, strolls coming just says well, I'm going to do some 360. Frank. Says hide the Dale, kids. Table at my place gets crowded 28. Grandkids, oh my goodness super sports. Tom-toms. Stop, it I want a cookie. Josh. Is a cookie monster you sir is yes I am in the city. Nut contemporary, waiting for the bus oh cool. Dale, they, watch the fireworks from the contemporary what, with, our friends hi. Jenna do you peanut. Do you peanut butter cookie I love peanut butter. It's. A verb now it's a verb do. The peanut butter cookie alright. Yeah. I savor the damn. Hash, tag Cookie Monster. I'm. Having a cookie with you Craig says awesome with the chocolate chip I feel. Like I'm really close. Stop. It. Pass. The cookie oh we, got Girl Scout cookies to admit. They're my favorite did, you what's, your favorite doesn't, help me to Jenna. I want to see your dad do, the Jenna and Sambo dance I need him to dance I want him to dance too, in the 360. Hey. I just got the no vacation is this an alleyway, on Main Street yeah it's one of our favorite low alleyways. Owen. Listen to married life from up well, that's, where my favorite movies. Their. New a voice lesson the piano lessons up there damn. It all the way I want. To take voice lessons on Main Street get to your lessons. Yeah. It's really cool if you remember them back here gotta try it don't know what's your favorite Girl Scout cookie pin minute my. Favorite, purser. Yeah, it's firm up you're right I bet, the other wives game is still going I bet right that's, a public stomping Oh is Nick gone hey. Nick. Check. Out Nick guys he's one of our partner Channel News. Live it's his brother his, brother. His. Brother it's a birthday oh my goodness, for some reason our para thumbnail. Changed to us looking crazy reading mail I look, mad. Gosh, it's so mad I want, to make sure I stay there at night even if, my brother doesn't want to you can sleep on a bench to meet here Jenna. What was your mom and dad's wedding song a good, question. Sambo. Wants you to wave to. Sugar. Cookie. Guess. It's still alive I love this quiet little corner yeah. There's. Still two people watching the other live stream tell, the two people to come over. The. Streams better al veneered. Josh. Is so marshmallow. Mad, I'm, gonna go ahead and I'm not mad lookee all go into park the kiddy tomorrow alright. I'm gonna go ahead and stop the live stream Mike, and Jen says that the cookie looks beautiful, there we go okay oh my goodness Heather Heather.

Springer, $100. Donation. Thank. You so much. Wow, sweet. Yours. They're awesome yeah I was gonna say selfie, it yeah I can go back and say. Thanks. Thank, You Heather hey Greg and Gregory and take up thanks, guys, you're stopping nope not stopping thank you so much Heather Thank. You Heather, oh. I said stopping I'm stopping the other livestream yeah the last the last life game thank you so much Heather Gregory. Jacob, and Greg thank you Wow, guys are so generous you, guys have no idea how generous they are yeah that's amazing, I, saw. The other stream a thousand that was a thousand pesos donation but still very very, generous and, I feel bad because we had to stop that stream because the battery died on the phone and so his donation still on the other stream but. Anyway but but thank you so much the fire club yeah we're gonna keep thanking him as. Well as Heather and everybody else who's donated, Don's, watching this on his Android. Box cool well let's walk the park community oh, I can walk and eat I'm. Pretty good at that that, was weird I just heard me on our John's fine I, can. Walk any I, can, walk and eat. Okay. Tracy, says why do you keep saying it was your fault cuz it really was my fault it wasn't sorry. I. Have the phone hey. It's all good Rebecca Lee. Uh Heather, says you need to get Liam and Jenna and your also. Get one for mom while you're at it from Heather oh thanks. Yeah they're the third suite like, this to get in New York. I, might, have to do that to us very, sweet thanks, Heather thank, you we're. Gonna get Liam in New York Jenna. It our, fault we didn't remind you Oh Craig, no it's really not your fault but thank you when you have a battery wash now John Steele says $5, I'm sorry Jenna do this daily bow dance. What. Is the same bow dance he's described at once but I didn't I didn't get to read it did. You Anna do a dance. That's. The stanbow dance Craig. Says all good now. Hey. Shana Shana and blue Shane is at work that's, not not blue just Shana, all. Right awesome Jenna, hashtag. Battery check all right guys let's go walk around the Magic Kingdom how about that. Do. The Carlton dance hi, I'm from your band class hi, how's, it going hey. Are. You guys excited for Toy Story land absolutely. We. Would win a cup of coke bringing contest me or Josh I don't know Patrick it's. Just a step to the left yeah I already stuffed my face with Domino's, mister. Master very similar to the dance we're gonna make up next time yeah you're gonna get a turkey leg Shana ss hello, let's do the time-warp Jenna, has so many superpowers. Including, multitasking. Yes that is accurate, that. Is true she is a very good multitasker. Get, a caricature oh yeah we, didn't get to show in the window let's go show him the windows real quick. When. We said we're going to stop at 9:00 and it's already past 9:00 I didn't realize that. Yeah. I'm, gonna get in trouble. Let's. Go show him the windows no. We don't want to ask to get in trouble it's, been a weird night but it's been a fun night and you know what every night at the Magic Kingdom is fun so. That. Is accurate. Getting. Later now but still very crowded, you don't even stop at 9:00 yeah no I was. Trying to tell my wife I'd be home a little earlier tonight but. Yeah. I'm gonna be out tomorrow to play, your wife you hit your phone died yeah, the. Big bad guys have seats are John's out of beat Boxster. Anything. Can happen you're alive that's right Tracy takes.

Only He or and you won't be in the doghouse that's right Heather I think I'm gonna have to do that. Family. Comes first thanks Julie so, okay so you'd have to see us let's move on to the next one because, you never got to see the next one because they're just like she's, like oh and helps just went dark you. Have proof your phone died yes I actually do have, a food baby right now. This. Windows remind me of Macy's scene, in the crime you had Jay there's. A Loudoun. We're. Died in front of this that. One yeah. Robin. Williams oh here we go beating the bees. Great. Window displays yeah that's a look at the ballroom here. Beautiful. I look, they even dance. Kailas, all this time that's right just like you. That. Dance Jenna did looked like the jig Bruce Willis did in the movie Boy Scout. Days. Are proven eco and flip yeah, IRA the lumière figure that's really cool Cory I love, the windows are you guys gonna do the after-hours party not this year but later it's in my pocket. Low. Tones, down scales time added beatboxing, yeah Laurie I. Just. Learned that Power Rangers in space is 20 years old that's. Been to Pandora and am king yes we love it I. Feel. So old jail how. About those Eagles they used to feature the current theatre released oh cool, yes. When they when they were doing. More of the regular mainstream animated. Movies they did oh there, it is find the mouse family. Does. Anyone hear the be our guest is closing to change its format when it opens be a to credit meal plan whoa I didn't know that Jenna's. Backpack is very cute fly Eagle fly I got. To go got to watch three live streams so I consider this a successful, day oh that's funny yeah I got. To watch three live stream that's awesome Disney days that. Doesn't mean Atta says Savannah yeah in this amazing there. Is little. Mermaid that, time Josh did the beatbox and was so low he knocked off a speaker, at the Canadian band pavilion nope, that. Didn't happen find. Her right now, right. Now. Hold. On there we go. Oh. Look. Here we go. Hope. That's not true about be our guest yeah I don't know I haven't, heard a confirm one way or the other, except. That Disney is better than a good day at work that's right Joey it's Joey's world yep. All. Right. So. There we go oh then. One more I almost cheated you guys all Seven Dwarves, don't. Be sorry, I kind of spun, you around in case. Anyone wonders I make stuff up yes downscale, said something about Josh forgot cos he was drunk nope job not drunk, when. His resort tv1, convention, i don't know i. Love. In. That grumpy playing the organ and that right. Very. Cool, I'm the, glass slipper on the stamps desk l said alright. So, then we saw the windows can you please repeat about be our guest Renee, somebody, said that be our guests was turning into a to credit me options so I don't know for sure about. That but. Let's. Do that and then we'll end it there yes we just thought about that the same way Jenna. And I had the same thought well we're, gonna live streaming together for a long time and going to Disney for a lot longer so it's not too surprising. You're, thinking. That. Oh. Oh. Wait. Wait wait what I. Was. Going to say. Starbucks. Yeah okay all right that would be an easy one. They. Were Power Rangers season Josh yeah did, I see a thousand donations Julie it was a it, was a thousand, pesos but still very generous, I love. Fox in the Hound is there anything from that movie at Disney not, a lot actually, grumpy. Is tone it down oh and Brandon says my last ride in the ice cream before I come down. All. Right. You. Guys did great another great night thanks Joey's world I'm. Asleep let's. See. Well. No we got a lot of great donations science oh yeah let's go in the middle here I. Mean. Like you saw so you can see the castle. Don't. Forget to be at your no yeah we know. Yes yes but no no, we, will not forget about your, like. Cat is snoring I don't want it to end well I will be back tomorrow so that's why I have to go tonight so we can get some rest and Jenna's going back to the parks tomorrow to. Washington. From Scottsdale, that's cool Jenna, stop apologizing. III apologize, a lot too and yeah it was not Jenna's fall I should have known too as my phone I should have been watching it and checking the power so no worries, we.

Came Back thank, you for posting the beauty in the Beast window that's awesome this live stream is awesome thanks Sam tonight's. Current total 642, dollars my, goodness, guys, are so generous oh yeah. Tomorrow's dual stream on Facebook if you're even if you're not on Facebook you don't even have to have a user account you don't have to login we found out all you have to do tomorrow I'll. Try and post somewhere. About, when it's going to go live but, all, you have to do tomorrow is go on, slash. Resort TV 1 make. Sure you like us if you have a Facebook account we're going to do a Disneyland, slash, Magic, Kingdom live, stream at the same time we, can't do it on YouTube that's why we're doing on Facebook YouTube doesn't allow a dual live stream, just. As mind-blown I'll. Get over the stream I'll be fine. I'm just here when no one cares I'm just gonna be ER that's funny downscale, he's gonna be or oh, there. We go let's watch this real quick. Then. We'll end it. We'll, be back at Magic Kingdom tomorrow I'll be doing some 362 I don't know what time tomorrow so I'll let you guys know, we. Had a lot of problems we got through it that's right. We're, friends we love you kinda we're not so place. Just. Go like resort TV one on Facebook. We. Have talked about about one o'clock or, the middle stream I don't know where it is one o'clock okay. Oh courses. Near the lag no tools no battery coop out Thank You Josh and Jenna from their appointed rounds, yes. Oh boy. All. Right so we're going to set the stream time then for 2:00 p.m. we're. Gonna set the we're going to set the the, dual. Stream is going to be at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, time then so 2:00 p.m. Eastern time will be the dual stream on Facebook. All. Right guys. So. Here we go we're gonna move over so we can because we can kind of be to decide all. Right we ya to em on Slash, resort TV one look at that will put the castle right between us 2:00 p.m. they, said cuz 1:00 p.m. they might not be there quite yet that's, the 2:00 p.m.. Thanks. Everybody and everybody was saying nothing can hold our streams down planning, a trip there from Christmas through New Year's that's awesome dawn alright. Yes. Thanks, don't. Let the castle stand between you that's okay all. Right guys thank you so much for bearing with us through all the technical difficulties, but we know you guys love us and sorry, I got frustrated Jenna, you, know it's not your fault that the battery died I know she apologized, several times too but we, both feel bad but you know what we'll be back and we'll do a better next time that's. Right I won't get frustrated, next time and. The battery will not die. All. Right chill. That's. Right so. Be careful everybody so here we go sponsors, yes I love you guys yep you guys are awesome resort hoppers, are. You got darn live the lithium batteries that's right, yep. You're human we have these pesky emotional, things I mean right that's. What I say well my son like he got scared when somebody's playing with him the other day Liam and you. Know the guy was just playing with them and he was like he, started crying I was like oh he's finding these emotions. Alright. Guys well we. Will see Jenna okay well. We. Will see Jenna next stream on, Friday you know what's funny what you, go like this, and Tim tracker was doing that too I'm like oh my word I'm gonna I do the same thing so.

We'll See Jenna on the next street okay, and she'll be by herself and I'll be just checking on the chat and then I'll be live tomorrow on, Facebook, at 2:00 p.m. and then otherwise on YouTube at different times. Be. Ready. Marty. We got to go back that's right we need to do b-roll we did actually check out our magical Monday from New Year's Day it. Has a lot of our bloopers. And clips and stuff in it's like an hour long thing so go check out our magical Monday from New Year's Day right, right now. Yeah. That yes. What a great weekend ahead that's right wait wait I hope I meet you guys fire clip we hope we meet you too again that's true yeah yes all right so timings. Good gotta go bye Julie all right so sponsors Mickey blog calm Mickey travels calm the best in free, vacation, planning advice you. Can go to Mickey blog calm to get really cool articles about Disney and you can also go to Mickey travels calm to book your trip and it costs the same as a, regular Disney vacation so you get awesome advice for, free, so. Also, that's Mickey blog comma key travels there come all the links to the sponsors are in the description also, sorry, like head scratcher, hashtag head scratch also. Go to window, repair part us window, repair process us they have window repair parts door repair parts Craig Rachel Ruth and Peter they've been on here all, night and they're just amazing people so please go check out their website go support them they support us so much go. Check out window repair part us, and. Use. The coupon code resort tv-14 20%, off your purchase fender, repair parts will now start selling batteries according, to Craig C he's the boss and he knows the, boss lots of rain expected well that's alright we're gonna we're gonna make it happen we. Are streaming on YouTube tomorrow, also the facebook stream is only at 2:00 and then YouTube stream they'll be kind of random times so. But hopefully you've got the Bell on so you get a notification. Notification. That's, kind yes, alright, and then also check out Neverland, mercantile calm they do Disney inspire bath frostings, at Neverland mercantile calm, and. Use the coupon code resort TV one for 15%, off your purchase and, you. Can do you can do not goo you can do bap frosting, you can do bath, Ross things like. On Main Street like you know right behind us yeah like right here churros, like right right there, Main, Street right there yeah. So. You can do you, can do all, kinds of different math frostings imagination, remember everything so go check that out 15%, off use, coupon code resort TV one also dreamers, Empire comm he's got all kinds of great stuff on his on, his website, dreamers, Empire calm and go, check out they've got podcasts, on there the happy place podcast, you can go share your dreams online and he'll maybe talk to you about being interviewed for the podcast also. Check, out his youtube channel dreamers, empire on youtube and they do live streams from different places they did one from Super Bowl City last week in Minneapolis, they, did one from Mall, of America and, Disney World even when they're here so, go check out dreamers Empire on YouTube also, make sure you check out Beach, home CO on Etsy Beach home Co is they. Sell vintage good it's like Disney stuff they even have like old Disney golden. Books they have dishes they have all. Kinds of different things like vases, any kind of antiques really, cool stuff go check it out on se they have different stuff all the time so you know it's at once once they sell stuff it's gone and then they they get new stuff new. Stuff so, she got me Chum Co on se use the coupon code use, the coupon code resort TV one for 15%, off your purchase on beach home : Etsy all the links are in the description of the video also.

Check Out their YouTube channel Beach. Home Co on YouTube, you. Guys are awesome. Oh. Yeah. Really. Check it out that's right Jacob really check it out more bloopers I'm just kidding I didn't see it at oh sorry which, way did they go Main Street yeah right right there wait, they're there, thanks ray Yeah right there. So. Go check that out and also check, out Disney demystified, a great series, of books yeah bloopers a great, series of books about. Sorry. A great. Series of books about all kinds of yeah. Watch. The book about, all. Kinds of things about Disney, the way that they built, it and the, different things about the rides like each chapter is a different, ride it's like there's a chapter for Pirates of the Caribbean all the stories about how the rides came to be haunted. Mansion like I said Walt was almost the narrator all kinds of great really cool information that I didn't know most of the stuff I've been reading in the book so far you. Know in the first opening day of Disneyland was that was actually a huge disaster but then you know Disneyland it worked out okay so. All. Right Bugs Bunny which way did they go yeah so, anyway that's Neverland oh. So. That's his knee never late no we already did that. Yeah. She chopped me. All. Right so that's that's Disney, demystified. On. Amazon, and it's $4.95. For the e-book and it's, really cheap it's less than the price of a Starbucks. Less. Than the price so, go check that out kind of really ha ha come on yes but no yeah, sorry I tried to get Neverland mercantil another, plug but check out Disney demystified, on YouTube but, no. We. Need to go check, out Disney demystified, on Amazon. Yeah. So go check it out there really really good and I yes. We appreciate, them I'm really sorry that I keep messing it up. Yep. So, all right guys. Time. Yes. Yes that all. Right it's not earliest that's about best that's right so sorry. For all the bloopers but I think you guys enjoy him I'm not doing it on purpose I know Jenna isn't either so sort of let her do the sponsor she did a better job so. Disney. Demystified, and you, can check them out on Amazon and that's all the sponsors yeah go, check out the all, the sponsors in the description, and we need to go before I, don't, know something. Check. Out the hook while the DJ revolves it. Wrap. Us out that's right okay. Guys, yes. So we can try slow chat for tomorrow too and see how that works, go.

Figure Brother and sister hurting each other yep thanks, Heather yeah I'm glad you guys caught us too that's a mouthful josh Josh baby, oh yeah. And go to Resorts eveyone comm chat and also we have a, discord. Server cat room too we have all kinds of cat rooms alright guys so for now have. A great big beautiful tomorrow.

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I would love to be a window dresser at Disney. It would be addictive.

For sure! That would be amazing!

Bummed that I missed a lot of the stream. Could watch in my phone but my Apple TV would not stream it

I've heard that the new Apple TV is having issues with these streams. I hope they issue an update and get it fixed. As a suggestion, you might be able to Airplay your phone to your Apple TV until they get it fixed.

Thanks for another great night with the Resort Hopper bunch

Thanks for watching!!

just checked back in pt,two had good night on Iive stream with you see you next Friday goodnight aka indian

Thanks, Carol!

thats odd

Everyone leaves, you go in haha!



The Beatboxer's YouTube is BeatboxVolts Like Me, just in case anybody was wondering.

Very cool!

Wow the ending Sponser time Sponser time So watch out. On 36:07 Pulling ear jenna #PullEarJenna seeing her ear. When Josh said after disney Demysified he said that's neverlandmer- No LOL at 37:12 LOL we all are not trying to do this on purpose we always have to do the sponsers. Wow when you said Cheak out disney Demysified on amazon you said Cheak out disney Demysified on YOUTUBE LOL hahaha on 37:43. Wow a lot of hilarious bloopers we always laugh of Resort TV 1 bloopers stream but we always love the sponsers. What a great stream Josh and Jenna.

I'm rewatching the stream

Thanks, Karen! We’re looking forward to Friday too!

Lol. Blooper time blooper time!

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