Malta Christmas 2020 Sliema Lights in Bisazza Street the Point and Plaza Shopping Malls - 4K Walk

Malta Christmas 2020 Sliema Lights in Bisazza Street  the Point and Plaza Shopping Malls - 4K Walk

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We do videos about events in malta, and gozo, also. Travel, videos. All over the world. Hello, and welcome, to another. Video. I'm at the point, it's the. Last day of november. And a few days is going to be christmas. And. There are a lot of christmas decorations. But even at the point is lima. The point, the shopping mall or shopping center was, fully decorated. Let's see. Look at the. Decorations. Foreign. So. All right. So this is another, christmas, tree, at, the point. Let's work on. Some more decorations. Living. But. So i'm still at the point. And i was given a sample, of a nice serum. Not giving a sample. So it's very nice at the point. All the christmas. Lights are up. Let's walk. On. Very. Nice. You can eat. Them. Very. Nice. Let's. Definitely. Very nice decorations. Santa claus. Down there. So. That's all from the point. So let's see something else now. Okay so you can see the lights, outside, of the point, shopping mall. Very. Nice. You take your temperature. When you go, inside. And you have to use. A hand. Sanitizer. Um. The road is blocked, i'll have to. Try and exit. From the. Next floor i have to go back. Inside. Okay so this is. The upper level. And at the upper level of the point. And here you can. Basically, see a map, of the. Point shopping mall and, there's another. Entrance. And there are, all these places. Music where you can eat inside. Just walk a bit. Here. That's certainly. So there are various, shots which you can. Utilize. Yesterday. This weekend was quite. Rainy. Weather was not so nice. But a liberal for them. And, now the weather has improved. It's. Basically. Quite better. Today. Nice day. That's a nice evening also. I think. That's. Basically. It. Okay. Skateboards. Et. Cetera. Oh. Okay. Our. Troubles. Will be mine. The. Way. Again with the hand sanitizer. And the temperature. Check. Is. Hope you can see cause it's, dark. Now. Let's see the. Lights. There's a nice view from here. Of course it's. Dark. Go to. Work. I'll be walking there in a few. Minutes, moments. There's a lift here. You need to use it. You want to go down from these. Stairs. Hello, viewers. So i'm going. Now to. Slima. Street. And. Basically. Good. Okay here we have more light. There is some construction, going on, so it wasn't possible for me to walk. Over there. So instead i, went. Up one level and i went out on the opposite, side. And i showed you another part of the point. So that's. Just good. Now. We're going to walk on a bit. I'm going to let you. Just. See. Okay so we are. Live. On youtube. Today we're going to see, christmas. Lights. In malta. And they're going to be in slimmer. Let's see if we can wait for some. Um. We're going to see some. Christmas, nights. In. Slimmer. Okay. So with this, streaming, this. Live video. This is live, this is. Monday, evening. From slima, malta. We're going to see some christmas, lights in the streets. And mainly in the zatsa. That's the street. So let's start. Walking. So let's, start walking let's turn this around soon. Around. And, it's a nice evening. Good weather. Some people are out. Just been to the pointe, shopping mall. Seeing the. Screen. See some decorations. Over there. Okay so there's nothing. Out of the ordinary. That's true. But as we go, along. This situation, will be better, here there are some lights but they are not, switched, on. Strange. So let's, walk on a bit. We can, cross the road. So welcome, to. Uh you are watching. Uh this is lima malta, we're going to look at. The. Lights, in the streets here there are some lights which are switched off. Well. We're going to get to. The street now it's full of. Christmas. Lights and decorations. More than. This part. Okay so. Let's cross. The street. Where's your. King. Hey. They have. Good maltese rabbit also you can. Try that. Again so you can see me. So today, i'm walking, in cinema. And today i'm going to show you some. Christmas. Lights and decorations. In the streets. Of slim. Okay so now let's, switch. Camera. Again. Nice decorations. Here. I'm going to show you a large christmas tree, also. Large christmas, tree which is found. A bit further, on. And we go back to wizards. Okay so you can see. This is the usual. Christmas, tree. Okay which you find. In. Slimmer. In this, square. Near where the majestic, theater, used to be it used to be a cinema, here. And now it's become. Mother care. Because, you can see there are. This. Huge. Like a huge, present. Okay. It's very nice. But it's great. Let's switch. Back. Okay so this could be. The thumbnail. Somehow. In the determination. Of this. You can see it from the other side also. Let's switch again.

And You can see another, tree. It just. Has been decorated. Very nice. It's a very nice christmas tree. For more, decorations. In the streets. So now sorry. I'll get back to. The. Street. And that's. Probably going to be the most. Decorated. Street. Which we can find. I remind you that. If you join, my patreon. You can. You can get. The long sleeve, t-shirt. Okay there's a. Level. My patreon. If you join it, you can get, this limited, please limited. More than attract resources. T-shirts. Long-sleeved. T-shirts. You can see. The. Decorations. Let's walk. On. Martin's. Artists. Artistic. I'm going to continue. Walking. There are more decorations. Here. As you can. See. This is a pedestrianized. Street. So you can. Basically, walk. In the. Street. Without, problems. No cars supposed to. Pass some car does pass occasionally. But. It's a rare thing. Okay. Uh. So today is. November, it's the 30th, of november, it's the last. Day of november. Just gonna show you the. Decorations. Here. Snow. Decorations. Let's look at some. More. I was saying if you support, this channel. And through patreon, you can. You'll get. A, long sleeve t-shirt. More internet, resources. They are limited, so get yours. As. Soon as you can. Basically. Because. There's a limited, number. I can turn, back because there are no more. Decorations. You can enjoy. This is alive. Okay so. It's not uh reported. On this mission this is live. On youtube. I remind you. You can subscribe. If you haven't, subscribed, yet. And click the notification. Bell. So that youtube, will notify, you of, new. Videos. Nice christmas, tree. Fernando. Please do click on like, and leave a comment. That's great it helps. The channel to grow. I appreciate, all your comments which you have been. Leaving, recently, especially. Some very, good. Interesting. Comments. It's decorations. In the stores. There's a huge. Christmas, tree here. Very nice. Tree. Is good. Around the game. Hello, viewers, and thank you for joining. Will, continue. Okay we haven't finished yet. You could get the thumbnail. Somehow, but i don't. Yeah it might be. Anyway, okay so let's. Move on. There are more shops. Here. And let's, switch the camera against it. It's in front of me you can see more decorations. Even. Stuff in the shops. With, decorations. Here in the street. You can see. There are the reindeers. Santa claus. Father. Christmas. Okay. There are some decorations. Here along the. It used to be the labian, embassy, basically. You can see. The. Decorations. Further on there's also starbucks. Let's see if we find any. Decorations. Here no, any decorations. Around christmas, anna. And. Not even here really. Um. So i guess it's worth. To go back. Decorations. The bus still. Sweetie. You probably can't see it but on that, wall over there. There used to be. A, big graffiti. Of a man leaping into the wall. And, suddenly, that was covered. By an. Advert. So that was at the top of the city. Hope you enjoyed appearing. On the. Live. Stream. Let's. See. Go down towel road, and then later i go to the. Plaza. We saw this, christmas, tree. Earlier. British. Box. Which, you still find in malta. A number of places. And it should be protected. Okay, let's, move on. And, let's see. Some more christmas, decorations. Yes. More of the same. Kind of cooperation. With reindeers. Some decorations. Topshop. Man. Nice, christmas, tree. There's no light. It's okay. All right. So let's, walk. Feel free to leave your. Comments. Let's see if there's anything. Else. Okay. So that will appear. All right. Heroes, wear masks, yes. They do. So from here one can enter. The plaza, also. Open. Complex, you need to. Go further down, first. And. Then. Some nice. Christmas stuff in this. Shot. Claus. You can find it in this, shop. Lots of black friday, promotions. In the. Shops. Most of them have, well some of them have online. Websites, and you can, do your shopping. Online. To avoid. Most contacts. Good people. Black friday. Sale. Merry. Christmas. In fact, just as the fact that it's how the greek letter. Kai used to be. Uh written. That's why, it was spread like that the early christians. Just spelled it like the same greek. That's effect. More black friday promotions. All the shops. And we've come again. Morning, we're here it's the evening. It's not morning, in malta, it's, evening. Good morning to those of you joining, in from. Countries, where it's morning, like. Other. Countries. And keep doing the live stream, from there, make sure that. It will allow me. And then. Bring it out again. I hope the quality, is, of a sufficiently. Good level. If there is a problem with the. Quality. I. Will. I'm recording, it separately. So. I'll be able to. Re-edit. Editing, and upload. Better, quality. Copy, the video. You want some suitcases. We have reduced.

Prices, Right now. Come back to the christmas. Store here and, lots of stuff. Here there's the agenda, bookstore. Book shop. Used to be a cosmetics. Shop. Now it's a bookshop. And. It's more useful, so i'm going. To. Enter. The plaza. Where they will take my temperature. And. Of course. I'll have to use the sanitizer. So hello again. This is. The plaza. Shopping mall here. You can enter from tower, road like i did. Or from the zatja street. So those are, two different. Methods to get into. Into this shopping. Mall. Okay so, basically, i want to show you. Christmas decorations. Some decorations. And a lot of decorations, here there's a tree. Okay. And. Okay quite a few decorations. Up there let's. Let's. Go. Let's see if the lift is. Operating. Have yourself. A, merry. Little. Christmas. Let your, heart. Be, light. From. Now, on. Our, troubles. Will be. Out. Of sight. Have yourself. A, merry. Little, christmas. Make the you. Tight. Cake. From, now, on. Our. Troubles. Will be. Miles. Okay. So. Remember there was a santa claus here a couple of years ago. See it in my 2018. Video, christmas video from the plaza. And, really didn't put it there this year. And there's some christmas decorations. Here. Okay. Some more. Decorations. Now that's. Like a replica. Okay. Very. Nice. Again, black friday promotions. Everywhere. It's a nice effect with these lights. Okay so. Coffee house. Pranks. Nice. Right. Here. Again another nice view here. The christmas, tree. Very. I'm gonna go nice. So today is the last. Day of november. 30th, november. The evening. And as soon as i stop this, stream. To put the shop here. I'm going to stop the stream now. Um. So bye for now. And i'll see you in the next. Video. Remember, to leave a comment if you haven't leave a comment. And i'll see you. And i'll see you, in the next, video. Bye for now from multi-track. Resources. Okay. So. Bye, for, now from malta network. Resources. You.

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