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Years. Ago I am, solar traveling my way through Israel and Palestine and that was very difficult to explain to immigration and customs so you're travelling alone yes with no real connection to this land correct and you're not Jewish right, and you don't know anybody here do. People. I've met in the club count, okay so I've met a few Israelis in my life and a lot of them happen to be in the club they were all super cool super, curious super, open-minded. Super. Sexy. And you know that's reason enough for me to want to go visit a country though curious, open-minded, cool part not the sexy part although that does happen. Look. I understand, that this part of the world is superheated. There's a lot of tension conflict, controversy, who's, right who's wrong I. Plan. On getting to that in another video check the description box or maybe in the Carter here let me say this I want to visit every country in the world regardless of what the government does I want to see for myself also I know that the government doesn't always reflect its people doesn't always represent, its people the United States for example but that still doesn't mean that if you go to the United States you're just going to meet horrible people no what we're gonna get to that right. Now Tel, Aviv. Walking. Shot oh. No. I'm just getting a walking shot don't worry about me. Why. Did I just say no. This. Is too big for me I think but I let. Me try. How. Much is it though, wait. That sounds like a lot. Not. Yet. But. A thousand, shekels that's a lot wrong, but how much bullets. I want to try the price, this, oh, you. Okay. Do you have up okay. He just walked oh I, like these. Okay. The. Price is 100. No. You said 100 over there, lucky. For, you 100 SEK yeah give me have that fifty hundred fifty shake it no you, said 100. Okay. Give me under 20. Anybody. Want a wallet geez I don't have the best place we throw around Jesus. You. Guys are like my favorite youtubers. I love. Your channel so much. That's. So sweet of you thank you fishermen vitrified came, with the community, monarchy my venison be available, as no primo is available. Per visitor. So. It's sort of this thing when people recognize me or Joe I asked, to take a picture with them so that when I have down when this I can just look and be like. Yeah, maybe a vegetarian but I'm not a cat guy so I'm gonna go this, way. Just, like that it's already nighttime dang, it again it's partly my fault because I woke a bit. I. Unlocked, my phone to see what time it was the. Alarm screen was up all a to do was clicks a missed, my two tours but you know what that's the thing about these Middle Eastern cultures because they all take their time in the morning and then the real cities come alive at night at. Least that's what I tell myself so earlier today I went to this cafe called cafe pool I went because I wanted to get so shakshuka. Is. There any space for wanted, to borrow me me. I. Didn't, have shakshuka, so. Then I try to get sackcloth which, is like an eggnog II kind of drink in the Middle East they don't serve that till after 6:00. Now. That it's after 6:00 let's, go try to fire some Saha. Take, a left here take, the next right when, you hit Domino's. Pizza and they'll be like a Boulevard. On your left here is a place called Columbia they, have. Weight. You put that in there okay. Let's try it let's do it. No. I'm never never busy I, stopped it tried it yet. I'll. Get there it, just doesn't look the.

Most Appetizing. Yeah. I have a YouTube channel. To. Subscribe you. Guess. What. Show oh man, so do you really drink this or not. Oh you eat it you don't drink it no. Ok. I'll try. Oh yeah. This. Is great what, is it made out of this. Is new. :. Flow. Yes. My. Plugin, also. Like. Oatmeal, this. Is the, whole place is based on melody. Like. You. Know this is the cold version of this are, you doing I'm, good ugly. Nice to meet you Draiman. Yeah. Really. Yeah. It's the usual game of phosphorus, between conflicting campus they are on enmity, with each other yeah, they will put the stamp on top of the stamp of someone else of the reason. I, don't. Know, how to people. Here, we go. What. Else do you guys do intelligent here here where do you carry now then the beast market, now, I haven't been. I listen, to you can I'm just kidding. I. Always. Say that somebody who moves to a city probably knows it better than a local. And. That's the case yeah how do we say goodbye, and. Let, out a. Drought. Tada. Tada. Later. Out. There. Are such good people all, around, the world. It's. New Years and I know it didn't seem like it because it. Shouldn't. Cuz this is Israel and, they work on the Jewish calendar like a Hebrew calendar it's actually year. 5775. I'm. Back here in 2019, but the other way I, didn't want to say though. So. They. Have this famous drink here in the Middle East called anak it's a liqueur like I nice so. Basically it tastes like black licorice which, is not. My favorite thing so I didn't. Go with the Atok and I got some vodka cranberry, and said hey. Prices. Here in Israel are on par with the United States so you got to do whatever you can to get, on a level before you get there. You. Already feel like you're back in Europe. I. Just. Ain't bitterly gave me the chills. Dang. It I got cranberry, shirt. Going. So hard for. No reason. There. Is some reason is 2019, don't we celebrating, life the, year that we just lived whether, it was good or bad we can learn from it move forward it's 2019, it's going to be even better year less here. I. Said. I'm not here to see in the world from my own self I'm not gonna let anything else's opinions, affect, mine. Exactly. Like if you wanted me to avoid, every. Country with conflict or controversy, then like I can't. Even go back to my home country. He's. Not wrong. Okay. She. Hung up on me okay I'm going to the bar just. Find a girlfriend. Okay. You're. Crazy famous and I'm super lucky to meet you this is the the, worst party, and look around. 1.1. Million. So. We all know how Tel Aviv is one of the gate capitals of the world right, I've been dying every day bar, Club, by now all the name of research. I'm. Just doing my research okay if you are coming specifically. To see the gay culture in the Middle East I recommend. You probably come during pride because what you'll find here it's, probably more or less the same scene you would find in Paris or or New York it's not like it's lively you're crazier, it's not like they're block, parties, with shirtless men or or lesbian. Bars that are open all night tell you just gets its reputation for being accepting, because it's one of the only places in the Middle East where, LGBT individuals. Feel comfortable. It's a safe haven over here this place is beautiful, I'm. Hearing. Gaff oh yeah. Foe or Jaffa so crazy though. So. All these white cars are their taxis, and you can download the apps like get or yang, go, I swear though I booked this little beach house the one week, it decides for brain in Israel. Remember, those two tourists that I missed because I overslept right I reached out to one of them it was like a streetwise Hebrew, to learn other, than gwizdo --xe behind everything, here's the thing when you're on the ground and if you don't speak Hebrew you're probably missing, 80%. Of what's happening, on the on the wall on the menus on the street signs kind of missing the culture, itself so I wanted to take that tour the dude was in Shanghai he was shutting up and going but he did put me in contact with Tel Aviv alternative. To Tel Aviv walking, tours imagine, I kept the name okay they also weren't running tours today but they were super nice and they sent me a self-guided, freaking, walking, tour that, has descriptions, of all the street art and so now I'm out here walking let's go see some art. That. Person's always mean - I don't do group chats. She, was ugly tower behind me it is a prime example of, gentrification and, expansion, happening in Tel Aviv which explains why I just had a really nice cup of coffee around the block the tower was subject to a range of criticism, it was thought that it would hurt the character of the neighborhood which is composed of small alleys villas and houses, like this is what the neighborhood looks like so when you have just a high-rise that pops up out of nowhere you're kind of like so.

Is It good because we're seeing the growth and development of Tel Aviv or is it bad because it's then pushing the, residents out and then calling the neighborhood cool the, answer there. Isn't one. But. There's a lot of construction happening. Here's. My thing street art so important, it's the most direct, to source straight. To consumer, way of learning about a place because it's not like the government is paying. These. People to put up messages, they're. Paying a Tourism, Board to promote a certain message this is the best way to learn about the. People living here and what, they think about the situation and I've seen this so far. Okay. I want. To believe that one day the world will become better so, without israel's. Indigenous, vote don't, kill. Stay strong kids you'll be out soon I have an idea of who they could be talking about if, you are coming here please take the Hebrew streetwise, tour cuz I'm sure I'm sure I'm missing 85%. Because I don't speak Hebrew I'm missing the most pure wording, you, know you can ever express yourself like you can in your native language what. Do you love about tel-aviv. Okay. To be like it's weird as you want you know because it's not like the rest of Israel. How. There's. So much freedom and gayness. In. Other cities it's not as accepted, right it's. Like way scarier to, be gay in other cities like here as well like it's not that safe you know I went with my girlfriends. And like they, have their hand and then this guy and, this woman were like dude it's disgusting, man what, do you say to them. Go. To the army the military. And I will go next there how, do you feel about that do you want to go do you not want to go. Okay. I think that. There's some good in it that it's like, commendatory, yeah that you have to go but like also, I don't like how many. Times it makes us all and like I don't like the occupation, and all that like I'm really against that and I want yeah, I want my country to make better. That's sweet now I'm sure a lot of people that makes a lot of people happy or do a lot of people share that view. You. Want Israel to do good yeah, yeah. Of course I think so I think all the people sharing that view look, like we're all I feel like there's lots of desperation. And something like everyone is just so exhausted, from the whole thing they. Don't trust anyone, and we don't like talk about everything and another thing is that I don't even speak their language like I don't speak Arabic and that's crazy like, a leave 15, minutes from my kasidiaris everyone, speaks Arabic yeah I don't know no misunderstandings. Just, based on the language itself oh well, thank you this, is my smoothie, I'm obsessed with these I was, getting this smoothie and then she stopped me and I wanted to talk to her I feel. Like there's so many people like you I keep meeting them you're, the kind of person that I would meet abroad that made me want to come here I kept. Meeting like these cool open-minded. Curious, like progressive, people and that made me want to come here and then Here. I am with my smoothie. I nee, medibang, litt English. These. Mangoes. Could. I get some mangoes. No. No not not a lot not a lot. I'm. On, a diet yes I. Just. Had shakshuka all right I just, ate shakshuka. Are. These half, yes, there's, a half cent yes yes why, do you have a cent. Shake. It but, what. Things. Cost half a shekel. Here. From Los Angeles I have one more day in Tel Aviv until, I go to Jerusalem, what. Else should I do. Jaffa. Shakshuka the. Markets, a beach drinking. But, I've been drinking this whole trip but no Arak, I haven't tried a rock yet you, sure you. Have some yeah, get a bottle and go home and get drunk. Thank. You see. You in Los Angeles.

This. Was, a dollar 87, this at Trader Joe's would, be three, dollars and 87 okay so they have these kiosks all around Tel Aviv where they sell fruits and shakes let's go get one. Any meta bear Anglet. It's. Okay what does all this say, are these the special deals that I'll never know about. Yeah. This. Is a dollar sixty what do you know I made it to another markets, now we're at Carmel market I wasn't, even planning to do this and I was walking to Bauhaus, architecture centre, aka. The white city after, World, War Two the lot of Jews moved here and they, brought along with them style of architecture that, was famous in Germany yeah, no I'm trying to find it but I still stumbled, upon this I, don't. Think I have it in me. What's, your name, where. Do you hang out in Tel Aviv. Wait. Removing tables. Too bad tonight's my last night. Yeah. I've. Been here for five days. Thank, You. Say. Thank you if I'm thanking a woman which. Version, do I use do you I use the man because I'm a man or the woman because she's a woman. Everyone. In Europe does it this way you roll your own cigarettes, or whatever yeah, in the States nobody, does that. Okay. What were you saying first about the military. You're. A girl, probably you're trying, to get wasted -. Aaron is relevant, should be coming to mother and, fame. Or bigger, salary. What. Do you what do you think about that. Yeah. Do you think, yeah the youth is more accepting, and more tolerant. And just more open. My. Friends, friends. He found out about it through another friend. That's, how you do it man. Dear. Israel, you. Are. Interesting. No, no you are interesting, for. Reasons other than politics, you're a holy land and I. Thank God for all these cuties, and. Look I've drank, your SOT love and I've eaten, your shakshuka. Man. That sounds kind of gross well. I mean I did have that one guy over from our off the gay app here you know what nevermind I think I also managed to come to Israel the one week it decided to reign which then, stressed, me out having, to film an entire video in a day and a half or something I loved about being in a country where I can't even read a freaking, menu or the street, sign yeah you definitely feel like you're in a foreign place I mean if you think about it if you go to Germany you don't speak German, you, can still figure out what the signs say if you go to Israel and you don't speak Hebrew, the. Street signs just, look like hieroglyphics, anyways. So. The, markets didn't really rub me the right way although I am wearing some jeans from the jaffa market right now and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get down the conversion, rate between the shekel and the dollar you know what I had a great time in Tel Aviv I'm gonna look out onto this beach and enjoy. My last few moments here I'm on my way to Jerusalem, in the West Bank those videos are gonna have even more to cover. They. Might be even longer by the way I wonder if our YouTube audience will, like these longer videos guess. We'll see in, any case I had a good time I have three tinder dates going to the same bar but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna talk to any of them damn. Georgia had to be expanding as a ranking see new countries and China mention new cultures had to go to Shanghai I. Supported. This is the first time since I arrived misery, where, I've seen the Sun. There. Is a God dangit. I can't make those jokes here, you're, doing a vlog in Tel, Aviv yeah but it hasn't been exciting. Yet no. I mean generally, no no the mother vlog hasn't been exciting there Tel Aviv has been exciting but I haven't been perhaps frugal. Used. To be exactly, it's the lighting blame it on the lighting I won't. Put your faces in it so. All the best oh they take you there's, something specific about their look here, in Israel that, I'm like. Beautiful. Let's, go see. I gotta go this way wait, I gotta grab the camera first okay.

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I'm too jealous, I've wanted to go to Israel for so long.

You kept asking people literally: do I speak English? , during the whole video. Dying from the confusion on people’s faces at first seconds when they hear it

Omg! That girl was so right! We are lazy! Americans!!! Love you!

Where is the real Jewish food?? all you had is Arabic food, i want to see the Jewish food.

Israel says that shakshuka is an Israeli dish it's not true it's an Arab dish

Absolutely loooove Israel!!! You depicted the vibe in Tel Aviv beautiful!

That didn’t feel like 23 mins! Keep it up

Shalom Israel

Gili is sooo cute!!!!

Now! That’s a fucking travel vlog!

IM SCREAMING because i just bought that shirt yesterday :DD 7:36

I just found y’all from Asis. Nice videos!

Hey Damon and Jo! I have been watching your channel for awhile and I got to say, I LOVE you guys! You guys are so talented and amazing and gahhhh. I have just one thing that's been bugging me. I don't know how to travel as an introverted person. Can you guys make a video specifically for traveling as an introverted person? I think both of you are extroverted and really cool, but I just don't know how I can build the confidence to randomly talk to people for help and make connections. I know there are other videos that explain how to travel as an introverted person, but they just don't seem real enough. (also, I would just love to hear your thoughts and comments). Ciao!

I like your intention behind the vid and travel in general. Just wanted to say: please acknowledge your privilege (internally, if not already doing so). Sure, going into an occupying territory to learn about "both sides" (i hate this analogy as 2 sides are seen as equal despite this being occupying vs occupied) is arguably open-minded, but understand that as a White person your privilege is enabling you to seek info through the lens of the occupying power. You wouldn't be in apartheid South Africa, funding their regime, talking to Dutch colonisers about Black people, but then weigh the pros and cons of it. And you're granted the privilege to fund and explore a land that only enables you to exisr their safely because of your Whiteness. It's not fair or ethical. I genuinely feel you have the best of intentions, but this seems quite White privilege-y/socially unaware thing to do. Genuinely no hate. But i feel you wouldve thought twice about this trip if you were a visible minority.

I love these longer videos!

Do not visit Syria

Love how respectful your being with such a controversial topic

Loool I love these longer videos! And idk why but I was kind of scared for you. Be safe out there!

I loooooved this video!!! I love seeing the world through your perspective Damon (and Jo), more long videos like this please

Great video Damon! Great editing, and you brought up a deep issue in a light way: the never ending war and mandatory military service. I’m Very happy to hear that the youth has a mind of their own, and they do not justify everything on religion. Grew up in Brazil with Jewish bffs. As you might know, over there we are all mixed up, race and religion. You got me “inside” Israel, it was awesome. Thank you.


the scenery is so beautiful, shame its all stolen land

I love this kind of content and I hope the next videos keep giving us a more in depth look on what society really looks like.

Send your brother a jacket FROM A DIFF COUNTRY MA BROTHER LOL miss ya!


Love these

Omg I love you guys so much you really inspire me to keep on learning languages and I hope to become as bilingual as you guys. I’m Israeli so if you want a few tips on places or maybe even join for a Jewish traditional meal in friday you are welcome and can contact me

Shlomit Hochner Shalom


So Casey Neistat...

I'm lebanese-canadian and i'd love to visit israel. you've captured it so beautifully and i always get surprised by the people in israel who just want peace. I guess growing up knowing about the constant and fatal conflict of our neighbours makes you wonder if the stronger, more opposing side wants a peaceful end to the segregation. i'm sure i'll get to travel there soon enough, however i don't know how they take kindly to other arabs visiting the country for simply tourism.


2:39 hunny literally no one cares if you say Jesus it's not like taboo or something we say it all the time

I love this format! Yesss moreee

I've lost track of you guys for a while but I had to write and say I LOVED this video. Your conversations with the locals really add a lot to getting the feel of the place. Pictures are good for atmosphere but to get the true vibe of a place hearing the voices of her people, that is the BEST. Thanks!

I, like everyone else it seems, love the longer videos! Then again, I love basically everything you guys do. Much love

Yes we love long videos

Wait.. at 16:35 isnt that the musician celebrity Shalom Shabati?

I was sooo scared for you

I am an teenage Israeli girl, Jewish and religious, and soon I will be joining the army! I am so happy and grateful for that and I can't wait to serve my country !!

I was literally crying when the girl at 15:00 spoke bcs i share the same point of view and although in my country every one doesn't like jews and Israelis and i m not allowed to visit it. I feel so sad and upset of those fucking politicians

Appreciated this video more than any other in the past.

The pink-haired girl just confirmed what i always thought about Israel's mindset "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's". Definitely down to see more of this format

Damn tchektchouka is my go to meal.. it's from Maghreb though

Damon, i love you, really. But THOSE SUNGLASSES MUST GO 0:56

If both sides want to enjoy their life in peace, then why can’t Isreali’s do it on their BY THE UN DEFINED side of the border.

which border is that exactly?

Why I didn’t see you

the classic "come to brazil" lol

This long format is really nice. The rythm is a bit slower and deeper. Like it!

It’d be so awesome if you and Jo came to Riyadh, SA. I’m from America but I live here. I’d love to show you guys how wrong of an image people have of this place around the world.

Cornflower = corn starch

Haha I just found you guys and I'm in love. Love your style, love your open-mindedness, and that you show your interaction with locals. Definitely going to continue watching you guys!

Please visite istanbul :(

israel is a wonderful place filled with amazing people. it is a horrible shame what its government will do, as well as what the palestine government is capable of. but i love that country, regardless.

This video makes me jealous beyond words. Soon I'll visit Israel myself. Also I'm excited about the upcoming videos dealing with more of the political stuff. I've been reading tons of stuff about Israel and the development of the conflict with the Palestinians and other surrounding countries like Iran for example. I personally think, the existence of Israel is an invaluable chance for so many people living in the Middle East to escape oppression. Also the historical necessity for a Jewish state to exist is in my opinion unnegotiable. Israel is the only nation on earth that has succeeded to protect Jewish lives from prosecution and death for 70 consecutive years. That alone makes Israel indispensable.

You are very funny!!! LOL.

sadly you haven't been to a real party in TLV. next time check out for parties. then you'll see all those hot shirtless guys...

This was awesome! So interesting and insightful. Thanks Damon!

peep the alma mater sweater in the back at 17:59

wow..makes friends so easy loool

The people were really charming !

The dude was saying that thing was made from cornflour haha. Great video though, gained a new subscriber :)

Why does everyone who lives in L.A think, talk and act the same.

Omg i spit she said the american dream is to get out of america gurl how u KNO WHO spillt tea

Good Luck in North Korea!

Loved it so much. Keep doing those

Young israelis and young palestinians are pretty woke and get that this whole conflict is fucked. The people in power just don't want a resolution, they want to win.

"the American dream is to get out of America," that's the absolute truth.

I had no idea Israel was so cool!

Ameei, e n me importo com vídeos longos.

*I honestly love this longer format so much, and I’ve always wanted to visit Israel but these videos are definitely making me want to even more. Great documentary Damon* :)

*I live for the bartering clips in D + J videos man*

Why can’t they just share the land? Everyone would live in peace then

The day Damon and Jo break apart, I'm going to drown in my own tears

i would love to solo travel but school is really taking my time up and its really hard for me to find cheap flights

Do you keep a travel diary/ a diary in general? If so, how do you start it, get inspired to write in it and what do you even document in it?

everytime i start to be content with my nice little life in nyc, yall post a video that makes me wanna drop out of uni and backpack again!

I love this video!!!! and by the way, when u ate the sahlav, they meant to say cornstarch, in Israel we call it cornflour haha

I am so excited to see you west bank content❤️

The government do not always represent the consensus or fully reflect its people and population... Love it, so true. Let's travel, let's have fun, let's converse and learn

I have to add that I am a lesbian and live in Jerusalem and I love it, and have never felt any problems being open and out.

Hi! thank you for your video ! If you're interested by the Middle East, another city you should absolutely visit is Beirut, Lebanon! Open minded (and gay friendly) people, party everytime and very pride of their arab culture :)

that girl was literally the cutest omg we need more people like that!!!

shakshuka is not Israeli --"

You are not serving your country. You are making dumb people more powerfull and rich while ruining the life of a palestinian teenage girl.

But we say Charmilla.

I like your intention behind the vid and travel in general. Just wanted to say: please acknowledge your privilege (internally, if not already doing so). Sure, going into an occupying territory to learn about "both sides" (i hate this analogy as 2 sides are seen as equal despite this being occupying vs occupied) is arguably open-minded, but understand that as a White person your privilege is enabling you to seek info through the lens of the occupying power. You wouldn't be in apartheid South Africa, funding their regime, talking to Dutch colonisers about Black people, but then weigh the pros and cons of it. And you're granted the privilege to fund and explore a land that only enables you to exist there safely because of your Whiteness. It's not fair or ethical. I genuinely feel you have the best of intentions, but this seems quite White privilege-y/socially unaware thing to do. Genuinely no hate. But i feel you wouldve thought twice about this trip if you were a visible minority.

this is the nicest friggin comment section i have ever seen lmao ive never seen a video on israel and palestine with no conflict in the comments and im lovin it

5:54 I think he's saying corn flour

Nosssssa você ficou super afim do brasileiro hein Damon!! Já shipei, já pensou você vindo no Brasil todo ano? ❤️

Too bad I can't go there because I'm from ksa

I think he's saying cornflour

1000 shekels? OMG thats a scam lol. As an Israeli that thing is a fucking scam especially in Jaffa Market lel

I think that Israel is all about good people And by the way, you should visit other cities but Tel Aviv. It's so different in the rest of the country

omg damon arguing the price in the beginning made me uncomfortable....then i remembered how thats a normal thing in the rest of the world outside of the US hahaha just american tings

Subscribed !!! Only because your in Israel and your personality is greeeeat

A USA YT guy goes to Israel and finds in Israel a Brazilian guy that recognizes him from his YT channel. And you gonna tell me the world isn't small???

Found this vid in my feed. The place seems pretty cool. When all of Europe heads to Tel-Aviv in May, I'm sure it'll be lit. Nadav Guedj should definitely be the tour guide since he promised to do so back in 2015, Lol :'D for those who get what I'm sayin'.

go during the summer!!!! it never rains!

Does anyone know Gili's instagram (the girl with the pink hair)-- you know, for school of course

I think when he was talking about the sahlab (in Arabic that’s what it’s called- a lot of usraeli dishes are actually appropriated Palestinian/Arab dishes), he was saying “cornflour” so, milk, cream, and cornflour (to thicken it).

WOW ❤️

CORNFLOUR he's saying CORNFLOUR hahaha

Man, you are awesome! Israel is the best. I'm from israel and I follow your channel, I'm real glad you came here! [Although you should have brought joe(!!!)]. Any way, you should know that you have so mutch more beautiful places in here such as Tiberias, Eilat and so on and it's too bad you stayed in one place. And so is the food (in that case you've seen NOTHING..) When you are coming back here, make sure you wouldn't miss any of the real stuff here. By the way, the conflict and all of this it's just bullshit. It's safe here, I'm living here and I'm telling you, I feel totally safe. -Although the conflict hasn't been solved yet. What you see on the news can be terrified but in real life it's just fine. Any way, you guys are always welcome here. You are the best.

Does victor have Instagram? Asking for.... myself

That pink haired girl from the coffee shop is straight out of a YA romance book. She is the fresh breath of air, non-filtered, witty, manic pixie dream girl that I think we all either aspire to be or aspire to fall in love with. She seems like the carefree, clever, adventurous girl that you love but honestly also can be problematic at time and maybe attracts a lot of tragic situations and has a rough background that gets romanticized a lot in media but in all reality really sucks. Which probably makes her really smart and compassionate at some times, but also angry, and frustrated, and sad. I could be wrong, but I could be right too. She seems like a unique soul. I wanna meet her and know her and find out.

"Israel and Palestine" ISRAEL IS PALESTINE, dumbass. If you spent more time educating yourself instead of acting like a freak on those parades, you'd know that.

I think the guy was saying that the drink had corn flour in it

Just one to add smth: Gay Rights in Israel isn't real, they treat gay Palestinians horribly. Gay rights in Israel is just a ploy and an act to make liberals think they're 'the good people'

19:36 she is a absolutely right

לייק למי שקורה תגובה מישראל!

the sahlep you’ve drank/ate was a fake sahlep the real sahlep is just starch , milk and sugar topped with cinnamon or crushed nuts , but maybe because you’re in israel and everything is fake here non of this food belongs to them but it’s a fake version of arab or turkish food , although some may be better than the original versions

Man the people there are so nice!!! The video is too cute

Terrible video. You didn't even scratch the surface of the Israeli landscape and culture.

"The American dream is to get out of america" lolol true

Was cool to meet and talk to you Damon! I'm the guy at 10:05 :) By the way just to make it clear, Shpaggat isn't the worst party but it definitely isn't the best New Year's party and still is amazing, that was the more full version of my drunk speech :) cheers!

This video is why we call it Medinat Tel Aviv.

I like the polo top you wore at 8:15, I would love to know where I can get it? Bit cheeky but I love it

When you going to North Korea?

Well, these girls opinions doesn’t represent everyone. Even though it’s not fun going to the army (obviously it’s not supposed to) it is sooo important and even as a girl and we for 100% don’t need smaller army like what she even talking about. If we had smaller army Israel wouldn’t exist. Sooo... she is wrong and we have THE BEST army.

Love you from Israel!❤️ l Hope you enjoyed Tel Aviv:)

2:46 ahhhhh brasileiros estão em todo lugar

U should meet Hananya

..Israël =TERORIST

I live in Tel Aviv but I didn’t get to meet you because I was in the army the entire week :( please come again!!!!

Israel n’est pas un pays

Nice to meet you l from lsrael

welcome to lsrael

Awesome video Damon! i wish i would have ran into you :(

P.S. The thing the guy says when you're asking him about ingredients is corn flour. At least I'm pretty sure.

i cant wait to run into you or jo somewhere out in the world

we loveeee these longer videos... wow you snapped!

I fucking love Tel Aviv

Anthony Bourdain is dead. Long live Damon and Jo.

OMG!! it's a sahlab not sahlav also the Shakshoka are Palestinian food! they've steal the land but that's didn't enough them, they want also to steal the Palestinian culture!!

Love seeing all the interactions you had with all of the locals there.. that really is the best part about traveling! :)

Come Turkey next!!

It's Palestine omg not Israël

I feel the same way about her. She's inspired me to write a short story.

Not many people are, and the ones who are usually are happy about it because we are raised to believe it's really good and cool and what not. Most people who are, usually figure out in the military that they are either waisting their time or are actively hurting others, and a huge chunk of us can't wait to get out and be a fucking person for a minute. And some of us are like myself and are just bitter from before they even knew what their stats are Besides, when everyone knows that you'll end up 18 and than waist two to three years of your life, convincing yourself that this is good and you want it is easier then crying

+ליזה נורט Lol does not mean you have to be happy and gratefull about it.

+ⵜⴰⵏⵉⵔⵉ Taniri even if it's true, we have to serve by law so like,,,,,,,not too many choices, from an Israeli who serves

bruv, you look lonely af lol..wheres Jo?

four things i learnt from these three mini docs: 1. tel aviv is worth a visit! 2. now i know what palestine and israel are fighting about. i could have read it by myself, but as a mid european my mind wasn't that open for mid eastern things, shame on me. 3. i should talk more to natives when i'm travelling on my own and last but not least 4. i'd love to have a friend as sassy as damon.

dude you are editing keep getting better and better!

“Open minded”

Freaking love this format

Dude I loved this video! Longer please! This makes me want to go to Tel Aviv, and people seem really nice and easy going. (And your voice offs always make me laugh!)

I'm here for these longer videos! The interviews and hearing the views of average people is also really nice. Thanks for challenging the status quo!


The jesus thing I'm dying

"The American dream is to get out of America." So freakin true.

Dr Shakshuka is a good place for Shakshuka in Tel Aviv!

Israel is very open minded person that's why the conflicts with muslims countries will never end

What a fool!

Sorry to tell you that what you thought that shakshuka and sahlav even arak are culture of israel is totally wrong because these are Arabic culture ,Israel is stealing Arabic culture especially food ,because how a "country" that is barely 70 year old would create culture from nothing ,and now they are claiming that shawerma is their traditional food! btw sahlav is called sahlab

Actually this video about israel made me sad ,because I supposed to be living there with my family ,I'm originally from Haifa but in 1948 israeli military took our houses and my grandparents were forced to move ,and now I have Jordanian nationality and I've never seen my town ,and now jews from different sites of the world are living there peacefully ,how fair is that :)

haha the greek guy accent !

Amei tanto esses dois documentários que passei dois dias pesquisando o pq do conflito, no que cada religião acredita, como as pessoas vivem e etc. Antes algo que eu via somente com tristeza ganhou um significado político pra mim. Lindo trabalho Damon!

I live in Tel aviv and i LOVED your video!! But to really get to know this city u have to hang out with someone from there (i guess like any city) hope you'll visit one day again! (Maybe in the gay parade !)


I didn’t know how to feel about the longer video but it was good. It was nice seeing the people’s perspectives. The pink haired girl was cool af. Now to see the rest of the long videos...catch up time.

THESE VIDEOS ARE SO NICE i love how it really feels i'm experiencing literally the ENTIRE trip with you

Damon and Jo, I am Jewish and Brazilian. I love you guys sooooooo much!!! Nice video.

It’s x amount in shekels divided by 3.7

3:51 that's actually true


i LOVE these longer videos YES queens

00:41 *Gostei que teve aviso* no inicio, já tava imaginando o povo só falando disso nos comentários

05:47 "COUVE-FLOR" *??*

05:11 _"I really want to subscribe you"_ HAHAHH *esse será o xaveco do futuro*

I love the longer videos! :D

These Israelis stole everything about arabs

They all look like sims characters

Did he really tried to sell you the jacket for 1000 shekels??? That’s just rude

Hope to see u next in palestine


gili was speaking some facts.

5:11 doesn't look appetizing?? That shit looks good AF! lol. Looks creamy and crunchy, like a yogurt parfait! And he was saying "corn flour" btw

Malabi = a dessert made of cornstarch (what they call in hebrew "cornflour")

this is awesome.

I visited Israel solo last year (I’m female) and fell in LOVE. What an AMAZING place. Also doesn’t help that literally everyone and everything is beautiful


It looks like you where so uncomfortable in a few moments haha when you were sitting there and eating your.. warm milk? it was funny to look at

It looked like you were*

I just want to point out that I've never seen this channel and I love it, this is what travelling should be looks like, is about meeting people, knowing thr culture, interact and be kind, but most important learn about the politicals, the conflict and the testimonies, just amazing!! I hope you could come to Colombia because is an amazing country and people wants the world know the real situation. So breve and aducating sections...

Nice! I'm going to Tel-Aviv in May!

8:24 you know Asad Avidan is also Israeli, right? Such a great song!

What she said about the rest of israel is a lie. Most of the people in israel are open minded. The difference between tel aviv and the other cities is like the difference between manhattan and long island.

"The American dream is to get out of America" check

ABSOLUTELY LOVING these mini documentaries of the places you're going :) It made me realized how uninformed I've been about the country and now I'm inspired me to visit and learn more from the locals. This is why I subscribed to this channel

Corn flour buddy

I have a crush on the pink-haired girl. This video was amazing, as always

These short docs you make are purely amazing! BRAVO!

Hello from Israel dude

22:36 this is so true

This kinda made me wanna learn hebrew... Damn

We LOVE the longer vidros!!!! I mean it’s harder to start watching them but they give much more joy!! Also if you decide to come to Turkey I’d love to recommend places and help at anything!!

the girl with the pink hair is like....everything!

I like how you film the interactions!

Absolutely LOVING this series btw !!!

Hey Damon~do some shirtless videos, especially there in the warm weather of Isreal as I have been there in 1993 and is my second home

Sims characters look like normal people, so...

No one is calling Araq or Shakshuka Israeli. It's middle eastern food. Araq is considered completely Arabic while Shakshuka was brought by Tunisian Jews who came to Israel.

No one was forced to move from Haifa. It's 11% Arabic. Your grandparents chose to believe the Arab leaders who said they'd annihilate Israel. Meanwhile, Jews were actually ethnically cleansed from the Arab world, which is why most of the Arab countries have practically no Jews today. They didn't whine though, they started their new lives in Israel and contributed to its thriving.

Am I the only one that thinks that's sounds exactly like Spanish sksjkssn

at 5:47 he's definitely saying corn flour, in the US its more commonly known as corn starch

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