Mangalore Tour | Sea beaches | Mangalore Buns | Giri Manjas | World’s best ice cream at Pabbas

Mangalore Tour  | Sea beaches | Mangalore Buns | Giri Manjas | World’s best ice cream at Pabbas

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This bread is called 'Buns' here. Whether it is a single piece or more, it is called Buns! Very good! No comments! This dish is so different & so tasty! I was under the hangover of "Gadbad" and I felt that I wouldn't like any other ice cream flavor now. Gadbad was at the top of my mind. Namaskar Friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host Harish Bali! Right now, we are in Mangalore in Karnataka. We will start our journey today from the Panambur Beach.

This beach is about 14 km from the Mangalore central railway station. In terms of direction, the beach is on your way to Udupi from Mangalore. Udupi is 60 km away. Today's date is 23rd November and the time is 8 am. You can see people enjoying the sea.

We will enjoy here for another 30-45 minutes and then we will go to Mangalore city. If you visit here around 5 pm, you can even enjoy a beautiful sunset here. Nice place! We've travelled about 500 m further from the Panambur Beach. On our left-hand side is the factory, Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers! It is the largest chemicals and fertilizers factory in Karnataka. Looking diagonally from our position, you will see the New Mangalore Port Trust. Mr. U.S. Mallya was the man behind this port.

He was the reason this Port got constructed. After the port was built, it led to development in the whole area. The highway that you can see in the video will lead us straight to Goa. Goa is about 355 km from here.

This highway has round-the-clock traffic movement because it is an inter-state highway. From Goa, this highway can further take you upto Mumbai as well. We've come to the New Taj Mahal Cafe for breakfast. We have Mr. Sudhir with us.

He is our channel subscriber and a resident of Mangalore. He will guide us around Mangalore for the whole day. What is this area called where we are right now? This is the Navbarath Circle, it is the heart of the city. Alright, heart of the city! Heart of the city! Is this cafe quite famous? I regularly visit here. It is very good, very famous!

So, let's go in for a breakfast! Since I am a regular here, I would prefer you to have Buns with Tove (Dal)... ...and Sukkha Bhaji with Teek Roti.... and also coffee! Let us order that! Yeah, it will be better. (Speaking local dialect) Mangalore Buns! Sukkha Bhaji! This is Sukkha Bhaji. Sukkha Bhaji with Poori? with the Teek Roti! Teek Roti! Almost like Poori! But actually a variation of poori. This has green chili in it? Yes, it has green chili as well Sir.

You can eat these buns with coconut chutney or dip it in the Dal too. Actually it is Tuvar Dal! First, let us taste the bun alone! See, this is it! Wow! Very soft! Yes Sir, very soft! I couldn't even imagine that the Mangalore Buns would be this tasty! Does it have banana inside? Yes, there is banana in it Sir! So, it is made of Maida (refined flour), banana and.... Curds (curd/yoghurt) is also added at the time of preparation Sir.

Wow! In my opinion, if someone visits Mangalore and doesn't taste these buns,.... ...for him the trip would be incomplete. Incomplete! This is so tasty! Yes Sir! And absolutely fresh! It feels like it has just been taken off the stove! There is a complete change in taste. Hmm? Wow! Amazing! This is called Teek Roti. Teek means? Teek means spicy! So, we've ordered a Teek Roti each for ourselves with Sukkha Bhaji. Please start! The taste of this Bhaji is absolutel simple! Yes, it is simple bhaji! And I assumed it would be very spicy, but it is not! So, even though its name is Teek Roti but it isn't that spicy at all.

When I am eating Teek Roti with Sukkha Bhaji, the main flavour is that of Methi (fenugreek). Yes Sir! This dish has extensive use of Methi Dana (Fenugreek Seeds). I really loved this Sukkha Bhaji, especially the taste of methi, curry leaves and green chili in it. All these have been added in perfect proportion to the Bhaji.

Yes Sir! Very good taste and unmatched flavor! This restaurant has indoor seating space. But we are sitting in the outer seating space here. Quite a strong coffee! Very strong filter coffee! It feels like all my senses are active after a few sips of this coffee! Really! This coffee is really very strong in flavour! I've heard that the wheat halwa here is quite popular as well.

Very famous Sir! we missed it? We will go and have it as well. We can still have it? Yeah, we can have it. So, let us taste a piece each of this Wheat Halwa as well? Both these halwa varieties are cooked in ghee? In ghee. This is banana halwa and this is wheat halwa. So, this color of the halwa is because of caramelisation while cooking.

Yes Sir! Hmmmm! Banana halwa, wheat healwa, Interesting! It is quite famous here, right? Very famous! So, this is one of the desserts that Mangaloreans like very much? Awesome! Seriously awesome! It is loaded with ghee and it sticks to the teeth while eating. Yes Sir! My mouth is covered in ghee from inside! If someone asks me which one I liked better... ....banana halwa has its own flavor, but this is also very interesting! Yeah! Very tasty! And both these are loaded with ghee. And the quality of ghee used is very good. Fantastic Sir! Right now, we are inside the Shri Gokarna Nath Temple.

For your information, in the year 1908, it was Narayan Guru Ji, who established this temple. This temple has beautiful architecture. Now that we've entered the temple, you can see its beautiful facade! So, let us first have the darshan of Lord Gokarn Nath.

And afterwards, let us meet the trustees of the temple to know more about its history. And though there is sea behind the temple, but as such, we cannot go there. But we can have an aerial view of the sea and the temple. Now let us go and have darshan of Lord Gokarna Natheshwara! I am Ravi Shankar Bijar and I am talking from a famous pilgrimage spot of Mangalore,... ...the Shri Gokarna Nath Temple premises. This temple was established by the famous Narayan Gurudev Ji in 1908 and.... 1912, Narayan Gurudev Ji himself ensured its completion too. He established this Shiv Linga himself here and then dedicated this pilgrimage spot to the general public. This place is not just a temple or place of pilgrimage. We are involved in several social causes too.

We also run a Mid-Day meal scheme for children belonging to the needy sections. For that we have a team of experienced individuals, who work hard towards this cause. This team is dedicated to the social causes on a regular basis. Thank you Now we are going to an area named Sultan Batheri, at a distance of about 5 km. We've reached Sultan Batheri.

After spending a while here, we will go to the Tannirbhavi beach. This building is the watch-tower of Sultan Batheri. We will go up from here. But before that, let us read this information written on a board here. The Portuguese came here in 1526.

After that, a time came when Hyder Ali captured this fort. The year was 1763. After that, in 1768, the Britishers occupied this fort. However, before the Britishers came, Tipu Sultan had got this watch-tower made here. The basic purpose of constructing this watch-tower was to keep an eye on the Gurupura River...

...and ensure that no enemy ships were allowed to enter too deep into the territory As you would already know, this was the trade route to export pepper to other countries. Moreover, Tipu Sultan was constantly engaged in skirmishes with the British. So, the main purpose of this watch-tower was related to battles.

Now let us go up these stairs. It feels good to be here. Wow! Holes like these are built into the parapet after every 2-2.5 feet distance. These holes were used to keep and eye on enemy movement and attack whenever necessary. It feels good to be standing here. Wow! We are watching the Gurupura river from this height.

There is total greenery on either sides of the river. There are not many tourists here, except for a few local college students. Nice! We will spend 5-10 minutes here and then go to the ferry. So, this is Gurupura river. We are taking a ferry from Sultan Bateri to go to Tannirbhavi beach. Usually, by ferry, it will take about 4-5 minutes.

But by road, it will take at least 30-40 minutes to reach Tannirbhavi beach. which is actually across the river? Across the river actually! From this point, the river joins the sea, 3 km apart. So, this is like the backwaters. Backwaters, okay! And though the sun is shining over our heads, but we are comfortable because a cool breeze is blowing. Sudhir ji has explained to me that we are standing near the Gurupura river right now.

If we travel down the river for 3 km in this direction,... ...we will reach the confluence of rivers Netravati and Gurupura with the Arabian Sea. So, that place is a "Sangam" or confluence! And at a distance of about 2-2.5 km, there is a bandar (port) from where fisherman go for fishing in the sea. Lovely! Now let us go towards the beach! After getting down from the ferry, we walked for a few minutes and reached the beach. This is Tannirbhavi beach. I wasn't sure I could go down in the sea with my jeans on... I bought these shorts for Rs. 130 at this shack. I've already changed, as you can see.

Shall we go closer? to the water From there, I couldn't see many people, but once we reached here,... ...I can see a lot of other people too enjoying at the beach. Even though the sun is right over our heads! The best part of this experiences is that while you are standing here.... ....the wave crashes into the beach and while going back... takes away some of the sand beneath our feet as well and you can feel that happening. At that moment, it feels like you are about to fall down. Sudhir Ji, let me tell you why I liked this beach more.

It is because of these trees by the beachside, one after other, at every few meters. If it gets too sunny for you at the beach, you can go into the trees and lie down in the shadow. That way, you can enjoy the breeze, shadow and the sea of course.

Isn't that right? True! That is a different aspect of this beach. The time is 2.30 pm. We will reach the ferry point after a 2-minute walk from here.

The ferry will take us to Sultan Bateri in 5 minutes. For lunch, we are going to Girimanja's. Girimanja's. We've reached Girimanja's. The time is 3.30 pm and this food joint closes by this time. Still, let us go in and check out.

This place has a system, as soon as you are seated at a table,... ...they serve you this glass of Kokum Rasam! This is the first time I am having a drink like this. Though I was able to enjoy the taste of Kokum in Goa as well, but... ... this drink has been tempered with Garlic, lending it an even stronger flavor. Correct! This drink prepares you for the meal ahead. That is my feeling! Do you eat fish? I am a vegetarian actually, and they also serve a vegetarian thali here.

Okay! We've ordered a veg meal for Sudhir Ji, which has... ...Chana (Chickpeas), cabbage, and plain boiled rice. In my thali, I have shellfish, chana, cabbage, rice, with papad, Kingfish (also known as Anjal),... ...quite famous locally. And Golden Fried Prawns.

So, Sudhir Ji, they boil paddy to make this boiled rice? So, what is the highlight of this rice? This rice is cooler for your body. Because the weather in Mangalore is hotter, this rice keeps the body cool. It is healthy, very healthy! Very smooth taste! The spices used on this fish are at a perfect level.

The best thing about eating this Anjal fish is the taste & flavor of coconut oil in it. I went into their kitchen to see how they are frying the fish. So, one interesting thing that I noted there was... ...that they were not reusing the oil once used for frying the fish. The coconut oil, I mean. So, after fish fry, the leftover oil is discarded and fresh oil is used. So, it won't be wrong to say that this aspect is game changer in the taste.

There is also a slightly sour touch to the spice mix used to coat the fish. That sourness must be coming from tamarind or their secret spices, I don't know. Also, the fish is fresh.

It is so delicious in itself that I don't even want to add lemon juice to it. The fish is tasty on its own. Fish curry! Wow! Fish curry is delicious! Wonderful! Fish curry has a good taste. Two years ago, when I visited Goa, I tasted a number of fish curries at different places. The taste of this fish curry is totally different.

The difference is also visible in the combination of spices used. The sourness of the Goan fish curry is absent here. Nice! Here I am enjoying a totally different flavor of the fish curry.

Terrific taste, serioiusly! There is a slight sweetness to the taste of the Golden Fried Prawns. So, I think this prawn variety is not the one that we get to eat usually. It is something different. Prawn is very tasty.

Prawns are coated in a thin layer of spices, with a slightly sour taste of tamarind. Lovely! Really delicious taste! I can get used to this taste, I would say. These prawns are so delicious that I would want to eat these once more. Earlier, I assumed these to be Chana but it is not that. These taste different.

This dish, you told me, is Avarekalu. So, is this soybean, because it tastes like that? It looks like soybean but it isn't soybean. Overall, eating here is a good experience.

Tasty food! We will join you in a short while as we finish our lunch. We've come to Hampankatta. The commercial hub of Mangalore. This locality is home to lots of shops, showrooms and offices.

Now, let us go to see the cashew centre. We have with us Mr. Deepak, owner of this shop. While we were talking, he also showed us a few varieties of cashew nuts. He told us about a thumb rule that can be used to identify the best variety. Cashew with a creamy shade should be presumed as a local variety.

By local, he means the variety would be produced in the Konkan region, which includes,... ...Maharashtra, Goa, up to Kerala. Secondly, also tell me the range of prices in cashew, starting with the lowest price available. From Rs. 600 per kg to Rs. 2200 per kg! These cashews are grown organically? Yes. Okay! Certified by IMO. The MRP of this packet is Rs. 350 but currently, you are selling it for Rs. 300.

For 250 gms. Okay, great! For your information, 75% of the cashew exports from India pass through the Mangalore Port. How long have you been in this business? We've been operating in Mangalore since February, 1983. That is a long time.

Great! So Deepak Ji, it was a pleasure meeting you. We've come to Pabba's on MG Road to eat ice cream. For the past 5 minutes, Sudhir Ji has been telling me the history of this 30-year-old outlet. You will find this place crowded from morning till evening.

This place is so crowded that they have a token system for customers. Let us go inside and taste the most famous ice cream of theirs. I've ordered the 'Gadbad' ice cream for myself.

This is vanilla, on top of that fruits, then strawberries, jelly and kesar (saffron). Alright! Sudhir Ji told me that this is a very old innovation of theirs, called Gadbad (mix-up). It has 3 different flavors and it is so popular that you can't imagine.

Talking in simple words.... ...this ice cream is so smooth in texture. now I am going to try and bring up all the 3 flavors together in a spoon, like this. Terrific! Really ultimate! I would say I don't have enough words to praise this ice cream sufficiently. I haven't had such a tasty ice cream ever in my life. I've ordered one more ice cream for myself.

It is called "Tropical Dhamaka." Before that, I would like to introduce to you Mr. Vivian, one of our channel subscriber. We met here by chance. Vivian and I are eating the same flavor of ice cream.

Sudhir Ji has refused to eat another ice cream. It has five different flavors - Pineapple, Chiku, coconut, Barfi and jackfruit. And it is topped with crush. It is my first time eating jackfruit ice cream. But I've had chiku earlier.

But I am having such a smooth flavor in chiku ice cream for the first time. Super tasty! We've ordered one more ice cream as per Sudhir Ji's recommendation. I-Pizza Vanilla. I had no idea that one day I would be eating an ice cream with vanilla cake as its base. That would be topped with strawberrya and vanilla flavors of ice cream and...

...cherry on top. Try to imagine the combined taste of cake, vanilla and strawberry ice creams. No comments on how tasty and different this ice cream dish is. Hats off to them for such an innovative flavor. Amazing! What do you have to say Sudhir Ji? 100% I would say.

So, I would say that these flavors of ice cream have got permanently etched in my memory now. Sudhir Ji lives nearby so we are going to say bye-bye to him now. I am still not able to get over the hangover of Pabba's ice cream. Very tasty! We are here for another 2-3 days so we are going to catch up with you again. Definitely Sir. Okay then bye! The time is 9.30 pm now.

This is where we end our Day 1 journey of Mangalore. I am outside my hotel. The name of this property is Fab Metro Plaza. This hotel is just 250-300 meters away from the Mangalore railway station. Nice place! We've paid room tariff of Rs. 2796 for two days on double occupancy basis.

That comes down to about Rs. 1400 per day, which includes breakfast too. Keeping the average hotel tariff in Mangalore in mind, this is a great deal! Our programme further is to travel through the coastal region. Slowly, we will pick our way through Honnavar up to Gokarna. Tomorrow's journey will be a different episode. We will meet again soon. Tell us your views about today's episode.

I hope you will have enjoyed this episode. I am still under the hangover of the Mangalore Buns and ice cream. I will say my goodbye now. We will meet again soon. Thanks for your time!

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