March update: I'm alive! Flosstube #6 ~ In the counseling corner: mindfulness for anxiety

March update: I'm alive!  Flosstube #6 ~ In the counseling corner: mindfulness for anxiety

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Hey. Everyone, its Rachel, I'm. The cross-stitch counselor, and it. Has been quite some time since I've been able to film a video I'm. Coming, to you today from the. I'm. Sitting on my bed my. Children, are home it's a Saturday and they're. Out in the living room and, they know that mommy's filming a video so we'll. See how far we get. The. Last time I talked, to you it was, January, late, January and, my. Work. Work. Life just. Dramatically. Changed, I, was. Working, two days a week about. 12, to 14 hours a day or sorry in the week. Between. Those two days and I'm. Now working every. Day and I've. Got more like 20, to 25, sessions, that I'm doing each, week. And. I. Just feel, like I haven't had five, minutes to. Myself. To. Make, a video I've been. Trying. To watch floss tube and catch up with with everyone, there. Are some wonderful, wonderful new floss tubers that. I'm so excited about and we'll we will do some. Charming, mentions, in. A little while as Donna, ray likes. To say, I. Love. All of her genteel. Categories. For things so much nicer than shouting, out I agree Donna ray. So. Yes, last night I. Watched. A lot of floss tube and it's. Just so much fun you guys bring so much joy to. My life and. Yeah. It's really, delightful to, be a part of this community I've been trying to. Get. To know all, the floss tubers that are. Gonna. Be at stitch Con I'm getting so excited for stick on this summer and so. I've been trying to go around and get to know all. Of you, which. Has been really, really fun but I, have a short, amount of time I've, got about half an hour to get this video done so, and so. Much to catch you up on since, January. So. We're gonna dive right in. Okay. First of all I'd like to show you a whip that. It's. Really out of the ordinary for me it's not something that I would typically stitch but it's it's. Something that I'm making from my daughter Natalie she, had her sixth, birthday this, week and. If. You are around little girls at all. Then. You'll know that. Unicorns. Are having a moment. Unicorns. Are everywhere for little girls these days on clothes, purses. Notebooks. Pens. Pencils. Stickers. Etc. You, name it it's. All about the unicorn and the mermaid and so, my sweet daughter. It's. Getting a rainbow unicorn. For. Her sixth birthday it's nearly done. It's. On him I'm stitching this on a really. Pretty, 32. Count linen, and. Using. DMC, and I'm. Nearly done I just. Love the way it's turning out I'm gonna do her name. Down, at the bottom in sort. Of the rainbow colors, it'll, just say Natalie and I. Think I may do a little. Sort. Of flat. Fold for this, and. Actually. After watching. Some. Of the market, videos I think it was. Donna. Ray's, roving. Reporter, video where. She showed Barb and Alma a black, bear designs and how they do, color. Photocopies, at FedEx of their stitching and make. Little, extra. Things with them they'll frame the color picture reduce it down or, decoupage. Modge. Podge it, on a little box I had, the idea of before, I finish.

This I could put copy it and, maybe reduce it down into, like, a little necklace that. She could wear or maybe a little treasure box now. He loves like, little, treasures. And, little small things, so. I thought that would be really kind. Of a fun idea to play. With other ways you could use this to gene for. Her but this, has been, really. Fun I've been working on this just about a week and closed Tiffany close to being finished. And. I, got that pattern, from Etsy. From. Lucky. Star stitches, and it. Was really. Inexpensive, and, I got a PDF, download. Okay. Um. Real. Quick I did. Have. A couple little finishes, in, like. Late January, early February, this. Is a. La-dee-da. Christmas. Ornament, from I think the 2007. Just cross stitch, ornaments. It's, on a 32, count black minun. Cute. Little ornament, that I need to ffo and a, couple. Of my earlier videos I've showed this a few times. Birds. Of a feather black. Santa, I finally did finish him up and, I'm. Making him for, my. Son Connor, for. His Christmas ornament, so I'd like to probably, put his initials on there but yeah black Santa finally got finished. Okay. More. Whips. Very. Schooler, evergreen, I put this on. Instagram. A. Whole. Bunch and, I'm. Making progress I really, really, wanted to finish this in February and it just didn't happen. But. I've got six, of the nine motifs, done, so I'm two-thirds of the way there, stitching. It on 32, count dirty linen. Can't. Get the hang of the camera being like backwards, from, what, you think. Really. Fun a lot of stitching, and these motifs. Lots. Of kind. Of full coverage with the with. The different. Animals. And, so forth so it's actually quite a lot of stitching it's taking a. Lot longer than I thought but it's. A. Very, limited color, palette so, you don't have a lot of color switching, and that makes it kind. Of an easier piece to take on the go I usually. Stitch on this when my kids are in piano practice. And. I've gotten a lot done that way so. Yeah. I'm probably putting this one away for. A little bit so that I can make some other progress, on. Other. Whips. Okay. Perry school or evergreen. C. Street sampler, works. Quaker. And medallion, sampler. Show. You where I am with this one. There. We go, okay. I finished the. Alphabets. Way I. Love. This piece I, am. I. Didn't, have any trouble with the specialty. Stitches. Up. Here. Oops. See, if I can get it there we go there's. Some really pretty. Eyelets. And. Gosh. I think. I'll. GRE an eyelet I forget, what all is in here. But. Those were fine but, then these, call, for satin stitches, and I. Had them in there and I didn't like how they were so I ripped them out I'm, gonna try different method, that. A friend from guild Laurie. Hi Laurie if you're watching she. Told me to do one thread. And then stitch, over it with the second thread instead of doing stitching, two threads at a time so. I'm gonna try it that way see if I can make those stitches lay, a little flatter. And. Then. It's on to the Quaker motifs, which I think hopefully. Will go pretty quickly but. I adore this piece I, really. Really really, like it. Yay. Beatrix. Potter. Needle. Print. Now. On device to to box. So. This last video. I'm. Stitching this on. 30. -. I told you all the last time I forget I'll have to look it up again I. Can't. Remember the fabric. Golden. Promise I think 32 count and it. Is Victoria, motto threads, and I. Just did. Two. Little. Two, little bits. That's. All I got to. Just. Hear, and. And. Hear. And. Actually I. Was. Stitching this and. Spilled. A whole glass of water all. Over it with. These. Fancy. Floss and it did run just a tiny little bit. Right. There you. See it ran a little tiny, tiny bit. Actually. I actually spilled a whole glass of water all over my, entire, stitching. Basket, and a lot, of things got way it was. It. Was crazy. These, were that this was the only thing that ran I'm.

Not, Stressing, about it this also discolored. Just a little bit right there I. Feel. Like it almost looks a little, antique. I don't. Know I'm, okay. I'm. Okay with it what do y'all think let. Me know I think. It's fine. Okay. I'm, so, excited to show you my progress within, a forest grew I have. It not very much but I talk have talked about it a lot and I don't think I've shown it I showed. You the fabric last time. But. I've put in a few stitches. There, it is. I'm. Terrible. At this okay here we go I. Have. A question. For. Y'all and that. Is okay, this is 36, count I'm stitching with one thread. Over. To and. It. Does, look. Almost. Kind, of watercolor, it's. Not very vibrant. With. The one thread. And. I'm. Kind of considering, going back over what. I've done with a second, thread and just, seen or maybe starting, a new little section with two threads and seeing what the difference is like after. Watching. Joe. Pretty southern she. Said that Darlene, at a Quinton threads said that 36. Counts kind of a transitional. Count. And that you can do one. Thread. Pretty easily or you can do two threads and she. Showed her our plum, street samplers. Heritage. Sampler, hi. Joe if you're watching I love. That I love how it kind of popped like the. Thicker. Stitching. On the 36, count. And. Now I'm a little indecisive because I've only got this tiny bit it'll, be easy to go. Back over it with the second thread. Opinions. Thoughts. Comments. What do you think I. Don't. Know I. Know. But I do know that I love this pattern I love, the fabric and, I think it's, gonna be amazing and. I'm so happy, to be stitching it with a B top not stitcher her. Teeny tiny forest and I know there's others of you who are gonna. Join, along or. Have already joined along I think there's a hashtag on Instagram if. You're stitching this leave me a comment and let me know, I'm. Speaking of Abby she. Sent me a great card in the mail San, Fran. Not pretty with. A level you'll know she's a penpal. Stitcher, and, does. Stitch email with lots of people as you guys probably know because, she's super popular in awesome and, I'm.

So Happy to be your friend Abbi. Just. Told sidebar, I would love to do that with more of y'all um I, had, a sweet exchange, with Christine, calico, stitcher in the, fall and she, sent me some lovely fall, goodies. Thanks. Again for that Christine and that. Was just such, a fun fun, treat so. If. You would like to be stitching. Pin pals with me please let. Me know I would love to exchange, cards. And. Yeah. Send me your address I, think that that would be fun. And delightful. Oh. One. Other thing I was going to show you guys for and a, forest crew is. How, I've been storing my floss. So. I. Bought. This great. Box. For. Two dollars and fifty cents at Michaels it has. Really. Pretty birds and. Leaves. And, branches and things, and. I made a nifty, little name. Tag for it and I. Totally got this idea from, my friend Sharon, magnolias, Nana hi Sharon, if you're watching I love, your floss tube and, you. Put this up this, idea of, several. Videos ago but, it. Is a great, way to organize. Floss. If you have a lot of floss for a project. Little. Snack size ziplock bags. In. Numerical, order a couple. At a time and. Have them all in here. Like. A little filing system. There. You go cuz it's like 100. Something colors. So. I'm. Stitching along and you have to change colors all the time in this piece it's. Like oh I'm 9 18 there's, my 9 18 and, you, get out what you need and then you put it back in I need. 30 11, now there we go 30 11, not. Great so I did it kind, of grouped, together. About. Three, two. Or three. Per. Bag, what's next size bags they fit in there. There. You go. So. Sharon, thank you for that amazing, idea. Acquisitions. Purchases. I, joined. A couple of. Fabric. Of the month and. My. Brain is not working very well today, I joined, a fabric of the Month Club it is picture. This plus hand. Dyed fabrics, I've gotten to so far I'm. Doing the 32, counts. From. Needle, craft corner in. Baltimore, and I've gotten. Sterling. And Sprite a. Really. Pretty gray and kind of a lilac, II, this, is like the. Happiest, male to get gorgeous. Fabric, once, a month. Love. It I also. Joined the color, and cotton. And. Dyed. Threads. And. I. Love. Love-love-love. Take. It out of it I secured. The. First shipment, of some. Pretty kind of earth. Tones. Dried. Sage fresh, wool inkwell, which. Is kind of a pretty bluish. Gray. Grayish. Blue. Clay. Pot, and. Wildwood really, pretty variation. Yeah. Anyway, cool I'm so excited to get those every month, a. Couple other. Little purchases. To show I was. Very enabled, by, Nicole. I've Nicole's, needlework. And. Also. Joe pretty southern. And. I. Got this birds of a feather Sally Spencer sampler. Several. Folks have been stitching, this, I love, it I hope. To start that pretty soon I. Picked. Up in February, the February award play I have a few of these have been starting, to collect them I love them on, -, salud, I got an old Prairie, schooler number 43, father, Christmas. I like. Those kind of old worldly looking. Santa's and. Plum. Street samplers, Yuletide. Welcome, which. I feel like even. Though it says a Yuletide, welcome to thee and. There's like some reindeer, and a little Santa. There's, this big yellow house and lots of flowers and I feel like this is the type of Christmas, project, that I get to stitch year-round and it wouldn't feel. Too Christmasy, but love. That. Also. Got. Some heartstrings and blurry. Humility. Sampler. Lots. Of blues I love blue my kitchen is blue. And. Simple. Living sampler. Crazy. About that I. Love. The verse on this I still find each day too short, for all the thoughts I want to think all. The walks I want to take all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see I. Love. That that, is completely, my motto. And. I. Picked up the farmhouse Christmas, I. Have. Been putting, off stitching these because I don't know. What. Fabric I want to use I'm really. Wanting to do it kind of tiny like, maybe 40 count or maybe. Over. One on a bigger count I haven't quite decided and. Then. I'm crazy in love with all of, Bath's. Little. Tiny. Little fobs I want to stitch, all of these, for. All the people I love. Them, I'm. Gonna collect those too I, think. That's. About it for my acquisitions. I have. A super. Long wish list. Market. Delights. All. The heartstrings sampler, II all the plum street sampler. Goodies. Everybody's. In love with milk and cream I'm in love with milk and cream. Company. That one I can't. Wait to go to my Ellen s I haven't had time to get, there yet and. All. The black board designs oh, my, gosh this year's market, it's.

Just The best and it's, been such a fun treat to see. Everybody. Share and stuff one blast you, all. Right um I'm. Trying to keep this video kind of short I think. That that is, all, I wanted to share Stitch e wise I did. Want to do some charming mentions I've already said hello. To. My. Friend Sharon magnolias Nana she's just such, a treat, she's. Local and. Goes. Way, back with my family. My mother-in-law, and. It's. So fun that, she's. Doing blast tube Sharon. You gotta come over and have some tea with me and let's make a fuss tube together let's. Drink tea and. You're, in England, right now I'm so jealous you're. Eating. And drinking and, touring, all over the UK with your lovely, daughter and I, just want. To. Be with you on your journeys, so. If you guys don't know Sharon yet go check her out. I. Wanted. To say. Some. Other charming. Mentions I mean everybody, in the. World is shouting out or mentioning. Donna ray flannel jammies farm I. Love. Donna, ray on Instagram. And it was such a fun treat that. You joined, flosstube. Started, making videos and, now you're doing them so, frequently, it's such a treat I think. You are such a lovely soul your house is so beautiful your, stitching, is so lovely, your. Little stitching spot I. Just. Love. Everything about you your your urban, farm. Your homesteading, tips your. Beekeeping. Your herb drying your, sauerkraut making, all of it all of it I love it daughter ray. Even. Just. Getting. A glimpse at. Your. Friends, and, just. The fun stitching, companions. That you have I hope, that. As time goes by I'm, able to develop those to chain friends more, and more, when. Your hairstyle, is so cool. Okay. Ah. Night. Owl stitcher. I'm. Lovin, lemon. Yvonne pretty, southern I've already said, Mele. Le stitches, I'm kind of new to her Channel hi Millie oh you are adorable and, delightful, and I, love all your projects, and your cozy. Little stitching spot with your candle, it's very, cozy and. I'm. Really. Glad I found you, Amy, loves toads I'm so happy to have found you as well I. Know. You were, a little bit nervous on, your last video but, you. Did awesome and your vew. Collection. Is incredible. And your family seems so cool. And, your projects, are really really, neat so keep, making the videos Amy. I. Wanted. To say hi to. Let's. See, Sam EJ. Found. Her through the, stitch Khan website she's a fellow Texas, stitcher and. Heather. Moore also. Another. Texas, local. Gal Heather, I hope that we get to meet sometime soon I love all your Lizzie Cates and. All. Your cute projects, that you're doing, okay. Also, new to me is Alena be, hi. Elena and. Your. Red lipstick is just, and. I. Love your. Fun. Spirit, and all. Your cool projects, I really, enjoyed your last. Few, videos, okay. I think that's. It for right now. In terms. Of. Charming. Mentions, but. I also wanted. To do a quick little. Counseling corner I've got like five minutes. I've. Been thinking that I'd like to share with you guys just.

A, Quick little intervention for, anxiety. My. Friend Michelle cozy, egg at. Guild. This last week said that, she. Thinks a lot of stitchers struggle, with anxiety and I'm, sure that's probably true. So. Yeah. I'm. Not gonna try to talk about too. Much about anxiety in general this video maybe I will, a little bit more next time but. When, you are feeling anxious this, is an intervention, that you can do. That. Is kind of mindfulness, based, if. You're at all familiar with, that technique and it's. The. Acronym rain. Like, rain Rai. In and. Essentially. What. This is designed, to do is it's, to help you. Observe. Your feelings. Non-judgmentally. And. To. Not identify with, them, to. Not feel, like they're a part of you so much so. That you can kind of notice what's going on with them and, it's. Designed. To help you, kind. Of knock off that layer of being, anxious about, being, anxious so. If any of you struggle with anxiety and. You, start to have that feeling come up and then you realize oh no, I'm getting anxious and that, makes me anxious I'm so anxious that I'm anxious, that's. Kind of a typical experience, with anxiety, and it. Can be, pretty. Overwhelming it. Starts just snowball I'm pretty frustrating. When, you have that anxiety about, anxiety and, you can just remember rain, in that moment so. The, R stands for recognize. What you are feeling, so. Just name it you know oh this is anxiety. Hey there, xiety I know you I remember. You we're old friends. This. Is anxiety, so you recognize, it you, don't judge it, you. Don't then, say. No. I I'm feeling anxious I'm not allowed to feel anxious or this, is so terrible that I'm feeling anxious or I can't. Believe I'm feeling anxious it's just like hey. Anxiety. What's, up there, you are I recognize, you and then. A, is. For allow allow, the experience, to be there just as it is so. It's it's kind of like an acceptance, posture. Like I. Recognize. This at the anxiety. I'm. Okay with that I'm going to allow it to be there. Even. Then bite it in come on in anxiety, have a seat sit. Down have, a cup of tea with me would you like a scone you. Talk to it you invite, it. Invite. It in allow it to be there almost like a friend you, know honor the feeling treat. It like a guest all of our emotions, are, welcome. Guests. Emotions. Are there to serve us to help us they are not there to. Defeat. Us so, so. Any emotion. Should, be welcomed okay, so our, recognize. A allow. I. Investigate. With kindness, so. We're sitting down we're having a cup of tea with our anxiety, we're. Gonna ask it. Why, are, you here why are you here what. Do you have to tell me today. What. Useful. Information. Are. You providing how can I, listen. To, this feeling, what. Does it want to say, so. Investigate. Just be curious about it wonder. Why this anxiety is present, and wonder. What's. In my heart what's on my mind what am i thinking about what's, it here for okay. And then, the N stands, for natural, awareness, which if you have, named. It accepted. It investigated. It and curious, about it then, hopefully the end result is you have sort of this. Natural. Mindful. Awareness of. Yourself, that. Comes from, not. Identifying. With your emotion, your. Emotion, is there you're, mindful, about it you're not judging it, you're. Just letting it be present, it's, there to serve, you in some way to tell, you something you're. Free to. Disagree. You're, free to act differently, you don't have to do what, that emotion, is. Directing, you to do. But. It's, always helpful, and wise to, listen to our feelings. So. And, you know what you can use this acronym rain. This. Kind of mindful approach for, other negative. Emotions as well I don't. Really like calling, it negative, but other emotions. That are potentially, distressing. To. You whether. That's anger, or frustration. Or. Insecurity. Or fear. Other. Emotions. Like that you can be mindful, about them and treat them as guests, invite them to tea. Say. Come on in have, a cup with me let's let's, figure out what's going on I hope. That's helpful for you just a quick little counseling. Corner, moment for you, gosh. It's so good to, sit. Down make a video I'm gonna try to be a, little, more intentional, about, filming. More regularly, I got to find a good day for. Me it might be Saturdays. From, here on out since I'm working every day now. Thank. You for coming love. You guys.

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I find that with Picture this Plus linen i can use 2 strands of floss on 36 ct. Of course, it is a personal preference but It does work well on some linens. Love your start on a Forest Grew! Good luck with your new, busier work schedule. Thanks for fitting us in and still counseling us! Tricia

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Ah, thanks, Dawn! Check out the Lucky Stitches Etsy shop for the design; they have some other cute ones. I really like the Easter Bunny, too. I'm so sorry for your diagnosis, get well SOON! Thanks for coming by and taking time to leave a comment. Hugs.

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Mrs Vendsel i just found that you already had a comment section where you gave the information on your acronym RAIN and the different flosstubers you mentioned. that is great! i would like to send you an old fashioned snail mail...where do i send it? i dont see how to private message and dont want to put email public.

Thank you, Becky! I'm glad you were able to work through that, and yes, hopefully our lovely hobby never becomes a stressor -- if it ever does, it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate! :) Thanks for coming by and hope you found and are enjoying DonnaRae's new channel. Go watch #4 especially, it has a surprise special guest.

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Haha, perfect, Louise, you've got it! I got the unicorn chart from an Etsy shop called Lucky Star Stitches.

glad to have you back, Lovely stitching. The unicorn for your daughter is adorable and the PS is just wonderful. Congrats on finishing the black Santa. Thanks for sharing everything,

***blush*** What a lovely charming mention, Rachel, and know that I feel the same about you. I wait expectantly for your videos... your beautiful projects, your sweet spirit, and the always-helpful counseling corners. Congrats on the Black Santa finish and on the darling unicorn!!! I actually like 1 strand over 2 on 36 count, but you could begin a nearby motif in 2 strands to see which is more pleasing to your eye. Love visiting you here! -Donna Rae

Thanks, DonnaRae, that’s encouraging that you like the 1 strand also, and good advice to just see what looks better to the eye. I appreciate your kind words so much!

Great video beautiful stitching. I really liked the talk about anxiety. I don't have a huge anxiety problem but lately with my mom Older and my mil old a lot of anxiety with them in assisted living and keeping up with them. my sisters mil just got cancer and is dying my other sil's mom died today it like geez! It's all so scary old age sickness and death so thanks your sweet voice and little talked helped me tonight. Happy St Pat's Day I'm Irish so we love to celebrate.Take care. Thanks .........

Thank you, MaryJo, happy St. Patrick's Day to you as well. I'm glad that our little chat was a help, and hope that you find some time for yourself amidst what sounds like an awful lot of stress.

Love your all your projects! I really like your advice on anxiety! Thank you!

Thank you, Laura! Glad you appreciated it :)

Great video but hard to hear you at times

Yes, thanks, Barb! I did try to edit my volume so that it was a little louder. I will try to get a little microphone I think.

JMHO, I think your 1 thread over 2 on 36 count looks perfect as is. Very delicate and dainty! Prom Queen Stitcher

Thank you, Karen, that is nice to hear!

Kitten Stitcher told me about you, love your channel. I am doing my Farmhouse Christmas 1 over 1 on 32 evenweave. I love it. I Also the Fragments in Time are really cute this way.

Aw, thank you so much, Tricia! That is helpful feedback. It's my pleasure to connect with this wonderful community! Thank you for being YOU! :)

You are very welcome, Sandy, glad to know it was helpful for you.

That makes sense! I signed up for "neutrals" on the fabric club so that I didn't get any wild, crazy colors I wouldn't be able to use. :) Enjoy your threads! I think it is nice to build a little thread stash slowly so that you always have some things on hand if you want to start a project spontaneously.

I sure will, Melanie, thank you!

Good to know! Thank you for coming by!

Yay! I love this plan! Definitely bring it to Stitch Con, I want to stitch with you! Just found you on IG. Your PS Alphabet is awesome.

Mrs Vendsel I am on Instagram! I’m @mimithiesen. I’m currently going full speed ahead on the Prairie Schooler Alphabet. I’m doing the whole alphabet in one piece of Jobelan 25x48 for a very large finished piece. It’s got my interest pretty captivated and I keep picking up the next letter after I finish the previous one and keep plugging away in it. But I pulled out that Beatrix Potter this weekend and took a look at it again and it’s got me pretty intrigued! I’m going to Stitch Con. Should we bring them there and spend some time stitching together on them? Sounds fun to me!

Spot on with your charming mentions! I agree they are all lovely.

Mrs Vendsel you know it never even occurred to me to order the neutral one.

So lovely to see you! I absolutely adore your Beatrix Potter. The colors are stunning. I agree with you, I think the small remnants of your water bath add to that vintage look. Congrats on finishing the Black Santa, he looks fantastic. 36 count I think varies for me depending on the fabric. Loosely woven fabric seems to need two strands, but I have used one on several projects. I really like good coverage and the vividness that two strands gives but on some fabrics it can look too bulky. Definitely try it out on a nearby motif and see what you think. Thank you so much for covering the RAIN technique for anxiety, much appreciated!

Rachel Just found your videos. Thank you so much for your mindfulness segment in your videos. How you can related them to stitching is so true. Your clients must feel blessed to have you to help them navigate through their difficulties. It also shows that you take care of yourself through stitching. Your stitching is lovely. Will look forward to your future videos as you have time.

Love your videos and counseling!!!!! Thank you for sharing! Love the Beatrix Potter piece ... very meaningful and pretty!!!

So nice to see you again! You are doing one of my dream projects, the venerated And A Forest Grew. I think the one strand looks fine, though I don't like working with one strand, so my input is: follow your heart on all your projects, do what makes YOU happy. All of your projects are lovely, btw. I like the RAIN acronym, and the idea of inviting your feelings to tea is a lovely analogy (?)/picture. I have a request for you, could you test the music's volume before posting? You speak so softly, and it is very loud by comparison. Much love to you and yours. - Darlene

Thank you, Darlene! Yes, I sure do need to fix the volume situation, thanks! Thanks for your advice and kind words! Happy stitching!

love your wips ! i like stitching on belfast dirty and your evergreen looks so good on it :)

Thank you so kindly! I have been pleased with that color also!

What a treat it was to see your video tonight as I was stitching. You have such a loving, accepting spirit that I felt completely uplifted. And added to that was your beautiful stitching. Several of those are ones I have on my someday list. Blessings, Marlene

Hi Rachel! It’s my first time visiting with you, so it’s nice to meet you! I agree with Donna Rae, you add to the stitching community, so I hope you’re able to do more episodes, but don’t get anxious about it! (See what I did there.

Miss you.

Mrs Vendsel hope things are well.

Thank you! I have had some major life events that have kept me from filming, but hope to be back ... SOON! Thanks for your comment! :)

Hi, I'm a new stitcher and I'm loving your videos. I'd loved hearing you talk about sharing stitchy mail. I collect postcards and would love to exchange postcards with you if you are interested. I'm in Alaska and just got back from Denali. I picked up some postcards there. I love your "charming mentions" and love checking them out and finding new flossy friends.

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