Marco Mendoza Live Interview on The Rock Shop with Ralph

Marco Mendoza Live Interview on The Rock Shop with Ralph

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Welcome to the Rock Shop with Ralph, your source for all things Entertainment. Tonight, we have legendary Bassist from Whitesnake Thin Lizzy Black Star Riders, Dead Daisies, and and wait II. Don't believe this. I don't believe this. Elias Elias, I thought you were going to say something else.

That's great. Oh, there's there's so many but that's just a description. Marco Mendoza Rafael Awesome. Alright, I need close captioning because most people don't know that I'm a little fluent in Spanish but that's okay. I was speaking to Alex

Von Craven, the drummer the other day and he was, he was laughing but anyway, it's super excited, super excited to have you. Good to be here. We're I'm checking it and it's on my Facebook page and it's going to be broadcasting your page. So, I You're a little bit jet lagged. Coming in from Denmark of all places. Yeah. So, I

mean, how you feel? Otherwise, everything going good over there and not sunny California, right? Actually, here in California, it's gorgeous, man. It's just amazing. The view is the sun sun is great. It's a windy. It's a little bit of

chill in the air but can't complain but funny enough, a place like Dam Scandinavia was, you know, 80% of the year, they're freezing, right? I got there and I was there for seven 8 days and it was gorgeous. man. Still a little chill in the air but I gotta try that. I gotta do the whole thing like you're doing. Oh, but I don't have the hair. Yeah. Alright, go ahead. I'm listening. Well,

it's a wig, brother. It's a wig. It's a wig. And for all you wonder what I said, I said I need a wig. now. So, yeah, it

was cool, man. It was it was a good trip but I was going to say as far as as far as the jet lag is concerned, I've been jet lag for as long as my career, my whole career, right? I'm one of those guys and I can see a lot of people that do have been doing it for 10 years 20 years and they say, I'm over it, man. I got used to that to deal with it. I try to and I'd like to

think positive and be, you know, proactive about it but the body man, you know, it's just all these different time zones. It's just a trip that's part of the job, Right? You do the best. You know, I've seen some pictures out there, man. I got I got my fans coming in. I just got. yeah. So, hey, Emil,

What's up? Marie's up. We got a lot of all coming in. They want to see the the legend, Marco Mendoza and you gotta see the girls. We're going all goo gaga over here. Marco. Oh, that's good. I guess. my my my wife

says that's good. There's still inventory in the shop. Hey, listen. right? She's she's a lucky person. She's very smart. Yes, she is. and and so am I and we're going to talk because we spoke about your latest project but we're going to start from the beginning. So,

we're going to do a little retrospective of your career. Now, I was joking before about the band you were associated with and I'm not joking me that they were a joke. I'm just joking that I couldn't believe it when I found out you were in the alias. Why are they a joke? They're a great band, man.

Amazed. No, I didn't say they were joke. I said I was joking. Oh, you were joking about it.

Yeah, they had a that that that song when I'm with you. Number one, number one and it's well over a million view of downloads. Yes. and it's still doing great and those guys, when I met those guys, I met him through I went blank. Anyway, it'll come later. I met them through. you know, we all we all the hard, the hard hard backing band was was in that band when they started it.

Exactly. So, there was a connection with I think my friend Kevin Cloud connected me with our tour manager. They Kevin, Kevin Clark, great drummer here in La. Him and I were very close friends. He's just, you know, these guys want to meet you. They're they're checking out bass player and rhythm section. and so I went

out and I met the tour manager and tech and and manager and everything. the trainers here, sorry, Burton and so they were great guys and just the fact that that they were so cool about it III mean, I got really interested in the United States. I gotta say Ralph in those days, I was doing a lot of session work and now these days, it's coming up II postings of it and I'm like, I'm I'm freaking out because I don't remember. I've never kept

track, you know? Yeah, That was one of the questions I wanted to ask you because you know, you got, you got your start around that time. What was that like eighty-nine 9091? Well, I got sober in 87. I played before, right? Yeah, of course. Yeah, You're playing around III know II did some some work that I was but the reality was this, I was amazed because I was really under the influence of drugs and alcohol and a life had become unmanageable. My career had become unmanageable.

I was coming out of two marriages, kids divorces. Wow. Everything you can imagine and I just want to say, don't let me interrupt you. I want to make this known. Marco is very proud of his sobriety. He's

been sober for well over 35 years. Yes. Congratulations, brother. Thank you. Thank you, brother. September 20th, we'll be, we'll be. Yeah, 35 years and it's a blessing but anyway, so II marked the calendar. 80s,

September Eighty-seven because that's when I really, it was rebirth of of sorts where you wake up. You know what sobriety is about, man? I wake up, I woke up and it was I was a new person. I was focused. I was determined. I realized what a gift it was to play music for a living and I had just wasted all that time and I took it for granted. So, you know II had a different attitude about the whole thing. I was II call it the attitude of gratitude. you

know, which is a twelve step program but I could really identify with that because to this day, when I wake up in a good place and I have the attitude of gratitude in my head, in my heart, in my being, everything is fine, bro. I mean, the pandemic, it could be just killing and destroying. I mean, you you you, you you get it off but you brush it off you. Yeah, you you're you're centered. You know, man, I need to tell you, our industry got got hit the hardest and it's very hard. We were talking you

know, to be in the business growing up, you know, in the 80s when you had drugs everywhere, you know, I mean it's like a it's a Motley Crue video every day of the week. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. And to walk a fine line,

it's very very hard for you to do that for 35 years. It's amazing. That's a story in itself. Yeah, it is man and and one of these days I'm going to do write a book, maybe document it a little bit for whoever's Absolutely. So, I mean, Elias very quickly because I don't want to. Anyway, they were the

band was called Sheriff. Yes. And they had a hit. called When I'm With You. It wasn't they they released the song under the name Alias and it shot up to number one. Yes. that was the that's the story with Elias and then they got dropped by the record label and I mean that that guy's living off that song for the rest of his life that those two guys. Yes. yes.

The Marco and Fred Fred Curry, right? So, my first foray into Marco Mendoza was in one of my bands from the 80s Blue Merle Murder. I mean, John Sykes. Yeah, but you you came in on the nothing but trouble. Alvin's the second of the second one where it got shelved. They got a raw deal because it's the climate change and we all know the **** excuse my language but I can curse. That's right. That's right.

They you know, they the climate change and Tony Es in Franklin were involved very little. They had a yeah. and you know you had a different lineup II still think it's it's a it's a great album II. really do. Yeah. They're writing, you know, the bottom line, the center of that project and I know I'll tell you when I heard that album for the first time, I'm a big fret this fan, first of all, you know, it's one of the questions I had. I was I was in the in those days I was playing frets exclusively when I when I got back to the music scene in a silver way, I came to LA and I started doing a lot of work for frets work That was like my way of getting on the radar. So, when I heard Blue Murder and I heard Tony Franklin playing beautifully man and then Carmine who's in an amazing drummer and then John singing and playing in the songs are killer That album blew was so on so think about this. So, I'm

doing a lot lot of sessions and could drop names. I won't do that but I'm getting called here getting called there and Abdullah and then I have a Tuesday night at this club in the valley called La. Some people might remember with Joey at Eddie on drums and finally with who ended up playing with Prince. So, we had a little club. It's 120 capacity, right?

Think about this and every time we played, we started my words. The words got out and we were doing something right because it was getting packed and we would play two sets and it was getting packed at the the fire marshal and in every Tuesday. I'm not kidding you. It became one of those things. So, when something like that's happening, the word gets out and I could drop names again and the people that were coming in and said in and playing and it was a big So, all of a sudden, I see this, you know, a blonde cat coming in and I recognized it was John John Sykes. So, just before we started sets, so we started playing and I just said, hello, how are you? I hadn't met him before. He was there with Tommy

Osteen and his wife, Jennifer and and Nick, Nick Green RIP man. He passed away. Yeah, great, great cat. So, I finished the first set. We play

about an hour and fifteen set and we take a half an hour break and then come back that. And then he came to start walking to me and said, hi, I'm John Sykes. How are you bro? Pleasure to meet you. I'm a big fan. I love that. I love that. It's just. Yeah, that's great. I need a bass player. Oh my

god. And the word was out that you are the guy I won't keep you but give me a call. this phone number and let's hook up and that was it. I got I got a question but this goes to show the scope of having Marco Mendoza on the show. I got we just got. Hello. from Ecuador and it's in Spanish. So, I'm

going to, it says, Marco Mendoza Alfredo Carbajal. Alright. Hola Alfredo ok De mi lista la He's there. He's history. What they see when Whitesnake, etcetera, etcetera and it was a big release. Geffen. So, we went out there and go, wow, this is going to be insane and I really loved playing with John and Tommy. The fact that I

could play a fret bass and the rock band was for me was like, you know what I mean? When you're passionate about something So, long story short, then we come to the states and start putting the tour together. It was Ninety-three and what was happening in Ninety-three Nirvana Yeah. Well, maybe one. Yeah. Well,

and the big G word. Grunge. Yeah. And what label? Get it? Get that we were on Of course, The rest is history. It's like with Jamie Lee. I had Joey Allen on the show. Same thing from Warren and he said he knew he knew his time was up in Warren. Thank god they're still

together but he said he knew his time was up when he went. He said when they got signed in eighty-nine, they had a huge poster of Warren on the wall. He went back in Ninety-two to talk to one of the executives and they had Allison up on the wall. He said that right then and there. I know what we do. What happened, what happened to us? We were in the middle of a tour, man. We were out there

and I'm not kidding you. Once you cross the Mississippi on the other side, it died. We had no promotion marketing, nothing. The ticket sales

started going. It was it was so obvious and John just called us and let's just go home. Let's just go home Now, I got a question about that. Here we go. We got somebody from Mexico. This is awesome. Hola.

Oh, that's a bad word. Monterey, Mexico. Yeah, that's Rock. Hola. The Monterey Mexico, Mario Viva. Okay, Marlene. Yeah. So, I got a

question about Sykes. Yes, the rumor was that he really didn't. The guy had an amazing voice. Who the hell knew? Just like yourself. Thank you. Who knew that he could sing that way? And I heard on the second album, he didn't want it. He didn't want to sing anymore. He

didn't. he didn't. right? He no, didn't want to think the story goes. Remember, I commit after the fact, right? He he came and told me, Marco, I'm like four or 6 months behind schedule. I gotta deliver this album. All the songs have been

written, Tony played on some tracks. I don't know which one I'm going to keep but I would rather you come and play and play. I don't know what happened and I don't want to know. It's all you don't want to know. You got hired and that's what you did. I got hired, you know, and. Yeah,

exactly And I came in and he's got a you know, he's got a studio in his path in Northridge there and we had a blast. We just had a blast doing it. So for me it was like a plus plus plus plus play with John. You know III was very

curious of what happened Exactly and I'm finding out later and there's three sides to the story. It's like, I don't want to know that I've been through it all. It's probably has to do with business and money and you know, here's another question I have for him and then we'll move on but you have but to answer your question about the singing. Yes. Originally, if you notice there's a track with Kelly Keel saying if he was the cat that ended up, he auditioned before I came in, he auditioned cats and there's a lot of names that went through and he with him. They did three or four songs I think and he kept one great singer, great player, great musician, talented, and then we end up going with John, Right? You know, it's a three piece plus.

he called he called keyboards on this with a side of keyboards. Nick Green and but we had a blast. The songs are great. I was, I mean, in your career went on the fast track after that right there. Exactly. The reason for that

was John's coming from dip Whitesnake just to name a few. Yeah. I was doing a lot of cool stuff but Lizzy. Well, no, that

came after The reason I ended up doing was because of John. Well, yeah, I thought you said John. John's and Whitesnake but he's done. He introduced me to

the boys, right? That's how you got it after the story was I was going to say the blue murder thing was we would do a few, you know, all the songs that he written. He's got a catalog of songwriting That's that's just amazing. It's a great songwriter the. That's it. No denying. It's the proof is in the pudding, right? So, I mean, the guys on this set, we can do some fantasy tracks that he wrote with Phil. We would do

some Whitesnake tracks that he wrote with Coverdale and then, you know, and then we would do the blue stuff a few covers we were having a blast for me. It was like very cool, man. This is a great job. So, yeah, I got on the map, got on the radar and things are flying after that but before that bro, I have to say It has to do with sobriety. They're one of the biggest steps that I got into the industry. A hand if you will, was through sobriety. I

had a year and a half of sobriety was doing meetings in Orange County here where I left and I was going to meetings and Bill Ward was doing meetings and we had a musician's like, what a high-profile celebrity, whatever you want to call it on Monday nights and you know, Bill Ward was one of them. He was he was sober about 8 years that time. I think he got sober at 8182. Yeah, he had some some time and he would share. I

would share and you know, for me, it was like talking about how I miss my music and I miss my career and I got, I stepped all over it and I didn't appreciate it and it would be nice to someday. So, he came after as a meeting. He says, Marco, I'm Bill Ward. I know who you are, brother and he says, I'm doing my first solo album. I would love for you to

be part of it. I'm trying to surround myself with sober people and he told me the studio gave me a date a few weeks later. he says, come in, bring your bass. I didn't I didn't have it bro. I got into

sobriety with zero zero sanity But what you had today? Yes. And I had today and I worked a little bit. I was doing some side gigs. I bought a face for three 400 bucks. I set it all

up and I started. Boom. I showed up to the session and ended up playing on 567 tracks. I don't know how many it is on on billboards solo album Ward one. Yes. And that's where John

because we did a That's what John. the name Pink. You know that he knew that I could play a little bit on. He said he played with Bill Ward. We gotta

check this guy out. So, and that led to that because the lava that I was doing was more of a fusion funk Latin jazz. There's a lot of notes. I was playing a six frets was all about to play solo in and a lot of people came to that gig and I lost a lot of opportunities because they would go, I don't know man. this this guy is all

over the place. They didn't understand that I could by myself, right? Get a fretted base of four or five whatever is needed and and play it. So, that's what we do. so like I like we said, I mean, you got sober good decisions, get good results. You got Bill Ward, you got that gig which led to John Sykes. Yes, One question, a half of Sykes that we're going to move on, Edgar, I'm going to drop some names Edgar Winter, I do some without her row. so on

and so forth and so many would come in and sit in with us at Lava. Right? And so many cats I could drop names. Yeah, I mean like I said it career as long as yours, we can stay here for hours. We'll save it for the we'll save the other plots for the next interview with Mark.

So, regarding Sykes because you played with both Sykes and you played with the, you're going to get to. Yeah. What do you think happened with him and David? I mean, business wise, I have to assume. Yeah, I'm not going to get too personal. No as a fan. I mean, I would kill

to see that lineup again. I really would Me too And David's calling it a career soon because I'm always hearing about his farewell tour. He's he's putting out. but what do you think? I'll tell you honestly and I've worked with both those guys and and and I've got I consider them my friends and I hope they consider me the same. I don't

know. We talk from time to time I talk with David you know, here and there. he's a busy cat and with John even more often but I would say if you if you're outside looking in not you know, not taking into consideration the work and all that, the intimacy, the friendship you have two. Bullhead Bullheaded guys. Yeah.

You have to Omega. You have two and they're they're so talented. They have so much and I understand when I do my solo thing, that personality that has to kick in to have a little bit of control because otherwise, it becomes one of these things. I would say that's part of it. and maybe a few other things happen along the way and we're not forgiven.

I don't know. I hear stories from II couldn't believe at the time you had he released the two of the best albums that he ever came out with which slide it in and and the Whitesnake album. Yeah, sold millions and millions and millions of records and he fires everyone and goes with the the the replacements, you know and that's like a bridge that's been burned. He's never they've never been associated with each other since we tried. I was on

tour with I was on tour with Ted Nugent and I had I had done the Into the light album. great album It's amazing and I had a blast with all the love is blind. Yes. Love that song. Did that album? And so we started talking DC and I and and a lot of names came up and and and and I was bringing the fact that I was working with John and he was really cool about it. Do you think that would be a good move? feel Absolutely. Man. That's something you've

really gotta you've gotta consider. you know, so he called me to get his number. I called you and said, John David's going to call you. So I was in there somewhere. Same

thing happened with Tom Aldridge and I'm not saying this to get credit but that those are the facts because I was an amazing player, 70 years old still kills it, killing it. All these cats, man. Right? All these cats, I mean, you know, DC is busier than ever. He's, you know, the tourists are more successful than ever. The the catalog, the songs, legendary status. it's like and I love

it. I love it. This is this is our music, Marco and Tommy and I have been busy because we also have a session guys. So, we do a lot of stuff together and part but he's busy and there's a secret project happening in the works with Tommy and Joe Hoss but we won't say anything. It's not a secret

anymore. It's not but but we'll talk about it. Yeah. But the only the only cat that's missing in this conversation is that should be out there and I told him it's John. John needs to get out there. Right. But

you know, it's his business. It's his choice and you never know. You never say never. I would say no, I would love to see and this is from the bottom of my heart being told me I would love to see him. Carmen

and Tony just go out there and do a handful of dates and just really the deal Carbondale downsides. Oh, blue murder. yeah. Well, now see mine. I know is he's a friend of the show. Yeah. He always says it's John. John because karma is willing to do it. I know Tony's

all over the place. Tony, we're playing a heartbeat. Yes, Tony's coming on. Thank god. Hopefully in a couple of months but yeah, say hello. He's a good friend but I will at the end of the day, Rafael Rafael, Rafael, Rafael Jabón Jorda John Yeah, my friend. Last thing, the last thing we did was what's the Lizzy? That's the last thing he did, Right? But he had, I was reading, he has a deal and he has a solo album and it was supposed to come out with it but I guess because of COVID, you know, it stopped everything that I just gotta say hello to some people because we got a lot of your fans coming in.

please. I'll Alfredo, I'm going to ask him that question towards the end of the interview when we get to the Daisies Fernandez Fernandez, hello. Wow. I'm Scott Thomas, Mike Rush, Emil. I can go go on and on. If I miss somebody, I'm sorry. I'll get to you. Everybody. So, thin, Lizzy.

Yes. Now, I'm going to try to keep this questions together because I know you had three stints. whether you want to call him Finn Lizzy. I'm going

to call him Thin Lizzy and they you you were instrumental in you. you toured with them with John with Jimmy Degrasse, you know, others and you to with them for years. Yes. And then I add to that, I actually got lucky enough to tour with the the original lineup minus.

Right? We're down here. Just got Brian Downey, Darren Wharton, John Sykes, and myself and that was how many people can say that? No and we we took it. I think we were taking it too far and and the whole thing got Brian was the first one to say, hey guys, I'm I'm out. I

don't want to be all over the place. It's too much. Yeah. And then came back. So, Tommy came in. Tommy Aldridge came in there. Tommy Aldridge and Tommy is a amazing man. but so

there's a few lineup changes. Yeah, of course. Needless to say, I ended up with the last line up in 2010. I believe we started with Scott Gorham, Ricky Mamba, Ricky Warwick fronting Darren Wharton, and and Brian Downey and that was killer too. Amazing. We had a blast. Yeah. so what I wanted

Say I'm I'm trying to condense it because I can talk a whole hour about Lizzy. Yeah. You to with them for years and you were instrumental in forming Black Star Riders. Yes. Out of respect for the Nate Lizzy name Scott Gorham was wanted to record new music and he felt it was disrespectful and detrimental to use the fiddle Lizzy name but he was the only surviving member that was going to be involved with it. after

Brian left because Brian was right after Brian left. he comes up Huh? The Black Star Riders. Yeah. That album stands the test of time. That was a very good album. Very well

produced. I have to say that all hell breaks flus, All hell breaks loose and Ricky Warwick. Yes. this guy, he's got filled down pack. Yes. Yeah. You know,

a little different nuances. Nobody can replace film. Kevin Shirley protection. Kevin Shirley, who's been around for years. He did a lot of grunge albums. He did candle box. Yes. He worked the best. The best,

the best, the best but that was a very very well produced album. It was I mean, I gotta say that so You're you're touring the world within Lizzy. What are some of the highlights on the tours that you did with them? I mean, it's got, yeah, the Lizzy Black Star Riders will just condense it. Okay. For me, then, this is the first, the first time we were touring with Blue Murder with and Uno Uno artist, the promoter, the biggest promoter Japan. Oh yes. He has this ritual Every time you do a tour, he'll have you come to one of his places and and you do the Kobe beef. It's like a whole ritual very fancy. like

the best steak you've ever had in your life and I'm sitting here at John's here in U's right up front and he's talking to China. Apparently, he had a great relationship with Phil failed in it. They were good friends that stayed in touch. He had a lot of respect for him and he was mourning him. He was

saying, I'm you know, I'm sorry he's not here with us but I see you're doing some Lizzy tracks on the on the set. Have you stayed in touch with the boys? This is for Betta, what was happening? I said, yeah, I talked to Scott and Brian and Darren here and there we we talk from time to time and he said, this is exactly why don't you think about putting all the boys together and we'll do a run pay tribute to Phil. That's exactly what he said and I'm listening and I'm meeting the the most from that you've ever had in your life. I'm like in

another place. I'm not even business. I'm not thinking but I'm really cool. So, we came home and I, you know, I took it with a grain of salt and I'm like just moving on and I think a couple of or a month. 6 weeks, something

like that passed and then John calls Marco. This thing in Japan with the voices coming together and IIII, put your name in the mix. I want you to meet the boys and play. So, he's he he says, you know, get ready. I'll give you the date

here soon. He didn't he didn't call it an audition but it was for me, it was an audition because if I didn't get out, get along, it didn't hit it then do the right thing or sound right or whatever. So, this is what records were still around that I went and got a hold pile of videos of Vhs and vinyl and Cds and everything I could get and I started chopping and I learned a lot, man. I mean, you know, those are the things that you learned along the way that kind of reflect in your career because you you grab this, you grab that and I learned a lot about Phil, how we play it is approach thing and now you have the original cat that that recorded all the tracks on drums. I'm like, Right. So, I

had a blast II think II. think I memorized kind of like twenty tracks, twenty-one tracks and then I wrote some deep cuts. I wrote some charts, notes just to have this and I'm glad I'm glad I did because Brian was really checking me out and so we played like 1050 tracks and we took it took the whole day. Yeah. To be to be in the band and you're replacing a legend on the bass. You know, but I

never looked at it that way. Right. I know you're doing your own thing but I'm just saying there has to be times where you're saying to yourself, I'm **** playing It was playing. You know, I gotta play if you let it, bro. it will do a number of and by then II, learn not to do that. You're a pro cat. You come in. They needed a

bass player. I hope it's me. I'll do my work, my homework, I prepare, show up and every Sunday, we were thrown at me. I was, I was, you know, this, I don't want to say it's perfect. It's never perfect. Phil play a certain way and it wasn't feel so you try to emulate and bring what's your signature sound? The you know, the the pick the whole thing and I Okay, I see people smile.

Alright, cool. How you did your job, right? I'm waiting for some other cats. I'm waiting for them to say. Okay, cool. There's a few other cats coming in. Never happened. So, I'm like, alright, cool. And then Ryan you know, he's checking me out. He's if you're very

seldom, did you get a smile from him? I love that guy and his plan is legendary and what an honor to be playing with him and I'll always say that but you know, it's a little smirk and I'm like, okay, cool. So, then he threw some deep tracks tracks at me. He wanted everybody Let's try. Okay, cool. I put my notes out and I

think I mean, that's just say it was 90% or whatever. Long story short, John come to me and said, you want to go to Japan. Boom. That was it. So, Japan, what happened with Japan is we got on the map on the global map and then all the promoters from all over the planet started going well, come here, come here. We want this. We want, we know that Phil's not there but we love the music. We'll call it a tribute to Phil, whatever. somewhere

along with a tribute to Phil started fading because It's about the music at the end of the day with all due respect to feel whatever they captured again, like blue murder, like Whitesnake and all these things, whatever. It's it's magical, man. That moment that they capture on the vinyl, You know, it's just beautiful. Can't take that away when when we're dead and buried, that music's going to live forever. Yes And that's what the fans, they love the songs man which is why a lot of bands are out there with no original players but they're killing it at the end of the day. the fans want to hear the songs, right. So

it's gotta be it's gotta be an aha moment when you're playing boys are back in town with with that band originally, you know, you play. you gotta have, you gotta get goosebumps. I mean, really? Yeah. Yeah. And and it was for me, it was a learning experience. I learned so much

about bass playing and playing with a with a cat like Brian who swings, man. He's got a big pocket. Yeah, he swings like babe, you know about Drummond on Swags. He's freaking, he's like a big fan drummer, man.

Very good. No, no, obviously, you're morphed into because they wanted to release music. so you're morphed into Black Star Riders. yes II hit full stride when Damon Johnson came in. that guy. Yeah. Why He isn't a superstar

is beyond me. Yeah, he got screwed and brother Kane when he started with that band was awesome. Awesome. And of course, it got lost in the shuffle with with Grunge. you know, but I can't say enough about him. The timing. Yeah, I know. Yeah. he and he's got a new band called Damon Johnson in the Get Ready They sound phenomenal. It's it's crazy.

This guy is super talented. He's but anyway, But you you were asking me about highlights. The next thing that happened after Japan, guess what it was? It was played in Dublin at High Point in Dublin in his hometown at the point playing tribute to Phil. It was the vibe for Phil Phil and Rick and Ricky had to be happy about that. So, he's from Ireland. Ricky wasn't there yet. It was John. Oh, you're talking about

before then. I'm sorry. Yeah, I missed you. He's from Japan to that and when we played that, I mean, Def Leppard was there. I could just everybody from Ireland was there paying tribute to Phil. Feel touch

with a lot of people, man. You know, you know, and sadly, it's it's we've seen this movie before how it ended, You know, it's so sad but it is what it is and we his music is on forever. Yeah. You know but that was a that was a big highlight and from there, we went to you call all the festivals. we did them and it was great Then John got Brian Bailed and and John. No, John bailed and then Darren bailed and that's a quartet with Tommy Aldridge and it was great.

We're still playing some nice cuts and all that and then John he, I think he just got tired of it. Yeah, he just got tired of it. So I'm not going. There was a big opportunity to to open up, go out there with some huge bands. You know, it doesn't matter the names of huge. Think of the the biggest and John I wasn't there anymore. I had failed. I was doing other stuff but yeah, that's what it was. John got to

the point where you know it's I mean, more to him. I think, you know. Yeah, I think that with with Blue murder was he was right where he needs to be. Yeah, that's his real house. Well, speaking of Sykes, then you mentioned you you played with, you played with Ted Nugent after you left them and then you wind up which I don't know why you never recorded with them. I have to ask you

what Whitesnake. Yes. You know what? I mean? What was the what was the reason behind it when you hired as a touring Bassist? Well, no, I was approached when I when I when we did the into the light album. We had such a blast and and and DC and I hit it off really hard and then, which was essentially a solo album It ended up being it was supposed to be a bad thing. It's business that don't get into it doesn't matter whatever but ended up being the sole thing but he had, you know, he had a tour, the Restless Heart Tour, I believe and you know, let's go. We're all going.

Okay, cool. Well, my father got diagnosed with cancer. They gave me 3 months to live. Alright. So I couldn't Imagine going out and bailing on DC in the middle of a tour. So, I said, bro, this is the right thing. I need to be with my

dad. That's fine. A replacement. Tony Franklin came in. So, so that was it but he

said, Marco, you're doing the right thing. I love your heart. I love who you are. I respect that you are my bass player. So, you will be will take care of what you gotta take care of.

You come back and he's he stood behind his word and so then we went out as soon as we went out, there was a big buzz. That lineup was so strong and we were all hanging out really well. It was very cool and we all started writing. You know, he's a submit idea of submitting and I know for a fact that he got quite a few offers but David is a he's a very, he's a good businessman, David Dc. So, he was waiting and waiting and waiting and we were going and going and going and I got an opportunity to work with Neil Sean. I got the call to do the Soul Circus thing. I also got back and

journey through time. Well, that's that's later on. Yeah, yeah. but it was it was it was so circus when Neil just got Dean Casanova and then later, it was Virgil The. Wow. Great. man. You can't get better than that. Amazing, man. I had a

blast and don't forget, right, said Fred. Yeah, Yeah. That's another story But but so I get the call from Neil and then and then DC took a long break like a year and a half. Yeah. And and I must have done something wrong. I step on some toes. I

don't know what I did but I took the job with the with that meal and we started touring and then after that, Dolores the cranberries came up. I was working with her Rest in peace solo album, Rest in peace and then also John and the boys were whining that we went up with with so I was busy and and you gotta earn a living. You don't have the the publishing and the writing coming in. Yeah, yeah. You know, he's got it in my opinion in my opinion and he I think he called it, you know he's Marcos is a restless cat. He loves to play music and he needs to do what he needs to do and I respect that. We wish you well. That's

who I am. You know, I can't. you can imagine imagine what I'm going through now with the pandemic, man. Yeah. So, but regarding Whitesnake, so, do you think that a bridge is burned there? You don't think it's going to happen? for me? Yeah. With DC with white state.

Yeah, We have a great lineup, man. No, I know. I'm just asking you because you know IIII wouldn't say no, of course not. Of course not. No, no, of course not. Yeah, but I mean IIII. wish I wish have been some recordings there. I know. Well, the live DVD is a great.

Yeah. I mean, you know, originals What do you mean? I'm saying original music. There was it was in the works but you know, I left and they didn't do anything until 6 years later, I think. Yeah, 2002008. good to be bad. I lifted. It was 3 years but then I had work. I can't regret it and look at the no, of course, I can't III did.

So Circus at the three three albums with Neil. Yeah, two albums, two and a half albums with Dolores and we were not recorded live within this. See, what am I missing? I went back and covered for Greg Smith with Nugent and you did the tribute albums too. I did. And wait a minute, smoking mirrors. Oh, you forgot you forgot Lynch Mob. So, all this is going on.

I get a personalized labels to do my solo stuff and I had never had time to do it tomorrow, Frontiers. So I did that. I mean, I can't regret. Of course not. That's that's what we're talking about. I hear you. We're talking about

that. now. 2007 live for tomorrow. Let me mention some of the that he's worked with.

First of all, it's produced, produced, and written by written with Richie Cotton. Yes, it was awesome. The the voice, the guitar work, why dogs Poison? Yes. You know,

solo albums that that that the the writing, the songwriting sick. He's insane. He's got sick and then you had you had Steve Luther, you had Ted Nugent Doug Aldrich, one of my favorites, Brian Ted, just to name a few. That was your first solo album and my son, Marco your 35 year old son. Yes. he's older. Older. I keep him there and say, honey, we're brothers. Okay, cool. You know what it is

and I don't know if you identify with this. Well, I'm not ready to be my age, bro. I have so much to do. I think that's the way I look at it. I turned fifty last year. Yeah. And you know, I start to get now the old man jokes with with the guys at work. You know,

it's and I'm like, you gotta walk in my shoes. It's a privilege to be at this age, bro. Yeah. Yes. You know what I mean? They don't know. They don't know what the **** you went through and then I mean I'm a young fifty. Yes, absolutely. You know what I mean? Jesus Christ. How about a

young 85? II? God willing god willing. I doubt it but I hope I hope to live that long. No, that's me. I was saying me, Oh you I thought you wanted me to. Oh, so me to help with me, right? I'm not going to. I'm I'm a young man. I wouldn't say

to me, at Eric from La. How are you brother? Yes. Wow. How you doing Eric? Good memories. good memories. Yeah. So you you released that first album and you to with you had Neil Shown Journey through time. Oh, that was That was later on. I'm

trying. I'm trying to put them all together. Yeah. But what I want to talk about now is one of my favorite bands that you were involved with. You know

who that is, right? That's Daisy's. Yes, of course. I'm not Daisies anymore. I know you're not there anymore and I discussed this with you. I'm going to say it again. I'm going to tell you at the end of that. Daisy's part of this

interview. Yeah. What Dead Daisies to me. You'll work on there. You're writing your your

just when you're making the videos, when you're playing. That was when you add to that band, that is your wheelhouse. That is where you II can see it in your face. I mean III have yet to see you live in in the setting with with with the the solo project. Yeah. but just the lineup that that you had, the guys you were playing with. Yes. You know, when you went to

Cuba and you played the soul of Mexico, they all have hooks. They all have the blues based rock. I mean it's like yes You know. Yes. But let's talk about some of the albums you did. The first one. Revolution, Trevor Lucille. Perfect. You know.

Yeah. Very cool. You did the video in Cuba before there was an EP Did you know that the face I love with John Stevens, John Stevens, an awesome Vocalist. and it's I think it's four original tracks and then we did Helter Skelter in the studio which is Vibe That and it was that line up too. I

mean, Richard Fortis. Guns and Guns and Roses. This is Izzy Reid, Guns and Roses, Frank Ferrer, Guns and Roses. It was it was DNR with with a little bit of David Lowe and me throwing on the side and John Keen. it was that bad was killing it, bro. It was just that it was killing it. It

wasn't killing it. Axel and and made up and they of course they're gone. He just he just cancelled his hookers and blow tour because they they're going back out. Yes. So, you know, Axel calls you gotta go. Yes,

exactly. You know and you have on drums. Yeah. Bryan came in. You know, Doug Aldrich kills it. Nobody better, man. He's

for that environment. That kind of music. That was him. He just, he just kills it, man. You know, when you take a when you take a song like Midnight Moses and you make that hit. I was like, where the **** when I heard that song, it was like some of your solo stuff. it gets, you know, when that song gets in you and you can't stop.

I'm like, this song is what then I said, wait, I heard the song before. I heard that one before. and it was a little story. The first dinner we had with John karate. Yeah. What's

the crab? So, I'm assuming everybody knows it's John. You know, John, you know the guy that knows the guy who replaced Vince and Motley Crue. Yeah. It's going to, it's going to be his first meeting. I've called him and John was Stevens was leaving whatever the reasons again, it doesn't matter but I get a call from managers. We need a singer and we we're we are already scheduled to go to Cuba. We have studio booked. We

have this we need a singer man. Do you know people? Well, I live in La. I worked with so many and John. I gotta say, I'm being totally honest. He was on top of the list. We him and I have been doing the same circuit in Europe. We've kept leaving

messages for each other, man. doing the same clubs we're behind. He was on top of, you know, and he was in my heart and I always, I always dug what he did. I always dug who he was

as a person and we met here and there and he was on in my head, man. Top of the list I called. This is true. He thinks we called a lot of people but I called him. he left a message. Call me. Thank you, Kevin. and long story short, he called back within hours. he was at

the grocery store and he called, how are you? What's up? What's up? Well, I told him what the deal was. Is it? Check it out, man. This could be really cool. This is, you know,

we're we're building a band with all the right folks and you have to be part of this and all that. He thought about it but then he said, well, let's go have, let's go have a meeting and he came to La. we had dinner and we're all there and so, have you guys heard this song? I swear to god, this is true story. Have you heard the song made like Moses? He played it on the phone. Did you did you know the song? No, no. I have to be honest. That to

me, that's a Daisy song. No, not a lot of people but that was John. That was all you. Not not a lot of people knew it Underneath the green Miranda. Yes. And so he's playing it and what I heard was this my ears went. that's it. You

know, that's that's that's the groove that wow. He says, maybe we could do this. So, Yeah. So, listen to us. We're like a little couple of fans. That's who we are. We got, I told you, you cannot deny my enthusiasm. I got Marco Mendoza

on my show. We're talking music, baby. So, so we got together to go to Cuba. That was the first thing and we were checking out singers and Bernard Fowler from the Stones came in and Daryl Jones from the Stones came in. Giani It

was all a big celebration. Daryl had had played with the Daisies covered when I couldn't do some shows. I was actually that that they were opening up for for Black Star Riders in the UK and I was hoping I could double dip but I couldn't. There was politics involved anyway. so they they brought Daryl and he's in another cat.

I have all the respect for me that you know, he's where he's been a great journey. I respect him. He's a great human being. We hooked up in a big way anyway. so we at the Cuban

thing in the bottom line. Bernard, you know, was tied up with the stones and and so it was, you know, Daryl and they were going out soon actually. So, John had all the elements.

Hey, Darren. Yeah, I'm sorry to keep going. No, no, let's do it. I gotta say hello to him but I'm listening. Matthew and

hello. Yes, I hope you get to play with Troy again too but Long story short, John hit it out of the park. Oh, so so you need a blues singer so that the first song in Cuba, we recorded in Cuba. that Moses, Moses, I like the video when you're in Cuba and the and you're there and you're dancing with him and that one guy's playing the guitar. the older man. Do you remember the video? Yeah. but you can tell, you can tell you would like to go to guy there because you were like showing everybody playing the music but I'm I got a question regarding the dead Daisies because this has been set now, David Toy toy I'm sorry. is my my drums name

is Jerry. That song. It's like it's Louie. I'm sorry. Let's just say it Loaded. Yes. Loaded. Yes. from his father

that Barry said no, very successful businessman on own. People don't know this Okay. Yeah, he might be but I'm I'm saying his father but. okay. Westfield is his thing. His baby. Believe it or not. Okay. so they were saying that he's he put his money up and he formed that band and pick pick and choose whoever he wants.

It's sort of like with the Dallas Mavericks. Yes, he has a basketball team, you know? Yes. You know, wouldn't you do that? Of course, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. I'm just and and you know what? Get me Malcolm and Dozer on the phone. I want him to play. It

wasn't it was it was it was not like that. It was handpicked person to person and the connection was this real fast. We were doing the last the last run with this that would be with with you know with Bryan with Darren. Brian Downey. Darren Wharton, Scott Gorham, Damon Johnson, Ricky Warwick, and myself. We were on tour in Australia with Motley Crue and Kiss that that package, the opening band was David Lowe with his band. So, I used to

come to the arena. We're doing a huge arenas, you know, Kiss Man. Amazing, right? and I know you can't see it. I got all the

memorabilia and then Nikki, you know, I got to hang with Nicki. I really got to respect him and give him a lot of respect and love. man. That cat anywhere So, we got the hand but every time we come into the arena because we would do our sound check. You know, we were down on a ton of pole there The other band we would do our son and then the other band would get in and they'd start playing some great hooks, good songs. They had this girl playing bass and singing and her wife was a guitar player and he was the other guitar player with a drummer and they were they had good songs and they sounded great and I'm like taking a peek every They're doing. Wow.

it sounds good. Long story short, it was seven shows by the Six-year-old. The last show, his manager who is now with that is that David Edwards came in to our dressing room and said, Marco, I'm so and so, I've, you know, I'm working with David Lowe and we're we're we're wondering if you'd be interested in collaborating. We

like what you do, who you are, La la la and some music. We have an album and we might want to go out and we might want to go out and do some live shows. So, we'll send you some drinks. Yeah, 2 weeks went by. I got

home and I tell you how many times I talk business in those situations and nothing happens. 1999, right? You're you're like, yeah, okay, whatever. So, show me the do me. Yeah, you're you're like with a grain of salt and all that and so then all of a sudden, I get an Email from Edwards. These are the tracks and I heard honestly, I heard that voice. I heard John Stevenson. I went, whoa, You

your ears perked up, perked up. I looked him up on YouTube. Whoa, Live whoa. And the to the

road and you know, so and then the next thing I hear is long story short, I know I'm talking a lot but no, of course you do What you gotta do that the next thing I hear is we have an opportunity to do a run with Aerosmith. Another be. There you go. I'm I'm I'm in but what what I want to say is and I and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. That band was your wheelhouse because you got to write with them. Yeah. You got to show your songwriting skills back in vocals. Great bass playing

great albums. You did revolution. make some noise. The live and louder album and burn it down. Yes. Okay. Now, here's where the fan comes out of me. Yes. And this is what what you're going to say. don't

know. disrespect to Glenn Hughes. Yes. But he changed the whole dynamic of the band. when Glenn Hughes came in. Kara's gone. you're gone. Castro Novo is gone. Doug is the last man

standing and David Lowery and of course, it's his band. He's not going anywhere, right? But and I love Doug. I love Doug but as a fan, I can honestly say, I think he's the next one to go I don't know. You mean Do you say Douglas one to go? Yeah. It's just like seems to like replacing everybody but you know, that's another thing that and this is no no disrespect to him. You know,

I'm not not disrespecting anyone and love Glenn Hughes. That's not a good daisy. That's a a live sunflower. sunflower. I love this sun but I love, I love Glenn Hughes but it's it's essentially it's like, you know, it's just how it happened real fast. We were working so much. I think we were working really hard. I could see it in

the pictures I can see in the videos. we were fried. we were working maybe a little too much in my opinion but you know, when you get something like that going, you go for it, man. Right? You'll rest whenever rest in the whole thing. So, the one that's going to get more beat up than anybody is who back then. Oh, yourself. No. What you saying? when you when you're touring, when you're touring and you're going, we were doing morning shows. We were doing acoustic sets and at the guitars. Yeah, you did. You

guys did a lot of interviews as well. We did an acoustic show at the venue for fifty fans. We did a two two-hour set and then meet and greets at it's like and because we have the benefit of a private plane that you find which is very cool. We can

cover a lot of ground, right? We did. So, the first one that's going to suffer is your voice. Yeah. And you're lying. No, I'm not. I'm I'm I'm Bbn, man. I'm background. Who?

Oh, John. and John started, you know, talking and saying, guys, can we just slow down a little bit? and he just, he just said, II gotta take a rest. That's bottom line. He's going to blow

his voice out. He's going to ruin his career. Exactly. Exactly. And that he verbatim. that's what he said quite a few times and he was to listen to and whatever but we're all getting beat up at the same time. So you're you're saying

that it was his decision to leave to leave and that created the whole. okay. So, when he said at the beginning of nineteen, I'm out of here, you know, management and everybody's looking around to see what we could do and they kept me in the loop a little bit but management David Louie, they had some things and they were talking about it doesn't matter who they talk to but they were talking to some big names and big, you know, we got on the map and in a good way but nothing was coming back solid. So it's April at the beginning of nineteen. I heard that that was happening. That's

when I said, okay, I better pay attention to my solo thing and when they say They need me back. I will just stop booking and come back and that's what I was thinking. So, I get the call. I was in Germany and to

my surprise, I'm getting invited everywhere. everywhere now with my Casa Mendoza. I'm not. Yeah, that's what I'm

sorry. Viva La Diva, the last one and so I'm like, I'm digging it. I'm like, that's my wheelhouse as well because I get to play my songs. I get to

sing my song and say yes, right? And I would take a on the blue side. I would take it here and that whatever. I was having a blast Of course, we're talking about smaller clubs. We're talking about really getting in the trenches again but I love every minute of it. So, I get the call on. It was

April. I remember from David Lowe is Marco. We can't get anybody man because I was checking in and say, what's going on? Keep me keep me posted. So I won't book anything and bail which is another Now, with the pandemic, it's crazy but so he calls, we're not getting anybody but but Glenn Hughes got him on the radar. How would you feel if we called called him? I said, absolutely. He says, we're going to try and have him just come in and sing but I was going to say but hold on a second. You're you're a bass

player and they want Glenn Hughes. Glenn Hughes is never just signed. He's played bass and he has his whole life. Yeah. But I think I think in a small way that was David Lloyd's way of saying we really, I really appreciate your part of this but but kind of. we kind of need to the door

and I and I said, absolutely. go check it out. I wouldn't want to get in the way of the same moving forward after all the work we've done, man and I'm talking blood, sweat, and tears, right? You're being respectful and you're, you know, you're doing the right thing and I never burn your bridges. never but I'm being fulfilled with my solo, Right. You you were getting calls for that and you're doing, you're doing very well with it. So,

that was one door closes another door opens and I was really I was having a good time, right? So, the timing was perfect and then they say and then a few 3, weeks later, they got together. The vibe was good. they jammed and and then he calls me back. We're going to, we're going to give this a try but keep it below off the radar. We don't we want to make

a real press release. We want to do a real press release and announce and that'll be they're going to be in August when we officially said John and myself are out but that's what happened. You know, you know what? Marco II. Appreciate your honesty and I am so glad I got to speak to you because there's a and I ask those questions because as a fan and I'm and like like I said, absolutely no disrespect to anyone involved. I'm just saying regarding the chemistry and what I hear on those four albums, you know, it's sort of like I'm going to give you a for instance, I'm a big deal. Black Sabbath fan. Yeah. When I sang on Black

Sabbath, when they came out with that album, you're like, what the hell is this? It's like completely different now. You know what I mean? So, it's going to take some getting used to them and and I was always manipulating, speculating about Doug understand that but it's just the right thing by changing it to heaven and hell and running Well, I got I got, you know what know what I mean? Oh, of course, that's going to be his involvement and Ozzy has his room. So the truth, the truth of the matter is when a singer is strong, a legendary status, the voice of rock that the rock comes in. It's going

to change. Yeah. It takes a, it's going to take them a while to get the fans to get used to it. Yeah, But it's going to change. I'm not saying the songs are bad. I love the

album. Yeah. The ground Ronnie, Ronnie Marco, we have a couple of questions from the fans I wanted to get in before we talk about your new project. this fan. is AK which II don't think she knows what we just discussed. Any news on the new

album? Are you mean Marco's new solo album? I hope that I think that's what she means. Your new solo album, you can answer that when we talk about your stuff. Yes. In in a in a couple of minutes regard regarding the dead Daisies. Buddy, come here. This is my son. Say hi. Where is he? Marco. No, this is Max.

Max. How you doing, Max? He can't hear you. Can I can hear him. He can't, you know, you

know, I used to have hair just like you. Look what he did. Look what you gotta look forward to. Isn't he

beautiful? Yes, You look just like your wife. Say hi, my wife. Yeah. just say hi, honey. Is this Leah? This is my wife, Leah. Hi, baby. See that explains what he looks like. Exactly. Leah, I gotta tell you

and I told Marco this. I'm a huge fan of his the song Leah I mean, it's like an earworm in my ears over the past 2 weeks. I took it a different way and I apologized to him. I thought it was about someone that passed and and it kind of tugged at my heartstrings. I guess, you know, any song you people interpret in different ways.

That's how I interpreted. I've I've come and gone so you weren't totally gone. No, no, no, but it's great meeting you and and and your son is the spitting image of you. Oh, thank you. She's beautiful. I

was going to say thank you. He's it was the milk the milk man's but they're going, they're going to, they got some appointments but we're busy, man. Busy people right here. Yes. So, but I was going to say

I can explain about the song we said we were going to talk about that. I'll I'll give you just one, I'm sorry, Marco. One of the question I got sure because we're going to move on from the dead Daisies This gentleman wants to know Oh, it's it's a general question. Are you still using ESP basis, any effect Pedals Alfredo, Carro Alfredo, Carvajal. I use very little. I try to stay away

from pedals for a lot of reasons but you know, occasionally, when I play my frets, I use a little bit of of the leg chorus and a little bit of her only to give it more nuanced and when it comes to the big stage with the projects that I'm playing, it's seldom because you know, it's not needed. We're playing the classic 70s 80s Rock at the Tone needs to come from the base and and then the front of the house and the and the monitor guys love me for that because then they can do the effects and right They do it. Yeah. And and they do it better and it's it sounds amazing and all that. So, I try to keep my life simple. I go from the five six to the four whenever needed. I'm playing more five

now because of that of my questions. Okay, go ahead. No, no, no. I'm saying that was one of my questions. 405. at the end of the interview, I do something called this and that. You gotta pick up one. That was

one of my question. Well, go ahead. I just got two more questions that I want. the The pages. I have a signature

piece. The Mfour that nobody knows about it which they did. It's a beautiful bass. I stand behind it. We designed it together. It's it's a killer

bass band. one. think about this. You know, we come from the same place. one No one tone

knob. Does that say anything? That's it. Does it does it go up to eleven? Like it's always eleven but these go to eleven. That's funny. I got two more

questions. I'm going to go to the latest project. Yeah, they want to know. Mike wants to know Weathering Heights with John Sykes. John saying that. Yeah. Yeah. He want to know if you sang it. No, no, no. Yeah.

John. John. Sang that Mike. Yeah, I I'm I'm trying to remember. I might have done some some background vocals so long ago. I don't remember. I just remember I saw Jazz. We

were having fun. Tommy Osteen also saying it's a great voice. He said, Alfredo said, thank you for your ransom. Yeah. Yeah. that's a great question. Last question. of which is one

of mine. anyway, is there you haven't played with that you would like to play with. Oh, man. Geez. Imagine being in a band with Paul McCartney. What are you going to do? Whatever. he's going to kick you out before you enjoy it because he plays the bass. No, no. Check

out his face. He plays guitar. Yeah. Okay. So, you want to play the bass? I mean, I'm just, I'm talking about what's out there right now. That's

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