Mardi Gras 2019 Universal Studios Orlando Food and Parade

Mardi Gras 2019 Universal Studios Orlando Food and Parade

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Dear dear back at Universal Studios but, this time I'm here for Mardi Gras before, he got into the park I saw this tree here. From the moving, walkways heading into city wok this. Full of Mardi Gras beads. I can't imagine its people coming out of the park at dawn um industry I don't think Universal, did this. I like, how it has like sort of Mardi. Gras beads. Mixing with the sprinkles. Very. Good I'm very very surprising, I was also surprised when I bit into it and it has sort of a custard. Filling I wasn't expecting that. All, the beignets I've ever had, they're. Just kind of like plain don't, we doughnuts but this one was really good. Well, the Mardi Gras up venue is really, good and I can already tell it's not gonna make me feel bloated or gross the rest today I feel, pretty good so. I highly, recommend it and here, we go about to enter the park it experience, all things Mardi Gras. Well. Actually the first thing I'm going to experience when I get in there is a bathrooms they need to wash all this powdered sugar off my hands we've. Got some Mardi Gras signs of decorations, up on this root lamppost here in Hollywood, I really, like how they also wrapped it in beads and Garland. Very, Mardi Gras ish. Mardi. Gras is I don't know the words. There we go found, some already crossed, this. This. Is must. Be where you're gonna be able to get all the food. Check, out these decorations. It. Was really cool. I'm glad they did, the park oh and that's just. In some food. Have a parade hell, I may have missed this what is this you got to get a tasting, Lantern the, lanyard one, of you have to do that. It's. Got a special deal to you I am gonna, immediately go and look at that they're looking at that right now. All, of this opens, up at 4:00 p.m. today. Here. Are some more decorations. This is awesome I love it, now. The only thing today. And. Realize is, there, may be thunderstorms, rolling, in. Soon. After this open so I may have to. You, know film when I can today will come back tomorrow to eat the food and see the parades, this. It does look like it's a kind of cloud enough over. Maybe, the past maybe I'll get lucky I love, this dude and my favorite so far. This is great and, look Jim. More crates. Whenever, I see crates I call, that out to one person they know they are. We look at some of the lampposts and Hollywood, earlier with the signs, and, the, garland. And the beads. These, land folks have jester's heads on them and, a little bit of garlic up there. During, organize this is my favorite, place to get, beer, and alcohol now. It's all backed up from Mardi Gras. Some, more of the decorations. Down, celeb a merchandise, card. Somewhere, new got sure. Twenty-five, dollars that's not bad. Get. Some bees I, think they're gonna be throwing those out on the parade. What, I mean is they're gonna draw regularly, it's not the be too cool little. This, is kind of regular. Necklaces. I wish. I'd seen this first this is the actual. Entrance. Walk so there's two entrances there's, one on the other side -.

To. The, food corner, is some of the specialty, drinks you can get I think these are the non-alcoholic, ones. Coconut. Drink going on green, coconut. I'm. Getting excited over doesn't rain tonight. I was. Informed that I asked. And they will shut down the food booths in the parade the room is really hard so let's hope it doesn't one, of the other things they do for Mardi Gras is they have a lot of concerts, there's no concert going on tonight but I will go over and. Take a shot at the upcoming concert. List. And, here you go here's some of the upcoming, Mardi Gras concerts. I do, believe this is where the Mardi Gras parade starts, right over here next to the, Universal, Studios or, makeup show so, if you want to catch like. One of the first people to see the parade I guess you could go ahead and line up here but. I mean it's not really necessary, it's quite, a big parade it's. Not like you're gonna miss it, it's just a few minutes before Mardi, Gras open, up like a sneeze. I think, I will rush over there though get, the lanyard maybe. I can get one or two things done before it start raining and I'll. Come back tomorrow and finish up if it rains, maybe. It's not gonna be that big a deal I don't know we're gonna find out no no I started to feel the drops of rain. I'm gonna rush over here I'm gonna see if I can get one or two things and for, the Mardi Gras tasting. And then finally, maybe some shelter, you, know the thing is as I said. An umbrella to bring and then forgot. It okay so, here's. The deal about, my lanyard have about a $60 lanyard, that if you have a Annual, Pass that gives you 15 tastings, with Annual Pass lanyard, I, got. I use my first one first, tasting for, this poll boy can't fish sandwich. And chips but then I started busting, a got rainin. So. I think what I'm gonna do. Is, eat this and, it's gonna be kind of awkward because I'm in the rain I'll tell you what I thought, I'll. Give this a few, more minutes to see if the rain clears up for who's gonna continue, to rain and if. It does not continue if it does not stop raining I'm just gonna cut tomorrow where I come back and do more tastings I do want to get a shot of how this looks I don't have my mic plugged in now, but. It was a very very, very good it's. A catfish, with some hot sauce and I don't. Know what the stuff underneath it is and. Those, were like homemade chips, excellent. Tasting oh yeah. There we go that's Florida rain. Unfortunately. It's raining so hard I have to kind of stay over. Here game, making in my car. But. In the meantime I have switched positions I was over there and then it started to get wet so. Now I'm over here under transformers, but I can tell you that catfish, po-boys. It was delicious. That was fantastic. I know. I'm super. For, the rest of it because that was the first thing I tried and it's like man I really want to go use another tasty. On getting another one. Look. At that you can't even see over the water now, it. Is coming down hard. Okay. Update, the rain is subsided enough for me they'll get a couple more tastings, I checked the radar and it did say it might rain. The, rest of the time Universal, is open. But. I think I'm gonna head to my fence here I'm gonna try to get a couple of things find. A dry place film. To it and face test them. Well, I'm back in my little shelter it stopped raining I went I grabbed a couple things and it started raining again, so. What I grabbed, you're. Not apologize, that this isn't at a table but you know extenuating. Circumstances. In the rain this, is called I'm, probably a butcher this name crab, and toffee. It. Looks like some crab and beans and rice and, some. Bread, and I also because I thought the rain had stopped and I was gonna be here a while, got, an Andy, Gator beer, it's a 9-ounce to eat a nine ounce beer. As. One of your tastings, this, is a 8%. Lager it. Kind of tasted like I took a sip tastes sort, of like a weak IPA but I guess, it's a longer and, it doesn't have kind of a fruity taste it's actually, really really good get, a little bit better shot of this or.

It's Dirty. I'm gonna take a few bites and then let you know what I think. Okay, here's the last tasting I'm gonna do today it's a king cake it, looks absolutely delicious, but first, the. Crab and toffee are in toffee and however you say it, was pretty good. Probably. Used a little bit more crab. It wasn't mostly like a sort, of like a gravy consistency in, taste with a little bit of crab a little bit of vegetables, but. It was good we, just probably could have done something, to make it a little less liquidy. Tiny. Bit more salad, I'm. Gonna taste. This and then I'm gonna get out of here because I got a slight break in the rain so I can get to my car. So. You can, see it's kind of like a cinnamon roll with a frosting, and sprinkles on the top it's. Very good to, me because, the cinnamon bread type the, cinnamon roll type thing is not too sweet the frosting, is very very sweet but. It's offset, just enough with a bread so in. My opinion very good, we are back the next day and the weather is much nicer than it was. We've got some morning throw people out last, night they we're. Not only. They. All ran for sales because of the rain so I didn't get to see I got, to see them as, they were leaving, it's. Real fun like, the still walk or something, this. Is pretty fantastic. Yeah these characters everywhere, not just by. The food you got a mumble me too. I. Think. This guy's just for the mummy ride. There. We go there's the shrimp, there. Maybe it's lobsters, in this ramp I'm not. All. Right I'm here it's like hitting in Spore these tastings, with first check us out, alive. Party girl band. This is so much fun. Alright. Number two LAN time to jump back into some food tastings, that I know exactly, the, first thing that I want to get today, you. Know I don't know why I didn't think to come in this alley yesterday, when I was gonna use rained. On I was looking for a place to stay dry this is like my place I shouldn't no come, back here because we've got plenty. Of overhangs, to stay dry and I love it back here and, it's away from the crowd. So. What I got here my first tasting of the day I got a hop-on, IPA. Which I've already taken a sip oven it's delicious. And, I also got jambalaya, now, this dish right here. Is, exactly what I think of when I think of Mardi Gras. I'm gonna I've never had a crawdad but, I'm gonna rip that guy open here in a second taste him and let you know what I think of it. That, guy I'm actually a little nervous, trying. To eat him, he's. Missing a claw too. All right let's get him let's get going, no the crowd it was actually very very good well there's not a lot of meat and then little guys, but. Check out this. Jambalaya. There's, a chunks of chicken we. Had a little bit of sausage some shrimp and some vegetables, rice. Man. I'm excited to eat this. For another tasting, this. Time I got well I got another cool boy because I really, really likes the catfish po-boys I got a sausage and shrimp it's, some kind of special sausage, but I'm gonna, pretend I can pronunciate, what.

Kind Of sausage. Kind of skimped on the ships this time but I'm real excited about that I also, got another beer tasting prime my last of the day. It is a purple, haze supposedly. It's some kind of a. Raspberry. Ich Locker let, me take a sip of it. Yeah, it definitely has a little bit of a raspberry taste to it. Strong, raspberry, smell than taste but it is there so, not too bad I'll. Be digging to this to see what I think of it oh it. Is very delicious I don't think it's as good as the catfish one but. It is very good I'm very very happy with it. So, I think what I'm gonna do is finish this up and then I'm gonna go check on the parade situation, cuz I haven't seen any of the parade's come through yet find. Out when that is maybe get a little bit of parade footage, and. Then come back into a couple more tastings, I still have some Gator bites or, Gator bits that I want to try. Dumbo. Oh, what's. I mean I just got here and this is the very beginning of the parade. I don't, know if I'm gonna film the entire one. We'll. See let's see what idea. Man, they all live really. Oh close. Two people. I like. This float a lot. That's odd. It's the annual pass older float I don't, know if that's true but it looks like the pin. Oh. Oh my, goodness that was fun but, I gotta tell ya dude. I was playing serious. Defense, so I think it was clocked, with beads it, seems. Fairly dangerous in. Fact I did get kind of like hit in the head skimmed, off my head a couple of times I went to other people, but it, was too hard to hold the camera and try to catch beads time. To go in for my final couple of tastings, let's. Get it done. This had some better light to show you this but it's. Hard to find, but. I got some Gator bites my second-to-last tasting, I'm gonna do looks. Like you got some chunks. Of Gator those chips that keep giving and it, looks like the sort of vegetable, salad, kind, of mixed that they been. Putting in the po boys. Okay. Sorry I don't have much time to show or talk about the Gator bites I didn't realize that they're closing here just a few more minutes and I got to get some gumbo it's the last thing I wanted to taste well. We'll stay off the Gator bites not. That impressive, they were so. Friggin, salty, my, gosh that's all I can pretty much taste the salt. Final, tasting of Mardi, Gras for me, shrimp. Gumbo I. Been. A real hard time finding, places let, up enough to show you the food. Let. Alone sit, but, I have to eat this really really, fast because the park is closing in like five minutes and then I'll tell you what I think thought. About it is I'm walking out of the park how about that let. Me go try this I wanted to end it on a a very, Mardi Gras note and I thought what. Better dish, for. A New Orleans style, celebration. Then you gumbo. The. Shrimp gumbo was.

Excellent. Probably. My second, favorite thing that. I had at all Mardi Gras my first being that catfish po-boy the very first thing I tried was it. Was delicious that is definitely in my opinion the. Best thing that they have the worst thing, the. Salty Gator bites I want it all I come there but they were just like salt, cubes. Now, I didn't get everything tasted. There was a couple more things it was some, beignets and. Some twisted taters. And. Maybe some brown. Beans and rice but I think other than that I got pretty much everything I still. Have a couple tastings, on my lanyard, maybe. I'll use them one of the other days I'm here for a beer or something but. As far as Mardi Gras I'm done, doing. Like official Mardi Gras video. Stuff I tell. You what I had such a great. Great. Time at Mardi Gras was way better and I thought it was gonna be I almost, didn't even come down and do it this year but. I talked myself into it I did. It I'm. Very happy and now I will be back next year I learned. A lot of things great. Food I learned it's hard to catch beacons for the camera in fact I couldn't catch any beads of the camera I can only get hit in the face with them I. Wish. Everybody a happy Mardi Gras and thanks, for watching.

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