Marianne Vos Special Episode | Ask GCN Anything At The OVO Energy Women's Tour

Marianne Vos Special Episode | Ask GCN Anything At The OVO Energy Women's Tour

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This. Is a pretty important day for descent we have arranged, an ask with Mariana vos whose I would, say the best cyclist of all the time I'm not even gonna start listing all her achievements, because it would take up the whole video, and then we're gonna have fun to ask her any questions, and, we have loads, of questions from you guys so, thank you very much for sending them in I'm, gonna get stuck in first of all thank you very much for making time in the middle of the women's tour when you're. Racing and you need to be recovering yeah. Thank, you no problem yeah, we'll keep it brief I'm, sure you can talk fast so that yeah that's right let's roll. First, of all we've. Got a question from Yanis Kallstrom. He. Would like to know what. Do you think are the key factors, that made you so successful in fact the best cyclist in, modern time, that's. A difficult. Question to answer briefly. Yeah. One might answer please it's well. Of course it's. A little bit of talent a little bit of I, love. Cycling, so, I think passion for the sport is really important, and. I. Started. When I was five six that's not so important, talking you can start later but. It's easier. Because of the bike handling and everything I just love to ride my bike yeah, yeah. As a kid you learn everything. Quicker yeah, and and. Then. Yeah probably. Dedication. And the. Will to win yeah and that's. Yeah. That, combination that might be a key, factor yeah and then if good, people around to. Keep. You and learn in the right direction when, things go wrong or yeah, things go really well and that's also to keep, you grounded, but yeah but the support is really important, yeah I noticed that even, when you maybe not training, when. You you. Have a day off you still go riding or you you loved you liked riding is also your hobby I think as well as your. Profession, yeah, yeah. It's it's. Not a joke good my Twitter profile says full-time OB, Sarkis that's it yeah, that's how I feel it that's cool it's great that I can do it as. A job as my. The corporation. But yeah. It's it's the best thing for me, to do okay there's a question from me now which. How. Do you keep that love this likeness you've been racing since you were five, that's amazing like there were times when I was racing and I didn't race nearly, that long when I hated cycling, I got a bad day I hated it, I mean, it's hard, to keep that passion when it's also your job and there's a pressure and I. Know. It's not maybe you don't love cycling every day but is there a way like, you. Just is what, is it for you that makes it do you love it I don't. Know it's it's the freedom. To. Go out on the bike I like the training but I love their competition, more because. It's every time every, time a game your derrida team you have to make a plan and when. Everything, comes together that's. The that's, the biggest, satisfaction you, can have from what. You do but, of course no it's not every day great sometimes, I stand up and I feel bad or a the training doesn't go well or you're injured, or whatever and yeah. Everybody goes true debt yeah, but. It makes it even better when every everything works out well in the end you've. Done all, the things right and. Yeah. Then a good day or. Maybe. Even a good result or a win. Yeah. That that brings. The the. Satisfaction. And you are aiming for the, highs are high yeah, the highs are high yeah and and of course the lows are low but. Yeah it. Makes up and. Yeah. For me that's. That's. It and those, peaks. And lows yeah that that's what.

I Think. Sports makes, it, yeah, well the emotion is so beautiful so when, I've got some questions limb, sehun, he. Sent three questions in but we're gonna, gonna. Stick to one which. Is. Do. You have pre-race, routines, in the morning of a big race and or, the evening before races, oh. Well. I think truly, years of course you get some routine but it's not that I have to do something that make, makes. Me feel good or makes, me. My. Makes. My day or, I have, to do because then. I make a result. But. I like to have everything done, didn't. Denied before so everything, right pack my bag because. In the morning I'm not, such a morning person so I don't want to think in the morning I just want to get ready for the race and then have. My breakfast, and, there, is a routine because, breakfast, is normally three hours before the race and that's. In general because if you jump, into the breakfast in a race hotel, then normally. Everybody is there around three three hours before the race so that's that's, not something, specific. Yeah, then we go with the team normally, after meeting, we. Get changed, through with some. Stretching, and then, so. I mean this is from Thomas Willingham, and he says that you've admitted to singing in the peloton and. Then on the climbs yeah so which, song that you sing most annoys, that other riders, because. I think it's not the song it's. More the moment in the race that can really annoy people yeah, and I. Don't. Really well if I'm just. Focused, and in, the race then, I don't know. I'm singing I really, said I'm not deliberate, you just just burst into song because you're so bad I, wake, up with a song in my mind yeah and then, that keeps on going yeah and normally, it's often, in the descent because I like to be like. I float in the decent I was never close to you on the descent. But. Ten sometimes yeah well it happens in flatter sections. Not. Often in the climb because then I need my breath as well yeah, but I can imagine that would really annoy, other ride yes I bring and you're singing then it doesn't really matter what I'm thinking, yeah a deadtime singing, and now yeah, okay and sometimes people off because they know it's. Just a boring stage you know I'm just singing, okay, Wow most. Of the time is not so I don't, sing so well and. It's. All the time the same sentence, yes because it's the one yeah. Yeah, so it's not so good it's not gonna. Be quite annoying at this and then if it's an annoying song and it's stuck and yeah but it's even annoying for me yes yeah. Business. Would asking them to play some music on the radio and hear, something different yeah yeah yeah sometimes my teammates is saying something totally. Different back, today, yeah, forget them once I do um when you're warming up for time trials do you have music that you listen to so that you have the right song in your head for the time trial for me it, was very important to have a good song in my head for the time trial no no. I in. The past I always did, my.

My. Warming up on. The talks trainer, with with music, and with some but. In. The end I liked it better, without yeah just to, yeah. Hear what some, things would that's around but also just, to be yeah. In, my own shop. Called fat bloke on a bicycle who, asks, that's a good mate how. Do you stay motivated and, committed to training especially when coming back from ill health or injury. Um. Well. Actually it's. Well, it's not easy but it's. Easier. To come back because you improve. Yeah, so you get better yeah, and you feel the improvement and of. Course it, goes up and then it goes to step back and yeah that's really annoying because then you think okay maybe, we'll. Never get back better, or so, yeah. But. I always think okay. There. Is something in, me that can ride a bike probably. So so. Yeah why, not then why not just try, to to. Get there and get that feeling again because I know where. I owe, ya what, I can and I, know what I want and then. Yeah I just commit, to what. I have to do yeah and, even. Better that I like to, do what, I have to do yeah so, then. It's yeah it's very motivating when, when. It goes better or better and its really annoying when it doesn't go better yeah, I have to say and then sometimes it's difficult yeah. But. Yeah then, with the right support, and and also with the try that it. Will in the end get better if you do direct keep doing the right things yeah and. Help. It's, the, most important, thing in there I know. Everybody stay, healthy then, yes you, only will, be okay you have enough years of experience to know that yeah. If you do the right thing you'll get back that yeah that's, good mr. gipsz. Asked if you hadn't taken up cycling what. Profession, do you think you're really doing. I. Would. Have ended up somewhere no. No. I don't know I always, wanted to be a doctor yeah and I never thought a professional. Socking, would be a thing. So, yeah I loved, riding my bike and are, never taught until, in 16, 17 years, of age yeah I didn't. Think it was an option - we have professional cyclists so. And. Then yeah. Then things went fast and I came into the elite category and. Even. Dropped my study yeah, because, of cycling but whatever I do what, age did you drop studying, um. I. Started. Biomedical. Science really I had no idea something close to you. Medicine. Yeah, but. Yeah I dropped. That when I got.

Yeah, 20 years ago yes that's. Such a question I can't find it now but somebody, asked this question when did you think that professional, cycling was an option for you and I assumed you'd been, wanting. You know aiming for professional cycling from the age of five, but that's, really interesting for me you know because, yeah, women's, hiking wasn't that big again, and. Of. Course in the past we have had a great. Dutch female, cyclists, so, they paved our way, and. They did. Great things for us but. That the sport would grow that much and that yeah, I would be one of the lucky ones to be able to be professional. Yeah. I never, thought of that and then I, remember. An interview after, my first. World junior, waltz in Verona. Where. I had. No idea where, I would end up but, we were with, a strong Dutch team. And I, was. Able to finish it off and take the rainbow jersey. So, and I remember, an interview then, the. First plane by Jessie yes what's the first one yeah. And. Yeah. And then I said well yeah. This. Might be a start off more and. Yeah. Of course I was very happy, and very sure. I am, emotional. But then, I remember, I thought, okay maybe. There is a future for me and talking this, is from, Troy, Collett was the toughest, training session, you've ever done, ha. And. The good thing about striking, is that you don't remember the bad. Days this. Is something. In your mind and it works very well yes, he just switch, off yeah, so yeah. So, maybe not the worst day on a bike but the hardest thing I found that the toughest training sessions I did when I was feeling good and then I could do a really crazy. Right but yeah yeah. Yeah but the toughest day started, days as you're not good yes this is true because then you're struggling in it everything feels bad and you just don't push enough power, and it's just not going well you wish she didn't have a power me tonight yeah, yeah. So that's. Yeah, that's the, toughest session yeah, yeah. So. I given, Tuesday in April where, yes didn't go gruffly things, that yeah that I rather really bad training and. And. Then it's Colton, you didn't bring enough food and. Yeah. And, the coffee shop is closed you have to yeah you have, to push that power and certain, amount of time and it doesn't work yeah that's the toughest days under. Threat ticketed, we'd. Like to know does, Leckie enjoy, coming to the races schecky is. She, really, really likes. To. Get attention, for people, so. She doesn't really, like all the cats or whatever it's, the attention hmm, people, she's really seeking so coming, to a race and she, she. Just. Loves, it and everybody is around especially, here yeah in there see, here in the women's store we. Should explain. Okay, Mariana. Has a captain yeah, which comes to all the races with her not in the race I should say she's not on the boat that. Would be amazing, something, in your camper van yeah and I have to say my parents trouble, with with, the get with the family cat and so. Cheeky, is it nearly, every bike race even more bike races that I am in because, here sometimes, I have a training training, yeah, period. Or whatever and but my parents still travel, with again and. Check. Has been everywhere and cycling, enthusiast would like to know what, was your first bike my. First bike, there. Was a pot. And brew, nutty. And. It, was a green, well, of course as a kid quarter, is important, but. But. Yeah. It was the smallest bike my my parents. Could could, find and he was a really tiny yeah, because I wasn't so me yeah and I'm still not but, at, that moment I was really really. Tiny so did you have pedals or was it a balanced bike no, no it was not race bike oh. No. When I was nearly, six, so I was five in April and I got that bike Wow, and then what. Size wheels, Oh. Smallest. Smallest. I don't, know oh really really yeah, a small and. Yeah. I couldn't couldn't, get through the pedals, so my dad, had to stick. To the.

Settle Onto the, top, tubes. Because. I otherwise I couldn't get there and you. Know that was my first bike so, the next question is from David s and you'd like to know what, exercises, do, you do off the bike and how long do you spend doing them and do, you stretch. Yeah. I do some core. Training stretching. And, that's. Stretching. Is part of the daily routine. Core. Depends. On the. Racing, I have, to say in a stage race core, is not part, of my daily routine and, it's stretching. Because. Yes enough, trouble for your body and in a bike race. But, otherwise it it's. Two, three times a week core. During. The winter I tend to do some more power training but during, the road season, waitwait. Straining, yeah yeah but, during, the road season I and, I, like it more to, do. Dead on the bike and yeah, to get the, core and stretching. Them next, question is what. Is your next cycling, goal that you would like to achieve and you achieve, quite, a lot so. A. New one this goal. Is tomorrow, let's, ride - yep win the stage event no, no. I know. It's. That's. Not sure or, maybe true. But the. Next goal is try, just to try to get the best out of myself cuz we'll never get tired of winning because that says a whole lot of medals oh no. No. No. You never get tired of winning yeah well I don't, I. Never, had anybody get tired of winning at you know it's such, a good feeling if you want to have it again it's it's, more like an addiction I think, Daniel. Costello would like to know how do you combine cyclocross. Racing, with, road racing and last a whole season racing, so strongly because you don't have very much time off I think in a year I do I did it take yeah I do take time off because yeah, you. Have to I have to say in a pasta try to combine everything and. Sometimes. It works but. In the end it's good - yeah, take your rest and I've always taken. A good break during. Between. Road season, and then cyclocross, season how long oh, yeah. Actually, about, three. Sometimes. Four weeks, and, that. Doesn't, mean I'm not at all on the bike or not doing anything.

But, Yeah no real training schedule, one, time on the bike maybe, some. Swimming one time maybe some, yeah. Holiday. Without the bike but some hiking. Or, some walks so. I'd. Like to be outside and I like to be active. But. I, don't, push. My body in that that, period and. Then, yeah, the combination, of different, disciplines. It, keeps you fresh yeah, so, when you do some different things and like psycho girls I've I've, done track, in the past and it's, a different world where. Is it still on the bike but, yeah you have different environment, you different trainings, different, mindset, yeah mental stimulation is different yeah it. Will be boring if you do the same thing all the time so, you need a break, James, Lloyd would like to know what, interests, do you have outside professional, cycling and where. Do you see yourself, going after. Cycling. When. You don't, want to race anymore um, why. Didn't ya people always think I'm only cycling, I mean like this is not stalking in my life and no of course it's a big, wow, it's yeah, it's important, in my life it's a big part of my life and as a pro. Athletes, there. Is not, many other things you do but it's, not only my life so I, have brought interest in. Different. Stuff, and I love reading like, music. I can't, know well like I can't sing I can't make it play any instruments. But love. To listen to music Leonard, the man would like to know how were you introduced to cycling. Well. It's. The that's that's, the old story from, my parents, but, me into cycling, and my, dad was a goalkeeper. In, the past, and. Then. He got injured so. That's, often how people, also get into talking you. Got injured so. You know anything he could do as a sport of cycling and he. Fell in love with the sport my. Older brother he, was 9. Or 10. The. Moment, they. Got him a bike and I went with, them through their trainings, and watch, them riding and there. Weren't so many girls. Riding bikes then no but for me there was not an issue I just wanted to do the same at that age you don't care I just. Wanted, to to, ride with them and yeah. That's when my, parents found, the. Tiniest bike they could find and. Yeah. I got them into. Sharkman, and. I. Immediately, crashed. Into, a tree, okay, got, bruised everywhere. But. I still loved it that's, impressive dedication, that's everybody loved it so uh no movies, he, sounds like it might be Dutch we'd, like to know why a Dutch famous like there's so much better than the FEMA cyclists, from other countries, the, question I often ask myself like it's. Not so much better and, so. I. Have. To admit the, Dutch are doing, really well at the moment, and. That's. Of. Course cool, to see, and. What, it is I don't know but the, structure. Is great and we've always had ride, support, from the. Federation. There's. Good teams yeah, so. And. Also good club themes so. That makes makes. It easier to grow, true from youth to. Elite. Women who start writing at grassroots and there has been for a long time say that yeah. Yeah. And then I think when. You have those top. Athletes, to. Get to the championships. You have to you. Have to go with them you you you'll, have to get. That. Level. Yeah, to even compete, yeah, so and. That's. Really motivating, each, other yeah, I think it's really motivational so, if, you see, what the others do and we learn from each other so we might be opponents. In, different, teams during, the year. But. Then that might be a, good. Thing about that chatting concert, tell about other countries but, yeah. We have. Some training, camps together and that's also funded, by the Federation. So yeah that's, a good thing and then yeah. We want to beat each other in the races but yeah, we also help each other to get to that higher level, and then the last question I think this is a from. Sivir, sorrel Pattie Pandya, you, would like to know how, do you push through the pain barrier and how do you quiet your mind when. You doubt whether. You can win the race, ah, if. That never happened this so it's, two, questions, again sorry, it's. On. A bad day you, can't push through so it that's. What I explained, it's difficult but.

On. A good day I, always. Think what. Pain do I have now in this race that. Is more than all the trainings have done to get here and to do this and. Maybe. It's ten minutes maybe it's fifteen minutes but, then it's over mm-hmm, so, yeah. What's. That ten minutes then yeah and, yeah. Make. It worth it I mean you'll suffer anyway so, you better, yes, sir for well and, gather. Good results from it that's a brilliant saying you're gonna suffer anyway -. Yeah. And that's I. Have. To say it's easier when you see, the finish or when, you see the top of a hill because then you know okay that's, the end and then it's, gone and. That. Might be a difference between you and me as well but, the. Dissent was mine was not the end of the race is not of it so but yeah. You. Know okay I've, done, so much training I've done, all. These things to get here and then yeah. Make. It make, it worth it and, yeah. When. I doubt, if I can. Win. The race or do well. That. Of course, happens you all have that voice, that says er that. Says. You can't do it and then yeah you can so. We all have this talks. With, inside. And. Then. Yeah. Sometimes, it's just a teammate that's s yeah you're. Looking good and sometimes it's just yeah of course you have to to, go through and what, I like in a race is that, you. Need to focus on the on the process, so you need to focus on, what's. Happening and you. You. Have to react, on the on the things in the race. So. That distract, you from painting, or anything, else. Yeah Road race is so, complicated. The whole time you're thinking about moving forwards, yeah yeah, it's it's, a constant, puzzle or do, I wait, do I go. Do. I attack or do. I just follow, and, do yeah. What's the next thing for the team where's, my teammates, and so. That that constant. Possible. And it's it's great that's a that's. It I love to do it. And yeah. That's, also different from for, example. A time trial yeah, because that's, yeah. That's. A different, thing yeah because that's also a mental game yeah, but that's a mental pushing, through the pain and, the. Tactical. Game of rotaries, yeah. That's, something totally different I mean you you're also extremely good at time try genuine.

Time Job yeah. It's. It's, not my. Favorite. Kinda, thing yeah but yeah, I also like, that because yeah you have to go through the pain and when things go well. That's, also a beautiful discipline yeah you know ask a few quick questions from me yeah did. You try fish and chips yeah in England yeah did, you like it honestly honestly, honestly. Yeah. No. And honestly, yeah, but, yeah of course you don't have a death marches. Many, times like this because ya think pretty help so have Moodle so LTE so yeah. What's. Your favorite. Place to train. Or. That's. Difficult, and. I. Love to train at home yeah, but. Of course all on this quad flat. So. Then it's good to go away but it's always good to come back home and then be home and ride, your day, cruise yeah. Do you they retain, and. But. I have to say I love the mountains and Italy. Is great for me always, I always like to go there and see some different, cities and the tiny villages not the cities actually the tiny villages, with. The small roads in a cobbled section to. Know. Anymore cafes. Well thank you very honor of your time that was fascinating, to me and I hope to you guys and go, to thumbs up and yeah. Follow Mariana Twitter. Instagram, and, the, women's tour please thank. You.

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You're right. But I'm still missing Matt!

It was fun watching Emma be starstruck.

Dearest Dr Pooley: This will go down in the penultimate annals of cycling moments .... This would be on par with Meryl Streep interviewing Julia Roberts (Dame Helen Mirren) about their acting careers and successes. *and also on par with their bountiful talents and professional prowess can be added “natural (incredible) beauty and most singular attractive (powerful) femininity ... !!!!!!!

My goodness she is pretty.

The most lovely lady in cycling

Very important question about leg hair : shave or wax ? #torqueback

Marianne is just amazing, i would love to know more about her.

Luis So

Work it out: John Wood is a real DOOS! The most stupid comments and he shows his IQ by making these crap statements......

LOVED this..!! Inspired.

legend, great interview ;-)

I am so grateful to Marianne for doing a long interview in English. Thank you both.

So glad that GCN now includes more women cycling in the channel! I know many female views and myself have resubscribed the channel since Emma joined!

What a beautiful person..yes, I'm in

One of the all time best. Good interview. Very humble

Terrific conversation and insight. Somehow, the fact that they haven't bothered to remove the "Hot Water" sign behind them and you can hear clinking in the background makes it seem even more natural; like you're just having coffee with, you know, Emma Pooley and Marianne Vos, no big deal. More like this, please, GCN!

This was one of the best GCN vids I’ve ever seen. Amazing to see the elusive champion come to life before your eyes. Go Marianne!

One of my favourite cyclists interviews/is interviewed by one of my favourite cyclists... can't really go wrong!

how can she ride a bike so fast but answer questions so slowly?

I was only joking and I think she has really good English

Cormac Stapleton This comment is rather insensitive and mildly insulting. She’s Dutch and doing an interview in English. The interview is not conducted via her native language. If you’re so bless to be able to speak quickly and accurately in a second language, well good for you, and not everyone may be as skilled or gifted as you.

There's no correlation...

#introvertsproblems (I'm also introvert myself, so I really understand her here ^^ )

Marianne vos, held van eigen bodem

That pendulum is so annoying

This interview makes me want to see more women's cycling and more coverage and getting to know more female athletes in the sport.

Please, do incorporate more women cycling to your regular videos schedule.

Cracking interview. Emma is a class act. #2kilokaka

Nice interview, Emma. Thanks.

What a babe :) fantastic interview wish it was longer

Always the real deal & now the WaowDeal as well!

Great interview. Pooley is really doing her bit to raise the profile of women’s cycling.

i agree , i like them more than the men lol

The best of all times...grettings from Chile

Great interview :) Seems she's a nice, friendly, down to earth person :)

Vos the GOAT!

You could have put coffee in the cups!!

Philip Clare Simon and Dan had already finished them, hah.

Great interview.

What a fantastic ask GCN Anything! Emma was great... rattling through the questions and Marianne was great as well. I never knew that she would get a song stuck in her head and then it would just creep out whilst she was racing! Now that definately is one cool thing to do on your bike! A hugely illuminating interview

"I never knew that she would get a song stuck in her head and then it would just creep out whilst she was racing" she isnt an alien, how can that not happen to anybody lol

She can ride my 14 kg bike anytime.... ;o) if she can handle it ...14-28 freewheel lol

Danfuerth Gillis 140mm stem?

What I found most interesting was that she seemed very down to earth, pleasant and humble. I loved this show.

Someone should interview Emma. Dan and the rest of the crew as well. You have a very accomplished line up, people would be interested, I know I would be.

They already interviewed Emma before she officially joined the crew. GCN kinda botched production and sound but Emma gave one of the best interviews I've seen from a pro athlete. Interviews with pros usually end up being bland with both the presenter and the pro regurgitating lines from a well thumbed script but Emma really seemed genuine in her interview and her answers were far more personal than I expected. She may not have been as "media trained" as some but that combined with her earnest enthusiasm made the interview all the more interesting. I'm not much of a bubbly, super positive cheerleader like many in the comment section but that interview totally sold me on having Emma as a presenter.

Emma you are too good for this fraud.

Blow it out your ass, Joan..

Lance fans ever learn by your errors?

o thank goodness for trolls on the comment sections - John Wood seems like a pretty cool person

Was her singing really that bad?

John Wood Vos as an impeccable track record, what are you on about??


She has never been implicated in anything, ever. It’s really sad how you tarnish her without any substance or credible story. If you post something like this use journalistic ethics and quote sources background data etc. your kind of underbelly reactions are sad and your capacity for reasoning seems based on assumptions only: good performances, not my nationality? Must be something fishy.. if that’s your only thing stick, why bother writing your comments? You should know your comments are worth nothing this way.

Do you know John> 1999 Open?

John Wood she won a lot so therefore she's a fraud?


Good interview.

Most interesting part: that transition from just "loving to cycle" to being a pro-cyclist. What I liked most about the interview was her dutch accent ;)

Global Cycling Network Good work Emma. You're speaking a little slower now, it's a big improvement.

Everything about this interview was interesting. It was 26 min long edited, she was wonderful to sit down and answer alot of the viewers question.

Matheus Barbosa just google her and pauline ferand prevot's career. You just became an expert on women's cycling

Global Cycling Network it's nice to know that Matt isn't the only former British champ fawning over a cycling great as they do the interview that you have on staff.

My two favourite female riders together. Class acts them both. Great interview. Thanks GCN

nuts to think that cycling only became a potential career AFTER winning the (junior) world title. certainly puts elite cycling into perspective.

#askGCN Hi GCN I’m planing in swapping out my current ultegra 8000 cranks (50-34) to a ultegra 8000 (52-36) I have r8000 gears. Will I need to adjust the FD or will I just swap it over and that’s it. Thanks.

Great interview, thanks! :) (she forgot to answer what she is going to do after cycling)

I am currently planning a ride from Sydney to Melbourne over 7 days in January, averaging 157km per day. In what way should I structure my training plan? I currently live in a location outside Australia that does not have many suitable long rides due to congestion and traffic issues. #torqueback

Excellent. What I found most interesting was listening to a discussion about cycle racing from a woman's point of view. It is very different yet inspiring to me as a male cyclist. Well done.

Thanks Andrew, glad you enjoyed the Ask GCN

great video, love it!!!


Pedigreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ -cough cough-

I really enjoyed this conversation between Emma and Marianne, and I have to say i was at the edge of my seat, just waiting for either of them to take a sip from their pretend cup of coffee. Maybe next time one of the fellows could pretend to pour them each a refill :)

Totally awesome. Two of the all time greats !

How much do female pro cylists get paid?

Social Justice Warrior you can look up some research done by The Cyclists Alliance

Fantastic athlete, great person and an interesting interview

Thanks Matt

What a fascinating interview. She’s such a great person and ambassador for the sport

Met Marianne once. A stunning woman such a great aura around her

Congrats on the interview! Is there any unwritten rule against using MTB shoes/pedals on road bikes? Apart from an eventual loss in aerodynamics, is the any disadvantage to them - maybe as regards power transfer? I find commuting/walking to bike storage easier in MTB shoes. Thanks! #torqueback

Felipe Renault - was once in an uphill sprint where someone behind me pulled a foot out and crashed badly - an ex-pro mountain biker there said it was due to the mtb pedals n shoes not being suitable for such aggressive sprinting. Don’t know if this is the case or not but I’ve similarly pulled a foot out on the cross bike but obviously the pedals are set quite loose for the cross so who knows? Why am I even writing this?

2 of the class acts from Womens cycling!

Thanks Martin, who else would you like to see interviewed?

Great interview but that clock behind Emma was driving me nuts

Got a Jersey question. I know in Grand tours if a rider holds 2 (GC and mountains for example) that the second jersey is worn 'on their behalf' by the next ranked. Does this apply to national jerseys? I see Peter Sagan won the Slovak nationals while in the Rainbow jersey, so would his brother (who came second) get to wear the Slovak national jersey while Peter is still in the World Champion's? #torqueback

Dale Cooper no! Champion jerseys (national, continental, or world) can only be worn by the actual holder. Race leader jerseys are different.


Thanks Paul, who else would you like to see interviewed?

Thanks Nathan

Cheers Willian

Very true Helen

Thanks C S

Eddy!!!! And being a Canuck, Steve Bauer.

Thanks AceDomil. Who else would you like to see interviewed?

Thanks Jan

Thanks Pawel

Thanks Eloy

Glad you enjoyed the ask Mike

Thanks Richard

Cheers John, let us know if there is anyone else you would like us to interview

Thanks rrobotman

Hi My Sho, who else would you like to see interviewed?

Thanks for your feedback, we will take a look into it

A great saying!

The female equivalent of Jensie's "Shut up legs"?

Cheers Nigel!

It's a mystery! Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks Sophie! Who else would you like to see us interview?

Thanks Mark

Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks Nancy, that's great to hear.

Thanks Diren, glad you enjoyed the ask!

Thanks Jochem

Thanks Peter

That's great!

Hi #askGCN, I have a question. In terms of handling and steering, is there a disadvantage to using headset spacers and positive stem angle on a race bike vs a slammed stem on an endurance bike, assuming each combination would produce similar stack? Do spacers and/or positive stem angle impact how the front end handles? #torqueback

Iron lady, she is tough!

Great interview - Marianne is a legend! ...and of course, well done Emma!

Thanks Andy

24:05 "do I attack or do I follow ... oh you got to let me know: Do I wait or do I go"

Simply the finest racing cyclist of all time, and such a lovely person.

I have twice had bees fly into my helmet and then start panicking to get out. How do people deal with this problem (from Arizona, land of Africanized bees)? #torqueback

The vast majority of Vos' wins came in an era when the women's peloton had no depth, no history, and was mostly amateurish. But, despite that fact, as well as the glaringly obvious fact that hundreds and hundreds of men could beat her in any race, she's the "greatest of all time". Let's all just be honest. Today, the best woman is automatically the best cyclist, and if you dare challenge that, you're a misogynist. Patronizing women will not advance women's cycling.

Great video, I enjoy these Q&A sessions.

Cheers Brian, is there anyone else you would like us to interview?

Thanks Michael, glad you enjoyed the interview

Glad you enjoyed the interview!


Who do you think was the better road racer? Lizzie Deignan in her prime or Nicole Cooke in her prime.

Marianne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Global Cycling Network I’m slightly biased due to my Dutch nationality, would love to see an interview with Anna van der Breggen or Annemiek van Vleuten..! But would also be interested to get to know more about female cyclists with other nationalities

Hi GCN, I have poor eyesight, how can I wear cool sunglasses? any suggestion? #AskGCN

I donate platelets every two weeks and plasma more frequently when needed. I'm not going to win any races on the bike, but love riding and try to eat well and rest in hopes of incremental gains. Does regular donation of blood components have any impact on fitness? Thanks from Northern California for all the great GCN shows and shorts.

Absolutely loved this video, also I wanted to know the best way to get into professional cycling, I cycle at least 6 hours a day 7 days a week, and want to start getting info competive cycling, cheers.

I've seen it stated that you can digest 60-90 carbs per hour during a ride, but what happens if you down a 50g carb drink just before a ride (as opposed to sipping it over 50 minutes)? Are those carbs then digested during the next 50 minutes or are they urinated out? #TorqueBack

Emma, ever think about writing a book about cycling, motivation, nutrition, your experiences and insights? I think with your professional experience you have a lot to offer. You are also witty and intelligent. I think there is a good cycling book in you somewhere. That is just imho.

Global Cycling Network Hannah Barnes/Tom Pidcock would be entertaining.

Since You asked (thanks) - I'll start with the women since they get so much less coverage & support 1) Katie Hall - UHC - 1st Amgen Tour of CA 2018 / 2nd 2017 2) Coryn Rivera - Giant Sunweb - Just won USA National Road Championship 3) Amanda Spratt - Mitchelton - Scott - Now for the Men 1) Egan Bernal - Sky - 1st Amgen Tour of CA............ amazing young rider 2) Caleb Ewan - Mitchelton-Scott - 3) Tom Dumoulin - Giant Sunweb 4) Miguel Angel Lopez Moreno - Astana Just to name a few. Recognize that the logistics might be person is great Marianne seemed very comfortable & open during the interview. But a good on-line ie; FaceTime might work too if Video angles can be worked out.

Emma: Marianne Vos is the greatest cyclist ever...... (Ps. I've beaten her)

#torqueback Hi GCN, love the videos. I have a questions about clipless pedals. My entry level road bike came with toe clips and straps which I think are great. I leave the straps in one position (quite loose) so I can get in and out of them easily. I find them perfect for commuting and getting around town because I can use any shoe. On weekend rides (1-2 hours) I use them with normal trainers. Am I losing out on a lot of performance and enjoyment by not using clipless? I am on a tight budget so I you do recommend them, should I buy cheap shoes or cheap pedals?

ClockCutter wow. Shows how little you know about the history of cycling in general and women’s cycling in particular. No. We never claimed that the best woman cyclist is therefore the best cyclist ever. But I challenge you to find anyone else with the huge list of wins at the top level and across different disciplines as Vos, male or female. Just because you’re ignorant of the history of women’s racing, and the level of the racing (past and present) doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s great to have a discussion about cycling legends and who’s the greatest of all time, and that doesn’t make anyone a misogynist. But your other comments certainly do make you sound like one.

Learned more about cycling from this interview than any interview between two blokes.

Two great women cyclists!! YAY!!!!!! We want to see MORE women interviews PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!

Excellent episode! Well done Emma! Marianne is a gem!

Class interviewing, Emma is raising the bar for GCN.

Would have loved to hear about their racing each other

Someone envious / having a bad day / perfectionist nitpicker? It's more important to take notice of clearly stated feedback. Good work Emma and GCN crew.

I thought it was a great interview. Emma and Marianne were candid and to the point. Keep up the good work !!

Question for next episode: When would be the point that I should get a new bike from my £500 bike?

A brain worm song...I so suffer with this also! Just when you're most concentrating...there it is again, and only ever one line. Feel better now I'm in good company. :D

the equivalent of Eddy Merckx in modern times

Marianne Vos geweldige vrouw it means great woman makes me proud to be from the Netherlands

After her win (multiple stages + Overall) at the Giro Rosa - Pls add Annemiek van Vleuten of MTS

I'm adding another vote = Interview ANNEMIEK VAN VLEUTEN............I added to my previous request list the other day after she won Giro Rosa she just WON the first mountain stage of La if You can catch her (smile) it would be great to see her interviewed.......great rider but also looks like a fun spirit too.

fantastic interview!

#torqueback what is the best cycling sunglasses with rx or can insert power lens? I am asking since i am find very difficult to find sunglasses for nearsighted like me

As much as they can get! It is only "our" responsibility to support women's cycling, which I find very interesting. But, until "we" catch on, it would be wrong to bankrupt the companies that are sponsoring women's cycling trying to gain parity with the men. I am sure one could contribute their own funds to whomever they choose! So, SJW, anti up!!

Marianne Vos has been compared to Eddy Merckx, my all time favorite male pro cyclist but Lemond, Hampsten and a handful of others are just below him. With the women, Marianne Vos is my favorite but also like Nicole Reinhart and some of the other European pros.

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