MAROKO - Poleciałem do Marrakeszu (pierwszy turysta po otwarciu kraju) - #17

MAROKO - Poleciałem do Marrakeszu (pierwszy turysta po otwarciu kraju) - #17

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Hi, everyone We went to bed at 01:30. I checked the tickets to Morocco, it turns out they are for today at 13:30 Or a 2:30 p.m. But I think it's 1:30 p.m The plane only goes today, I can come back on Sunday. It's a spontaneous decision. I'm flying to Morocco today Exactly I'm flying to Marrakech, and from Marrakech I'll be exploring further cities My goal for today is Marrakech My decision was spontaneous, I hope everything works out Morocco only opened yesterday I mean, on the 15th, I don't count on there being many tourists and I'm even glad there won't be many There will be more local people there, there will be such a normal life And not all made for tourists, so I will see a different Morocco than most people Marrakech is the tourist capital of Morocco Most tourists come to Marrakech and there are crowds of people I'm going to see Morocco from a different angle and I want to show it to you today We're going to the airport, we still have 1. 5 hours to arrive there. We've been going for two and a half hours

I had a little incident on the way, look how bruised I am That's what happens when you're not wearing a seatbelt and you're walking in an camper I won't mention who made it happen. Because it doesn't make sense anymore I'll get back to you when I get to the airport We are entering a beautiful area, the mountains all around but it just started raining And it's nice here David, do you like it? It's very nice here, this route looks like it's from a Game of Thrones movie, like we're going for the ring As usual, I'm late I have 10 minutes left. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it I don't know why when I have an important flight, I'm always late Always I made it through one check-in, now I'm going under the gates, I think I'll make it Morocco's only been open since yesterday so there's no telling what they'll come up with But there's a long queue people Everything worked out, I'm flying to Morocco, to Marrakech. I'm so glad a new adventure is starting

I have some tips for you You have to have the test done, you can't fly without it You need to have a test done on the way back Unless you're vaccinated I think it's 14 days after vaccination. It's important to read this 14 days after being vaccinated, you can fly You will receive a document called an entry card, which you can also fill out online I have also filled in the online form, but in case you do not fill in the online form, they give you second at the airport I guess this is where I was supposed to go But I'm glad I'm already on the plane, I was very stressed, at first I thought I wouldn't make it. I thought I was late, but I must have seen something wrong Then I was stressed at the airport that I wouldn't make it through check-in It all worked out I'm not stressing anymore I'm already in Marrakech We landed, people were applauding, whistling, very happy. One hour into the flight, I'm thinking there's almost a party of happiness It's like applauding a bus driver for getting to the stop I don't understand it at all. In Poland it was like that too, but it was always strange to me But you won't do anything I'm glad to be here I'm glad I made it down here I meant to get here I bought a card for my phone, I paid 20 euros for 20 GB I don't know if I will use that much, but I prefer to have more because I send a video to Grzesiek every day, so I prefer to have more I'm going to look for a bus into town, and the adventure is about to begin The bus pulled up here, but I don't know how much longer I'm gonna wait, because it's probably gonna wait for people There is a bus but I still have to wait, the driver is probably going to pray because he was spreading a rug. He just started praying

We're slowly making our way into town You gave me a ride to the bus stop, now I'm going to the hotel. I still have a 10-15 minute way to the hotel I'm in the main Jemaa El Fna square, but I think there are more people here later I'm going to go see because there are some stands here It smells like a horses in here I bought a coffee I'm gonna go see what's in the market here That's why I came here, to see Morocco I won't be walking around here for a long time because everyone's hook me Everybody wants to sell me something And I don't need to buy anything I'm going to go find my hotel Now it's time for me to eat dinner I don't know what it's called, but that's what I'm going to have for dinner I'm waiting for food This is the stuffing for the bun You know what's cool I came here and there are no tourists I am glad that I can see this city without tourists, because it is the most touristic city in the whole Morocco And now there are no tourists here at all They only opened the country yesterday, and so far there's no sign of crowds of people The roll comes with 3 kinds of meat Very good I was hungry, but it's still delicious A lot of people want to help me, and they suggest me, but others want to make a business out of it I approach it with a smile All positive Somewhere here is my hotel They said that tonight its a festival here, and tomorrow a lot of things will be closed here. And I got it right. Unless they were joking We'll see tonight Navigation shows me that my hotel is somewhere here But where is it? This is really delicious I'm already at the hotel. I'm on the roof. I have a young guy working here. He said I have places to smoke There's a hol here, it's a regular hotel I'm about to show you The boy went to take us something to smoke, you're in Morocco, in Marrakech. So great

I'm going to see the town Marrakech is the 4th largest city here, most tourists come here I have a return ticket to Malaga in 4 days, I need to figure out my route. If I start the route to the upstairs, Marrakech will not be on the way to return I have to figure it out somehow, or the ticket is gone. I'll get to theupstairs, and I'll try to get back on the ferry But first I have to see if there are ferries I'm going exploring He tells me there's a festival here, and he said not to listen to them because there's this thing here all the time And they said they were the last day for me to buy anything from them. And that wasn't true

It reminds me of India, the city of Agra, it was very similar there You have to have a lot of patience here because they hook up very I have to go here I get a lot of people hook me I'm not surprised they opened Morocco yesterday, there's no tourists here, and that's why they're hooking up The best thing is that everyone is talking to me, on the one hand it's cool, on the other hand it's not Every person who talks to me, starts telling me something, follows me. Everyone's offering to smoke with me I'm about to tell you what someone told me, it's funny to me I know what the prices are here Someone once told me that Someone here hook me and said he would get me something very cheap. Such a ball for 30 euros, you have the cheapest at my place because if you go somewhere else they will want to sell you even for 2000 euros Crazy guy I tell everyone it's not my first time here, I've been here 5 times. When he heard I'd already been here five times, he started saying something else to me

Someone hook me again a while ago and told me they wanted to talk to me because I was the first tourist here. I'm only the first tourist here Spice shop It always looks great He said I was a first time tourist and he wanted to talk to me. We talked for five minutes. At the end he told me to go into his store to see what he had and that I didn't have to buy anything And I had to go from there This is what it looks like here They said they'd give me everything I want I'm going to walk down the alley here that leads to the main square, I'm going to get a coffee And maybe I'll have some fruit because they have very nice fruit here I'm gonna go buy myself something This place reminds me of the climate that was in India. Such streets were in Agra. The women there were dressed differently. But the whole vibe was like this Recently I talked to a guy from India, they are supposed to open India in late June or early July If they do, I'll be in India later this year That would be great I've changed my plan for my next trip, I was supposed to start with the Emirates, but I'm changing plans because the countries around this country haven't opened up yet. You'll see later where I fly Now the tea And I have coffee I'm going to watch the game for a while, and then I'm going sightseeing Tea in Morocco is called berber whisky. It's green tea with mint and lots of sugar It's really delicious I like it very much Prayer has just begun I can't remember how many times a day the prayer is. But I think five times a day

The prayer starts at sunrise, I know because I lived in Turkey next to a mosque, and 3 times at sunset. So I guess the prayer is 5 times Now they're praying from all sides I go to the Koutoubia Mosque, it is the largest mosque in Marrakech This is the booksellers' mosque I don't know if they'll let me go in there because I don't have long pants, I think not. If they won't let me in, I won't go in We'll see how it goes Maybe they'll see I'm a tourist My first impression is good I like this atmosphere, people here are nice to me, some of them hook me and try to sell something There's a kid chasing me They make money from it too, so it's no surprise They have been closed since March of that year, just as most things were closed and are still closed I don't know if I can get into the mosque, but I'll go see Where these children are, women go to pray And there the men continue to pray As you know men do not pray with women The guy's got a big monkey I was there by the entrance, there were old men sitting there. I won't ask if I can go in there because I know you can't go in there wearing shorts

It's pointless, because you have to show some respect You have to follow the rules If one enters the mosque here dressed for long, one need not enter in shorts I'm not going in there I'm going to keep exploring Now I'm walking towards the square again, just sideways to see the market. At the market, most people accost me because they want to sell me something I politely refuse them, smile and move on I'll walk the side streets, because everything looks different there I want to find a place that makes sugar cane juice because I'd like to drink it. But I haven't seen anywhere yet I got here where I wanted to be, at the market On the one hand, that's good, but on the other hand, it's bad I don't know if I haven't been here already. But I don't remember because everything here is very similar

I have to go to my hotel for a while He still wants to come out here tonight, there's a lot of stuff in the main square I want to see it too It was all in the normal period here, now it's not like that because everything opened only since yesterday, but we'll see how it goes I haven't been here yet I don't know what this place is. I have to look for a hotel through the navigation. I probably got lost There are more and more people. And I'm looking for snake charmers Apparently you can meet them here, but I don't see them anywhere Maybe they're not there yet, or they can't It's a shame because I'd love to see it The later the hour, the more people are everywhere Now is the best time because it was too hot before. Everywhere was empty and now there are lots of people I'm going to go to the hotel to get something and I'm leaving Before, all these streets were empty, and now you can buy something everywhere I can't find the hotel, I'll have to look it up on the navigator I like the vibe I'm going to another city tomorrow. Let's see how that works out for me

Before, the streets were empty, but now that has changed Now, everything here is crowded And there are no tourists here Now I want to drink a fruit shake. I don't know what it's made of exactly because it's mixed up, but I want to try it Looks good, there's a lot of people here I don't know what fruit is in here, but it's very good I think it cost 3 zloty I'm going to the main square now, I want to buy myself something else to eat If you want to quietly walk the streets in Marrakech then you must come here during the day. I am interested in what is happening now, there is real life here, all the streets are crowded with people People are everywhere here. That's what I meant I was here during the day, I thought it was awfully empty, there were people but not as many as there are now You have to watch out for pickpockets thief. I have a purse in front and I think Street food's starting here, I'll see what they have to offer It's a nice sunset. There's a restaurant up there that's worth going to because I read I don't know if I should eat here or go to that restaurant A lot of people know various words in Polish, but apparently a lot of Poles come here I can't find a snake charmer anywhere around here And I wanted to see it here This is the second time I've walked this square and they're not there I'm going to that restaurant upstairs because I hear there's a beautiful view I'm going to have dinner there I've missed the kind of chaos that's here on the streets, even a lot Everybody's looking at me No surprise because I look a little different But what can you do And so it's very cool Everybody wants something, but I don't I don't know what it is, but it looks nice It costs less than 3 zloty Lady put olives, cheese, and something else in there Sounds similar I got tea with mint I really like it And the pie you made, unfortunately I won't try it yet because it's hot The pie was very good, a little greasy, but that's normal because it was in such a tin There was a pretty girl I'm going somewhere else to walk. What's happening here now, people are just everywhere

I'm going to Rabat tomorrow, I wonder how it will be there. I'll be there one day, and the next day I'm going even further I am very happy that I came here, just in such a period where there are not too many tourists I'll show you a beautiful view Looks cool I'm going to another place This is the view I wanted to see I didn't know where to go, but I found It's still such a beautiful sunset See Everything is teeming with life My decision to come here was the best I could have made on the trip I was lucky that Morocco opened yesterday This is something new. Let me tell you, I find Europe boring. I like things to happen, like here I like how there is chaos, people shouting, wanting to sell something. This is cool to me And not so boring You'll have to wait a little longer for something more interesting I promise you that when I start my journey in mid-July, it will be very interesting I've got a nice plan, but I hope nothing spoils it I go to the hotel, it's almost 10:00 p. m. , I wash up and in the morning I continue my journey to the next city They have weird tuk tuk here, it's built up It's not called a tuk tuk, it's took took Good As many people as hooked me up today to talk to me, it's been a long time since I've talked to that many people When you travel alone, every now and then you meet someone you can talk to, in hotels you also meet people When I was travelling in the camper van with Dawid, I hardly recognized anyone, unless some Polish people wrote to me They wanted to meet. That's when I just met other people

I recommend traveling alone, sleeping in hotels, and meeting new people I like David a lot, but this is a different style of travel A lot of people complained in the comments that it is not the same trips, what was the last time is for me a vacation The journey will begin soon I met a friend at the hotel, he shows me places where he wants to go to Ketama, this town is famous mainly for its crops. I want to show you this in one episode He says he lives near this village, and here I am doing tourism, he came to Marrakech It's nice to make that kind of contact, because when I'm there in about 3 days, I'll be able to get back to him, he said he'd be happy to help me There are very nice people here End of the first episode, but there's a low light here I had a good day today, now I'm going to bed I need to get some sleep because I have a long day tomorrow I talked to the hotel owner some more. Cool people Thanks for watching, come back tomorrow. If you haven't watched the previous episodes, it's really worth watching The adventure continues, greetings

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