MCC: Luxury RV Park via Bike/Boat (Indio, CA). MMwM Ep.212

MCC: Luxury RV Park via Bike/Boat (Indio, CA). MMwM Ep.212

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(engine starter revving) (bright country music) (wind soughing) (birds chirping) - [Mal] Well, good morning, everyone. Welcome to "Marathon Mondays" with Mal. A beautiful Monday morning, a little bit windy, but here we are, on the banks of Motorcoach Country Club. We are overlooking, part of the two miles of waterway here at Motorcoach Country Club down in Indio, California, right off of Avenue 48. We've shown you this view several times but mostly, it's been at night. And so talking about the show this morning, was having breakfast with Jim Cogley and Jim said, "Let's get on a boat."

So stick with us because I think we're gonna get on a boat here in about 10 minutes. Let me flip this around. Hey everybody. - Hey, good morning everybody. - So it's been a very busy week here at Motorcoach Country Club. - Yes, it has.

- And we're gonna flip this around so they can see this guy right here. Oh, we're looking into the sun. We're gonna, I tell you what, let's they don't need to see us, Jim. Let's flip it back around. There we go.

Okay. So everybody, this is a beautiful view. It's been a busy week here, it's windy. I'm actually headed back up to Marathon.

Jim's gonna stay down here. Jim, what are you gonna do? Stay down here for another couple of weeks? - [Jim] Yeah, I'm just gonna wrap up some things here. Probably another week to two weeks and, we'll see how it plays out and head back to Oregon.

- [Mal] This has been my fifth trip of the season, and it's, it never gets old coming down here. Just a, what a beautiful place. We're gonna hop on our bikes right now, and we're gonna ride over and show you just how nice these lots can be. We're gonna look at a couple of Marathons along the way. And, maybe we're gonna get on a boat and actually show you the view from a boat here. So stick with us.

We're gonna, get on our bikes. - [Jim] Speaking of beautiful lots, check out Mitch's lot across the street there, wow. - [Mal] Yeah, good point, Jim. Let's walk a little bit closer to the bed, the banks here. Take a look at this lot. In my opinion, one of the nicest casitas, the nicest lots, you've got at Motorcoach Country Club.

Take a look at that. And Jim and I have both been inside that casita and out on that double tiered patio, he's got his boat down there. And look at that view that they have.

Got a couple of geese down there. - [Jim] They're beautiful. - [Mal] My man, Richard Lawrence hanging in Central Florida. Not a week goes by I don't bring up your coach, Richard, as a benchmark. Hope all is well down there. - [Jim] All right, what a beautiful view.

- [Mal] Yeah, that is a beautiful. Here's another lot over here. Look at the size of this patio, you guys.

- [Jim] Yeah, the amazing thing, Mal, is these lots from the street, and how they reveal to be so incredible when you get to the backside of 'em' you know, 'cause all the work, you know? The, landscaping and stuff so much of it is done once you get into the lot that you can't really see for the streets, so-- - [Mal] That's a good point. Let's get on our bikes and show everybody that. Your man Sid Tolls is watching us this morning. - [Jim] Morning, Sid? (birds chirping) - [Mal] So we're gonna hop on our bikes, roll back through here and, stick with us 'cause I think we're gonna get on a boat. I turn around here without falling (laughs) - [Jim] We fired the captain.

- Yeah. Jim has commandeered a boat for us. (laughter) I almost fell in now. See you guys in a bit.

All right, so we are off and, we're gonna roll through here. A lot of beautiful coaches, I've said this before. And pardon the wind, it's real windy this morning, you guys. So, if the volume is a little off, I'm gonna project a little bit so you can hear me, but I'll tell you, I've said this before. If you're gonna do research on a purchasing a coach, no better place to do it. Everyone down here has got an opinion.

Everyone down here, has their likes and dislikes. But this is a good place to do a lot of research, not just on coaches, but the coach lifestyle. Motorcoach Country Club is, kind of the gold standard especially on the West Coast of the United States. It's a nice one. I think we've shown this at night, you guys. We should be in the right location, Jim.

- [Jim] What's that? (background chatter) - [Mal] Beautiful day here. We've had some interesting weather this week. Look at this casita, you guys. There's a couple of 'em back to back.

We're getting down to late March. The season for the most part is, Jim, I'm talking to 'em about the, the season kind of wrapping up around late March, early April, is that correct? - [Jim] Yeah, typically, you know people are staying later than they used to, but April and even into May now. - [Mal] Yeah. - [Jim] So yeah, but it's usually, a pretty large percentage are leaving in that first week of April. I don't know if people can appreciate Mal pedaling his bicycle and drive with one hand, one hand on the camera but you guys it's, it's something to watch on this end, believe me. - [Mal] That's it, you know, being able to pedal, steer, hold the camera, and...

- [Jim] Add to and tell as many lies as you can in one minute. - [Mal] Exactly (laughs) I got all the tales going on around here. But, and there is - [Jim] There's a beautiful bus. - [Mal] A beautiful bus. How about Marathon 1333? Right there. There's the clubhouse, with the Top of The Falls restaurant.

And we're gonna go down here and we're gonna take a look at one Marathon owner's lot. And they've got a beautiful coach sitting on it. (birds chirping) I'm gonna go right here and you can see some construction happening. All right, everybody. Stick with us, this is gonna be fun (laughs) You're right, Eric.

The things I'll do for the show, almost falling off my bike a couple of times. At least I at least I keep it entertaining from that standpoint. Well, good morning. - Good morning. - [Mal] Thank you so much for taking us through. - No problem. - [Mal] One of the things

that we were just talking about when we went live and we are on live right now with a lot of people from, well, actually all over the world, the unassuming beauty of these lots is one thing that Jim Cogley and I were talking about this morning. The unassuming beauty of the lots from out here, it just seems like a parking spot for a coach. And then-- - It doesn't tell the whole story, does it? - [Mal] it doesn't. Well let's walk this way and take a look. - Hi. - [Mal] Hi. - Oh, that's beautiful.

Look at those doors. Aren't those incredible? - [Mal] Take a look at this casita, everybody. You got the Oregon Iowa game on. Ducks are up three to nothing. (laughter) - [Lowell] Hey hey! - [Mal] It's a beautiful casita.

Beautiful kitchen. (background chatter) Let me get over here and show this - How's that for a view? - [Mal] It's beautiful. And then take a look out here, you guys.

Look at this. Now we were directly across from this lot when we started the broadcast. When we went live, we were directly across, right over there. So we are able to see it from a different perspective now.

Isn't that beautiful? Look at this. - [Jim] Well, captain. - [Mal] Let's go, after you.

- Let's do this. - [Mal] And there's the, you see how unassuming it is from the front, you guys. And then this beautiful patio.

- [Jim] Our captain Lowell was nice enough to let us get out on the ship here. - [Mal] I'ma hold that side in. Now Jim, if you fall in and I get that on video, - [Jim] You want me to, Mal? - [Mal] That would make money. - [Jim] Really? (laughter) Would that make your day? - [Lowell] Okay gentlemen. - [Mal] All right, here we go. After you, Jim.

I say that and then watch me fall in, right? - [Jim] Right, exactly. - [Lowell] Move things around there, whatever you need. - [Jim] Yeah, we'll just get balanced out.

Now you talk about a different perspective. - [Mal] Yeah, and this is-- - [Jim] You get out on the water and these lots are just look at that up there too. - [Mal] This is a perspective and a treat.

I've never been able to do this at Motorcoach. So a big thanks to Ricky and Lowell. Sid says it would make a funny video if you fell in, I think. (laughter) Sid's making reference to Cogley falling in. Wow, it's beautiful.

That's perfect. - [Jim] Look at the stonework on this wall. This was done a lot of years ago. But there is some large dollars just in this wall right here.

- [Lowell] This is an expensive lot here. - [Jim] Yeah. - [Mal] What a beautiful lot. You know, a lot of publications, "USA Today" being one. - [Lowell] This is the little Marina here, they call it. - [Jim] Little Marina here.

You can tie up and go upstairs to the restaurant. - [Mal] To have dinner, that's nice. You got spots for several boats. - [Lowell] We don't have a lot of lots here (indistinct) - [Mal] Bear with us, guys.

We're going into the wind a little bit but, what a view, what a, you're right, Jim, this is a great perspective. - [Jim] They're washing that coach over there. - There's a coach getting washed. - [Lowell] I could wash it all day. - [Mal] Look at this. Another beautiful landscaping.

- [Jim] Look at the name on that boat. (laughter) - [Mal] Look at that. I love all the windows on that one. Lime is asking, "What park?" This is Motorcoach Country Club, in Indio, California and I was, I got sidetracked a little bit by the beauty. Oh, I love this block down too, it's pretty. Arguably, according to a lot of publications, Motorcoach Country Club is, if not the nicest, it's always in the top three, according to people that go all over the country.

- [Jim] That's beautiful. - [Mal] You know, a big part of why this park is so high rated, is the over two miles of waterway that they have here. - [Lowell] And it'd be going to the bridge (indistinct) Yeah, this is quiet. - [Mal] You've got the mountains.

- [Jim] Look at the golf course over there. - [Mal] Yeah, you've got the golf course in here. You've got the mountains in the background.

You're 20 minutes from Palm Springs. Approximately an hour and a half to two hours, depending on traffic and how you go to Los Angeles. And be because I know it's about, hour and a half, depending on traffic to Disneyland.

- [Jim] There's a pelican coming in. - [Mal] Yeah, look at this bird coming down on us. It is a pelican, look at that.

I could quote, was it Tony Montana? Pelican. Pelican. - [Jim] There's a nice Marathon up on the hill.

- [Mal] Yeah, right up there there's a beauty. - [Lowell] Half the bridge kinda narrows up there as you get more (indistinct) (background chatter) - [Jim] Dare I say, this is my first boarding boat ride. - [Lowell] Yeah. (laughter)

- [Mal] Oh our good friend, Mike McGill. Mike McGill, who just reminded me of what Mike Constantino's boat's name is. Do you remember? - [Jim] No. - [Mal] Oh, goodness. That is good. Sotally Tober.

- [Lowell] Yep. (laughter) - [Jim] That's true. - [Mal] Mike, thank you for sharing that with us. Look at this mama duck. You better keep going, girl.

- [Jim] Hey, we made it. - [Lowell] Right. - [Mal] My man, Ryan Speck. Not a problem, I've got a couple of contacts for you. Your coach would look great down here. You guys would love it down here.

This is a pretty. Look at that real modern contemporary look to this casita. Lots of different styles down here. And then now we are on the West side of the park. And by no means is this narrow. And I think you can see the perspective with the boats on each side.

- [Jim] Wow Factor. There's Legally Ease. - [Mal] Yeah. - [Jim] Love the names. - [Mal] Yeah, great names on a lot of these boats.

Jim, you and I were in this lot over here, when we were distributing wine. Oh yeah, that one over there. There it is. - [Jim] Yep. - [Mal] That's a really nice lot over there, you guys.

We did-- - [Jim] (mumbles) - The three Marathon wine events. And, we got to see and meet a lot of people, in a quick short amount of time, distributing all that wine for the Marathon wine events down here. Another good, you know, Mickey Markovich came up with this idea to do these virtual wine events. Now there's a lot that's under construction, that's pretty. - [Jim] With the water bleeding off the wall. - [Lowell] It's my scene.

They've copied my scene. Pool, albeit a little bit bigger. - [Jim] Infinity pool? - [Lowell] Yeah. - [Jim] Nice. - [Lowell] They're, well they. And the style of it, you know? - Oh yeah. - Yeah.

(beeping sounds) (engine revving) - [Mal] Oh, there he is always. The lady of the lake. (beeping sounds) (background chatter) (machine rumbling sounds) - [Mal] Someone just asked if you can dock at the club, and yes, you can dock at the club. We made reference to that earlier.

If you are, going to the restaurant for dinner, the Top of The Falls, or you're going over there. - [Jim] Look at the name of that boat. - [Mal] Look at that. You can dock over at the country club, and head over there for a round of golf. You can go over there for breakfast, lunch or dinner and... Look at that.

- [Jim] See, they got the water cascading off of that wall. - [Lowell] Yeah. - [Mal] Yeah, that's pretty. - [Jim] Yeah, I see it's beautiful - [Mal] Just beautiful.

- [Lowell] This is where you can pull your boats out and maintain 'em. - [Jim] I see. - [Lowell] This whole right up here. - [Jim] Yeah, and you can go right up. - [Mal] Oh yeah, there's the dock right here, isn't it? - [Lowell] Yeah. - [Jim] Pull it

onto a trailer right there and get out. - [Lowell] Yeah, they come through early (indistinct) - [Jim] Is that the only access? - [Lowell] Right. - [Jim] Yeah, I like water glistening. - [Mal] Yeah, that's pretty. That's one thing that always stands out to me about Motorcoach Country Club is continuous improvement on these lots. - [Jim] Yes.

- [Mal] People are constantly working on their lots and changing things and, with so many lots and so many owners, there they are changing things to customize it. Quite like a Marathon they're changing them to, you know? - [Lowell] No, it's the same. - [Mal] Yeah. - [Jim] We used to laugh about the nickname for the outdoor resorts, it was outdo resorts. - [Lowell] Yeah (laughs) - [Mal] Oh, yeah.

- [Jim] So it's always, you know, competition is it never ends, right? - [Lowell] That's right. - [Mal] Well, this park is just a hair over 20 years old, is that correct? - [Jim] Yeah, '02, yup. - [Mal] '02? Well shoot, we're coming up on the 20th anniversary then. - [Jim] Yup. - [Mal] We're gonna go back under the bridge here.

(background chatter) - [Jim] Yup. - [Mal] So for those of you who are thinking of getting into a coach, this is the kinda place where you're gonna wanna bring it. If you're looking to get into, whether it be a pre-owned Marathon or a new coach, there sure is a lot down here and this is, there's over 400 lots just in this park alone, right? - [Lowell] 425. - [Mal] 425, thank you Lowell.

There's a good shot of the golf course. Groundskeeper chasing golfers. Carl Spangler, if you will. - [Lowell] You'll see Sotally Tober appearing on the right hand side. - [Jim] Yeah, Sotally Tober.

- [Mal] Oh yeah. Mike McGill, if you're still with us, we've got a we'll have a shot here for you in a second. You can see in the distance, the backside of the clubhouse Top of The Falls restaurant up there. - [Lowell] Bimini Cricket. - [Mal] Bimini Cricket, it's a good name. That's good too.

- [Lowell] Yeah, Good Karma. Look at that. - [Mal] They're good names. That's gotta always be fun. There's the Desert Ducks, speaking of the University of Oregon.

- [Lowell] I can guess mine is, 'Cause I Can. - [Mal] Yeah, yours is 'Cause I Can? - [Lowell] Yeah. - [Mal] We're writing in the, 'Cause I Can. That's right. Beautiful. - [Jim] Best of both worlds, right? You got your coach and your boat in the same location.

- [Lowell] There you go. (background chatter) (laughter) - [Jim] Pull up into the Marinas at Lake (indistinct) and pull it up and (indistinct) squeeze in $1500. - [Mal] Yeah, wow.

- [Jim] Yeah, just to get started? - [Lowell] Yeah. - [Jim] Willy Tipit. - [Mal] The Willy Tipit. Rancho, Santa Fe. - [Lowell] This is, one of the few lots that's unimproved over on the side in.

- [Mal] Yeah, there's a clean slate for somebody right there, huh? Boy - [Jim] Nice lot, actually. - [Mal] Ryan Speck, that might have your name on it. One Mo Toy. Knot-E-Behavior.

Well, that's about it everybody. Well, let's, we'll cut everybody loose for the day. - [Lowell] Okay. - [Mal] And... - [Lowell] There's your Sotally Tober.

- [Mal] Yup. - [Jim] Yup, there's Sotally Tober. - [Mal] There's the, Sotally Tober. Straight out of Breckenridge, I love it. Hey, Lowell? - [Lowell] Yes, sir.

- [Mal] Marty and Barney say hi, they're watching. - [Lowell] Oh, they are? - [Mal] Yeah. (laughter) - [Lowell] Well, nice. - [Jim] From Albuquerque? - [Lowell] From Albuquerque, yes.

- [Jim] Sweet. - [Mal] So that's really cool. Marty and Barney, that's excellent. Here's another shot. Look at the bridge over there. - [Jim] Marta, we have a Marathon for you, buddy.

- [Lowell] Yeah, do we ever? - [Mal] Yeah, that's right. Well. - [Jim] Here's your build-out. - [Mal] This is beautiful right over there.

There's a new one being built right next door. - [Jim] That's gonna be a beauty, Lowell. - [Lowell] Yeah. - [Mal] Wow.

Well, a big thank you to Lowell for taking us on this ride today, and getting to see, everything about Motorcoach Country Club. And this, a perspective I've never seen, Lowell, so thank you for that. - [Lowell] You're welcome. - [Jim] We'll catch you there, thank you very much.

There we go. - [Mal] Jim Cogley reeling us in here. All right, everybody, I'm headed back up.

I'm headed to the airport in a couple of hours. So I will see you next Monday. We're gonna be back in the service department looking at, we're gonna be looking at a coach that is being re-imagined that's right in the middle of it's remodel.

Be yourself and do good things, everybody. Take care and I'll see you next Monday. Big thanks to Lowell Fincham. And a big thanks to Jim Cogley, who's been coming down to the desert for a long time and, he's always down here teaching me a lot of things about being down here in the desert. So a big thanks to Jim.

All right, you guys, take care. (engine revving)

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