mE 5 A frozen adventure across Turkey, to Eğirdir (Anatolia)

mE 5  A frozen adventure across Turkey, to Eğirdir (Anatolia)

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so guys, let's give you a room tour  of uh, the very famous resort around   egirdir lake, which you cannot see that would make the resorts of bodrum very  jealous, that's my parking for the bike, uh,   i'm gonna cover it with the tarp, with my  motorbike tarp, here i have my mattress,   to enjoy the last... maybe the last hour  of sun, here i have my bag of food for dinner and let's let's uh, let's show you the house,  the main apartment, which is very nice,   very quiet, no noise from the road,  so you can see my bags are here,   i guess... where am i gonna put my tent, probably  somewhere here i think... oh, oh my god, oh there   is barbed wire, well it's... you know...  you see, it's good to give a room tour ah,   okay so hopefully that was the only one, because  my mattress and my tent would not like to be on   barbed wire, hopefully the wall  doesn't fall during the night oh god, let's show you the  kitchen and the bathroom, so i guess that's the toilets and  the shower, that's the kitchen very nice kitchen, very big you see, and  with a beautiful view on the mountains there,   two nice windows, you see a nice window here,  view on the mountains, and a nice window here,   view on the mountains morning my friends, so i am in afyonkarahisar and uh, and it's freezing cold, yeah it's  really freezing, basically it's zero degrees,   maybe it's 10 o'clock in the morning, maybe it's  one degree now, but it's freezing cold, and i'm   gonna continue my way across... today i'm gonna  continue my way across the anatolian plateau,   on the way to antalya, on the way to the  mediterranean sea to escape from the cold,   so today i'm going uh, i will try to go to  egirdir lake uh, the town of egirdir is about 140 kilometers away from here, but i want  to do it in two days, because it's gonna be   a little bit lower, and a bit more south, so it  should not be freezing uh once i reach the lake,   even though it's still at one thousand meters  altitude, so probably i'll try to camp there,   but i need to buy some food on the way,  so i'll see, maybe i push all the way to   egirdir, or maybe i'll stop on the shores of  the lake before reaching the actual village,   so we'll see, so that's the plan, second day  across the anatolian plateau from north to south,   but today i should have two passes  at around 1 400 meters high also,   so let's go, let's ride across the  anatolian plateau, okay guys let's go bye-bye i think i'm in the first pass okay so yeah i'm in suhut now, and  uh i think it's the only kind of uh reasonable sized town on my way today so  i need to stop here for lunch basically,   and for groceries, if i want to camp, if i want  to camp tonight, if i want to do stealth camping so that's our two missions,  in suhut, eat and buy food i guess i found a restaurant okay i guess i'm gonna eat here i think i'm ready to eat, how do you enter here chicken ?... yes

nice yeah okay doner suhut see you when i am back on the road guys very good, see you brother so guys, let's just have the one of the lokums i have left  from yesterday, as a dessert so i have two left, i guess i'm gonna  keep one maybe for tomorrow morning let's have both of them, look at that oh awesome so now let's see what adventures  will come in the afternoon i am starting my uh, my second big climb  of the day, my last climb of the day,   but it's the biggest one, and at the moment,  i can still feel the power of the lokum look at this anatolian landscape riding in the sky the car stopped to give me water and sweets it's so sweet so the guy in the car, yeah ah, he stopped to give  me that, to thank him for his gift, i will eat   some sweets, that's so great you know, oh my god,   when you're suffering and people  help you, it's so great ah it has such a great impact on you, when you  are struggling and someone just helps you let's enjoy his beautiful gift i think i needed sugar, i  was running out of energy ah that's so beautiful just to give something 1440 meters, as you see on the sign that was a lot of apples well you know what, i'm gonna study this place as a  potential campground because uh, look at that yeah, that could be very nice actually, because  if i could be hidden, if i could have...   at first i thought i'm gonna camp in a... maybe  in an orchard or something like that, yeah to   be protected from the wind in the orchard, but  to have walls around me maybe it's even better,   yeah i just look for a place to be  protected from the wind basically,   because as you see, there are some mountains  here, there are some mountains there,   and i'm right in the middle, so  basically i am in a corridor of wind,   and the wind can make you feel very cold,  and can change a lot the temperature still a little bit wet oh my god it's cold okay, good night guys oh my god it's so cold, oh, so hard to get out  of the sleeping bag, it's too cold,   it was a cold night huh well, let's get out, and i think i just discovered  why uh... wait, i need to finish to put my pants,  

but yeah i mean it was quite a cold night,  i have to say i did not sleep very well,   and probably the last hours i was quite cold in my lovely house, and i just discovered  why actually... wait i finish to put my pants yeah sorry uh, so i just discovered why....  it's so funny uh... yeah actually yesterday   well you know... to know if i can, if i was able  to sleep outside or not, i checked on my phone the   weather forecast, and the forecast was saying it's  going to be two degrees, the coldest last night,   well this morning was supposed to be two degrees  celsius, so not freezing, but what happened is uh just now as i exit my tent i thought  i'm gonna drink a little bit of water,   and there is still water in my bottle, but as you  can see the water doesn't go down, it is frozen,   and it's quite well frozen, so  i guess it's it went below zero,   well, it was freezing obviously tonight holy moly, oh, i can't believe  it, so that's why i was cold because then i thought also  like... what the hell... i mean,   my sleeping bag is supposed to be... oh there is a  little bit, you see it's moving a little bit here,   so maybe i can drink a bit from this one...  um yeah then i was thinking, what the hell  

my sleeping bag is supposed to be good for up to  zero degrees, for up to like zero degrees celsius,   so 32 fahrenheit, and uh but i was  cold like during the last hours and um,   well what the hell is this sleeping bag... well  i understand it was freezing, it was below the   below... it was minus temperature... minus, well  it was freezing last night, ah so let's have let's have a bit of water, of frozen water,   and then i'll go for my breakfast,  oh the bottle is cold, oh my god so i'm worried... let's go to get the bag for  food, for my breakfast... uh okay the bag is here you can see it's frozen, oh my god, holy moly even the honey is completely...  it's not liquid anymore so it was really cold this night ah the honey is frozen basically, ah   so i try to fill myself with energy  for the... to fight against the cold

i'm happy i have the honey of my  friend taxi driver in kirklareli,   the cold makes you starve, it's really impressive,  you use so much energy to fight against the cold okay, counter reset, and i'm finally ready,  and uh yeah let's go along egirdir lake,   let's enjoy the beauty of this uh...  of western, southwestern anatolia oh it's cold really cold okay guys from my uh luxurious room, here in uh,  near egirdir, uh luxurious 20 dollars room, look   at that, big bed, and the bathroom, but i have got  also a full apartment you know, i get two sofas,   well almost a kitchen, 20  USD for all that, quite good,   anyway, let's go to have a look at egirdir, to  see how it looks like, it's a touristic village   actually, it's a touristic small town, so  let's go, let's go have a look at it...   so basically that's egirdir, egirdir is  just there, and it's special because well,   it's on a lake in the mountains, as you  can see, there are mountains all around and what's special is there is this strip  of land, that yeah, there is this strip of   land, and there is a village like in the middle  of the lake, at the end of the strip of land,   so first things first, i'm  hungry, so let's find some food let's quickly go to see ataturk, before  eating, because ataturk is the father   of modern day turkey, he's the one who  created the republic of turkey, the secular,   i think that's how you say in english, the secular  republic of turkey, here is the great ataturk i mean without him turkey would probably not exist as it is  now, it would be probably more a puzzle of   different uh, different small nations, but uh  ataturk managed to unify all the turks after the   defeat of the ottomans in the first world war, and  he managed to unify all the turks nationalists,   to creat modern-day turkey, that's why  turkish people cherish so much ataturk and you have çorba? no chicken... lentils tavuk, i know it means chicken mencimek, i don't know what it means, so i hope  it's the other one, so it's lentils,   and uh and i ordered manti which are, i think, the dumplings, turkish  dumplings, i'll see what i get anyway so that's the soup, look at that, so they give  me the peppers, well chili, not so strong but   it's chili, wow a lot of herbs, and i never  know really what to do with the herbs actually and the bread, yeah i never really  know what to do with the herbs,   i don't know if it's a salad, or if you should  put it in the soup, or i don't know anyway,   and the soup that looks lovely, yeah it's  definitely, it looks like it's the lentil soup yeah it's the lentil soup, i love it, i should  learn the word actually, well usually they   only have the chicken and the lentil, so i know  how to say chicken, so then it's the other one wow, fantastic that's the most basic meal i think, in  turkey, the çorba, the normal çorba   it's really one of my favorites, it's so good well they're bringing me hard bread for  the soup, fantastic, i've noticed sometimes   when you have the camera, they start to  bring you more and more food, we'll see let's try the salad i am like a rabbit really good also so i guess that's the manti, a  first for me, never tried before it does not look like dumplings  actually, i have no idea what it is it's like pasta, pasta, makarna it's full of yogurt, very good, it's cold  actually, it's good, it's really good, i don't   know why i thought it was dumplings, maybe i heard  that somewhere, i thought i heard that somewhere it's a sort of pasta, with a shape  different from everywhere else the yogurt sauce is fantastic fantastic, okay, that's a great meal,  so i'm very happy with my experiments,   it's the first time i have this meal, really  good, so yeah, see you after lunch guys okay i paid three euros and a half,  for the soup and the manti, and the manti, i have no idea how you would call  that in english, except by its turkish name,   anyway three euros and a half for the çorba  and the manti, it was very good, fantastic,   and yeah let's go to explore  this strip of land on the lake,   and probably that will be it  for our exploration of egirdir i really like the traditional turkish dress,   it's very uh, it's full of dignity, so  let's see if we can get inside this uh this citadel, the citadel of egirdir, it is  not known when exactly the citadel was built,   the existing remains belong to the byzantine  period, the byzantium period, the citadel which   is on a peninsula projecting into the lake, that's  how you say, yeah i did not know how to say it,   so it's not a strip of land, well it's a peninsula  projecting into the lake, that's very precise it was... that was so funny, because for me i  thought, i'm gonna go inside... you know when  

going through that door, i thought i'm gonna  go inside the fortress, inside the citadel,   but then it's just uh you just go through, and  there is nothing, it's just a wall that remains,   i don't know, it was disappointing for me,  i was expecting to arrive inside the... inside a fortress or something like that,  and in the end i was just on the road what a great place it's really funny to have this  uh, turquoise, turquoise lake   in the middle of a very arid landscape,  quite uh, well not desertic, but quite dry and here is a church actually, actually  it's funny because there is nothing that uh,   i mean the building is just like  a normal house, just an old house,   but so there is no cross or anything, there  is nothing to recognize it from outside,   but there is a.... well a  sign, if you want to read you can pause the video if you want to read,  and uh yeah so that's a an old greek church so basically we are uh... well kind of  in the middle of the lake, i mean between   the shore there, and the shore, and  this one... it's kind of halfway,   so we went quite far inside the lake, into the  lake, we projected ourselves into the lake,   so i guess from this uh projection of  ourselves into the lake of egirdir, here in   anatolia, i guess we're still in anatolia,  in western anatolia, well then uh,   see you later guys, ciao, see you for the next  adventure which is gonna be on the way to antalya ciao guys

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