Meades, Franco Building, Mass Tourism, 2019

Meades, Franco Building, Mass Tourism, 2019

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Oh. Aha. Booyah. Booyah. Feral, is, an isolated, port on the Gila thean coast in northwest, Spain, it. Was here that Francisco, Franco. Who would become el código and the, longest-lived. Of Europe's 20th, century dictators, was. Born in, 1892. In. Commemoration, of that great event the, city was made to bear the name El, Faro, de, código from. 1938. To 1982. Khadijah, was the title Franco, gave himself it means leader or, strong man. Disputes. Over street, names and place names which celebrate, the dictator still. Go on getting. On for half a century after his death. Churchill. Called Franco, gallant, Christian, gentlemen, HG. Wells corrected, him a, murderous. Christian, gentlemen. From. An early age the, future, murderer. Unquestioningly. Accepted. The Christian dogma, that he was force-fed, at school. Farrell. Is also an Arsenal, a shipyard. And a garrison. He. Accepted two of Garrison's hierarchy. As the natural order. Martial. Discipline, martial. Asceticism, and, martial. Mores, add. To, those an oppressive, omnipresent, religious. Credulous honest which, infected, all aspects. Of life a borderline. Troubled, loner and, Franco, could watch pious, pilgrims. From northern Europe, disembark. Here on their, way to Santiago, de Compostela. Like. So much in this religion, contaminated. Country, the. Fortress, which guards Farrell's Harbor bears, the name of a saint, the. Fortress is holy it. Protects, the port and it, is in turn protected. By a saint in this. Case Saint Philip, who. Was reprimanded. By Jesus, at the Last Supper for asking. Lord. Show. Us the father, the. Marshall and the sacred, are bonded together, you. Don't get one without the other, that. Indissoluble. Link would. Become the defining aesthetic. Of Franco's official architecture. The, city's Cathedral is, dedicated. To Saint Julien and patron. Of ferryman. And circus. Clowns. This. Church is dedicated to, st. Francis. St.. James. Santiago. Was. One of the three apostles who, witness Christ's, Transfiguration. Which. Like lycanthropy. Is a common, enough form of shape-shifting. This. Is what st. James witnessed, according, to Mark's Gospel. His. Raiment became. Shining, exceeding. White as snow so. As no fuller on, earth can wipe them. The. Writing is sumptuous dreamy. Art, rather, than Dogma. It. Was through Galicia, that. Saint James brought Christianity to, Spain. Saint. James was assisted, in his proselytize in, task by the Virgin Mary who.

Arrived At mushiya, on the goona thean coasts in a boat, which. Turned to stone. The. Petrified, remnants, of that boat have, curative. And predictive. Properties. They. Can treat Lyme's disease. Phimosis. Infertility. Greta's, sports. Rheumatism. Liver, lice and the Niels. When. Set James returned to Judea Herod. Beheaded. Him, his. Headless body was taken back to Spain to be buried, as. The boat carrying, him was back to more a knight. On horseback fell, into the sea. St.. James dead, and headless remember. Rescued. The rider who. Emerged, Covenants, scallop shells, hence the inseparability, of Saint, James and the scholar the, horses. Fate remains undisclosed. St.. James's hair is it the way it's. Also a Tamia our, ass, and Samuel there. Are bones and strands of hair at quoi and vezelay, his, entire, body is in, Toulouse, is. Also in all J and Loki, wreck there. Are few places which. Are bereft of, morsels, of this man, he. Was posthumously, generous. With his phosphates. Santiago. Saint James was. In, Franco's, frail grasp of history and sounded. Grasp of myth the. Savior, whose, Christianity. Was the glue that had. Held together the disparate, people of the, Iberian, Peninsula. Franco. Restored, him to the position of patron, saint of Spain a position. From which he had been blasphemously. Sacked by the secular, Republic. He. El código, was the inheritor. Of Santiago. He. Was spiritual, and actual. Myth. And blood. He. Would reunify. Spain, Galicia. Would be as much Spanish, as they were collision, and Eckstrom, adorns, and Murphy, ins the. Resistant, basts and catlins would. Be reunified, by. Aerial, diplomacy. Franco. Was throughout his life, ostentatiously. Short, dictator. Short only. Kim jung-il was, shorter. He. Was also ostentatiously. Pius, the. Latter suggests. Massive, idiocy which. Was certainly not the case or. Massive hypocrisy, which. Was. He, despised, his father as, sometimes, violent, generally, feckless, vilandra. And yes. He revered his mother the, very picture of piety, the. Adored mother the sainted mother alone. Of all her sex the, epitome, of immaculate. Sea, had. It not been for her duty before God to give birth to little Paquito. She, might been a nun, she. Might have been the Virgin. We've. Been here before. At. Some point when he was alive or perhaps dead who knows James. Again encountered, the miracle, mother whilst, he was praying on the banks of the Ebro, at Caesar. Augusta. Which would become her agasa. This. Time she, was held aloft on a Jasper pillar, by angels. Hence. The name of Sara Casas Basilica, el pilla. She. Set a precedent, for attention-seeking. Ascetics. Such, as simon stiii tease who. Lived for 37, years on top of a pillar near Aleppo and, became, the subject of Huey spoon rolls film Simon of the desert. Oonh. Well the most devout, most. Observant. Most. Gleefully, blasphemous. Of atheists. Was. Seven years younger than Franco, and, a walk to mirror to him his. Landowning family, was, rich worldly. And liberal. His. Attitude, towards, Christian, obfuscation. And superstition. Was, the very contrary, of Franco's. Been. Well was the greatest, Spanish artist of his century. He. Believed that mortadella. Must be made by the blind he. Shows what good, comes from a hostile, education. If you, resist it criticize. It and form. It during mass rather. Than meetly accept, it in the way that Franco, did, nothing. Should be meekly. Accepted. And, Benoit thought that, Picasso's. Guernica was, meretricious. He, thought it ought to be burnt. Much, of his relentlessly. Anti-clerical. Art was. Devoted, to mocking, the church's, rights to. Demolishing. Its dogma, and supernaturalism. To.

Ridiculing, Its beliefs to. Exposing, its hypocrisy, to. Lambast in politicians, who upheld, its doctrines. Much, of his relentlessly. Anti-clerical. Life however was. Devoted, to amiable. Conversation. With priests, in a spirit of mutual tolerance. The. Church was his making its. Pomp and superstitions. Gave, him a second subject, it, suckered, him it, fascinated. Him it, repulsed, him it fed his skepticism and, contempt. For obedience, for. The bullying, military. Mentality. The. Jesuit, dictum, give. Me the child for his first seven years and I will give you the man is a coarse boast. Boon. Well and James Joyce for that matter. Perversely. Make the case for faith, schools, but. Only for the sentient, who. Will be so offended, by the drivel, that, they are dished up that. They will mutiny, and. Rebel against, the brainwashers. And become. Atheists. In perpetuity. The. In sentient. Meanwhile, will. Join the army, or the priesthood, or some. Other line of business where. Your life is mapped, out before you. Eight. Centuries after, his last known appearance James. Rose from his grave but. Its graves. Reunited. His head with his body parts, who need to think of film in Reverse and, put. In a guest appearance on, a white charger at. The Battle of Clavijo in. La rocca. He. Personally, killed five. Thousand, Muslims, so getting the name, Matamoros. More, Slayer. This. Was during the Reconquista. Which gradually rid, the Iberian, Peninsula of, Islam. Here's. Franco, beneath st. James's white charger. His. Ideal, of his country, was based in the past. That. Was where Spain's, future, lay in. An evocation of, his native, god-fearing. Galicia, in an, invocation to, of god-fearing. Castile or, Spain, arid. And unforgiving. We're. From the age of 14, he had, spent three years in. The military, academy in the, alcázar, at Toledo. Familiar. From El Greco, in his, Thomas Hart Benton mode, a. Building. Which was evidently fixed. In Franco's, memory, he. Was burdened with Christian, myths Celtic. Myths the. Link between the holy and the Marshall, was, total, which. Part of the past in particular was, Franco keen to evoke, that'll. Be the preposterous, past, when. God's majesty, was unchallenged, when. His bellicose, will was done by Christian, soldiers. When, buildings, both sacred and secular, were, ornamentally. Frugal, ascetic. Harsh, militaristic. And. Big. Tyrants. Build big, absolutists. Build bigger. Fascists. Build biggest. They. Identify. Whatever. That means with. Warriors, of the past, Franco. Had the hots for El Cid, as well. As Saint James. Franko's. Representational. Architecture. Which, was intended to symbolize, the state and its leader who. Was a gift from God to the Spanish people was. Founded, in the knowledge that many of those people were cowed by superstition. Were. Gullible were. Easily, led. Franco. Was blessed with low cunning, he. Knew his people. The. Place with the most insistent, claim, on st. James's, body is the, Galilean city of Santiago, de Compostela, where. Lights in the perpetual fog, led some Shepherds it's always shepherds to, a bush beneath. Which was concealed, a marble chest filled, with bones. Which. Prompted the ninth century King, Alfonso the second to degree that a basilica should. Be built to house them. Franco. Appears to have had no taste, for the baroque, failing. He shared with Hitler and Mussolini. What. Must have appealed him then about Santiago. Was, the submission. Of, pilgrims. To mumbo-jumbo and, to, po-faced, theatricality. A. Piety. In the face of nonsense. The. City's defining, industry, would become the propagation, and maintenance of superstition. It. Honors st. James's memory. The. Relics found here are the, most genuine. Most authentic. Most, most. James Ian and no, of course, there is no DNA to attest, to the bones provenance. Both, Gordon st. James of realities. In. The mind of believers, were. They not realities. No. One would make the pilgrimage to Santiago a, place. Whose sanctity, is exceeded, only by Rome, and Jerusalem. This. Was the destination, of, the pilgrims, whom the young Franco, had watched disembark. It fare all, they. Walked 70 miles from the port to here. Compared. With the majority of the routes to the sacred, city, this. Was unpunished. Hardly. Likely to mortify, the flesh. Vilification. In the honour of God. The. Sweat the flayed flesh. The first the. Sheer rigor required, the. Mental toughness and, beyond, that epic, struggle, with oneself, there. Were hostile, exterior. Hazards, the. Sun the. Rushing, rivers the. Freezing, nights the. Crumbling, bridges the, slopes and thorns, the. Scars, attacked. By wolves attacked. By bears. Catched. By Eagles, attacked. By human animals, the. Presage, of a terrible, posthumous fade. Swindling. Hotel keepers, the thieves and footpads, the con men the Pardoner's, the indulgences. Sales teams. The. Specialists. Flagellants, equipped, to supply extra, pain if. Only. The. Arduous pilgrimage, the actual getting there was.

Paramount, It. Was evidently, open-air. Masochism. It, was exhibitionistic. It. Was meant to hurt, it. Made exceptional, demands on the body. The. Head of Franco's. National, Youth League said. That the pilgrimage, was. Spanish. Thus fascist, it was fascist, the, Spanish. And. Saint James was very fascist. Of, course hair shirted, godliness, is not peculiarly, Catholic, it, is ecumenical. It. Recurs throughout the, history of delusions. The. Earliest, recorded, pilgrim, in the year eight nine, nine was. A bishop God. Else kak. His. Diocese, was the pre-owned Velle in the, sudden overran the city, is a topographical. And geological, prodigy. Such. Places exceptionalism. Fermented. Religious, faith in an age of scientific ignorance. The. Great rocks were supposed to be goddesses, descended to earth. The. Bishops example, was followed over the next 400 years. Roots. Were established, and, all. Along them in, southwest, France and, northern, Spain there, grew up dozens, of ripoff. Towns and mercantile. Villages. Such. As conch. Estella. Santo. Domingo, de la calzada. The. Settlements, were competitive, with each other each. Had its own gamut, of miracles. At. Ohsepr REO bread. Was turned into bleeding, flesh, and, Santa Domingo. Roast, chickens, came back to life roast. Doves flew out of an oven. Divine. Punishments. Were meted out by God, a vengeful. Old bastard, who'd, forgotten, to take his medications. People. Come back to life after being crushed by masonry, a monk. Expiates. His Lu Britishness, by, castrating, himself before God can, punish him ascend. A presumption, rather than a miracle surely. Ends, hospitals. And sanctuaries, were, built to profit, from pilgrim hordes, and to. Exploit them, its. Boasted, that in the early Middle Ages half, a million people, traveled annually, to Santiago. The. Precise figures are of course unknowable. We, have to have faith in sacred. Statistics. Pilgrimage. Was a form of mass hysteria. Pilgrims. Expected. To experience, the miraculous. Visions. Cures. And. If you expect, to get them you. Probably, will get them or, convince yourself, that you have got them. Pilgrims. Were the first tourists. They. Laid the foundation, for all subsequent, tourism. Today's. Tourists, expect something, different from, home something. Miraculous. Something. Exotic, they. May call themselves travelers. But, the gulf between tourists. And travelers is non-existent, save. In terms of social class. The. Expectation. And anticipation, remain. The same across. Ages, across, cultures. And. No one bothers to reflect that Travel may, narrow the mind that. It may corrupt. Go. As a pilgrim, come. Back as a halt. From. The mid 14th, century, numbers declined. Bubonic. Plague the. Black Death swept. Through Europe, from Central Asia, the. Reputation of rats has never quite recovered. The. Plague was God's will. Those. Who were spared, made. The pilgrimage as, humbly. Thankful, penitence, and, were. Infected by fellow pilgrims. By. Innkeepers, by, Pardoner's. By. Indulgences. Sales teams who, have been infected by previous, customers, go. As a pilgrim, come. Back as a corpse, the. Greatest. Cause of the decline was however doctrinal. The, Reformation. Which. Began a century, and a half after, the Black Death, this. Schism, set. In motion the, fracture, of Christian, communions. It. Would lead to a multiplicity, of competing, denominations. And, eventually, to a Christian, inflected, secularism, and. Thence to the Republicans. Militant, secularism and, provocative. Anti klaris ISM which. Franco's, nationalists, eventually. Annihilated. Martin. Luther, accused. The Pope and the Cardinals, of practicing, sodomy. He. Was a bit of a spoil sport, why. Else do men become, priests, what is the point of striving. To attain the. Rank of Bishop Archbishop. Cardinal Reeve and Pope if you, can't enjoy the perks of someone else's perineum. Luther's. Ire was aimed too at Pilgrims, and pilgrimages. He. Castigated. Pilgrims, for, their self-congratulation. For. Performing, good works and acts of piety to show off. He. Abhorred the clergy, who dreamt up evermore pilgrimages. Created. New markets for indulgences. And manufactured. Relics, the. Clergy, was impressively, rapacious. As well as lube richest. Spain. Itself was, little touched by the Reformation, whose, propaganda. From the north was spread by print. Possession. Of smuggled, texts. Heterodoxy. Heresy. And apostasy, were. Punished, by the Inquisition's, executive, fulfillment, and specialist, remonstrance, programs. The. Full go the common people were. No more or less illiterate, than the people of other European, nations, but. They were more, superstitious. And they. Lived in a society where. The boundaries, between church, and state were, so intertwined, that they were almost indiscernible. It. Was pilgrims, from outside, Spain whose interest, waned and, pilgrims, from what Spain calls the, continent, from.

Europe Beyond the Pyrenees, for, in Europe, the. Road to Santiago went, out of fashion and, it. Remained out of fashion for, over 300, years. Then. In 1884. Leo. Xiii papal. Bull decreed, that yet more relics, found by builders that Santiago were. Beyond. All possible. Doubt those. Of st. James. By. The time of that bull fewer. Than a hundred pilgrims. Each year were making their way to Santiago, and almost, all of them Spanish. Pilgrims. Would pass by the Grande ships, the. Countless. Fortresses. And castles which. Abound in northern, Spain. They're. Impressively, forcible, reminders, that, Christians, and Muslims fought a holy war over several hundred years, and, they. Secured, their lands, their Vanquish, lands and their recovered, lands, with. These supposedly, impenetrable. Bastions. Which. Were barracks, refuges. And arsenals. Franco. Appreciated. That religions, are armed. Cults, and, there. Are no coats more, potent, than crusade. And jihad. And no. Causes, more holy than, the. Repulsion of jihad, and the defeat of crusade. To. Subscribe to a religion, is to, commit oneself, to its survival, to, fight for it to cleanse which. Means to kill and to. Sanctify. Which. Means the land grab. Murder. The Kufa murder. The infidel. As. A young officer in north africa, Franco, was in a battle which ended, with the heads of a dozen Moroccans, being brought back to base as trophies. Mission. Accomplished. Seized. The enemy's territory violators. Women enslave his children. Indoctrinate. Them with the true faith, which. Is our faith. There. Are bad lot religionists. Bad, as each other. These. Castles, were hefty signals, of how, the country had been made had. Had been recovered, how it had been won how. Its holy rocks, and, rivers and soil have. Been divvied up amongst, warriors. They. Stand as monuments. To, forms of governance the, pre Democratic. Rival. And aristocratic. To. Achieve such a state once again was, the aspiration. Of the purchases, of whom Franco was a leader and, not yet supreme, a military. Coup d'etat of July, 1936. Which triggered, the civil war was. Intended, to rid Spain, of a democratically. Elected Republican, government, which, was to read too, liberal to. Secular, to. Appeal to uppity, army officers, and their landed pay masters. The. Architecture, of the Republic, had been progressive, a Spanish. Variant, of international, modernism, which. Was to the Nationalists, to. International. To. Cosmopolitan. To. Modern. Insufficiently. Spanish. It, looked to the rest of Europe to. America and especially to Argentina, it. Was an architecture. Made by citizens, of the world. Not. By xenophobes. The. Nationalists, aim to establish a state that, was variously. Rural. Insular. Catholic. Monarchist. Intolerant. Vengeful. Fascist. Pre-reformation. These. Were seen as virtues, the. Yearn for the Middle Ages. The. Nationalists, called the civil war the. Holy war, they. Had God on their side, that. They were victorious, was. Proof of it. The. Republicans. Paid for their anti terrorism. They. Had banned the Jesuits, they had burnt God's houses, they had murdered priests. They. Had incurred gods are and, as, the Old Testament, persistently, reminds, us God. Is a shit, who. Shares the characteristics. Of a Sicilian, cattle. God. Is not a nice guy. Franco's. Holy triumph, it was infamously. Achieved, with Italian infantry, in, German, artillery and aircraft, the. Spanish Foreign Legion and, the regular, days, the. Foreign Legion was in fact not foreign that mainly Spanish, and, the regularise, were, not that regular, they, were North African, mercenaries, airlifted. Into Spain by German troop planes many. Of them belong to that branch of the Catholic Church called. Islam. Money. Trump's, faith. The. Legion, and the regular a's shot. Prisoners, gang, raped women, castrated. Men and placed their genitals, in their mouths an islamic, speciality. Which. Would resurface, in algeria, 20 years later that's. Freedom fighting for you they. Had been promised, pillage, and they got it. Savored. It with the indulgent, sanction, of, Franco's, Catholic, nationalist officers. Pillage. Was. Policy. Pillaged. Trump's, even money. The. Brave or foolhardy Christian. Philosopher, Miguel. De Unamuno, had. Initially, been enthused. By the nationalist, coup.

But. He ended his days under, house arrest. Having, publicly. Humiliated. Bono, Franco's, most senior generals. Earlier. He had described, the Nationalists, as Catholic. Without, Christianity. They. Practice, ancient, militarized, Spanish, traditions, that, are not Christian. He. Died after suffering a, half side stroke. Fortunately. He, was unconscious, when, his slippered, foot slid, down into the fire to meet his God. In. The years following Franco's. Victory, Spain, was not at war while, most of the rest of Europe was. It. Was in a position to, construct, something other than defensive, buildings. Britain. Was desperately, erecting, Nissen huts and pillboxes. Germany. Was designing bunkers, and death factories. Spain. Was agriculturally. Backward. Million. Suffered, shortages, many. Were homeless, the. Economy, was stagnant, there, were strikes and riots the. Black market, thrived. Rationing. Continued, to 1952. Nonetheless. He. Embarked, on a program, of building. It. Largely neglected to. Address, the manifold, social, problems, but that was never the point the. Purpose, of the program was. To a swage his, massive vanity. He. Was cadiz oh he. Was Generalissimo. He. Was bravissimo. It. Was ostentatiously. Backward-looking, program. Of building. It. Processed, into the past, it. Was a grandiose, procession. Certainly, but. Also clawed hopping and course, but. Then a light touch doesn't, go with the job of dictator. Franco's. Mission, or vision or. Destiny. Or calling. One of those things anyway, was. To exhume, the, omnipotent, Imperial. Spain, of the Hapsburgs. Philip. Ii. He. Wished to be treated, as the equal, of that king. He, aim to consolidate. The position, he had attained as a belligerent, by. Recreating, this, Golden, Age which. Unusually. And unlike, most golden ages has some claim to actually having existed. He, also sought, to somehow reincarnate. L said, whatever. That involves. When. The dreary film with gun-crazy charlton. Heston the, title role was shot near berlin thea franco. Loaned the production, several, thousand, soldiers as, extras. Which. No doubt helped, with his metempsychosis, ambition. The, escorial was. Holy as well as regal. It, was the work of one Bautista. De Toledo and after. His death Wanda, Herrera, who. Was commanded, by Philip to make a building that expressed, nobility. Without. Arrogance. Majesty. Without. Ostentation. Herrera. Was. Also responsible for the alcazar, of toledo. These. Two buildings are deemed to be the pinnacle of spanish, architectural, achievement. Their. Obsessive, and repetitive. Sobriety, is. Weirdly. As dizzying. As the, frenetic ism, of the, baroque or the turaga resk and. Equally. Weirdly, the. Chile rigor feels. Almost protestant. They, were Castilian, both. A little over a day's ride from Madrid. The. Homogenize Asian, the centralization, the. Castilian, ization, of the nation was. A paramount, domestic, policy, Castile. Stood for Spain it. Was the model for the mores of the country, devoutly. Pious, austere. Harsh. Climate, harsh, temperament. The. Air ministry in Madrid, derives, the ventually from. The escorial a strange. Model, for a building with such a purpose. That. Apart clay tourism should be skilfully, disguised. Inventive. This. Sort of dull literal, copy of a copy of a copy is akin. To the incestuous Hapsburgs, themselves. With. Each succeeding, generation, that. Abilities, and infirmities became, more pronounced. Franco's, was a strange, boastfulness. His. Massive caprices. Would, take decades to, be built and thus, to be seen. He. Was out to impress but. Impress who. Under. His rule Spain detached, itself from Europe, from, the Allies obviously. Also. From the Axis powers with. Whom it had sympathized. Depended. On and Exploited, but. Kept at arm's length an, arm. That, had grown longer, the closer Gotterdammerung, loomed. Franco. Would never have to repay his debts to Hitler and Mussolini. After. Their defeat. Self-sufficiency. Autarky. Became. Spain's necessary. Ideology. And, a. Lesson in being, careful about what you wish for. Spain, found itself a friendless, mistrusted. Outcast. A pariah. State, whose. Non intervention, in the second world war was. Not enough to absolve it from being something more than just a mere fellow traveler, of Nazism. And Mussolini's, fascism. The. Western bloc didn't bother to mask its distaste, for Franco's, regime, but. The realpolitik. And paranoia, of the early Cold War, demanded. That it should not intervene in Spain to depose him or, offer any support to his opponents, for. Without him, Spain, might be overtaken. By communism. Reckoned. To be an infinitely, greater threat, than, toothless, fascism. Franco's. Architectural. Revivalism. Was. Of the style of the escorial neo. Her, Arianism. It. Was an expression of Spain's boastfully. Proclaimed, isolationism. To. Look back with overt piety, was. A sort of patrician, snub to the increasingly, sideline, falen gists and equally. To the Western democracies.

Which, Were optimistically. Looking, forward to nothing more spiritual. Than. White goods for all white. Wall tires plate. Glass electric. Carving knives juke, boxes, automatic. Transmission. Steering. Column gear shifts, television. Teas maids bubble, cars gongs. Motor, scooters, ballpoint. Pens coca-cola, and burgers, domestic. Telephones, lighters. Shaped like pebbles dry, nylon, sheets, terr, gal skirts. Such. A consumerist, future, was to be held in contempt, Spain's, future, wasn't, like that, yet. The. Cute greetings, card urchin, the, raggedy, ragamuffin. Is a, Kitsch derivation. From, bartolome, morio, his. Paintings, were early, essays in kiddie porn, street. Arabs of the 17th, century were, improbably, as cheerful, as he represented. Them, they. Were more, likely famished. Diseased, crippled, and, subject, to casual, violence forced, into prostitution, raped. Those. Are the bad old days. Franco. Did nothing to improve their lot rather he, conjured up the bad new days he. Created, orphans, by the thousand, and, he ate them by the score. And. He. Created orphanages. Such as this one in he's on warlike, madrassas, really. Indoctrination. With lashings, take that how you will lashings, of orthodoxy, and obscurantism. The. Children, of murdered Republicans, would. Be brainwashed with Mariola, tree and Hagee ology. Their. Teachers, were sadistic, brides of Christ and, predatory. Bridegroom's. Of Christ. Further. In addition to children whose, parents were, dead there. Were children of surviving. Republican. Parents, who, was stolen, in, order, to be re-educated. What. Is today the he's on Technical University was. Designed by Luis Moya as Norwich. An inculcate. Rework, has for, thousands of children. Fascist. Regimes, and the Catholic. Church had. Perverse ideas, about the sort of building, that was appropriate, for orphans. There. Is an unmistakable. Correspondence. With. Amando. Pristine ease equally, medley' maniac, orphanage, heal compress, so de buen pastor day, in Rome. Built, a few years earlier. Some. Children of Republicans, bore revolutionary. Given names passin. Aria Luxembourg. October. Jemmy now son, juste, this. Heretical, nomenclature. Was, quashed. Pope. Pius the 12th the, amnesiac, one with a pair of blind eyes towards, Nazi, atrocities, had. A message for Spain on Franco's, victory. So. Many innocent. Children, were taken to faraway lands, often.

In Danger, of apostasy, and perversion. We. Desire nothing more ardently. Than. To see them return to the bosom of their families, and those, others who as, prodigal. Sons wish. To return to the house of the Father we. Doubt not that they will be welcomed, with goodwill. And love. This. Building is the largest in Spain which gives some indication of. The, grandiosity. Of the, brainwash project. It's. In galicia Franco's native Galicia, but. It bears no relation, to Galicia. And vernacular. It. Is. An emblem, of Franco's. Moral, reconquest. His. Sack realization. Of everyday life and. His Castilian, ization, of everyday, life. Holy, years are those when, the feast of st. James July, the 25th, falls, on a Sunday. The, holy year of 1948. Was, the first in 11 years. In. 1948. Santiago. De compostela, attracted. Half a million pilgrims, more, tourists. They. Enjoyed such, pious, diversions. As fireworks. Football. Tournaments. And bullfights. Even, though the last weren't. And still aren't locally, popular. But. The Jamboree was. Not merely a question of, devotion, to st. James or a penitence, of absolution. Of self-denial. St.. James and Spain, were, once again indivisible. Hence. That Holy Week was also a celebration, of, Spain and Spanish, nurse and, by. The by it was an earner it. Was an opportunity for, the pariah state, denied, for an aid to get. Its fascistic, gauntlets, on some, democratic, coin, francs. And chrono, solves. And marks, money. Which could be used for among other projects, the building. Of el valle de los que dos the. Valley of the Fallen. Not. That the builders were paid. This. Was the biggest slave, labor project, in Europe since World War two, the. Slaves were captured, Republicans, political, prisoners, housed. In a concentration, camp and, worked. To death, el. Trabajo, and, Noblet, a worker. Nobles whose, translation, is Arbeit macht frei. The. Rizal claim is that, this, exemplary. Feet of pomposity, honors. The dead of both sides in the Civil War. Valle. De los que dos is a, gargantuan, work, of kitsch, the. Fabricators, of kitsch don't realize, how laughable, their work is camp. Is the very opposite, it, is knowing. Like. Many dictators. Franco. Considered, himself an artist he. Harassed the architects. It's. Hypocrisy Maidstone. A, shrine. To a merciless. Absolutist. And an. Insult, to everyone else save, those diseased, nostalgics. Who, still worship, Him. Este, suna Dumba in legality. This. Is a tomb to shit on. He. Deserves the sort of grave that Hitler, and Himmler Boorman. And Mussolini, Gaddafi. And bin Laden got no. Grave at all no headstone no name no, provocation to remember, he. Could be exhumed, and dumped. On a tip. Obliterated. Though. If the same standard, is applied irrespective. Of date, then. It has to be said that the in human resources, and construction, methods of this nations abundant, castles, and churches. Fortifications. And aqueducts, ought, also to be reckoned, shameful. One. Difference is that memories, of the actual, making of those structures, dissipate, over centuries over, millennia, the, structure, remains whilst. The reckoning, the, tally of how many died and the, conditions, in which they had endured a living, death, become. Largely unknowable. Points. Of contention between. Advocates. Of opposing persuasions. Whose. Arguments, are based in nothing more than wishful nurse. Stones. In T or they're. No help they have nothing to say. Forty-two. Years after Franco's, death Spain's. Socialist, government, famously, and riskily, made, the decision, to legislate, on crimes, committed, during and, after the Civil War, despite. A general, amnesty having, been declared in 1977. That. Grossly. Shamefully. Biased amnesty. Created. An equivalence. Between. State-sponsored. Nationalist. Murderers, who were granted immunity and, political. Refugees, who are allowed to return to Spain and, laughably. Invited. To, forget the unforgettable. To. Sweep 40, years of state crimes, under the carpet. Fascism. Endured, in Spain long. After, it had been elsewhere excised. As anything but a putrid fringe, grouping, there. Are many people alive today in Spain who, have personal, first-hand, and unmediated. Memories. Of Franco's, regime. Or. Collective. Memory, and collective. Memory loss to. Be responsive, to legislation. Can. They be responsive. A well-intentioned. Morally, justified, government, instructing, its people how, to remember, a despised.

Former, Government, is obviously. Going to be accused of aping that former governments dictates. There. Is governmental, resolve. Parliamentary. Determination. But. The country is divided. Franco's. Family, is bizarrely, still. Powerful and prepared. To raise countless. Legal obstacles, a. Symptom. Of Spain's dilemma, is. That Spanish writers. Are loath to address, it it. Remains to English writers to wrestle with the elephant, paul preston, charles, Tremlett jeremy, to clone. The. Dead seemed, fated to remain, willfully untraced. Anyway. You stand in Spain you may be standing on a grave a mass. Grave, a grave dug, by its future, occupants. So. Long Kivar they say Nega acabar su propia tomba only. A coward refuses. To dig his own grave. The. Thousands, of graves which contain thousands, of victims are. Unsigned. There. Is unmarked, as plague pits. Finding. Them in this vast country is difficult, searches. Are based on hearsay, which. Is itself, based on, further hearsay. Which, is based on yet more hearsay. As, the pilgrimage, to Santiago became. Ever more popular, in the decade after world war two so. Did the Parador chain expand. In the north of the country. These. Were hotels. Based. Supposedly. On North, American, models country, ends such. As you might find in California, North, Carolina, and the Catskills. They. Offered a level of luxury unusual. In post-war, Europe, some. Are in expressly, constructed. Buildings, others. Were former hospitals, castles. And monasteries. Their. Success, caused, a trickle, to turn to a stream. However. Only a minority of pilgrims, could afford them their. Clientele, tended, rather to be what were not yet called culture. Tourists. The. Sort of by Dekker people, whose, holiday reading. Might have included Madame, Dona as memories, of the courts of Spain Georg, borrow Gerald, Brennan and so, several sit well his. Boldly, entitled. Spain, had. Just appeared his first publication, was in 1950. Sitwell. Was. Enthusiastic. About Peres, doors the. Benefits, they confer, upon, the traveler, can hardly be exaggerated.

They've. Made it possible to see some of the most beautiful scenery and. Architecture. In cleanliness. And, comfort. The, problem, for an economically, fragile, country, desperate, for foreign revenue, was. That the number of church snoopers, castle. Crawlers, collectors. Of ruins, and gastronomic adventurers. Was limited. The. Resources, old stones sublime, landscapes. Were, abundant, the. Eyes to appreciate, them weren't. The. Fashion, for neo horario no neo Hapsburg, buildings, did not survive the. Much. Bruited, isolation. Did, not prevent Spanish, architects. From acquainting, themselves, with what was happening in the rest of the world, they. Were all too aware that. The official, style was old hat. The. Revivalist, buildings, turned out to be a parenthetical, interlude. Both. Preceded. And followed by. Modernism. Modernism. In different forms many. Of which were akin to those of the rest of Europe. Then. There was international, amnesia, about the civil war and Franco's. Collaboration. With the axis. This. Amnezia, was, encouraged, by America's. Strategic, friendship, of convenience. Financial. Assistance, in return for land on which, to build air bases. The. Super Paris example, was followed, it. Was not just Spain but, the entirety of, impoverished. Western, Europe, which regarded, Eisenhower's, complacently. Paranoid, United, States as, the land of plenty and, the land of the future. Nevermind. The vulgarity. Spain. Too could soon have to tone everything, gongs. Motor, scooters, ballpoint. Pens, jukeboxes. Tees, maids and bubble cars. The. Spanish state became less ideological. Yes. It's still imprisoned, its political, enemies and thought criminals, and. It's, still executed. Son by strangulation. But. The government, was increasingly, influenced. By the predominantly, lay Catholic, organization. Opus Dei and its. So-called technocrats. Judicious. Pragmatists. Many of them celibate. Determined. To open Spain, to the world. How, many members of the government belong. To overstay, now there, are three ministers. In. The cabinet in, Franco's cabinet who are members, abstain, Mr. Lopez righto mr. Ravel. And mr.. Notice, now. It's it's said, that they look after Opus, Dei interests, in cabinet, and the government is that correct no. We. Reject that that that's, a joke there. They are Franco's, misses they are not oppose their ministers, in. The end who is Opus, Dei responsible. To well, to the Catholic Church to, God. As. Simple is that a simple, service. The. Work of an early Opus Dei member, the architect, Miguel physec, was part of that process. Spain. Was trying to achieve what would be internationally. Recognized, as a, sort of normality. By. The mid 1950s. Fascism. Was, regarded, as a freakish, abnormality. From, a past which, was to be ignominiously, buried. Along. With its victims. Among. The liturgical reforms. Of the Second Vatican Council in, 1962. With. The introduction, of the vernacular mass, and, spatially. The. Stipulation. That the congregation, should be physically, close to the host, which. Isn't physical. It isn't literal so. The idea is bit of a non-starter. The. Deluge of new churches after vatican ii may, have had its roots in an architecture. Which already existed. The. Greatest architecture. Does, not express, the present, it presages. The future, it, shapes the future. The. Sanctuary, at her aunt's a zoo in the basque country is, the, work of the young santo and. Was designed as early as 1948. However. It met with numerous, objections. Both aesthetic. And liturgical and wasn't. Consecrated, till, 1958. Even. Then it, must have seemed way, ahead of the game. Franco's. Wish to emulate philip ii, was partially, granted, though. Not as he'd have wanted, like. That Habsburg, monarchy. Ensured. The Vatican, was, often fraught. His. Natural Ally turned. Out to be nothing of the sort it, was frequently troublesome. Imperiously. Insubordinate. And prone. To meddle in temporal, affairs. Its. New architecture. Was, a very public snub, to his traditionalism. Up. Yours khadiyah. It. Constantly, reminded. Franco, of the, debt he owed it for its support, in the civil war. He. Responded, with the incontrovertible.

Message, That, it was his forces, which. Had fought for the church and that, his state had, ensured Catholicism's. Privileged, hegemony and persecuted. Its opponents. At. The same time he reminded, the Vatican, that, Spain was a secular, state not, a proxy, theocracy. He. Found it difficult to, understand, the burgeoning, liberalism, of many of the younger clergy, and determined. To stamp it out, ingrates. A. Few. Older Virgie to among. Ambitions. He. Attempted, to usurp the, Regal right to name new bishops, that, was that maneuvered, by the Vatican. He. Countered, by imprisoning, several, dozen priests, in a clerics, only jail in Samora. Where. No doubt they. Could radicalize, each other. Other. Priests, red priests, worker, priests, harbingers, of Liberation. Theology, were. Attacked with impunity by far-right, gangs. The. Church which, had been his ally had, become a breeding ground for, disquiet. Murmured. Dissent, gave way to outright, hostility. Priests. Would be taken seriously, for, they had the ear of the people, as. They were subjected to retribution. Architects. And artists, however, were, allowed considerable. Freedom. Spain. Was gradually, abandoning. Its Hermeticism. The. Troglodyte, was, venturing, from its cave and. Was inviting people in, the. Country, was readying, itself to. Join what is commonly known as the family of Nations. Remember. 60%. Of murders, occur within the family. And the, various strains of architecture. Which asserted, themselves over, an even longer period, were. Pretty much mute. Architecture. Generally is it, hardly speaks, its, articular. C is limited. Architecture. Possesses, only the most elementary. Vocabulary. It. Is stuck for all time in early infancy. It's. Like clothes the, series, of signals a, code. Without nuances. The. Code transmitted. By the poblanos, they colonography on, or, new model villages, built in the 1950s, and 60s was. That they were a balance. They. Evidently have roots both in the generic, modern movement, and in. Some undefined, form, of regionalism. Since. The majority of them were constructed, in southern Spain that. Regionalism. Might, be extended to include the entire Mediterranean littoral. The. Sherry experiment, involved. 200, villages each. Provided. With the church and. 13,000. Houses, a hundred. Thousand, jobs four. Hundred single-sex, schools and three, million hectares of land. They. Were pragmatic. Expressions, of, agricultural. Renewal, over. One-party, states in bill to authoritarianism. And regulation, and of. A controlled, experiment, in, land tenure. Nonetheless. When, Franco, died 50% of the land was. Still in the hands of just 1%, of the population. Almost. As inequitable. As Britain, where 1% of the population owned. 60%. Of, the land. Labour. Was organized, according, to ministerial. Strictures. Smallholders, rights were, largely suppressed. Politically. Approved teachers, and loyal priests, were imported. Markets. Were regulated. Dealing. On the black was, liable for prosecution. At. The same time, colonists. Were provided, with clean homes services. Modern. Machinery and a, transport, infrastructure. Agrarian. Reform. Would not only bring improved, crops, and livestock, it. Would transform, still, feudal, peasants, into, proper farmers, the. Chaos, of land ownership, would be resolved. It would, reverse the rural diaspora. Charat. Colonists. Were given up to eight hectares, and a program of what they might grow. Stick. The. Terms of tenure, were, exacting, targets. Had to be met were. They not met the. Colonizers, might lose their home. It. Was all dependent on water on. Irrigation. On the. Possibility. Of fertility. The. More arid the country, is the. More backward, it is the, more poor it is. The. Fetishistic, importance. Granted. To water is demonstrated. By the structures. And buildings. Associated with it the. Laboratory, is where it studied, where. Its management and the means of harnessing its power are, investigated. Francisco. Franco built, more than 500, dams. He. Liked to preside at their openings, quite. Ignoring, how ecologically. Disastrous. Many of them were. His.

Self-esteem Swelled, a goiter, of patriotic, pride. Changing. The climate whether. By cloud seeding or, diverting, rivers, is the, mark of a human God an Aquarian. Magician. Who, was described, as a statesman. Unique, in the world laying, the hydraulic, foundations. For the well-being and, progress of his people. Especially. Those people who supported, him the grand landowners. The. Latter formed Easter's, who. Would be the real beneficiaries. Of his hydro failure. He. Was seen as an obsessive, creature of water the, joke amphibian. Paco. Is a diminutive, of Francesco. Rana. Means, frog, Paco. Rana may. Be roughly translated, as Frankie, frog. This. Frog like any wise Iberian. Frog was. Aware of the disequilibrium, in. The, country's water, there's. Too much of the stuff in the north and not, enough in the south. Surf. It and deficit, with. Deficit, came Brout, the. Most grandiose, of the schemes to overcome, the natural imbalance. Was, the tahoe sakura transfer. Water. Is pumped to, a height of 300, meters, above. The dam tahoe, in the, mountains east of madrid. Canalized. It flows some 300, kilometers south by southeast, through. A system, of reservoirs, dams. Tunnels. Pumping, stations, and aqueducts, tumour, thea the. Region, of spain most, afflicted by drived. The, region, to which. Provided, Franco, with, his most merciless, killers, were. The two connected. Does. Literal, thirst promote. Blood thirst, you tell us what you think. It. Is anyway a great, feat of hydraulic, engineering. His. Beneficiaries. Were again, better friend Easter's and the losers. Inhabitants. Of villages, drowned because they stood in the way of reservoirs. Many. Of the interventions, were, also ecologically. Disastrous. In, the. Age-old, battle between, environment. And profit. Here posing as the common good and agrarian, reform, it. Was of course profit. Which won the bottom. Line is the most potent, of ideals. The. Lavishly entitled. Latta, fund Easter's, may have kept their head down during the republic, but. With the water warrior, Franco favoring, them they. Could revert to type. The. Latter fund Easter's may, have considered, al-qaeda's, owed to be what the British Army calls a go quo grossly. Over, promoted, Warrant Officer, and anything. But narrows to Kratt but. They would never have dared say so and besides. He. Loved hunting so, might well have approved of this castes, invention, of a new sport, which. Had jocularly, named the, grey Aryan reform. It. Consisted, of hunting, on horseback, with. Packs of dogs the. Quarry was, peasants. Rural. Reds bucolic, Bowl she's, people. Who didn't have a ladder to be on the bottom rung of and, whose. Body would be dunked in the usual pits. Franco. Himself preferred. More conventional. Quarry, pheasant. Partridge. Pigeon. Lovers. Woodcock. Quail, grouse. Squab. Snipe. Mallard. Teal. Pin. Tail for. Hair. Rabbits. Deer. Sheep. Ponies. This. Behavior, was, often, that of an indolent figurehead. Rather. Than a hands-on, tyrant. They. Were hunting accidents, he, shot himself in the hand on Christmas, Eve 1961. And. A couple of years later the. Minister Manuel Frogger shot. Franco's, daughter no Nuka in the. Buttocks. Franco. Was otherwise preoccupied, during the 1936. Berlin Olympics, but. The prestige, that a regime can, gain from sport did not escape him. In. The. To immediately, post-war, Olympics, London, 1948. And Helsinki, 1952. Spain. Had privately. Accumulated. A single. Medal a silver. In men's pistol. The. Curious fact that we learned from Paul Preston's, great biography of Franco, is. That he was football fan who, did the pool's I repeat. That, Franco. Did the football pools. Which. Is not what one expects, of a dictator, but. Then, these fascists, move in mysterious ways and, so, of course does God, the. Greatest of all footballers. Johan Cruyff a militant, atheist. Said. That a match in Spain begins with 22, players running, onto the pitch crossing. Themselves. He. Observed that if this superstitious. Appealed, to God actually worked. Then. Every, match would end in a draw. Haber. Sido. Real. Madrid fado. Sevilla. Fado. Valencia. Sido. Hey. Toughest Pharaoh. Levante. Sato. Espanyol. Pharaoh, we. Also feel a Lea Seydoux. Atletico. De Madrid Pharaoh. Penta. We go fado. Cruyff. Scored known, go there. Is a God. The. Inadequacies of, the Spanish national team were. Apparent, in a 6-1 defeat by, Brazil, in, the 1950. World Cup, and in, its inability to, even, qualify for the 1954. Tournament. But. There were club, teams, rather. There, was eight love team Real. Madrid. Well. Of course the only Club in Europe who faded every, European, Cup competition, won, at five times with beaten finalists Graz.

Franco. Promoted, rail. His. Agents, crudely threatened. Its opponents. Especially. FC. Barcelona. The. Symbol, of aspirant. Lea secessionist. Catalonia. His. People did deals on its behalf. Matches. Were routinely, rigged, he. Thought of it as his team as his, thrilling, gift to the most international. Of games. The. Stadium, built in the late 1940s. As earth Spanish, its, original, design which, would be widely copied, had, arrived from the bullring. But. The players were as Spanish, is faring, push gas, who. Left Hungary, after the 1956. Revolt and joined, Rey ow 18. Months later they. Were as Spanish, is Alfredo, di stéfano. Who. Was so enthusiastically. Nationalist. That, he had played for his, native Argentina and. For, Colombia, before. He played for Spain. So. The all-conquering, Club which, won the first five editions, of the European, Cup and became a herald, of the newly, emerging Spain, the, centralized, Castilian. Spain was. About as Spanish, as say El Cid's. Burial-place, Burgos. Cathedral, which. Might have been airlifted from the Rhine or the Moselle. Real. Madrid's, players were and, still are known. As the meringues, because. They're all white clobber, the. Color of, st. James's, charger. Nothing. To do with them being as much mercenaries. As, Franco's, troops two decades earlier. When. Sergio, Ramos takes, off his shirt so. That we can appreciate his, cartoonish. Body we. Should perhaps think. Of other bodies, the. Skeletons, in the pits, all. Murderers, are punished, unless they, murder in large numbers, to the sound of trumpets full. Tower. Franco, the devout catholic, murderer. Contributed. Vastly, to football's becoming, a new religion, the most. Revered, players a Saints. Pilgrimage. Sites. Churches. Castles. Ruins, and, football. Those. Were the attractions, that Spain had to offer tourists. The. Matter lay no ideal in high summer was. To holiday, in the temperate, indeed often cool north away. From the heat of the capital. The. Mediterranean, coast was, not yet developed for, tourism. Mad. Dogs and Englishmen go, out in the midday Sun. Spaniards. Don't. The, prototype, of the industrialized. Holiday, resort where inmates or, guests, are processed. As standardized. Units, was. Devised by the RZA Blee named cruelly, named Kraft. Duck Freud ur strength. Through, joy. Prada. A planned. Nazi, holiday resort, located. On the island of rügen north. Of Strauss and was. Not a propitious, start, for, a new sort of settlement. Petrol. Santa casa was. An energetic, Frankie's. Place man, born. In the small economically. Straightened, fishing port of Benidorm, between. Valencia, and Alicante. He. Was sent back there from Madrid, to be its mayor at the age of 28, his. Vision, for the development, of Benidorm, is a tourist, mecca was.

Explicitly. Endorsed, by Franco. Parra. Gossip became one of the most successful Urbanists. In the world, not, least because he had probably, never heard of the, pseudoscience. Of urbanism, and had, shown no interest in. Theories. That, fell off the back of a lorry loaded. With pretension. He. Turned an off the map village, into. An enterprise, which soon overcame, the handicap, of its Nazi provenance, if anyone, was in the mood to look. Render. Unto Caesar, the things which be Caesar's, and unto. God the things which, be gods. Together. With Jesus's, retort, to Pilate, that my, kingdom is not of this world this. May be read as a way of emphasizing, that the temporal, state and the sacred, Church are separate. So. While god botherers may, have indignantly. Objected. To displays, of flesh two, displays, of public drunkenness two. Displays, of mob lavishness, by, England, and lands finest, their, opinion, counted, for little. Police. Were instructed, to turn a blind eye, which. Given what they'd have had to look at was probably what they wanted anyway, what. Happened to Benidorm, and subsequently. To places like torremolinos. Casa. Del Mar and cactus. Towns and countless villages along, the countless coasters, flanker. Bravo. Dorado Sol, self-evidently. Happened, within Spain. But. It was hardly Spanish, it, was Hispanic, Britannic. The. Very names of the coasts, were the inventions, of British package tour companies, and Airlines. It. Was also Hispanic. German, Hispanic. Dutch, Hispanics. Candor. Carefully. Tended isolationism. Ceded. To course cosmopolitanism. The. Deities, of, dictatorship. Evaporated. Into a hardly, regulated. Capitalism. Piety. And totalitarian. Order, were, overthrown, by the pursuit, of elemental, pleasure, by. Foreigners, who, had no idea where they were, weakened. By a riptide. Ideology. Was dumped on by the market, foreign. Sewage was dumped in the Mediterranean. The. Ghosts of the dictatorships. Martial, order was. Discernible, in the, regimentation, of packaged, tourists. Adults. Obedient, as children, waited. In line weighed. Down by. Sombreros. Caramelized. Brandy. Hangovers. And bullfight, posters. Every. One of them an ambassador. For his or her country, in a, kind of mutant, service economy, in a, hybrid partially. Imported, environment. It. Became, a sort of de facto colony. Colonizers. Bring their own culture, with them their own mores, their. Own in mutable, tastes, which. Are routinely held up for derision it's, so odd. Institutionalized. Silliness, is hardly, harmful, and if. Pressure sensibilities. Are offended by, the tradition, of Benny Hill max Miller and Donald McGill by. Blackpool Yarmouth, and skegness well. Get, a grip. No. One ever went to Benidorm, for spiritual, solace or, intellectual. Enlightenment or, moral improvement. Send. A donkey on holiday, and he doesn't come back as a horse. Benidorm. Provokes, the desire but, it takes away the performance. The. Set the, foreground the backdrop, the, physical surrounds, a hardly. Noticed such as the excitement, the, physical actuality, of the place where, these pursuits are played out is. Ignored, none seen why. Benidorm. Is a marvelously, strange anomaly, it. Resists, all, sophistication. It's, an affront to cool. It's. A poke in the eye for, minimalism.

This. Is what pronet cult ought to have been by. The artless, people, for, the artless people without. The guiding, intercession. Of the cultured, bourgeoisie. With its patronizing. Worker worship. The. British food is of course horrible, fish. And chips from English breakfast, the horrors of baked beans and sausages. But. The maximalist, buildings, they're. Seldom considered. Architecture. Are. Often thrilling, they. Have the potency of cheap music, if. Architecture. Is frozen music, this. Is the root beds. It. Is deprecated, on the usual grounds, the hierarchy, of use. Hotels. Or, an apartment blocks, or nightclubs, use as purpose. Is apparently. Less noble, less, distinguished. Than that of a church or, seminary, or school. Architectural. Worth ought never to be determined, by moral criteria, but. Itself knees. What. If the, nightclub, owner gets God and transforms. His building into a place of worship. Does. That give it a chance of redemption the. Order, discernible, in packaged parties, is not, to be found in the apparent chaos of the city sprawl. Which. Suffers, a poor, reputation. Among. The conventionally. Be on console, usually. Signifies, the horizontal. This. Combination. Of sprawl, and verticality. Is unusual. The. Skyscrapers. Here are so compacted. That, they steal each other's light. The. Wind takes, you unawares, it comes from all directions. The, city possesses, the power over climate Franco, coveted, but couldn't achieve. It. Possesses to the, fortuitous. Collisions, of style shape, and scale that. Only laxity. Greed, and an, unselfconscious. Lack of good taste can achieve. Bad. Taste is vigorous. Just. The ticket. Benidorm. Is a prodigy, of, architectural. Mongrel ISM and ad-hoc, urbanism. Franco's. Placement, Vera Gaza, inadvertently. Created, a new kind of city Benidorm. And its siblings, are the, visible part of the dictators, legacy, all. Politicians, seek, a legacy, that. They do so, is a mark, of their infantile, vanity. But. Of course this mix of high-rise, bling, and low-level Hedden ISM is, not the most telling, the quest that, he made to the country that, he had stolen and then. For so long terrorized. Is just a trinket. This. Gallant, Christian, gentleman's, terrible, gift austerity. Is only. Partially. Visible. Much. Of the gift has yet to be unwrapped. To. Be exhumed. Memory. Of the carnage of 80 years ago maybe, unspoken, but, it's far from being a raised. The. Butchered, bodies and unmarked, graves that his true monument. Which. Citizens of the world ought not to forget, because you never know where and. In what guys. Napoleon. May, next, appear. You.

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This guy truly believes that everything built in Spain between 1939 and 1975 was designed by Franco, or is he just a clown?

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Jonathan Meades is a militant anti-Christian. He suppurates hatred against Catholics and Spaniards. He chains one prejudice after another.

Si te molestas en verlo, parece que odia la supersticion y la hipocresia.Vamos igual que Einstein y los cientificos que diseñaron tu movil.¿tanbien odian a España?yo lo he visto y no me he sentido aludido,el que se pica...

He doesn't like religion in general, he's not specifically anti-Christian. Disagreeing with someone doesn't make them prejudice. Hatred for Spaniards? Care to back that up? Were you expecting him to say good things about Franco and whatever kept him in power?

Eso es justo lo que dice,el muy clown.Ademas yo creia que la serie, trataria de como los dictadores suelen querer dejar su impronta en la historia.Pero no despues de verlo dice que todos los diseños de arquitectura (1939-1975) los diseño se si creermelo.Tu que dices? que pareces muy inteligente

Is this insight based on the title alone? If not, what are you talking about?

@Marco Aurelio Balbas I assume you are suggesting Spain under Franco was instead enlightened, progressive, sober, and are, in fact, a Muslim/liberal/etc hating nationalistic proto-fascist.

@maudeeb The origin of mass tourism is pretty obvious: the development of the airline industry after the IIWW and the simple fact that Spain is sunny and cheaper than Northern Europe. It is necessary to have serious mental issues to state that the creation of hydraulic infrastructures in Murcia was in exchange of the service of the people living there as mass murderers. Among many other insane ideas. In UK political correctness has reached pathological levels and nobody would dare to state such amount of bullshit about a Muslim country, but portraiting Spanish people as ignorant, backward religious fanatics is cool. Brexit is the best idea you had in centuries. Bye!

@Marco Aurelio Balbas And dams benefit people, that's why there are dams. A 10 year old would implicitly know this.

​@Marco Aurelio Balbas If by 'cherry picking' you mean 'not complete in every detail' and therefore selecting that which is relevant to the subject, then that is indeed focus, but not a criticism. If the documentary was about the UNESCO's building list or Spanish culture in general, then I could understand your point. The subject in question is 'why Franco' and 'why mass tourism', not why Spain is great and the people good. Connecting pilgrimage to tourism, and Catholicism to Franco's rule is a perfectly reasonable structure for an essay of this sort. You can argue he failed to make a connection, but not that he failed to cover the broader history of Spain.

Quiero decir Tito.No es un gran documento de arquitectura,yo lo veo mas como humor mezclado con historia y arquitectura.Esta bien pero ni para sustituir un buen libro,documental o mejor verlo.

Eso lo dice al principio.Franco no destaco en este ambito,pero ya ha tocado a Stalin,Adolf y Musolini.De Europa ya solo queda Salazar (y quizas titi y el rumano)yo no creo que insinue que España es asi ahora,si no entonces.Ademas hay que ver que es claramente humor britanico.Agradecido de tu buen tono.

@Gerar Villen Franco trató de crear una serie de monumentos con una fuerte carga simbólica y dejar su huella en la historia, eso es evidente. Pero el único monumento que muestra este vídeo es el Valle de los Caídos, el resto no tienen nada que ver con la política franquista. Meades quiere relacionar toda la cultura española como si fuera una creación del dictador, empezando por el patrón del país, Santiago, cuyo culto se inicia en el siglo IX. ¿Son los rascacielos de Benidorm un intento de Franco de dejar una huella en la historia? No, fueron aberraciones construidas a toda prisa en una época de baby boom, éxodo rural, desarrollo de un turismo masivo y crecimiento urbano sin control. Si por algo destaca la arquitectura española de 1950-1970 es precisamente su falta de planificación estatal.

@maudeeb My insight is based on the fact that Meades hasn't got any idea of Spanish history, architecture and social reality, starting with the pronunciation of the Spanish words and names due the proverbial British skills in foreign languages. This video is just a grotesque caricature of the Spanish history of the twentieth century created on cherry picking data with an hostile and condescending attitude that borders on xenophobia. Spain is the third country in the world with more architectural monuments in the UNESCO's World Heritage List, and this tv documentary only shows those who fits with the preestablished idea of a fanatic Catholic Spain. Same with the Spanish customs and culture in general. Since the 1950s, in Spain there was a demographic boom and a mass displacement of the rural population to the large urban centers so many new buildings were created in very few years with low aesthectics standards. But this has nothing to do with Franco's official architecture. Moreover, it's false that La Costa Brava o Costa Dorada were names created to attract British tourism, and the video overestimates the impact of tourism in Spanish reality. Meades only knows touristic places and so he focus on them. The idea that Murcia was "the region that provided Franco his most merciless killers" is just an onanist fantasy. During Franco's regime, the dammed water was expanded throughout Spain from 1,400 to 14,000 cubic hechometers and the entire territory benefited of them, including Catalonia or Andalusia. It is totally stupid to include a horror movie soundtrack when he's talking about the Spanish hydraulic policy of the mid-twentieth century. This video is stupid beyond description.

​@Marco Aurelio Balbas I thought your original point was the dams were a good thing, when there's seem to be plenty of evidence they were technologically regressive. Again, your obvious points about contributing factors to mass tourism doesn't discount Meades less obvious observations. I assume also you are suggesting Spain under Franco was instead enlightened, progressive, and sober. A matter of taste perhaps.

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Podeu veure aquest vídeo amb subtítols en català a Amara.

@maudeeb That's perfect!

Thanks. Aquests subtítols s'han afegit aquí.

spotted the francoist

Meades is anti religion. And that's fine by me

@Marco Aurelio Balbas you haven't given sufficient argument to disassociate the rise of Spain's tourism industry in the 1950s - 1960s and the franco dictatorship

@Westbourne Park I am a Spanish historian and you obviously have no idea of you are talking about. The only thing about Spain that many Britons know is the tourist resorts and you try to explain all the Spanish reality using them.

@Marco Aurelio Balbas the rise of Spain's tourism industry was a response to its international isolation. Franco commissioned and encouraged the building of holiday resorts for both economic and propaganda purposes.

@Westbourne Park The diplomatic isolation of the Franco regime has nothing to do with tourism, if the Spanish economy grew 7.5% annually it was due to the industry, and this does not have any relation to the ugly aesthetics of some buildings. The architecture of Manchester and Liverpool is horrible too.

@Marco Aurelio Balbas the blocks in benidorm were built as part of franco's plans to take Spain in from international isolation, which was in place due to his violent and repressive regime. Building holiday resorts was franco's way of attracting tourists and generating income for his government. Without his approval, such a project wouldn't have taken place in Spain at the time.

@Westbourne Park There were some public project in which Franco's regime defined a functionality and an aesthetics, but... why should there be a Franco's influence in the flat blocks of Benidorm? What is the influence of Donald Trump on building projects in the USA during his rule?

Meades doesn't credit franco with actually being an architect or civil engineer, but explains his influence on building projects in Spain during his rule

@Westbourne Park ... Franco regime is divided into two periods. The autarky (autarquía), conceived by the minister José Antonio Girón de Velasco, with economic policies pretty similar to those of fascist Italy, very interventionist, that ended up as a disaster. Everything changes with Alberto Ullastres, Minister of Commerce from 1957 to 1965, who convinced Franco, a declared ignorant in economics, to apply a liberal model that attracted a great amount of foreign investment. This is a period of industrial development that brought a massive migration from the rural areas to urban centers and a chaotic tourist development that was carried out without any state planning or control, thanks to the liberalization of the land to be built. The link you have included is a pseudohistoric garbage.

@Marco Aurelio Balbas franco's influence on Spain's tourism boom in the 1960s is in no doubt. His political and economic manoeuvres at that period were done to facilitate the tourist industry and gain both financial gain and international legitimacy

@Westbourne Park History is a science, and in science it is supposed the person who makes a statement has to prove it. I can't dissociate Franco's regime and the design of the buildings related with Spanish tourism, as I can't dissociate those buildings and Santa Claus. Just tell me... In which way the Spanish government could impose a design in those flat blocks of Benidorm?

@Marco Aurelio Balbas the development of the tourist sector had the tacit approval and practical support from francos regime. And it was used to keep the regime going, alongside other economic stimuli

Pedro Zaragoza invented Benidorm as Europe's first mass tourist resort. He was appointed mayor in 1950 by the Francoist State, knew Franco personally, and laid out his visionary design for Benidorm in Spain's first General Plan for Urban Organisation of 1956.

Thanks for this! Really appreciate all the work you're doing with this channel. It's really excellent stuff.

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