Meadow Grove farm map tour fs19 new map farming simulator 19 meadowgrove fs19

Meadow Grove farm map tour fs19 new map farming simulator 19 meadowgrove fs19

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Hello. And welcome, to farming, simulator 19. Map, tours, and today. We. Are at meadow. Grove. First. Time on for consoles, so let's go in and have a look at the map first of all. So. As you can see the. Map has got quite a few things on it now. It does show, all, your BGA is all set out the. Same as before but, basically let's, put on. That. One as well. You've. Got your, it. Legend, on the left-hand side with all these different colors from your BGA, your Meadow Grove cell point pig farm dealers. It's. All listed down there it took a bit to get me a train but it seems to sort of work alright doesn't. When you first look at it you thinking what the hell's all this. But. There is quite. A few. Places. To see as, the. Farms broken, up over three, separate. Farms. And. We're going have a look at those. So. Prices wise, they. Are quite low on the prices, and you have got your main commodities. Be. A medi Grove stores, and. Top. Hill I, think. That's where the yeah that's where the stories as well and then. You've got also got your spinner e in the sawmill, and, they're. Not top dollar they're really not. And. In. The barn for. Silage straw, grass, and hay. So. Yeah you've only got a few to. Specific. Main cell, points and. Solo. Wise you got, 600,000. Liters which. Isn't too bad really for, starting off with and that's broken up into three, different silos. Which. Are scattered, around, the, map. I haven't found them all to be honest with them at. The moment. But. We were going our good scan range. You. Can see there's it's not a massive map well it doesn't take out the whole square. As per normal but, it's still quite, a large, map for driving around and. It's got a large placeable area, for, doing what you want with. So. We go around I'm a look at all the different well. The different aspects of a meadow, Grove I was. Starting off here. Where. Why is in our. Farm. Plate their farm eyes is there and, then we got the Sheep down. There which the Sheep is indicated. By whereas. It sheep. And chickens all. Right then. Okay, that's wise not sheep. It's. Calves. There, it is as the Ches, in. The same color circle so. It does get very confusing, when you first look and, then it's marked water points, as well seeking, pick up water there does. That mean you can't pick it up off these other water areas, I'm. Not too sure but. Land. Boys. Let's. Go in and you, start off on farm, manager, and you owned all the eight side of it and if you want to make money with that then right. You click sell and you. Get zero. So you sell that and. You get zero, so. That's what usually originally, start, off with. Which. Is quite a few different. Fields. Hundred. Ten thousand, and. Thirty 33, yeah. That was broken up into bits 53. And. Forty. One and, then. We have got the large, placeable, area which. Is eight hundred and eighty nine thousand, eight hundred ninety, six pounds. There's. Not that bad but some of the other smaller ones in those 100 160, thousand, ninety six thousand, and. It. Is broken up into small little other sections. You. Can see there is what. Was at eighty four fields is there. 83. Yeah. Maybe 83. Then a lot. Of different fields and got. Missions, running, on them it's. Wow so. Plenty of missions to do. But. As they are small fields you're not gonna get loads of money there's, quick, way of making a bit of cash, you. Start off on your vehicle overview, with everything's. Brand new, which. Is always nice. And. That you I've got a few commodities, and insiders I've got to mention. Not. Loads but enough to get on with, but. If you're doing animals you can, get stuck in. Alright. So let's go and have a look. So, you, start off in the house, and, then. We got a couple, of language, areas. Picture. Of Melly Grover, on the, wall. Going. Up the stairs into the kitchen but dining, area. And, note the stairs you got a couple of bedrooms. Combine. Picture, and then I can. See that one. Yeah. Quite detailed, looks quite, nice. Bathroom. Another, bedroom. So. Starting off kit boys you don't have a vast amount as Troy right into, the. Farmyard. Put, the little mini map on first so. We've got the wood behind us. And. Then. We drive into the yard I've. Unlocked, most of the, gates. I. Got. Quite a bit of, storage. I. Didn't. See I didn't. See that earlier, yup. Yup. There's, the balloon. Right. Let's go into, the. Garage and, start. Off with the armored. Track Oh. Like, I said all brand-new. Case. Maxim and then, the boys in super. Pick. Up a couple. Of trailers and then.

They Ever, had a, cultivators. See. Their, fertilizer. Mow out to, the. Winner. Ah and. Loading. Wagon and then you do have a large K pasture, large. Pig enclosure large. Sheep pasture horse. Paddock. Large. Chicken coop and a, dog house and. Also three, solos. 200,000. Each and. A farm ice and. It, is. 783, slots, you start off with which is quite. High. Well, not, a high supposes yeah, well it is it is getting there isn't it really when. You compare it to I think. The minimum one we got is 300. Slots. Well. Excuse, me I'm bit buttoned up at the moment anyway. So we're coming into the farm, and, we've got some storage sheds. And. Then, we come on through for. Our milk area. So. This is where we've got our caves going on that. Buy point, what's up okay we'll. Have one. When. He's gone there he is he's out there. And. I. Think that she straw actually, lies isn't, he. And. You feeding. Trough. Is that side I. Could. Be wrong. Slowly. Point right in the back and. Then this comes eight -. They. Cut on the pasture. That. Yeah, we got never trough there. So. That's the feed trough. It's, no put all there is air upon the way yeah there is but a lot its. Water then. No. It is first look as I haven't been around, the whole map I have hourly quick drive. Around. So. This way your milk comes in. That's. A little bit different. Setup than what we seen before. Quite. Nice a. Little. Loaded in a storage. Area. Out. Of these gates don't open it nope. I'm. Come around we got more storage. Going. On I've, got the Maxime on the armored truck in there and. The, shop whatnot. Shop garage so. You did a bit customization. Couple. Of solos. I've, got more storage I. Think. Those address decorative. Yeah. That is. But. You look hollow alright it looks beautiful. Nice. Look him up. This. Back end. Yeah. That's about through. The case yet. It's. Not she first bit your farm where you started I ain't with. And, let's, go and take the. Maximum. And yeah.

We're Not going that way. So, that's the way we came in. Oh here, we go. Well, I had all way, around them up. The, contours, look. At the. Slope I'm out I saw, awesome love it. And, there we go let's. Get in there, so. Boil gas. Which, is cheap. 70. 1904. So. Now we got biogas, price, comes, up and, what. Is it against the barn are, we talking, good. Money oh we. Are, look. At that so digit 900, that's. Good yeah, manure. And. Slurry. Good. Money. So. You got the drop off point for biogas. And. Then. The slurry points, straight. Over, in front of us and we got some nice deep, bunkers. And, we have got. Lyme, station. And, then we go back out onto the main road, and, across. The other side. And. We got the pig farm at Dane this way. And also. The. Market. So. That's for buying, your, animals. Which. Is this point here. You. Go that's what you start off with large chicken. Coop it's, all there ready to go. Nice, little country, lanes. And, then we come up to the, other bit, of the farm, which. Is it over on the top, right-hand side. So. We got our pigs. And. There's your water. Oh is, that water that's, water there I see. Well. It's got a water. Exchange. There's, a three of them. Yeah, last year food trough so, as that shape. Is your food trough the. Other one is the water. So. I'm not sure how many pigs, these hold. Is. That storage, we got here, oh, look. At that it is, nice. A sheds. See. That also looks like water here, as well. But. It's not marked on the map. But. It is a first look. I'm. Not as your solofill, there so. Where do we drop. Inside. I wasn't, clever there. We go, open. The door up there it is that's what I can see. Suffice your solos and fill it up and drop it off. I think. We will head down, the. Lane. Which. Way are we that, swear we've been. I love, in this countryside. Right and we go, right. Yeah. Carry. On down, and. Then turn right, and. We go to the, first drop. Off sale. Points. She's. Got a church going, on on the left hand side, there's. Quite a bit to see on this. So. This one coming up, here. It is on the left hand side so this. Is the barn. Shocker. There, is. Pretty, cool. Exercise. Yard for your horses. So, that yeah that's smart depe it. Is nice that the all, the legend is on the left. Hand side when you bring the map up as well so yeah. That is the yellow ring and then the next we'll go down to the storage yards. Which. Are we go in the wrong way, you, want to be, doing. Day in that way because. It's Dain this way there they are I. Think. We got more storage. If. You don't own the, land at the moment but it doesn't matter you can still use the buildings. That's. A big old building there as well. So, we've gotta go back up to, meadow. Growth. Stalls. And. Where. Does this take us then. More. Body. Gates. Why, then so, this one must be the. Store. Meadow. Grover stores. South. Point. And. The. Next door is the dairy. So, it's got two points, there or is that 4x. As. Well. Yeah. It is. Hence. The egg boxes. Eggs and milk. Right, so next area, to go and have a look. You, just want to go sighs let's, keep going safe. Because, then we can get, back to where we were. I'm. Lovin and looked at his mouth it's pretty, awesome look, at her have, a nice it nice him, go. On try let's get over there let's, get past him. So, where are we now you just passed. This. Must be here. Pass. Something. But, it was a Saab. So, this bit what was circled. Arable. Yard. It's. A more storage, shed. How's. Your the soil over. So. There's the storage. And. We got more shots as well. Yeah. So more storage. Yeah there's back-end of the soda and. This, bit is just, middle bottom. More. Middle I suppose and, then. We got Knicks coming up the sheep and the, chickens. It's, just like I. Amazing. Right, so the one in the blue yep sheep and chickens. I thought. We were gonna have a problem then yeah, well I can't get through the, gate. So. That is awards, trough, and. That. Looks like the boy. Yeah. Chickens. Another. Water point visa seems to be a couple of those that. Could be well be, water. Points, is. That the sheep yeah, that's buying sheep. Yeah. We got one out there. That's. Where our palates are gonna arise, that, probably. Only gonna get four. Well, the chickens just wandering. The yard. Right and we will head up the hill. So, that was the other storage, area we just passed. And, we wanna hurt left. And, here's the spinner. A medic. Wove a spinner. But. It is nice to see recognizable. Wool. Coal. I. Know. It does say it on the map but it's. Nice to see a signs of, what it is so you're not yes that what's, this. We. Need to head down towards, the shop is this way you, just look at it crossed them up. Love. It pretty. Awesome. Dairy, farm. Yep boss when we being a sheep farm. On, the, shop. The, article, shop. So, we work our way up to the top you've got deed. You. Can't see what it says that was, it a slop. Top. Here. And. The, sawmill. So, that is the edge of the map we're not going anywhere that, way.

So. Here we are coming up to the sawmill. Sound, wood chips and, that's. How would, drop off points and. Then. Wood chips, in. The. Pile. And then the top he'll sell, point. Which, it dies in the boys - yeah there's a line by station. Now, the lighting seems to be kind decent. On this map. And, yet ask the edge Ilima we're not going anywhere that way. So, I think that pretty much about. Covers. Most. Of the map on this first look just. Show you what's what on what we got. But. Overall. A nice, looking, at map. And, what was that one over there did I miss that I just seen similar across, it's. Like what was that over there I. Think. This is the, horses. So, where do we bring him in. His. Eye lit there. Yeah. It is. So. That was the last thing yeah. Horses. There's. A few other things on, the map but we're not gonna go through we just wanted to show you where the cell points were different. Parts of a farm. And. The overall. The. Contours, of this I love. Maps or up and down all over the place but I am biased because. I do live, in England. This. Is very, what. This Maps all about uk-based. Awesome. Matt love it. Right. Oh well, we'll leave, it there for today. If. You've enjoyed up, and look with me this first look tour I've. Made it well then don't forget to give me a like and if, you haven't already, subscribed. And would like to see more content and, hit. That subscribe button and you won't miss any. Latest, videos. Thanks. For watching till, the next time. Goodbye. You.

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Awesome map tour I'm loving the map it reminds of bullet bills west coast map from fs17

+UKGAMER808 ur welcome mate

Yes mate loving the UK maps cheers

Thinking about giving this map a try great preview as always

Cheers for your support it's a awesome map classic UK map hilly terrain narrow roads with odd shaped fields and not forgetting the rain. I like the different farms spread out and loads of storage let me know what you think of it ,enjoy


Hi thanks for your support

@UKGAMER808 ur welcome mate

Sorry but after Hof Bergmann map every map of this game seem to be dull

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