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I. Am. Ashamed. Mexico. City has been a constant, neighbor for, centuries it. Is responsible. For much of the food that I cannot, conceive, of my life without, my. Home state of California was part of Mexico until 1850. And is, still home to more Hispanics, than any other ethnic, group in the state. Mexico's. Influence, on modern California and America, is incalculable, and, invaluable. But. I know, embarrassingly. Little about this city about, this country, other, than what has been prepackaged. Distilled. And is resilient, enough to make the treacherous border, crossing, from, Mexico, into. American, popular, culture I am, going to fix that right now. When, you stop for a second take a breath and look around you you realize something pretty, quickly, Mexico. City is gargantuan. The. Largest metropolitan area. And the Western Hemisphere and, the biggest, spanish-speaking. City on earth this, is a human, hive of staggering. Proportions. 1700, neighbourhoods are home to the nearly 20 million, people that, make Mexico, City hum that, makes it the biggest city in North America, by population. This, is a densely. Packed highly. Populous, place no matter how you measure it or, how you experience, it. And. The airport is a great, example of this benito juarez international, located just a few miles east of the city this. Airport is bursting. At the seams, that was due to be replaced by, a brand new airport, designed, by Norman Foster. But after public outcry over spiraling. Costs and the, expropriation of, thousands, of acres of public land the project, was put on indefinite, hold late last year so for now this, is your gateway to Mexico City. As with. Pretty, much every country in the world there is a little bit of paperwork to fill out before you arrive in Mexico, and before. Is the, important, word here fill, out this paperwork on the plane otherwise it's going to delay your entry into the country now you can, pre-fill, it online before you even leave your, home country, but when. You print it out you must, do it on a color printer otherwise. You'll get be sent back to the back of the queue to fill out one, of these the, second really important, thing to remember is when you go through immigration they're, gonna keep one piece of this and they're, gonna give you back another piece, you must keep, hold of this until, you leave Mexico, otherwise. They. Won't let you leave until you pay a little bit of a fine and spend a long time refilling. Out all the paperwork so it'll, take 30 seconds, to get it right on the airplane and best, that time. To. Get from the airport you can jump in a taxi, for which you can buy a ticket at one of the Marc stands or kiosk inside, the airport terminal the, journey will cost between 100. And 300 pesos, depending on the type of vehicle you choose and of course how far you're going and, the journey will take between 30, and 90 minutes really, depending on the traffic now, avoid. Taxi. Towns and unlicensed, taxis like the plague not. Only will you invariably. Pay more than you need to in rare, cases they, can actually be quite dangerous so. Make the right choice. Alternatively. You can use uber, from the airport just be sure to select which door to meet your driver at and you'll be good to go the, journey will cost around 180. Pesos. How. Do you move 20, million people around, a city all day every. Day by. The second half of the 20th century Mexico City's public transport, infrastructure, was, grinding to a halt the. City was entirely, dependent. On its overly congested, roads and highways so, in 1967. Ground, was broken on, the Mexico City metro Mexico, City has one of the most extensive and busiest, metro, systems, in the world it's, a great way to get around to because the 12 lines cover most of the city it's very easy to use despite, the lack of English language signs, because the system, was, designed with illiteracy, in mind so, through the use of color, and iconography, the whole network is accessible, to really everybody. Our. System to be a truly, effective, decongestant. The Metro needed to be accessible, by all not. Just the wealthy or educated. In. Addition, to the easy-to-understand, signage, a discount, on the standard 5 peso fare has always been, available to the unemployed, female. Heads of household, and low-income, students, and it's, free for the elderly and the disabled.

Democratization. Of, public transport, is, how you keep 20 million people. Mexico. City's stored-value transit. Card is that they'll head to DF, not, only does it work on the Metro but, on Metro buses and the city's trolley bus and light rail systems, too it, can be purchased and recharged. At ticket booths or ticket, machines in most metro, stations, where, you can also purchase your single journey Metro ticket - as, you go through the turnstile, just tap your tarjeta, or, insert your ticket to begin your journey. See. The speed interference, assume they mean diseases a, variety of bus services swarm, the city taking passengers to, the nooks and crannies of Mexico City that the Metro just can't reach the. Government and municipal, e run metro, and RTP buses, cost between two and six, spaces depending, on the type of service and how far you're going but they will take you to any destination, along. Their route the. Privately. Owned slightly, less formal for several buses well. They will take you anywhere but the routes are a little more fluid, and the driving style a little more avant-garde. Shall, we say so choose. Wisely Metro. Bus and trolley bus services, complete, this varied, and extensive, suite of bus services in Mexico, City all. Of them start at less than 35 American, cents and will with, a little luck get, you where you need to go. Taxis. Are a great way to get around the city but you will need to take a few precautions, local. Producer, and friend of attache, and weekly Rizzo explains. In I think in general taxis, are a very good way to move around the city there's. A lot of working class people and Mexican people that they don't use public transport, they they. Can afford taxis, and Mexico. City as there are so many cars sometimes. It's even more affordable to only use uber, and taxis, rather, than owning a car. So, what if you don't have enough signal, to Halon uber and Rica explains, the safer option if, you need to grab a taxi the old-fashioned, way so the safer option was, to take taxis. From stands so, these official, stands you. Have the taxis park and they, are a lot safer and they would be a bit more expensive but, that that, way you weren't. Risking it so, if you find yourself as the old saying goes up. Creek without an uber find. A taxi stand it's, always suggestible, to take to use this this app's I would say and never, street taxis. Mas. Morning. In Mexico, City and 20, million people are on the move their. Hard work in many cases for very low pay contributes. To Mexico City being one of the most productive urban, areas on earth and as. You take your place in this river of humanity, flowing across the city you'll, discover what fuels, this ultra, productive, people, Paola. Cristina Flores and her family, have been feeding Mexico City from this same spot for, over 65, years, but. It was Perlas mother Rosario, who, created a dish 20 years ago that, turned this humble Street food stall into a Mexico, City legend, tortoise. That Sheila Kuehl a derided. As a culinary, abomination. When first introduced, tortillas. In a roll who, would do such a thing Torche. Esta chilaquiles, are now a beloved. Staple, across, the city red, or green chilaquiles, stuffed into a French roll topped, with chicken milanesa, cochinita. Pibil or shredded, chicken that. Is already sold out so we are, stuck, with the Roja which is just as good, different, flavor but just as good. Always. In line, much. Longer around, breakfast time but this.

Is My new favorite Mexican breakfast or just street food, it's. So good. In. The ten years it's been since I left California. I've. Learned to my eternal heartbreak. The. Mexican food just doesn't travel, well further. You move away from Mexico. The less authentic, the less satisfying. And frankly the less good it, becomes, to the point of being, unrecognizable. And dare I say insulting. I've. Given up trying, to find good Mexican food outside, of North America I've. Been kicked out of enough Mexican. And burrito restaurants. And London, Hong, Kong in Paris to, have learned my lesson, I just, cannot. Take the disappointment, anymore so this, brings. Me cure. Unbridled. Joy. I'm. Gonna start crying yeah. And. If the food doesn't travel, well you better believe I'm, going to eat my fill whilst I'm local local. Food expert and cook Nico, Garcia is a passionate, advocate for Mexico, City's street food purveyors like. La Castilla, a mainstay. Of the city since 1970. There garlic tostadas, are a great, start to the conversation. Really. Good right and, what doesn't, taste better without a splash of salsa Nico. Explains, the surprising, complexity. Of this classic, Mexican accoutrement. The salsas. Don't. Really have a recipe that you can follow it's just like a general, style so. Every, cell said you try on any place, any restaurant, any streets then it's, gonna be different and what I like to do is what we what I did just now to. Have everything, but, not in the same bite you, know like some, drops of wine some drop of theater so each bite is slightly. Different. By. Costea's, signature, dish is the imposing of all kind so, it's a poblano the rib eye and they're using a type of cheese called Casa, era but, fear not the, Vulcan gets its name not from its heat but, from the Cascade, of melting, cheese that, tops it we, wouldn't consider this spicy, food and people actually would that spice, yeah. Generally. Most many people like spice. And. Mexican, people usually start eating, spicy, food when we're like 2 or 3 years old that's, when you're considered, old enough to start with the lowest, kind. Of spice but, your parents will give you candy with a little bit of chilli if, you're jonesing, for some spice, this, place will, almost certainly be ok so this place is called Pakistani, Tony.

Has. The, craziest hours it's. Easier for me to tell you when, these guys are close that when they're open so Tony's, closest, from 5 a.m. till 8 a.m. and that's it the, other 21, hours of a these places in business and like, this having. Such long opening, hours gives Tony's a certain, advantage over, the competition so. In every second yeah do you know the hours and, you know that you want to be there like 6 hours after they bit after, they open you, don't wanna be there at night because this weather, is gonna be dry and overcooked, and if you're too early it's gonna be chewy still and the. Great thing about this place is because they work all day long every. Few minutes they put a new piece of meat so anytime you come you're going to have a piece that is. Swatara. A cut of beef similar, to brisket, is placed in a bath of water and fat, for several hours until, the beef is essentially, called feed and. It's served with rocket. Fuel this, space we have to be very, very, careful with the cells they're, really spicy even for Mexican standards so, if it's spicy for Mexicans, for, non, Mexican people it's gonna be really spicy so be very careful okay and Nico, was not kidding. SWAT. Arrow might, be my new favorite style, of tacos but, I cannot come to Mexico and not pay my respects to the greatest of all taco styles, our, past or the, place is really really unique because actually by day this, is a car mechanic an auto repair shop so, the place has been open for one hour exactly and you can see how it's already full. Their. Biggest hours are actually after people, go drinking, so, from 10:30. 11:00. Till 4:00 a.m. this. Is absolutely, crazy you have three or four times as much people as you have right now. I adore. Tacos. Al pastor the. Crispy but moist grilled pork the Fleck of tangy pineapple, topped with cilantro and, chopped onion pure. Mexican. Goodness. Beautiful. And. Now, for something very. Special a. Mexican. Cantina is a really. Unique place so, let's go inside and we can see Mexican. Canteen is are the exception, to the old drinking rule eating, is cheating, 100 dishes completely.

Free Even, if you don't believe it and. We convinced, and then, over here it says consumer, or consumption. For, and you have four little drinks this, means that in order to in eat, in this place you need to order for drinks and it's, not for table its purpose, but. Once you do once you are therefore you. Get free access to the menu and it becomes an old you can eat place everything. Is cooked fresh and. Really. There is no limited nobody, is quite sure where, cantinas, came from but, they sure have their fans it's, a little plate that clients. Get after, being, here 1,500. Times that's. 1500. Times and, actually it tells you how long it took them so, these two guys what, happens here I will convey were here 1500, times from. The 9th of October 92, to the 9th of October 2012. So if you do the math this means that these people have been drinking at the same place like, three times a week for almost 30 years that's, a lot of drink and a, lot, of food I was. Happy just to have tallied my first visit, just. 1499. To, go. After. A night of tradition, it feels only appropriate, to end the night in the traditional, way with. A mezcal nightcap. A common. Misconception is, that muscala is a form of tequila, on the contrary as chef when Vera explains, if, you want to name it tequila you, have to produce it in a certain area which, is tequila Jalisco, it's just a town in Jalisco, and surroundings. And using. One single type of agave which is blue agon and so. Miss Cal is a highly, varied artisanal. Creation, with, an incredible. Spectrum, of flavor stemming. From the agave plant Moscow, recipes, have been mastered, and refined from, generation. To generation. Muscala. Is taken a backseat to its more famous cousin for decades, but. With such variety, and taste and provenance, it's, easy, to see why mezcal, is reclaiming, shelf space in bars across, Mexico. Mexico's. Currency is the Pacer now here's, the weird thing the peso is represented, by the dollar sign, but since. The dollar sign was first used to represent the spanish-american, peso, it is safe to say that, Mexico. Got there first so there, you have it this. Is a very, easy City in which to transact, debit cards and credit cards, are widely, accepted and, there are ATMs, everywhere which, is a great thing because as with, so many other cities in the world Street. Food vendors and smaller market, stall holders will really only accept cash so with, that combination you, really can't go wrong here and you could enjoy what is generally. Agreed upon as a very, low cost of living and on that note let's, do the rundown a beautiful. Can coffee will cost you your 20 business that's. A beautiful Mexican beer cost you around 40 pesos and, for the most reliable indicator of a nation's cost the good ol Big Mac you're gonna pay around 52, pesos or two dollars and seventy two cents as a, January. 2019, at about half-past two. So. The cost of living is very low and the quality, is very high so. It's only appropriate, to, show some appreciation. All. Right let's get, it over and done with tipping. It, is absolutely, a thing here in Mexico especially in Mexico City so do. It 10%, in a restaurant if you've had a good meal and good services, though the bare minimum but feel free to do more and, the way it works is simply, when they bring your car you have the option on the card reader machine to select how much you want it tips before, you punch in your PIN or sign on the dotted line in any service environment, Hotel coffee, shop and everything in between it's also the, done thing a few, pesos here and there added, to your bill or just in coins while not going this so do, it. This. City comes with a reputation, a reputation. Magnified. By the lens of the outsider. Mexico. City is quantifiably. A safe, city, compared, with many other capital, cities but. As friend of attache, cath Cuevas explains, there, are pockets of the city which require, a little extra precaution. Just. In Mexico City for the past couple of months there's bit there's been a situation. Where there's been kidnapping, so, as soon as they, spot a lady getting out of the subway and walk into it someplace a guy. Would appear and try to mock, her and like like. Grab her and people. If people would see them, fighting. The guy would go like oh just she's just having an episode she's fine she's my girlfriend so, it's. Like an actual thing this morning yeah, so, what's.

Happening. Right now and has been happening for the past couple. Of years is that as soon as we know we're getting out of the house we, report to someone as. Soon as we know we're getting out of the coffee shop we, report to someone as, soon as we get into the louver we share why we're where we are saying. That you're okay it's part of the survival thing that you have to do. I. Have. Never fallen, in love with a city as quickly as, I fell from Mexico City it, was I can safely say a, revelation. Sure. I arrived, with preconceptions. And hopes of what this city might be what it might offer but. With each new sight sound. Smell and taste my expectations. Were humbled, how. Could anything, anywhere. Possibly. Be this, good, Mexico. City is everything. I want in a city hectic. Sprawling. Loud, creative. Friendly, and, absolutely. Friggin, delicious, I will. Look for every, possible, excuse, or justification, to. Get back here as soon as humanly, possible, but. Until then I urge, you, experience. Mexico, City eat its food meet its impossibly. Warm and friendly people, you, will not be disappointed.

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Maybe you're just a shithole tourist.. never come back.. or maybe you never actually went to méxico city.. just a shit-hater... JEALOUSY IS KILLING YOU....YOU MUST HATE YOURSELF A LOT TOO!!!

HA HA!, As when nobody rails against American food (fast food) that has ill mankind with obesity, diabetes among other things, but criticizes Mexican food ignoring that along with the French, Mediterranean and Japanese are intangible heritage (culinary) of humanity, if you did not put up with the spicy or something, because it hurts that you are a poor little delicacy that can not stand the best culinary talking, most likes and with much reason. I'm sorry if you were the victim of a pickpocket, but you can not denigrate an entire mega city for it, most are honest and hardworking people, your problem is with the criminal not with all the inhabitants. Clearly you did not hear or see the video well, Mexico City is the great Spanish-speaking city and the financial capital of Iberoamerica, its modernity makes many cities that are in a certain country to the north seem old. And you want to see cities full of beggars and poor people everywhere ?! Go to Haiti, or to Africa, Venezuela, Perú, conflictive regions of the Middle East, India or a neighboring country of India. You insult the wrong city of the wrong country, do you want to see more of Mexico and change your perspective? Discuss with Kinetic Kennons, and other youtubers who call Mexico their second home.

Thank you for not visiting, Mr. Hamilton. Mexico City and Mexico the country are far better off without the likes of you visiting. The country welcomes millions of European tourists every year, whereas people like you will never be able to see past the tip of your noses. Why? Because 'Murrica. And Mexico a cesspool of corruption? Are you sure you're not talking about the Trump family and the filth they unleashed on Washington, D.C., and the entire country?

Attaché I recently return for a trip to Mexico two weeks ago! What a country! Beautiful! Is the Attaché book still available?

+Attaché Rio also! Sao Paulo may be larger but Rio is what we all think of when we think Brazil.

I love how everyone that comes gets surprised of my country! Thank you for being open mind and look around our culture which is so rich! Please follow me in Instagram @iaiayayos and @shewearsmalbec. Maybe next time I can help you explore mexican wine, which is a culture growing little by little.

Mexico has the hardest working people in the world... don’t believe me just visit.... folks there are humble, they stay working out till late at midnight kids adults and elders age dont stop them, they sell or perform entertainment at lights they sell food or personal stuff in the streets etc, not to mention they always have an earthquake going on yet their humble citizens never fail to pick the city back up in no time.

I hate this noob mexican ml players i cant escape epic rank because of them!

subscribed after 2nd min

I'm a mexican living in Australia and I literally cried. I loved your video, go to Mexico City it will surprise you!!

6 weeks in Doctores now back in Canada... damn I miss CDMX...

Downvoters, here, have no soul...

Going at the end of this month! Can’t wait!

I feel like your video, while great, did little to explain the charm of Mexico City. However while pondering this I’m not sure how to describe it without actually taking someone there. I’m looking forward to visiting again someday.

I have visited CDMX twice within the last year and watched dozens of videos about it. This is one of the best videos I have seen. The information is helpful, accurate and well presented. Well done.

Thank you for sharing the essence of the true Mexico (in this case in Mexico City). The US news outlets have filled the media with the negative aspect of things and everybody needs to watch more of the positive Mexico has to offer since a lot of people that are not from Mexico have had misconceptions for quite a long time!!! I was born and raised in a small town in the state of Guanajuato and now live in Minneapolis and I've only been to Mexico City two times, the first time I visited I was in complete fear before arriving due to corruption and insecurity that you'd hear of a big city, which is normal, the same is said about Chicago or New York City. I was amazed to see such a bustling city and noticed that I was totally fine and enjoying my time, I didn't get mugged or kidnapped and that fear literally went away, of course, always being aware of my surroundings and making common sense decisions. I fell in love with CDMX. Spent most of my time in the Historic Center and had a terrific time; its food, its people, its everything was truly incredible. Hope to visit CDMX again soon! Que viva Mexico cabrones!

So happy u did one for Mexico City u have been a constant inspiration for me on destinations I go. I Love that City u just fill up on food every day!!!

Just sharing an awesome aereal time lapse video of Mexico city to get an idea of the massive that it is:

Love it! ♥️

Quiero viajar a México

Great video, I love that you love the real freedom that Mexico has to offer unlike the "The Land Of The Free" to the north, USA is not free, it's one of the worst most regulated countries in the whole world. In Mexico you pretty much do whatever you want as long as you don't bother anyone. In the USA you drink a beer at the beach and you end up with a ticket or jail, in Mexico take a keg to the beach and no one cares, that's freedom.....

I'm surprise you can still get gas in Mexico City.

Heading there in a few weeks. I am scared ass shit and excited lol. I wont take any cabs if their not official and I will not go out late or alone, ever.

I cried.

A wonderful place, love it Mexico City.

Cool video

0:38 estoy offendido. *me is now offended*

I've been there and travelled to many cities around the world. It normal that you get excited about seeing new places, but Mexico city has a special place in my heart. I've agreed on everything you said. I miss the food, the people and their culture. As a matter of fact, I am all set for my next visit. See you in the next couple of months CDMX.

I cannot agree more. I come to CDMX for work as a model 2 - 3 times per year from Japan. I adore it. I cannot get enough of it.

I was going to watch all this video until I heard the music mention El Chapo and Los Zetas. Drug cartels are not fun, and they have done a lot of damage to the Mexican people. Please refrain from promoting via any media.


Great video and detailed information!

No we eat tacos ALL day every day Lady's and gentlemen Ignorance at it's finest SMDH

Thanks for your video ..

WOW! I travel to CDMX twice a year, and want to thank you for this very high quality video. Excellent work.

Greater Mexico City is between 25 an 30 million depending how you want to measure it.

One of the greatest cities in human history. The first metropolis to mix and merge people from every corner of the globe: the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Mexico City has an impossibly rich history for a city that is relatively young compared to European cities and its culture reflects this. The economic and media powerhouses of the United States like New York and Los Angeles may draw the world's eye, but in my opinion, neither has as much soul as Mexico City, the most impressive city in the Western hemisphere.

I went for the first time at the end of January and saw about 75% of everything you showed in this video. Mexico City is extremely underrated! I enjoyed every single moment in that beautiful city and have decided to do it, in the middle of the winter, yearly. Thank you for sharing this!

This was a food guide lol. We wanna see the most iconic places like the LatinAmerican Tower, Chapultepec Castle, Palace of Arts, Zocalo.

Great video!. What a beautiful and vibrant city, so much diversity, experiences and off course delicious food!. Many museums and four world heritage sites within Mexico City limits. Cheers!


I should have seen the empty stomach warning before!! I want authentic tacos NOW

So Many people are afraid of Mexico and Mexico City, so I have been serving as a travel concierge to make it simple and "safe" for them to see the places worth seeing. There is always more to learn - Mexico is definitely well worth exploring!

Thank you for this episode! Thats my city. I'm so proud of it. You guys did an amazing job. I miss my city so much. There are tons of things to show in less than an hour video. PS. Please share the soundtrack!!

Anthony Bourdain dead and you tryna steal my bruh clout like that? Boy we don kno u ripping yo shit off of his docuseries 'Parts Unkown'

Awesome video!

Great video, great city!

Mexico is not only Mexico City ! You need and entire series to know mexico

Hola, buen video, me hubiera gustado que lo subtitularan


911 happened in nyc, that doesnt stop people from visiting downtown manhatten

You gotta be kidding me! You must not understand Mexican culture... Have you heard of día de muertos? We celebrate death, tragedy is part of Mexico's reality. You should visit El Chapos hometown and ask what his neighbors think about him...

A couple corrections about the airport... Although there are some international airlines such as Delta that use Terminal 2, most international flights use Terminal 1. (I have never flown into Terminal 2 on any of my many trip to Mexico City.) The Metrobus stops at both terminals.

It's called editing.

Vijay Kumar Dilor Mexico dear ..

I think even the locals don't understand it lol

And you'd be the first!

Fantastic video, great city!

Going next month and my heart cannot fucking wait!!!

I used to live one small block away from Tacos Tony (which by the way are a block away from the Tacos al Pastor they ate later) and those are only two of many food spots in the same area (Narvarte) with brilliant food...So yeah, I put on a lot of weight while living in there.

Greatest city on earth :)

Vijay Kumar Dilor ok ........

+Miriam G. You are right, but let's face it, the lad came from a land where they crap in the's be patient.

Anyways is incorrect .. I think like in German is mexiko.. but I’m English is Mexico as well ..

Renan Aguilar-Valenzuela well you right ..

+Miriam G. He spelled from the English phonetics.


I've been to CDMX many times...and I can't get tired of it. I love it there ❤

Great video. Mexico city here I come.

The new airport to be was canceled by the new president because although it was going to be pretty it was going to be the fruit of corruption, extremely costly. Two nearby airports will be expanded and conditioned to serve millions of travelers.

Pretty video but where’s the info? What did he eat that “I’m going to cry”? What does a taxi stand look like? Who were those dancing couple?

One of the best videos I’ve seen of Mexico City!

Stop spreading the secret. Californians have already infested Texas and now you're gonna move south and fuck up Mexico too. Everything California touches gets destroyed. Fuera de aqui carajo!

Hows the weather in August?

Hispanics are from the Iberian Peninsula. Mexico is part of the American continent, and Mexicans are Native American.

4:12 What song was that?

I think its about time you do a Stockholm guide! :)

Go and be amazed! It’s wonderful.

Flash803 SQBZ. Porque lo insultas? Tu sabes si así se escribe en su país de origen? No seas cobarde y corriente.

+Miriam G. You are right, but let's face it, the lad he came from is a land where they crap in the's be patient.

Cheloluis2003 you are a liar, bet you never been in Mexico,you are a coward, you never been outside your trailer park

The soundtrack tho.

My favorite city in the world. I’ll be there in a couple of weeks. I go at least 3 times a year.

At 4:04, just as he finishes explaining how to get to the city from the airport, the lyrics of the song "México" by Mexican Institute of Sound warn that "tomorrow you might not come home alive". It's a great song, with a powerful message against government corruption and cartel violence, but the placement almost feels intentionally sarcastic. A bit like when all shit hits the fan in the movie "Amores perros" and the song "La vida es un carnaval" starts playing.

"outcry for expropriations of land" to build the New Mexico City Airport? Poor information. You lost me. Keep on with your "chairos".

14:49 when your taco master is also your car mechanic, only in mexico...

With all of it's contrasts and everything. We love our beautiful capital La Gran Ciudad De México..

Very hip city

Wow. Best video Ive seen about traveling to Mexico. And Ive traveled back and forth from LA my whole life.

Have seen many videos on cdmx and this was very good and different! One of my favorite cities and can’t wait to get back someday! Best city in North America with so much history, so cosmopolitan, great food, great people, great nightlife and so much culture and day trip options...I need to live there for a long time to get it all in!

Love it.

Right on! I'm off to Guadalajara and Guanajuato next week. Any advice for my first time in El Bajio?

In Spanish because you´re already being here so I guess you are going to try to understand the language: Wow Hermano! en verdad a uno como Mexicano haces que se le enchine el cuerpo... es uno de los mejores videos que he visto sobre la Ciudad de México. Me parece que pudiste retratar lo bueno y lo malo de la ciudad, lo que dice la chica es muy cierto para muchos de nosotros, si no te reportas con alguien es un punto en contra. Sin mebargo también es una hermosa ciudad con muchísimas cualidades como bien lo mencionas.  Muchas felicidades por que tu video en terminos de historia (la forma en la que lo cuentas) y fotografía es excelente... me da gusto que no sólo muestres lo que muchos ya han mostrado (Garibaldi, gente con sombreros, mariachis, Danzantes y Teohtihuacan) por que la ciudad no sólo es eso, y justamente tener la preconcepción de que somos un País de borrachos, Mariachis polvoriento se pierde cuando gente como tu presenta un video como este; y no me mal entiendas, también el Mariachi , el tequila y todos nuestros pueblos son parte de nuestra cultura, pero no sólo somos eso... Una vez mas muchas felicidades!!!!

Man this was the most fair and real look at the city I have seen In a while, great production value, good story telling. Next time include, Polanco, Chapultepec, Coyoacan, and maybe show a bit more of the city

for anybody wondering the name of song that the man with the trumpet was playing, i believe it is "asi fue" by juan gabriel

The danzón part was awesome!


Mix-race Mexicans (mestizo) have an average of 70% Native American DNA.

+wet timguavass callate el pinche osico x2. Y no te des like a ti mismo

What is known as Native American food, comes from Mexico....corn, beans, squash, etc.

callate el pinche osico.

si esta subtitulado, nada mas tienes que activar el icono CC

+Mike Olson smoke weed

Lots of things. Great, great restuarants, pyramids, dancing, drinking, great parks and sites to see. The culture and people are amazing and I recommend CDMX to everyone around the world. +Mike Olson

what u did in mexico

El Huevo de Oro seriously. Everyone spells things differently or misspells. No need to put people down. ✌

AHHH my beautiful city! I am so glad you got to visit my city and show it to the world! In the last 5 years or so Mexico City has become a destination for many people traveling to Mexico besides Cancun, Vallarta, Los Cabos, city is full of culture and entertainment! Glad you liked it! Saludos

Shit hole country don't visit!

I have been to many cities - and when I visited mx city last summer I could of kicked myself for not discovering it sooner because I fell in love with it!! In fact, I’m going again this summer and probably every year from now on!! The food, art, people, shopping, etc., was incredible.

Mexico City Metro iconography was designed by the famed american designer Lance Wyman ;-)

Beautiful video, congratulations and best regards ;)

Like the music in min 11;37. love real mexican food.

You will always be welcome in our big, messy, and caotic but beutiful city!!!

I’m a Mexican American and let’s face it ! Mexico is not a desirable country to explore culturally (besides the beach town) because people in Mexico don’t look like a 1st world country , people in Mexico have an obesity problem and Americans or Europeans only want to go to countries where people are good looking and white . Yes Mexico has a few white Mexicans but the brown people who out number whites make it hard for white Mexicans to be seen.

Excellent video, I found it very fair and balanced (of course, I'm biased as I live here and would find it very difficult to leave). I loved the guides you chose and the places you went. Thanks.

Well done

Thank you so much for this. I'm Mexican American but have only been to Mexico once when I was 5. I've always thought about going back looked at videos, looked at flights, restaurants, things to do and I have tons of family there but I just never really cared to just go. Over the last month Ive been planning to go at the end of June to Mexico City and I'm super excited. After watching this video I regret not having gone earlier and experiencing my families Homeland. I started tearing up at the end as you described how much you loved it even when you came with other opinions of how it might be. I just can't wait to go, thank you much once again.



You fell in love with the City and I fell in love with the way you describe the city. I lived in Mexico City for 10 years. I miss being there.

Oh where was that cantina? :)

Excellent info! Thanks for the vid.

It's like a piece of heaven and eternal peace every time i get to share mexican food with friends who have never tried it for the first time. To see their genuine surprised and utter disbelief of the explosion of flavours. Their joy and craving for more that captivates them practically instantly. And if they happen to dislike something, we always manage to find at least ten other dishes they adore and most likely never have heard of before.. It even surprises me, because every time i visit, i discover new things i have never seen before. One of my favourite things to do is to just pick a direction and start driving, then stop at towns and places that catch my attention. Try the local food, chat with the locals. You always discover new meals and flavors. And you always meet people that give you the feeling of being among friends.

do u guys think it's ok to go there as a solo traveler ?


Thanks, glad you like!

Phenomenal city, we loved it.

Definitely not sarcastic, just a great song.

+Attaché it was a made up by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, then candidate to the presidency. That, the dry out of the "lake" that doesn't exist any more, the attack on birds and plants, the sinking of the soil... All of them were OPEN LIES from our now President to boicot the project based in mere ignorance, arrogance and envy.

Are you saying there *weren't* outcries over the expropriation of land?

What more could you want?

It's a wonderful city.

Yeah we felt that too

Thanks Ron!

Yeah agreed, it was an utterly captivating city.

+Kyle Lincoln My pleasure! I don t recall the name, but do visit the disco that is ina old mine in Guanajuato. :D Have fun and enjoy the food as well, anywhere.

+Ro Calvo Thanks for the tips! I had no idea about the leather making in Leon. I just might have to pick myself up pair of cowboy boots! I'm most excited for the Mummy museum and mine tours in Guanajuato and San Miguel.

Guadalajara is excellent, many traditions originated there. (Mariachi, Tequila) The food of this region is different but then again the food in MExico is always a highlight and worth discoverg. Guanajuato and Queretaro are jewels! If you get the chance to do either Herradura or Jose Cuervo express i highly recommend. Tequila is a pueblo magico and truly captivating. Leon has a huge leather scene, great for shopping bags shoes jackets anything your heart desires. So much to do and see. REally depends what kind of interests you have and how much time you want to spend there. Good luck and enjoy!!

Hot and rainy

The Aztecs called themselves Mexica.

We are mostly mestizos my friend. But you are correct there are still a lot of people who are pure native american

Aren't the indigenous called mesoamerican? Or Amerindian? Not Mexican because the first king or Mexican technically was a white guy from México but a priest right? And I'd agree lol but still you really think people want to eat a corn taco with just Turkey meat? Europeans brought the chicken, pig,beef, and wheat so it's basically a fusion culture. But I'm English so I'm taking your food from all culture because well you know's English! Lmao

DAN! Greetings man, hope you are doing well! Mexico misses you, and i am sure you miss Mexico ;) Take care where ever you are!

Of course- I'm Canadian, its legal here.+Mo Rongo

Tacos al pastor!

Headed to Mexico City this July 4th weekend and i don't think I've ever been excited to visit a city quite like I am about CDMX! I'm a New Yorker and idk what has taken me so long to visit this city I'm 30 countries in at 26y/o. Viva!!

No, the airport was not placed on hold, it was stopped because of corruption and because of a bad location. So, it has been planned at a better location, and no corruption. AMLO, Mexico's new president, is doing his best to change and eliminate corruption in Mexico. He will be known as the world greatest President in history.

The peso is not represented by the dollar sign. It only has one line through it: $. Great video!

something about this guy makes me not trust him

This really wasn't a "travel" guide. It only covered taxis and food. I lived in Condesa.

I born and raised at Coyoacán, but I lived close to Tacos Tony the last 6 years, the name of the neighborhood is Narvarte. There are a lot of marvelous places in Narvarte, and Los Cuates Saloon it's one of my favorites cantinas. I miss my City. Greetings from the Midwest!

Thank you so much for doing this video.

Did you really show the EcoBici card (5:25) and explain you can use it to get around on buses and metros? C'mon.

dam as I'm watching this video. I'm seating here at the park eating a freaking hot dog and a big gulp from 7 eleven.and this guy is in one of my favorite cities in the world eating my favorite tacos. go figured. Lol

Where can I get a PLAYLIST ?!


Congestion plagues the city as well as other problems but with every city around you will find cultures and traditions that make each of these cities unique!!!!

Same question. I'd love to go, but running the risk of getting kidnapped makes me a bit nervous.

that's awesome, how do you land that job?

The cost of living is not low, if you factor in the cost of real estate.

Love my Mx City too! And I can't wait to go there soon for vacations (I live in Vancouver)

My mouth is watering

I visited Mexico City with my wife for our honeymoon early in January of this year. I am a Muslim and she wears a hijab, we were treated with nothing short of kindness, respect and love. The Mexican people were extremely hospitable and loving. I loved their culture, their faith, and their food. Looking forward to visiting again. Love from Afghanistan.

Wow finally in Mexico City!! Thanks for great video. I’m a frequent CDMX visitor and still haven’t seen it all. Perhaps the most fascinating city in North America. Great food,Museums. Concerts. You name it. Will definitely visit those restaurants and street food next weekend.

What taxi company is legit and safe?

Sorry but this narration sucks..also don't care for his opinions on social justice.

could you do mykonos or athens next?

Your affectation of Anthony Bourdainn is extremely annoying. Be yourself and you’ll be more successful, as you are a talented vlogger!

+bluebird this may sound crazy but do u wanna plan a trip if we interview each other and everything looks good ? lol

zillajratomicray You totally describes exactly whats Mexico city truly is. Blessed

+Crystal Giner Hi Crystal, You don't land the job. You create it through your own efforts. What can you do better (and different) than everyone else?

This was beautiful.. I want to go there now

I went for a low cost vacation because I didn’t want to waste my week off by not going anywhere. I was completely shocked as to how beautiful CDMX was, the people were so friendly and willing to chat us up. The food and culture was great to experience. You did a great job on this video. I would like to add that don’t miss a night of Lucha Libre ! It was surprisingly the funnest night I had. The pyramids, the cathedrals , zocalo...... just a great city.

My home, sometimes as a citizen you get too overwhelmed and even angry at the current administration of the city, you get angry at the traffic, the inefficient public transport, etc and sometimes you forget that this city has it all. From the good food (not the best, imo Mexico City only wins in tacos, you can eat more delicious food in the rest of the country like in Oaxaca or Yucatán) to the night life and the whole entertainment and cultural events. I hope the major flaws of the city get corrected with the new government, I encourage you all to visit Mexico City but also the rest of the country and support the local tourism, the indigenous art, try the food, enjoy the experience.

Thank you señor, from a Mexican living in California.

Terrible information.

I'm going next month. Great video.

Cómo odio éstas "visiones" tan condescendientes de los vecinos del norte. Siempre, por historia, les ha gustado exacerbar los clichés pedestres de los mexicanos, y al final, te dan una palmada en el hombro como de aprobación. Hipócritas. Y son tontos, aquellos que le festejan con agradecimiento esa pose.

There is so much to visit and learn from CDMX, so bad you did not visit some of the most traditional restaurants, or the new wave of high cuisine of the Mexican food... Salon Rio (the food and the drinks were to die for), el Cardenal, Cafe Tacuba, Pata Negra, Mercado Roma, the traditional mercados, the tacos de canasta near the Zocalo (you can have a meal for less than 10 pesos!! and so delicious), the new fusion food from different regions of the country and handcraft beer places. I do not remember the name of one small place in la Condesa, you have to drink in the Sidewalk because there is not enough space to display all the options, I could not believe the variety of beer (even one chocolate beer!), tequila and mescal I have ever seeing and taste!!! the graphic design of the labels were so original and impressive as the brand names... the history, art, religion, modern art, modern CDMX, etc.... there is always a new museum opening somewhere in the city. Every time I go back, is like going to a new and improved CDMX, which holds a diversity of races from all over the country and the world.

I dont know how much you value this video, but trust me you doing an amazing job of showing the people the reality. You changed the people's perception about Lebanon and now you here changing the preconception about Mexico. I'm from Bengaluru, a city of India, all my life the image of Mexico was negative in me, same goes with Lebanon. But your video proved all of them wrong. Trust me, videos like these you are changing people and economy of the Mexico/Lebanon in a positive way that is unimaginable. Even though your contribution might be very less, in fact negligible but people like me will atleast start considering an option to visit these places. Kudos for that.

Cant wait

He’s playing JUANGA!

Aw man I'm jealous. Definitely vlog it.

Yes! now you can use the same card for EcoBici and public transport. Isn't that convenient?

There's no Africans and Asians shut the fuck up lmao

Agreed 100%. A city that keeps giving the world so much

The oldest city in the western hemisphere. Was then known as Tenochtitlan, a city built on top of a lake in the 1300s.I guess its the Istanbul/Constantinople of the West.

+Abdo Bustani tiene subtitulos pero en inglé en español...

really great content and very informative especially for us who are planning for first time visit!!

If you keep walking to the left when you leave the airport at the doors you will reach the subway station and you can buy a single ride token or card there for far less than a taxi or uber. Only for those seeking immediate adventure with less luggage.

Ill be going in October. Cant wait to try out authentic Mexican food.

GREAT video, one of the best I’ve seen on CDMX. Beautiful shots, great editing, well narrated, and with PRACTICAL information I can actually use.


At least there are no 'mass shootings'!

Ayuda! Dónde está ese lugar de los burrotes???

Mexico is mainly a native/euro mix (meltin pot if you will), blacks barely constitute for less than 1% of the entire population - I dont like how you push a brazil/colombian narrative here. Next thing you're gonna claim chile is part black too ?

+Rob Roux who the hell Is hating on México?, I am Mexican, I was just talking about other older American cities and civilizations, and why do North Mexicans suck (I am from Northern México)?

​+Andres Salazar Thanks Sherlock. I am referring to Metropolitan Cities still around. I guess before Tenochtilan the biggest city would have been Teotihuacán(Toltec maybee) and Tikal, but as you know sherlock, those are now ruin.. To the south the biggest city might have been Cusco with 150,000(2-5 million in our time). To the North of what is now the US , the biggest city would have been Cahokia(St.Louis) and that was 40,000 in 1200 ( almost 1 million in our time). So yes, Tenochtitlan is the Oldest city on the Western Hemisphere. Why? because all the other cities today were created after the 1600s... even then Tenochtilan was huge. 100K-200K people would have been like 2-5 million people today, and considering that it was built on top of a lake. This cities structural and urban development was advanced. Stop hating on Mexico. I know North Mexicans suck. But Central Mexico is different from the disease ridden Nortenos. Mexico City has culture and history that can not be touched by any American city.

+Rob Roux Are you considering that even before Tenochtitlán there were other older cities right?, Remember that Mesoamerica, of which, Mexico was a big part, also had the Toltecas, Olmecas, Mayas, and many other civilizations older than the Aztecas.

+ATLACATL CUZCATLAN Claro que hay! Quizá no en grandes números pero los hay, incluso libaneses, israelis, hay de casi todo el mundo.

So all of the Chinese in Dolores (Chinatown) and the blacks in Veracruz are holograms? Have you ever left your house?

Came across this video randomly and am very impressed! First of all, as a Californian of Mexican heritage, I appreciate that you acknowledge the influence México has had on the US, it’s culture and its food—especially in places like California and Texas. However, Mexico has influenced the entire US where the average American eats Mexican food or Mexican-inspired dishes 3-4x a week! Outside of Mexico, California is as authentic as it gets when speaking of Mexican food, thanks to the many hard-working immigrants that come to LA (specifically) to set up “Carnitas Michoacán”, “Monte Alban Comida Oaxaqueña”, and loads of other truly authentic Mexican food establishments. I too have traveled extensively throughout the world and lived in London, Mexico City and now Hamburg, Germany (in that order), and can honestly say there is NO other city in the world that compares...CDMX

Loved this but would love to know where you're going next?


Do Jerusalem!!!!!!!

OMG!!! The soundtrack of you video... IMS (INSTITUTO MEXICANO DEL SONIDO) !Grate!

Also don’t expect anyone- I mean anyone from the flight attendants, airport security, immigration- to tell you to save it. I’m from El Salvador and speak Spanish fluently and only bc I saved the immigration form did we have it when we were leaving. I saw so many people wait in line for boarding passes to only be told to go stand in an even longer line to pay the fine. Save that form!! Overall Mexico City is great! Just as, if not, more beautiful than Paris. Don’t let airport bureaucracy hinder you from going.

Such a great work at capturing the city on camera

One of the best cities in the world!

Shashank Vc – excellent comment and I completely agree!

thanks man,

the day you filmed this i can see it was very polluted, it´s a shame, there are plenty of clean days and you were not lucky

Mexico City looks amazing. I really want to go. And to risk sounding ignorant or overly fearful, is it safe as an American to go there with all of Trump's recent bullshit? I mentioned it to my family today and immediately got shit for even wanting to go. They were terrified, and they're pretty open minded people.

its very safe! just ride uber, have fun!

By far, Mexico City is the greatest city on earth. I visit once a year and I have no intention of stoping. Here is another perspective of the city.

You forgot to visit the new Mexico City "SANTA FE" An ultramodern part of the city

Definitely trying the Suadero and of course some Mezcal when I visit. Viva Mexico!

Thanks for an amazing video of my Mexico, many blessings to you and your work.

Awesome video, as Mexican I loved it!

Finally, a Latin American city!!!

why to try to sound like Anthony Bourdain

Everyone loves Mexico City but Mexicans lol

The airport is the worst I've ever been to.

Thank you and come back soon.

I was in CDMX back in 2012, and fell in love with the people and vibe there. I didn't have much of a culture shock given I'm from Texas and Tejas was Mexico at one point, but, damn do I miss it. Viva Estado Unidos de Mexicanos!

I adore Mi Mexico

A lot of people say Mexico City is unsafe and dangerous especially to a foreigner. I don't know how far it's true, but I feel bad when I hear people saying negative things about Mexico all the time.

The way you feel about Mexican food is the way I feel about Middle Eastern food. It's not quite the same outside of the Middle East. By the way, this makes me want to go to Mexico more than anything else I've ever seen. So thanks for that. :)

no gtfo

You’re good (obviously people dont like trump but that is not a reason to hate all americans). Hope you visit and enjoy :)


Cool can't wait 2 go also

No entendiste nada. Saludos

A city where I planned to spend some part of my life for a while but moved back to Europe instead. So much culture and history not to mention the cuisine. I love Mexico and Mexican people!

Fantastic city, thanks fo the video. I lived there for 8 years, from 10 to 18, now I live in the USA, Washington State, but I never forget Mexico City, I was there for 2 weeks 18 months ago, great time. ;)

This dude sounds Canadian not Mexican.

Southern California was sold to the US in 1850 for those who don't know. Some Mexicans wil tell you it was stolen which is false.

You should go to montreal

I'm Mexican-American also and you have a very sad, inaccurate, warped viewpoint. I have traveled to Mexico a lot over the years and it has more cultural history than anywhere else in North America. It has Spanish govmt. buildings, aqueducts, bullrings, convents/monasteries, churches, old theaters, royal mints, forts, a castle, military quarters, mansions, hospitals, etc. that date from the late 1400s-1800s (where in the U.S. the oldest of these date to the 1600s). Mexico had what was the first printing press and university in North America. Then there are the pyramids, abandoned cities, observatories, and calendars the Mayas, Aztecs, Olmecs, etc. left behind. Its a country rich in history and culture--Palace of Fine Arts, Cineteca Nacional, world class museums, theater, largest Spanish language tv networks and book publishing industries. You know so very little and blinded to things you've been taught in the U.S. Also Mexicans in Mexico are thinner than Mexican-Americans and that's due to the American diet rich in processed additive filled foods, meat, and dairy. In Mexico the food is more veggie and fruit oriented and more organic. Its only recently (last 30 years) that American style processed foods and hamburgers have become more popular, and that's what has contributed to obesity rising in Mexico. Still on average Mexicans are thinner. I lived in Mexico for months at a time, and I ate what I wanted, but actually lost weight after a few months living there before I returned to the U.S. Quality eating btw.

Ugh.. that food looks amazing!

Awesome video!!! ♥️

What a fantastic vlog my friend. Can't wait to go. Thank you!

Lover of Afrobeats and Live Band performances… check this link out You probably might have been looking for something like this!!!

I'm a local from Mexico city, please dress normal. This will help you to blend more and avoid tourist traps. Also No one dresses in safari gear at the city... Do it for convenience and to avoid looking stupid

Jaja, tortas de chilaquiles, like we all need more carbs in our life!

I'm from California too. I thought I knew Mexico just to realize everything I knew was California and Baja Mexico which really doesn't do justice to the whole country!

I would love to visit Mexico City. Greetings

Glad you had a wonderful time

That's wonderful to are always welcome. The world needs more love and friendliness.

Make sure you visit all the wonderful sites and museums like the museum of anthropology and Bella Artes. Also the massive park and castle. Hint:. Go to the Sears building and have lunch from the cafe on top. Wonderful view.

Pretty impressive video as always! We love Mexican food and this video just makes us crave for Mexican food soooo bad!

Yo quiero Taco Bell

i want to go here so much , i have two Mexican friends here in Scotland , one from Mexico City .

Hi I just love you'r videos anD i request you to come to HYDERABAD , INDIA. EXPLORE THE CITY . THANK YOU need any help ill help you.

Great video! I am from Mexico City but I have been in sf California for 32 years I love my city so much that i want to move back soon. Take care my friend!


gringo to the rescue

I cried watching this, you portrayed my city in the best way possible

Great video!!!

I am going back in June!! I first visited Mexico City in 2005. Amazing place. The food alone

Thank you so much for the video, I'm mexican and I'm very proud of it ❤️

You're incredibly stupid.

You've inspired me and I booked a trip! I hope you get to São Paulo someday, I think you'll love it.

Another great City and a great travel guide on youtube!!!! Do Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires

Tip especially in the hotel..

you all welcome


Wish the CORRUPT LAZY Democrat Mayors make our USA cities nice, safe and homeless free like CDMX.

Wow ¡Muchas gracias por este hermoso vídeo! Tu casa es mi casa. Mi país, tu país ¡Bienvenidos siempre!

I use street taxis all tha time, no problems ever.. I've been retired in México living off $5000 us a yr.. Humble people & beautiful culture..

Amazing vid!

My people

The music, really? listen to the words carefully, really sterotypes Mex, otherwise great video.

Great video, and very informative. Thanks for sharing this.

I live in WA state and the mexican food here is shit. Absolute shit. I miss cali for all the good food more than I hate even the brutal winters here.

I've been living in Mexico City for 9 years and started to get bored with it but this video made me fall in love with this beautiful chaotic city again.

We would highly recommend to check out the El Rosario butterfly reserve, which hosts a stunning 200 million monarch butterflies. It's unlike anything we've ever seen in our lives! Really really great video guys! Amazing how you brought all of this together. This is such an incredible place and we had a great time making travel videos there. Naick & Kim travels

And for tipping, servers appreciate more if you leave the tip in cash, because if you give it with a card, they will get it until the end of the month, and they might be scrapping by, and depend on their tips for daily spending on basic needs like transport to get to work. So in restaurants they will ask if you if you want your check closed "cerrada" it means you are not paying tip with the credit card. This is the way they are politely asking for tip in cash.

street taxis are a raffle, usually they are ok but they are risky and i think some of them might try to take advantage just because you are a tourist. I have lived in the city my entire life, 38 years, and i think is awesome, but yeah there is a reason Uber became uber popular here, taxis sucked, I rather walk than take a taxi most of the time. There are amazing taxi drivers very nice, very gentle, very helpful but for each of them you can also find lots of assholes. And the suadero of my Tia Acela, is just the best, i haven't found a single suadero anywhere else in Mexico city that is as flavorful as my tia's, she cheats because she is really good friend with a butcher and he always give her the best suadero, the one butchers reserve for themselves, that you won't find in any taco stand.

I’m traveling to Mexico in 4 days and this video made me even more excited to visit!

Do one on Detroit, number two city to visit in the world 2018 according to lonely planet!

chingon gracias por compartir

Shut up and show us what’s to do in Mexico lol


Please do a Milan travel guide

welcome to mexico city

Glad you liked it here man! Feel welcome back!

you guys are awesome and you make really thorough guides to some of the world's great cities. but I do have what I feel to be a pertinent suggestion. There needs to be a somewhat greater focus on the experience that persons of colour could have in many of these cities, especially those in Europe. unfortunately, there are still certain regions where, due to heavy societal homogeneity and certain incorrect perceptions of different looking people, visitors have reported feeling ostracized, be it on racial or cultural grounds. therefore, I feel it important to incorporate how people of different races are received.

like how the americans treat the mexicans.

Regarding the taxis: Go with Uber. It's crazy cheap and there will be a digital paper trail, so if something happens (you leave something behind in the taxi perhaps, or worse) it's easy to retrace your steps.

The song at 4:05 is saying that Mexico is dangerous w Zeta gangs and you may not make it home alive !!!!!! WTH !

¿No pudieron elegir la peor música de fondo?

what a great video!!!

For a moment, just listening, I thought I was watching Anthony Bourdain. This video is so well made, I like it.

not really.

Really enjoyed the video..But Tiping I have issues with... It keeps employers from paying the employees a fair wage... I would and do tip anyway But... it isn't really helping the employee as much as the employer !

living in Mexico City, it's like being married to a woman with a beard, every day you get up, you see her and you do not know why you're still in love with her.

why ias that mexico is a great place to live.

This video make me to go to Mexico City, Thank you!!

Do toronto

+Randy Randalman huh.

uds dos son pinches putazos

You should go to SIN CITY

man, when are you going to do Miami , please do Miami

Nice video! It's very informative and objective, I love my city!

¡No avisaste que viniste, gacho!



be prepared for your eyes to burn

I absolutely disagree with the tipping process. DO NOT tip anyone anywhere anytime. Paying the staff is the responsibility of the shop owner and nobody else's. This misconduct coming from the US according which they intentionally pass the cost of the service to the client falsely covered with labour compassion cannot be tolerable by any sane in the head individual.

Thank for this very nice video !!! can not wait to go back to visit CDMX !! I took my family last December 2018 and had a nice XMAS !!!!

Hearing the pretty good Anthony Bourdain impression in the opening of this video, I expected to hate this, but man oh man. What a good video. Thank you.

Oh my god! Man, you and your team have just created an amazing and very, very beautiful video about mx city. I'm a huge fan ot Attaché and let me say something: i can see thet you feel in love of Mx city beacuse de editing. The opening and ending song, the views from a lot of neighbours (you didt went to the north area). Just amazing!

I am a Mexican who is living in the U.S . My mom brought me to the U.S in August of 2000 . I was only 2 months old , I have never left the U.S since so idk what that makes me . Yes I’m Mexican because i was born in Mexico but i grew up in the United States . My entire ideology is that Mexico is bad , the country sucks , the people are criminals , rapist , drug lords/ dealers , traffickers of some sort which it’s part true but I can say the same thing about the U.S the only difference is that people have respect for authority here but it’s basically the same . I would love to learn more about the country where I’m from . I would love to make a difference in Mexico , I would love to find a way that we can fix our economy and life situation in Mexico . I would love to find a way to get rid of the bad people who give a bad representation of the entire country .

i am born and raised in Mexico City and now live in the States. Your description of Mexico City is incredible. Love to give you more names of markets and food places when ever you go again. congrats

Wearing an Apple Watch in The “metro”..... THAT’S ballsy

Yo respeto y admiro mucho a los mexicanos. Usted tiene un lugar especial en mi corazón. Abrazos de Brasil hermanos

Yeah! fix it bro!

Make a Souel travel guide ALEX

What's the place on 18:03? Where is it? It looks beautiful.

oh pls america is a racist dump and mexico has a decent economy it ain;t broke.

Can someone give me all the songs that are in the video

This needs 1M plus views.

Really hyped for my first visit.

Why do you put a song about murder on this

It is the Castillo de Chapultepec (Chapultepec's castle), it was a presidential home but now it is a museum in the middle of Chapultepec park (it's like our central park).

Visited Mexico City twice in the span of 12 months. Absolutely amazing city and could relate when he said he had never fallen in love with a city so quickly as he did with Mexico City. Everyone I met was extremely friendly, I first visited in February 2017 it was really warm around that time and visited again in September 2017 and it was raining for the most part of my visit be sure to check out the weather when traveling.

This man brings me so much joy to know that he feels my pain with Mexican food!!! I too am from California and I can WHOLE HEARTEDLY attest to what he says about traveling further from Mexico as the Mexican food gets worse in the States. And now that I live in Germany, he nailed it when he spoke about giving up out of pure frustration because it is FACT!

Great video, thank you for sharing! CDMX is truly a great city.

I loved this video!

The security issue was exaggerated, it's not that bad. The subway is not a very pleasant experience though, you might want to just stick to Uber.

Sorry but the dolar sign is the S with two vertical lines. The peso is the S with only one vertical line.

Awesome video, and a very accurate portrayal of what life in the city is like. I'm from there, but living in Belgium at the moment, you really made me miss it! Especially the food!!

OKay, I am in love with the music which starts at 2:15. What IS this song, por favor?

The narrator sounds a lot like BlackPigeonSpeaks

I love going to México city. When i go, i try to stay for at least a month, sometimes 2!

Thank you so much for showing and speaking so highly of my beloved city, in truth it is a city to love.

Mexico City is a true treasure. One of my favorite cities that I’ve visited while making travel vlogging! Keep it up and keep exploring

Really well made video, but damn Americans take themselves seriously :D


Plenty of super authentic Mexican restaurants in California, LA especially.

I'm a U.S. American of Mexican descent, it's a little longer to say but Mexican American is as redundant as saying Spanish European. I visited New York in my early 20s and couldn't believe how big the city was as my plane kept going and going and was astounded by the size of New York. About a year or so later when I visited Mexico City and the plane kept moving forward and there was more and more and more, I was in absolute disbelief, I had never seen a City as Enormous as Mexico City.

Once you hear Destilation instead of Destination and read Tequila instead of Taquilla you knw you have an alcohol problem.

I love mexican people so much. the friendliest, warmest, most genuinely loving people on earth. viva mexico! Can you do Buenos Aires, Argentina, next?

+antifa veteran thanks for your service, dude!

much love.

+John Carter graciasss

Los gringos siempre que hablan de México ponen sus filtros amarillos como si fuera un desierto

It seems like a desert, i live un México city, and i don't know why you guys try to make México look like really hot

Great video thanks for sharing Our beautiful country Welcome to Mexico

Nightlife in Mexico City is the best

Yeah, yeah. But why you put just the ugliest parts of the city? Why you guys don’t show the beautiful and minimalist buildings? Or modern and safe zones like Santa Fe, Polanco or Roma.

+Lobo ok.

I'm heading there this July and can't wait! Great videos by the way - I always look forward to them


bad song choice. its only talking about El Chapo and murders

Anthony Bourdain wants his introduction back...

Gracias por el Video de mi Ciudad broo ☆♡

Hi, first of all let me thank you for making such a professional and well explained documentary about my hometown. It's nice to see that beyond our social problems, there's still people enjoying to visit my country. I'm a real fan of your work. Thank you for inspiring others into traveling and get to know the world, if not by the screen by person. I would love so much to work as you do to document my entire country..... Really thanks for creating this channels :) I'm also a huge fan of BlackPigeon

Every time I visit Mexico i can never get enough. Viva Mexico!


have fun.

also one of the cities in the world with the most's full of ART!

Wow, this is one of the best travel videos I have seen in a very long time Bravo my friend , I think Anthony Bourdain would like your video a lot. I know I sure do. Please keep making more videos. This is coming from a guy that loves traveling the world

We visited 3 times in the last three years and have discovered new aspects to this amazing city each time. My top picks: the free Centro Historico walking tour with Estacion; Casa Azul (Frida Khalo), Anthro museum, Teotihuacan, Sabido mercado in San Angel, Diego Rivera murals in the National Palace (Zocalo), Chapultapec Castle, Street Art walking tour in Roma Norte, Sunday morning on Paseo Reforma (closed to traffic); the lovely plaza in Coyoacan, El Moro Churros, Torre Latino Americano or Monument to Revolution for sunset, ... the list goes on ...

Now im exited to get deported

That is my city!! And you have made a great video on it! Thank you so much. I live in Europe and i go back home every year...still it is never enough. CDMX has got it all and I realized that only when I left. I send you all my love and good wishes, for whoever loves my country, can only get back a lot of mexican love.


I love mexico city


Viva Mexico!!!

I'm from the best country in the world..Mexico!! Follow me on Instagram: richye_1

wish i could be deported too but i'm a gringo;.


You got to be nuts to say Mexico's city's food its the best.. Viva Chihuahua

I"m so looking forward to experience this wonderful city very soon!!!

Too bad no mention of the eatery businesses's names were given in the heading's description. The names would have sufficient with the help of uncle Google. If anyone knows, please share!

Very professional presentation. We get the information in a pleasant way.

And yes, mezcal is much better than tequila. By far.

I always take street taxis. Never had any problem. Don't encourage this line of thought. There are many honest, hard working taxi drivers. Especially the older ones. Just ask if they have a meter, so they charge you what's fair. No fixed rates from street taxis. Avoid it.

I wish mr trump try tacos al pastor

I.loveyou and i.missyou cdmx

Thank you to show my city and welcome

awesome track list.

I just got back a 1 day ago I love ❤️ Mexico

Coolest city by far

I love your video ❤️

I just got back a 1 day ago I love ❤️ Mexico

as mexican i just can say THANK YOU!! awesome video

I'll be traveling here in a month and I cannot wait! Thanks for this awesome video


Mexican food isn't spicy. The hottest salsa is normally made with habonero peppers or similar spice level.

The best video on Mexican street food. I’ve seen 20 tonight. The best.

Thanks Ric!

Sounds like you've looked up to Anthony Bourdain a lot.

Great video!!!!! I ❤️ Mexico City!!

Ummmm..if you go to CDMX and eat at McD’s you deserve Montezuma’s Revenge SUPERSIZED!

We get an unnecessary amount of crap for even MENTIONING BigMac’s on this show. But the BigMac Index isn’t my invention. The Economist magazine came up with it over 30 years ago as a way of measuring the purchasing power parity between two currencies and how exchange rate markets can drastically vary the “cost” of a single product.

+Coyote ok.

In my calendar for next year :D. Anyone who knows and can share the name of the songs Alex and the team used across the video?

I miss Mex DF.

cant believe he left real madrid...

You sound just like the Black Pigeon guy

Hands down the best Mexico City review video!!

Out of ALL the places that I’ve been to in this world, Mexico City has to go down as one of the worst.

+soflo23 yup even european whites hate americans i guess you don't even leave your state very much do you?

Whaaa! Whaa!! "White people and Americans!! Whaaa whaa!! America sucks! Whaaa whaaa! Lol. #MAGA #Trump2020

+soflo23 let me guess you called someone a racial slur over there and your white ass was beat huh?

+soflo23 naw you never went and america is a shit hole too gringo mexico is way better than america imo you scared of brown people amigo?

Hmm....ok. Do you want to go back and forth where I say I went there, and then you say that you bet I never did? Or do you have some sort of an argument to make, or.......?? Are you some little Mexican ANTIFA dork who's getting his feelings hurt because I think Mexico City is a dump? Hate to break it you kid, but Mexico, for the most part, is a shit hole. Lol. Let me guess, you took a cruise to Cancun or Cozumel and now you think you've "been to Mexico". ROFL fuck off nerd.

+soflo23 i bet you neevr went actually.

No joke. You couldn't pay me to go back.

nice joke i bet you never even been.


No. Your name is Paco. Go drink more of your Tecate shit beer, but make sure you show up sober to mow my lawn and scrub my toilets.

Keep trying Paco. I'm not sure why you keep talking about Americans. You're just assuming I am American because I don't like taco breath border jumpers like yourself. And I doubt you've every been to Europe, but in acuality, they love Americans just fine. Hell, I love white Americans just fine. It seems like the only one who has a problem is the little ANTIFA loser who is crying because nobody likes his shit hole city.

This is one of the best English-language travel introductions to Mexico City. The host is thorough and humble, too bad most Americans aren't the same.

11:30 “...Imma start crying!” Lol my husband’s words every time I make chilaquiles. He loves my cooking. He was born & raised here, in USA, I was born & raised in México, D.F. (CDMX) thanks for sharing my tierra.



What a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing it amigo :)

Excelent video. Made with respecto and good taste.

This is one of the best for Mexico. one of the very best.

As a Russian I fell in love with this country its culture and its people, although some people struggle in their daily lives due to poverty or violence or some other issue they always keep a positive attitude and are always very happy, they always say "Si dios quiere" which means if gods wants to they always have faith that everything will go well, there also very kind with foreigners,any everyone who's been to mexico knows

The best guide to visit Mexico City I have ssen so far!! And an awesome edition too!!

The information you have about the airport if false. The new airport was cancelled by the new government under the pretense of corruption and damage to the ecosystem. Mexico will not have new airport anytime soon, just a couple adaptations to try to keep up with the growing air traffic demands.

Ughh the cost of living isn’t “low” “cheap”

What song is that playing in the beginning of the video?

Mexico? No, thanks...

Thank you for putting me to shame for not knowing enough about a city a great as this. I would love to visit this incredible city one day.

Miss you Mexico City. Love from Chicago!!!


What a great video format, this belongs to Netflix

I highly recommend to visit the José Luis Cuevas museum close to El Zócalo!

+Tommy Hammernots lmao your loss mexico will not miss you anyway.

antifa veteran - Can’t tell me goodbye if I’m not there. Would rather visit India...

adios gringo.

Loved the video. If only I can go back again this year to visit my family again.

Its honestly filthy there are citys with more people that are cleaner to. And people in mexico are cruel to animals. lots of places dont have plumbing. I hope they can fix there crime to Godbless

"I'm going to change this" Few seconds later... Background Music "Son los zetas o es el Chapo"

false that is a lie nice try tho nd mean to animals lmao my ass idiot.

This was interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for the info!

+savagex466 your not wanting peace you jsut hate brown people mexico is not that dangerous just midn your business and you'll be fine dummy i love it here and mexico city is still very nice.

+savagex466 false and in america i seen gringos rape and kill their animals so stfu white boy.

+antifa veteran Iv seen farmers beat there animales and tie a horse point blank to a telephone pole for over 2 days ! he got drunk in the bar and the poor horse was tied to a pole so he couldent lay down. This was in mexico horse couldent drink water ether

+antifa veteran Its true friend. Have you ever been to Mexico city ? This video only shows the nice part lol. Children digging through the dump for whatever they can sell. Mexico is a ruff tuff place. Thats why soo many people are leaving legal or illegal . And the Crime ! Its never been this bad ever in the 60's and 70's mexico was very peacefull hope for peace again thanks for shareing

I wonder if I could spend a year in the city, I must improve my Spanish!!

Wow. Beautiful documentary, thanks for making my city look so good, all the bad reputation it gets from the media, Hollywood and many other sources can certainly disappear with content like this. Enjoy!!!


any chance you know what the song is during the money part.... its lit

Well, that’s the overly opinion of a white gringo, among the poor of Mexico city, whose main cultural obsession was food, and as a way of his contribution too. A gringo who is unable to see that his local guiding guys, are middle class snobs that have no connection to the working people that live in the streets. The guiding boys didn’t even reveal the location of the apparently great taco “gourmet” of the tacomania. I don’t know what the gringo means by falling in love w/Mexico. It doesn’t sound like anything more than eating tacos and being a white tourist there.


Great Video - I can't wait to visit late Summer!

its a lot of fun.

+antifa veteran I dont hate brown people Mexico is full of crime and its more dirty then were im from no racist just my experiance there no plumbing in many small towns just look at the poop on tolit paper in the bathrooms stinky bathrooms cant flush paper down tolit no plumbing ammigo

I appreciate your thoughts about México city, might change people's mind about Mexico. Nice to hear something positive. You are welcome anytime and come back soon

@antifa veteran I dont hate brown people Mexico is full of crime and its more dirty then were im from no racist just my experiance there no plumbing in many small towns just look at the poop on tolit paper in the bathrooms stinky bathrooms cant flush paper down tolit no plumbing ammigo

@savagex466 your not wanting peace you jsut hate brown people mexico is not that dangerous just midn your business and you'll be fine dummy i love it here and mexico city is still very nice.

@savagex466 false and in america i seen gringos rape and kill their animals so stfu white boy.

@antifa veteran Iv seen farmers beat there animales and tie a horse point blank to a telephone pole for over 2 days ! he got drunk in the bar and the poor horse was tied to a pole so he couldent lay down. This was in mexico horse couldent drink water ether

@antifa veteran Its true friend. Have you ever been to Mexico city ? This video only shows the nice part lol. Children digging through the dump for whatever they can sell. Mexico is a ruff tuff place. Thats why soo many people are leaving legal or illegal . And the Crime ! Its never been this bad ever in the 60's and 70's mexico was very peacefull hope for peace again thanks for shareing

@Tommy Hammernots lmao your loss mexico will not miss you anyway.

@soflo23 yup even european whites hate americans i guess you don't even leave your state very much do you?

@soflo23 let me guess you called someone a racial slur over there and your white ass was beat huh?

@soflo23 naw you never went and america is a shit hole too gringo mexico is way better than america imo you scared of brown people amigo?

@soflo23 i bet you neevr went actually.

@Coyote ok.

@antifa veteran thanks for your service, dude!

Lovely video and thanks for sharing my country :) you are very welcome again!!!

ya sientese señora

Wow imagine if this place was in real life.

I from Houston Texas, Houston is great, but for real Mexico City is just a totally different amazing city!

@Purple Lemon Man yup go or do whatever.

@antifa veteran Oh cool I might go there someday when I get the chance.

it is.

I was there a couple months ago. It was such a wonderful trip. I must admit I was a little nervous as to the level of safety that exists there. Of course I have the American mentality, so the only thing I really knew about Mexico was from the media. There were no issues whatsoever. I took Uber most of the time and the drivers were great. I saw so many beautiful places and ate so many delicious foods. Everything was really affordable. I already want to go back.

This was truly a beautiful video! Bless you, for not interpreting Mexico as most do, but as a city full of history, art and an enriched culture. Keep up the work, love it!!

Reminds me of Bourdain


LOL, you missed going to "El Sobador"

Viva Mexico

Rent-a-car ?

Thank You for speaking so highly about my humble country! Great video!


Say what you want about Mexico, the mexican cuisine is the best in the world

And the food, so delicious and so far away from what we see in Perth Australia, one day I will enjoy,thanks for insights

*Feminazi talking points in 3, 2, 1...* 20:17

Multiply her hysteria 100 times and you get a judicial system so sexist that men get sentences multiple times worst than those committed by women for the same crimes. While feminazis like her make the hashtag #NiUnaMas trending, they couldn't care less for #NiUnoMas Interesting fact: more men are victims of violent crimes than women. Also, look for videos in which a woman is being mistreated by a man and everyone around come to her help. In a flipped scenario when a woman is mistreating a man onlookers just laugh and let it continue. Meanwhile this feminazi this video interviews only serves to alarm women to use them in their political agenda. This video was very good until you decided to give a platform to the feminist hysteria which is undermines cohesion in our societies by introducing friction motivated by politics.

The dudes voice gives me the creeps

Amazing video, well done.

Why does it look like a 3rd world country

its not you idiot do you even know what a third world country is>

10:37 those are called 'Machetes'

Wow! What an amazing video you did about my city! Man you made me felt so proud of it. Mexico City is a surreal city full of contrasts and the most delicious street food in the world! I came to your channel for the Seattle video and now im an absolute fan of yours! Congratulations!

dangerous is everywhere not only Mexico for example NY LA AND MORE

@brown pride Oh cool I might go there someday when I get the chance.

@brown pride I dont hate brown people Mexico is full of crime and its more dirty then were im from no racist just my experiance there no plumbing in many small towns just look at the poop on tolit paper in the bathrooms stinky bathrooms cant flush paper down tolit no plumbing ammigo

@brown pride Iv seen farmers beat there animales and tie a horse point blank to a telephone pole for over 2 days ! he got drunk in the bar and the poor horse was tied to a pole so he couldent lay down. This was in mexico horse couldent drink water ether

@brown pride Its true friend. Have you ever been to Mexico city ? This video only shows the nice part lol. Children digging through the dump for whatever they can sell. Mexico is a ruff tuff place. Thats why soo many people are leaving legal or illegal . And the Crime ! Its never been this bad ever in the 60's and 70's mexico was very peacefull hope for peace again thanks for shareing

@brown pride thanks for your service, dude!

I was giving this a second look now and just got aware that, during the intro, as Alex speaks of how he wants to change the past (this feeling of "not travelling to MX City before), the lyrics of the actual song the trumpet guy is playing go: "yo te ayudo a olvidar el pasado, no te aferres!" which would translate into "I help you forget the past, don't cling!" .... nice detail!

detriot, baltimore, st louis.

Great video! You almost made me cry, I’ve been living in London for almost two years but nothing compares to the warmth of Mexico and it’s people and the food! On a side note- how the he’ll could this have been your first time in Mexico?!!! I can’t believe it! Lol

I've lived in Mexico for 9 years now (small fishing village in the state of Yucatan) and I love it. Went twice to Mexico DF and enjoyed myself so much. On the subway folks were giving us advice how to go around and where to stop. The place is gorgeous, the park of Chapultepec is amazing and the activities you can enjoy endless.

someone told you wrong information about the new airport cancellation.


I loved the way you pictured the city. Focusing on the "real" CDMX instead of of the sanitized upper class neighborhoods. Attache always delivering high quality content. Greetings from Brazil!

Visit and share with your friends don't forget to visit

I miss my family my friends the food the the people nobody in the world is like Mexican people

I absolutely thank you for doing this proper documentary about mexico city and honoring it by showing the multiple benefits it has. It seems you did get to taste the real Mexico in so many ways and I totally hope people will see this and get encouraged to visit more often. I will, also, share this video to anyone that wants to have a more realistic and on the ground perspective of Mexico city, a less "tourist" like for sure, which I'd actually a recognition to you for stepping outside of the comfort zones that even I as a Mexican, had not stepped out of when it comes to going to certain places and eating certain foods. Hats off

Having to pay a little bit of a fine would be $500.00 USD per person if you lose the paper from mexican immigration.

You have a way with words, man. First video of your channel that I watch. I'll subscribe. And yep, Mexico City is something quite unique. You need to go back to discover several other things. When I say several I am not exaggerating.

Wow! It was like a little journey to Mexico City for me. Thank you for such a great video!

Someone know the name of the songs on the video?

This video was lacking Transit information.  Transportation from MEX Airport: Terminal 1: Metro (subway) will lead you downtown. 5 pesos. Avoid rush hour and don't bring more than a carry on. Terminal 1& 2 metrobus to downtown $30 pesos. Uber (much cheaper than the Airport taxis) to Centro will cost you about $100 pesos.

I just stumbled upon this YouTube Channel. It BEGINS to fill a vast void that was left when Anthony Bourdain passed. Great stuff. Keep it up!

Going in August

Thank you for the fair report. There was a lot left out for obvious time constraint reasons. Mexico City is definitely a place to visit.

I watched Bourdain's No Reservations episode in CDMX looking for food recommendations, and he barely even touched the surface! Your show is far superior in my opinion- can't wait to check out some of these dishes when I visit.

I’ve watched this video several times, and brings nothing but joy to my heart. I lived in Mexico City for 8 years, unbelievable city, now I live in the USA, WA State, and to see this video, just brings back memories of “my” city. Keep up the good work.

I love Mexico City. Only visited once but I haven't stopped thinking about my time there. The people are best in the world. The city is so beautiful and intriguing. Coyoacan is a must visit historic neighborhood.

I LOVE cantinas, and yes, we have fancy places that I love too, but you will get tired of Ciprianis and Nobus and Blanco Castelar (all lovely in their own right) But come on! A freaking fideo soup and milanesa in a cantina with a tequila and a beer! That is a meal!!!

I hope you CORRECT those who claim we STOLE Cali from Mexico.

@brown pride and why dont you just whine your little heart out about the past? I live for today. You should too.

@brown pride I wont defend a 200 year old argument. Argue with yourself. All you want to do is fight. Be miserable alone. God bless you.

@Mary Winkle no one asked the white man to come here and the whites did the same things back in europe why you think they left.

@brown pride how do you know? Were you there? And dont be so sore about it. We've always shared with Mexicans. We would have shared with the Indians if the had stopped their raids on settlements, when they killed hundreds of women & babies. But they want to say Whitey did ALL the killing. Thats a lie too. Just like you. A lie.

you did tho;

@brown pride i pray for peace in your heart. God bless you.

@Mary Winkle things have not changed tho.

Thank you so much for this amazing video! I am a Mexican and it makes me furious when Hollywood and the US Media trash Mexico so bad.... And I get it, they don't want to promote Mexico on their movies for free... but some times they push the lies to much... Mexico needs more videos like this to show the true, kind, beauty and friendly people we are!

If you lose your paperwork, its not life or death, last year it cost me like 15 minutes of my time and $35

DO NOT LOOSE THAT PAPER! Lol I’ve left mine in my pueblo & had to pay $500 pesos for a new one

1:10 is that you, NPH?

true vivia mexico.

I have read about Mexico and Mexican People, The Mexican People are One of The Best People in The World I Love Everything about Mexico even in Politics, I admire Mexico Foreign Policy Greetings From Egypt

much love i always wanted to see egypt.

Great soundtrack!


this was a great guide

Is it safe for a black man to visit Mexico? I am from Kenya and I would wish to visit Mexico city.

I have read about Mexico and Mexican People, The Mexican People are One of The Best Peoples in The World I Love Everything about Mexico even in Politics, I admire Mexico Foreign Policy Greetings From Egypt

@brown pride you are Welcome in Egypt : )

What were the songs played in the video (especially at 5:51) ?

Where is the dance hall where the older folks were dancing salsa? Thank you. Great video. You remind me of Anthony Bordain.

Mexico City is one the most impressiv city in the world. everyone should have this city on their bucket list. Amazing people, Amazing food, amazing colours.

Bruh that cantina seems like my kind of place. Lmao.

My hometown i.miss you and you!!

Productivity for little money is nothing to be celebrated.

yeah. MEXICO is God's nation (Christ's nation), because it is nation number 1(the nation of forgiveness; the most beautiful nation) just after EGYPT, nation number 3. and BRAZIL is amazingly nation number 5!, but certainly not to be confused with PERU (nation number 4!!!!).

You're pasty face don't know shyt about Mexican food

I want the songs your played in the video, can we have list?

I love to see when there's no expression in his face when he eats the food ^^ Really good video man

This is one of the best English-language travel introductions to Mexico City. The host is thorough and humble, too bad many Americans aren't the same.

When Donald Trump came to Mexico City, I couldn't be more happy! Trump has a great relationship with Mexico! Trump loves the food, the people, and the culture. What about build the wall? Well, people have to come in legally. But Trump loves Mexico!

good joke i live in mexico and we hate trump and he is the reason americans are much more rude with usl

I want the songs you played in the video, can we have list?

Beautifully produced travel review. Congrats!

I was in CDMX // Mexico City few months ago and I can say that I had good times

cool glad you had fun.

Hey Attaché Team! These are some amazing captions - like for real! We are a travel agency from London and we would love to use your captions. Would you please give us the permission to do so? Please hit us up for any questions! Sincerely ASB Travel Solutions ltd :-)

Why the majority of Mexicans and Native Americans look alike, as if they're the same people?


The only problem with mexican food is it is probably the least healthy food you can find. I quit vegetable oils completely. Every once in a while is fine, but eating that every day it is no wonder there are so many obese people in Mexico.

try american fast food and get back to us.

Mxico do you know what a meicoan janato mexian is?

@brown pride maybe Mexicans are the indigenous people of the Americas

@Riscit'Alle my point still stands.

@brown pride I don't eat vegetable oil. So do you think I eat fast food? I'll let you figure that one out.

Thank you for this video!

@Fabián González I agree if you are cooking it yourself. I just meant if you are going to a restaurant they are most likely going to be using vegetable oil. It tastes really good, but it's also terrible for you. Don't get me wrong, I still eat mexican food every once in a while, because it's amazing.

that's because probably you only know the "commercial mexican food", but mexican cuisine it's a bunch of ingredients, ways to cook and flavours, so you can easily find a healthy way to eat mexican food, there are a lot of dishes with many natural, fresh and healthy ingredients chemicals free, or consider superfood like amaranth

I am really considering to retire in Mexico one day, i just wish i can retire earlier lol

Okay, but what was the playlist for this video!?

I’m happy to hear who he introduced Mexico

i did and love it but do a lot of studies on it before hand.

Quite informative, but as a Mexico City native, I MUST tell you that the choice of music at the start of the video was HORRIBLE and totally INAPPROPRIATE... It is a song talking about murders, narcos, not coming back home alive, etc etc... Maybe your audience doesn't understand Spanish...but really, SHAME !!!!

Nice work, bro!!

My friend has traveled the world and now that Istanbul is under the power of Erdogan and Syria has suffered so much her favorite place on earth is Mexico City. My children and I went last summer in 2018 and had an amazing time. The people are amazing as mentioned. We did a tour with Urban Adventures touring the markets and it was gorgeous; tasty and amazing. Louis Barragan architecture is a must and I would recommend getting a book called this is Mexico City by Abby Clawson Low. We were so impressed to come back home. Mexico City was amazing and we met so many fabulous people and ate so many delicious things and saw amazing works of art and it’s absolutely unbelievable the Aztecs build the city floating so long ago

Welcome to one of the most beautiful countries in the world... Here everyone becomes a part of it's history and cosmopolitan culture... Once you travel around Mexico, you become bewitched by the music, the folklore, and exquisite cuisine... all of this founded when the ancient civilizations thrived to become the modern Mexico we know. Take a trip off the beaten path... Every little corner hides the flavor of history and mystery... Thank you for becoming a part of us... Truly yours The mexican people

So starting October the taxis are getting an up lift with new technology and you will be able to order a taxi like Uber and will have cameras to monitor not only the drivers but passengers so everyone makes it ok to their destination. So overall they are going to start to gain back the trust of the public.

You missed the information about CDMX museums and historic places.Best part .

It is extremely easy to fall in love with Mexico City as a foreigner or a tourist, as a ephemeral habitant who only covers the central area of the city for a very short period of time; but it really is a pain in the ass to live here. Literally anyone, including partially blind people, can get a driver’s license without any practical test or theoretical knowledge of the road; add that to the fact that most of the population lacks any form of civic and driving education, people taking possession of the streets believing the public space belongs to them, the rising insecurity, racism, classism and the fact that people take everything for granted like the unbelievably delicious food; are just some of the reasons why CDMX isn’t as beautiful as it is portrayed. And while there are truly grateful, hardworking, good people (mainly the lower class); the place is a primitive jungle where the strongest and richest take over the weakest and poorest. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but it is a reality that some of us chose not to ignore.

BS sounds like america.

Good people nice city. Respect people .very nice food. Very beautiful girl and boys.

Hello there, thank you for the video, I am from Kuwait and I can’t agree enough with the beauty of mexico.i love Mexico and most importantly the Mexican people, they’re full of life, loving, hospitable, respectful, kind, they’re awesome.

professional driver to be picked up at the airport

I was love to visit Mexico City someday.

Where are these parts of the city where you are at risk of kidnappings? Was hoping you were going to follow up on that a bit more. I was tentatively waiting but then nothing. Is this women mostly at risk or men too? What other precautions should one take? Thanks!

mexico city is usally safe just use common sense,

I love the food in Mexico City! But when in Europe there is a Chilango in Prague that makes amazing tacos by the park near the metronome!

Great video!! Feel so proud to be from this city :)

looks like high degree of danger if travel solo

Mexico......a great place to visit. Unless you're BLACK.

It's sad that the U.S. only stopped at Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.......the U.S. should've kept going down to near Guatemala.

Solo me habrieron el apetito esos tacos delicious de suadero son una delicia con su respectiva cebolla

I love how Mexico City is always portrayed through the poor and ethnic of the city. However, very incomplete. You’re not including the true Mexico City. If you want ethnic Mexico, go to the small towns.

I live in Sydney, I'm Mexican, I miss my country a lot

@Armando Debergues still not as bad as american racism even the blacks in america are racist as hell.

@brown pride Racism.....alive and well in mexico. And the cartels,

@Armando Debergues its true.

@brown pride Hey! You said it. LOL.....LMAO.

so what we do not need blacks here.


this guy is a cuck

I'm kinda hungry now.

A link to the background music? Some pretty sick beats. Thanks for video!


I have been to different cities in the world but there is something that made me fall in love with Mexico City. I love this place Greetings from Germany

In my opinion Mexico city isn't the best place of Mexico, there are better places despite it's the most representative and I've lived there for 12 years. I'm from Chiapas, México, specifically from San Cristobal de las Casas, a completely stunning place to have an spectacular journey even to stay and live

I wish visit this beautiful city

I am speechless with this video - so nice and well-produced . Soy Mexicano por lo que mi comentarios podria parecer sesgado. Mis mejores deseos de todas maneras.

WEAR CONDOMS! STOP UNWANTED PREGNANCIES! #overpopulation #worldpopulation #egocentrism #condoms

Wow! You words about CDMX were moving and heartfelt. Your video was a homage to the City

@Armando Problemas still not as bad as american racism even the blacks in america are racist as hell.

@Armando Problemas its true.

Mexico is America gringo way before it was stolen from its rightful native people by europeans don't they teach you gringos that in MIT. What ever happened to let's make America great again ?

The oldest city in the Americas built on a lake by the Aztecs.

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